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					GRE and GMAT - Test Preparation Tutoring Taking the GRE, SAT, GMAT or other tests can be taxing on students, particularly since most academic institutions use these tests to help them make admissions decisions about the applicants. A good score makes an applicant stand out, while a poor score damages the applicant's chances. In the face of pressure, some students experience examination anxiety, which causes them to panic during a test. Other reasons may be lack of focused preparation. Due to one or a combination of these factors, test preparation tutoring is gaining popularity. Test preparation tutorials are available in libraries and on the Internet. These include online tutoring, one-on-one tutoring, and group tutoring sessions. The courses offer comprehensive strategies for each section of the test, rigorous review of the applicant's responses, and step-bystep guidance from trained faculty, in addition to online workshops and home-study material. Many learning centers offer preparation programs, usually involving one tutor and a group of students. Students are taught specific test-taking strategies, such as making educated guesses and process of elimination. They are also given practice tests to track their progress. The cost of tutoring services varies with each learning center. A number of students purchase test preparation books like The Official SAT Study Guide or Kaplan New SAT 2005 that offer diagnostic practice tests. Many also download the Free GMAT Prep Test Preparation Software from the Internet. Some consider hiring a tutor to provide an analysis of their test results in a bid to identify their weaknesses precisely. Students usually take the test several or many time and often use GRE Test preparation booklets, software or courses to prepare for the test. For more information, you may visit:

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