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Cold therapy has finally been incorporated into compression shorts as recovery sport apparel.

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									Cold Compression Shorts Sport Apparel

What are compression shorts, and where do they fit into the realm of sport apparel or compression
clothing in general? Furthermore, what are cold compression shorts or sports apparel for that matter?

Well, you could say that depends on what your definition of what sports apparel is. And that
definition can actually change, in time, after having been exposed to the wide variety of clothing
items that are categorized as sporting attire; as sport apparel isn‟t necessarily clothing you just wear
that has a sports motif or theme.

When I was younger, if someone were to ask me to think of sport apparel, I‟d most likely have
imagined something like an Izod tennis shirt, as I was a tennis junkie back in my early teens and mid-
twenties. I might have also pictured wearing some pricey Fila tennis shoes or something along those
lines, as well.

But isn‟t interesting how technology has—and still can—shape our perception(s) of seemingly
ordinary things in life…with the help from our society and this age of super-rapid communications.

Now, in case you‟re thinking, “What does technology have to do with our perception of something so
mundane as sporting apparel, let alone cold compression?” do you recall there being any such thing as
compression shorts or any other type of compression clothing back in the 1980‟s or even much of the
„90‟s? If you‟re old enough to have been aware of such things back then, you‟d have to answer no,
and that‟s because the technology of today, versus what it was then, has advanced quite rapidly. I‟ll
get to the “cold” or “recovery” aspect in a couple of minutes.

Sure, there have been Spandex pants and shorts since well before then, but the technology put into
actual the compression wear of today is much more sophisticated than mere Spandex shorts that first
came on the scene well over a decade ago! Spandex is pretty much the same, but high quality
compression shorts—the kind you see guys like Lance Armstrong wear—are manufactured with very
specific qualities not found in plain, old Spandex.

In short, high-tech compression shorts, leggings, sleeves, etc, for the most part, have been made to
help regulate body temperature to enhance athletic performance, drawing sweat away from the skin,
applying compression to muscle groups so as to amplify bodily “awareness” in space and ultimately
make for increased output and improve strength, agility, and prowess. Such characteristics are also
intended to reduce injury and muscle fatigue or soreness—something plain old Spandex has never
claimed or sought to do.

So if your compression shorts or even pants and shirt were to provide such support and protection so
as to amplify your athletic experience, wouldn‟t that set your sport apparel apart from mere “T” or
polo type shirts and sweat pants, moving such garments into the category of gear or equipment?
That‟s what I think!

And even though such technologically advanced sport gear, which you wear, can‟t absolutely protect
you from injury or fatigue during workouts and activity, owning such supportive apparel could go a
long way in furthering your sporting and athletic pursuits in the long run.
But one thing that‟s long bothered me about this particular type of sporting paraphernalia is that the
aspect of recovery—such as cold or ice pack therapy—has been largely ignored; even not addressed
altogether. I mean, shouldn‟t athletes be able to begin some sort of immediate application of tried and
true ice therapy while, for instance, in the middle of an event such as a track meet or other

It just makes sense to me, and upon looking at the many makers of compression clothing or other
such performance gear on the scene, I‟ve found virtually none of them have even seemed to think
about such an advantage. I‟ve only come across one manufacturer of compression shorts or any type
of compression clothing that has addressed the ice or cold pack therapy into their line; transforming
their gear into true recovery attire that serves all of the purposes of advanced compression clothing,
with that added benefit that‟s been missing in this particular class of sport apparel.

Now let‟s see “wear” technology will take it from there.

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