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									Can Freelance Designers Benefit from Online

It is a fact that being a freelancer designer will allow you to choose with whom you want to
work, the tools you want to work with and the hours you want to work. On the face the life of a
freelance designer may seem to be enjoyable but there are many responsibilities that come with
being a freelance designer. One such responsibility is billing and invoicing the concerned client.
If you are using traditional paper invoices or sending invoices on MS Word or MS Excel, it is
high time you switch over to online invoicing. There are several benefits while using online

There are many free online invoicing apps such Apptivo Invoices App, which you can use to
keep track of your time and bill your client. Whether you are a freelance web designer, brochure
designer or a fashion designer there are certain things that you need to keep in mind as a
freelance designer. And one of them is using online invoicing. Here are a few reasons why a
freelance designer should consider using a good and flexible online invoicing.

Professional Looking Invoices

Do you know that sending a professional invoice speaks volume about you as a professional
freelance designer? The client will notice your professional like approach when you send
him/her a well-designed and detailed invoice. Some of the fields a professional invoice should
include are

       Date of Invoicing

       Customer Number

       Customer Name

       Email Address

       Industry Type

       Accepted Methods of Payment

       Total Amount

       Late Fee Charges

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Standardize your Invoice

Many invoicing Apps provide invoice templates. A freelance designer can use one of the
templates as a standard template for his/her invoice. When you send a standardized template the
client will instantly recognize you.

Customize your Client Communication

As a freelance designer you would be servicing multiple clients. There would be some regular
clients of yours with whom you would share a very close and friendly relationship. For them, if
you want you can relax your payment norms and other terms and conditions while for the others
you can stick to your terms and conditions.

Timely Payment Cycles and Automated Reminders

There are some clients who would not initiate the payments unless and until, you send the
invoice. One of the added benefits of using online invoice is that you can send your invoices on
time. Also, you can get paid instantly using credit cards when you send out online customer

Make online invoicing part of your freelancing tools. It helps you and also your client to keep
track of the payments. Remember each client is different and online invoicing helps you to plug
the loop holes in your invoicing process.

   -   Maya Pillai is passionate about helping small businesses and professionals. She is a
       blogger for Apptivo's Small Business University.

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