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If you are working or running a company in Saskatoon and are concerned with protecting the enviornment then you would most likely be interested in having your meetings and conferences at an enviornmentally friendly hotel in Saskatoon. Ensure that the hotel you pick is partnered with the organization "Sustainable Travel International".

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									Saskatoon Hotels Supply Eco-Friendly Meetings and Conferences

Organizations with environmentally friendly campaigns are on the rise. It’s important to growing a
company. Prospective Customers aren't just considering shopping with eco-friendly companies, they are
actively demanding it. However, caring about the environment isn’t just putting a face forward which
consumers enjoy seeing, it’s about doing your part when it’s possible. Being environment friendly, and
helping the natural environment is an accumulated effort. In the event everybody does just a little, the
actual impact translates into a real difference and improvement. Companies in Saskatoon hold their
meetings and annual conferences in Saskatoon hotels which are nearby the airport and downtown core.
In case a company is concerned over their carbon impact they could look for hotels in Saskatoon which
provide their very best effort to help organizations with supplying eco-friendly meetings.

What Can a Hotel do in order to assist a Business be Eco-friendly?
Considering that a hotel will do the setting and cleaning up, they have designed eco-smart methods to
reduce waste material, and to offer a cleaner and earth-friendly space for large groups. Some of these
innovative ideas consist of:
-        Linen and garbage can liners are reused in meeting rooms - The key concept that we learned as
children, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” still stands strong these days. Reusing is especially important, as
creation of merchandise is very damaging for the ozone layer. The particular garbage that's been placed
in landfills, for instance plastic from bags and bottles, leaks into the ground and gets into the ocean and

-        No throw-away or inefficient packaging - Think about how much less waste there would be if
plastic water bottles, and single sized sugar and cream packages were taken out? Hotels with green
campaigns have eradicated these products from their conference area. By making use of recyclable
mugs along with a carton of cream bags of waste is reduced, and so may be the unpleasant look of
empty packaging during an essential meeting.

-       Recycling bins - It’s incredible how many people will not keep recyclables if there is no recycling
bin present. A hotel that's looking to help the natural environment will ensure that recycling bins will be
in each and every meeting room. By doing this there's no reason to put recyclables in the garbage, and
waste is going to be drastically reduced over the course of a number of meetings and conferences.

-       The option to reuse towels and linens - Whenever a visitor stays in a hotel they are given the
choice to use their own bath towels and bed linens to lower water and energy wastage. Because of the
large volume of visitors in a hotel, a large amount of water and energy would need to be used. Even
when 1 out of 5 visitors decide to reuse their own bath towels and bed sheets, they'll be contributing to
saving numerous resources.

Hotels will make the conference rooms as eco-friendly as possible but companies still have an obligation
towards the environment. Listed here are tips for greener business methods:
-        Produce Business Cards using Soy Based Ink - Not only does soy ink have lively colours but the
ink is not damaging to the environment. Whenever conventional ink runs off the page in a landfill, it’s
extremely damaging to the particular soil and the ocean. Soybeans come at a low price, and are a green
source. The ink costs not more than what companies are already used to.

-        Use recycled paper - In the office, use post consumer recycled papers. This can help to save
trees from getting cut down, and reuses waste materials that could otherwise be placed in a landfill. The
waste in the land fill poisons environmental surroundings and takes many years to break down.

In case a company is doing their part, and the hotel assists along with the effort, meetings and
conferences can be a very green function. This can be a positive business attribute that can be
advertised and used in marketing. Companies who care about their ecological methods hold the edge in
competitive consumer markets. To find a hotel in Saskatoon that delivers these types of services look for
a hotel partnered with, “Sustainable Travel International.” This non-profit business develops, educates
and implements environmentally friendly tourist practices into hotel services. This particular
collaboration ensures the hotel has the information and training essential to supply environmentally
friendly solutions for their guests, that require a green meeting space, for their company events. By
choosing a hotel with one of these qualifications businesses are doing their part to contribute to a much
better tomorrow.


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major attractions and events in Saskatoon. To make a reservation at our hotel in Saskatoon contact us at
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