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What is it RoHS?
The RoHS directive is often referred to as “Lead-Free” legislation. This is not a very accurate nickname, because it extends to other pollutants as well. The proper name for ROHS is: Directive 2002/95/EC “The restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment” and it applies to the following substances: SUBSTANCE · Lead · Mercury · Cadmium · Hexavalent Chromium · Polybrominated Biphenyls (PBB) · Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PDBE) MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE AMOUNT

0.1% by weight 0.1% by weight 0.01% by weight 0.1% by weight 0.1% by weight 0.1% by weight

In order to comply with the EU (European Union) RoHS legislation, all of these substances must either be removed, or must be reduced to within maximum permitted concentrations, in any products containing electrical or electronic components that will be sold within the EU.

What Does That Mean to You? Special “Solder” is used that does not contain the above substances. Mainly, this is “Solder” that does not contain Lead, or is referred to as ‘No-Lead Solder’. o For the Pick and Place and Hand Soldering this solder in called SAC 305 and is made up of mostly tin (96.5% by weight) with a small amount of silver (3%) and copper (0.5%). o For the ACE Machine, this solder is 100% tin. (We will no longer be able to use the Wave machine as this can only have standard 63/37 solder.) It takes more heat to melt RoHS solder. o Traditional leaded solder, known as 63/37 (63% tin, 37% lead) melts at 183 C (361 F). o The new No-Lead solder melts at 217 C (423 F). ALL Components for RoHS will be unique for RoHS and CAN’T be mixed with old components. All RoHS compliant components will have new part numbers with most ending in ‘R’. All tools and materials used for RoHS must be kept separate from regular 63/37 solder and products. o We can still use the same solder irons but the tips must be cleaned by applying RoHS solder to them and then wiping them off in a clean sponge and repeating this process 3 times. ALL circuit boards will need to be made of special materials that not only don’t contain the restricted substances, but also can withstand the additional heat. o This means we can no longer use typical “silver” shiny circuits that are made with Lead.

o The new RoHS compliant circuits will be made only with Gold pads.

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