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Building a Real Bike Network


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									                                                              Aug–Sept ’05


                                                             SAN FRANCISCO
                                                           BICYCLE COALITION

P R O M O T I N G T H E B I C Y C L E F O R E V E R Y D AY T R A N S P O R T AT I O N                                 i                                 FREE

                                       Building a Real Bike Network
                                       Where we are — and what’s the hold up?

                                           ou hear the phrase “Complete the Citywide Bicycle
                                           Network” from the SFBC all the time, and with good
                                           reason: it’s our #1 passion and top-priority project,
                                       bringing benefits to the economy, the environment,
                                       public health, social justice, and general livability, and
                                       helping the city meet its goal of having 10% of all trips
                                       made by bike by 2010. It certainly sounds good, but
The Great S.F. Bike                    what does it really mean to the average San Francisco
                                       bicyclist? What is the Citywide Bike Network, and how
Ride Is Back!                          will we know when it’s complete?
Ride the Pro                               Depending on your terms and perspective, the San
Racecourse Sept. 4                     Francisco bike network is various things, the “ideal”
You can ride like the pros or          bike network, the “official” bike network, the “actual”
simply enjoy the novelty of            bike network, and the “complete” bike network. Let’s
cruising on car-free city streets
                                       step through the semantics and see how the networks
at the Great San Francisco Bike
Ride, sponsored by the SFBC            connect to get us where we want to go . . .
and Threshold Sports, on
Sunday, September 4. This fun,         The ideal network Each of us has our own
noncompetitive community               vision of the ideal bike network: Mine has smooth,
ride is open to riders aged 16         wide bike lanes, separated from motor traffic, colored
and over and encompasses a
                                       International Orange (like the Golden Gate Bridge).
five-mile loop on the S.F. Grand
Prix pro racecourse—including
                                       Many other people envision ideal bikeways of red                Two cyclists try the new uphill bike lane on Arguello
                                       lanes, as they use in the Netherlands and Germany, or                           into Golden Gate Park.
the incredible Taylor St. hill.
     Preceding the Grand Prix          perhaps green lanes as in England and France. I dream         and gold lines all over that map. The routes are all
race, the Great San Francisco          of bike-specific signal lights at cyclist’s-eye-level.        numbered, and while you’re unlikely to refer to routes
Bike Ride begins promptly at           Bicyclists would have a continuous route from their           by these numbers, that’s the official city-defined system.
8am at the Embarcadero at Market       homes to offices, schools, or stores, uncomplicated by
Street. Riders are strongly
                                                                                                         The initial SF Bicycle Route Network was spelled
                                       traffic conflicts. Signs would clearly show the way, and      out by the 1997 Bicycle Plan, identifying and number-
encouraged to pre-register by
August 30 at www.sfbike.org/
                                       secure parking facilities at the destination                                           ing 24 existing routes based on
bikeride. Day-of registration will     would let riders safely stow their bikes                                               the city’s 1982 Signed Bikeways
be available on-site from 7am –        while they shop or work.                                                               Plan. You’ve probably seen the
7:45am. Registration is $20 per            An ideal bike network would let bicy-                                              green and white signs around
person by August 30 or $25 on          clists of all ages and abilities make trips                                            town highlighting the bike
the day of the event.                  from any starting and ending point with
     To find out more about this                                                                                              routes, another product of the
                                       confidence, a normal, routine way for                                                  1997 Bicycle Plan. That origi-
community ride and to pre-reg-
ister online, see www.sfbike.org/      almost anyone to move around the city. A                                               nal core network has grown
bikeride. All ride proceeds bene-      lovely vision and a worthy goal – so how                                               here and there as other routes
fit the SFBC’s campaign to build       do we get there?                                                                       were gradually added and
the Citywide Bike Network.
                                       The “official” bike network                                                                In 2000 the Municipal
                                       You’ve probably got a copy of the SF Bike          New Oakdale Ave. lanes              Transportation Agency was cre-
                                       Map & Walking Guide, the terrific map of              in the Bayview.
                                                                                                                              ated to oversee Muni and the
                                       San Francisco from a bike/pedestrian                                                   Department of Parking and
                                       perspective (www.sfbike.org/maps). The                                                 Traffic (DPT). The MTA is
  www.sfbike.org                       official bike network is described by blue
                                                                                                                                         CONTINUED ON P. 4

                      SEPTEMBER IS BIKE RACING MONTH IN SAN FRANCISCO • see page 6
    From Leah’s Desk
                                                                                                                                                           TUBE TIMES
    NOW RECRUITING to Win the Citywide Bike Network                                                                                              Michelle Thatcher E D I T O R
                                                                                                                                                Matthew Hoover P R O D U C T I O N

      f you are ever asked what the SFBC is work-          parking lanes. Doing so can be challenging                                           Brandon Fine D I S T R I B U T I O N
      ing on, or more specifically, what our top pri-      because of NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) oppo-
                                                           sition that too often slows or stops even those                           Published six times a year by the
      ority is, you should feel confident in answer-
   ing: building the Citywide Bike Network. We             city leaders or bureaucrats with the best inten-                          SAN FRANCISCO BICYCLE COALITION
                                                                                                                                     NEW ADDRESS!
   are not shy about making this known. It is              tions.                                                                    995 Market St., Suite 1550
   reflected in everything from our official                   But it is our same dense and built-out city                           San Francisco, CA 94103
                                                                                                                                     phone: (415) 431-BIKE
   Strategic Plan, to our web site and newsletter,         environment that makes bicycling such a viable
                                                                                                                                     fax: (415) 431-2468
                                                           transportation choice for a growing number of                                                              www.sfbike.org
   to requests for volunteer help and allocation of                                                                                  email: info@sfbike.org
   SFBC staff time and funding.                            us. We can get where we want to go with more                                   The SFBC is a 4,800-member advocacy organization
       Building the Bike Network is, far and away,         ease and certainty and less cost and time than                                  working to transform San Francisco’s streets and
                                                           driving or taking the bus—except in those too-                                  neighborhoods into more livable and safe places
   the most important work the SFBC does.                                                                                                by promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation.
       Why? If you bike in the city and have ever          frequent gaps in the Bike Network. The worst
   tried to convince a skeptical friend or co-worker       of these gaps can make even a die-hard cyclist
   that two-wheeling in San Francisco is less scary        pause, and they can surely deter a newbie from                                                  SFBC STAFF
                                                                                                                                        Lisa Ruth Elliott    DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR
   than it looks from the sidelines, then you prob-        bike commuting.                                                                       x302, lisaruth@sfbike.org
   ably know the answer. Real and perceived gaps               Because our numbers, though not insignifi-                            Chris Hayashida Knight         O P E R AT I O N S D I R E C T O R
                                                                                                                                                   x304, chris@sfbike.org
   (and they are sometimes different) in the com-          cant, are still relatively small—one out of every
                                                           25 San Franciscans bikes regularly for trans-                                Jodie Medeiros      MEMBERSHIP & OUTREACH
   plete Citywide Bike Network are the major                                                                                              DIRECTOR, x305, jodie@sfbike.org
   obstacle to improving and increasing bicycling          portation—we need to out-organize the vocal                                      Leah Shahum       EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                                                           NIMBY contingents across the city if we are to                                          x306, leah@sfbike.org
   in San Francisco, and with good reason.
       Think about it. If we are able to improve           see the Bike Network completed in the next                                       Andy Thornley         PROGRAM DIRECTOR
                                                                                                                                                   x307, andy@sfbike.org
   bicycling conditions for the 30,000 people a day        few years. So, want to ease your commute
                                                                         through South of Market? Join our                                         BOARD OF DIRECTORS
   who already ride regularly in San
                                                                                                                                                 John Calaway • Dale Danley
   Francisco, and convince more people                                    SOMA committee. Getting frustrat-
                                                                                                                                           Mark Dwight • Chris Fenster (Treasurer)
   to begin commuting by bike (our                                        ed daily on Market Street? Join                                    Jenn Fox • Jean Fraser • Deb Janes
   goal is to nearly triple the number of                                 forces with like-minded members                                      Amandeep Jawa • Brooke Kuhn
                                                                          conducting outreach on Market.                                    Ann Lyons (Secretary) • Clay Mankin
                                                                      PHOTO BY MARK JOHNSON

   bike commuters by 2010, to reach 10
                                                                          Ditto for bike routes throughout                                  Renée Rivera (President) • Eric Sloan
   percent of trips in the city by bike),
                                                                                                                                                Justin Smith • David Soward
   then we reach the ultimate goal that                                   the city. The vision of a complete
   every San Franciscan supports: mak-                                    Bike Network will only be realized
   ing our city safer, healthier, and more                                through our focus, determination,
   livable. Everyone benefits, whether                                    and stamina.
   they bicycle or not, from less-crowd-                                     In addition, we are asking for
   ed streets, a cleaner environment,                                     your help to increase the SFBC’s
   less costly investments in our infrastructure, and                   strength by growing our numbers. If
   healthier citizens. Not to mention that public          you agree with the SFBC’s goals and feel you’ve
   transit will run more efficiently, pedestrians will     benefited from our work, then we ask you to
   be safer, we’ll depend less on costly oil, and less     do your part to grow the movement by signing
   public space will be handed over to car parking.        up yourself and a friend as a new member. To
       We know the support for a Citywide Bike             reach our goal of 5,000 members in 2005 (see
   Network is strong, in concept. More than 70             story page 5), we will need your help during
   percent of San Franciscans say they support             the second half of the year. Most people say
   more bike lanes, according to polls. Why does it        they join the SFBC after being told about it by a
   seem so hard then? As SFBC Program Director             friend or hearing about it by word of mouth.
   Andy Thornley outlines in this month’s cover            So, let’s start talking!
   story, in a dense and built-out city like San                                            BY LEAH SHAHUM
   Francisco, gaining space for bicyclists often                                       EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
   means taking space from existing traffic or

                                      except when it comes to cycling                         still driving to work or play. And
Tube Times Travels
                                      and its benefits for personal and                       even when it’s sunny! If those are
I want to thank you for sending us
                                      environmental health. The cover                         the stats for just the Bay Area,
your newsletter. I find the
                                                article “Are We as Green                      we’re only scratching the surface of
layout interesting
                                                     as We Think?” (June-                     the melting iceberg.

and the content
                                                       July 2005) is aptly                         Thanks for your continued
relevant and
                                                       named; even in                         advocacy—it reaches far beyond                       130 Sutter St., Flr 7
                                                     Eugene, where the                        the California border!                             San Francisco, CA 94104
(even for non–Bay
                                                daily commute is often                                              JESSIE WYLIE                 (415) 362-6765, ext. 113
Area residents). I’ve never
                                      less than 3 or 4 miles, people are                                           EUGENE, ORE.                 www.fractureinjurylaw.com
been very absorbed in politics,

PAGE   2                                                                                                                                                                    TUBE TIMES
Stop the Bike/Ped Toll                       turn lanes, and to                                           yet. We need to          forcing drop-off drivers to enter
                                             reduce traffic                                               keep our coalition       and exit the Concourse at the
on GG Bridge                                 lanes. All of this is                                        active and strong        south, and allowing only Muni and
The Bay Area’s consideration of              expected to                                                  in order to extend       emergency vehicles to access the
charging tolls on bicyclists and

                                             increase safety on                                           the bike lanes and       Concourse from the north (using
pedestrians is heating up around             the street and to                                            traffic calming          remote control devices similar to
the state. Since our update in the           make the neigh-                                              north of 17th            garage door openers). We’d also
last issue of the Tube Times,                borhood more                                                 Street, and to win       like to see the Concourse closed to
Assembly Bill 748 (which would               calm and livable                                             east-west bike           motor vehicles altogether during
prevent tolls on bicyclists and              for residents and visitors                  routes on Cesar Chavez and                the hours that the museums are
pedestrians around the state,                to the area.                                16th/17th Streets (see sidebar, p.        not open.
including the Golden Gate Bridge)                This traffic calming                    4). To get involved, contact                  At press time, the Concourse
passed the full Assembly and the             victory is particularly signif-             leah@sfbike.org or 431-BIKE,              Plan was headed to the Board of
Senate Transportation & Housing              icant because Potrero is a major            x306.                                     Supervisors. Please contact your
and Appropriations Committees. If            arterial street and many people                                                       Supervisor and ask for a true
it passes at the full Senate, it would       thought it would be next-to-impos-                                                    pedestrian oasis in the Music Con-
move to the Governor’s desk for                                                          GG Park Concourse:
                                             sible to change this formerly 6-                                                      course that will utilize physical bar-
his approval. (Stay up to date with          lane roadway. But we did it!                Same Old Mayhem?                          riers to prevent cut-through traffic,
the action at www.sfbike.org/ggb.)           Working with neighbors and                  A proposed circulation plan for the       and will be closed to private auto
    Many thanks to all of you                                                            soon-to-be-reopened Music                 traffic when the museums are not
who have written letters of sup-                                                         Concourse in the Park stops far           open. To find your Supervisor’s con-
port for this bill. If you haven’t                                                       short of creating the Pedestrian          tact info, see www.sfbike.org/leaders.
sent a letter yet, please go to                                                          Oasis we were promised—traffic
www.sfbike.org/ggb to use our                                                            will be allowed through the
fast, easy Instant Fax system to                                                         Concourse from both the north             Bike Racks for
send a personalized letter to                                                            and the south. Although signs will        GG Transit Buses
our state representatives. It’s                                                          declare that only drop-off traffic is     For the first time, all Golden Gate
important to keep up the pres-                                                           allowed, the only real deterrent to       Transit buses will soon be outfitted
sure on this bill, which was                                                             cut-through traffic will be a few         with bike racks. Thanks to a
introduced in response to the            A cyclist enjoys the new Potrero St. bike       stop signs and some pavement              $240K federal grant, GG Transit will
                                          lanes in front of SF General Hospital.
possibility of bicycle and pedestri-                                                     treatment to try to keep cars travel-     be adding bike racks to its 52 45-
an tolls on the Golden Gate Bridge.          employers in the area, including SF         ing under 15 MPH.                         foot buses, which were the last
                                             General Hospital and families and               While the SFBC prefers a total        remaining buses in their fleet with-
New Lanes on Potrero!                        teachers from the Buena Vista               ban on motor traffic in the Con-          out racks. Because of issues with
After years of community organiz-            Elementary School, our coalition            course bowl, we recognize that our        the length of these buses, racks will
ing, a tragic death, and the com-            for safer streets was able to work          best chance is for a compromise           be positioned not on the front of
mitment of city agencies and elect-          with city planners to put Potrero           that at least stops cross-Concourse       the bus, but instead in the luggage
ed leaders, there is now a calmer,           on a successful “road diet.”                cut-through traffic, significantly        area, as is already done on some
safer street for bicyclists, pedestri-           Organizers hope to name the             reducing the presence of motor            AC Transit buses. Two bikes will be
ans and drivers in the heart of the          improved route in honor of                  vehicles in the Concourse. The            allowed on each bus. The system is
Mission District. Potrero Avenue,            Elizabeth Dominguez, a four-year-           SFBC and allied groups are asking         easy to use and secure, and it will
between 17th and 25th Streets, was           old girl who was killed by a car on         for physical barriers at the north        greatly increase access for multi-
re-striped in July to add bicycle            Potrero two years ago.                      (JFK & Tea Garden Drive) to               modal passengers using bikes and
lanes, a partial bus-only lane, and              We’re not finished on Potrero           enforce the “cul de sac” concept,         buses on the Golden Gate system.

Get Creative Supporting the SFBC
     emember how fun it was to mix up a batch of               “The Cotton Project is a recurring project of ours    Matching Gift Program
     lemonade, hand-craft a sign reading “Lemonade         where we print shirts with designs by local artists and   • Choose to give through Workplace Giving Programs
     5¢”, and set up a table with your wares? And          donate the proceeds to worthy organizations,” says        like the United Way
how successful you felt with a handful of change at        Jonah Becker of local design studio One & Co. “The        • Transfer gifts of Stock, Bonds, or Real Estate
the end of the day? Maybe you used the money for a         SFBC shirt by Susannah Bettag was our second in the       • Include us in your will or through another Planned
trip to the arcade or something else for yourself—or       series. A bunch of the people in our studio are bike      Gift
maybe you gave it to a charitable cause. Now you’re        commuters so we thought it was a great idea.”             • Contribute through a Donor Advised Fund
an adult (we’re assuming) and are still looking for            You don’t have to be an artist to help out the        • Come up with your own creative fundraiser
fun ways to generate a little extra to send to your        SFBC. There are a number of easy ways you can con-             In 2004, over half of our funding came from our
favorite nonprofit, the SFBC.                              tribute (gifts to the SFBC Education Fund are tax-        members and donors. For more information on these
    One of our members, Susannah Bettag, joined up         deductable):                                              special ways to give to the SFBC, visit
with the Cotton Project (www.oneandco.com/cotton2),        • Become a Sustainer with monthly donations               www.sfbike.org/support or contact Lisa Ruth Elliott,
to use her artistic talents to raise extra funds for the   • Give Gift Memberships to friends and colleagues         Development Director, at 431-BIKE x302 or lis-
SFBC in a year-round creative and fun way.                 • Double your yearly gift through your company’s          aruth@sfbike.org.

AUGUST–SEPTEMBER 2005                                                                                                                                          PAGE    3
A Real Network                              improvements has been drawn
                                            (see “Top 20 Bike Network
charged by the City Charter to,             Projects”, this page). Work has
among other things, “develop a              already begun on some of these

                                                                                                                                                                                  GRAPHIC BY SPENCER CHAN
safe, interconnected bicycle circu-         Top 20 gaps, and other network
lation network”, which is a suc-            segments are seeing improvements
cinct statement of a serious public         even now (see “Coming Soon!”,
policy commitment – the bike net-           facing page).
work is as fundamental as the                   The Bike Plan Update also pro-
Muni network, a basic feature of            duced a Policy Framework (passed
the city’s transportation systems.          by the Board of Supervisors unani-
How do we make that commitment              mously, and signed by Mayor
real, connect the policy to action          Newsom in June) spelling out a
and get things safe and intercon-           broad set of principles for the
nected for cyclists all over the city?      bicycle network, including
                                            enforcement, maintenance stan-
The “actual” bike network                   dards, bike parking, transit and
                                                                                           defining standards for safety, sur-          ancing this car-centric perspective
Unfortunately a lot of the official         bridge access, and other network-
                                                                                           face quality, continuity, or com-            at an institutional level is essential
network is still a                                                  related issues.
                                                                                           pleteness.                                   for making real progress on the
“virtual” sys-                                                      The Policy
                                                                                               In a city as dense and built-out         “actual” bike network and moving
tem—just lines                                                      Framework also
                                                                                           as San Francisco, making the                 it toward the “ideal”, and the SFBC
on paper. For                                                       contains guide-
                                                                                           “actual” bike network match the              and its allies are working to
instance, the offi-                                                 lines for inno-
                                                                                           “official” bike network is increas-          achieve these planning reforms.
cial bike network                                                   vative imple-
                                                                                           ingly a matter of re-allocating car
segment on 20th                                                     mentations of
                                                                    physical net-
                                                                                           space to bike space (and better              The complete network
Avenue in the
                                                                                           pedestrian and transit space, as             The bike network may never be
Sunset District has        There’s a bike lane under these          work improve-
                                                                                           well). General planning practice             100% complete, and never quite
signs identifying it          parked cars on Cabrillo.             ments such as
                                                                                           continues to favor the convenient            ideal. But we can achieve a “work-
as Route 75, but                                                   contra-flow
                                                                                           and speedy movement of motor                 ing” completeness of continuity,
otherwise there’s no visible evi-           lanes, colored pavement, and the
                                                                                           vehicles through city streets over           coverage and quality, and offer
dence that you’re on the network.           shared-lane “sharrow” marking. In
                                                                                           bicycling and other modes, despite           people a practical, healthy, envi-
What’s more, cross traffic has the          many ways the Policy Framework
                                                                                           the city’s declared Transit First pol-       ronmentally sound choice for get-
right of way at many intersections,         sets out parameters of an ideal
                                                                                           icy and our notion of San                    ting around the city. Here are a few
breaking the continuity of the bike         bike network, although it stops
                                                                                           Francisco as a green and sustain-            simple principles to reach a com-
route. In other places, such as             short of actually declaring or
                                                                                           able place. Reforming and re-bal-            plete bike network:
Valencia, Lake, and Folsom Streets,
striped bike lanes are evident, and
the premise that you’re riding on a                                                                                                      campaign and make it happen!

network route is more plausible                  Top 20 Bike Network Projects                                                            • Cesar Chavez (Sanchez to
(though potholes, debris, and dou-                                                           Excelsior
ble-parked cars may diminish the                S   FBC members’ input helped identi-
                                                    fy these 20 Bike Network improve-
                                                ments as top priorities. Visit
                                                                                             • Alemany (San Jose to Rousseau)
                                                                                             When this 2-mile stretch of Alemany
                                                                                                                                         Another essential east-west passage-
                                                                                                                                         way through the heart of town, Cesar
                                                                                                                                         Chavez connects other key corridors
fullness of the experience). Even               www.sfbike.org/actions for more              Blvd is striped with bike lanes, not        in the bike network. The campaign
those fully-striped and well-paved              details on these pivotal projects.           only will lanes carry on almost com-        for a calmer Cesar Chavez is gaining
bike lanes eventually let you down              Streets with major activity are              pletely from Glen Park to Oceanview         momentum, hop on now and help
                                                marked, but let us know if you can           and Lake Merced, but this long-             get it done. The next committee
when they fail to connect to anoth-                                                          reviled traffic sewer will take a major     meeting is Tues, Aug. 2!
                                                help with any of these, and we’ll get
er striped and well-paved lane to               you on the team! Send all inquiries to       step towards becoming a livable
                                                                                                                                         North Beach
take you the rest of the way to                 andy@sfbike.org.                             street. Can you help?
                                                                                                                                         • Broadway Tunnel
wherever you’re going. In 2005 the              Bayview                                      Mission
                                                • Illinois (16th to Cargo), Bayshore         • 14th St (Market to Dolores)
official network is still mostly des-                                                        It doesn’t seem like much, but recon-
                                                                                                                                         • Fell & Masonic intersection, Masonic
                                                (Cesar Chavez to Paul), Oakdale                                                          (Geary to Fell)
ignation and not fully “safe and                (Bayshore to 3rd)                            figuring this one block of 14th St will
interconnected” bike space.                                                                  make a big difference to bike net-          SOMA
                                                The Third St light rail has elbowed
                                                                                             work continuity. We’re close to hav-        • 2nd St & 5th St (Market to
    One big product of the City’s               out that bike route, and Illinois St has
                                                                                                                                         Townsend), Townsend (8th to 2nd St.)
                                                emerged as the favored alternative.          ing a working solution that the city
current Bike Plan Update process                It’s not a perfect place for bike lanes,     can implement—we need your help             Bike lanes on these three streets will
(led by the DPT’s Bicycle Program                                                            to push it over the top.                    go a long way toward completing the
                                                but a good plan has been developed
                                                                                             • 16th/17th St (Market to Kansas)           network in the SOMA side of town–
with the SFBC among the main                    to make them work there. Tell us if
                                                                                                                                         get involved in our SOMA committee
                                                you can lend this project your energy        Sweeping across the city from the
project partners) is a Network                                                               Castro to the Bay, the 16th/17th            (next meeting is Sept. 14!) and help
                                                because this one’s moving along
Improvement Document that                       quickly.                                     Street corridor already carries cyclists    these lanes become real.
describes hundreds of recom-                                                                 across much of the city. Improving the      West Side
                                                Civic Center to Castro                       route to a state of “completeness”          • 19th Ave (SF State), Laguna Honda
mended enhancements to the                      • Polk (Market to McAllister), Market        will boost the value of the network         (Plaza to Woodside), Portola (Corbett
Bicycle Route Network, from                        (Octavia to 17th)                         all over town and bring new two-            to St. Francis)
which a prioritized list of Top 20                                                           wheelers out to the streets. Join the

PAGE   4                                                                                                                                                           TUBE TIMES
    • Coverage. The network                     dangerous “door zone” of parked
should bring a bicyclist within a               cars? Is it whatever shoulder is left      Help Us Reach the 5,000-Member Mark
quarter mile of every major com-                over, with numbered bike route
                                                                                                                              for bike racks on city buses. Get
mercial and residential area, and it
should serve every neighborhood,
                                                signs here and there?
                                                     Sometimes a shared-lane
                                                                                           W     ith the summer here and
                                                                                                 2005 more than half over,
                                                                                           the SFBC continues to focus on
                                                                                                                              the word out!
                                                                                                                                  • Give memberships as gifts.
getting folks where they need to go.            “sharrow” stencil is enough, some-         expanding to 5,000 members by      Need a birthday present or
    • Continuity. A network isn’t               times a lane is needed. You may be         year’s end. Why 5,000 mem-         anniversary gift? Why not give
worth nearly as much if it has gaps.            an assertive cyclist like me, taking his   bers? Not just because it sounds   someone the gift of member-
                                                                                           better—here’s why:
While bicyclists are usually clever             lane boldly (and of course mindfully                                          ship? Pitching in to build a
and motivated enough to route                   and defensively). But not everyone is                                         Citywide Bike Network is a gift
                                                                                           Membership is the backbone of
themselves around breaks in net-                up for that sort of effort. In order to     our entire organization. Our      that will keep giving for gener-
                                                                                            membership numbers give           ations.
work continuity, it hurts the useful-           get more people out on their bikes
                                                                                            the SFBC clout when we walk           • Exercise your membership.
ness and wider appeal of a bike                 we have to make more of the net-                                              There are hundreds of opportu-
                                                                                            into City Hall. When we say,
network when there are gaps of                  work more obviously bike space—             “5,000 city cyclists stand        nities to promote better biking
any size (whether a disappearing                and that’s what a bike lane is about.       together on this issue,” city     in the city: after-work Street-
bike lane, poor surface quality, or                  • Safety. Safety standards are         planners pay attention.           side Outreach, attending com-
other safety or accommodation                   tricky to define, too, but relative        Members are the
                                                                                            Coalition’s voice. You
flaw). Likewise, continuous and                 safety can be established simply            speak on the SFBC’s
convenient connections to other                 through statistical analysis of expe-       behalf at community
                                                                       rience. For          meetings; you are the
                                                                       instance, since      personal narrative
                                                                       bike lanes have      behind our work; you
                                                                                            give testament to our
                                                                       been installed       progress and legitimize
                                                                       on Valencia          our existence.
                                                                       Street, injury      Members have vision.
                                                                       collisions           When you see a prob-
                                                                       involving bicy-      lem, you work together
          Potrero, freshly striped                                                          and help the organiza-
                                                                       cles have            tion reach a bike-friendly
networks are important; transit sys- dropped approximately 29%. Is                          solution.
tems (BART, Muni, Caltrain, and                 Valencia Street safe? Well, it’s sig-      Members provide crucial
others) and bridges provide pow-                nificantly safer than it used to be! Is     financial support.
                                                                                            Through your annual
erful extensions of the bike net-               it safe enough? DPT’s Livable
                                                                                            membership fees, you
work regionally.                                Streets section is conducting a             supply the funding for us
    • Quality. Particular stan-                 project now to see what users think         to do more great work!
dards for surface quality can be                about how Valencia could be                Members are our office
tough to define,                                              improved, in safety           support crew. All our

                                                                                                                                                                  GRAPHIC BY MALIA HAYASHIDA KNIGHT
                                                                                            new member packets are            munity meetings, writing a let-
but common-                 Coming Soon!                      terms and otherwise.          stuffed, sealed, and shipped      ter to your Supervisor, or data
sense “pass/fail”       Watch the streets for fresh paint     Naturally, we’d like to       by our dedicated member           entry at the SFBC office.
tests can be            on these brand new bike lanes:        see other streets get         volunteers—and that’s only            • Stick with us. If you like
applied for both        • Oakdale (Bayshore to Selby)         this sort of attention.       the tip of the iceberg.           what we do, keep your mem-
smoothness and          • Potrero (17th to 25th)                  All of these ele-                                           bership up to date. For the
                        • Arguello/Conservatory Drive                                          All these reasons are why
freedom from              East (GG Park) contra-flow
                                                              ments of a complete                                             organization to reach its goal
                                                                                           reaching 5,000 members is so
glass and debris.         lane                                bike network, realized                                          of 5,000 members, we need to
                                                                                           valuable to our existing mem-
Crummy pave-            • Bayshore Blvd (southbound,          and implemented into                                            keep every one of our existing
                                                                                           bers and our bike advocacy. By
ment surface is           Industrial to Silver)               the official and actual                                         members on board. Every time
                        • Fulton (Webster to Baker)                                        growing our organization, we
                                                                                                                              a current member leaves it
a drag – not            • John Muir Dr                        networks, will bring us      can ride our bike movement
                                                                                                                              makes our goal that much
only does it                                                  closer to a complete         into 2006 as a stronger, more
                                                                                                                              harder to reach.
wear you out to                                               Citywide Bike Network        effective organization. So, are
                                                                                                                                  • Get creative! Everyone has
bump and dodge over the pitted                  – one that meets the promise of            you with us? How will you pitch
                                                                                                                              something up their arm-warmer
moonscapes of some routes, it                   routinely and conveniently moving          in to meet our goal?
                                                                                                                              to contribute to SFBC’s mem-
                                                                                               Here are five easy ways YOU
wears out your bike and can make                residents and visitors around the                                             bership challenge. What’s
                                                                                           can pump up our membership
riding less safe. Regular attention             city by bike. If you’re not already                                           yours? Be creative in how you
                                                                                           to 5,000!
to surface maintenance on bike                  involved in this grand project,                                               think and value the organiza-
                                                                                               • Talk it up. SFBC members
                                                                                                                              tion. Share your ideas with oth-
network routes must be part of the              please join us as we work to realize       know the organization’s impact
                                                                                                                              ers (and us: e-mail
city’s commitment to a safe and                 our most important mission. Check          on creating a more bike-friend-
                                                                                                                              jodie@sfbike.org with sugges-
continuous system for cyclists.                 out www.sfbike.org/actions and let         ly city. But there are thousands
                                                                                                                              tions). We’ll all benefit from
    • Space. There’s also the qual- us know how you can help! There’s                      of people (cyclists too) who
                                                                                                                              your personal creativity.
ity of bike space: Is it a proper six- a lot to do and a piece for everyone                don’t know about the small
                                                                                                                                           BY JODIE MEDEIROS
                                                                                           non-profit that won bike lanes
foot-wide bike lane with a clean,               to dig into — let’s keep rolling!                                              MEMBERSHIP & OUTREACH DIRECTOR
                                                                                           on Market Street or advocated
bright stripe defining the lanes and                             BY ANDY THORNLEY
positioning cyclists outside of the                             PROGRAM DIRECTOR

AUGUST–SEPTEMBER 2005                                                                                                                                 PAGE   5
Come out for SF’s
Big Race Weekend!
   eptember is the biggest month                             includes the steep hills on Fillmore
   for bike racing in San Francisco,                         and Taylor Streets. The men’s race

                                                                                                                                                                                       PHOTOS BY SEBASTIAN DENEF
   and this year is no exception. In                         will total more than one hundred
fact, Labor Day weekend alone will                           miles, at speeds that may top 40
host two major races: the San                                miles per hour.
Francisco Grand Prix and the Giro                                In quite a blow to women’s
di San Francisco.                                            cycling, the women’s Grand Prix
    The San Francisco Grand Prix gets                        race, which had been known as
things started Sunday, September 4.                          one of the best women’s cycling              On the waterfront, but not on a rental bike: the Grand Prix zips down
In this fifth annual race, an interna-                       races in the world, has been cut                                      the Embarcadero.

tional field of more than 100 pro-                           from the bill this year due to lack     style of riding—called a criterium,      announcing a mid-race “prime”
fessional male cyclists will repeat a                        of funding.                             or “crit”—is the most common             means the winner of that lap will
grueling 8.8-mile circuit that                                   Join us at 8:00 the morning of      form of mass-start road racing in        win cash or prizes.
                                                                         the race for the Great SF   the United States. These races usu-          Come out and show your sup-
                                                                         Bike Ride, where you ride   ally have a faster overall speed than    port for cycling in the City—and
                                                                         the same course             regular road races, and the race         don’t forget we still need volunteers
                                                                         as the pros! (Details       tends to last 30-90 minutes,             for all three events! If you can help,
                                                                         on p. 1 and at              depending on the skill level of the      e-mail jodie@sfbike.org. Course
                                                                       www.sfbike.org/bikeride.)     riders. Men and women as well as         marshals are needed too—visit
                                                                          The following day,         pros and amateurs will race sepa-        www.procyclingtour.com for details.
                                                                       September 5 (Labor            rately throughout the day. A bell                      BY CYNTHIA POWELL
                                                                       Day), will see the 31st
                                                                       Giro di San Francisco
                                                                        race. Giro means “lap”in                         Etiquette for the Conscientious Cyclist
                                                                        Italian, and the race is

Fans cheer the riders in the 2003 SF Grand Prix
                                                                        thus named because rid-
                                                                        ers race laps around
                                                                       four hilly SF blocks. This
                                                                                                                         Ask the Advice Pedaler
         on the infamous Taylor St. hill.
                                                                                                         Dear Advice Pedaler: Gentleman are to walk on sidewalks so that
                                                                                                         they are between their companion and the roadway. While I don’t

       Ride On Over to the YMCA
                                                                                                         plan to throw down my coat over a pile of glass so that my com-
                                                                                                         panion can safely ride her bike over it, where should one ride in
                                                                                                         relation to his companion in a side-by-side situation or a single file
                                                                                                         situation? —GentleCyclist

                                                                                                         Dear Gentle: First of all, let’s redefine the word “gentleman” to
                                                                                                         include any etiquette-conscious cyclist, gender having nothing to do
       Our wellness center offers ten floors of fitness including:                                       with good manners. I’ll use “Conscientious Cyclist (CC)” for this col-
       - monitored bike parking! - state-of-the-art equipment                                            umn’s purpose. When a CC is riding with a companion, the CC
       - 15+ exercise classes    - affordable memberships                                                should volunteer to take the position of less comfort, where they
       - 25 meter, heated pool   - and much, much more!                                                  can offer protection or guidance. In general, this would tend to be
                                                                                                         to the back and/or to the left, between the companion and traffic.
                                                                                                             If conditions permit riding side-by-side, the CC on the left not
      Shih Yu-Lang Central YMCA
      220 Golden Gate Avenue (@ Leavenworth)                                                             only acts as a buffer between their companion and traffic, but can
      (415) 885-0460 | www.ymcasf.org/central                                                            also go into traffic and block it while the other person maneuvers
       Youth and Senior Programs. Financial Aid Available.                                               around double parkers, debris, or whatever may be in the bike lane.
                                                                                                         However, if the CC notices that the companion is prone to riding in
                                                                                                         the more dangerous door-zone, a CC might want to take the door
                                                                                                         side to steer the companion away from this hazard.
                                                                                                             When the companions must ride single-file, a CC should ride
                                                                                                         behind in most situations, allowing the companion to set the pace.
                                                                                                         Again, stay a little to the left to force traffic to move over more and
                                                                                                         give the rider in front more of a buffer. When entering chaotic
                                                                                                         urban cyclist situations, a CC might want to move to the front and
                                                                                                         point out glass and other hazards, giving cues to follow.

                                                                                                         Advice Pedaler Fashion Tip! Beautiful bright orange is still in style,
                                                                                                         but it can be found on many sale racks. Stock up now and be fash-
                                                                                                         ionable and visible!

                                                                                                         E-mail your questions to the Advice Pedaler: advice@sfbike.org

PAGE   6                                                                                                                                                                 TUBE TIMES
                                                                                                                               AUG–SEPT ’05
                                                                                                             The SFBC’s Cultural History Tours and Recreational Rides are free for SFBC
                                                                                                             members (a $5 donation from non-members is appreciated). Unless other-
                                                                                                            wise noted, call 431-BIKE or email rides@sfbike.org for more information. Or
                                                                                                              see our full online calendar at www.sfbike.org/chain. Rain cancels rides.

                    i             www.sfbike.org                                    for full, updated           calendar of events and action items!
               REC. RIDES                     three-hour ride to some of the City’s tiny      LOMBARDI SPORTS FIRST ANNUAL                  biking. To be part of this motivated and
METEORS IN MARIN                              gems. The ride will be moderately hilly         BIKE SWAP                                     effective member committee, please join .
LATE NIGHT RIDE                               with a couple of difficult stretches. Contact   Sat., Aug. 27 | 9am-4pm                       Contact andy@sfbike.org for more info.
Fri., Aug. 12 | 9pm-1am                       brandonbaunach@dbarchitect.com for              Lombardi Sports, 1600 Jackson St
Meet at Panhandle statue, Fell @              info.                                           @ Polk                                                   B I K E E D U C AT I O N
Baker                                                                                         Over 40 booths filled with new and used       DAY TWO BIKE ED ON ROAD COURSE
We’ll bike away from the city lights to       CHINA BEACH NIGHT RIDE                          bicycle treasures on the rooftop, plus DJ &   Sat., Sept. 24 | 10am-5pm
Marin to catch the peak of the Perseid        Sun., Sept. 18 | 6:30-9pm                       BBQ. And the best part, proceeds will bene-   Park Branch Library, 1833 Page St
meteor shower. Bring front and rear lights,   Meet at Panhandle statue, Fell @                fit the SFBC! For more information go to      @ Cole
warm clothes, blankets and pillows, and of    Baker                                           www.lombardisports.com/events.aspx            This six-hour on-road course provides an
course, hors d’oeuvres to share. Heavy fog    With its dramatic scenery and tiny parking                                                    opportunity to put into practice what was
cancels. Contact robin@biteback.com for       lot, China Beach is a perfect sunset biking     SOMA BIKE LANE COMMITTEE                      learned in the Day 1 Street Skills course.
more info.                                    destination! Bring front and rear lights and    Wed., Sept. 14 | 6pm-7pm                      We will be practicing emergency maneu-
                                              hors d’oeuvres to share (no one turned          SFBC HQ, 995 Market St., Ste. 1550            vers and riding in various traffic conditions
VERTIGO BIKE TOUR                             away for lack of snacks). Contact               (@ 6th)                                       to test your knowledge of vehicular cycling
Sun., Aug. 21 | 10:30am                       nancy@nancybotkin.com for more info.            They helped bring you the Howard St. and      skills. Prerequisite: Day 1 Street Skills
Meet at Mission Dolores, 16th and                                                             7th St. bike lanes. Now they’re focusing on   Course. Sign up at www.sfbike.org/edu or
Dolores                                          OTHER BIKE-RELATED EVENTS                    new bike lanes on 2nd St., 5th St., and       e-mail BikeEd@sfbike.org with questions.
Join Brandon Baunach and special guest        VOLUNTEER NIGHT                                 Townsend St. in South of Market. “They”
Aaron Leventhal, author of “Footsteps in      Aug. 10 & 24, Sept. 7, 21 & 28, | 5-8pm         are YOU—SFBC members who want better          HOW TO BIKE ANYWHERE IN
the Fog: Alfred Hitchcock’s San Francisco”    SFBC HQ, 995 Market St., Ste. 1550                                                            SAN FRANCISCO
as we ride our way through many scenes        (@ 6th St)                                                                                    Sat., Aug. 27 | 1-2pm
of what is arguably the most important SF     Help keep our office running smoothly! All          BIG RACE WEEKEND!                         SF Main Public Library, 100 Larkin
film ever made, Vertigo. We will stop at      hands needed to fold & mail our member-                                                       St. @ Grove
such scenic locations as Claude Lane,         ship materials. Dinner and bike love pro-           THE GREAT SAN FRANCISCO                   Join other bicyclists as the San Francisco
Mission Dolores, and the old Argosy           vided. Bring your bike upstairs. Questions?           BIKE RIDE (starring YOU!)               Bicycle Coalition demonstrates helpful tips
Bookshop where Aaron will discuss the         E-mail jodie@sfbike.org or 431-BIKE x305.               Sun., Sept. 4 | 8am                   and tricks for navigating the streets of San
movie and the importance and history                                                             Market @ Embarcadero Start                 Francisco. This is a great how-to for urban
behind its location. Approximately 3 hours,   SFBC BOARD MEETING                               Come one, come all! See details on p. 1      bike commuting. Special thanks to the
8–10 miles. Some of the climbs may be         Tue., Sept. 20 | 6:30pm                          and www.sfbike.org/bikeride.                 Public Library for co-sponsoring this free
moderately difficult. Contact brandonbrau-    SFBC HQ, 995 Market St., Ste. 1550                                                            program.
nach@dbarchitect.com                          (@ 6th St)                                                 SF GRAND PRIX*
                                              Everyone’s invited! Contact Leah at 431-                  Sun., Sept. 4 | 10am                HOW TO FIX A FLAT
CRITICAL MASS!*                               BIKE x306 or leah@sfbike.org for agenda             Market @ Embarcadero Start                IN UNDER 10 MINUTES
Fri., Aug. 26 & Sept. 30 | 6pm                and details.                                     The world’s favorite bike race—isn’t         Sat., Aug. 27 | 2-3:30pm
Justin “Pee-Wee” Herman Plaza,                                                                 there one in France, too?—chock full of      SF Main Public Library, 100 Larkin
Foot of Market St.                            SF BICYCLE ADVISORY COMMITTEE                    hardcore racers ready to conquer the         St. @ Grove
We don’t cause traffic: we ARE traffic!       MEETING*                                         Fillmore Street hill. Get there early for    Tired of dragging your bike into shops
                                              Thu., Aug. 18 & Sept. 15 | 6:15pm                both races and a good spot to ring your      when you get flats? Concerned about get-
SMALL SF PARKS BIKE TOUR                      City Hall Room 408 (Polk and                     bell! Visit www.procyclingtour.com for       ting stuck somewhere if you puncture your
Sat., Sept. 17 | 12pm                         Grove Streets)                                   route map and details.                       tire? Believe it or not, fixing flats is easier
Meet at Mission Pool on 19th St               Come and speak your mind about bicycle                                                        than it looks. Join members of the San
(btwn. Valencia and Guerrero)                 issues in San Francisco. This eleven-mem-            GIRO DI SAN FRANCISCO*                   Francisco Bicycle Coalition to get hands-on
Just what do San Francisco Parks have to      ber committee meets once a month and                  Mon., Sept. 5 | 8am-5pm                 instruction on fixing flats in under 10 min-
offer to our community? More than you’ve      advises the Board of Supervisors on all                 Battery @ Union Start                 utes. Public Library co-sponsors.
probably realized. There are small commu-     matters bicycle. Contact Bert Hill, chair of     Men and women riders sprint it out for
nity parks scattered all over San Francisco   the BAC to place an issue on the agenda          the criterium championships in this          * Events marked with an asterisk
that either take advantage of spectacular     or to request notice of meetings:                much-anticipated racing event! See             (*) are not organized or
views or are simply a respite from the        sfbac7bert@aol.com                               www.velopromo.com for details.                 endorsed by the SFBC.
dense urban environment. Join us for a

AUGUST–SEPTEMBER 2005                                                                                                                                                          PAGE      7
                                                SAN FRANCISCO BICYCLE COALITION                                                                                                                          NONPROFIT
                                                995 Market St., Ste. 1550 NEW ADDRESS!
                                                San Francisco, CA 94103
                                                (415) 431-BIKE                                                                                                                                           US POSTAGE
                                                ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED                                                                                                                                    PAID
                                                                                                                                                                                                      SAN FRANCISCO, CA
           www.sfbike.org                                                                                                                                                                               PERMIT # 3819

                                                                                                 SEE YOUR NAME HERE!
                                                                                        Get the TUBE TIMES delivered to your door
                                                                                              by becoming an SFBC member.
                                                                                              (MEMBERSHIP FORM BELOW)

                                                                                                                                                       TUBE TIMES IN DEX
                                                                                                                                         Number of square feet required for a standard parking space for one car: 160
                                                                                                                                                     Low-end cost estimate, in dollars, of constructing a standard
The SF Grand                                                                                                                                         parking space for one car (surface) in San Francisco: 17,000
                                                                                                        PHOTO BY SEBASTIAN DENEF

 Prix is back,
                                                                                                                                                   High-end cost estimate, in dollars, of constructing a standard
   Sept. 4.
                                                                                                                                                parking space for one car (below ground) in San Francisco: 50,000
You can ride
 the course,                                                                                                                                                  Number of bicycles that can be accommodated
  too, in the                                                                                                                                                   in one standard car parking space: 6-10
Great SF Bike
Ride at 8am –                                                                                                                                       Approximate cost, in dollars, of materials and labor to provide
details on p. 1                                                                                                                                    one minimum-security bike parking space in San Francisco: 120
                                                                                                                                                           Land area of San Francisco, in square miles: 47.355
                                JOIN         the    SFBC!                                                                                               Estimated population of San Francisco in 2003: 751,682
 Become a member of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and help make the city a                                                        Estimated number of occupied housing units in San Francisco in 2002: 346,765
 better place to ride... plus get a Tube Times subscription, shop discounts, free bike
 trailer rental, and more (see www.sfbike.org/membership for all the benefits).                                                                       Estimated total number of parking spaces in San Francisco,
                                                                                                                                                                 on and off street, in 2000: 603,000
 NAME _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 ADDRESS _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
                                                                                                                                      Total number of parking citations written in San Francisco during 1999 and 2000:
 CITY, STATE, ZIP _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
                                                                                                                                     Number of parking citations written for “blocked bike lane” during 1999 and 2000:
 HOME PHONE _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _        JOI                                                                               633 (less than .03% of the total)
                                                                          WW   N O
 WORK PHONE _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _            W. S  N
                                                                                 B I K LI N
                                                                                    F                                                                                  COMPILED BY ELMER TOSTA
                                                                                      E.O E                                          Sources: 1: City and County of San Francisco Planning Department. 2, 3: City and County
 EMAIL _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _              RG
                                                                                                                                    Board of Supervisors Legislative Analyst Report, June 11, 2003. 4, 5: Department of Parking
 I HEARD ABOUT THE SFBC... _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _                                               and Traffic Bicycle Plan. 6, 9, 10, 11: Department of Parking and Traffic San Francisco
                                                                                                                                            Transportation Fact Sheet. 7, 8: California Quick Facts, U.S. Census Bureau.
 u $1,000 HIGH WHEELER                           u $500 VELORUTIONARY

 u $250 TWO-WHEELED WONDER                       u $120 CRUISER’S CLUB
 u $52 BUCK (A WEEK) THE SYSTEM (includes FREE SFBC T-Shirt:

                                                                                                                                     SFBC Discounts
         Men’s Size____ OR Women’s Tee Size_____)                                                                                                                                                MEMBERSHIP PAYS FOR ITSELF
 u   $25 INTRODUCTORY MEMBERSHIP (families: add $10 each additional member)                                                                                                               Join today and get discounts all over town!
 MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO SFBC, 995 Market St., Ste. 1550, San Francisco, CA                                                          A CLEAN WELL-LIGHTED                     CITY CYCLE                        RHYTHM & MOTION
 94103. Barter memberships are available in exchange for volunteer time. Check                                                       PLACE FOR BOOKS                        DD CYCLES                           DANCE STUDIO
 with your employer about matching your donation. As the SFBC uses your dona-                                                      AMERICAN CYCLERY                         FREEWHEEL                         ROAD RAGE BICYCLES
 tions for unlimited, effective grassroots lobbying, donations are not tax-                                                        ARIZMENDI BAKERY*                        FRESH AIR BICYCLES                ROARING MOUSE CYCLES
 deductable. If you need a deduction for your contribution, contact Chris at 431-                                                  AVENUE CYCLERY                           MIKE’S BIKES                      SACRED GROUNDS
 BIKE ext. 304.                                                                                                                    BAY CITY BIKE RENTALS                    MISSING LINK                      SALON DES BICICLETTES
 NAME _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _                                      BIG SWINGIN’ CYCLES                      NOE VALLEY CYCLERY                SAN FRANCISCO CYCLERY
                                                                                                                                   BIKE HUT                                 NOMAD CYCLERY                     SAUSALITO CYCLERY
 CREDIT CARD # _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
                                                                                                                                   BIKE NOOK                                OCEAN CYCLERY                     SPORTS BASEMENT
 u VISA u MASTERCARD EXPIRATION DATE _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _                                                 BLAZING SADDLES BIKE                                                       VALENCIA CYCLERY
 u Do not share my name, even with cool organizations the SFBC likes.                                                                RENTAL                                 PACIFIC BIKES & BOARDS
                                                                                                                                                                            PEDAL REVOLUTION                  VISION CYCLERY
 I WANT TO VOLUNTEER!                                                                                                              BOX DOG BIKES
                                                                                                                                                                                                  See www.sfbike.org/discounts for
 u Volunteer Night (every other Weds.)           u attending public meetings                                                         *offers a discount to customers who arrive by bike           addresses and policy details.
 u staffing an information table                 u newsletter writing
 u daytime office assistance                     u newsletter mailing/distribution
 u phonebanking                                  u other:                                      8-9/05                                                                                                                      TUBE TIMES
 u valet bike parking at events

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