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1. Introduction
In this ebook, we will show you how, with very little work, you
will be able to earn from $100 to several thousand dollars per
day. The step-by-step process is exactly the method that we used
to create http://2740perday.com, which is bringing us huge amounts
of money on a daily basis.

Our moneymaking method is based on the profit from 2nd tier
affiliate referals. This means that it is actually you (among
others), are the source of our income. If you don't make money,
then we don't make any, so we are fully commited to helping you
achieve good traffic and income from your site.

The most beautiful aspect of our method is that it practically
can't become saturated, because sadly 99% of people reading this
ebook won't take the time to spend a few hours to create a
website. We certainly hope you are among the 1% that actually
wants to commit themselves to starting a business.

We don't want to lie to you using sweetened phrases straight from
a book of marketing. First of all: earning $2740+ per day is
indeed possible, but you won't achieve it using only one site. You
will have to create a bunch of them and spend some money on clever
SEO software/services and social media promotion. It's best to
start with one site and earn some cash to buy the tools that you
will need to grow your business.

The whole cost of creating a single website is between 10 and 50

Now, let's not waste any more of your time and start earning some

2. The Method
In 2010 someone created this revulotionary idea – paying with a
tweet. Basicaly what we are doing is offering some free content,
ebook, application, report or any other digital good for a simple
tweet. The core of our business is the script located at the
following website: http://estago.com/.
What it does is exchange our content for a tweet from a users
Twitter acount. It doesn't cost the user anything, so if the
content appeals to him, and the landing page converts well, we
will have tons of free traffic from Twitter.
The aim is that our site has to be sufficiently good for passing
the critical mass, after which at any given moment someone will be
tweeting our link and the traffic will constantly rise and make us
good money on autopilot. How can you achieve it? Simply by
creating a professional site with good content, and taking care of
SEO and social media marketing.

Get updates and spread the word at: http://2740perday.com/ebook
3. Earning Money
Ok, great, but how are you supposed to earn money with giving
something out for free? That's very simple. You just need to stuff
your ebook with affiliate links. There are more ways of earning
from free content, than affiliate marketing. You just need to
start thinking out-of-the-box.
If you don't have any experience or ideas how to monetize content,
you can take them from here:
BlackHatWorld's Money Making Section
Simple methods of creating and monetizing your content:

•A report on cheap hosting plans + affiliate links
•A report on SEO link building + affiliate links
•An offer of free, simple website creation + hosting and domain affiliate links
•A step-by-step guide to creating autoblogs + affiliate links
•Holiday gift guide + Amazon/eBay affiliate links
•Comprehensive guide on the best CPA networks + 2nd tier affiliate links
•Poker guide to winning + casino affiliate links
•Some kind of incentive + CPA offer

4. Setting up the Website

First you will need a fast and reliable hosting. It's best to host
your website in the USA, because in most cases your traffic will
be targeted to this country. Most Twitter users are people from
the US. We recommend HostGator for your hosting needs. The company
has never failed us, and exclusively for the needs of this e-book,
they provided us with a 25%-off coupon code. The code is:


This is the best hosting that we have ever used (and we did try at
least 6 others before), and you can get plans for as cheap as 3
dollars per month.

Ok now so you have your hosting plan, you need a domain. The one
and only company that we will ever use for buying domains is
NameCheap. You can't go wrong with them. It's the only company on
the market with such low prices and free WHOIS protection.
Furthermore when NameCheap will get a DMCA letter from someone,
they don't immediately block your domain, but ask you first to
solve the situation.

Get updates and spread the word at: http://2740perday.com/ebook
Landing Page
Everyone is struggling with creating a beautiful high-converting
landing page. We will tell you a secret. You don't have to spend
hours on designing it, or pay hundreds of dollars to outsource it.
With as low as 5 dollars, you can get a great, modern landing page
from ThemeForest.
After downloading the template, you just need to copywrite some
content (see below) and throw it in with an HTML editor. If you
are not familiar with HTML, you can use a WYSIWYG editor like
Unbounce, which will also come in handy as an A/B split testing

Product Creation
Now you have to create the content, which you will be selling for
a tweet. It's very easy to make something up using Open Office
Writer and then saving it as a PDF. (File / Export as PDF)
Once you are done with the product, upload it to the root of your

Pay with a Tweet or Facebook
When the page and the product are done you need to create a Pay
with a Tweet or Facebook button for your website. Go to
http://estago.com/ and do it. It's best to use bit.ly shortening
service and enter your twitter username in the sample tweet like
this: @username.
To finish things up, put up your newly created button on your
website, and you're done.

Email Marketing
Besides http://estago.com/, you should create an email submit on
your website. The one and only company for this is of course
Aweber. It is always a good idea to grab the email of your visitor
to further upsell your products in the future.

Get updates and spread the word at: http://2740perday.com/ebook
5. Affiliate Links for your Ebook
There are two places where you can get the best affiliate links
and which can guarantee you big, long-term income.
The first is ClickBank. ClickBank offers many high-converting,
well-made and expensive products. To tell you the truth we make
most of our Internet marketing-related money with ClickBank. There
are two reasons to go with this site: recurring income and up to
90% affiliate share.
The second one is Adscend Media. Adscend Media is one of the most
popular CPA networks. They have the best offers and payouts on the
market. You need a website to apply for their affiliate program,
but based on our experience they allow everyone. Adscend Media has
some of the best zip-submits and content offers, so you can make a
killing if you try an out-of-the-box approach.

If you want to find the best CPA offers out there I can't
recommend anything than: OfferVault.

6. SEO and Social Media Promotion

If you have the money
Our SEO process is very simple and we always rank for semi-
competitive keywords in Top10 of Google.
1.Grab SENuke and create a bunch of Web 2.0 links.
2.Blast the hell out of them with Xrumer.
3.Rinse and repeat.

We also recommend the following TOP 5 SEO products:
   1.   Traffic Travis
   2.   Google Sniper 2
   3.   SEOPressor
   4.   Mass Traffic
   5.   Micro Niche Finder

If you have a few bucks
Go to Fiverr. Choose a few Gigs. Go mainly for Xrumer profile
creation, Web 2.0 properties and blog comments. Rinse and repeat.

If you have absolutely no money
Do the above manually. You can also try registering on a few
forums and promoting your site. Putting a like in your signature
is very efficient.

7. Profit
If you followed our step-by-step guide, after a few days you
Get updates and spread the word at: http://2740perday.com/ebook
should be making money. Now just replicate the method, outsource
all the irritating steps and after a few months, buy yourself a

Get updates and spread the word at: http://2740perday.com/ebook

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