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					                                                                                                            ATTACHMENT D - EMPLOYEE SURVEY (CORE QUESTIONS)
                                                                                        EMPLOYEE REPORT FOR OA-- 200X
                                                                                                             Agreement                         Not Applicable    Import
                                                                                          Strongly              Strongly General              % of All             Very               Not
Macro Measure                                          Question                            Agree Agree Disagree Disagree Agreement Responses Responses Responses Importan Important Important Responses
  Service/        Question   I assist my COTR's with understanding their roles and
 Partnership         1       responsibilities.
  Service/        Question   My COTR's receive appropriate training to perform their
 Partnership         2       duties.
  Service/        Question   My contracts establish performance standards the
 Partnership         3       contractor must meet not how the tasks are to be
                             performed. techniques support my customers mission. (This
                             My buying
  Service/        Question
                             same question will be measured under Strategic Value. The
                     4       question will only be asked once but measured twice.)

Quality Work      Question My organization provides flexibility in my work schedule.
Environment          5

Quality Work      Question Contributions are equitably recognized.
Environment          6

Quality Work      Question I receive adequate training to do my job.
Environment          7

 Quality Work              Technological tools have improved the acquisition process in
 Environment      Question my office. (See Question B)
and Technology       8

Quality Work      Question
                           My office is a collaborative work environment.
Environment          9
                             Management properly balances the needs of the program
 Leadership/      Question   office while protecting the integrity of the procurement
 Management         10       process.
 Leadership/      Question
 Management         11       I am given the authority to make appropriate decisions.
 Leadership/      Question Procurement operations are conducted in an ethical
 Management         12     manner.
 Leadership/      Question My manager/supervisor seeks my opinions and ideas on
 Management         13     important matters.
                           My organization has an internal review process, checklist,
 Leadership/      Question or other method(s) in place to ensure quality in our work
 Management         14     products.
 Leadership/      Question
 Management         15     Incentives are in place to encourage innovation.
Strategic Value     16     My services benefit my customer's
Strategic Value     17     Sourcing decisions are based on sound market research .
Strategic Value     18     I am proactive in negotiating best value for my customers.

Strategic Value              Question #4 will be measured in this Macro Measure also.

                           Overall how would you rate the quality of the work life in
                  Question your procurement office? (Excellent, Above Average,
                     A     Average, Below Average, Unsatisfactory)
                           (Using Radial Buttons) Which of the following technological
                           tools have improved your acquisition process (You may
                           select as many as are appropriate): Contract
                           Management/Writing System, Federal Procurement Data
                           System-Next Generation (FPDS-NG), Business Partner
                           Network (BPN), Contractor Central Registration (CCR),
                           Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps), GSA
                           Advantage, Interagency Contract Directory (ICD), Past
                           Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS).

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