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					                                                        Lexia Learning Systems NZ Ltd
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                                                      Ph 03 528 0094, Fax 03 528 0095

                  Lexia Reading and
        Lexia is evidence based, peer reviewed and
     proven to efficiently increase reading proficiency.
       Supports Reading Acquisition
       Prevents Reading Failure
       Remediates Reading Difficulties
       Assesses and Monitors Reading Progress
       Differentiates Reading Instruction

Lexia Sales founded Lexia Learning Systems in 1984, it was a personal mission.
When Bob Lemire Consultants
Bob‟s son was diagnosed as developmentally dyslexic. “Times were tough but when you
Auckland                                     Jenny Vergottini       021 856 617
get touched by something, you respond,” says Lemire. “When your boy is suffering and
All other regions                            Lexia Office           03 528 0094
someone comes along and makes him whole, you say „wow‟ and then you think „is there
any way to bring this to other people.‟ Once you are a steward of something as hopeful
and promising as Lexia‟s approach to reading, you just can‟t quit.”

     Lexia Reading is a web-enabled literacy program that focuses on the essential reading skills
     of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Lexia Reading is
     one of the most researched, independently evaluated, and respected reading programs,
     which has been evaluated in a series of scientific studies that have shown the efficacy of the
     program and also informed the program design.

  LEXIA EARLY READING                                            Ages 4-6
                                                                                 Benefits and Features
                              Lexia Early Reading supports the                Auto Placement gets a whole
                              development of critical phonological              class started in just 10 minutes
                              awareness and processing skills. Level 1          without the need for time
                              activities include rhyming, blending,             consuming individual assessment.
                              segmenting, and identifying beginning and
                              ending sounds. Level 2 teaches students         Lexia Additional Resources:
                              sound symbol correspondences for                  Includes 100‟s of printable
                              consonants, short vowels, and digraphs.           materials - designed to offer
                                                                                additional support to a group or
  LEXIA FOUNDATION READING                                       Ages 5-8
                                                                              Reporting tools closely
                              Lexia Foundation Reading helps students           monitor progress: Use reports
                              acquire and improve their basic reading           quickly and easily for informing
                              skills. The activities provide practice in        planning, guiding instruction, IEP
                              phonological awareness, word attack skills,       and Value Added data.
                              and word level fluency while monitoring for
                                                                              Auto Promotion: Auto
                              meaning. The activities promote
                                                                                Promotion functionality
                              comprehension through the application of
                                                                                seamlessly promotes students
                              reading strategies to single words, phrases,
                                                                                from Early Reading to
                              sentences, paragraphs, and stories.
                                                                                Foundation Reading and from
                                                                                Foundation Reading to Strategies
  LEXIA STRATEGIES FOR OLDER STUDENTS                        Ages 9-Adult       for Older Students without
                                                                                teacher involvement.
                               Lexia Strategies for Older Students
                               activities provide practice in phonological    Student Celebration Screens:
                               awareness, word attack skills, word-level        New celebration screens appear
                               fluency, and vocabulary acquisition,             when a student completes a level
                               including advanced word forms. The               in Lexia Reading.
                               program promotes the development of
                                                                              Quick Reading Test: Offers
                               comprehension skills through the
                                                                                valuable diagnostic information
                               application of reading strategies to single
                                                                                and provides evidence of student
                               words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs,
     and stories, and emphasizes listening skills and following directions.
     The program uses pictures, categorization, and associations to           School-to-Home Connection
     promote reading for meaning, and builds automatic word recognition         capabilities: If you wish, Lexia
     through timed activities.                                                  can be accessed seamlessly from
                                                                                home, after school club or library.
  LEXIA FLEXI LICENCE               All 3 Reading Programs       All Ages

   Make sure your school always has the right Lexia Reading program for the age and level of all of
   your students with a Flexi Licence.

   Flexi Licences allow schools to allocate students to any of the 3 reading programs (Early Reading, Foundation
   Reading or Strategies for Older Students) giving schools the ability to adapt to the constantly changing needs
   of their students without changing licences. As students complete a program the Auto-promotion feature will
   automatically assign the students the next program, and with a Flexi licence that program will always be

Lexia Learning Systems NZ Ltd · 98 High St, Motueka, 7120 · (03) 528 0094 ·
Scope and Sequence
 Lexia Reading correlates to the Ministry of Educations Literacy Learning Progressions.

 This table identifies the skill set covered by each of the age appropriate Lexia Reading programs.

                                                                     EARLY READING   FOUNDATION   STRATEGIES FOR
                                                                        Ages 5-8       READING         OLDER
                    SKILLS DEVELOPED                                                   Ages 5-8      STUDENTS
                                                                                                    Ages 9-Adult

             Rhyming                                                       X
             Identifying beginning and ending sounds                       X
             Blending compound words and syllables                         X
             Segmenting sounds                                             X              X
             Blending sounds                                               X              X
             Letter-sound correspondence for consonants, short
             vowels and consonant digraphs
                                                                           X              X             X
             Identifying beginning and ending sounds and letters           X              X             X
             Identifying medial sounds and letters, short and long
                                                                                          X             X
             Segmenting, blending and manipulating sounds with
                                                                                          X             X
             Six Syllable Types
               Short-vowel words, Silent -e words,
               Vowel -r word, Vowel combination words
                                                                                          X             X
               Open syllable words, consonant – ie word                                                 X
             Two-syllable words                                                           X             X
             Three-syllable words                                                                       X
             Phoneme intervals for blending and segmenting                 X
             Timed discrimination of easily reversible letters                            X             X
             Timed medial vowel discrimination with letters                               X             X
             Automatic recognition of short vowel words                                   X             X
             Timed identification of simple and complex words and
                                                                                          X             X
             Automatic recognition of words with vowel digraphs                           X
             Automatic identification of irregular words                                  X
             Modeled Paragraph reading                                                    X
             ORAL VOCABULARY
             Picture-word matching                                         X
             Categorical sorting                                                          X
             Picture-word matching                                                        X             X
             Pre-primer through third grade sight words                                   X             X
             Anglo-Saxon prefixes and suffixes                                                          X
             Latin prefixes, roots and suffixes                                                         X
             Greek combining forms                                                                      X
             Categorical and associative thinking                                         X
             Comprehension of words and word parts                         X              X             X
             Use of picture support to enhance comprehension
                                                                           X              X             X
             Of words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs
             Word construction from syllables and prefixes, stems
             and suffixes
                                                                                          X             X
             Systematic cloze procedure of sentences, paragraphs
             and stories
                                                                                          X             X

   Assessment and Reporting
    Our Auto Placement feature quickly levels students at the appropriate starting point in the program. For
    additional diagnostic assessment, Quick Reading Test allows teachers to gain an indispensable snapshot of
    a student‟s reading skills, strengths and gaps. As well as phonics and basic sight words, fluency is
    evaluated. Reports can be used to identify where instruction or practise for the individual or whole class is

    Lexia Reading Software includes powerful reporting tools that provide instant access to student data on
    demand. Teachers can access the reports easily, and have the capacity to analyse performance at
    individual, class and school level. For high performing students, reports monitor independent practise and
    progress. For children at risk of reading failure, the reports highlight instructional needs and help ensure
    the strong pattern of use that research has shown correlates to gains for struggling readers. Finally, for
    students with IEP‟s or English language learners, specific skill deficits are highlighted to support intensive
    instruction and remediation.

                                                                                                         PLUS NEW
                                                                                                         FEB 2011!

    Lexia now comes to you via the web! This means, Lexia Reading is available to all students—anytime,
    anywhere. If students use Lexia in school, work can be continued seamlessly at a computer from home. If
    they wish, teachers can set Lexia as homework allowing much greater access to the program than ever

Lexia Learning Systems NZ Ltd · 98 High St, Motueka, 7120 · (03) 528 0094 ·
Additional Teacher Resources

 Lexia Lessons and Lexia Skill Builders are easily accessed
 through the teacher’s MyLexia Homepage

 A school using Lexia Reading, can easily access and print Lexia Lessons and Skill
 Builders via the MyLexia Teacher Resources tab. Lexia Lesson and Skill Builder
 practice sheets will be appropriately selected for each student, according to their

                                                                Lexia Lessons for students
                                                                who need additional

                                                                Skill Builders are for
                                                                students who are currently
                                                                working on or have
                                                                successfully completed an
                                                                activity and allow additional
                                                                paper and pencil practice.

Lexia Lessons and Skill Builders Printable Lessons

      Lexia Lessons provide
      teachers with explicit
      scripted instruction to teach
      students who are struggling
      with specific skills.

  Lexia Cross-Trainer
  Improves critical thinking skills
  Lexia Cross-Trainer is cognitive intervention software designed to improve visual-spatial and logical-
  reasoning abilities in students age 7 to adult.

  The Interactive software helps students strengthen their thinking, memory, and problem-solving
  abilities, improving performance across subjects as varied as reading, math, science, and social

  Cross-Trainer benefits all students and can be used whole school; including learning disabled, special
  needs, and mainstream students.

  Cross-Trainer greatly increases the effectiveness of Lexia Reading Programs—especially for students
  who experience visual-memory, processing or concentration issues.

  FEATURES AND BENEFITS                                                              The Cognitive Intervention
   •   Easy to navigate, stimulating activities                                                          Comprehension
   •   Automatic branching keeps students engaged in
       challenging activities
                                                                                     Study Skills
   •   Students practice independent of teachers                                     Difficulties
                                                                                                                               Reading Difficulties

   •   Recommended usage 30-45 minutes, 3 times per                                                       Cognitive
       week                                                                                                 Skills
   •   Detailed reports show student progress
   •   Password protection for students, teachers, and                          Writing Difficulties                            Math Difficulties

       system administrators
   •   A cost effective alternative to one-on-one tutoring                                             Following Directions

  Visual-Spatial works on different kinds of “muscles”: visualization, visual memory, mental rotation, visual
  tracking, spatial orientation, and multi-perspective coordination, among other skills. A student struggling
  with subjects that emphasize visual and conceptual learning, such as math or science, might improve his
  performance in the short term by receiving extra coaching, but he could develop the visual-spatial skills
  that make it easier to learn these subjects both now and into the future.

Waterworld is designed       Tangrams is designed to    Spatial Delivery is a           Flips is designed to            Cubes is designed to help
to improve figure-ground     help students focus on     three-dimensional               improve students‟ ability       students visualize objects
perception, the              part-to-whole relations.   navigation activity that        to visualize objects as         from different
understanding of negative    This matching exercise     focuses on spatial              they appear. Students           perspectives. Students
space, visual matching,      gradually increases in     directionality and spatial      duplicate shapes after          envision what a scene or
visual memory, and           complexity, allowing       memory. Students use a          they have been rotated          set of objects would look
mental rotations.            students to complete       map to find their way           90 or 180 degrees.              like if seen from a
Students create a pattern    puzzles from memory.       through a maze to deliver                                       different angle.
on the right side of their                              a package.
screen that matches the
pattern on the left.

     Lexia Cross-Trainer
     Logical Reasoning works on different abilities fundamental to comprehension and problem-solving. It
     provides the foundation for creating new ideas, comprehending theories, and recognizing relationships.
     Logical reasoning is crucial to basic organizational skills, discerning patterns, and drawing inferences, all of
     which are necessary in conceptual learning. A student struggling with reading, math, or science might
     improve his performance by receiving extra coaching, but he could also develop the logical reasoning skills
     that make it easier to learn those subjects. As with a good teacher, the software is designed to branch
     upward when the student succeeds, and provide more help before the student gets frustrated.

  Satellite is designed to     In Stepping Stones             World Cup challenges           Fishing Derby is             In Bridge Builder,
  improve deductive,           Students place activity        students to improve their      designed to develop          students select activity
  inductive, and inferential   pieces (stones) across a       thinking in two important      classification skills, as    pieces that complete a
  reasoning skills. It         river to create a pathway.     ways. The first is through     well as improve speed.       series of pieces in a
  employs abstract thinking    The stones must be             the understanding of the       Students look at fish of     puzzle to repair a bridge.
  skills, flexibility of       placed in a sequence that      concept of class. The          different colours, shapes,   The activity challenges
  thought, and it              fits a pre-determined          second is by challenging       depths, and numbers of       students to understand
  emphasizes the concepts      pattern. Students              students to think              stripes, and catch 3 fish    the relationship between
  of reversibility,            analyse the initial pieces     systematically and             that are grouped             two objects and their
  implication, negation and    to discover the pattern        efficiently by carefully       according to certain         degrees of similarities or
  double negation,             and determine what             planning their way             criteria. A valid group of   differences. It is
  conjunction, and             pieces they need to            through the challenges.        fish is comprised of three   designed to improve
  exclusive conjunction.       complete it. This activity     If students resort to          fish which are the same      pattern recognition and to
                               challenges students to         guessing and other             within each attribute        employ deductive
                               develop skills such as         inefficient strategies, they   class, or different within   reasoning skills. The
                               deductive reasoning,           will learn that it is more     each attribute class. For    activity emphasizes
                               analysis, patterning, and      difficult to progress in the   example, the shape and       comparing and
                               inference.                     activity, but when they        colour could be all the      contrasting, analysis, and
                                                              carefully think through        same while the depth and     understanding
                                                              their choices, they            number of stripes could      relationships.
                                                              progress more quickly to       be different. What
                                                              the higher levels. World       cannot happen within any
                                                              Cup is a Venn diagram          attribute class is to have
                                                              activity in which students     two fish which are the
                                                              must logically determine       same and one different
                                                              that pieces belong inside      (e.g. two blue and one
                                                              the circles on the playing     red).

   West Coast : 6 year visual spatial improvement in 1 term!
   11 year old Student spent a total of 17.2 hours on Cross-Trainer over one term.
      The student has previously had many interventions without improvement and been static for a few years.
      The Aston results show that his visual spatial memory has improved 5 levels from well below the level of a
      4-year-old to a 10-year-old level.
      Teachers report that his concentration and self-confidence have improved immensely.
   These outcomes are very positive.”

                                                            Lexia Cross-Trainer Suite
                                                            Includes Visual Spatial, Logical Reasoning and Hand Controller
                                                            Runs on PC and MAC
                                                            User Licence $365 per user

Lexia Learning Systems NZ Ltd · 98 High St, Motueka, 7120 · (03) 528 0094 ·
                               LEXIA READING SCHOOL TRIAL
Lexia NZ is pleased to be able to offer schools a one term trial of the web-enabled Lexia Reading
programs (Early Reading, Foundation Reading, Strategies for Older Students).

Trials are provided to enable schools to:
        Test program installation within your school before you buy
        Assist with establishing your purchasing licence requirements
        View reporting with real student data for a fuller appreciation of individual, class and school
        Use Lexia with students of all skill levels to experience it’s success for yourself!

To apply please print, complete, and fax form to 03-5280095 or email to

                                    Lexia School Trial Agreement
School Name:            __________________________________________________________
School Address: __________________________________________________________
 (Not box number)
Phone Number:           _________________                   Email: ________________________________

Select Term to trial:                      Term 1                 Term 2             Term 3                Term 4

Trial Contact:          Name: ____________________ Email: __________________________
Nominate a person and email to be set up as the initial Lexia Reading program administrator and trial contact.
This person will be emailed setup passwords and instructions. The email address must be unique to the school.

IT Contact:             Name: ____________________ Email: __________________________
Lexia student software installation requires some basic computer knowledge and your schools proxy and security
settings/passwords. Please supply the name of the person who will act as your IT contact.

     Active and reliable Internet connection is required. A student using a Lexia Reading Program for 30 min will make
       approx 50 server requests totaling between 5-10K of bandwidth (avg. 100 Bytes/request) every 1.5 minutes.

We require school computer system information to assist you with program set up:
1.    Student Machine(s):         (tick as appropriate)
      Windows:       2000       XP (SP2)     Vista        Win 7     Other Windows – specify _________________________
      MAC OS:        10.2.x     10.3.x     10.4.x    10.5.x       Other Mac – specify _______________________________
      Require: 256 MB memory ▪ 700 MB disk space
      Unsupported: Windows 98 ▪ Mac OS 9.x and earlier

2.    How many student machines do you estimate will have trial Lexia software installed on them?
      Student machines require sound capability with speakers or headphones          (headphones recommended)


I, the undersigned, agree to the Lexia School Trial Agreement Terms as stated above and on Page 2.

Agreed and signed by School Principal:

Principal Name: ______________________                            Signature: ________________________

Email: _____________________________                              Date: ____________________________
                              98 High St, Motueka, Ph 03-5280094, Email:
                                                                                                                  Page 1
                        Lexia School Trial Agreement Terms
Administration, Installation and Support
• A school staff member shall be nominated to oversee the trial and communicate with Lexia NZ.
• The trial period provided is one school term.
• A $170 trial administration and management fee is to be paid by the school at the start of the trial.
• The school must install the software within 2 weeks of receiving Lexia’s confirmation email. Contact
  us immediately if you are experiencing any difficulties or delays.
• Lexia NZ is not liable for any installation expenses incurred.
• Lexia NZ will provide technical assistance for program installation, usually via phone/email.
• Lexia NZ will provide program introductory usage training via web presentation to the schools
  nominated contact.
• A trial completion form must be completed, signed and returned at the end of the trial along with pre
  and post test results, and software/hardware/accessories if provided. (Student names are not required.)
• If you require any assistance contact your Lexia representative straight away to ensure your trials
  continued success.

• At least 4 students need to be identified by the school for use on the program during the period of
  this trial
• These students must be pre and post tested. Both pre and post test results are to be supplied to
  Lexia NZ at the end of the trial.
• The nominated students should use the program at least 3 times every week for a minimum of 20
  minutes per session.
• The Lexia student reports will be monitored weekly by a school staff member.

Software, hardware or accessories supplied under this agreement:
• Lexia NZ will email the schools nominated contact with logins, installation instructions and a
  download link for the student software.
• Software is for use by named school, their staff, and their students for the period specified only.
• Trial software provided is a full version of the software.
• Lexia Reading web-enabled software does not need to be uninstalled at the end of the trial. Access
  for both staff and students will automatically cease one week following the trial expiry date.
  Teachers must access reports information during this one week grace period.
• Students, teachers, classes and all usage data will be restored in full upon purchase, enabling
  seamless transition from trial to fully licenced software.
• Software is not to be duplicated nor used for any purpose other than evaluation.
• Any goods mailed to the school are to be returned to Lexia NZ within 3 weeks of trial end, or will be
  charged to the school at normal retail prices. Return postage is to be paid by the school.
• All goods are property of Lexia Learning Systems NZ Ltd unless paid for in full.

• Schools are eligible for a $100 discount when making a purchase of minimum of $900 within 6
  months of their trial application date (GST excl).
• First time buyer, discounted package prices are also available, please phone us for a quote.

             For further information please contact your local sales representative
                               or Lexia Learning Systems NZ Ltd
                       98 High St, Motueka, Ph 03-5280094, Email:
                                                                                                        Page 2

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