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					October 2008

Dear Colleagues:

Enclosed please find sample narratives, schedules of completion, and summary budget forms from three
successful applications to the Museum Grants for African American History and Culture (AAHC)
funding program. This packet contains samples that represent both small and large organizations and
respond to one or more of the goals of the AAHC program:

    •   Developing or strengthening knowledge, skills and other expertise of current staff at African
        American museums
    •   Attracting and retaining professionals with the skills needed to strengthen African American
    •   Attracting new staff to African American museum practice and providing them with the expertise
        needed to sustain them in the museum field

Each of these applications clearly addresses the bullet points and review criteria outlined in the grant
program guidelines for the four sections of the narrative.

The Museum of Contemporary African Diasporian Arts application is included as an example of a
small museum with a modest request to add new staff. The application is clearly written and includes
measurable outcomes.

The African American Historical Museum and Cultural Center of Iowa application is included as an
example of a project that includes the strengthening of knowledge and skills for existing staff as well as
the hiring of new staff and the provision of training to assist them in achieving success. The narrative
includes a strong Statement of Need and the Project Design includes clearly stated and measurable goals
and objectives.

The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History application provides an example of a
larger institution hiring a professional with the skills needed by the museum, while also providing training
for current staff, involving outside expertise through consultation, and attracting potential new staff
through internship activities. The application narrative provides an examples of a strong Statement of
Need. The Project Design includes clear project objectives and action steps. The schedule of completion
is very specific and well organized. Evaluation methods and project outcomes are clearly articulated.

I hope that these sample narratives will be useful to you as models for structuring a proposal for your
professional development needs. Please contact me at (202) 653-4685 or; or Twinet
Kimbrough at (202) 653-4703 or We would be happy to assist you and discuss
any questions you have as you develop your proposal. Applications for AAHC are available from the Web site ( We look forward to receiving your application.


Christopher J. Reich
Senior Program Officer
      of                          Arts,Inc.(MoCADA)
Museum Contemporary

                                       Ptoiect Narrative 2008

New York Stateis home to the largest population of African Americans within the United Statesand
of the five Boroughs of New York City, Brooklyn, New York is home to the largest population of
Afitcan,tmericans. Prior to 7999,there were no museufnsin Brooklyn catering to the Aftican
Diaspora population. Since then, the Museum of Contemporary Afncan Diasporian Arts, Inc.
(ÀdoC,A.DA) filled this important void in the communiry and is the only institution using art to
addresscrucial cultural, economic and social issuesconfronting Brooklyn's African-Amerícan
residents. As a result, MoCADA is frequently askedto produce various educationalPrograms through
its African Diasþora      (ADP). At present, the Museum reachesan audienceof 20,000 people, of
which 25o/o students, teachersand administrators fiom New York City public schools. ,4DP
createseducarionalprogramming for schools ranging from elementaryto high school, urith "at-risk"
students of ,tfrican descent,and in ptedominateþ lower economic neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

MoCADA has ¿n establishedtrack record of developing progrâms and relationships with the
neighboring community. During the 2006/07 academic       year, MoCADA worked with 30+ schools to
provide school tours, professional development seminarsfor teachetsand internships for high school
srudents. MoCADA also received two CulturalAfter-SchoolAwørds      through NYC Council members to
provrde after school teaching artists programs in Public School 22 andJunor High School 57 and was
awardedvendor statuswith the New York City Department of Education to provide school tours,
teaching artist programs, and high school internships to schools thtoughout New York City.

Despite MoCADA's incredible successes, is increasingiydifficult to supply the neededprograms to
theseschools, due to the limited capacityof the MoCADA education staff andf or resourcesto reach
out further into other Boroughs. The Education Department has ongoing challenges,       which include
being able to only serving 6070 of requestsfot educationalprograms in local schools and serving 6570
of program requestsfor pubJic programs offeted to generalmuseum visitors. This rather low
responserate is due to the lack of institutionù capacitywithin the Education Depaftment. Currently,
the Department consists of one staff member, the Director l(imbedi Gant, who cóordinatesall school
tours, onsite and in school projects, internships and all generalpublic programs related to each
exhibition. While the Museum was able to managethe majority of its ptograms successfully,the
requestrate is now too high for only one person to manageand executeeffectiveþ. Other challenges
include the increasedcosts and lack of funding to expand the institutional capacttyto fulfill the
programs requestedand to outreach to schools in other Boroughs.

An additionai staff member dedicated solely to the development of ADP programs related to the New
York City Department of Education will help augment the intetnal structure of MoCADA, by dividing
responsibilitiesand departmentdtzíngthe curent education staff. In addition, MoCAD't will be able
to fulfill a higher number of school requestsneeding educationalprograms, increaseoutreach to new
schools,and retain relationships v¡ith partner schools. This will enablethe Director of Education to
concentrate on the Museum's general public programs to increaseadult, family and tourist visitor-ship.
The staff abilities will also increasethrough the development of a new Educational ResourceGuide,
wlrrch will be the basis for tours and a historic perspectiveof the African Diaspora provided to
students and groups. The Guide will also be used for professional development for teachetsand
school administrators,which will be lead by the Director of Education. The project wìll increasejob
opportunitìes for individuals interested in museum education and for teaching artists to work with
Museum Contemporary

Many ch-ildrenand even some adults believe that people of Afican descent only live in Africa, the
Caribbeanand the United States,and arenot aware of the Afncan Diaspora experiencein Europe,
Asia and Latin America. Through the Trans-Atlantic SlaveTrade people of African descenthave been
stripped of their history, culture, reJigionand tesoutcesand this deletion of identity causesalack of
self-esteemin the African American community. Moreover, this situation is compounded as many
teachersworking in public schools often do not have the necessary    educationalresourcesto
incorporatethe historicalcontribudons of people of Aftican descentinto their lessonplans. ,ts
Brooklyn's first and only Aftican Diaspora art museum, the Museum of Contemponry African
Diasporian Arts, Inc. @aoCADA) has the unique opportunity to connect v¡ith urban public schools,
through its African Diørpora Project(ADP) educadonal programs.

,tt the core of MoCADA's mission is its educationaloutreach to pubJic schools and the general
community. \7ith this in mind, MoCADA decided,in 2005, to combine all its educationalptogtams
under the umbrella African Diaspota fuoiect (ADP) and hfueits first Director of Education,
I{mbedi Gant through the support of a three-yeargrant from the New York State Council on the
Arts and past support from New York Community Trust. The ADP project includes MoCADA's
educationaltours, Artist-In-Residence, High School & College Internships, and National Black Fine
Art Show EducationalSeries.

Under the Director of Education,ADP has grown immenseþ, making it impossible for one person to
solely oversee. With the successof outteach and the otgarization's move to a new location in
Downtown Brooklyn, the Education Ptogram must increasestaffing to maintain the programs optimal
level of quality and maxsmizeon all opportunities to educatethe public throughADP. \)Øiththe
addition of an Education Assistant, MoCADA would have the abiJityto increase capacityby gaining
vital partnershipswith New York City Public Schools and allow the Director the opportunity to focus,
 createand implement the Museum's annual educationalprograms and an innovative educational
curriculum to compJrmenteach exhibition.

The Director of Education, I(imbedi Gant, curtently overseesand handles the Museum's various
educationalschedulesand all aspectsof educationalprogramming, from design and impiementation to
follow-up and outreach, which includes the Attists-In-Schools Program; the Annual KIDflix Outdoor
Film Festival of Bed Stuy, and the Annual FAMflix Film Fest of Brownsville; the High School and
College Internship Programs; and the National Black Fine,trt Show Educational Series. Under Ms.
Gant's leadership,ADP wlll, continue to strengthenits foundadon, vetsus adding more compofients.

In order to'rcdtze this objective, the institutional capacirymust inctease. The new Education
Assistant will be responsible for the implementation of related programs and fulfilling the NYC
Department of Educatiori coritract needs and responding to the number of tequests for school visits
and onsite programming. The Director of Education will managethe Education ,{ssistant to ensure
programs are coordinated efficiently and effectively,whle continuing het current role of creating and
implementing public programs associated      with MoC,A.DA's exhibition schedule.
          of                          Arts,Inc.(MoCADA)
    Museum Contemporary


   The Education Assistant is a firll-time position, with a minimum of a Bachelors Degree, þreferably in
   Education/Art Education), and two to three yearswork expedencewithin the educational field.

   Additional roles and qualifications include:
      1. Experience wotking with childten in a school setting and leading schooi and group tours;
      2. Possesses   proper communication and writing skills, essentialto reaching educators,schools
          and assistingwith the development of educatona) marketing materials;
      3. Familiar with reaching out to public school principals, educatots, and knowledge on how to
          vzork directly v¡ith the NYC Department of Education;
      4. I(nowledge in developing educationalmaterials,such as age-apptopriateteaching guides to
          introduce school groups to the African Diaspora and the geographicaland historical definition
          of the word Diaspota;
      5. The ability to balanceadministrative dudes of scheduling and managSng    tours onsite, teaching
          artist programs at the schools andinterfacing with school chjldren and their teachers.

   A searchfor the proper candidate will be conducted by advertising the position on the MoCADA
   website, and other afi m rket-relatedwebsitesincluding the New York Foundation for the A.rts
   (Ì'JYFA) and MoCADA also has extensiverelationships with nurrrerouscollegesand
   universities throughout New York City, including New York University where Lauie Cumbo,
   Executive Ditectot of MoCADA received her Master's Degree and Pratt Institute whete she has
   taught for the past eight years,increasingthe number of qualified applicants for the position.

   RESPONSBILITIES        - Below are descriptions of the programs that the Education ,tssistant will
   work on in collaboration with the Director of Education. The Educational ,{ssistant will focus
   primanly on cteating awarenessof MoCADA's educationalopportunities to schools and v¡ill assistto
   ensurethe experiencewith/at MoCADA is of the highestquality.

Ð ARTIST-IN-SCHOOLS             PROGAM - Education is fundamental in generatingand cultìvating an
  audienceintetested in arts and culture. The Artist-In-Schools Program (AJ-S) gives professional
  Brooklyn artists the opportunity to enter NYC public school classroomsto teach art history and art-
  making Íor an eight-week residency. Studentsare introduced to a myriad of at techniquesranging
  ftom painting and drawing to illustration and watetcolot. During the program, studentsventure on a
  tour of MoCADA v¡ith the artist to make a physical and visual connection v¡ith the art themes and
  projects being createdin the classroom. At the end of the residency,students work with the teaching
  artist to curate an exhibition of the work createdover the preceding weeks. Students assistin all
  aspectsof organizing their exhibition ranging from label design and writing ptess teleasesto
  photographing their work and planning their opening teception. Learning all the components
  involved to successfullycreate an exhibition gives studentsa greaterart appreciationand an
  oppoftunity to receive impottant feedback on their work.

   Currently,  MoCADA hoststhe programat P.S.22,P.5.369,P.S.5, M.S. 57 andM.S. 35. The
   Education Assistant will be tesponsible fot maintaining the programs at currerit locations, whjle also
   initiating new contacts to incorporate the program at new locations. The A-I-S program is a vital
   component of MoC,A.DA's educational programs becauseof the relationship it developswith
   underservedschools and the earned income it contdbutes to our operating budget.
   Museum Contemporary
         of                          Arts,Inc.(MoCADA)

   Show, which will celebrateits twelfth year in February 2008, is the only veriue where collectors,
   students,and curators can view original ar.tof African Diaspota artists under one roof. The show
   attractsleading galleriesand dealersftom acrossthe United States,Canadaand the Caribbean to
   provide a rare opportunity to view works by eatlyAfrican American masters and contemporary
   emergingartists. It is held eachyear at the Puck Building in the heart of the SoHo community in New
   York City. In2003, MoCADA was selectedto orgatize an Educational Seriesin collaboration with
   the National Black Fine Art Show in order to foster a gteaten appreciation and understandingof the
   cultural relevanceof the diverse works of art on view for attendees.

   In2006, MoCADA incorporated guided touts for elementaryand middle school studentsinto the
   scope of programming for the Educational Series. Through ^ graflt received from the National
   Endowment for the Arts, MoCADA provided educationaltours of the NBFAS to bolster the schools
   participating in the Artist-In-Residence Program. The Education,{ssistant is chargedwith
   coordinating tours for the schools participating in the A-I-S program, as well as promoting the tours
   to collegestudents throughout the Tri-State ^tea.

3) SCHOOL TOURS - Providing tours for school groupsis at the core of MoCADA's mission to
                  understanding of the art and culture of the African Diaspora. The tours are
   createa gr.eater.
   comprehensivediscussionsabout the att on view and how it relatesto the studies taught in the
   classroom.The Educatjon Assistantis responsiblefot contactingschoolsto generate       interestin
   MoCADA's tour program. MoCADA cutrently has a list of thitty schools that continually visit the
   museum's various exhibitions. The Assistant must maintain that list, in addition to making contacts at
   new schools to createnew relationships to bring in new school groups.

   The Education Assistant will also work di-tectlywith the Director of Education to update MoCADA's
   Educational ResourceGuidebook. The resourceguide gives students and teachersa comptehensive
   background on the art, history and culture of the Afitcan Diaspora. The guide is still currently being
   developedby Gloda Cones, an expert in the museum education field and professional development.
   With each new exhibition, the Education,tssistant and Director will update the guidebook to cre te
   pre- and post educational activities to fortify the museum visit.

4) ASSEMBLY PROGRAM - MoCAD't provides schools with innovative assembliesranging from 45
   to 90 minutes in length. The objective of the ,A.ssembly    Program is to teach young people about the
   history of the visual arts as it relates to the African Diaspora. MoCADA specializes providing
   programming related to the Trans-Atlantic SlaveTrade, the Middle Passage       and the Civil Rights Era.
   MoCADA utilizes the visual arts, film, and slides to enhancethe educational experience. The
   Education Assistant will be responsible for coordinating the program in various public schools.

   The Education Assistant is chargedwith the responsibility of strengthening MoCADA's existing
   educationalrelationships and expanding new relationshipswith public schools. Currently, the
   Director of Education organizes the informational materials about MoCADA's educationalprograms
   and exhibition schedulessent to all the schools within the nearby districts.
      of                          Arts,Inc.(MoCADA)
Museum Contemporary

As an approved Department of Education vendor, MoCADA's contact information will be published
in a cultural organízationsguide to be distributed to ali New York City public schools,which will
 drarrradcallyincreasethe museum's visibiJity. The Education ,A.ssistant be responsible for taking
over the correspondencebetween the museum and the public schools as well as coordinating a
quarterþ "meet & greet" for teachetsand school administrators on site. The event will familiarize
school officials with MoCADA's layout, staff, programming and location.

The Education Assistant will be hired in,tugust 2008 to give the new staff member time to acclimate
themselveswith the museum, staff, andprogramming before the school year begins. Thtoughout the
end of August and ealiJry the Education Assistant will send out information to schools about the
upcoming school year anð,meet v¡ith princþals to garneÍ.interest in MoCADA's programming.

In order to evaluatethe effectivenessof the position, the Education Director has createdbenchmarks
the Assistant should teach. These include reports on audienceattendanceof monthly and quarterþ
tours, securedArtist-In-Schools contracts and scheduled,tssembly programs. The quantitative
benchmarksare set by the revenue the Education Department must reach to sustainitself and the
Education staff. The Education Assistant should secure$5,000in Department of Education contracts
in Year / and $10,000in contracts dudng Year2.

Understanding the Education Assistant will need time to orgatttzehis ot herself within the museum
                             with school officials, the benchmarksincreaseinYear 2.
structure and gain a r.appor.t

Year 1.
   o Ten student tours per month
   o Three camps with five groups per camp during the summer
   o Three National Black Fine Art Show student tours (annual event)
   o Two Artist-in-Residency Programs per year
   o Five Assembly Programs pet year
Year 2
   o Twentlr-fi.vestudent tours per month
   o Five camps with five groups per camp dudng the summer
   o Five National Black Fine Art Show student touts (annual event)
   r Four Artist-in-Residency Programs per year
   o TenAssemblyPrograms      perye r

PROFESSIONAL DEYELOPMENT -The Executive Director, Education Director and Programs
Officer will researchprofessional development opportunities for the Education Assistant. MoCADA
has institutional membership with the Brooklyn Arts Council, American Association of Museums,
ARTTABLE, NYC Atts Education Roundtable, Afts & BusinessCouncil of NewYork, and the NYC
Museum Educators Roundtable. Each of the otgatizaions has ongoing professional development
seminars,which the Educational Assistant has the abiJityto attend. The Education Assistant will also
be included in all managementmeetings and work with the other MoCADA staff to blend efforts in
development, pubJic programming, and exhibition planning with the education department to ensure
consistencyin all areasof the museum.
Museum Contemporary

PROJECT RESOURCES - The project will beginAugust 1.,2008and concludeonJuly 30,20'10.
The searchfor a candidatewill begin inJune 2008 to give MoCADA staff time to review resumesand
interview prospects.

August - October 2008
   o Orientation in all aspectsof MoCADA's Education Department. Working closeþ with the
      Education Director, the Assistant will review all of the current and future ptogtamming
      occurring within the public schools.
   o Learn to give tours to students,teview the museum's exhibitions to familiarize themselvesv¡ith
      topics covered during tours, meet with various school administrators, review Departrnent of
      Education Blueprints, and assistin updating museum education materials.

Novembet - Decembet 2008
   o Continue to give tours, meet with public school teachersand administrators to encourage
     partnership with MoCADA and its educationalofferings. The Assistant will take over the
     "meet and greets" and begin working with the Dfuector of Education on updating curriculum
     materials for exhibitions and programs n2009.
   o ìøill work with the Director of Education to set up Artist-in-Residency program in existing
     and new schools, along with Assembly program.
   o An initial review will begin to determine how the Education Assistant is progressingwith
     making their benchmatks.

        -July 2009
   o Begin to coordinate the student tours of the annual National Black Fine Ärt Show, continue to
      cootdinate and give tours to students on site, and continue to coordinate the Artist-in-
      Residencyprograms and Assembly programs.
   o An additional review will occur at the end of the academicyeat to determine if benchmarksare
      being met or surpassed. This will give the orgarization an opportunity to reevaluateits
      effectivenessand future educationalgoals.

August 2009 -July 2010
   o The second year will be sirnilar to the first, though the Education Assistant will have higher
      benchmarks to attain as they have had aye r to organizea strategicwork system.

Kimbetli E. Gant is the Education Director for the Museum of Contemporary Afncan Diasporan
Arts (A4oCADA). In her tenure at MoCADA, Ms. Gant hasbeen responsiblefor expandingthe
Artist-in-Residency program, cootdinating educationalprograms to coincide v¡ith exhibitions, and
expanding the awarenessof the museum's projects to larger audiences. She holds aBachelot of Arts
degreein Art History & Economics from Pitzer College and is current pursuing her Master's of Arts
Degree at Columbia University. Ms. Gant will work directly with the Education Assistant to train
them in the structure of the programs, meet partnering schools and meet MoCADA's teaching artists.
During the first two-three month period of the project, Ms. Gant will train the ,{ssistant on muselrm
softwate, contacting schools, curiculum guides, docent skills, etc. and will then take a more
supen'isory role in order to accomplish her own responsibiliries.
Museum Contemporary
      of                          Arts,Inc.(MoCADA)

Laurie Cumbo is the Executive Ditector and Founder of MoCADA. Ms. Cumbo holds a Master of
Arts degreefrom New York University in Visual Arts Administration and a Bachelor of 'A.rtsdegreein
Art History from Spelman College. Ms. Cumbo's educational cateeris bolstered by her extensive
work experienceat the Brooklyn Children's Museum, the Btooklyn Museum of Att, the MetropoJitan
Museum of Art and the Grey Art Gallery. Ms. Cumbo works dfuectlywith the Educational Director
and will assisther in supervising the Education Assistant. Ms. Cumbo has an intimate knowledge of
MoCADA's educationalprograms and v¡ill serveas the overall supervisor of the Education

Roseann Evans is the Progtam Officer for the Museum of Contempotary Afncan Diasporan Arts
@aoCADA). Ms Evans holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degreefrom Parsons - New School of Design, a
certificate from Fordham University in Progam Marketing and Columbia University, Teacher's
Collegein Non-Profit Management. Ms Evans has 10+ yearsof non-profit experiencewith the
Bedford StuyvesantRestoration Corporation, the Brooklyn Arts Council and the Brooklyn Children's
Museum. Ms. Evans will assistthe Education Assistant in coordinanng a databaseof the partnering
public schools and providing hands on training in museum education.

BUDGET - Funds requested from IMLS, will be allocatedtowards paylng the salaryand fringe
benefits of the Education Assistant and all other directly related costs. Moreover, within the amount
requested,a new laptop v¡ill be purchased to createschedules,correspond with schools, and maintain
an education contact database. A $20,000t\ro-year gtant fromJPMorganChase will covet the
remaining cost of the base salary for this position. The Education Assistant will secure$5,000in
revenuein Yeør/ through Department of Education contracts, and $10,000in Year2, which will also
be appJiedto cost-share. In Year3, this position will be sustainedby the incteased number of
contracts received ftom the Department of Education to our maximum of $50,000 a year and revenue
from other programs. The Museum's general operating funds will cover the salariesof the staff
members supervising the Education Assistant and their percentageof time allocatedis reflected in the
cost-sharing the project.

IMPACT - A gtant from IMLS will enableMoCADA to develop its educationalprograms with the
New York City Department of Education, while also developing more in-depth public programs for a
generalaudience. The Education Assistant position wiII be solely dedicatedto maintaining cuffent
relationshipswith partnering schools, while developing new relationships with schools throughout
Brooklyn and othet Boroughs. WhIe detailed benchmarks for measuring the ptoject goals are listed in
the Education Assistant's work plan on page 5, they include a gradualincteasein the number of
monthly school tours (during the academicyear and for surnmer camps),Artist-in-Residence
programs,National Black Fine Art Show tours, and assembly    programs. By creatingmore school
relarionships,MoCADA will be able to exposemore children to the culture of the African Diaspora,
thereby, giving students aî ^ccrrrateunderst¿ndingof the importance of Africa and the contributions
of its descendentsall over the globe. The Education Assistant will also work on updating the
museum's Educational Resoutce Guide, which is the basis for all student and gtoup tours. The guide
will be given to teachersto provide invaluable background information concerning the African
Diaspora, museufn exhibitions and activities to complement tours.
Museumof Contemporary               Arts, Inc.(MoCADA)

                                                                                    (2008- 2009)
                                                         PROJECTSCHEDULEOF COMPLETTON


  "Meet & Great'

MeetingsW School

Artist -in-Residency




   South Africa

 School& Group

Nat¡onalBlack Fine
    Arts Show



IMLS lstyear report
Museumof Contemporary               Arts, Inc.(MoCADA)

                                                         PROJECT                      -
                                                                                 (2009 2010)
                                                               SCHEDULE COMPLETION

    "Meet & Great"

  Meetingsø School

  Artist -in-Residency


  Fulton Añ Fa¡r 50th.
 Ann¡versay Exhibition

 Quilts orRevolutionary
  Cåange Exhibition

    TBA Exhibition

 School & Group Tours

Nat¡onalBlack Fine Arts

 Assembly Programs

 IMLS 2nd yeaÍ report

$ection B: $u¡nrnaryBudget
                                       $ IMLS                    $ CostShare                  COSTS
                                                                                        $ TOTAL
1. Salaries Wages
          and                                   .00               48.000.00              94.000.00

                                       4,600.00                   '10,200.00             14.800.00
2. Fringe

3. Consultant
           Fees                                                                          0.00

4. Travel                                                         1,824.00               1,824.00

5. Supplies Materials
          and                          1,600.00                                          1;600.00

6. Services                                                                              0.00

        Support                                                                          0.00

8. OtherCosts                                                     600.00                 600.00

TOTAL       (1-8)
        COSTS                            ,200.00                  60,624.00              112.824.00

9. lndirect
          Costs                                                   7,830.00               7,830.00

TOTAL   (Direct
    COSTS     and Indirect)              ,200.00                  68.454.00              120.654.00

Project Fundingfor the Entire Grant Period

1-.       Requested IMLS 52.200.00
  Grant           from

2. Cost

   a. Cash                             62.854.00

   b. In-Kind

   c. Other

          COST                               .00

       PROJECT    (L+2d)
            FUNDING                    115.054.00

% of Total            from IMLS 45.00Yo

* lf funding beenrequested another
           has           from    federal
                                       agency,     the      name:
                                            indicate agency's

            OMBNumber:3137-OO29,                    oMB Number:3137-0049,
                                      Dale:OL/37/2007;                          Dale:0t/37/20O7
                                                                                                             ' . . - , : , - : t .. : . - . : j : :, . :   i- i: - -


     Afrjcan America4Historicaln¿úis"u*and CulturalCenterof Iowa
     "Engaging Iowa in Afrjcan AmericanHistory Project"-Narrative

     African American History and Culture Narrative

      1,. Statementof Need
      In 1846the lbwa Territory becamethe stateof lowa, and declareditself to be a free state.Prior to that
      time Iowa had small pocketsof African American settlerswho were known to haveresidedin the
      territoryasearly as 1834.Thesesettlers       camefrom the eastând southlooking for opportunities a.      for
      betterlife. This rich historyhaslong beenscattered old attics,basements,
                                                                 in                      courthouses,   churches,   etc.
      The StateHistorjcalSocietyof Iowa, locatedin Des Moines,is the official "statewide"            rnuseum    of
      general Iowa history.However,the coverage African Americanhistoryby that museum limited to a
                                                        of                                               is
      smatlexhibitdepictinga small neighborhood Des Moines.Overthe past20 yearsvariouscitizen
      groupshaverecognizedthe needfor an African American museumand haveunsuccessfully                     attempted
      tó establish            in
                   faci.lities Davenport,     Des Moines,and'Waterloo.       People from across statehave
      expressed  concern   aboutthe probJem     oflosing this historyasgenerations     passoffthe scene.   A
      contributingfactor to the problem is that African Americanscompriseonly 2.3Vo the state's
      popuJation,  which in somepeople'sopinion,diminishes significance this history.However,
                                                                    the               of                         a
      closerexamination     revealsthat Iowa hasa rich African Amerjcanhistorythat permeates facets the
                                                                                                      all        of
      state'sgreatness. instance one examines
                         For            if                 agriculturethey will find numerous   African American
      settlerswho farmedin southernIowa and the greatGeorgeV/ashingtonCarver,who was educated                     here,
 .   thentaughtandresearched         agricultural-relatedsubjects lowa StateUniversity.If one looksat
, business,     law, spo¡ts,   Civil War involvement,    politics,civil rights,religion, lowa, you'll discover
     African Americaninvolvementand influence. 1868Alexander
                                                          In                  Clark,an African Americansettlerand
     businessman, successful,          throughthe StateSupreme       court,in integrating schools Muscatine,
                                                                                          the         in
     Iowa. This was 100yearsprior to the nation'sintegration schools  of         andis of greatsignificance.    Clark's
     sonbecame first African Americanto graduate
                   the                                         from the Law Collegeat thè Llniversityof lowa, and
     Clark became second graduate
                     tle          to                                     It
                                               from that sameschool. is inspiringstoriessuchas these          thatmust
     be preserved tau$htto the general
                    and                          public but in particular youngstudents.
                                                                           to                This projectaddresses
     the needby systematicãlly      engagingthe African American community, as well as the historical
     community,    andthe general     public in preserving history.

    In lgg4the African American HeritageFoundationof lowa was incorporated plan andbuild a
    museum the expressed
             for                  purposeof ifiterprçtingIowa's Afrjcan Americanhistory.The Museum's
    missionstatement "'To preserve,publicize and educate public on the African Americanheritage
    andcultureof lowal'. ln iO0g, thir õrganization              a
                                                       completed new museum    facility in CedarRapidsànd
    namodit the "African AmericanHistoricalMuseumandCulturalCenterof fowa"; .Although            this 17,000
   .square foot facility is locatedin CedarRapids,the 18members the Boardof Directors,
                                                                     of                        who oversee
    the museum,livein communitiþs      throughout state.
                                                    the      Having statewiderepresentation theboard
    enables Museumto more accuratel¡r          assess variouscommunities' needs.Todaythe Museumhasa
    staffof 10employees enableit to providea full spectrum preservation educational
                             that                                   of            and             services.
    American  historyprovidesa very efficient andcost-effective    nreans preserving interpreting
                                                                         of            and            this
    subjectfor the state.

   onestaffmember, Directorof Statewide
                   the                          (DSO),is available travelthe stateto provide
                                       Operations                to                            :
                   museumcommunitychapters eightcjties.Thereareplansin placeto establish
                                         in                                             six  . ;
                                            .                   )                        )
              African AmericanHistoricalMuseumand.   CulturalCenterof lowa
                        Iowa in African American History Project"-Narative

              additionalchapters ring20}7 . The purposeof the chapters to assistthe museumin preservingtheir
              community'shistory and helpingto conductprograms. combination statewide
                                                                   The                of         boardmembers
              andcommunitychapters    providesthe foundation a structured
                                                              of             statewide             that
                                                                                       organization needs
              leadership expertise.
                         and           Althoughthe Museum's(DSO)hasa relativelystrongmuseum                   he
              is based CedarRapidsand habmany develoþment        responsibilities.
                                                                                 This limitationhandicaps the
              museum   from elevating missionto statewide
                                     its                     coverage restricts fundraising
                                                                      and          the           tinreof DSO.
              Thereis a strongneedfor twoädditionalmuseum     professionals supportthe DSO in working with
     '        coÍtmunity groupsto provide programming.To address probtrem Museum plans to hire a
                                                                    this          the
              Coordinatorfor easternlowa and a Coordinatorfor the centraland westernpart of lowa. Thesetwo will
              reportto the DSO and will have a dottedline responsibility the Museum'sCurator.

              Because African AmericanHistoricalMuseumandCulturalCenterof Iowa is the oniy instirutionin
              Iowa thatfocuses  totally on African Americanhistory,it's crucialthat the staff be both adequate  and
              properly trained.Currently there are areasof training needed bring the staff to a professionalleVel.
              The currentstaff will needtraining to be able to consultwith the new Coordinatorsand with Museum
              Chaptermembers.    Thè Curator has a needfor photo preservation,   organicand inorganicmaterials
              training, and mannequinfabrichtion to carry out her role in this project. Training needsfor the Statewide
              Coordinators  includeobjectcollections, shipþingandhandling,     volunteermanagement,    program
              Museum'sCollections    Assistant needs formal trainingin Collections           to
                                                                                    Storage reducesupervision     time,
              which will increase Curator's availabletime to work on this project and to help with the influx of
,Í            artifacts.

              The Museum'sboardmembersandchapters         from acrossIowa havehelpedthe Museumidentify four
              major audjences havedifferentneeds this project:1. The African Americancommunityin
                                                       for                                                                    I
              preservingtheir own history. 2. African American youth who needa sense identity and greaterself
                                                                                    of                                        I
              esteer4. Students from K-12 due to thelack of African Americanhistoryclasses public schools.
                                                                                          in                4.

              African American ethnicity. This project will enablethe Museumto reachthesestatewideaudiencesby
              providing adequate weII trained staff to work with communityChaptersin providing top quality

              2. Project Design
               The overallpurposes this two yearprojectareto build theMuseum'scapacityto preserve
                                    of                                                                  Iowa's
              African American history and to expandits audience participationin exhibits and educationalprograms.
              The project leaderis JosephNolte, the Museum's Director of StatewideOperationsfor the past7yz
         '    years.This project will be community basedutilizing two Statewide Coordinatorsthat will work with an
              existingnetworkof 14 MuseumChapters.

             . Projectgoalsandobjectives asfollows:
                                        are                                                               ,
                     capacity preserve educate a statewide
                             to         and       on            basis.
                  . Incrcase 50Vo numberschools
                             by     the                          the
                                                      that attend Distance
                                                                         Learningclassesover the Iowa    .,
                     Communications  Network (lCN) by developing museum's
                                                                 the       networkof educatorsthroughout  ,

                              i                                              )
 African AmericanHistoricalMriseumandCulturalCenterof lowa
 "Engaginglowa in African AnrericanHistory Project"-Narrative

     . Planandconductat leasteight historylearningexperiences eachcômmunityeachyear,such
 '    asexhibitions, celebrations;  lectures, presentations.
                                              and                                          :
    . HaveAfrican Americanyouth groupsresearch           historytopicsandbuild exhibits,which will peak
      interest their past.
 : . Travelyouth-builtexhibitsthroughout stateto expose general
                                               the                  the         public to ethnicallydiverse
      historywhile improvingAfrjcan Americanyouths'self esteem
    . Establish CollegeStudent             that
                                 Chapters includeAfrican Americanstudents as manylowa f,or
      schools              to
              aspossible, engage      themmuseum       activitiesand networkingwith peers.
    . Create jnternshipopportunities a pool of students fill thosepositionsas a resultof the
                                       and                      to
      Student Chapters. Gainingexposure museum
                                            to            operations will inspirestudents seekcareets
                                                                                           to            in
      museumrelatedfields and have a betterchanceof finAing employmentafter graduation,
   . Establish annualChapters
                an                   Conference provideclasses museumpráctices, rùellas
                                                   to                 on                      as
      providea venuefor chapters exchange
                                    to             ideàs.
   . Train existing staff in deficient areas to-improvetheir abilities to provide professionalservices.
The Museumstaff's trainingneeds    inc.lude:
   ¡ CuratortrainingprioritiesarePhotography         Preservation, Organicand InorganicMaterials,    and
      Mannequin  Fabrication
   ¡ Collections Assistant  needs  Collections  Storage  training.
   . The two new StatewideCoordjnators        will needtraining in Museum Practices,    Basic Preservation
      andHandlingof Objects/I4anuscripts, HistoryProcedures,
                                               Oral                       Small Exhibit Design,and
      Pu,blic         training.

 Changes staffbehaviorthat areexpected a resultof the projectwill greatlyenhance Museum's
                                                as                                               the
 ability to serveits audiences. Photography
                                 The                 Preservation the Olganicand InorganicMaterials
 training for the Curatorwill enableher to apply correcttechniques       that will ensurebetterlong term
preservation.    Much of the anticipated  objects resulting from this projectwill be photos.Trainingin
 Mannequin     Fabrication will allow the Curatorto custom-build    themto the clothingbeingexhibited.      It
 will enhance exhibits,reducestress the fabricsandreduce cost of exhibitb.The Collections
                 the                       on                          the
Assistant    positionis relativelynew, which requires   considerable   supervision   from the Curator.The
prescribed    trainingwill increase skill level of the Collections
                                    the                                Assistant,  enablingher to competently
do her work wjth lessdirectionand supervision.        This will increase Curator'savailable
                                                                         the                      time to work
with the newly hired Statewide     Coordinators. is anticipated the Statewide
                                                  It               that                              will
                                                                                         Coordinators be
collegegraduates havean interest AfrÍcan Americanhistory.The plannedtrainingin this project
                     that                 in
is in additionto in-house'training collectionaccessioning, museum
                                     in                           our           policiesandpractices,   and
otherrelatedtopics. The formal training will qualify them to professionall¡1       interactwith the public as
they acquire    historicalobjects.The Coordinators be ableto informally train MuseumChapter
members youth groupsin fabricating
            and                                              and
                                             smaltexhibit's engage African Americancommunityin
family andcommunitypreservation         activities.Much of theAfrjcan Americanstory is in thememoryof
the elderly.The oral historytrainingwill equipthe Coordinators competently
                                                                      to                recordtheseaccounts
andpreserve     them.This projectwill elevate professionalism the museumandbuild public
                                                the                  of
çonfidence us reinforcingour brandimageasthe leadingsource informationaboutAfrican
American'history lowa. It meetsall of the objectives buildingmuseumcapacityto maximizeits
                     in                                     of
service the public.

Action stepsto inrptementthis two ¡,earproject of Engagi4gIou,a in African American History:

 African AmericanHistoricalMuseumandCulturalCenterof Iowa
 t'EngagingIowa in Africàn American History Project"-Naffative

 Obtaining    andequippingan office space Des Moinesas a baseof operation
                                          in                                    will occurin October
  2007.The Museumhasbeenoffered an appropriatespace usein Waterloo and we will seeka similar
 situation DesMoines.Communication computerand          equipment built into this projectin additionto
 furniture and supplies.The first four monthsof the project will be spentrecruiting and orientingthe
 Statewide   Coordinator(SC) for'theDes Moinès areã,   which is the lãrgestAfricanAmericancommunity
 in Iowa. Our new hire will be a collegegradandwill residein the areain which they will work. The
 advantage hiring a personfiom their own region is that they know the territory and they will be
 familiarto manyof the people.Sincethis personwill haveresponsibility CentralandWestern
                                                                           for                     lowa,
 it will alsoreducetravel lime andexpenses. Museumdoesnot plan to establish
                                              The                                     satellitemuseum
 facilities.We havepartnered  with numerous   qulturalandeduçationfu    brganizationsthroughout Iowa thai
 will hostexhibits and programsfor little or no charge.

Early in theprocess DSO and the SC will plan the strategy implementing.the
                      the                                          for                  projectandget
acquainted  with Chapter    members.  Trainingfor the Curatorandthe Collection'sAssistant    will also
begin early in the f,rrit year.The formal training for the staff will be at the CampbellCenterin Mt.
Carroll,ilinois. The two SC will t¡ain at the CampbellCenter,aswell as attendthe conferences the   of
Iowa MuseumAssociation the Association African AmericanMuseumsfor trainingin
                              and                 of
Collections VolunteerManagement, to networkwith othermuseumprofessionals.
            and                            and                                               Trainingfor
the SC in the otheridentifiedareas   will occurduringthe first yearasthe classes    become available.

Oneof themain responsibilities the SC will be to engage African Americancommunityin history
                                of                        the
preservation. They will work with Chapter  members collecthistoryandto facilitateplanningand
executing programs.  Collectinghistorywill involve donations objectsandmanuscripts scanning
                                                            of                        or
manusciipts recordingoril historyaccounts. coilectionactivitieswill be coordinated
                                                All                                      with Suian
Kuecker,  MuseumCurator,for properaccessioning the museum'sstorage. limited pofiion of
                                                    into                     A
simpleexhibit fabricationwill be doneby the Chaptersand youth groups.Programmingactivirieswill
includeexhibits,targeted  schoolclasses, youth groupinvolvement,lectures, celebrations other
eventsthat relateto African American history and culture.The SC will make arrangements museum
exhibitsto circulatethroughout state. the SC assumes
                               the       As                most of the programsandcoordination  that
waspreviously  doneby the DSO, he is thenableto supervise to raisefundsthat will sustain
                                                           and                              the
project.The moreprogramrning    that's donein these14 communities, more lócal donorswill be
willingto support museum

In thefirst monthof the second.   yearan additionalSC will be hired andtrainEd service
                                                                               to        Eastern
This personwill probably opèratefrom the office space Waterloo,the secondlargestAfrican
Americancommunityin Iowa, unless       morelogical space obtained. of the sameresponsibilities
                                                          is          All                          of
the flrst SC will be requiredof the second SC. Identicaltrainingwill be given to the second
                                                                                          SC. Hiring
andtrainingthe SC's a yearapartenables DSO to properlyorienteachonè andmaintainhis level of
statewide  *gtk.Splitting this in two yearsalsoenables DSO time to developthe ongoingfinancial
support  needed a second
                 for         SC.

 An important functionof the SC's will be to developeducator administrator
                                                            and                networks. This
networkswill allow the Museumto targetits publicity of Iowa Communication    Network (ICN) classes
to maximizeattendance will openavenues feedback subject
                       and                    for        of        matterfor future classes.All
schoolcontacts will become pan of the museum's    computer
                                                         listservfor notification.This projectis
designed build the museum's             to
                               capacity meetthe challenge takingAfrican Ame¡icanhistoryinto
classrooms atl 99 counties lowa. The museumdevelops produces
           in               of                             and          in-house Distance Learning
                                 ')                                      ')

 African AmericanHistoricalMüseumandCulturalCenterof Iowa
 "EngagingIowa in African American History Project"-Narative

 classes areinteractive up to eight schools a time.The needfor reaching
                          fpr                   at                             K-12 students
 African Americanhistory classeswill be met throughbetterawareness the upcomingclasses.
                                                                      of                   In
 additionto the DistanceLearningthe SC's will promotefield trips to the tuuseum sõhools
                                                                               by       close
 enough travelinto the museum.

 The initiativeof establishing   CollegeStudent          will
                                              Chapters be leadby the DSO and ássisted the SC's
 in the first year of the project. The museumhasfacilitated a meetingof college diversity administrators
 in January2007to lay the ground work. All of the major schoolswere representêd theire great
                                                                                    and      is
 excitement    aboutcreatingthe network.The SC's will help facilitatethe activitiesof thesestudent
 groups.  The exposure museumactivitieswill provideopportunities intemships
                          to                                            for            andmuseum.
 careers. will increase resources fill futuremuseum
           It               the         to                    positions.

As the SC's work with the Chapters increase
                                  to                 in
                                             interest historythey will t.uin chapterrn"rb.r, in
basiccollectionspractices. somepoint in the second
                          At                         yearthe Museumwill hosta Chapter
Convention provideadditionaltrainingandto exchange practices.
           to                                           best           The goal is to strengthenthe
chapterswhile conúnuingthe fun of participation.This will be an ultimatelevel of engaging African
Americancommunity in their history.
Everytwo monthsduringthe projectthe DSO andthe SC's will meetto assess progress,
                                                                            the           adjustthe
plan,andsetshort-tem goalsthat will keepthe projecton schedule

 3. Project Resources: Time; Personnel,Budget
It is anticipated it will taketwo yearsto complete goalsin this project.By the end of the project
                 that                                   the
theMuseum'sstatewjde     programswill be developed thç poirit of beingself fundedin all 15 cities
includingCedarRapids.Two new employees          (SC's)will be hiredone yearapartand will be allocated
full time to theproject..Theywill have 14 communltyChapters work with on an ongoingbasis.The
projectallocates  30Vo theDSO's time to be spenttrainingandsupervising two SC's.Considerable
                      of                                                    the
moie time will be spentthe first four monthseachyearin trainingandorientation.   The SC's arebeing
hiredto replace programming
                the                portion of the DSO's role, which.currently
                                                                            isTOVIof his time. Two
peopleareneeded    because evenL007o the DSO's time would not be sufficientto accomplish
                                        of                                                     the
Museum'sgqals.When the projecthasreached point wherethe SC's arefully functioning, DSO
                                                 the                                         the
will spend  approximately      of
                          6O7o his time developing     fundingsupport, 25Vosupewising planning
with the SC's,and 15Vo his time on Museumprograms relations
                        of                                  and        between Museumandthe
Iowa community.

The project allocates 10Vo theCurator'stime to training and consultingwith the new hires during the
earlystages the project,Oncethe trainingis ôomplete will continue spendl'07oof her time
            of                                        she              to
processing jncrease objects.It is plannedthat the Collections
          the          of                                       Assistanr will be trainedin
          which will resultin lesssupervision the Curator. additionthe Collections
collections                                  by             In                          Assistantwill
be competent takeon a greaterwofkload.This means
              to                                     thatthe collectiveeffort of the Curatorandthe
Collections          will
           AssiStant be sufficjentto properlyaccession increase objects.
                                                         the          in          The traininggíven
the Curatorwill alsoresultin greater

All anifactswill be properlyaccessioned the Museum'scollectionstoiageroom. They will be
entered into a computerthat's dedicated bollection
                                      to             itemsvia the software PastPerfect.  The computer
is lessthantwo yearsold and the 17,000square  feetfacility is four yearsold. In the storageroom and
galleries constant
         a         temperature rangeof 67 to 71 degrees a constant
                                                         ahd            humidityrangeof 39 to 43
percent maintained.
        are            Thereare 3000 square               in
                                             feet of space the archivalstorageareaand
                                \                                       ì
 African AmericanHistoricalMrá"rrn andCulturalCenrer Îowa
 l EngagingIowa in African American History Project"-Narrative

 approximatety ! is occupied.
               1/3             Todaythereis plentyof room for the influx of objects; however, the
 museum jn theprocess acquiringadjacent
          is               of                  propertyfor possiblefuture expañsion.The facility has
 two 2100square  foot galleries. one galleryis the permanent
                               ln                             exhibit andthe otheris usedfor changing
 exhibitions.Ths objectscollected this projectwill be used,whereappropriate, variousexhibitsin
                                   in                                          in
 the changing exhibit galleryand in exhibjts.that
                                                travelthe state.

  A smalloffice space   will be oùtained            for
                                        andequipped a onepersonoperat;on eachof two cities.The
  Museumhasbeenofferedin-kind office space Waterloo,IA andhasintentionsof securing same
                                                 in                                      the
   situation DesMoines.Within theploject is provisìonfor essential   office equipment
  well assupplies. Much of the equipment   will comefiom excqss thè museumandcorporate
                                                               at                        friends
  who renovate  their offïces.Office supplies printedmaterials
                                             and                will comethroughthe museum's
' .purchases. Theseoffices will providea baseof ôperation the SC's,in which th"y -" expected
                                                         for                                 to
  spendapproximately4OVo their time. They will haveaccéss the inte¡net and email addressès.
                              of                             to

 CuratorSusan                   the
               Kueckermanages collection,       library,galleriesand educatiónaf programs. has
 beenemployed this capacityby the museum five years.Sheoversaw aeiign of theseareas
                                               for                        tfre
 during.theplanningstageof the facility in 2002.Susan a BS degfee education hasseveral
                                                       has             in            and
 years'expefience  teaching.
                           Shehasmuseum      experience collectjons
                                                        in            prior to her present
 During thepastthreeyearsSusan takencourses the CampbellCenterin Preservation
                                 has                at                                     101,
 MountingObjects,   andTextile Handling.Shehasconsulted     with severalmuseums exhibit designand

 The Director of StatewideOþerations, Nolte, will serveas the Grant Administrator for this project
 andwill directlymanage work of the SC's. With overten yearsof professional
                           the                                                   Museumexperience
 in all aspects Museummanagement, is well qualifiedto manage project. Joehasextensive
              of                         he                          the
 development              and
              experience was the leaderof the Museum'ssuccessful       capitalcampaign $3.3
 Million to build'thefacility. Additionally,he curently develops
                                                               relationshipswith African American
 groupsthroughout state,andwill continue bring thoserelationships the tablefor the project.
                    the                         to                       to

Erin Thomas, EducationCoordinator responsible tours,docent
                                   is            for            training,educaticinaleventsand
DistantLearningClasses the ICN. Shehasa BS Degree Education
                                                         in          unãis certifÏedto teachin
Iowa. Shewill work with the SC's duringthis projectto networkwith educators administrators
                                                                            and                to
expand K-l2 audience toursandICN classes.
                         for                      Erin hastwo yearsexperience theMuseumin
her presentposition.

Preferredqualifications the SC's will be a four yearcollegedegree,
                        of                                       strongcommunications  skills,
especiallywriting, self motivated,
                                 with a recordof communityinvolvement,and a stronginte¡est
history(seethe attached description).

This projectbudgetrequiresa total of.$223,47Ifor the two yearperiod.The grantrequest   from IMI ,S
for yearoneis $37,659and for yeartwo is $73,329 a total of $110,988
                                                  for                   dollars. Most of this request
is for salarjes,
               benefits,training,and travel.Budgetary resourcescommittedby the Museumto this
projectin  yearone will be $43,998andyeartwo will be $68,485.   which totals$1 12,483 dollars.Of that
total in-kind donations the projectequal$32,100
                       to                                        donations
                                                  dollars.In-t<in¿          consiòtof $15,000  in
programs   which arefundedthroughotherg¡'ant   sources providedby the Museum?
                                                       and                          52700 jn excess
equipment office furniture,and $14400in donated       office space.
                                                                  Currentstaff salaries,
                                                                                       benefits,  and
                               . \
                                 j                                         ¡
 African AmericanHistoricalMuseurnand CulturalCenterof Iowa'
 "EngagingIowa in African American History Project"-Narrative

 indirect     equal$61,013
                                The remaining
                                            $19,370consists a grant from John Deerefor
 $15,000 for progr¿ms $4,370from the Museum;s
                     and                      cashreserve.

 The Museumanticipates   four major oútcomes   from this project:
     o Iowanswill be more engaged     with the state'sAfricân,$.merican history. This will be indicated
        throughincreasing  average programattendance,    increasingmemberships Museumchapters,
        andincreasing attendance the Museum,particularlyfrom visitorsoutsideof Linn County..
    . The Museumwill more efficientlydeliverits sèrvices the citizensof lowâ. This will be
       measured   throughattendance trainingsessions an increase collectionactivity.
                                      at                  and            in
    . Youngpeople,    particularlyAfrican Americanyouth,will be takepride in the diversityand
       legacyof our state. This will be measured   throughthevolumeof activity in collegechapters,   an
       increase the numberof collegestudents       seeking internshipopportunities with the Museum,an
       increase the numberof high-school elementary
                in                            and             studentsserved throughour on-sitefield
       trips and ICN programming,and an increâse the numberof youthsparticþating in projects
       held in conjunctionwith our youth programmingpartners
    . The Museumwill advance brandrecognition THE source informationabouttheblack
                                  its                   as            for
       historyof Iowa. This will be measured an increase the numberof local andstatewide
                                                by             in
       mediainquirJes  regardingblack historyandculture,an increase research
                                                                       in                   and
                                                                                   requests, an
       increase programpartnersworking with the Museumon ¡elevantprojects statewide.

Atl of the aboveprogramsin this project areintendedto be seeded the IMLS g,rant.The presence
                                                                      by                                of
two full-time statewjde  coordinators  will allow the Dircctor of Statewide  Operations focusmoretime
on developing  donorrelationships the communities
                                    in                   served.This will providea stablefundingstream
for the coordinators, hasalreadygrownin the shortamountof time the Museumhasbeenworking
statewide. Approximately$95,000annuallywill be needed sustain to         this work afterthe project.This
amountspread    over l4 citiesis very realisticgiventhe structure the projectwill establish.
Additionally,oncenetworkswith educators,       collegegroups,  andnrembers established, Museum
                                                                              are             the
will be workingto maintainthosepartnerships.       Maintenance   takesfar lesstime than the initial
establishment a relationship, the coordinators,
               of                so                   aftera one-to-two   yearperiod,will atsobe ableto
focusa portionof their time on resource    development.              the
                                                          lncreasing brandrecognition theMuseum
will assist that rcsource.development, programming
           in                              and               will reinforceit. The trainingthe
coordinators curator'willreceivewill continue        to.beusedon an ongoingbasis. Mosì importantly,
youth who havebeena part of programs all levelswill be en"ourag"ã ãontinueparticipãtion
                                           at                              to                       in'
Museumprogramming       aimedat adults. Thus,the projectwill live on andcontinueto impactthe
organizationand the stateof Iowa lóng after the completionof the grant.
African AmericanHistoricalMuseumandCulturalCenterof Iowa
"Engaging Iowa in Afrjcan AmericanHistory"
Schedule Completion






                          B U D G E T O R M - P A G EF O U R


                         SectionB: SummaryBudget
                                                                                                   $ IMLS      $ Cost
                                                                                                                    Share              COSTS
                                                                                                                                 $ TOTAL
                         1. Salaries Wages
                                   and                                                                         29,600.00          10r,600.00

                        2. FringeBenefits                                                                      2,264.40           7,772.40

                        3. C.onsultant
                                    Fees                                                                                         0.00

                        4. Travel

                       5. Supplies Materials
                                 and                                                               1,700.00    5,630.00          7,330.00

                       6. Services                                                                                               0.00

                       7.StudentSupport                                                                                          0.00

                      8. OtherCosts                                                                19,780.00   45,840.00         65,620.00

                     TOTAL        (14)
                              COSTS                                                               110,988.00                     194,322.40

                     9. lndirect
                               Costs                                                                           29,148.36         29,148.36

                     TOTAL   (Direct
                         COSTS     and Indirect)                                                  110,988.00   112,482.76               .76

                     Project Fundingfor the Entire Grant period

                    1, GrantFundsRequested
                                         from IMLS 110,988.00

                    2. CostSharing:

                                a. CashContribution                                                     76

                                b. In-Kind
                                         Contribution                                               100.00

                               c. OtherFederal

                               d. TOTAL
                                      COSTSHARING                                                 112,482.76

                  3. TOTAL
                         PROJECT     (!+2dl
                               FUNDING                                                                70.76

                  % qf TotalCostsRequested
                                         from IMLS 49.67%

                  * lf fundinghasbeenrequested
                                             from anotherfederalagency,
                                                                      indicate agency's
                                                                             the      name:

                                                              3137{029, Fxpíration   O7/37/2OOZ; Number:
                                                                                 Date:        OMB     3L3t-OO4g,
 CharlesH. Wright Museum of African American History

I. Statement of Need

Forty-one years ago, Dr. CharlesH. V/right, a Detroit obstetrician and gynecologist,
partneredwith 30 other civic-minded Detroiters to impressupon the Detroit Community
the importance of preserving their history for future generations. As a result of his
efforts, local residentsbegan donating their most precious life stories,personalpapers,
and manuscriptsto what would becomethe CharlesH. Wright Museum of African
American History. Over the years the Museum amassedquite a significant collection
including the Blanche Coggin Underground Railroad Collection, Harriet Tubman
Collection,African American bibles from the late 19th   and 20thcenturies. and the Hailev
and May Bell Family Collectionto namea few.

For thirty-eight years the Museum evolved with the needsof the community outgrowing
two locations, expanding outreachingprogramming, and respondingto a need for broader
impact activities. Exhibitions grew in scopeto documentingcivilizations.ofAncient
Africa, African American genealogy,and Black Newspapersfrom the 19tncentury. The
Museum utilized its' archivesto createprogramming on the Northward Migration, faith
basedcommunity activism,and urban unrest(Detroit's 1967Riots).

In2003 the Museum faced a severeloss of public conf,rdence it struggled with a lack
of long-term financial stability. Due to this challenge,ensrgy was concentratedon day-
to-day survival at some cost to the archives,collections, and programming. The Museum
could no longer support interns or graduatestudents,and portions of staff were
eliminated. Still today there is a growing frustration that materials documenting African
American history, previously accessible the community,are closed.

In2004, the Museum underwent an internal assessment     resulting in a five-year plan for
working from financial frailty to a place of renewedvitality, stabilization, and growth.
The plan establisheda road back to operating at full capacitywith the goal of being
recognizedas a Museum of excellence. Towards this end, the Museum concentratedon
earnedrevenue,facility rentals, and the construction of a long-term exhibition, And Still
ll/e Rise: Our Journey Through African American History and Culture. However, the
core under girding of the Museum, collections and archives,were put on hold. Through
various streamsof support, the Museum correctedits financial deficienciesby increasing
paid attendances and memberships. In2006, the Museum served 479,000individuals.
The current grant focuseson the Museum archives as a key element in meeting our
commitment to the community.

The archives are recognizedas containing a major holding of undocumentedinformation
positioning the City of Detroit within the national movement of African Americans.
Specifically, the archivesremain the primary researchsite for the African American labor
movement. The ColemanA. Young and Horace SheffreldJr. collectionscomposea
blueprint repository on the African American labor movement. Photographyfrom the
Atler Studio Collection contain images from Black photographersfocusing on Detroit's
Black Bottom, a historical areadestroyed 1968,Paradise
                                           in              Valley, Detroit's Black
entertainment  district, and HastingsStreet,considered be Detroit's Black Wall street.
Charles Wright Museumof African AmericanHistory

The Black Bottom, ParadiseValley, and Hastings Streetwere destroyedfollowing urban
renewal and the construction of Chrysler Freeway. The Harvey Russell Collection, Pepsi
Cola's first African American Vice Presidentand first African American Vice President
of a fortune 500 company, chronicles the integration of Blacks into marketing and
advertising. Collections of oral histories, taken by Dr. Wright, document the migration
and movement towards middle class statusof local Detroiters. Furthermore, the archives
have continued to grow becauseof the community's great senseof hope.

The proposedproject will demonstratea commitment to strengtheningthe skills of the
Museum staff through consultation,training, and a full time Archivist. Moreover, this
project will restore community faith in the Museum as an institution for documenting the
evolving history of African Americans.

II. Project Design

The goals of the proposedone-yeararchive professional capacityproject are to: (1) hire
on staff a full time experiencedArchivist; (2) develop expertiseof the assistantregistrars;
(3) utilize consultation to identif,i aprioritization plan for the archives; and (4) re-instate
intern and graduatestudentprogramming.

The Director of Exhibitions and Researchwill be responsiblefor the recruitment and
orientation of a full time Archivist. The Archivist will be experiencedin the collection,
organization,and maintenanceof acquisitions (seeattached     job description).

Development of the Assistant Registrarsexpertisewill occur immediately through work
with the Archivist as well as two opportunities sponsoredby the Society of American
Archivists (SAA). The first opportunity will be through the SAA annual meeting. This
meeting includes an affay of educationsessions,  programming, and repository tours. The
secondopporfunity will be through a SAA workshop detailing the chemical and
mechanical   risks to recordmaterials,handling,shelvingmethods,and options for
cleaning and copying. Basic cleaning and maintenance,generalmechanical and chemical
risk, selection and use of storageenclosure,and evaluation of storagematerials for
composition, utility, and cost will be covered. These opportunities will enhancethe
capacityof the Assistant Registrarsto assistthe Archivist in the inventory, handling and
shelvingof the Museum's collectionof manuscripts    and personalpapers.

The identiflredconsultant,Minoo Larson, will be responsiblefor creating a long-term plan
and prioritizationplan for processing,cataloging, and reorganization of spatial
configuration. Ms. Larson has worked with the Museum in the past and is in close
proximity. She will also work closely with the Archivist to ensurethe archives are
accessible in working order as quickly as possible. This collaborationwill enhance
the institutional capacity for the treatment of archival materials of art on paper, the
managementand monitoring of overall housing conditions, and monitoring of archival
supplies(see attachedresume).
Charles V/right Museumof African AmericanHistory

The Archivist, newly hired, and Director of Researchand Exhibitions will work with
        StateUniversity to develop an internship partnershipfor museum studies
students. An integral part of the internship involves supervisedtraining in the Museum
where studentsparticipate in processingarchival collections, cataloging, digitization of
collections,development finding aids,and researching
                            of                              persons,events,topics, culture
and representatives the past. Interns will be responsiblefor assistingthe Archivist and
Assistant Registrarswith implementing the prioritizationplan. Becauseof the
cooperativerelationship with Wayne StateUniversity, student's initial curriculum
focuseson African American History and related areasof influence that intersectwith
this focus. Initiating the internship program will further enhancethe institutional
capacifyof the museumto identiff, hire and grow qualified staff.

The project's actionsstepsare to: (1) utllize a consultantto assess conservation  needs;(2)
hire a full time Archivist in order to stabilize, preserve,and expand the breadth of the
Museum's specialized     collection;(3) enhance   AssistantRegistrarsknowledgeof
conservationneedsin order to support the Archivist; (4) organizeand cataloguecurrent
holdings; (5) initiate internship programming; (6) make readily available historical
materials of lasting value to researchers, scholars,and community members; and (7)
restore community faith in the Museum's capacity to work as a fully operational

The archive professional capacityproject fits within the Institute for Museums and
Libraries Services(IMLS) mission by ensuring community-wide accessto materials of
importance of the African American history, specifically accessto a compilation of
information on the Detroit labor movement.

III. Project Resources:Time, Personnel,Budget

Beginning August 1,2007 the archiveprofessional      capacityproject will begin with the
hiring of a consultantand fuIl time Archivist. Next, two part-time Assistant Registrars,
currently employed with the Museum, will move to fulltime status. The archives will
reopenfor inquiries and utilization on July 1, 2008 with the project concludingJuly 31,
2008. All employeesand consultantswill be housedand managedby the Department of
Exhibitions and Research(also known as the Curatorial Department). The Department
includes:Director of Exhibitions and Research   (1), Curatorof Exhibitions (1), Assistant
Curator(1) AssociateRegistrar(1), AssistantRegistrars    (2), andAdministrativeAssistant

The Department is responsiblefor:
      o Researching,designing, and installing original exhibitions on African
         American history and culture;
      o Hosting exhibitions on African American history and culture;
      o Procuring artifacts for the Museum's collection including manuscripts,letters,
         and photographs;
      o Preserving,conserving,and documenting artifacts in the Museum's collection.
Charles ïVright Museumof African AmericanHistory

The project will be led by the Archivist under direction of the Director of Exhibitions and
Research. The Archivist will be responsiblefor the immediate reopening, stabllization,
preservation,and expansionof archive acquisitions. Additionally the Archivist will
preparestaff for the proper handling and documenting of artifacts. The Archivist will be
the first point of contact for all inquiries regarding the content and use of the archives.
Both Assistant Registrarswill directly report to the Archivist (seeattachedjob

The addition of two Assistant Registrarswill ensureadequatepersonnel for cataloging
the archives. The Assistant Registrarswill be responsiblefor cataloging, maintaining
records, data entry, packing, shipping, and afüfact inventory. They will also be
responsiblefor artifact descriptions,condition reports, and inventory at both on and off
site locations(seeattached description).

The Museum will contract with Ms. Minoo Larson, Senior Conservatorand Director at
the Henry Ford. Ms. Larsonwill be responsible assessing archives,including an
                                                 for          the
examination of the environment quality, and an identification of immediate and long-term
preservationneeds. Ms. Larsonwill provide a written assessment the archives,
rcorganizationof the spatial configuration, and developmentof a prioritization plan and
calendarfor archiving artifacts.

Department of Exhibition and ResearchPersonnel
   o Bamidele AgbasegbeDemerson,Director of Exhibitions and Research(BGS,
       GraduateStudiesin Anthropology, University of Michigan) baseshis curatorial
      practice upon three decadesof field researchin Africa and the African Diaspora,
      social science publications,and collegiateteachingexperiences.
   o Patrina chatman, curator (BA, and MA candidate English,'wayne state
      University) has 10 years registrarial experienceand 5 years curatorial experience.
      Ms. Chatmanhas conductedfieldwork on Afro-Mestizos in Mexico, and African
      Americans in Midwestern and SouthernStates.
   o Rozenia Johnson,Assistant Curator, (BFA, Wayne StateUniversity) builds upon
       10 years of curatorial experience. Her publications records include articles in the
      areaof African American art. She has conductedfieldwork in            Africa and
      SouthernUnited States.
  .    Nubia wardford, AssociateRegistrar, (BS, Anthropology, wayne state
      University) has worked in the museum field for 10 years. She has taught
      elementaryscienceand math, as well as conductedf,reldworkin'West Africa and
      the Caribbean.
  o Crystal May, AssistantRegistrar,(BA, University of Michigan), has 2years of
      experiencesas an intern and registrar.
  o Adrienne Zeigler, Assistant Registrar, (BA, EasternMichigan University), has
      combined experienceof 2 years as an intern and registrar.
  o RoseannWhittenburg, Administrative Assistant, (AssociateDegree,'Wayne State
      University) has five years of experiencein the Museum's Department of Human
      Resourcesand Department of Exhibitions and Research.

Charles Wright Museumof African AmericanHistory

As the Archivist and two Assistant Registrarswill dedicateone hundred percent of their
time to the project, and the initial time intensive assessment
                                                             will be through a consultant,
only minimal time will be necessaryfrom other Department staff. The Associate
Registrar will continue to work in afüfact collections ensuringthe movement of the
Assistant Registrarswill not causelapsesin inventory. Thus, we do not anticipate
challengesto ongoing duties and project responsibilities.

The CharlesH. Wright Museum of African American History will match the requested
$ 106,3I 8.04 dollars of support through a grantfrom the Whitney Fund and contributions
from the Ford Foundation grant for capacity building.

IV. Impact

The project will have a substantialimpact in reestablishinga solid foundation for the
Museum to organizethe archives as well as executeprograms and exhibitions. With the
addition of full time staff dedicatedsolely to the archives,the Researchand Exhibition
Departmentwill be able to better allocateresourcesand meet community need. The
Museum is preparedto continue the Archivist position by applying to the Whitney fund
for secondyear support, and absorbthe costs at the end of that period.

The outcomesfor the proposedone-yeararchiveprofessionalcapacityproject will be: (1)
a qualified and knowledgeableArchivist; (2) maximization of staff capacity and skills to
work in both archival and artifact collection; (3) organized,user-friendly, and readily
accessiblearchives; (4) re-establishmentof intern partnershipwith Wayne State
University; and (5) continued collection of materials of signif,rcant the African
American experience.

We will complete a three-fold project evaluationto identifii project strengthsand
weaknesses a guide beyondthe grant period. Specifically,the three-foldproject
outcome evaluation will include an internal and external assessment (1) archive staff;
(2) schedulecompliance; and (3) community feedback.

Evaluation of archive staff will occur through various internal focus groups, surveys of
pre and post-testknowledge, and quantitative evidence. Evaluation will include:

   o   Self-reportedquality of capacity and developmentopportunities
   o   Increasein self-reported knowledgeand lessons   learned
   o   Increasein the number of artifact successfullycatalogued

Evaluation of schedulecompliancewill occur through quantitative evidenceassessing:
   o Achievementof project goals
   o Achievementof project outcomes
   o Achievement of project results and impact

Charles V/right Museumof African AmericanHistory

Evaluation of community feedbackwill occur through focus groups, member surveysin
the Museum's quarterly newsletter,and with various organizationsthat utilize the archive
such as the Shrine of the Black Madorura. Evaluation will include:

    o   Impact of project on archives
    o   Satisfactionof researchers, scholars,and community memberswith the archives
    o   Satisfactionof researchers, scholars,and community memberswith project
   o    fncreasein the quantity of artifacts donatedto the Museum

The successfulcompletion of the project's accomplishmentslay the foundation for the
Museumslong-termgoals of: (1) digitizing museumarchives;(2) development           of
electronic researchdatabase internal and external use; (3) hiring of a full time
librarian for rare book collection; (4) applying for museum accreditation; (5) raising of
capital dollars for additional archive space;and (6) expansionof collection for the Detroit
CharlesH. Wright Museum of African American Historv

Scheduleof Completion

Agjivilies                                R
HireArchivisl                             I

Parttime Registrars                       T
                  moveto Fulltimestatus

FinalizeWayne State Cooperative

                 attendSociety American
                              of              T

                On-site                           I

                   Plan                               T


Archivesreopenfor qeneraluse                              I

Evaluation proiecl
       FORM:SectionB, SummaryBudget

                                              $ IMLS              $ CostShare    $ TOTAL
          1. Safaries Wages
                    and                          $80,200.48
                                                          |           EsZ,437.O2 SrSZ,O37.5O
          2. FringeBenefits
                                                       $0.00 |.       $33,778.50 1    $SS,ZZ8.SO

          3. Consultant
                      Fees                       $6,832.00
                                                         1                $o.ool       so,æ2.00
          4. Travel
                                                         1                So.ooJ       $4,150.00

          5. Supplies Materials
                    and                                $o.o0l          $6,234.e51      $O,Zg¿.gs
          6. Services
                                                       $o.ool             Eo.ool          $o.oo
          7. StudentSupport

          8. OtherCosts                                                   go.ool
                                                         1                             $1,268.00
              DTRECT   (1-8)
                   COSTS                        $92,450.481          SS2,45O.47 $rS¿,
         9. lndirectCosts
                                                         I           SrS,867.57
                                                                              1       $2t,t35J4
         ïOTAL    (Directand Indirect)
                                                         1          $106,318.04
                                                                              1      $2u.636.09

ProjectFundingfor the EntireGrantperiod
          1. Grant Funds Requestedfrom IMLS    $106.318.05
          2. CostSharing:
                      Contribution                     8.04
            b. Kind Contribution

            c. Other FederalAgencies"

            d. TOTAL COST SHARING               106,318.04
         3. TOTALPROJECT
                       FUNDING                 $212,636.09
         Percentage totalproject
                   of          costs                   50%
   *lf fundinghasbeenrequested
                             from another
                                                    indicate agency's
                                                           the      name:


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