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What’s On

                        Julie Blyfield:                              Gilles Street Jam
                        Contemporary Jewellery                       Atrium
                        and Objects 1990 – 2010                      5 February – 13 March
                                                                     The outcome of a partnership
                                                                     between Gilles Street Primary
                        5 February – 20 March
                                                                     School and the JamFactory Metal
                        Opening: 4 February at 6.00pm
                                                                     Design Studio. This initiative saw
                        Celebrating 20 years of exquisite
                                                                     three artists work at the school with
                        making by this acclaimed South
                                                                     a group of talented students to
                        Australian jeweller, this exhibition
                                                                     produce jewellery, sculptural works
                        showcases breathtaking new work
                                                                     and artist-made toys. Presented as
                        and a carefully selected collection
                                                                     part of the Adelaide Fringe 2011.
                        of earlier pieces. Curated by Elisha
                        Buttler and Wendy Walker. Presented
                        as part of the Adelaide Fringe 2011.
                                                                     Makers in Retail
                        Exhibition design and development by FORM.
                        Exhibition design by Midland Atelier.        CollectorSpace
                                                                     10 February – 13 March
                                                                     JamFactory’s shops are staffed
                        Unnatural Naturally                          by friendly and experienced
                                                                     salespeople, many of them skilled
                                                                     and acclaimed makers in their
                        5 February – 20 March
                                                                     own right. This exhibition proudly
                        Lauren Simeoni and Melinda Young
                                                                     showcases the talent of this team.
                        delight in finding expression of
                                                                     New works by Catherine Aldrete-
                        the natural in the unnatural (and
                                                                     Morris, Stephanie James Manttan,
                        vice versa). Focusing their work on
Julie Blyfield                                                       Peta Kruger, Kate O’Leary, Bettina
Scintilla Series –      botany and the body both jewellers
                                                                     Smith, Janice Vitkovsky and Patricia
Coastal Shrub 2010      exploit the potential of found
                                                                     Wise. Presented as part of the
Photo by                objects through the play of colour,
Grant Hancock                                                        Adelaide Fringe 2011.
                        materiality and unexpected notions
Melinda Young
                        of display. Presented as part of the
Pink Lung Brooch        Adelaide Fringe 2011.                        Dwell: New Works by
2009; Lauren Simeoni
Winter Neckpiece 2009   Workshop                                     Ben Edols and Kathy Elliott
Photo by                Saturday 5 February                          CollectorSpace
Melinda Young           10.00am – 5.00pm                             17 March – 17 April
                        Lauren and Melinda will hold a one           Working under the collective moniker
Bettina Smith
Untitled 2010
                        day workshop exploring materials             of Edols Elliott, the Sydney-based
Photo courtesy
                        and deconstructing the found object.         duo – Ben Edols and Kathy Elliott
of the artist                                                        – have been at the forefront of
                        Cost $85
                        Phone (08) 8410 0727 for more                contemporary Australian glass for
                        information and bookings.                    almost 20 years. Their works are
                                                                     in major public collections across
                                                                     Australia and around the world.
What’s On

                      Tour De Force: In Case of                             Formocentric
                      Emergency Break Glass                                 Atrium
                      GalleryOne                                            17 March – 17 April
                      26 March – 8 May                                      Interpreting and understanding
                      Opening: 25 March at 6.00pm                           glass through profile and proportion,
                      Eight contemporary Australian                         Jaan Poldaas’s form-based approach
                      glass artists use the medium of                       to making is showcased in this
                      glass as a conceptual tool to                         collection of works, employing
                      mine subjects as diverse as family,                   colour, texture and structure to
                      humanity, the environment and                         unify or differentiate the forms
                      the everyday. Works by Nicholas                       in each composition.
                      Folland, Jacqueline Gropp, Timothy
                      Horn, Deb Jones, Tom Moore,
                      Ian Mowbray, Trish Roan and                           Understructure
                      Neil Roberts. Curated by Megan                        Atrium
                      Bottari. Presented as part of the                     21 April – 15 May
                      Come Out Festival 2011.                               Buildings, structures, man-made,
                      Exhibition developed by artisan and Wagga             collision-made, eroding, collapsing,
                      Wagga Art Gallery and toured by Museum and            re-forming. Adelaide glass artist
                      Gallery Services Queensland. The exhibition tour      Dale Roberts focuses on the
                      is supported by Visions of Australia, an Australian
                                                                            structural elements of any given
                      Government program, and the Visual Arts and
                      Craft Strategy, an initiative of the Australian       object, particularly the manner in
                      Government and state and territory governments.       which layers of material can reveal
                                                                            or conceal the foundations beneath
                                                                            the surface.
Timothy Horn          A Fine Line
White Death 2009
Photo by
                      26 March – 8 May
                                                                            Clare Belfrage and
Addison Doty
                      Scientists within the Institute for                   Tim Edwards: New Work
Dale Roberts          Photonics and Advanced Sensing                        CollectorSpace
Beneath The Surface
                      at the University of Adelaide                         21 April – 15 May
Photo by
                      join forces with glass artists Nick                   Internationally renowned glass
Kara Growden          Mount, Danielle Rickaby and Janice                    artists and JamFactory alumni, Clare
                      Vitkovsky and the JamFactory Glass                    Belfrage and Tim Edwards, present
Clare Belfrage        Studio in a dynamic display of art
Fluence 2010
                                                                            a collection of significant new works
                      meeting science.                                      created since their relocation to
Photo courtesy
of the artist                                                               Canberra. Inspired by the natural
                                                                            world, this exhibition provides a rare
                                                                            opportunity to see these two high
                                                                            calibre artists together.
What’s On
Talks and Workshops

                      Just Jewellery                           Introduction to Silver
                      Saturday 19 February                     Jewellery Making:
                      11.00am                                  Working 925
                      Join Australian jewellery and            Every Wednesday from
                      object makers, Julie Blyfield,           2 February – 16 March, 30 March
                      Christian Hall and Lauren Simeoni,       – 11 May and 25 May – 6 July
                      for a discussion about their practice    6.00pm – 9.00pm
                      and the inspiration behind their         During this seven-week course
                      current exhibitions, providing a         participants will learn basic silver
                      vibrant insight into contemporary        jewellery making skills such as
                      jewellery practice.                      sawing and filing, soldering and
                                                               riveting, forming, roller embossing
                                                               and other surface texturing
                      Craft meets Art!                         techniques. Projects will include the
                      Art meets science!                       design and production of a pendant
                      Saturday 2 April                         piece and a silver ring. Students will
                      11.00am                                  then be guided through their own
                      Join curator Megan Bottari and           project where they will design and
                      glass artists from Tour De Force,        make a piece of their choice.
                      plus scientists and glass artists from
                                                               Metal Design Studio
                      A Fine Line as they illuminate the
                                                               Cost: $350 or $310 concession
                      magical worlds of art, science and
                      contemporary glass practice.
                                                               Intensive Individual Glass
Jewellery making,     Ben Edols and Kathy Elliott              Blowing Workshop
Metal Design Studio
                      Thursday 7 April                         Various session times available
Photo by
Mick Bradley          6.00pm                                   Duration: 4 hours
                      Internationally acclaimed visiting       Experience an intensive one-on-
Glass blowing,
                      artists Ben Edols and Kathy Elliott      one session in the Glass Studio
Glass Studio                                                   with glass blowing techniques
Photo by
                      will talk about the inspiration behind
                      their new work on display in our         taught by experienced practitioners
Mick Bradley
                      CollectorSpace. Ben and Kathy            in a professional environment.
Ben Edols             are also conducting a week-long          Participants then design and
and Kathy Elliott
                      professional workshop in the Glass       make their own glass piece whilst
Pause 2010                                                     developing skills in gathering,
Photo courtesy
                      Studio from 4 – 10 April. Take a seat
                      on our viewing platform during the       forming and design.
of the artist
                      week and watch all the action live!      Glass Studio
                                                               Cost: $520 or $480 concession
What’s On
Talks and Workshops

                         Group Glass                               Saturday Morning
                         Blowing Workshop                          Children’s Pottery
                         Various session times available           Workshop
                         Duration: 4 hours                         Every Saturday from
                         Live glass blowing demonstrations         30 March – 11 May
                         and tuition where everybody will be       and 25 May – 6 July
                         dipping into the furnace with a chance    10.00am – 12.00pm
                         to make their own paperweight or          Kids will learn a variety of hand-
                         drinking glass. This program is perfect   forming methods such as rolling,
                         for social and corporate groups.          pinching and slabbing in order to
                         Glass Studio                              make a series of projects. They will
                         Cost: $1,980 (max 16 people)              learn about clay whilst having fun,
                                                                   experimenting and playing. They will
                                                                   then decorate and glaze their pieces
                         Introduction to                           ready to take home.
                         Wheel Throwing                            Ceramics Studio
                         Every Wednesday from                      Cost: $140 or $100 concession
                         25 May – 6 July
                         6.00pm – 9.00pm
                         Participants will learn the basic
                                                                   Come Out Festival
                         techniques needed for wheel               School Workshops
                         throwing such as clay preparation,        Various session times available
                         centering and lifting of the clay.        28 March – 1 April
                         Projects will include the making of a     Duration: 1 hour
Glass blowing tuition,   cup with a handle and a bowl form.        Learn, make and create with ceramic,
Glass Studio             These pieces will be glazed and fired     glass and metal. Check the Come
Photo by                 and available to take home.
Sophie Guiney
                                                                   Out Festival Program or JamFactory
                         Ceramics Studio                           website for full details.
Wheel throwing,
Ceramics Studio
                         Cost: $350 or $310 concession             Ceramics, Glass and Metal Studios
Photo by                                                           Cost: $12 per student
Sophie Guiney
Roller embossing,
Metal Design Studio
                         Wheel Throwing                            To register a place in any of the above
                                                                   workshops or to find out more:
Photo by                 Every Wednesday from                      Phone: (08) 8410 0727
Christian Hall           30 March – 11 May                         Email:
                         6.00pm – 9.00pm
                         Participants will advance and refine
                         their wheel throwing technique and
                         be guided through their own project
                         where they will design and make a
                         piece of their choice.
                         Ceramics Studio
                         Cost: $350 or $310 concession
JamFactory is a unique
cultural organisation located
in the Adelaide city centre.

For almost 40 years, we’ve
been inspiring audiences with
outstanding exhibitions and public
programs and nurturing the careers
of talented artists, craftspeople and
designers within our internationally
acclaimed studios.

Come and be inspired! See
artists and designers working
with ceramics, glass, metal and
wood in our studios. Learn about
the creative processes and stories
behind the works on display in
our galleries. Support artists
and designers by purchasing a
beautifully designed, hand-made
gift in our shops.
Admission is free.

                           JamFactory’s purpose-built studios
                           for ceramics, glass, furniture and
                           metal design provide skills and
                           business training for artists and
                           designers through a rigorous two-
                           year Associate training program.
                           Staff and Associates create their own work and
                           collaborate on the development and production of
                           JamFactory products and commissions. JamFactory
                           also provides subsidised studio space for independent
                           artists and designers.
                           For more information about our training program,
                           short courses or studio hire opportunities visit

Associate at work in the Metal Design Studio. Photo by Mick Bradley.

                          JamFactory’s four exhibition
                          spaces showcase local, national
                          and international work by leading
                          artists, craftspeople and designers.
                          GalleryOne, GalleryTwo and the Atrium present a
                          diverse program of curated exhibitions featuring
                          works by established and emerging practitioners.
                          CollectorSpace, in our Morphett Street store, presents
                          changing displays of outstanding collectable pieces by
                          some of Australia’s most respected makers.
                          For more detailed information about our exhibitions
                          and events or for school or group bookings visit

GalleryOne Teawares Exhibition 2010. Photo by Kara Growden.

                           Purchases from our shops directly
                           support individual artists as well
                           as our unique exhibition and
                           training programs.
                           JamFactory’s recently refurbished flagship store on
                           Morphett Street, designed by local luminary designer Khai
                           Liew, and our Rundle Mall Plaza store in the heart of the
                           city, provide an extensive range of hand-crafted ceramics,
                           glassware, jewellery and other collectables by leading
                           Australian artists and designers.
                           Our shops are also the primary showcase for extraordinary
                           products made on-site in the JamFactory studios.

Morphett Street retail shop. Photo by Grant Hancock.

                           JamFactory offers a unique design
                           and production service through our
                           ceramics, glass, furniture and metal
                           design studios.
                           We have an extensive record in undertaking projects
                           ranging from public art, corporate gifts, trophies and
                           awards to furniture, tableware and architectural interiors.
                           Whether customising an existing product or developing
                           concepts and prototypes for specific purposes, we specialise
                           in combining good design and fine craftsmanship.
                           To speak to one of our staff about the
                           commissioning process, phone (08) 8410 0727
                           or visit for more details.

Associate at work in the Glass Studio. Photo by Mick Bradley.
Get Involved

               Take a guided tour for a behind-the-scenes look at our studios,
               galleries and shops. Tours of the building depart from the Morphett
               Street shop every Wednesday and Friday at 10.00am. Group tours,
               perfect for social, corporate and school groups can be booked
               throughout the week.
               Bookings essential:
               Phone (08) 8410 0727 or email
               Cost: adult $5 or student $4

               Want to know what’s happening at JamFactory? Subscribe to our
               monthly e-newsletter to keep up with the latest news, products and
               event information.
               Subscribe online at

               Become a member of the JamFactory community for only $40
               a year ($20 for students) and receive a great range of discounts
               (including 10% discount in our shops), event invitations, information
               and exclusive offers.

               Our volunteers are passionate, dedicated individuals who donate
               their time to assist with a variety of JamFactory operations.

               JamFactory is a not for profit organisation. Financial support from
               individuals helps us to nurture creative talent and promote the value
               of good design and fine craftsmanship. Donations of $2 or more are
               tax deductible.

               For more information on any of the above, visit
      or phone (08) 8410 0727.
JamFactory                                              Rundle Mall Plaza Shop
19 Morphett Street                                      Ground Floor
Adelaide SA 5000                                        Rundle Mall Plaza
                                                        Adelaide SA 5000
Shop: (08) 8231 0005
Office: (08) 8410 0727                                  Phone: (08) 8211 9777
Fax: (08) 8231 0434                                   Opening hours
                                                        Monday to Thursday
                                                        9.30am – 5.30pm
Opening hours
Monday to Saturday
                                                        9.30am – 9.00pm
10.00am – 5.00pm
                                                        10.00am – 5.00pm
1.00pm – 5.00pm
                                                        12.00pm – 4.00pm

Government partners:

Exhibition presenting partners:

Supporting partners:

JamFactory is a not-for-profit organisation promoting good design and fine craftsmanship. JamFactory
acknowledges the support and assistance of Arts SA and is assisted by the Visual Arts and Crafts
Strategy, an initiative of the Australian, State and Territory Governments. JamFactory Gallery Program is
assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Cover image: Julie Blyfield Scintilla Series 2010. Photo by Grant Hancock.

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