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					   Przemek Przezdziecki

Warrior in YOU

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     “Once upon a time there was this kingdom ruled by a wise and
noble king. It was a land of great fortune and happiness spreading all
across the horizon. One day an evil witch who couldn’t stand so much
joy, poured a poison into the well from which the whole village was
drinking from. The poison made everyone who tasted it mad. So after a
while their were no more sane people in the kingdom, except the king.
     He isolated himself in the palace, longing for the ‘old days’ of
happiness and joy. He saw his minions do horrible things to each other
and his heart cried with every one of them. As time progressed he grew
lonelier than ever. One night, couldn’t bare the loneliness anymore, he
sneaked out of the palace and drunk the water from the well.
     The next day the people in the kingdom organized the most
beautiful celebration anyone has ever seen, because their beloved king
was back.”

“Conception is an act of love
Which leaves us on this earth to die
But which is feared more? Life or death?
Whose afraid of living is already dead..”


       I was born and raised in a family which wasn't meant to be in the first place. My mother
knew, even before she married my father, that they weren't meant to be together. For most
people living with their first lover can end up spending the rest of their life living a miserable
existence. Unfortunately, after few years of 'happiness', difference in world views, their own
insecurities, lack of experience and the ability to communicate took over love and started
dominating their relationship.
       They are people who will say that parents should stay together no matter what, for the
sake of the children. I believe that lack of love kills the ability to teach anybody how to love. Me
and my brother were raised in a household full of accusations and shortcomings. It all cumulated
through the years, and even though I wouldn't change one single thing in my life, I know that I
went into the 'real world' with a baggage of emotions that I couldn't carry by myself.
       As a child I had weight problems. My weight grew geometrically to my age. By the time
I was fourteen I was obese. I was really shy and shutdown, but that was on the inside. On the
outside I seemed like this extremely sure of myself, confident guy. I was always funny, witty and
sarcastic. That was my way of hiding all my insecurities. My peers looked up to me because I
always said what I wanted and when I wanted without considering anybodies feelings. That was
the weapon I developed against the world - my sharp tongue.
       Although in the next few years I lost considerable amount of weight, the 'inside' fat man
was still there, hiding in the darkness. You can say that just the package has changed and not the
content. I was pushing everyone away from me who came into my life. I didn't have a girlfriend
till I was in college. Was it because women weren't attracted to me? In fact it was the opposite.
Women very enthusiastically reacted to my behavior. I adopted this persona of a 'bad boy', not
caring about what anyone thought or said about me. I could literally have a pick of women I
wanted. So why didn't I? There was this one belief that I heard in my house since I could
remember and that belief stuck with me for years and years to come.
       'Have sex only with a woman who could be the mother of your children.'
       I heard that statement over and over again until I grew up. Funny, huh? Well it is if it is
not taken literally, but I did. I was taught about relationships by people who never knew any
other kind of physical love but their own and they are paying the price for it till this very day.

       That however is not the point. The point is that I 'bought into it'. I had no other choice, I
was programmed without a way out. How can someone who never had sex with a woman want
to have a kid with the first one he slept with? I saw how the world looked like and I had no
illusions. I saw how my pears acted in relationships and I knew that those kind of relationships
didn't, in general, work out in the long run.
       First I was confused, than angry and later on bitter. I practically isolated myself from
anyone who tried to get close to me, especially women. Those that were attracted to me were
always 'not good enough’ and those whom I liked I felt were always 'out of my league'. I spend
my teenage years as this little, insecure boy with a fear of intimacy and getting hurt. Fear was the
only constant in my life. Fear that my facade will finally get out, that people will see through me,
but it never happened. That's when college started.
       College was supposed to be a time of freedom, fun and adventure. Away from home, new
friends, a clean slate. I could have been whoever I wanted to be and I had big plans, but life has
always got surprises in store for us. Not soon after the wild parties in dorms became not only
drinking places, but also initiated me with drugs. That led me to an almost two year long period
with smoking marijuana on almost daily basis. I moved in with a drug dealer and I had all the
supply I ever needed. Those were the years of my life that pushed me into the greatest depression
I could have ever imagined possible. You know when something is taking over your life? When
the last thought when you go to sleep, and the first thing on your mind when you wake up, is that
thing. That's where I was at that time in my life.
       I was getting deeper and deeper into depression. Memory loss, speech impediment and
alienation - all those things were my daily bread. The world was falling onto my head. I felt
regret filling up my whole body. I felt unworthy of living. I destroyed myself physically and
psychologically everyday. 'One more hit and the pain will go away', I said to myself and so it
did, for a moment. That experience let me see into the abyss, into hell itself. I did a pretty good
job at exploring my dark side and I'm grateful for that. They say that if you can't fall any lower
you can only bounce back up and that's what I did. But not quit yet.
       I finally met a woman 'to impregnate'. However I was still insecure, needy and
inexperienced. I forced her out of my life faster than I could see. Looking back I wouldn't want
to be with myself in that period of my life.
       So what do men do to forget about their relationship failures? They party. So I did. I
partied long and hard. One month of drinking and smoking everyday. I was an infantile boy. I

blamed her for everything. I called her names in my mind. 'You whore, I hope you'll get herpes
and the whole army that will be fucking you.'
       I don't know when exactly, but there was a moment during that period of time when
something 'clicked' in my brain. I can't voice it in any other way, but that I was inspired by
something outside of me, something I never knew existed. A thought came to my head 'Well man
you know you brought it on yourself, right? You can't go on living like this. Look at you! Stop
blaming everyone around you for your shortcomings. For once in your life take responsibility for
what has happened to you and make the changes necessary. Instead of blaming that woman
thank her for this beautiful angel in disguise that she truly is and for showing you that you have
to change.' And so I did. The rest is history.
       You may ask why do I write all this stuff down? Well first of all I want to give you a
taste of where I come from and what I'm all about. That's my way of introducing myself to you.
You can think whatever you want about me, I don't really care about that.
       What I do care is about the message that I want this book to convey and that is - honesty.
In fact it may be the most honest thing that anybody has ever told you about the world and
yourself. I'm not saying that to scare you, but to intrigue you. Curiosity is the one human
characteristic that makes us grow and expand beyond belief. So keep on reading if you want, I
promise it will be a ride you'll never forget.


 “If any man seeks for greatness, let him forget greatness and ask for truth, and he
                           will find both.” - Horace Mann

       A friend asked me once 'How does a person start on a spiritual journey?'
       Well to be completely honest with you it took me over a year to acknowledge that what I
was on was actually a 'spiritual journey'. The thing is that we, as human beings, are reluctant to
change. As a society we have been led to believe that carefully planning out every detail of our
life’s will save us from surprises that it has in store for us. So we make patterns of behaviors for
ourselves of how we think life should look like and, later on, we infuse those patterns into whole
societies to follow.
       One pattern may look like this - finish college, find a well paid job, get married with
someone either very attractive (in men’s case) or with someone who will be trustworthy, honest
and stable (in woman’s case), buy a house, have two children before thirty, a dog, a housekeeper,
a good retirement plan, a two week vacation every year somewhere warm, few good friends, but
not too much, because good friends are hard to find and so on and so forth.
       Let's say, for the sake of discussion, that this is basically the pattern of a typical, Western
modern society of today. Fairly easy and straight forward, wouldn't you say? So how do we
measure our success in life based on those criteria’s?
       Well let's start from the top. Of course finishing a better college will certainly help you
find a better paid job, no doubt about that. When you make more money you start belonging to a
higher 'class of people', which means your chances of finding a well educated, well prospering
spouse are increased. The rest comes fairly easy. The more money you make the more things you
can accumulate for yourself. Since Mother Nature didn't equip us with claws and fangs to be
natural predators, we have made ourselves gatherers. We gather as much as we can during our
lifetimes and let those things be measurements of our success in life. Don't get me wrong I'm not
against owning things, but I'm against being owned by them.
       So let's say this pattern is the dominating one in the societies today all over the world.
Were they ever, or still are today, any other patterns of cultural behaviors? How do these patterns

relate to each other? Can they co-exist simultaneously with one another? Well let's see by turning
the clock back a little bit to the year 1492.
        That date is in the heart of every American boy, girl, man and woman today. It is the first
thing that they are taught in school. It's the day when Christopher Columbus set foot on the new
land and claimed it for Spain. The new land he ‘discovered’ was later called America.
        You can say that 1492 is the year that the history of United States as we know it today is
being counted from. So what was before that date? Did America not exist before that? What was
the history of the people who lived there thousands of years before the white man came and took
what was rightfully his from savage hands of Indians, the original Americans?
        Well to be honest with you, we don't know. We killed most of them before we had a
chance to find out. The once we didn’t got either 'whitenised', which means that the white man
'bought' them with a pair of jeans and a bottle of whiskey, or they made them retreat to places
called reservations, which were secluded areas where the Indians could nurture the beliefs and
way of life of their ancestors.
        But why did the white man do that? Wasn't there really no other way for Indians and
Europeans to share the land? Why would they choose to kill each other in the process instead?
Why couldn't those two patterns co-exist simultaneously in peace and harmony?
        The source of the conflict was the attitude towards the land and nature of both cultures
that was the problem. The first winter in the new land was for the new arrived settlers very harsh.
Their crops didn't grew in time for the winter and they nearly died out of starvation. If it wasn't
for the help of their friends, the 'savage' Indians which shared food with them that winter and
later on showed them how to grow corn, they would most certainly had big difficulties surviving
in this environment. The act of sharing between those two cultures is celebrated till this day in
the United States as the holiday of Thanksgiving.
        So what went wrong? If the Indians and the pilgrims could get along just fine with each
other why did there had to be such enormous bloodshed between those two cultures?
        After the pilgrims there came the industrialists and what they wanted is to make this new
land transform and to adopt the Western vision of the world. They came with one word in their
mouths - progress.

 “Usually, terrible things that are done with the excuse that progress requires them
       are not really progress at all, but just terrible things.” – Russell Baker

       So here we had two visions of the world that collided. The 'savage' vision of the Native
Americans which said that they took from the land only as much as they needed. They never
claimed the land as their own, but they considered themselves to be more like vassals, which
meant that they would use the land and all of its fruits only to the extent that was crucial for their
survival. They took only as much as they needed and treated the land, animals and plants with
respect that they deserved.
       Now how different do you think was the view of the 'civilized' Western man? Well it was
a little different to say the least. The Western man was the one who took what he wanted when
he wanted it. He considered himself to be the master of the land. He would make borders for the
land that he claimed to be his and he would take precautions if someone would want to intrude
on his property, including taking that persons life. Those people who did all those things were
the farmers. So what about the industrialists, the ones who 'pulled all the strings'? They had to
build railroads, factories, houses, schools, churches and so on. They didn't care how many trees
they would have to cut down or how much wildlife would have to die in the process. At the same
time there was no way in hell that the Indians would just stand by and look how the new arrivals
destroy everything that they put their dirty hands on. The same as the Europeans couldn't let
those dirty and uneducated 'savages' tell them what they could or couldn't do. The clash of these
two cultures was inevitable and we all know what happened next.
       So should we judge those people based on what they did back then? They did what they
had to do to survive while not acknowledging the other parties belief systems. That led to
bloodshed and almost total extermination of the entire culture of the indigenous Americans.
       That experience brought also an immense benefit for everyone involved - growth.
Growth is when the unknown is being transformed into the known through experience.
       When Columbus set off searching for the way to India (at that time called Hindustan) he
set off into the unknown. When the Indians had first seen large ships on the coast of Bahamas
and saw strangely clothed white man, they encountered the unknown. Those two unknowns
came together and created an experience. The rest is history.
       So how is this relevant today? Think about it for a minute. Over five hundred years have
passed since that time and evolutionary where are we now? You may say 'Oh we had come so far
since that.' Did we really? Sure, if you measure it in terms of technological advancement you are
right. We now have satellites, cell phones, hybrid cars, clock radios, laptops, ninety inch

television sets and much more. It's all true, I can't argue with that. But where are we as a society?
How did people’s level of awareness evolve through the ages? The answer, unfortunately is, 'Not
         We still take what we want and when we want it. We use big words like 'fighting for
peace' to justify our cruel and selfish needs. We do it to accumulate more and more, to do less
and have more. We take instead to give. And worst of all when we see someone who calls us on
our bullshit, we try to discredit him, to show him off in a bad light. We can't allow anything to
show us directly that what we're doing is wrong. Deep inside we know it, but we numb ourselves
with TV, alcohol, video games, drugs and sex. We allow a life of mediocrity for ourselves. We
are lazy and selfish. We don't care about anything or anyone but ourselves. We are glad when
others fail because it makes us feel better about our own shortcomings.
         That's how our society is today. It may not be pretty, but at least it's honest. So what's
good about it? The good thing about it is that when you realize and accept it, you can change it.
You can't change something you do not own. Once you make it your own you can do with it as
you please.
         So how does change come about? What criteria’s have to be met for it to occur? Well,
from my experience, you have to really start hating life before it does.
         When you read what I wrote about my life before you can pretty much imagine how it
felt to be me back then. I don't claim it's the only way it can happen. I suppose you can be a
pretty happy and content person and ‘by accident' be drawn to this kind of self-improvement
material. If that's the case with you, great, it's a very exciting prospect. But usually people that
are happy and content don't look for ways to improve their lives. They feel good in their own
skin and somehow have a lot more tolerance for the world outside. Roughly I estimate that this
applies to five percent of the world population today. The rest are a bunch of pathological liars
who don't care about anyone or anything at all. They hide there true motives behind a facade of
feelings like love, friendship and compassion. They are infantile babies who have never been
given the opportunity to grow up. They want more and more, never satisfied with what they have
and never give anything more than expected of them. They always have an agenda behind every
action they take and word they say. They might not even know this, but this is because they are
absent minded most of the time. They are being controlled by their thoughts, which in turn they
believe are them, but in fact are only products of people who want them to believe so. People
who will not step back from nothing to convince them that what they are in fact a bunch of

underachievers not capable of looking at anything from a different perspective than 'I', 'Me' and
          Let's get back to the question for a minute - How does a person start on a 'spiritual
journey'? My answer for you is - he has to be tricked. You heard me right, tricked. And believe
me when I say that the Infinite has most elaborate ways to trick even the most stubborn and
selfish people. The paradox is that these people, more often than not, make the most fanatic
followers of all.
          One of the best known examples would be the life of Saul of Tarsus, who was one the
most righteous of all prosecutors of the 'church of God' (followers of Jesus) shortly after his
death and crucifixion.
          In AD 33, on the road to Damascus, he experienced a vision of resurrected Christ, after
which he had temporarily turned blind. Later on he changed his name to Paul and became one of
the most persistent spreaders of the words of Christ.
          Probably one of the most interesting things about him is that, prior to having his vision
(or as I will call it later 'the moment of clarity'), he never met Jesus in person. All the other
apostles had to follow Jesus around for years before he called them his disciples. Paul’s case was
different. Although he never met Jesus personally, by many scholars he is considered to be one
of the truest spreaders of his Word.
          I am not a religious person, but I certainly consider myself spiritual. I know there is some
higher power which is driving our lives in exactly the right places at the right times. As many
people may argue that you have to be religious to be spiritual, I disagree. In fact we have more
than enough proof of how religion has been a cause of enormous acts of cruelty and monstrosity
inflicted by humanity onto itself. Just look at any history book of any era and I'm sure you'll find
some kind of a religious fights going on at that time. Hell, just turn on the news today and you
will know that this whole 'war on terrorism' thing is in fact a religious war, hidden under a
different slogan. That doesn't discredit religion as in and of itself. It's just that people took a good
idea and made it into a cult, but let's leave it at that for now.
          When you go back to my notes from the previous chapter I want you to focus on the part
when I'm saying that '(..) I was inspired by something outside of me, something I never knew
existed (..)' From this point on forward I will refer to that moment of my life as a 'moment of
clarity'. It will be a reoccurring theme that will be present all throughout this book.

       I define a 'moment of clarity' as a conscious recognition of an individuals need to change
their life. Everyone who has ever set out on this journey of self-improvement had to make that
decision at one point in time or another. You may be unconscious of that fact at this moment, but
that's what this book is here to do - it's here to clarify and strip every possible assumptions of
what 'spiritual journey' is and how it's suppose to look like. My goal is to give you the most
straight forward understanding on the subject.
       So how did my 'moment of clarity' change my life? How was I tricked on this so called
'spiritual journey'?
       Well what happened to me wasn't at all what happened to Saul. I didn't go blind; neither
did I think anything happened to me at all. In fact I forgot about the whole thing for over a year. I
had to had another 'moment of clarity' to remember my previous 'moment of clarity'.
       So what happened after the first one? Nothing special on the surface. I just went on with
my life as I did before, yet something did change, but it was very, very subtle. It wasn't a
thought, but rather a feeling. A feeling that something is going to happen. I can't voice it or, at
that time, I wasn't even consciously aware of it. I just knew something big is coming my way.
       So few months have passed and I traveled abroad for my brothers wedding. During the
time that I was there I saw a TV series called 'The Pickup Artist'. I didn't know why but I felt
strangely drawn to it. It was about guys who were teaching AFC’s (Average Frustrated Chumps)
how to be Pickup Artists (PuA’s).
       PuA is someone who was once an AFC, but after a lot of experimenting and field-testing
developed full proof techniques on how to seduce any woman at any time. When I first heard
about this I was like 'Wow, I have got to learn this stuff'. It wasn't like I anticipated this
information or was consciously looking for it. Out of nowhere it just jumped at me and I felt like
'Yeah, now that's what I'm going to do. If someone can teach that stuff I can definitely learn it.'
That was it. I was tricked and I was hooked for life.
       So after going back home my goal became to learn as much as I could about this
seduction community. It was a fairly new thing, a little more than ten years since they really got
together and called it a community. Before that it was just a bunch of singled-out guys all over
the world who were testing new ways and techniques on how to seduce women. Later on they
got together and started using each others insights on the subject, so the techniques got a lot more
elaborate and complicated as time progressed.

       At first it was an underground kind of thing, but soon it became more and more
mainstream. The movie 'Hitch' is based on one of those guys which, in my opinion, is one of the
'best' guys in that community (as I mean 'best' I don't mean he can get laid the most, but he is a
giver to women instead of a taker).
       So my first encounter with this community was shocking. By then it was going pretty fast
and strong since its conception and there was tons and tons of material to choose from. If you
would see what kind of things I saw guys do you would fall on the floor laughing.
       If you ever watched the original show on the American television you'd know that the
main PuA is a very unique fellow. He goes around in those big ass hats, wears eyeliner and black
nail polish, dresses in feathers and does magic tricks. He looks more like a guy from a cartoon
and not from the real world.
       So anyway his model of teaching was something like this. The whole seduction thing was
divided into phases.
       Phase A - Approach --> Phase B - Open --> Phase C1 - Leave --> Phase C2 - Escalate -
-> Phase D1 - Come back and so on. I shit you not! That's the way his whole system looked like.
He gave you a bunch of openers (things to say when you want to talk to a stranger) and then he
would lay down the whole sequence of what to do next. It was funny and scary at the same time.
       I learned later on that there were a bunch of guys, inspired by that show, that used to go
to clubs dressed up like this guy, with eyeliner, hats and so forth. It was amazing, but for me a
little bit freaky. I was like: 'Wait a minute. It can't be that complicated. I know natural guys who
are good with women and don't have to memorize any kind of shit like that.' You could say that
those guys had 'presence', the mindset of a seducer. I knew that because I grew up with one of
them and it was my brother. I watched him over the years as he seduced many women. I never
commented about that but in my heart I always felt jealous and mad at him. Why? Because I
wanted to be like him and, at the same time, I just couldn't accept what he did to those women. I
had the underlying belief that you had to care for those women as your potential child bearer.
That's how it was back then and if that's what needed to happen in order to trick me to get back
on the right path, I'm thankful for each and every moment of it.
       So what did it create for me? It created an enormous curiosity. I started getting deeper
and deeper into that stuff. I practically ate, breath and slept with this on my mind. I've read
hundreds of books, watched tens of seminars and heard talks by many, many guys who called
themselves 'gurus'. Most of that stuff was pretty bad, but I didn't give up. I knew there had to be

some genuine knowledge behind all these superficial layers of crap, I just knew it. So I kept
going and going and going. As time progressed so did I. I found people in this community who
felt like I felt. They didn't like the direction that it was going and it was going towards
manipulation and spoliation.
        Fortunately there were guys who didn't teach the A-to-B-to-C techniques. They taught
that by changing yourself you change the reality around you. That you have to be a giver not a
taker. They were saying stuff about changing your beliefs, quieting your mind. I didn't
understand it at first, but it just felt right. I felt resonance with what they were saying.
        After a while I picked out few of them which message resonated with me the most. I'm
not going to enclose their names here because what's the point? I don't want you to be my clones
or anybody else’s for that matter. I want you to make up your own mind about what is right and
wrong, what works and what doesn't for you. The fact is that when you stay true to your core you
will eventually get the results you need in order to grow. You see what was the thing with me I
was essentially a good guy. I was a romantic and even when I knew I could seduce women very
easily, I didn't really want to. By the time when I had acquired all the skills needed for seduction,
I didn't want to use them anymore.
        So after a while of keeping up with this seduction community I started expanding my
interests. It wasn't about women anymore, in fact it never was, I just didn't knew it at the time. It
was a trick, a trick to force me into learning. I learned so much back then and I'm still learning
now. The thing is once you get on the path on knowledge, there is no way out. You will get
hooked, I promise you that, and it's more then a lifetime quest.
        Information started coming to me. Here and there I've heard people recommending the
same stuff. It wasn't about seduction anymore, but more about spirituality, inner worlds. I really
don't want to influence you in any way, shape or form. For that reason I don't want to
recommend to you any books or teachings of anyone that influenced me. The truth is you don't
need anyone to teach you anything. You already know everything there is to know, all you have
to do is re-member. But because the first thing I read about this spirituality thing is a pretty
mainstream position and, at the time I was reading it, I didn't even knew the nature of it, I'm
going to disclose the title to you. I'm sure many of you have read it or heard of it. It's 'The Power
of Now' by Eckhart Tolle.
        When I first heard the concepts this guy was talking about I was blown away. I could not
believe what he was saying. All this things about consciousness, living in the Now and so forth

were so immensely powerful for me that I couldn't comprehend it with my mind. Right then and
there I knew that it is what I had to do. 'I have to know everything I can about this stuff.' A whole
world opened up to me, a world I didn't even knew existed. The rest is history.
       So why am I telling you all of this?
       I told you before that I want to be honest with you so I'm not going to hold anything
back. Does it mean that I want to trick you to do something you don't want to do? Maybe the
answer is you have already been tricked. Just by reading these words you're setting off an
avalanche of future events that you have no way of knowing or even anticipating for that matter.
I just want to give you the recognition of what is possible and what is not. The truth is that
everything is possible. If you'd told me two years ago that I would be sitting here writing these
words, I would say you are more crazy than I am now. But that doesn't change the fact that I am
writing these words and the fact still remains that you are reading them. What I would like you to
do is to accept the fact that for whatever reason it might be, it's there for more reasons than you
and I could ever comprehend. It's a divine plan playing itself out perfectly.
       You don't have to believe me, you don't even have to like me, I really don't care about
that. I just want you to keep on reading and leave all of your assumptions behind for now. There
will be time to asset this information later on.
       The other thing why I am writing down my story is for you to have a relevance point.
You are somewhere between where I was then and where I am now. From my perspective there
is no other point in time, it is just impossible to be anywhere else in life. Either you are before or
after your own 'moment of clarity'. Either way that's what this life is all about. It's for us to
recognize and acknowledge why we are here and start fulfilling our destiny. It's not an easy task.
You will have many, many doubts along the way. You will be questioning yourself if you're not
crazy, and you will be questioning others too. At some point you will start believing in yourself
and your path so much that you will begin to force others to listen to you. You will start needing
acknowledgment from them for the 'good work' that you've done. You will feel pity for those
who don't want to listen and are still 'in the dark'. You will start to convince them, as hard as you
can, to your 'truth'. But you can't, can you? The more you try the more they turn away from you,
don't they? Are you there yet? Or maybe you're past that point?
       In either case at this moment in time I want to congratulate you. I want to congratulate
you the courage to think the unthinkable and the willingness to set on a quest for that is the most
challenging of all - the quest of self-discovery.


  “Any experiment of an interesting life will be carried out at your own expense.
                             Mark it well.” The Earl of Rochester

       This book is a product of a journey that started over two years ago. In the foreword I'm
writing about 'a moment of clarity'. That is the place from which I count the linear time from
experiencing it to the present day, but the massage that this book contains is a product of a
lifetime of experience. During the time of those two years I have gathered and generated insights
from experiences of my physical life and much more beyond that.
       Because no experience is really worth much without the insight behind it, that's what I'm
going to be focusing in this book. I'm going to share with you my own personal views of the
world and how they’ve changed over the period of years. I will provide insights ('seeing in') that
at least some of them will be strictly reserved for the content of this book. What I mean is that
some thoughts and ideas I will be sharing with you have never before been pondered in my
conscious awareness.
       What I want you to take into consideration is that I'm not here to convince anyone to
anything. As you will see later this book isn't a product of an Ego-based need to validate to me
that what I'm saying is true. I know it is true because I've experienced it. Make up your own
mind about how valuable this information is to you and do with it as you please.
       If this information you're reading doesn't resonate with you at all feel free to stop reading
right now. You won't hurt my feelings, you can be sure of that. But if you decide to hang on for
any reason whatsoever, I ask you to have an open mind about the information I'm about to
disclose to you. If it's your first encounter with spiritual or esoteric material it can be
overwhelming. For those readers in the next section I will provide a short explanation of the
terms and definitions I will be using along the way. For those who are somehow advanced in
their spiritual studies it would be also beneficial to see how the terms I'm going to be using
translate into the information you're about to read. You can have different views on some of
them and I'm not asking you to change them. At this point in time that these words are being
written, the explanations that I'm giving to you are the simplest I can come up with, and since I'm

all about simplicity, I want you to come out of this without the feeling of confusion that most
spiritual teachers embark on you today.
       This book is something I would like to read when I started on my 'spiritual journey'. I
spent a lot of time pondering on many topics, because nobody could provide me with a simple
and straight forward answer to them. The goal here is to give you the simplest possible
explanations I can. It doesn't mean it will be easy for you to understand them, not at all, I would
never claim that. Not because you are more stupid than me or anybody else, but because it's a
very difficult subject. We haven't been either prepared or anticipated this kind of information. It
just popped out from 'underneath the ground', as you say, and what we all do is try to interpret it
in our own, individual way, in a way that's safe and works for us. That's why it is crucial for you
to leave all of your assumptions and expectations behind for now, especially if you're somewhat
advanced in your spiritual studies.
       The problem is that at the beginning of this exploration you are open minded and curious
and are testing many different things and many different ideas to see which ones work or do not
work for you. After a while there is a danger to get trapped in the same thing that you were
running from in the first place - a stagnant, one-dimensional point of view of the world. That is
one of the most terrible things that can happen. The views that I'm about to share with you are
subjected to change on a minute-to-minute basis. As I will write shortly the world is constantly
changing and moving and you don't want to be left behind. That's my only suggestion to you, but
you will do as you please.
       The book has originated from an inspiration I’ve had about a week ago. Right now I'm
engaged in spiritual work through the Internet, researching and answering questions for people
who are on the same path as I am. There are a lot of forums, q&a answer sites to pick from.
Unfortunately you can see that most people lack the basic knowledge to even ask the proper
questions. Don't get me wrong, you have to ask questions to get the answers, but the thing is that
most people don't know exactly what they are asking nor do they really reflect on the answers
given to them. They just read the answer and post another question and another and after a few
days you can see the same people asking the same question, just in a different form. It's not that
they do it because they want to confuse anyone (especially themselves), but the sad truth is that's
exactly what they do. It makes 'newbies' (people who are new to a subject and just start out) to
look up to those people and say 'If he's asking so many questions so should I'. The truth is that all

the information you need is already out there. The problem, in my opinion, is that it hasn't been
put together into a collective work. So there will be two parts to this book.
        First one will be a general discussion on questions that should really be answered before
anything else is being said on any subject. Those will include universal subjects like religion,
spirituality, relationships, raising children, beliefs about ourselves and about the world we live
        I do it this way because that will be the foundation for the second part of the book, which
will be answers to questions most often asked by anyone interested in this spiritual subject on the
Internet. Please don't skip the first part just to read the second one. It won't really make much
sense to you what is being said later on and what it will create is more confusion. I hope you will
soon feel that what I'm aiming at is clarity and simplicity. I really do believe that if you can't
explain something in the easiest way possible for someone else to understand, you don't really
understand it yourself. I don't claim that I am the one guy who understands all of this but my
insights are unique and I feel you may benefit from acknowledging them in any way you wish.
        So the first part will have more like an 'open statement' kind of form. Many topics will
be interwinding each other and many questions will be asked and answered.
        The second part will consist of me giving you my answers to most frequently asked
questions on the Internet. Does it mean they are the best answers out there? Of course not. I
never claimed and never will claim that. The best answers are that which you can comprehend
easily and effortlessly and that’s what I'm aiming at.
        Besides there are only my own perspectives on them. Just keep on questioning further if
you feel you have to. Just as I said before, the things I will be writing about right now are only
valid for the moment I'm writing them. So anyone that might have something to say like, 'Oh,
you used to say this and now you're saying that', save your breath. I'm not interested in those
kind of discussions. You have the right to believe whatever you want and so do I, so don't force
your beliefs on others just for the sake of an argument. That's all I want to say about that.
        What else is left to say? I would like to say: Have fun. I'm really excited to be given the
opportunity to write this book. It has been a dream of mine for a long time and now I feel the
moment is right to let all the information flow. And that's exactly how this book is coming to
live. I'm being the conduit for the information to 'get out'. Where is it coming from? To be
honest, I don't know. What I know is that it's life enhancing and if it is, I want to be a part of it.


  “Wisdom is not a product of schooling, but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”
                                          Albert Einstein

        In this section I will provide you with my definitions on subjects that we're going to be
talking about later on. As I said before don't fire up your torches or take out your tar and feathers
just because it's different from what you're used to. I want to use as plain language as I can and I
want to make this book as plain and clear as possible. I want also people who aren't familiar to
esoteric or spiritual material to be on the same level as everybody else. That being said, here are
the definitions.
All That Is - It is the term I will be using when referring to the Infinite/ God/ Isness/ Higher
Intelligence/ Destiny/ the Divine and so on and so forth. Every religion has its own name for it
and that's exactly why I'm going to call it All That Is, because it has no religious connotations to
it. That's the only reason, because the energy behind it is always the same.
Physical Mind a.k.a. the Ego and the Higher Self - let's get something straight right away. You
are not who you think you are. Right now you think of yourself as this person with a physical
body. You have two hands, two legs, a head, a neck, maybe even something between your legs.
You have a name, a driver’s license, friends, plans, hopes and dreams and that's all fine and
good, I don't want to take all that away from you. The fact still remains that you are also
something much, much more.
        So all of that, everything we know and can put our finger on, I will be referring to as the
Physical Mind or the Ego. Physical Mind deals with what you have experienced in the past and
everything you are experiencing right now. Its job is to know how something is happening or
something has happened.
        The Higher Self’s job, on the other hand, is to know how something will be happening.
That is the very reason why are we so bad at planning things. We force our Physical Mind to
plan out things it has no tools to them with. That's why you see so many people chasing their
own tail most of the time, trying to organize everything perfectly in their life. The problem is
they have no idea of what perfect should look like. What is perfect for the Physical Mind, which
mostly means security, for the Higher Self is the lowest possible life you can have. Security and

playing it safe aren't really part of life. Spontaneity, creativity and constant change are what
make life worth while.

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”-

        The problem why people are struggling most of the time is because they are clinging
desperately to what they know instead of welcoming the unknown. Well the unknown is Higher
Self’s part of the job. If we let it do its job the way it was designed to do we will strive and our
lives will become effortless.
        Let me give you a visual of what I am saying. Imagine yourself walking in a valley.
You're walking down a path and your field of vision is restricted to one hundred meters ahead.
So from this perspective, when you encounter a crossroad, your Physical Mind may say 'Well
based on what the road looks like right now the best way is to go right.' Well that is all well and
good, but your Higher Self is the one who is standing on the mountain top right by the valley,
and what the Higher Self will tell you at that moment is 'Well you can choose to go right, but in
five hundred meters the bridge is out.'        So what for the Physical Mind seems to be the
fastest route of getting where you want to go, for the Higher Self it might be a longer one. Why?
Because it can see things from a much broder perspective. It can see your life in full and will
bring you where you need to go when you need to go there, on a path of least resistance. It
doesn't mean its any better or worse then the Physical Mind, it is just different and has a different
job description, that's all.
        That's all I'm going to say about the Physical Mind and the Higher Self at this moment. It
is a very large subject and I will be using these terms many more times during our discussion.
Vibrational frequency - Your body, as a whole, is one organism. However, many parts make up
that whole. If you have a standard high-school education you are familiar with the model of an
atom. You know that our bodies really consist of smaller parts called atoms, which in part consist
of electrons, neutrons and protons, which in further succession consist of quarks.
        Now all these parts of our bodies are invisible to the eye, you can study them under the
microscope. Everything in the Universe consists of these parts. When you look at a tree you may
see a big and tall oak, which to your physical eye seems like a solid object, but it's not. What it is

in fact is a conglomerate of particles that are so unimaginably small and are so tightly packed
together that they appear to be this solid object called a tree.
       So even if the particles seem like they are touching each other, they're not. Under the
microscope scientists have seen that between each particle there is a free space. So do those
particles just 'hang out' there and wait for something to happen? Of course not. Each one of these
particles vibrates at a unique frequency level.
       Now when you go to a supermarket and buy lots of groceries, when you go to the
checkout the cashier scans your products. Each product has its own unique bar code which helps
to identify it. Well the same thing goes for our vibrational frequency. The frequencies that our
particles vibrate with are our own individual signature in the Cosmos, the way for everybody that
can read it to asset who we really are. Everything in the physical world has that signature,
because that is the nature of the physical life.
       The best part about this is that it is not a spiritual theory, it's a scientific observation.
Quantum physicists have been exploring these phenomena's for years. In fact the smallest
particles they found so far are quarks, but they are speculating that there might be even smaller
then those. Quantum theory is a really fascinating subject and I encourage everyone who is
willing to research it to do so. It's a perfect example of how spirituality and science come
together to seek universal truths.
       So what about this unique signature of yours, this vibrational frequency? What does it
mean to you and me? First of all you now know that you are a conglomerate of billions upon
billions of pulsing and vibrating particles. Now what is important is the rate with which those
particles vibrate. When the vibration is slow the particles produce little energy. When the
vibration is faster, the level of energy increases.
       How is this relevant? Well the beings that are more evolved, meaning that their
consciousness and connection to All That Is is stronger, have a vibrational frequency of
enormous potential, which in turn translates as them having lots more energy to their disposal
than we do. Compared to them we are turtles while they are energizer bunnies on one thousand
redbulls. But the good news is that this signature can be changed. In fact it changes on a
moment-to-moment basis, we are just not consciously aware of that.
       We are going to get into that in more detail later on, but what I'll be referring to when
talking about changing your frequency or changing your vibration is this quality - it's the speed

of how fast or how slow particles in your body vibrate, and by that how it translates into your
experience of physical life.
Consciousness - I promised you that I'll try to give you the simplest possible explanation on the
subject that I can think of. For me consciousness is everything that 'is' in the Universe.
Everything that exists, everything that is 'out there' 'is' consciousness. It has no opposition,
because you can't imagine anything not being consciousness. Even your thoughts right now are
consciousness and we will look at that later on.
Awareness is when consciousness is aware of being consciousness and says 'Ahh, I am
       I wanted to make that distinction because we will be using these words a lot in this book.
Now you can see why people are so extraordinary creatures. Comparing humans to animals both
have consciousness, but only humans have awareness. We know that 'we are' ourselves when
look in the mirror. Animals, on the other hand, don't have that. When they look in the mirror they
think they see someone else from their own species, we on the other hand know that the person
that we look at in the mirror is 'Me' (supposedly dolphins, whales and monkeys also have
awareness when it comes to the animal kingdom).
       So that's the formal part. It wasn't that scary, right? I think those concepts can be
comprehended by anyone who is willing to make an effort to understand them and they are not
taken from 'thin air'. These are tangible and scientific observations that are obvious to many
people in the scientific community today. You may argue that you weren't taught about that in
school. Well the truth is that it wasn't really known back then and even if it was not many people
took much care in understanding or teaching them. We tend to go through life choosing the path
of least resistance and that is just fine, I'm all for it. I'm all about simplicity and clarity and I
think life is just like that - very clear and simple. We just made it look complicated and that's fine
also. The reason for this book is to give everyone the ability to re-member and understand the
game of life for what it truly is - just a game. Once we do it we will be able to play the game
with ease, grace and beauty.
       Before we get into that I want to show you what does leading a 'spiritual life' really mean.
Some people, when they here the word 'spiritual', have one or more misconceptions or
assumptions about what it is. I'm here to put it aside once and for all. I want you to see that living
a 'spiritual life' has not much to do with voodoo and witchcraft, and that the most of today’s
'spiritual gurus' are bringing people into more and more confusion than ever.

       Does it mean that they do it on purpose? Of course not, but as I said before, we haven't
been given the tools to deal with this kind of information. I want to show you that everyone can
lead a meaningful and relaxed life without sacrificing what he loves. That's all that this book is
intended to do.
       So first of all I want to tackle the topic of spirituality and religion. I want to explore why
these two topics are the ones that make people so emotional. Most people will agree that those
subjects, including politics, are mostly avoided by people and more often than not end with
arguments between participants. Why is that? Well we will try to see what kind of beliefs we, as
a society, hold today about them and what religion really is and how it originated.
        Later on we will be talking about relationships and views hold by us in the world today.
We're going to see why we aren't really as evolved as we think we are and where humanity is
heading if it's going to continue taking the road it is on right now.
       I will also show you were you are in your own spiritual development. As I said before
you don't have to meditate for a second of your life to be a 'spiritual' person. The fact is that all
of us are on this journey right now, but we lack the recognition of it. I will point that out with my
own experiences of life and where can you expect to find yourself if you stick to this journey.
       I will give you tips and tricks on how not to get dragged back into this power struggle
between yourself and people who want you to have a definite set of views and opinions on
everything. It won't be hocus-pocus or anything like that. Sure, I will be referring to 'paranormal'
phenomena sometimes, but only in a matter of pointing out which road you might choose to take.
It doesn't mean that in any way, shape or form my world views are better or worse then yours or
anyone else’s. The truth is they are not. Everyone is perfect in their journey in life, but we more
often than not don't respect other people choices. We try to fix something that is not broken. I
will show you, from my point of view, that the world doesn't need saving, neither it needs fixing.
What it needs is for us to acknowledge what we have created our world to look like and do we
like what we see.
       Some things I will talk about over and over again. I will be doing this not to confuse you,
but on the contrary. We learn by repetition and by that I would want to 'arm you' with tangible
tools that will help you change the world and yourself in any way you wish too. If I was to say it
once or twice you might disregard it as unimportant, so those things that I feel are crucial in this
book will be pointed out over and over again. But don't worry, you won't get bored. Each time I
will present to you a different approach to the same things. You are here to enjoy and entertain

yourself, I respect that. That's why this book is not meant to be boring. If you find it is, please
feel free to put it down at any moment you like. I want you to have as much fun reading it as I
have writing it. That's the only thing that I want for everybody - to have as much fun as they
possibly can in life.


          “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Anais Nin

       So let's start with a basic question 'What is spirituality?'
       To give you an answer to this question let me tell you what spirituality is not. Spirituality
isn't giving all your money away to the poor or meditating for twenty years in a cave in solitude.
There was a time in history when 'enlightened' people chose solitude for themselves because
they refused to see the world for what it was. Who those people were in reality? Assholes. They
judged the world for being imperfect and put themselves above everyone else who didn't see the
imperfectness that they did. I don't judge them for being that, but the fact still remains that’s who
they were - assholes. I'm going to elaborate on what do I mean by the term asshole later on, but
for now let's ponder why they made those decisions?
       Imagine if you will that you're a person living five hundred years ago. Most of the saints
and sages back then were people who either disowned their fortunes entirely, like Saint Francis
of Assisi, or they never had them in the first place. Most of them were beggars who either
contemplated their 'moments of clarity' in piece and solitude for the rest of their lives, or like
Saint Francis lived and spread his teaching among the people, but at the same time in a very
'peculiar' manner to say the least. Here is an account of one of his interactions.
       'It is said that, one day, while Francis was traveling with some companions, they
happened upon a place in the road where birds filled the trees on either side. Francis told his
companions to "wait for me while I go to preach to my sisters the birds". The birds surrounded
him, drawn by the power of his voice, and not one of them flew away. Francis spoke to them:
       'My sister birds, you owe much to God, and you must always and in every place give
praise to Him; for He has given you freedom to wing through the sky and He has clothed you...
you neither sow nor reap, and God feeds you and gives you rivers and fountains for your thirst,
and mountains and valleys for shelter, and tall trees for your nests. And although you neither
know how to spin or weave, God dresses you and your children, for the Creator loves you
greatly and He blesses you abundantly. Therefore... always seek to praise God.'

        Now imagine yourself to be a hardworking farmer living in the fifteenth century Europe.
How would you react to that kind of a picture? Would you listen to this guy? Would you gladly
follow someone who gave away a fortune so he can talk to birds? I know I wouldn't.
        What Saint Francis had was a very strong connection with nature, and to his glory he
embraced it and didn't seclude to solitude like other 'enlightened' people through the ages, which
in turn were forgotten and therefore never made the impact they could have made on humanity.
That mainly distinguishes Saint Francis from other saints and sages. He was not an asshole, but a
warrior, but let's leave it at that for now.
        So did the saints that hid from the world really have to?
        Remember what we said about people being vibrating particles with a specific frequency?
That frequency is our bar code, a way to distinguish how evolved we are as beings. This quality
changes on a moment-to-moment basis and depends on the amount of insights you can gather
from your experiences of physical life.
        To make matters more clear to you, Jesus, Buddha and Krishna were beings of a very
high vibrational frequency. In fact it was so great that it was the most with which our particles
can vibrate in physical reality. Anymore than that would mean entering into the realm of the non-
physical or eteric.
        Each time I'm talking about more evolved beings what I mean is the difference between
their vibrational frequency and ours. In turn it doesn't make them more special or better than us,
just different and that difference can be measured, and later on, matched. For everyone interested
in doing that there will be tips on how to do it later on in this book.
        Now let's take a look at what happens when a being of a lesser vibrational frequency
encounters a being of a greater vibrational frequency. Well if the word 'crucifixion' came to your
mind, you're right on the money. For those two beings to interact with each other can mean only
two things - either one of them raises its vibration to match the other one or it will try to force the
higher being to lower it.
        Of course the lesser vibrational being has no way of forcing the higher one of dropping
its vibration. It thinks that physically killing that being will do the job, but that maneuver is only
effective in the lesser beings realm, because not even death can do what that being wants to do.
It's not philosophy, but physics. Like attracts like and repels the opposite and that's what those
two vibrations represent - opposite perspectives on life. It's nothing more than that, but the way
that both beings manifest it, meaning how they want to persuade their 'opponent' on changing

there vibrational frequency is quit different. You be the judge of which one approach is more
         So what's it got to do with you and me? It was two thousand years ago why just not give
it a rest. You see that encounter, as any other encounter in the past between those two groups of
beings, was an indication to us as a species of what level of vibration we had to match in order to
stop in our process of Descension and start on the process of Ascension. Let me clarify that for
         For many, many thousands of years Earth was in the cycle of Descension. What I will
call Descension I will also call the 'process of forgetting.' So what was it? It was a process of
forgetting our connection to All That Is, which in turn manifested in lowering our vibrational
frequency to the lowest level we possibly could.
         So what is Ascension? It's the opposite of Descension. Ascension is the 'process of re-
membering', reestablishing that connection with All That Is and raising our vibrational frequency
to a level we have never, as a collective consciousness, reached before. Knowledge of where we
are now and where we have been will help us understand where we, as a civilization, are
         Why do I call it a process? Because it doesn't happen overnight. I heard a spiritual teacher
once talking about his 'moment of clarity' and how the Spirit tricked him on his 'spiritual
         He was sitting with a friend on a mountain top and in one moment a great feeling of ease,
relaxation and love evoked him completely. He never experienced anything quit like it before
and it created in him the yearning to understand it. He researched all different traditions and
philosophies, because he couldn't comprehend with his mind what has happened to him. He
interviewed lots and lots of people until one day one of them finally told him what has happened
to him - he had a 'moment of clarity' which was a direct experience of the unconditional love of
All That Is. He didn't need anything more to know, he was hooked for life.
         You may say: 'Ok, let's say you're right. We are now on this process of re-membering,
this Ascension thing. So why did we forget in the first place? Did somebody make us forget?'
         Let's establish something right now that will be one of the most important points I'll be
trying to get across to you - never, ever, ever can anybody make you do anything you don't want
to do, ever! Just trust me on this one for the time being. I know it's a hard concept for you to
grasp at first, but you'll get a hang of it, I promise. Let's say for now that the concept of free will

is utmost appropriate - you have a free will and every circumstance you encounter in your life is
the product of that.
        You may say: 'Ok, fine. So why did we choose to do such a thing? Isn't it better to be
Ascending all the time?'
        Well yes and no. Let me elaborate on that for a moment.
        Try to remember right now the saddest day of your life. It can be many different things -
death of a loved one, losing your favorite toy, overhearing a very hurtful conversation, it doesn't
matter. What matters is that I would like for you to feel the way you did at that exact moment.
Bring yourself back to that place in your minds eye. Are you ready? Can you feel all these
undesired emotions coming to you even now, after all the time that has passed? Ok, that's
enough. I don't want you to get scared, I just want you to bring that moment back from your
        Now I would like you to do the opposite - think of the most exciting day of your life.
Again it's your preference what will you choose. Many people will choose the birth of their child.
It's a really special moment in every person’s life and that might be the best pick for most of you.
But if you don't have kids, don't worry. It can be a picnic with your loved one or just the day that
everything was going just the way you planned it. Can you feel that? Visualize every detail of
that experience. It feels nice, doesn't it?
        Now what if I told you that your ability to feel that excitement on your best day is
connected, and in fact allowed, only by the sadness you felt on your worst day? Sounds
supernatural? Well, not really.
        Scientists that are studying human behavior and emotions came to the conclusion that
people who are generally happier in life are those, who at one point or another in time, were
really depressed or experienced some kind of traumas. Many rape victims say that this
experience, as scary as it was at that time and for a long time after, in the long run made them
stronger. They say that before they used to be afraid all the time and after that event they have
learned some skills to defend themselves and are now more confident and more upbeat about
        'Yeah', you may say 'but that doesn't prove anything.'
        It proves that we often learn about the things we like by trying out a bunch of stuff that
we don't like first. We don't, at least not all of us, go on and marry the first person we date. Why?
Because we want to try out various possibilities, find out if there is some 'better stuff' out there

on the market. It's pretty understandable and nobody should be too surprised about that. You
measure bunch of shoes before you come to the conclusion 'Those are the shoes that I want to
wear' and that's how you make your decisions.
       So the way we act individually is the same we act collectively. At one point or another in
time we decided that we're going to play the forgetfullness game for the sake of appreciating how
fun it will be to play the re-membering game.
       'Fine. But why?'
       For the hell of it, for growth, for fun, for no one has done it before us, for we are
immortal beings and we knew we could start all over again at any time we wanted.
       'I still don't get it. Why would we condemn ourselves to suffer in this physical life when
we could choose to live in heaven instead?'
       Well let me give you an answer I stumbled upon a while back. Just type 'The most
profound question' in the search bar on Youtube to check it out for yourself. It is again a
Question and Answer type of format.
       Q: Why do dogs risk getting bugs in their eyes sticking their heads out of car windows?
       A: (...) Because the contrast of the bugs in the eye is a small price to pay for the
exhilaration of that ride. And it is exactly the same way you felt when you made a decision to
come into this physical existence. It's exactly the way you felt when you knew there would be
contrast and you said 'The ride is going to be worth it.'
       So what is spirituality? Spirituality is recognizing life for what it truly is - a ride, nothing
more and nothing less then that. It's recognizing that what all of us are here to do is to play a
game that we have been playing for a very long time now, but the rules of the game are starting
to change. It's time for the players to be aware of playing the game and play it with grace and
beauty. To recognize that there are no winners or losers, there is the mere act of playing. And the
better you play, the more fun you have while playing, the bigger the bonuses along the way.
More and more surprises will jump in front of you, things you never imagined possible. You will
be swayed away gracefully, effortlessly. There is no way of knowing where you're going to end
up, but that makes you want to play even more. The thrill of expecting the unexpected makes
you be on your toes, searching for clues and tips, making alliances with other players, upgrading
your hero, adding more and more skills to your backpack of tricks.
       You finally, after a long time of being an adept, re-member fully that it's just a game and
you can let go of all the expectations and all the assumptions you have had about it before. You

just breath deeply and let life unfold. But it doesn't mean to seclude from life, to run away to
caves and deserts. On the contrary. You look for new adventures. You look for places to go,
things to experience, people to meet. And when you encounter the people who get mad at you,
don't understand you, want to bring you down, you know that what they are really doing is they
are still choosing to play the forgetfulness game. It's no better or worse to play any of these
games, it's just different. So you let them be and let them still play the forgetfulness game if they
choose to. You also remind them that the rules of the game have changed and if they want to
listen to you that's fine, but if they don't its fine too.
        You don't feel sorry for them, because you know that they can start playing with you
anytime they choose to and if they don't, it's only because they still have some forgetting to do.
And you respect their decision for you know, better than anyone else, that you can't force anyone
to do anything. Only thing you can do is to be the best player you can be, to vibrate with the
frequency of excitement, love and peace and spread it around everywhere you go. That's what
spirituality really is.


 “One's first step in wisdom is to question everything - and one's last is to come to
                    terms with everything.” - Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

       Religion, aside perhaps with politics, is one of the strongest emotionally charged subjects
in our society today. If the two parties don't entirely agree with each other the discussion quickly
transforms into a heated argument, causing people to act, most of the time, in a very aggressive
manner. Even the people who are suppose to be teachers of the 'word of God' can't control their
temper when they deal with people who question or doubt the teachings of their Masters.
       Why is that though? Isn't religion supposed to be all about love and respect for another
human being? Wasn't it Jesus that said 'Love your neighbor as yourself'? Well you don't really
fight with yourself or do you?
       This subject is a 'big one' and I will try to tackle it one question at a time, so we can
digest it more easily. First question that comes to mind is 'How does any religion start?'
       Well, when you look at all the religions in history it's easy to find the common
denominator for all of them - a Teacher. At one time in history an Ascended Master, be it Christ,
Buddha or Krishna, would come to Earth and give his teachings to people. Of course there are
religions that are 'grander' and 'lesser', which simply means how many followers they have.
       So the 'major' ones today are Hinduism and Christianity and they both originated that
way - a Teacher came down from heaven, gave his teachings and left humankind to figure them
out for themselves. That's pretty much how it has played out each time. Later on people grabbed
on to the concepts taught by them and made them into a set of rules they called religion.
       Why do I call those beings Ascended Masters? For a matter of convenience. I don't want
to make any of them more special than another, nor do I want to write all their names each time
I'll be referring to them. Instead I will call them Ascended Masters as a group of beings of a very
high vibrational frequency.
       Their purpose was to, when at any time in history humanity went astray, which in terms
means 'forgot' to much to play the game properly, they would show up to 'put us back on the
right track' as to say, not to get us lost to far of where we needed to go.

         They have incarnated on our planet to live physical lives for one reason only - to show
humanity what level of frequency they had to match in order to manifest what Christ called
'Heaven on Earth'. Their presence would also ensure that humanity would fulfill its 'contract'
with All That Is, which stated to first play the ‘game of forgetfulness' and later on play the 'game
of re-membering'. So you could say that they were referees - each time we got out of bounce they
came to show us the red flag. That's who they were, nothing more and nothing less.
         When did the forgetting start?
         Every religion has got its own metaphorical story for it. In the Bible it's the story of
Adam and Eve. When Adam took the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and became aware of
himself as being separate from God. What it means is that, at that moment, humanity started on
the journey of forgetting our connection with All That Is and it has been going on like that ever
         I'm still going to insist of calling God All That Is. The reason for it is that the word God
itself has been so deeply rooted in our collective consciousness that upon hearing it we
automatically assume we know what it is.
         In Christian tradition God is projected as a physical person. We think of God as this very
old, very wise man with a white beard, sitting on a throne in heavens and looking at humanity
from above. This is a religious belief taken from the fact that humanity took Jesus as the literal
son of God. We assumed that if the son had a physical form so did the father.
         The truth is that we heard Jesus speak these words but we interpreted in the only way we
could've at that time. Even today it is hard to know what were the actual words with which Christ
was spreading his teaching. Here are several reasons for that.
         First of all is that the information that Jesus was giving could not be comprehended
through the human mind of that time. Its purpose was to be experienced and not to be taught in
words, because the words couldn't come close to what Jesus was 'really' trying to teach us.
         Second reason is that, through the ages, the Bible has been translated over one hundred
times into English alone. It means that the information was 'filtered' through the minds of man
translating it. They picked the words that, as they felt, were the closest to reflect the message that
Jesus was trying to convey. Unfortunately, on the level of frequency that they were at that time,
despite the best intentions they had, it was impossible to really feel into Christ’s words.
         Bible scholars of today are finally starting to realize that what we think Jesus was trying
to tell us weren't really his teachings. We interpreted them to suit our vision of the world, but

those teachings weren't from our world at that time. They were from a world of a higher
vibrational frequency and that's where the whole confusion came from.
       The third reason why we can't use the Bible as a valid historical document is because,
through the ages, as the Catholic Church grew stronger and more influential, it began to hide
some information from the ordinary people. At first because they didn't want to show the real
side of Jesus, for example his true relationship with Marie Magdalene or the fact that he was also
a man filled with doubts and fears, like shown in a movie ‘The last temptation of Christ’. Finally
to gain power over people and manipulate them more easily. I'm going to give you one example
of what I'm saying.
       Some scholars are now being convinced more than ever that in the beginnings of
Christianity the notion of reincarnation was accepted and believed true. You can research the
Internet to find out for yourself. Supposedly all that changed about the tenth century. At that time
the Catholic Church started becoming more and more influential. More and more people all over
the world were involved with this 'new' religion and even more wanted to join every day. Of
course the will of the Church was to spread further and further. So what was the best way to
spread the influence? A crusade.
        'A crusade was one of a series of religiously-sanctioned military campaigns undertaken
by European Christians in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries.'
       The goal of those crusades were to 'convince' the majority of the pagan people of Europe
to believe in one and true savior of man, Jesus Christ. So how did they try to 'convince' them?
Not with the Bible and cross in their hands, but with fire and steal.
       In fact the time of crusades, maybe besides the twentieth century, was one of the most
bloody and violent times in human history. More people than ever were killed in the name of
God during those three hundred years. But how did it come to pass? How did the Catholic
Church convince so many people to go to different countries all over the continent to spread 'the
word of God'? Well they used two things - greed and fear.
       They used greed on people who were leading these crusades - the kings, monarchs and
aristocracy. Those people wanted material goods. They wanted to gain the pagans gold, clothes,
land, women and so on. The church in turn wanted human spirits. So the two of them made a
pact and set off on this campaign. The rulers didn't fight themselves; they used their people for it.
       How easy was it, in your opinion, to convince a farmer to leave his family and his land
and go to a foreign country to fight with someone who never did him any harm? And with what

prospects? To get killed in the process? It almost sounds like a suicide mission, but the church
used what we, as humans, fear the most - the unknown.
        Nobody of us knows what awaits us 'on the other side' and the people of medieval Europe
knew even less than what we know today. They believed in every word that the priests would tell
them, because they where led to believe that they had some kind of a direct link to heaven and
could speak with God anytime they wanted to.
        So what were the churches teachings? If you would teach that reincarnation is a fact what
does that imply? It implies that whatever wrongdoings you make in this life you will always have
a chance to redeem them in your next one. It's a very relaxed and laid back view of life. In fact
it's so laid back that no person would feel the need to worry too much about what they are doing
with their life right now. In other words they wouldn't have any fears whatsoever about what lies
on the other side, because whatever it was it was all good, and even if they messed up a little
they always could come back and redeem their sins.
        That really wasn't the attitude the church needed to convince people to go on crusades.
What they needed was some kind of a jolt, a secret weapon that would put fear into the hearts of
men. But if you want to spread a deadly virus for the sake of becoming a hero later on you better
have the antidote for that virus. So the virus for the church was the teachings that went somehow
like this.
        'You have only one life. Whatever you do in this life you will have to answer before the
Almighty. If he decides your life was pure and good you will go to heaven. If not you will spend
all eternity burning in the pits of hell.'
        Not a pretty perspective, huh? The church also included a purgatory for the middle class
of sinners to redeem themselves, to give them hope on going to heaven even if they didn't led the
perfect life. Then again it wasn't clearly defined what the perfect life was, but the church had an
antidote for that too - plenary indulgence. In the online Catholic Encyclopedia it states.
        'An indulgence is the extra-sacramental remission of the temporal punishment due, in
God's justice, to sin that has been forgiven, which remission is granted by the Church in the
exercise of the power of the keys, through the application of the superabundant merits of Christ
and of the saints, and for some just and reasonable motive.'
        So how do you put two and two together? What was in it for the villagers and farmers
who went on the religious crusades? Plenary indulgence. It meant that whatever sins they
committed during their lifetimes, if they died during the crusades spreading the word of God, all

of their sins will be automatically forgiven and they will go straight to heaven. Does it correlate
with the 'war on terrorism' today?
       I want you to understand something here. This in not an attack on Catholic religion as
one being worse than others. It is not in any way, shape or form also an attack on you. You were
taught by your parents, which in turn were taught by their parents and so on, until finally you
start with that farmer in the middle aged Europe.
       I just want to have all the facts straight for everyone to look at them and make their own
mind what they want to believe in. I'm not a scholar. I bet that if you are really righteous in your
belief about religion you can argue your point with me all day, but I'm not into that. I'm not into
that because I respect what you want to believe in. I'm not trying to convince anyone to what I'm
saying is true. I just don't care what you or anybody thinks, but if you're a devote Catholic, or a
Hindu or whatever religion you believe in, I would like you to loosen up a little. I would like for
you to let the information that I'm saying in and see where it will lead you. Those are only my
observations and I'm also not here 'preaching' about another religion without religion. Believe it
or not but atheism is a religion too.
       'A religion is any systematic approach to living that involves beliefs about one's origins,
one's place in the world, or a responsibility to live and act in the world in particular ways.
Religion is often equated with faith and belief in a higher power or truth, but it is more properly
defined as the pattern of action that expresses that faith, and reinforces it in day-to-day living.
Thus, one can share the philosophy of a religion, believing in its higher truth, without
manifesting that faith religiously.'
       Putting it plain and simple, religion is a set of rules telling us how to live our lives
according to our highest truth, whatever you may call it. It can be God, Higher Self, Spirit,
intuition, love and so forth. It seems harmless enough, but in the wrong hands it's a very
powerful and dangerous weapon.
       Let's speculate for a moment what would happen if from the day you were born all you
would have been given to eat were hamburgers. As you would grow older and older you would
believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that hamburgers are a part of a human diet, as natural as
breathing. Well, are they? I have my own view point about fast food and how it influences your
health, but that's not the point. The point is if you tell someone something long enough, sooner or
later not only the recipient, but also the one giving the information will believe its true.

       That's exactly what happened with religion. The priests were saying their dogmas for so
long that we all forgot that it all started as an idea. It all started with one man, who never wanted
to be worshiped in the first place, who said 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' If that would be the
one teaching you would take from the Catholic religion, which I think is one of the most
important and profound one, how do you think the world would look like today? Not as it is right
now, you can be sure of that. The only explanation is because the message had to be distorted
through the ages somehow. Be it on purpose or by accident, it is not important. What is
important is that we have to acknowledge the fact that religion brought a lot of wrongdoings to
the world.
       Do you think that Jesus, if he was alive today, would lead a horde of scared and angry
people on a crusade saying 'Let's get these pagans!'? Would the God that is all beings and all
love would tell some people to kill others and by that they will receive a place in the God
kingdom? God wouldn't, but men would in His name and that's exactly what they did. They
convinced enough people that God was vengeful and mad and wanted to burn sinners in the fires
of hell. These are the facts and they are indisputable.
       You may say 'Well it's because we are only people and we are weak.'
       The truth of the matter is that we are not weak and we never were! We were only used.
Even when we believe in our weaknesses we are so strong in our belief that we won't let anyone
convince us it's any different.
       Religion was one of the things that made us weak. It made us weak, because we were led
to believe that we have to look outside of ourselves for someone to save us. The truth is you
don't need saving from anything and you never did! You are an immortal being made of light
who is abundant in all aspects of life and creates its reality on a moment-to-moment basis, no
matter if you are consciously aware of it or not.
       There was a time when people knew that, but what happened was we forgot and we
forgot so completely that the information about it had to come outside of us, through Ascended
Masters. The reality is: There is no outside. It is all in You. You contain the whole Universe, the
whole Creation in You. You are the Creator and the Created. You manifested yourself in the
physical form for the purpose of being able to experience yourself as this individual life you're
living right now.
       And that realization was taken away from us. It was taken from us part and parcel by
religion, but we agreed to do it. Re-member that nobody can ever hurt you or make you do

anything you don't want to do. You let others hurt you, that is the biggest realization of all, but
that realization implies also responsibility, responsibility for your own life. When you know that
what I'm saying is true you can no longer say: 'Life is happening to me' but you have to say 'Life
is happening through me.' It's a beautiful place to be in, take my word for it, but it's scary at first.
         Why is it scary? Because everything you ever believed you knew for a fact is bullshit.
There is no one truth, no one teacher and no one 'magic pill' to get you where you need to go. If
their was one way there would be only one person. Religion is just an idea taken too damn
seriously. It was at one time or another a perspective on life of one being that has been forced on
too many others. There are infinite numbers of truths out there and you hold one in your own
         What teachings of all the Ascended Masters, saints and sages are only ideas, view points
and perspectives on life. The only truth in the Universe is that You, as an individual exist and you
can make whatever you'd like with that existence. God, or whatever you want to call it, doesn't
expect you to go one way or the other. Why? Because All That Is is made out of unconditional
love. That is what the vibrational frequency of that energy is - unconditional love and it is so
unconditional that it will even let you believe that you are not loved at all and that's how loving it
is. It let all of us forget that we are always loved and supported by it, always! That is the hardest
part to grasp for religious people, but GOD DOESN'T HAVE A PREFERENCE WHAT YOU
DO WITH YOUR LIFE. It never had. It will support you in any choice you make, because that's
what life is, making choices.
         Of course every choice brings consequences and if you're doing things in your life that
are hurtful and self-centered you can be sure that you will bare consequences of your actions. It's
not because God is cruel, it's because his fair. It's because he will, and always has, support you in
everything that you set off to do. It doesn't matter to him, because it knows that you are fine and
if it is there it is holy and sacred. Even the most dastardly deed you can imagine is sacred
because it will bring about a complete opposition. So for every murdered someone will be born,
for every dishonored one will be honored, for every sinner their will be a saint, for every wrong
there will be right.
         If you want to ask if I encourage you to abandon your religion completely I say - I have
no preference. Do what you like with this information, but do it consciously. Don't believe in
something only because others before you did. That's why we are where we are as a society
today, because we don't question things enough. We think that what the majority rules is best for

everyone. That kind of thinking is crazy! If you want to be controlled by others points of view,
be my guest, I have no preference whatsoever. But if you want to have some real answers you
can't be afraid of asking questions.
        The will of God is your will. If you want to bring pain and havoc and destruction upon
the Earth he will support you. He will give you all the tools necessary for you to play out this
particular theme you need to play out in order for you to grow and it won't judge you for it. It
won't say: 'If you do that you won't go to heaven.' Why won't he say that? Because there is no
heaven to go too to begin with. You can create heaven or hell for yourself here on Earth. That's
what people were doing for the past thousands of years, living their hellish lives waiting for
heaven to come. But heaven won't come from outside, it's within. That's what mystics have been
saying 'You create your own reality.' It simply means you choose, all the time, what your
experience of life will be, nothing more and nothing less.
        You may say 'But that's horrible. Life doesn't work that way. I know it. It's just not my
experience of life.'
        Well your experience of life right until now was from a point of view of a being of a very
low vibrational frequency. I'm talking about seeing life from the point of view of Ascended
Masters and saints. I'm talking about raising your frequency to the point that you not only
believe, but you KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are All things, that you are All
That Is and you are as vast as the Cosmos. And in that vastness there is only total acceptance,
total love.
        It takes courage to go that way. It takes courage to leave the old behind and embrace the
new. The rewards are tremendous, but you need to 'walk the talk'. You need to embrace your life
in ways you never imagined possible and you must die and if you're true to your path, one day
you will be reborn. It's time for change. The change began not so long ago but it brought the jolt
that we all needed to awaken.


                            “All You Need is Love.” John Lennon

       What I consider the beginning of a real spiritual revolution on our planet is the hippie
movement, which was founded in the early 1960s in the United States and quickly spread around
the world. It was the biggest and most powerful movement of peace and love which flooded the
world in a tremendous pace.
       Where was humanity during that time in history? Let's look at the major wars of the first
half of the twentieth century and look at the number of casualties of these wars.

l First World War (1914-18): 15 000 000
l Russian Civil War (1917-22): 9 000 000
l Soviet Union, Stalin's regime (1924-53): 20 000 000
l Second World War (1937-45): 55 000 000
l Post-War Expulsion of Germans from East Europe (1945-47): 2 100 000
l Chinese Civil War (1945-49): 2 500 000
l People's Republic of China, Mao Zedong's regime (1949-1975): 40 000 000

       In total it's over 143 million people murdered during that time. One hundred and forty
three M-I-L-L-I-O-N people! Right now it's just a number for you, but imagine if you will all
those people standing one by one holding hands. How long would the chain be? It's staggering to
what humanity is capable in the pursue of money and power, but it's nothing to be sad about. In
fact it's an exciting prospect to see the enfoldment of life in regard to the opposition of that great

               “Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.” -
                                         - George S. Patton

       So what was the hippie movement? It was a cry of those one hundred and forty three
million people who were killed just in the period of fifty years time. It was also the cry of all

those killed before in history in the name of power, greed and corruption. That was all that our
collective consciousness could take. It was either destroying ourselves completely or bouncing
up. We were 'this close' of pulling our atomic triggers and blowing ourselves to kingdom come.
But it didn't happen. It didn't happen because, as a collective consciousness, we made a decision
not to destroy this world. We chose to give it a shot at trying to save it from doom and that
choice has manifested itself at first as the hippie movement.
       What is unusual, and I don't think most people are aware of, is that the hippie movement
had it origins in the same place that the chaos and destruction of the twentieth century had began
- in Germany. In an expert from wikipedia we read.
       The first signs of what we would call modern "proto-hippies" emerged in fin de siècle
Europe. Between 1896 and 1908, a German youth movement arose as a countercultural reaction
to the organized social and cultural clubs that centered around German folk music. Known as
Der Wandervogel ("migratory bird"), the movement opposed the formality of traditional German
clubs, instead emphasizing amateur music and singing, creative dress, and communal outings
involving hiking and camping. Inspired by the works of Friedrich Nietzsche, Goethe, Hermann
Hesse, and Eduard Baltzer, Wandervogel attracted thousands of young Germans who rejected
the rapid trend toward urbanization and yearned for the pagan, back-to-nature spiritual life of
their ancestors.
       During the first several decades of the twentieth century, Germans settled around the
United States, bringing the values of the Wandervogel with them. Some opened the first health
food stores, and many moved to Southern California where they could practice an alternative
lifestyle in a warm climate. Over time, young Americans adopted the beliefs and practices of the
new immigrants. One group, called the "Nature Boys", took to the California desert and raised
organic food, espousing a back-to-nature lifestyle like the Wandervogel. Songwriter Eden Ahbez
wrote a hit song called 'Nature Boy' inspired by Robert Bootzin (Gypsy Boots), who helped
popularize health-consciousness, yoga, and organic food in the United States.
       Universe is all about balance and there in no effect without a cause. In this loving way All
That Is is 'winking' at us saying 'I'm here and I will balance everything out.'
       So what did the hippies stand for?
       Hippies rejected established institutions, criticized middle class values, opposed nuclear
weapons and the Vietnam War, embraced aspects of Eastern philosophy, championed sexual
liberation, were often vegetarian and eco-friendly, promoted the use of psychedelic drugs which

they felt expanded one's consciousness, and created intentional communities or communes. They
used alternative arts, street theatre, folk music, and psychedelic rock as a part of their lifestyle
and as a way of expressing their feelings, their protests and their vision of the world and life.
Hippies opposed political and social orthodoxy, choosing a gentle and nondoctrinaire ideology
that favored peace, love and personal freedom, perhaps best epitomized by The Beatles' song "
All You Need is Love". Hippies perceived the dominant culture as a corrupt, monolithic entity
that exercised undue power over their lives, calling this culture "The Establishment", "Big
Brother" or "The Man". Noting that they were "seekers of meaning and value", scholars like
Timothy Miller describe hippies as a new religious movement. (...)
       (...) On July 7, Time magazine featured a cover story entitled, "The Hippies: The
Philosophy of a Subculture." The article described the guidelines of the hippie code: "Do your
own thing, wherever you have to do it and whenever you want. Drop out. Leave society as you
have known it. Leave it utterly. Blow the mind of every straight person you can reach. Turn them
on, if not to drugs, then to beauty, love, honesty, fun."
         (...) The legacy of the hippie movement continues to permeate Western society. In
general, unmarried couples of all ages feel free to travel and live together without societal
disapproval. Frankness regarding sexual matters has become more common, and the rights of
homosexual, bisexual and transsexual people, as well as people who choose not to categorize
themselves at all, have expanded. Religious and cultural diversity has gained greater
acceptance. Co-operative business enterprises and creative community living arrangements are
more accepted than before. Some of the little hippie health food stores of the 1960s and 1970s
are now large-scale, profitable businesses, due to greater interest in natural foods, herbal
remedies, vitamins and other nutritional supplements. Author Stewart Brand argues that the
development and popularization of the Internet finds one of its primary roots in the anti-
authoritarian ethos promoted by hippie culture.
       Not to mention an incalculable inspiration that hippies brought to music, movies and arts
of any way, shape or form. Just looking at some of the musical bands that generated from that era
that influenced, and will keep on influencing newer generations of people consisted of: Richie
Havens, Joan Baez, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Crosby,
Stills, Nash & Young, Carlos Santana, The Who, Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix and The
Rolling Stones. Although it officially lasted no more than a decade it was the beginning, the big
boost we, as a collective consciousness, needed for the changes to occur.


 “Unless man is committed to the belief that all mankind are his brothers, then he
labors in vain and hypocritically in the vineyards of equality.” – Adam Clayton Powell

       Now we are living in the most exciting time in the human history. More and more people
are starting to awaken everyday, spontaneously and, most importantly, the process of re-
membering is getting faster and easier every day. We don't need to physically die anymore in
order to 'wake up'. You don't need to meditate for twenty years in solitude in order to find the
connection with All That Is. In fact each person that awakens makes it easier for the next one,
and the next one, and the next one. It's a snowball effect. If you stand on top of a mountain and
you start rolling a small snowball down the slope at first it's going to roll slowly and clumsy, but
with every turn it will take on mass and speed to the point that the speed will be infinite and the
size incomprehensible.
       So does it mean you should just sit around and wait for changes to happen? You can but
you will miss the 'first wave' of change that will be coming very soon. Look, all this information
right now is coming out for one reason only - to give everyone an opportunity to wake up and re-
member that All That Is is knocking at your door all the time, you just don't want to answer the
call. But still it will never stop knocking. You are unconditionally loved all the time and that love
will never cease to exist, but by refusing the information you’re doing several things.
       First of all you are procrastinating your life. You are waiting for the 'perfect' moment to
move your ass from the couch and finally start doing something. I know so many people who are
bitching all the time: 'I feel so depressed, I don't have any energy. I have all kinds of sicknesses'
or 'I am so bored with my life'.
       They feel depressed because they feel sorry for themselves, for what cards has God dealt
them. They are not consciously aware that they created everything in their life, and I literally
mean everything. They don't have any energy because they feed their minds with the
presumptions and bullshit of the media and other people and they reinforce them in their own
lives. They feed their bodies with foods that are not good for them and they know it, but they
choose to do it anyway. They are always able to find excuses for themselves. They have all this

kind of destruction behaviors and habits which they perpetuate on a daily basis but they refuse to
take responsibility for them. More often than not they will say 'I have no control over this, it's a
habit'. Well it depends what definition of a habit you have. My definition of a habit is that it's
something you don't know you're doing. Once you recognize you're doing it it's no longer a habit,
it's a choice.
        That's too much for our Egos to handle. We were taught always to look at others, to
blame them for our failures. We never really self-reflect on ourselves and our lives. 'She is co
cold to me' or 'He doesn't listen to me.' We are so caught up blaming others for our shortcomings
that all the experience of life we have is not worth squat because it lacked the one thing that
makes all this journey worth while - insight. If you lack insight, if you lack self-reflection, if you
take everything at face value and never question anything, you are as good as dead. Your life is
meaningless and you are an asshole.
        The saddest thing about all of this is that you know most of the answers to those
questions yourself. You know you should eat healthy, exercise, think positive but all those things
need time and effort and you were taught to go through life on the line of least resistance. You
want instant gratification and if you don't get it you tend to stop and get discouraged real quickly.

        ”There art two cardinal sins from which all others spring: Impatience and
                                Laziness.” - Franz Kafka

        If you're overweight chances are you didn't develop that condition overnight. It took
years and years of not caring about yourself, eating lousy foods and being an emotional wreck to
put yourself in that state. One day you might make a decision that you want to change and what
do you do? You enroll to the gym and you expect to change in a month. You will measure your
waist after each workout and if the needle doesn't move every time you measure it you become
discouraged and angry. You want that super-slim body but to do it for a year? To change all
those nasty habits of mine? No thank you, I rather watch 'Seinfeld'. And that's exactly what you
do. You sit on your couch and another year passes and another and another. One day you look in
the mirror and you see this old person who wasn't there before and you start asking yourself
'Where did my life go? What did I do that was significant?' and you can't think of anything. And
you start feeling sorry for yourself. You whip like a baby, because deep inside that's what you
are, a poor little baby, not loved enough by its mummy and daddy.

        'Yeah it's their fault I can not commit. They never taught me how to love.' It's always
about them, someone else that took something away from you or didn't give you enough. The
guy that took your job because you were a lousy worker or the neighbor who took your wife
because you were a lousy husband.
        'Who would want to be with a loser like me anyway?' You ask but you don't ask 'Why do I
think that about myself?' Instead you try to forget with drugs, alcohol, TV and sex, but whatever
you do the pain doesn't seem to go away. Finally, on your death bed, even though you never
really believed in God, you pray to him: 'God, if you're out there, take me to heaven, please.'
You can't even die with dignity.
        That's how your life might look like if you won't make the changes necessary today, but
you're still here. You're still breathing and alive while reading these words. You haven't given up
on yourself yet and the only time you lose is when you stop trying. So now do a little exercise
with me and don't procrastinate and wait for a better time to do it. The only time is now and it's
the time to act.

“There is only one person who can stop you from becoming who you wish to be. If
                         you’re being that person, stop.”

        Close your eyes and see yourself looking in the mirror the way you are today. Now really
inspect yourself. How do you look? Do you look happy and content with life? Do you look
complete and at ease? Are you smiling or are you frowning? Do you see yourself standing tall
and proud or are you sledged and feeling overburdened? Take your time to inspect yourself.
Don't haste anywhere, really feel into that person you are now. Feel everything there is to feel
about you.
        Now after you really felt that, in your minds eye, forward the clock six months from now
and investigate yourself again. Look at yourself. Did you change at all? Remember that all the
assumptions and beliefs you have right now will be valid six months from now. How do you
feel? Are you rejoiced or sad? Are you excited or put down by life? Look into your eyes and tell
me what do you see? Is it curiosity for life or boredom? Again take your time, don't haste the
        After you investigated yourself from head to toe, after you felt yourself completely, put
the clock one year from now and do the same thing. How did the image change? Do you feel

older or younger? How is your posture? How do you feel? Don't haste or miss anything. Do this
as it would be the last thing you're going to be doing in this life, because it just might be.
       It's now five years from now. You can definitely see some physical changes in you,
maybe some gray hair or bold head. Be curious and really see and feel that person in the mirror.
How do you feel? Are you happy now? Again repeat the process as throughtfully as you can and
when you're ready move to the time ten years from now, then twenty, then thirty until it's the
time when you are on your death bed.
       You're now on your death bed. Look at yourself. How do you feel? Do you feel like
you've lived life the best you could? Do you hold any regrets or grudges? Do your eyes tell the
story of joy and passion and excitement or the story of pity, smallness and insignificance? Are
you looking healthy or beaten down? Feel yourself while you know that it's the only time that
you have really reflected upon your life and it's going to be the last thing you do on this earth.
       If you did this exercise congratulate yourself. If you just skipped it, go back! Go back
right now! Stop being an asshole thinking that you have all the time in the world, because you
don't. Act like this moment is your last moment on this planet! Be bold and courage’s and for
once in your life do something that truly matters.
       Ok, now the person you've seen last is the You you will become if you won't do nothing
with your life. It is the person you will become if you will keep living your life the way you are
now. How do you feel knowing that? Is that an exciting prospect for you?
       If you're like most people, and like I was at one time in my life, you would be pretty
freaked out and terrified with that image and that's fine. The first step in the direction of
changing anything is to take responsibility for it. You can not change something you do not own;
once you make it your own you can do as you please with it.
       That's why it's so important for you to do this exercise. If you didn't, please do it. Don't
do it for me, because to tell you the truth, I don't care. Do it for yourself. Do it for all the people
in your life that you love and that you want to have in it. You can even do it for the sake of
proving to yourself that you don't need to change, that your life is now exactly how you want it
to be and you are ecstatic and perfectly happy with it. I will respect anything you choose,
because everyone has got their own way.
       If you did it, it means you are ready to reflect on your life. It means that you answered the
knock of the Spirit. It might be that you did it consciously a long time ago and that is just the
piece of the puzzle for you to put in place. It doesn't matter. Either way I congratulate you on

your boldness and willingness to explore the unknown and for you to know that you are always
supported with the infinite unconditional love there is.
        Now that you know where your life is going you can change it. Let's do it right now.
Close your eyes and see yourself in the mirror the way you want to look now. See yourself
smiling, feel the excitement of life, the thrill of adventure. Let all those feelings in that you
longed for all your life. Look at the way you stand. You are strong and tall and you have this
aura of invincibility around you. Really feel into that person, be it as best as you can be. See the
eyes, the gestures. You are now yourself who is the reflection of your highest possible truth.
How do you feel? Inspect and investigate everything about yourself. Be calm and relaxed and do
as we did before one by one. Start with six months from now, then a year, five years, ten years,
twenty, thirty years and so on right until you reach your death bed. Now remember to do it
slowly and not to rush to this place. Every place in between is as important as this one now.
        Now that you're here, on your death bed, how do you feel? How is the image different
from the first one? Do you have any regrets about life? Do you hold any grudges or unwanted
emotions? Are you sloughed or straight? Do you look like an old person beaten by life, or instead
like a wise person, who’s got this spark in his eye, who knows that death isn't the end but only a
bump in the road, a change of perspective on life. Really feel into that person. Breath it in
deeply. Take three long breaths and open your eyes.
        Now if you did that you should feel exhilarated and excited. It's like you freed immense
loads of energy you never knew existed. I'm not going to tell you that that's how you're going to
feel all the time from now on. It's a feeling and like all feelings, it will pass.
        What is the profoundness of this exercise is that you've now sent a message to the Spirit
saying 'I am ready to find myself'. It's one step in a series of infinite steps in this journey of self-
discovery. It's a journey and a journey without a destination. In fact the journey is the
destination. It's not about catching the rabbit, it's about chasing it.
        So now that you know what you are on I will try to prepare you for what you can expect
on the way. You will encounter many things you never thought or knew existed and you will
make them your own. You will finally grow from the infantile, scared child into the You you
were destined to be.


 “If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the
               worn paths of accepted success.” - John D. Rockefeller

        There is this saying 'When the student is ready the teacher will follow.' The truth is that
the process of learning all this information isn't really learning. It's really un-learning all the crap
that you have been taught by society to believe is true. The truth is we have all the information
within us and we are only re-membering what we already know.
        I want you to have this understanding for few reasons. First of all you don't need anybody
to teach you anything. The whole concept of teaching is that someone has more knowledge about
a certain subject and will give you that knowledge as he or she understands it. The danger behind
this notion is that every person is different and complexed in its own unique way, and nobody
can tell you for sure: 'Follow this road and it will take you straight to where you need to go.' If
you hear someone talking like that leave him at once. He has no true understanding of the nature
of the road that all of us are on.
        Every person that seas that her way is the end-all-be-all means of achieving anything
they are most probably there to use you. They might have the best intentions doing it, but that
doesn't change the fact that they want something from you, be it money, recognition, sex or
energy. It doesn't matter what it is, but if you feel like that's the case feel free to drop that teacher
in an instant.
        From my own experience, as you read in the beginning of this book, you can see how
many people got mislead by the notion of one-teacher one-method kind of approach. I was one
of the fortunates who didn't succumb to that. Does it mean I'm any better than those other guys? I
certainly am not, but the repercussions are that I came to where I am today faster. That is the
only advantage of that approach.
        You must understand that the mere willingness of finding yourself is enough to get you
where you need to go, but is what choices you make along the way that will determine the speed
and pace of your growth.

       “I never worry about the future. It comes soon enough.” - Albert Einstein

       When I started on this journey of self-improvement the thing that I was attracted too was
the seduction community. It might sound creepy, but believe it or not there are guys out there
that I can certainly call 'enlightened'. I don't mean they glow in the dark, but they have this
quality about them, which is to be a giver rather than a taker.
       Unfortunately the majority of people in this peculiar community aren't quite like that.
Who they are is a bunch of lost and hurt children who were given the tools on how to manipulate
more lost and hurt children. They have been doing it for some quite time now and the 'newbies'
which come to the community look up to them and follow every word they’re saying. Each of
these guys convinces the 'newbies' that because their method worked for them it will most
certainly work for the 'newbies' as well. That kind of thinking is a vicious cycle creating more
and more confused people.
       I'm not saying that those guys are bad. They are certainly lots out there who want to do
the right thing, which means to help man have the skills of being able to find themselves in the
world of today. It's a world of strong woman, which know what they want and they don't really
need men to be providers anymore. They want men who are masculine and feminine at the same
time, who can stand up for themselves and on the other hand can talk freely about their emotions.
Stating it simpler they want partners not masters, who can be supporters and givers, not takers.
Thank God the old times are gone and will never come back again. It's the time for evolution of
everyone; women were just the ones that recognized it first. Now men have some catching up to
       So the way for All That Is to manifest itself as a teacher for men was the seduction
community. It was a bunch of guys who were frustrated about their incapability of being able to
'hook up' with women. You can say those were the guys who at parties were always standing by
the wall, not talking and just staring at everybody and at the end of the night most probably
getting drunk.
       So those were the people who got fed up with that fact that the closest relationship
they've ever had was with their hand and decided to make the changes necessary to move the
odds a little bit on their favor. They started to study women, their behavior and habits. They
started out slowly, just checking what works and what doesn’t. It was a constant 'trial and error'
approach that led them on a way of establishing techniques and whole systems on how to seduce
women form the moment of meeting them to the moment of having sex.

        Of course it didn't happen overnight, but it was a very interesting phenomena. It wasn't
like all those people got together in one town and decided together to do it and it all spread out
from there. What happened was that all over the world there were people doing it on their own,
not really knowing that someone else was doing it too at the same time. When the information
finally started going out everything was ready. All over the world people who were doing this for
years started to come together and contribute their own piece of the puzzle. Not long after that it
has boomed and really ripped itself by force into the mass culture.
        Movies like 'Hitch' and 'The Ugly Truth' are products of what is called the seduction
community. Sooner than later what started as a good idea quickly corrupted into the game of
power and influence.
        Don't be fooled when I say that the seduction community isn't really mainstream yet. Yes
there are some movies getting made, books coming out but it's not like you see commercials
during your favorite movie or the football game saying 'Learn how to get laid in a week'. No, no
it's much more subtle than that. Let's say that the information is available, but you have to know
it exists first. So that being said I want to tell you that it's also a really big business. There are
tens of millions of dollars every year being pumped in marketing products like books and
seminars alone, not to mention bootcamps.
        Bootcamps are usually two or three day ventures when seduction 'gurus' organize for
AFC’s (Average Frustrated Chumps) 'in field' action that they can not learn from books or
seminars. They can actually meet their 'gurus' in person, talk to them, ask questions and see them
in action. It's an invaluable learning experience for AFC’s and a great way for making profits by
'gurus'. Usually those bootcamps consist from ten to twenty people, where every participant pays
an average of a thousand dollars each. But that's not all. There is an option to be trained by a
'guru' in a one-on-one format individually. Those sessions pay ten thousand dollars each. You
don't have to be good at calculus to here those numbers 'speak'.
        But it's not about that. I believe that everything is worth as much as somebody is willing
to pay for it. Although there are ways to get the information for free, there are some people who
have the belief ' If something is more expensive it must be better.' That's the point that can't be
argued and it's a fact in today’s societies.

   “A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough
                     people to make it worth the effort.” Herm Albright

        What the danger of this kind of development is that the amount of useless information is
staggering. Those guys produce tons of materials every year and they still teach the same thing.
They change the packaging, but the content stays the same. That's why it was so frustrating for
me personally to get through all of this material, because I read the same things over and over
again in different books. And the guys that were AFC’s once have now become 'gurus' and they
are selling their 'gurus' ideas under a different packaging and a different brand name. It's like
with jeans, they all have different names and brands, but most of them are Made in China in the
same factories.
        So sooner than later the community divided into two fractions: the 'trend setters' and the
        The 'trend setters' were the people who were the oldest in the community. They started
out on their own without any support whatsoever, maybe besides people from their closest
environment at that time.
        The other fraction was the 'copycats'. They are the ones that learned from the 'trend
setters' and translated the information in their own way and teached it as that. In the spiritual
paradigm we can say that people like Buddha, Christ and Krishna were the 'trend setters' and all
the rest are just 'copycats', trying to teach what they preached, but never really made the effort to
understand it themselves or find their own way.
        In the seduction community the 'trend setters' started on this journey a long time ago and
what their underlying intention was not to profit from it, but to improve themselves. It's kind of
hard for anyone to believe today that Bill Gates didn't create Microsoft to be the richest man in
the world. He made it because he wanted to share his discoveries with the world and make some
profit on it, but I bet he never, in his wildest dreams, thought how generous the world would be
willing to pay for that.
        So was with the guys in the seduction community. When they started out in their
metaphorical 'basement' they had no idea how their actions will affect them and the world around
them. You may think that I'm exaggerating about the importance of this community, but in fact I
see it as the best tool for men today to evolve from infantile boys into grown men. Of course we
are still getting there, but even today the information to do so is there and anybody who is
willing to put in the hours can find it out for themselves. If I could do it so can you. I never paid
any money for that material and that's one of the reasons why I don't expect you to pay for this

book either, unless you feel in your heart that you want too. I didn't make all of this stuff up nor
did I do it to make a profit. In my opinion everybody has got his part to play in this world and
I'm just playing it the way I feel will be most beneficial for all, me included. That's the only
reason why this information is spreading the way it is, because my excitement is telling me that
is the way it should.

          “I never did a day's work in my life. It was all fun.” – Thomas Edison

        Soon after the community has solidified there was a great need for a leader to arise and
put it in the direction it needed to go. Unfortunately, as we all know in most of those cases,
people tend to make the choices that aren't most beneficial in the long run, but instead are the
easiest and bring instant gratification.
        Those kinds of leaders were 'chosen'. It doesn't mean there was a vote or anything like
that. It means that people wanted to learn their methods and techniques because they seemed to
be the easiest and giving the fastest results.
        It wasn't the only road to take, but the majority has ruled in that way and so the 'copycats'
began to do their work. They learned what the people wanted to learn and called themselves
'gurus' to make a huge profit out of them. That's the reason why there are so many people out
there today that are more confused than ever, because they followed what they thought would be
the road of least resistance, but in fact was the longer route to get them where they needed to go.
Everyone makes their own choices and I don't judge them as being better or worse, but every
action has consequences and that's what they were here.
        First of all the people who were given 'the power' were the people who were offering
ready-to-use tips and tricks on how to seduce woman. The effectiveness of those techniques was
measured on how fast you could have sex with the woman you just met and with the least
amount of effort.
        It got to a point of what I was saying in the beginning. There was a basic set of things to
say and to act that were unpredictable to women, which in turn evoked in them the sense of
curiosity for the man.
        You might compare it to a highway were all the cars are driving in the same direction -
when you see one car who would defy it and start riding in the opposite direction, you can be
sure that it would bring peoples attention and made the news headlines.

       So that's what it was basically about - capture a woman’s attention and than build it up
until the moment she goes to bed with you. That's how far the teachings went. After having first
sex with the woman the information would stop and it would start going round again from the
top, meaning sex was the goal of it all.
       So what did this kind of information do to men?
       First of all it made them believe that you could memorize few lines and few jokes and
could get any woman you wanted.
       Second they started thinking about seducing woman as a sport, like hunting or fishing.
They didn't care about the pray, they only cared about the trophy.
       Third they only got good at the first part of every relationship which is seducing. They
didn't learn on how to perpetuate the relationship later and in fact became lonelier and more
alienated than ever.
       Fortunately that wasn't the only information available back then. The 'trend setters',
which from now on I will call the 'truth seekers', who didn't get corrupted by power and money,
still felt there was something more to this whole seduction thing. They were against using
women as toys. What they did instead was to take the women they seduced and helped them deal
with the problems they've had.
       They used their skills, which they gained through studying human psychology and
behavior, to point out to those women the places in their lives that made them feel miserable or
inadequate. They became the true givers to women. Their agenda has changed from seducing
them to empowering them, and their teachings reflected that. They didn't teach man tips and
tricks on how to seduce woman, but instead they taught men on how to be irresistible to women
by becoming the men women fell instant attraction for, men whose characteristics would include
- honesty, self-confidence and empathy for fellow human and so on.
       Their inspiration came from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), psychology and
spirituality. They were the ones who showed the people like me, who didn't see any sense in the
madness of the 'copycats', to be able to choose another way, a way of a 'truth seeker'.
       Don't ask me why I was one of those who was attracted to this kind of material, because I
couldn't give you a satisfying answer. I give a lot of credit to my brother who was a life example
for me that you could be yourself and still seduce women. It's my deepest assurance that without
him in my life I would probably never have taken the 'longer road'. I thank him for that, but I
also recognize my part in it. It was me that made the decision to take this path.

       I know a lot of people who succumbed to the teachings of the 'copycats', and who a year
ago would not even want to hear the words I'm saying now, and right now are nodding their
heads in approval. They know that what they were pursuing was wrong to begin with and now
they are more confused than ever.
       It doesn't mean that I feel better than them or more fortunate. They made a choice and so
did I, that's all there is to it. This was the road they chose and the lessons they had to learn, and
it's not mine or yours to judge them in any way, shape or form. What they did wrong is they had
the wrong intention. Their intention was to learn on how to 'get laid', my intention was to learn
on how to be the best possible self I can be and that made all the difference in the world.

                 “Happiness is a direction, not a place.” - Sydney J. Harris

       When you have a shovel and you start digging for a treasure, you better make sure that
you have a good map first. If you don't and you start digging in the wrong place, you will get
tired as fuck and not find anything.
       Those people are now starting to realize that what they were doing was in fact just that,
but if they transmute their experiences from that time into insights they will see that it was
exactly the road they had to follow to be where they need to be right now.
       So where does it leave you now? Should you go on and start reading all the seduction
material you can find? Or maybe you should follow my every word and look for clues on where
should you go next from here? Or maybe you might want to make me one of your 'gurus'? That
would be a really funny prospect for me and an unbeneficial for you. I don't want you to go and
do any of those things. What I want you to do is to follow your excitement.


   “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” –

        Now we've got to the point to what it all comes down too. If I could give you only one
piece of advice on what to do in your life it would be this.

       Follow your excitement to the best of your ability at any given moment!

        I can not emphasize enough how important it is to do it and at the same time how difficult
it is for people in our society to do just that.
        We are taught, since we are infants, who we should be when we grow up. Some kids
want to be doctors, lawyers, nurses. They just got this urge in the back of their head that they
know this is exactly what they should do in life. If you're one of those people you may consider
yourself lucky. Not lucky because it is easy to be a doctor or a nurse. It takes tremendous
sacrifices, both financially and emotionally, to be someone who faces death almost on a daily
basis. I've got utmost respect for those people who work their asses off, many times when
'regular' people celebrate holidays.
        That being said, why do I consider them fortunate even though I think it's one of the
toughest jobs today? Because all of those jobs are the ones that are socially acceptable and
        When you're five years old and you ran up to your mummy and you say: 'Mummy I want
to be a doctor when I grow up.' you will probably not here the words like: 'Oh a doctor, honey?
Are you sure? You know it's a very hard work. You have to deal with dying people on a daily
basis and it will take a great toll on your personal life. Although it's one of the most beautiful
gifts you can give to others, by saving their lives and health, you should really consider if that is
what you would like your life to look like.'
        What you might here instead is something like this.
        'Oh a doctor, huh? Well Jeanies son is a doctor and he makes over two hundred thousand
dollars a year. They now bought a house for over five million dollars that has eight bathrooms,
twelve bedrooms and a wine cellar. They hardly see each other, but you should see the car this

guy is driving now. Yeah son, if you want to be a doctor go for it. I'm with you all the way on this
        Well let's look at how some parents would react if their teenage son would one day come
home and say that he wants to be an artist.
        'An artist of what? Artist is another word for bum these days. You've always had your
head up in the clouds, but that's it. We tolerated it because I and your mother figured it would
stimulate your creative side, but that's a little too much. So you want to paint pictures and
support yourself with that? You know that most of these so-called artists are waitresses in the
restaurants that we eat in? Yeah, they are buss boys, garbage man and who knows what else.
Well that's not going to happen to my boy and it's time to get serious about your life. Look if you
want to go to college we figured UCLA or Harvard. Of course you can choose any major you
want, as long as it's not one of those photography or painting things. I'm not going to spend my
hard worked money to create another bum for the society.'
        Well does that sound familiar to you? Maybe you were in one of those households where
parents made you 'do what is right' in their opinion? If you are, reflecting on your life, how do
you feel about that choice now? Do you feel happy and excited going to work everyday or you
sort of got used to it and figure that 'that's how it has to be?' Well think about it for a second.
        Personally that wasn't the case for me. Me and my brother were left with absolute choice
to where we would go and what we wanted to learn. There was one problem dough, my brother
didn't want to go to college and eventually became a dropout after five years of attending.
        My parents thought that education is the most important thing that you can give to your
child. In my opinion the most important thing you can do for a child is to help him identify what
he really loves to do and than try to give him all the means necessary to expand those interests in
any way the child, not the parent, feels would be best for him.         When I look at my life, as to
where I was then and where I am now, my parents held just one part of the truth. Education can
be the means to acquire the skills that you will need to become the best possible self you can be
in the future, but it doesn't have to be. If the kid doesn't like what he's learning you can
practically say he's wasting his time and the parents money in the process.

        “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.
                      Imagination encircles the world.” Albert Einstein

        At the time that I was attending college there was no way I could attend a school that
could develop my talents fully. Not that there was no such school but because I simply didn't
realize I had any talents at all.
        I was never infused with that passion that makes the difference between having an
exciting and a boring life. Instead I thought of myself as being totally normal and average. While
other kids had passions and interests I was just 'going by' from one place to another, not really
having any real fun in the process. I associate that with the fact that in my childhood I felt really
connected with my father and he is a person who has never had any real hobbies or passions for
life. He just sort of let life 'pass him by' as he was watching it and so did I for a long time - I let
life pass me by waving 'Good bye' each time I looked at it.
        What I did straight after high school I picked a school which I thought might be more
interesting than others. I became an electrical engineer after six years of attending. I flanked the
first semester, but instead of learning my lesson I started again next year, and on the same major
as before.
        I can't say I was learning anything during my college years because it didn't have much to
do with that. Most of the time I was either stoned, drunk or bored to my core. The information
given to us didn't resonate with me at all. In fact I maybe know two or three people, out of maybe
two hundred, that really deserve the degrees that we got in the end of our education. This means
that those people have a chance of becoming the 'trend setters' instead of 'copycats'
        The main thing is that what they taught us in school were things that were out-of-date.
What we were learning were things that our teacher’s professors were teaching them thirty years
ago. I don't know how good your knowledge is about computers, electronics and electrical
machines, but you can intuitively sense that the technology has moved up a notch since the last
three decades. Nevertheless we were still being taught that out-dated crap.
        I believe that many of my colleagues were discouraged by that fact. Some of them came
to this school to genuinely learn something, not like me, out of hoping I will eventually 'get into
it' somehow. Those people wanted to be engineers and wanted to invent and create, but they just
weren't given the tools to do it.
        Instead we were fed a bunch of out-dated stuff, which 95% of the time was useless
anyway, but we always heard in the background when questioning the information we were
being given 'You will go to a job and you will have to learn everything from scratch anyway.'

       That's what our professors used to say to us. Can you believe it!? You spend five years of
your life learning all this stuff, spending small fortunes each year just to get by, and in the end
most of what you have learned is a useless bunch of crap and everybody knows it! It's funny and
sad at the same time. 'You know, no matter what, you've got to get an education' at least that was
the belief in my household.
       On the other hand there are households where kids aren't even given a chance to get a
higher education. For instance because of the emotional drama at home the kid can't concentrate
on learning at school. To force his parents to look at the damaging atmosphere at home, he
becomes a trouble maker at school. He does pranks, misses hours and so forth just for the parents
to notice that there is a problem to look at. But the parents don't know that the kid is actually
beckoning them. They think it's the child’s fault, that it has somehow been created by God or this
devil to have a restless nature. They try to fix the kid but he's not broken. His behavior is caused
by the disturbance in the house. Instead of fixing the source of the problem they try to fix the
effects. That never works and sooner or later the kid becomes so emotionally unstable that he
gets a label from the family and society that he's a 'black sheep'. Than after enough calling him
that, he himself starts to believe that he is a 'black sheep' and starts behaving accordingly. Those
are the people that usually become murderers, child molesters and thefts. They are confused and
unstable and don't really know why they behave the way they do. Everyone has told them that it's
there fault so they didn't have any other choice but to believe them.
       You may say 'It's not that simple', but it is. It all starts at home, but we never take time to
self reflect on ourselves and in turn blame everybody else for our shortcomings. The truth is that
every action has a consequence and the sooner we start looking at the actions that we take the
sooner we can start changing the circumstances that come into our lives. Let me tell you a story a
friend told me once.
       My friend had an acquaintance who was a chief of police. His wife had died and he was
left all alone to raise his 14-year old son. So after some time, not being able to deal with the
emotional pain that he had, the boy started getting into trouble. What I mean by trouble isn’t
getting drunk or get into fights, but what I mean is he was caught with few other guys while they
were robbing a house. So the father was left with a hard decision to make – use his influence to
take the kid out of jail or let him bare the consequences of his actions. What do you think he did?
What would you do? Well most people would cover the whole thing up. They would do

anything to ‘save’ their child. But what ‘saving’ would mean in this circumstance? What would
be more beneficial in the long run for the kid?
        Well if the guy would use his influence to get his son out of jail what would the boy learn
from it? First of all that you can do something and get away with it. That you can hurt others and
somehow not be hurt in return. Well that’s not how life works at all. Every thing that is in your
life right now is an effect of the choices you have made right until this point and that’s a fact,
whether you want to believe it or not.
        What the guy did, despite all his family members and most of his friends, he did what he
felt would be most beneficial for the kid in the long run. He let the boy suffer the consequences
of his actions. So the boy went to the juvenile center for couple of years and from what my friend
has learned later he hated his father every day for what he had done to him. I don’t know about
how the father felt, but I can imagine it wasn’t easy for him to make that decision. I know
however how did the whole story end. My friend met those two guys walking around town few
years later. The boy had grown up. He was twenty-something now and both him and his father
were walking around laughing and talking happily to each other. After talking shortly to my
friend the ‘boy’ said reflecting on the whole incident: “I was angry for many, many years at my
father. I blamed him for many things that he didn’t do and wasn’t responsible for. The decision
he made putting me in the juvenile center was the best decision he could have made, it saved my
life. I thank him everyday for that. My father is my best friend.”
        The truth is that when we are born we are all equal; we all have a fresh start. We are
untainted by anyone or anything. We are an open book that we let our parents write the first lines
        We feel closely connected to them, not only on a physical level, but most importantly
psychologically and emotionally. It's hard for some people to believe, but the process of 'writing'
in our kid’s minds starts from the moment it jumps out of the womb to greet this hostile world.
Now we are starting to realize that even before that, when the kid is in the belly, it is affected by
the mother’s moods and foods she consumes.
        Most parents are blind to these facts. They think they can do whatever they like and
expect the kids not to follow in their footsteps. The thing that my parents used to say when me
and my brother used to bother them to stop smoking, was to say 'I'm showing you the way how
not to act.' Well it is a nice way of getting the responsibility away from them, but the fact
remains that me and my brother later on became smokers.

       I managed to shake that habit after five years, but he didn't. He's still a smoker till this
day. I'm pretty sure that we wouldn't be, if we wouldn't have had the example in our household.
Even though I quit for a year, later I came back to it. It's funny, because I was really convinced
that I would never smoke again. I even convinced my surrounding that I and cigarettes are
through for good. Still I had beliefs about smoking that made me come back to it. It somehow
'sneaked up' on me when I wasn't looking.
       I finally got to a point that I have this issue permanently resolved and, even though I
know that this particular habit I observed from every angle, I know how easy it is to revert to
your old, bad habits. Monitoring yourself and your thoughts is a 24/7 job which most people are
just simply to lazy to take.

                     “Eighty percent of success is showing up.”-
                                   - Woody Allen

       So my parents have really created for me and my brother every possible mean to make
college education available to us. They also didn't force us to choose any specific field. I believe
I would even be allowed to go to Ballet College if I really wanted to, but that's not the point. The
point is that they lacked the ability to inhibit in us the thing that matters most in life - the
excitement for it.
       Excitement is a feeling that I described before when I wrote about 'The most Profound
Question.' Let me remind you about it.
       Q: Why do dogs risk getting bugs in their eyes sticking their heads out of car windows?
       A: (...) Because the contrast of the bugs in the eye is a small price to pay for the
exhilaration of that ride. And it is exactly the same way you felt when you made a decision to
come into this physical existence. It's exactly the way you felt when you knew their would be
contrast and you said 'The ride is going to be worth it.'

       That is the attitude we should be taught about life in general. It should be taught that life
is the most amazing and unpredictable adventure you will ever be on and that every moment is
beautiful and perfect in its uniqueness. From all the moments in the Universe that one will never
happen again. You will never be in this exact place again, with those exact people, saying those

exact words and feeling those exact emotions. This moment is sacred as every other moment and
not better or worse than any other that will or could ever be.
        This attitude can't be learned in any school. It can be lectured about, written about and
spoke about, but to really know what you're talking about you have to live it. To talk about it is
like trying to explain to a virgin what it feels like to have sex.
        Nevertheless the only way we as humans, at this point in time in our evolution, can
communicate through words and language. As I said before those two things were the reason that
Christ’s teachings were misinterpreted - they are incapable of expressing true emotions. What
words do is that they try to describe to the recipient, through comparison and analogies to what
we have already experienced, the closest possible feeling we had while having the experience. It
gives us a reference point and that's the only thing it does. You can try to tell someone about how
it felt when you were surfing and can give the person the closest possible image of that feeling,
but the truth is that you won't capture the Spirit that was in that moment. Why? Because that
moment was unique and will never be repeated again in the same exact way. You can try to
duplicate it, just like I tried to duplicate the effects of the first times I was smoking marijuana,
but the truth is you can't. It doesn't mean that it is the most pleasant and profound feeling you
will ever have with that experience, but talking about it will never duplicate it. It will always be
'the closest one to the real thing.'
        Am I getting through to you? Every moment in time in unique and the circumstance that
are now in your life will never, ever, ever be exactly the same as now. That's why life is so
exciting, because every moment is different. That's not what we've been led to believe, but we'll
talk about that later.
        So language is a very primitive medium, because words can be distorted, turned around,
misinterpreted and misused. If you would experience All That Is in the fullest of its glory you
would have no way of describing it too anybody. You could give them the closest possible
metaphor of how it felt when this emotion of unconditional love flooded your being to the core,
but it would only be describing and not experiencing.
        You can read about when people have near death experiences, which in fact are death
experiences but followed by the choice to return to the physical life and keep on playing the
game. More often than not we just don't remember the act of choosing. Of course every death
experience is different because we all have a unique view of how it should look like.

         For example if a person is very religious and believes in God, angels and so forth she
may find herself experiencing, on her death bed, angels descending from the sky or Jesus Christ
taking her hand to follow her to the heavens.
         On the other hand if the person is an atheist it may manifest in a visit from a long time
friend or a family member who already passed on. It doesn't really matter, because the energy
behind it is always the same, only our preconceived notions about life and death construct those
games in order for us not to experience the void and vastness of All That Is upon dying. Of
course if someone has exactly those kinds of beliefs about what's really 'out there' - void and
emptiness, that is exactly what he will experience.
         All That Is loves you unconditionally and it will allow you to experience anything you
believe is true. That's why the saying 'believing is seeing' is true, not the other way around.
         Anyway I base my observations mainly on the book 'Life after death' by Raymond
Moody. He interviewed hundreds of cases of patients that have had a near death experience. He
divided them into groups and set up stages of what happens after you leave your physical body.
It's a really amazing lecture and I can suggest it to anyone who’s willing to read it.
         As Moody describes there are ten different stages of the 'process of dying'. By stages I
mean things to expect or, stating it differently, what is the common denominator for all those
experiences. Some people have for example five stages that they share with others who
experienced it, others have two or three, some have one. You can definitely say that there are no
two identical experiences, because everyone has got a unique personality which manifests in
everything we do, even dying.
         There was one thing that Moody found was similar in all accounts. It was the feeling of
unconditional love that evoked all of them. Most of the time the 'victims' didn't want to go back
to their physical lives, but some of them felt the obligation to their families and some were just
pushed out back like it wasn't yet their time to stay, like they still had something to do on this
         They all felt a sense of belonging to that place. It was a feeling of overwhelming love that
they longed for afterwards. In fact what also makes those people similar is that this experience
changed their life completely. They became more loving and caring about other people. Some
say it's because they didn't want to disappoint whoever it was that was waiting for them 'on the
other side' and some just eased up their constraints on life, knowing that death is really nothing

to fear. What it is, it is coming back home to the Source of everything, to the unconditional love
of All That Is.

“Are you bored with your life? Then throw yourself into some work you believe in
 with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you had
                       thought could never be yours.” – Dale Carnegie

        Well we got a little philosophical, didn't we? That's fine, because what's today’s
philosophy is tomorrows science. Just look at Copernicus for instance. When he first declared the
heliocentric theory, which stated that in fact it was Earth that was circling the Sun and not the
other way around, people of that time called him crazy and heretic. It was believed by people of
those times that Earth was the center of the Universe.
        Today everybody knows that Copernicus theory was right. There is no doubt in
anybodies mind whet it comes to it, but it was still true before Copernicus 'discovered' it. Before
Copernicus came along, the geocentric theory, which stated the opposite, was right and for the
people of those times it was undisputed. So who was right? You'll say 'Copernicus, of course',
but you're not right either. You're not right because there is no absolute truth.
        If you believe that banana flavored ice cream tastes like vanilla than you’re right.
Everyone around you may argue and try to convince you that it tastes like banana, but if your
experience of the flavor is vanilla, than it is vanilla! We tend to think that just because we label
something in a certain way it has to be valid for everyone. Well everyone is different and
everyone can choose what they want to believe and experience.

“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody
                            has thought”. - Albert von Szent-Gyorgyi

        So were the people that lived before Copernicus wrong? No, they just weren't right. But
that doesn't change the fact that their experience was as if they were right. You see if you
believe, with the utmost certainty, that your life has been a series of failures than you're right.
Your experience of your life is that of a struggle and suffering and that you can do nothing about
it. I'm fine with that as long as you are too.

        So what would happen if you chose to look at your life differently? What if you chose to
look at your life as a divine plan that works itself out perfectly at every moment and you're
exactly where you need to be at this moment in your life? You would be right too.
        You see once you start on this 'spiritual journey' you don't change your past. What you
do is you change how you viewed your past and by that you change your experience of the past.
By this maneuver the way you thought your life looked like is no longer valid. The only valid
thing is what you want to believe your life was and will be. That implies that you can give any
circumstance any meaning you desire and you will get out of it exactly the experience of that
choice, nothing more and nothing less than that. You can choose to believe me or not, it doesn't
matter to me, but that is what I’ve experienced and I know is true. I changed my life not because
I changed my past, but because I changed my beliefs about my past and by this I changed my
experience of my past.
        That's all life is - a perspective, a point of view and it will never be anything more or less
than that. Of course you can choose to believe that different things in life have built in meanings,
but they really don’t. My own ‘moment of clarity’ is a perfect example of that. What do you do
when you’re a man and a woman dumps you? What you do is you try to put all the blame on her
‘She is this and that. She’s not good enough for me. I can do better than that.’ and so on. And
after a while what happens next? You get into another relationship and it ends in a similar
fashion. Why is that? Because we don’t get ‘the lessons’ that we are suppose to get. We don’t see
that the other person is reflecting to us the need to change, but we refuse to acknowledge it.
Why? Because have not been taught too. If we were we would say ‘Ok, another relationship just
ended in the similar way as the last one. What am I doing wrong? How can I change my
behavior for it not to happen again?’ You see the difference between those two approaches? The
situation is the same, but the effect you get from it is quit different.
        So you really do have a choice and you can, just like I did at my 'moment of clarity',
thank everyone and everything in your life. We are here to really experience life and not to 'just
get by'. We are so loved unconditionally by All That Is and it lets us choose exactly what we
want the experience of life to be for us. That's why when I say to you that God doesn't judge you
it's because he has no preference on what you choose. He will support you in anything you
choose to believe your life to be.
        When you choose the lowest possible experience of life for yourself he will say 'Be my
guest'. But it will say the same thing when you choose the highest possible vision of your life. It's

that simple and it's my experience that this is true. But I don't want to force you to do anything,
or even worse, to make you believe that what I'm saying is true without trying it out for yourself.
I want you to try it and see that it is so. Just have an open mind and be bold to consider the
possibility that this information might be true.
       Changes won't happen overnight. They will eventually, but the quicker you make the
decision the better. We are near an end of the cycle of forgetfulness. The cycle of re-membering
is just starting and the wheel is already rolling. The only question is 'What position on that wheel
will you choose for yourself?'
       Will you be left behind like those who opposed Copernicus or will you ride the 'first
wave' to have front row seats and have a significant role in the changes that will be coming? In
other words you want to be a 'trend setter' or a 'copycat'? It all comes down to You. I already
made my decision and many others are making that decision everyday. Everyday you
procrastinate you in fact put your life on hold. What will you choose? Will you settle for a
mediocre life for yourself or will you choose a life of a constant surprise, change and wonder
which will never end, not even after your physical death.
       If you say 'Yes' to life there is one thing and one thing only for you to do from this point
       When you do that I promise you, you will be the one riding 'the first wave' of the new
cycle. You will be the 'trend setter' and the 'truth seeker'. You can't be anything less, unless you
choose to believe you can. You are a luminous being made of light, made of billions of light
fibers shutting up and down in every direction, connected to everyone and everything in
existence. You are the God particle; you are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. You are
Buddha, Christ Consciousness and Krishna Spirit in One. You are every saint, every sage and
every seer there was, is and will be. You are every mother, father, son and daughter, plant and
animal. You are All these things because there is only One thing and only One being in the
Universe - You. And You are made of unconditional love just like All That Is, because you are
All That Is. That's why you have been supported in everything you have ever set out to achieve in
your life. You are abundant in every possible way you can imagine. You always get what you
want, always, without exception.
       The only problem is that up to this day you have created everything in your life
unconsciously. You believe you are your thoughts, which in fact you're not. But believing that

you are gives them the power to create and then you start creating things you don't like - poverty,
debt, hunger, addiction, abuse. And than you pray to God for five minutes a day every night
asking 'Please God, take all that pain away from me. I can't take it anymore.' And God listens
instantly. At that moment you are free from all the pain you have inflicted upon yourself. But
then you wake up the next morning and what do you do? You let your random thoughts in and
you let them take over, thoughts of self-pity and self-importance. You indulge in everything, you
judge your fellow men and you feel pressure from the society to be this and that. You perpetuate
your own lie and you do it on a moment-to-moment basis. You do it from dusk till dawn and you
feel exhausted, because what you're doing is your perpetuating a lie. In the end of the day you
kneel down beside your bed and say the same prayer 'Please God, take all that pain away from
me. I can't take it anymore.'
        So what's the real prayer? Is it those five minutes a day you set aside for a grander being
than yourself to change your life or are your actions and thoughts during the day that really make
the difference? You want to pray, but you want to pray for the strength to be the best possible
self you can be. You want to pray for the ability to recognize life for what it is - a game which
goal is just playing.
        Life isn't a struggle, it's a challenge. Pray for the strength to overcome the challenges and
know that you are the Creator of your destiny. There is no white-bearded guy floating on a cloud
saying 'You will get this but you won't get that.' The true God gives you everything you want all
the time. It's not a vengeful God; it's not a jealous God. What could you give him that wasn't
already His? It's a God that loves you unconditionally and that love manifests in the way that he
will even allow you to believe that you're not loved, and that's how unconditionally loved you
        So how to connect to All That Is? How to really communicate with it? Well that's what
this book is all about. It's about helping you first to recognize that you do have a connection with
All That Is all the time, teach you how to nurture that relationship, watch it grow and finally,
after some time, start fulfilling your true destiny and your true mission in this life. If there is one
thing worth praying for it's just that. Pray for that connection. Breath, smell, taste, feel it in
everything you do. That's what you have set out here to do. It's your birthright and nobody except
you can deny it to yourself anymore. Choose, choose and choose again and again until one day
you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you have chosen this life for yourself and it's time
to take responsibility for it.

       What excitement is it's the language of All That Is/ God/ the Infinite/ the Spirit/ the
Divine/ the Higher Self. Wherever our physical language can be distorted and misunderstood, the
language on All That Is, excitement, can never be misused. It simply means that each time that
you follow your excitement to the best of your ability you're doing Gods work and every time
you don't you're acting from your Ego. There is no simpler way to put it. Excitement is the
needle that will point you in the right direction. Let me give you an example of what it translates
into my own experience of life.


“I would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded by mystery than live in
                 a world so small that my mind could comprehend it.” –
                                     - Harry Emerson Fosdick

       When I talked about the seduction community I used the term 'truth seekers'. Those are
the people in that community that for me are the ones who have chosen the path of service to
others. Those are the people that concepts and teachings I used to align my belief system to
match my Higher Self. Till this day I follow up on what they are teaching and how they are
evolving with life.
       About a year ago I heard one of those guys talking about a four hand massage. I was
really intrigued by it. The guy claimed that our bodies are only accustomed to being touched by
one person at a time. It's valid especially when you live in a monogamous society of today,
which is pretty much widespread all over the world. We usually have one spouse; we share a bed
with them and our sexual activity.
       After thousands of years of that model of behavior our bodies got used to that so much
that now, if you get a massage from more than one person your mind can't really comprehend
what is going on. It has never experienced it before and what happens to your brain is like a
computer restart. Your hard drive first stops and when it boots up again it opens you up to new
       When I first heard this concept I was like 'Wow, I've got to get me one of those.' I was
really excited and I sent a real strong desire about it, which that desire I will call intent. I even
researched it on the internet to look it up in the town I was living in at that time, but sooner than
later I forgot about it and moved on with my life.
       Few months after that me and my friends visited one of the biggest water parks in
Europe, with water slopes, volleyball, saunas and floating bar. There were many amazing things
back there, but what brought my attention the most was that I could have a massage there too.
You can imagine my surprise when I saw that you can actually have a four hand massage. I was
blown away. I knew I wanted to get it. Unfortunately I lacked the funds to afford it, but still I
decided to take a regular massage instead, which was still very nice.

        Not long after that I went back to my regular life. After finishing college I decided to go
and work in the field of electrical engineering. The job was exhausting both emotionally and
physically. Everyday was like hell for me, but I still continued hoping it will get better. Later I
realized that it was so hard because I had to face so many parts of my personality that I disowned
through the years. It was an immeasurable source of experience and insights for me and I am
grateful for each day I spent there.
        On the other hand when I felt I learned all I could from this situation I decided to move
forward. After six months of working I thanked my boss and left to work with my father in
construction. It was physically much harder than when I had a desk job, but emotionally I was at
ease. It was a time for me to recuperate and rest. I didn't know what I was going to do but
somehow I wasn't worried. I knew it would all work out eventually on my favor. So instead of
worrying about the future I got focused on the now moment.
        So after a while I got information from my cousin about this breathing workshop that was
available. I looked into it and I felt really excited and upbeat at the prospect of that venture. I had
to overcome a very strong belief from my household about 'Not having enough money' that I
incorporated into my life. Thankfully I did and decided to go.
        Deciding was one thing, but actually attending the workshop was the tricky part. The
workshop took place four hundred kilometers from where I originally lived. It was three weeks
before the workshop and I was determined to go. I called all the hotels I could find in that town.
It appeared that there was not a single room left in the whole city. I was flabbergasted, I just
couldn't believe it. Instead of feeling disappointed I thought to myself that maybe it just was not
meant to be and I left it at that.
        Two weeks later I had a phone call from the woman who was organizing the workshop.
She knew I was interested at attending, called me up to make sure I'm coming. I told her all
about that boarding stuff and that I didn't knew anyone in that city with whom I could stay. She
said it's a shame, but she knows someone with a private flat that rents room to people in my
current situation, and for a much better price too. I was like 'Sure, let's do it' and it came to be
one of the most amazing weekends I had in my life.

   “You know you are on the road to success if you would do your job and not be
                          paid for it.” – Oprah Winfrey

       First of all the breathing workshop was amazing. I got to experience time as an illusion.
During the time the five of us were there for about eight hours straight, I experienced it maybe as
an hour tops. I was so in the moment and it gave me so much insight and room to grow that I
can't even describe it with words. I met most amazing people there and made unbelievable
connections with them, as we would know each other our whole lives.
       The most surprising thing happened the first day after the workshop when I went to the
flat I was supposed to sleep over. A woman and two daughters were living there. All of us made
an instant connection with each other. We spend half of the night talking. At one point of the
conversation it came up that one of the things that the woman was currently doing was giving
massages. I described to her what I heard about four hands massages and my desire in attaining
one of those. She was delighted. She said not only she gave those massages in the past, but she
actually knows a guy not far from here, and the both of them could give me one of them
       I was excited! I said that I want to do it no matter what. She called the guy up, but
apparently he was unavailable that weekend. That made me feel a little disappointed but still,
what could I do about it? It wasn't meant to be apparently.
       The next day at the workshop was amazing. We got into these breathing exercises,
opening our chakras and so forth. We even had one of our instructors that was in this self-
improvement business for over ten years have a major breakthrough.
       At one time, when we were working in pairs, she suddenly bursted into tears and started
hitting her pillow as hard as she could. You might find it funny, but what it was were her
suppressed emotions which she hadn't acknowledged before that surfaced. She made a huge
breakthrough and I know I had a big contribution in it.
       One of the exercises involved writing down our intentions for the whole day. I wrote
some stuff about aligning with the Spirit, cleansing my body and helping all of those involved in
the process in their endeavors. Remember that, by that time I was almost 100% sure that I won't
be getting my massage tonight, but I figured what the hell. In the bottom of the page I wrote
down 'Oh, and I want to have a four hand massage tonight.' It was more like a joke for me, but I
figured it can't hurt and went back to the session.
       After I came back to the flat that night I only saw the two daughters. The woman was out
doing a fire show. They said I should get ready because when she'll be back I'm going to have
my massage. I was like 'Whaatttt? I didn't know anything about that.' They said that they thought

I knew and that another guy will be filling in for the one that couldn't come. I was like 'Wow.
That's incredible.' Many different thoughts came to my mind, but I didn't want them to distract
me from the actual experience. What happened next was unbelievable.
        I call a real experience as one you can not describe with words and that was exactly it. I
can only put it in one shelve with lucid dreaming, smoking salvia divinorum and having a
multiple orgasm. All those experiences left me totally blown away, with a yearning for more and
incapability of voicing what has really happened to me at those times. I will try to give the
closest possible analogy in human language later on, but it still won't even come close to the
actual experience.
        Well I don't want to get into all the details of the massage. Let me just say that I
recommend it to everybody. From what the woman has told me the more hands the better. She
said that they had a session once when six people were massaging one person. That's twelve
hands at once! She said that one woman, during the massage, said to all of them to stop for a
minute because she had something to say to them. She said that she felt like she was floating up
to the heavens and that all of them were like these little angels ascending with her higher and
higher. Needless to say I'm up for another session anytime the opportunity might present itself.
        Let me just point out to you what all these circumstances mean to me today. You of
course can view them as a set of random events which didn't have anything to do with one
another. Of course you can believe that and I'm in no position to prove you wrong. What I want
to do is to give you an account of what my interpretation of why everything happened the way it
did and why did it come to pass at all.
        Right after my 'moment of clarity' what I was doing was gathering all the information I
could get my hands on, but not really putting it to any use, or so I taught at the time. In fact that
was the reason that I got to the understandings that I am now sharing with you today. I was never
satisfied with what I've learned.
        When I was researching this seduction material I always felt there was something more I
could learn before I could actually go out and apply it in my life. It's probably what you are
doing right now if you're reading this book - you're gathering as much information before you
take action on it. If that's the case that's fine. I just want to put you at ease that sooner than later,
when the information sinks in more and more, you will start feeling that you don't need it
anymore. You will start living the information you read and than, just of sheer fun and curiosity,
you will learn new things, but the underlying intention won't be to 'get somewhere' anymore, but

just to learn new and exciting things about yourself. The main difference from how I was acting
back then and how I'm acting now is that curiosity has replaced doubt and confusion completely.
        My attitude of 'all talk no action' back-fired on me. Now I am all action very few talk.
Well that's the way it's going to be for you one day. You are getting there, the only difference
between you and me is 'When?'
        You see most people will die before they let this kind of information in and that's fine,
because it's their choice. You are not responsible for them, but to them. You are responsible for
being the best possible self you can be. If you're coming short on that you are in fact letting
everybody down.

   “Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and
                         define you.” - Thomas Jefferson

        But you're not responsible for reinforcing their bullshit either. If the people you surround
yourself with are putting you down, eventually you will have to let them go. You see few things
happen when the people you know for a long time change - either you change with them or
somebody leaves. There is no place between. Like attracts like and that's all there is to it, but
we're going to talk about it later on.
        So the first step is to gather. It has to happen for you to asset what it is that needs to be
there for you and what doesn't. It just depends on how messed up you were before. I was pretty
messed up and it took me a little over two years. I consider it a pretty fast time, taking into
account that there are people who are meditators with twenty years of experience and they never
lose their self-importance and self-pity, but that's another subject.
        If you're pretty happy with your life right now it may take you six months to get here, or
maybe three months, I can't really tell. Every person is different and since linear time ceased to
exist on our planet growth can come and go as fast as you want it too. The main thing is not to
wait for anything, but just to do it and enjoy the journey. That's all there is, the journey of self-
        So why do I feel it couldn't played out differently for me? To start I finally got over my
gestation period, which simply means that I gathered all the information I needed and all left to
do was to act on it. You could say that I had no more excuses, but to act on what I have learned
through all this time.

         So the first thing was to cut out what didn't belong in my life. I never wanted to be an
electrical engineer and I never saw myself as one. I just went to college as most people go -
because they weren't taught by anyone how to make choices. So how to make choices? You
make any choice by examining the level of excitement it has for you.
         Excitement is the gateway that will bring you to your Higher Self, God or Spirit. It is the
pointing needle that will tell you: 'That's the way you need to go to fulfill your highest purpose in
life.' You may say 'Well, but it's just a phone call to a friend that I'm excited about right now.
How is that fulfilling my highest purpose in life?'
         The thing is you can not know it at the moment you make the decision. What you can do
is to act upon it to the best of your ability and know that this is the way to go. It may sound like a
wishy-washy kind of attitude, but it's not. It’s how life works and that's how life has always
worked, it's just that we forgot when we were playing the forgetfulness game.
         So how did this play out for me? Well I asset my life and saw that what I was doing
wasn't working, which simply means I was miserable and I wasn't living my highest truth at the
time. So I made a choice to quit my job. That choice was one of the most important I could
make. Why? Because, in opposition to what everyone was telling me back then, I believed that
the Universe will support me if I will trust it will. That was the first step. The second step was to
know what I wanted to have. Well I wanted to have that massage and I gave a strong intent by
researching the Internet, and later on wanting to have it in the water park.
         What I see the thing in the water park was a test. The Universe was testing me if I really
wanted to go through with it and was my intention set firmly. Well it was and I proved it time
and time again. Really if I had enough money that day I would have had that massage in the
water park, no doubt about that. So I gave the Universe the signal that 'Yes, this is what I really
         Later I got info about the workshop. I was excited, but I still had belief systems about
money that put me back. If I would succumb to them I would never made the decision to go and
that would be it, but I overcame it. Once I did and decided to act the Universe decided to put the
two and two together. I couldn't get a place in the hotel so I could sleep in the woman’s house. I
got the info that I might get the massage, but it appeared at first I wouldn't and so I was still
being tested if it would put me down. It didn't. I still wrote down in the workshop that I want to
have the massage. Finally everything was set. My intention was so strong that the Universe

couldn't respond any differently then to fulfill my desire. It always does, but the only difference
is this was a conscious choice on my part this time.
       But why didn't I get the massage in the water park? Why didn't I have more money with
me or why didn't my friends have more money so I could borrow it from them?
       First of all the massage I got from the woman and her friend had a very strong underlying
intention. It was an intention of unconditional love and to help me overcome all my blockages. I
know that the women at the park wouldn't have that intention. I would be just another customer,
mechanically massaged. Here it was different, I could feel it. That intention made the whole
difference between a regular experience and a real one. Of course the water park one would
probably still be good, but it wouldn't be as awesome and amazing as this one.
       So why am I writing all of this down? Most of you are probably deleting this book from
your computer right now. Well I'm writing it for those who are not and that will keep on reading.
You may not know why, but all of this is somehow making sense to you or maybe you're just
curious where it's going to go from here.

 “Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have
                        an obligation to be one.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

       What I want to do is to give people the opportunity to look at their own life from a
different perspective. I'm giving you the opportunity to look at your life and see that what I'm
saying is true. I know it is true because I experienced it and still am experiencing it today. The
best thing you can do in life is to understand how it works. When you do you can then use it as a
tool, but you've got to know the rules of the game first. If you don't you will find yourself
exhausted from playing but not really seeing any results.
       Don't worry about what others may think or say about you. They will probably try to put
you down. They will say you are confused and you should seek help. They might even try to lock
you up and medicate you. That's what we do with people who see angels, monsters and
phantoms. We think just because we don't see them they don't exist. The truth of the matter is
that those people are more in-tuned with those kinds of energies. If you're a kid you usually grow
out of it, if you're an adult and you don't, you most probably get locked up in an institution.
       If you are worried about those people, don't. More and more people are awakening
everyday and every person brings about more change. At first you may not want to go around

telling everyone about what you're doing and that's fine, just let it simmer. Gather the
information until you feel that the time is right for it to surface. Don't worry because you will
know when that time has come. In fact this book is an example of that.
       I didn't plan on writing this book. I just had an idea, an inspiration one day that this is
what I should do. By the way inspirations and ideas are direct information downloaded from
your Higher Self. Your Physical Mind has never, ever had any idea by itself; it's not capable of
that. It can only know how something has happened or is happening right now.
       So knowing that this inspiration came from my Higher Self and feeling the excitement of
me writing these words I know that right now, right at this moment that I'm typing them, I'm
living my highest truth. Right now I'm being the most I can be at this moment. I know it because
I can feel it. I can feel the Spirit typing these words. I'm not making any of this up nor am I
planning what am I going to write. Every sentence and every line are as much surprise to me as
they are to you. I just let the information flow, effortlessly. It's like I would be a typewriter for
God. It may sound like I'm saying something pompous, but I'm not. I'm simply stating a fact and
I'm telling you this - If you let yourself go, if you will let the Spirit guide you, if you break the
locks of social prison your life will become an effortless explosion of ecstasy and joy. You will
discover and experience things you never imagined possible. A whole new world will unfold
before your eyes, piece by piece. You will be swept away and fly on the wings of angels. You
will be living your birthright which is pure bliss. But you have to be bold. You have to look in
the unknown and laugh in its face. You have to leave everything you thought real behind. It's
going to be the most difficult decision you can make in your life, but it's worth it. I guarantee
you. There is nothing I could say to convince you and I don't even intend to try. If you could see
yourself the way I see you, you wouldn't hesitate for a second. But the view is different from the
other side of the bridge. What you have to do it to cross it and the only one that can do it is You
and You have to do it for yourself. Not for your girlfriend, not for mummy or daddy or your dog,
but for You. There's no more time to wait. There are no more excuses to hold on too. Your life
isn't working out the way you'd want to and you know it. I just want you to acknowledge that and
by that you get your ass on that bridge and start the journey.


   “You've got to get to the stage in life where going for it is more important than
              winning or losing.” – Arthur Ashe, American Tennis Player

       Right now in your life you are at some point on the bridge. If you look behind you can
see all that you knew about life until your 'moment of clarity'. I hope this book will help you find
for yourself when your own 'moment of clarity' was so you can have an anchor, a vantage point
for the rest of your journey.
       Let's define the 'moment of clarity' once again.
       The 'moment of clarity' is when by a supernatural act or by a 'simple' day to day
recognition, you take conscious responsibility for your life and that recognition automatically
sets off a series of circumstances that lead you on a way of self-discovery.
       In other words the 'moment of clarity' is a kick inflicted by your Higher Self to move your
ass from the place that you were to make you start walking on the bridge.
       Now that simple recognition, that one thought is enough to do this. In fact that moment is
available to us all the time, but there has to be a set of special circumstances for us to recognize
it, be it death, depression, frustration and so forth. It usually is a place of no return, the thin line
between madness and sanes, normal and wicked and so on.
       It can be triggered by anything - a book, a friend, a sentence, a word, a feeling. It doesn't
matter because everyone experiences it in a different way.
       Now once you set off to walk on the bridge you leave everything you thought you knew
behind. I mean that every definition of everything you ever had known or believed to be true
becomes obsolete or can be re-defined from this point forward. Of course the realization of that
only comes after you crossed the bridge and not while you travel it and that's a fact.
       So the way from where you started was everything you knew, so what is on the bridge?
Information. It's everything you need to know in order to cross the bridge safely. Information
comes in all shapes and sizes. For me it was reading about other peoples awakenings and
mimicking what they were doing and many more. That knowledge let me acquire enough
personal power to cross the bridge.

       I want to give you few definitions of what, as I reflect on my journey I would call myself
before entering the bridge, while walking on it and after I crossed it. I'm going to call them three
names in succession - the asshole, the adept and the warrior.


               “We lie the loudest when we lie to ourselves.” – Eric Hoffer

       When I first began on this journey I didn't knew who I was, and the worst part was that I
didn't knew that I didn't knew. I thought my life was what it was and I couldn't do anything to
change that.
       After my 'moment of clarity', when I started on my way, many people used to say to me
that I must be very confused trying to understand all this information I was accumulating. And
they were right. I didn't understand it back then, but as I look at it now, I just couldn't admit it. I
just couldn't admit to myself that what I was a confused, scared little boy that was an asshole.
What do I mean when I use the term asshole?
       The truth is no matter if you agree with me or not, there is something wrong with
everybody today. We all have our 'ups and downs'. The reason for this is the fact that we weren't
really taught on how to reflect on ourselves and our lives. What we are taught since we are
infants is to blame others for our shortcomings. Nagging and blaming is one of the most
universal characteristics of human behavior in general today.
       So blame is one of the first things we learn. Why? Because it's the kind of behavior we
perpetuate in our households. From that point forward it is pretty simple - the kids observe their
parents, learn from them and eventually act like them. That's how it works. Sooner than later
whole generations of blamers are born. And it's not only about blaming. It's stubbornness, self-
centeredness and so forth as to describe the typical occupant of our planet today - an asshole.
       So who is an asshole? An asshole is someone who never took the time to reflect on his or
her life. The first thing that an asshole thinks is when he does anything is 'I', 'Me' and 'Mine'. It's
all about what he can get from any situation. It's dysfunctional in so many ways but it's also very,
very clever. In fact it's so clever that an asshole doesn't even know he's an asshole. He believes
that everyone around him is an asshole so he blames them for everything bad that has ever
happened to him.
       'She left me cause she's a bitch', 'I can't commit cause my mummy and daddy didn't love
me', 'I won't give money to charity because only crooks work there' and on and on and on.
       In fact there is no limit to an assholes ability to blame others. He will find new and
exciting ways to blame them because he is so fucking bored with his own life to begin with.

        An example of an asshole behavior would be as follows.
        A husband skips work to go fishing. He feels guilty that he skipped work and his got to
hide it somehow. So the man knows that his wife isn't fond of his fishing. He usually does it
when he could be with his family, but he's an asshole and feels he deserves it for himself. Well
the wife is an asshole too, so she thinks that he should spend every free moment with her. She
also is bored as hell with her life so she expects the man to provide with things to do for her. On
her own she has no creativity whatsoever. In fact she hates making choices and the best solution
for her is if someone makes them for her. But of course she knows how to bitch and moan when
the thing that she gets doesn't suit her. The man than gets angry because he doesn't know how to
please her. The problem is that she doesn't know either and that's where the circle closes.
        So how does the man act? Right after the woman gets in the car, after he picked her up
from work, he waits for a comment that would constitute of her displeasement in the fact he was
fishing. Now he 'fishes' for the opportunity to catch her by her words and he doesn't have to wait
for long. The man didn't catch any fish so none of them are very pleased. So the woman makes a
comment which is like 'So you again didn't catch anything today, huh?' That's what the man was
waiting for. That is the cue for the asshole to come in. The conversation would look much like
Man: Why do you hate my fishing so much?
Woman: I don't hate it. You just never catch anything.
M: Well I can't help it you know. The fish won't bite. Besides I almost never go.
W: What do you mean you almost never go? You went last week.
M: Well it was after I took the baby to the doctor. I couldn't go back to work that day so I went
fishing. What's wrong with that? It relaxes me.
W: There's nothing wrong with that. But you've been there last week and now this week. It's two
times this month.
They start to raise their voices.
M: Well so it's the third time this year.
W: No it's not. It's the sixth time.
M: Why are you bitching?
W: I'm not bitching. I'm just saying that you have so much time for your hobbies and I have none
for mine. When will be my time for me?
M: Well the only time for you is when you go to the hairdresser.

W: Exactly. And I do it only two times a year. Blah, blah, blah.
       As you can see this hypothetical situation will be perfect for demonstrating how a woman
and a man asshole interact with each other. First the man then.
       A man asshole is always convinced about his righteousness. That's why you notice that
most man, when they get lost driving, they don't ask for directions. They rather go around in
circles for hours than to admit they might have been wrong taking that shortcut before.
       The whole thing started because the man was 'fishing' for how to explain himself from
this situation. First of all he knows that the woman doesn't have hobbies, but that doesn't mean he
can't enjoy his. So instead of helping his wife to find something she could enjoy and develop into
a hobby, he makes her feel guilty because she never took the time to do so. He feels superior
because he has something he can enjoy and she doesn't. But he can't say that. That would be a
'no-no' situation in any marriage, a lot of headaches on the woman’s part. So he makes her feel
guilty instead. He fabricates what she said up to the point that none of them remember what was
the fight about in the first place. But at this point is doesn't really matter. The man is 'reeling it
in'. He accuses the woman of being jealous that she hasn't got a hobby and he's right. She feels
inferior to him, because he's got something he can enjoy anytime he has some free time and she
doesn't. She would like for him to find her stuff to do, but she is too lazy to do it herself. She
finds all the excuses she can of why she has got no time to look for it. In the youth it was mainly
partying and getting drunk, but as the time progressed marriage came, babies and the partying
got over. And looking for a hobby is so exhausting, especially between changing diapers, going
to work and taking care of the house. She would love if one Sunday the man would just ask her if
she needed help. Than she could go see her friends and relax a little. But the man never does.
Every Sunday that they don't have to go shopping or whatever he's planning on spending fishing.
He thinks he deserves it because he works so hard. The wife doesn't have such a hard work as
him. He has physical labor and he needs to blow off his steam. When he was younger he used to
do it with alcohol, but it's somehow inappropriate at this age now. He's got a family now and
going drunk wouldn't be seen as something appropriate. Besides he does no harm to the wife. He
goes and holds a stick over the water. How can it possibly bother anyone? Unless that someone
is jealous. And on and on and on till they die happily ever after.
       If you can identify yourself with the characters in the story there is nothing extraordinary
about that, because in essence every asshole is the same. They change their appearance,
occupation, way of speaking, but you can spot them from a mile away. This story is just an

example of the thing assholes do 24/7 to perpetuate their illusion of self-importance and self-
        In fact the story of an asshole is as old as the story of the world. Adam was the first
asshole there was. When he ate the fruit of the 'good and evil', he and Eve hid in the bushes so
God couldn't find them. After some calling they came out and God asked 'Why are you hiding?'
'Because I'm ashamed' Adam replied. 'Why are you ashamed?' asked God 'Because I'm naked'.
'How do you know you're naked?' 'Because I ate the forbidden fruit. It was the woman who gave
it to me.'
        Yeah, Adam was the first asshole in history. He, as the first man, couldn't take
responsibility for what he had done. What did he do instead? He blamed it on the woman and
that's how the first asshole was born.
        To dwell on this subject would be useless at this time. Although the purpose of this book
is to identify where you are on your journey, I will give further more accounts on what an
asshole is and is not.


“Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.” – George E.

       First of all take into account the terms asshole, the adept and the warrior are not gender-
based descriptions. There are as many women assholes as men assholes alike and as many
women warriors as men warriors. It's just the limitation of the language, but somehow we'll have
to get passed that. So anytime you here me talking about those three states of being recognize
them as not personified descriptions, but more like a sketch of characteristics that each one of
those groups represent. That way it will make this whole description more clear and simple.
       So who is an adept? An adept is a person on the bridge who’s not anymore an asshole but
still isn't a warrior. He recognized at one point or the other that he was an asshole and now he
made a conscious choice to become a warrior.
       So what does it mean for him now? Does he know who he is? Most certainly not. The
adept can only recognize that he was an asshole after he becomes a warrior. At least that’s how it
used to be before. I hope that this work will help you to identify it beforehand.
       This books intention is to show you what this so-called 'spiritual journey' really is. I see
so many spiritual teachers today throwing concepts and ideas that you could read on a fortune
cookie. 'Think positive', 'It's always darker before the sunrise' and so on and so forth. Those are
really good concepts, but they don't mean anything to the modern asshole. He needs proof. He
needs something tangible, something he can take home and show his wife and kids. He doesn't
need slogans about the beauty of life when he can't pay the rent. This is where I believe all the
esoteric information and the western studies come together, to tell you what this 'spiritual
journey' really is not. It's not anything mysterious.
       The paradox is that the most profound teachers, who really got that point of knowing that
simple fact, just simply can't say it. Why? Because it's too damn simple. It's too simple to tell to
an asshole: 'Hey, you're being an asshole, stop!' because the asshole won't believe him. He will
discard this information at face value, trying to discourage or discredit the teacher.
       So what those teachers did was to develop a way to 'trick' the asshole into learning to
become the warrior, and that can happen only after he finishes being the adept. They promise the

adept great things that are unconceivable to the mind after he becomes the warrior, but not as the
adept understands them.
       The adept is the one who looks up to all his teachers with the 'Aww' factor. He wants to
be like them, but he also feels that those Masters had to be somehow better or more special than
he is. They tell him they are not, but still he doesn't believe them. He thinks that they have some
pact with the devil which lets them transfigure coal into diamonds or some other crap. They
promise him marvels and miracles just for the purpose to make him learn more and more. Those
teachers found the warrior in them and they know that others can do it too, but they must be
willing to learn and to be willing to learn you have to have 'a hook', something to 'reel them in'.
       This 'hook' is the esoteric information, everything about miracles, dwarfs, angels, self-
healing, meditation, lucid dreaming and so on that is out there available right now. It's been
given to spark the curiosity of the adept to continue on this path and not to get discouraged along
the way.
       The teacher always has to come up with new things to trick the adept with. Only by this
way the adept may be willing to learn and may one day become a warrior.
       Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that there is no esoteric world beyond this physical
existence. You know it by now when hearing me talk about All That Is and Higher Self and so
on, but that is just a small portion of what all of this is about. It's about being free from social
conditioning and experiencing life to the fullest. To do that they invented techniques like
meditation, visualization, hypnosis, multiple orgasm, lucid dreaming and so on. They are only
tools that will allow you to cross the bridge from the adept to the warrior. That's all they are.
They are permission slips, which means that in-of-themselves they aren't worth much, but you
make them work. By putting your intention and work into them, by feeding this fire until it
consumes you completely. But not quit now. Let's look at the adept for a little longer, shall we.

“All human beings should try to learn before they die what they are running from,
                              and to, and why.” – James Thurber

       So the adept is the 'truth seeker'. He's not an asshole anymore, but he's not a warrior still.
So who is he? He's both the asshole and the warrior at the same time. He is the one who starts
out the training, but is not experienced yet. For that purpose he often gets discouraged if he
doesn't see the effects immediately. Remember our need for instant gratification? Well that's the

greatest obstacle on the way of becoming a warrior. The adept would want to be the Master he
looks up to right away. He looks up at them and feels he let them down or let himself down if the
first three meditations won't make him enlightened. Most of the time he keeps going nonetheless.
He can't go back anymore to being an asshole. What he can do he can make the journey of an
adept so much longer than it has to be. Let me give you an example of that.
       I was once listening to a seminar of a guy whose one of the 'truth seekers'. This guys
specialty are relationships and sexuality and he teaches men and women alike on how to be
better partners in those two areas.
       Let me give you first a short introduction to what he is teaching. According to him both
men and women have in them both masculine and feminine aspects of their personality. The
problem is when they are not balanced and one aspect overpowers the other. That's when we
have this big old macho guy who isn't interested in sharing his feelings, and this little old house
wife who feels that her only role in life is to be a cook, a housekeeper, a nanny and a fuck for the
       This kind of behavior perpetuated for thousands of years in human culture. Fortunately
this model has been forever stopped and the primary cause of that was the hippie movement.
       Let's see what the hippies gave the world besides jeans, the Beatles and drugs. They
brought sexual freedom and the thing that changed our history forever - birth control pill. That is
maybe one of the most significant inventions in the human history since the invention of the
wheel. What did it bring us? Well it changed the model that I described above. What was it in
short? That man is superior and the woman inferior. That the man’s job is to provide for the
household and the woman’s to raise the children. Sure there were small scale acts of disapproval,
but 'the pill' made the whole thing go mainstream and has changed the world as we know it


   “To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.” – Emily Dickinson

       The first thing it changed, it changed women’s vision of marriage and motherhood. Now
they could explore their sexuality in any way they pleased, without the danger of having a child
with some stranger. Women didn't have to rely on men to put on condoms anymore. They had
their own motherhood in their own hands and they weren't ready to give that up.
       Of course that sudden realization brought a lot of chaos and uncontrolled sexual activity.
Sexual diseases like HIV virus flourished at that time, but it was only because we have been put
in the strains for so long that in manifested itself in this very quick and unpredictable way.
People just wanted to get as much of it as they possibly could, not thinking about the
       Leaving that aside what else did it bring? It brought women the ability to have a choice
whether or not they want to have children at this point of their life or not. Before that the
husband could come home from work after few beers with his friends, force himself on the
woman and all her plans and dreams would go down the drain, be it having a business, studying
or anything else. Wife was a mother first and a woman second. Well, 'the pill' changed all that.
       Women had now the tool with which they could expand and grow. They started
becoming businesswomen and they were awful good at it too. They became stronger and men
couldn't deny them the right to work on equal terms as them. It got even to a very extreme point
when women overpolarized from being extremely feminine to being extremely masculine. They
now wanted to do everything and anything that men did, just to prove them they could. They
started to become policemen, soldiers, miners and so on. They brought a new deck of cards to the
table, some that nobody has expected.
       That was the beginning of the feminism movement. It started out slowly, but spreaded
faster than flu all over the world. So where were men back then? Well they were few decades
behind. They didn't recognize the changes when they started developing. They thought it was just
a 'climate' which will pass, that if they give women a little they will back off after a while, but
they didn't. They wanted more and more until to the point that men got scared and confused.
They were put against the wall. They didn't expect anything like this to happen. Women just

stopped needing them. They could take care of themselves, thank you very much. They didn't
rely on men to bring food on the table, mainly because often times they made more money than
men did. But men needed women to procreate. They needed to change and that change came in
the form of the seduction community.
       You know the rest. I was one of those confused guys. In fact there are many, many more
confused to this day that do not know that this kind of information even exists. I'm talking about
'the good' information, the information provided by the 'truth seekers'. Of course the 'copycats'
contributed immensely to that realization and made it mainstream, but more people right now
aren't so easily fooled by that. They see in order to get some lasting results you need to put in the
work. If you loose fifteen pounds in a month I guarantee you will gain twenty next month. Why?
Because we need to change how we think and change takes time. It won't happen in a month or
two. It can take you years to get where you really want to go.
       So we had phases of men overpolarizing into the feminine, just like women
overpolarizing into the masculine. It manifested in something that was so charmingly called
'metrosexualism'. It is a widespread term used all over the world describing men that are more
feminine than women. They use all kinds of body lotions, hair sprays, are tanned, and
impeccably dressed, always smell good and say the nicest things.
       Well this hasn't worked obviously because in the long run women realized that they
weren't really men - they were women who looked like men. So they laughed behind their backs
and, to tell you the truth, it just wasn't meant to happen that way. And it wasn't meant to happen
for women to be all this masculine 'butches'. The beauty of a woman is the femaleness about her.
That's what we are attracted too. We don't want to fuck ourselves in a skirt.
       All those changes manifested itself also in a different form - homosexualism.
Homosexualism is just that - it's the yearning for both sexes to acknowledge the part of their
nature that they disowned through millennia’s. That's why women lusted for women and so men
did for men. The masculine energy lusted feminine and the other way around.
       It made those people sort of role-play, which means that in those relationships one of the
man would have to play the woman’s part and the same with woman - one was the 'butch' and
one was the 'bitch'. Ladies excuse my French, but that's how it was and still is today. And it will
be until both men and women don't balance each other out, which simply means that women
become as feminine as masculine, and so will men. Than all the homosexualism will disappear
one they as suddenly as it appeared, for there will be no more need for it to exist.

  “Self-praise is for losers. Be a winner. Stand for something. Always have class,
                                 and be humble.” – John Madden

        So we had just put in another piece of the puzzle here for why the changes that are
occurring right now are taking place and by what means. So let me get back to the story.
        So this teacher that I was talking about earlier teaches one more thing. He recognizes that
both men and women have masculine and feminine aspects in them, but still we are different. It
means that the balancing it ideally 50/50 can only happen in about 10% of the population. Those
are the people who enjoy boxing as much as ballet.
        The other 90% are either a little bit on the masculine side or a little bit on the feminine
one. You can guess which is which, because now it’s gender based. Women, even after the
balancing, will be a little more feminine and men masculine.
        So what's the distinction between the masculine and feminine? If I would have to put it in
one word than I would say that the feminine is 'movement' and the masculine is 'stillness'. Let me
elaborate on that one a little further.
        I can bet, and I'm pretty sure I would win, that the person who invented meditation was a
man. Why? Look at what it is - it's sitting in one place, thinking of nothing, just being aware. It's
what men do all the time when we sit unconsciously on the couch with a beer in our hands
watching TV. That's what those things do - they make us shut down our circuits. It's a complete
relaxation when you can sit undisturbed in front of the game and just not think about nothing.
And that state of being is what we'll define as the masculine - the stillness.
        The stillness is the emptiness of the Universe. When you would look under the
microscope and you would see it in a very, very great enlargement our own particles which are
vibrating at tremendous speeds, but not touching each other, than the space between those
particles is the masculine energy. It's pure consciousness in its essence. That's why we feel so
good in stillness. That's why we like alcohol, drugs, the feeling of emptiness after ejaculation,
because it quiets the mind and let's us experience something we have long forgot - our home.
        The feminine on the other hand is the particle. It is the energy that is constantly changing
and vibrating all the time. That's why when a man is sitting in front of a TV and enjoying his
stillness, when a woman comes in the room and before she even speaks he knows in the back of
his mind 'Fuck, it's over.' He already knows that his sacred moment of stillness will be taken

away from him by this creature called the woman. She brings this quality of movement into life,
she never stays the same, while the masculine is always constant, it just is.
         Not understanding this simple fact is basis for all the misunderstandings between men
and women from the beginning of time. Men think that women are the same as them, masculine,
and women think that men are feminine. Let me give you an example.
         Jack and Jill have been on a date. After the date each one is suppose to meet a friend.
Jack is meeting Tom in his apartment for a football game. Jill meets Gloria in her flat to catch
up. Let's start with Jack and Tom.
Jack: Hey have you seen the game last night?
Tom: No man. Trudy came over and we watched a movie.
J: Oh which one?
T: 'The Notebook'. It's a chick flick.
J: Any good?
T: Yeah, it's alright. Oh I heard you went out with this girl, what's her name, Jill. Is that right?
J: Yeah we went to the pub and had few bears.
T: How was it?
J: It was nice. She is funny and really cute. We arranged another date tomorrow.
T: Cool, cool.
J: Oh look they bought a new quarterback last week. They paid forty million for him.
T: I would play for half that money.
J: I bet you would. So you want to order some food in the halftime?
T: Sure. Pizza sounds good.
J: Ok.
         This is a typical conversation between two guys watching the game. Nothing fancy just
two buddies having a boy’s night out. Now let's look at the girls.
Gloria: Hey girlfriend. Looking sexy as usual.
Jill: Oh stop it. You just say it because it's true.
G: Sure I am. So I heard you went out with Jack. Tell me everything.
J: Oh it was fun. He took me to the 'Sundance Pub' in downtown. It was really crowded that
night so we sat by the bar.
G: What was he wearing?

J: Well he was wearing blue jeans, a sweatshirt and snickers. You know the white ones with
black stripes on them. It's so last year, but it was alright.
G: And you? What did you wear?
J: I was wearing my sexy little black dress, with the cut back and high heels.
G: Uuu I know which one you're talking about. You must have looked killer.
J: Oh I did.
G: So what did you guys talk about.
J: Oh you know, he told me about his ex-girlfriend, how she dumped him...

        At this point I have to stop recording what Gloria and Jill are talking about. I'm afraid this
book can't have more then five hundred pages.
        So did you notice any difference between the two? Of course you did. I don't care if
you're a man or a woman, both of you have to agree that would be pretty much the conversations
you would have had between each other.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds
                      cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw

        Does the term 'Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars' ring a bell? If it doesn't,
it should. It means that both parties have completely different ways of communicating with each
other and that's all fine and good, I have nothing against that. The problem arises when they
think that they're being misunderstood on purpose. No such thing takes place. The
misunderstanding takes place because of the assumption that we are the same, not because we
are not. If men and women would acknowledge the fact that they are different and would want to
learn how to communicate better with each other it would change the whole world. We would
have much less wars, primarily because men would get laid more often than not.
        So what can we say about the guys conversation? It's a little chaotic, don't you think? It is
like they are juggling the ball in the air, but they can't wait to finish the conversation. In fact
more than few sentences about a subject is enough for most men to get bored. They want to get it
quickly over with and return to the place they enjoy the most - stillness. And they would do just
that but there is one little thing in the way - social conditioning.

        We as people are group animals so we have that belief from childhood that states 'Be
social'. Unfortunately even this belief is being overridden from the child’s earliest years by a
belief 'Don't talk to strangers.' It's a vicious cycle, because we can't develop those social skills
because we are being taught that meeting new people is something bad. How can you be social if
you can't make new acquaintances?
        To give you an example of that, have you seen the movie where Tarzan, who was raised
in the jungle and never met any other people before, is being transported to New York? There’s a
scene in the movie where he walks down the street and talks to all people without no hesitation.
Why is that? Because he wasn’t conditioned by society to be afraid of talking to strangers, that’s
all and we all can live this way without fear if we choose.
        So for men it is a real tragedy to live in today’s world. They want to get the conversation
over as quickly as possible and get in the state of stillness where they feel at home, but they can't.
On the other hand we are taught that blabbing around about bullshit is better than saying nothing
at all. It's not that we have anything interesting to say, it's just the act itself that is the goal. And
so men are constantly trying to be social and at the same time dying for that stillness of the
Universe. Let me give you an example of what I'm saying.
        This is a scene from one of my favorite movies of all time, 'Pulp Fiction' by Quentin
Tarantino. I'm sure you've seen this movie, if not I would rent it right now. I personally consider
it a piece of good cinema.
        So here is the scene where Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace are sitting in the car restaurant
in 'Jack Rabbits' Slim'. They just had some chit-chat and ordered food and are now waiting for it
to arrive.
(After a moment of silence)
Mia: Don't you hate that?
Vincent: What?
M: Uncomfortable silences. Why do we feel it's necessary to yak about bullshit in order to be
V: I don't know. It's a good question.
M: That's when you know when you've found someone special. When you can just shut the fuck
up for a minute and comfortably enjoy the silence.
        Wow. For me it's one of the best descriptions of the world we live in today and that's a
damn good question - what beliefs would we, as a society, have to hold to believe that we have

to yak around to feel good? Think about it for a second and then leave it for now. We're going to
talk about beliefs little later. Let's go to the ladies now.
        So remember the feminine aspect? What was it about? It was about change, movement
and action. Well you can see by the conversation of those two women that there is exactly that.
They want to get every possible detail they can. Once they have squeezed one topic to the
maximum, they will start another and it never stops. They sense and remember such things most
men wouldn't consider - where you went, what kind of music was playing in the background, the
color of your eyes and so on and so forth. Ladies don't be surprised if the man you've been with
for quite some time won't know the color of your eyes. You can test him, but don't be too harsh
on him when he fails. This is just not the area that the masculine is interested in. Masculine is all
about support whether feminine is all about growth.
        So when you bring those two things together you get a Molotov cocktail, especially if the
two have no idea what the hell they are doing. And most of the time they don't. We just weren't
taught that we are different. That's why there is so much confusion in the world. It's because we
won't acknowledge each others differences without forcing everyone around us to change. We
think that the way we understand and see the world is the way everybody around us dose. This is
the greatest lie ever told and the greatest misunderstanding of the human race.

“Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing.
                                 It was here first.” – Mark Twain

        Let's get back to the feminine and masculine. So the masculine is this consciousness, this
stillness of the Cosmos. How do we use it for something more than watching TV? Well the
masculine dies when it has got no purpose. That's why you see so many men today just walking
around half-asleep through life not giving off that spark of light, that excitement for it. It's
because they have no purpose. They just move around like kite from one side of the sky to the
other, hoping that in this other place they will experience some stillness, but they won't. They
won't until they won't make the effort to move beyond their mediocre life and find what is said to
be 'the life’s purpose'.
        So how do you find your life’s purpose? By following your excitement to the best of your
ability! If you do it will take you straight to the place of where you need to go when you need to
go there on a road of least resistance.

       So this guy that is teaching this stuff has developed his own technique for it. The
technique consisted of locking yourself up in a room for a month and basically throwing away
the key. Of course if you had to go to work you would, but after coming back you would sit in
your room by yourself absolutely quiet. No distractions; no TV, no radio, no nothing. You were
just supposed to sit there and wait for anything that would come to your head that would be the
most inspirational thing for you to do.
       Supposedly by the time the month is over you would have a list of things that you could
do now. Now from all those things you picked the one that would be the thing you would want to
do the most - be it volunteering in a shelter, changing your job, moving somewhere else etc. and
then doing it.
       Sounds familiar? Well it looks to me that it's the same technique that I use. I just don't
have the thirty day waiting period. But anyway it's important because I promised to give you an
example of how an adept can make the journey for him longer and more difficult, and so here it
       On one of his tapes there was a Question and Answers type of format. So this one guy
comes up and asks something like this. 'Hi. I've been in your seminar like five years ago. I was
really confused and I wanted to find my purpose in life. When I was here I just got divorced and I
didn't know what to do with my life.' 'Well ok', the teacher said 'Did you follow my advice?' The
guy said 'Yes.' 'And...' the teacher urged. 'Well I got out of the seminar and got to my room and
locked myself up.' 'Ok' said the teacher 'How long were you there?' 'Twenty four hours' At this
point people started giggling in the audience. 'Ok' the teacher said 'and what did you do next?' 'I
went out and I got married with another woman.' The room got quiet. The guy’s voice was
shaking when he said 'Now I'm more confused than ever. I don't know why I got married to that
woman because I never loved her. We have a child now and I don't want to leave her. I don't
know what to do. Please help me.' It was quiet for a minute. I don't remember what the teacher
told the guy, but it couldn't help him much at this point. And than the tone of voice of the guy
when he was leaving the microphone. You could hear the desperation in his voice. He knew what
he had done and he knew where he was in his life. This time he had to take responsibility for his
own actions, there was nowhere to run anymore, no one to blame.

“If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.
                          Don't complain.” – Maya Angelou

       So what did this guy do? He looked for his purpose in life for twenty four hours. Can you
believe that? Twenty four hours! I know this story might sound sad to you, but don't feel sorry
for this guy. Feeling sorry for anybody implies that you are somehow better than them. Well, you
are not! You might be an adept, but still you can as easily as this guy go around in circles and
never become a warrior. Only an asshole feels sorry for anyone, because a warrior knows that
everybody makes their own decisions and is responsible for their own life.
       So to clarify again the adept is in a state between the asshole and the warrior. When you
start on this journey and you just entered the bridge you are more of an asshole than a warrior.
The characteristic of that person would be of someone who read a bunch of books, meditated for
some time and now goes around telling everyone around that they should do the same and if they
don't, he curses them from ignorants.
       A warrior would never do that, but an asshole would. And so until the adept reaches the
other side of the bridge he will be an asshole who thinks he's a warrior. But further down the line
the asshole stays behind and the warrior starts to take over. The adept starts seeing real tangible
changes in his behavior. He feels lighter than before. The world doesn't seem to be so hostile
than it used to be. He's more in control of his life. He feels the power that the things he did, even
though he couldn't see the effects right away, are beginning to pay off. The world has s different
texture to it. Sometimes it seems to him that it slowed down, just like you would go out of a car
that was driving 200 mph and world outside seems slower than usual. Sometimes he even seas
people as made from cardboard and the situations he's in like movie scenes, which he can
playback as he wishes. One day all his work finally pays off and when he wakes up one day he's
not an adept anymore - he's a warrior.


 “You can live a lifetime and, at the end of it, know more about other people than
                        you know about yourself.” – Beryl Markham

       Now let me explain to you something right from the start. Being a warrior is no better
then being an asshole, it's just different. There is no right and wrong, and the main characteristic
of the warrior is that he understands it. He understands that everybody’s fine, that the world is
fine and doesn't need saving. He recognizes life for what it really is - a game and by evolving
into a warrior he now knows all the rules and is equipped to play the game with skill and grace of
a true master.
       Let me tell you of how I came to realization that I was a warrior. I was reading a set of
books written by Carlos Castaneda who had pretty similar format to this book. In a series of ten
books the author records his encounter with a Yaqui Indian named don Juan Matus who was a
shaman and a warrior. The author was 'hooked' by the Spirit on learning of becoming a Nagual
and became Don Juan’s apprentice for a period of fifteen years. At the moment of meeting Don
Juan he set off on a life long journey of self-discovery.
       Now, at that time in my life that I was reading those books, I followed my excitement to
the best of my ability, so when I came upon this information it instantly 'clicked' with me. I felt a
deep urge to explore this world of sorcerers and warriors and mysteries. I have always been
drawn to the mystical aspects of life and that was an unbelievable and never before heard by me
accounts. In my minds eye the guy was giving insights that I have never heard before and the
character of don Juan Matus, the shaman, was unbelievable. The urge was so powerful that it
took me less than a month to complete a series of ten books written by this guy.
       The first half of those books were about hallucination plants like peyote and 'devils weed'
and how they affected the author. As I told you before what he was describing in his books were
the real experiences and no one that really had them is able to describe them. It would be useless
to try to explain to anyone what I experienced while I was smoking salvia or lucid dreaming. I'm
going talk about those accounts later on, but let's get back to the books.
       So this series had so much information that was new to me. I considered myself pretty
advanced in spiritualism at that time. I read a lot of books and a lot of different authors. I thought

I knew everything there is to know about the Ego, being in the Now, meditation and so on and so
forth. But here I first was familiarized with terms that set me on a completely new journey in my
life - self-pity and self-importance.


    “Never feel self-pity, the most destructive emotion there is. How awful to be
             caught up in the terrible squirrel cage of self”. – Millicent Fenwick

        Since I started on this journey I did many, many things to improve my mind, body and
spirit. I’ve meditated and I trained my mind through various exercises. I used physical exercise
to expand my awareness. I’ve practiced sexual techniques to establish a firmer connection with
my Higher Self. In fact it would take a whole page just to name the things that I did, but that's
not important. One of the things I did that I believe made a lot of difference was the exercise in
positive thinking.
        Well when you are on this spiritual journey, and you are aware of it, you have to realize
that you are not learning anything knew - you are only re-membering. All these tools and
techniques are just permission slips to allow you to re-establish the connection with your Higher
Self. Instead of learning you can call it un-learning all the bullshit that you have been taught by
society in general.
        One of those things that you have to un-learn is judgment. It is one of the biggest
obstacles for the adept. As I showed you before we hate taking responsibility for our life’s.
Instead we point fingers at everybody else saying: 'He makes me feel bad' or 'He hurt me' or 'It's
his fault, not mine.' This kind of attitude is an attitude of an asshole and has no place in a
warrior’s life. One way to start un-learning this is to monitor your thoughts and the things you do
and say 24/7. Once you start to do that you will see how negatively charged you have been all
this time.
        When I started out I incorporated this belief into my life 'If I have nothing good to say
about somebody than I won't say anything at all.'
        Let me tell you that it's easier said than done. It consisted of weeks of me almost being
silent all the time. When I was talking to somebody and the conversation went to gossip, making
fun of someone and so on I would recognize it and just shut up. I knew that I was extremely
negative at that time and that I needed to change. This was a really drastic way to reprogram my
way of thinking and looking at the world.

         So what this brought with it was that, after a while, I started seeing things in a brand new
light. I trained my brain to focus on the things I wanted to see. Sooner than later I could easily
steer away the conversation on any subject I wanted. If I thought it's going to go in a direction I
wouldn't like, for example talking shit about someone who was not there, I would instantly talk
about something else, not giving the other party a way to do that.
         Of course, as you might suspect, it's not that easy at first, especially when the people you
are interacting with are really big assholes. Remember that an asshole never takes responsibility
for anything in their life and has to blame others for it. If he would do it in silence of his own
mind, which most of them do anyway, that would be all fine and good. But we are trained like
monkeys that we have to keep on yaking all the time. Remember that the asshole doesn't focus
on the beauty of the world. It has to be something really special for the asshole to give it credit
without judging it. For example it can watch one the most spectacular movies of all time, but
later say that it costed so and so much of money and that it failed the box office, and that the plot
of the movie was not really that special. That's just how an asshole operates; it will try to fix
something that's not broken.
         So as the asshole keeps yaking around about bullshit, for instance how bad his
economical situation is, because of the government and the corruption there or how bad his
health is, but still it's not his fault. How the boss that 'makes' him stay after hours abuses him and
so on and so forth. You, as an adept, are sitting there listening to all this crap and how do you
         Well how I used to react was I was just sitting there, nodding my head, not saying a
word. I was curious how long can the asshole keep this up. Apparently he can do it for quite a
long time. But let's say he finishes his monologue. His now in a position to acknowledge you
because he thinks he's 'talking' to you, but what he does is his talking about himself, about his
projection of the world coming from the view point of 'I', 'Me' and 'Mine'.
         So now the asshole wants you to respond to all the things he said. What he would like the
most is if you would start bitching and moaning about your own life. He's used to it and since he
was having those kinds of interactions all his life feels it's the normal way of talking. It would
also make him feel better about his own life if your life situation was worse than his. He won't
admit it but the only reason he wants to hear it is exactly that.
         So you as an adept can do two things.

       One you can start stating your points to the asshole about how his view of the world is
wrong. You could say how he can change if he just self reflected on his life. You would hope
that finally, after enough convincing, the asshole will get it. If he doesn't you would get angry at
him for being ignorant, stupid and stubborn.
       The second thing you could do is to keep quiet and not say a word while the asshole
keeps talking. You feel that you're in no position to prove him wrong and you might start feeling
sorry for the asshole. You don't want to get into an argument with him, because you know he
won't agree with you and it would just lower you onto his level.
       So which would you choose? Any one of those answers would be an answer of an
asshole. Let me tell you why.
       First of all a warrior never feels sorry for himself or others. He understands that
everybody chooses his or her own path and they all are at the perfect spot in their life. He's in no
position to judge that that person is better or worse off than he is, because he has no self-
importance. He knows he is no better or worse than the person before him and he knows that the
asshole can stop being an asshole whenever he chooses to, but simply doesn't want to right now.
       The warrior knows it because he was an asshole too and he knows that the path of the
warrior was always available to him, he just wasn't ready to take it. But the warrior knows that
and he doesn't feel sorry for the asshole, because that would mean that he feels sorry for himself.
He could feel sorry for himself for not recognizing the way sooner or doing something different
along the way, but he knows it couldn't be like that. He recognizes that the path he was on could
have not been any different, because it wouldn't bring him to the place he is now. He accepts his
life fully and accepts the responsibility for everything he has done up until this point. He is in the
place of no self-pity, because he recapitulated his life and is free from the burdens of the past. He
has no self-importance, because he doesn't care what any asshole will think of him.
       The warrior knows that when the asshole is attacking him or arguing with him, he's not
the real self that he is. He is the product of society, the asshole that was artificially created. The
warrior recognizes that he can't make anyone do anything, he can only be true to his heart and be
a vessel for All That Is to manifest itself. He is the warrior of light but he doesn't feel better than
the asshole, because he knows that the asshole is also made of light and can choose to start
playing the game on his level whenever he chooses. He has all the resources, but if he doesn't
want to yet it won't make the warrior feel sorry for the asshole or pity himself for failing. He

knows there is no such thing as failure because failure exists only in the realm of the asshole. It's
the attitude of no self-pity and no self-importance that distinguishes the warrior from the asshole.
       The biggest challenge that stands in the way of the adept in order to become the warrior
is to loose his self-pity and self-importance. The only way, which I know off, to do that is to
erase your personal history.


“Did you ever see an unhappy horse? Did you ever see a bird that had the blues?
One reason why birds and horses are not unhappy is because they are not trying to
                impress other birds and horses.” – Dale Carnegie

       When you read my foreword in this book you can pretty much asset that the words that
are being spoken there aren't the words of a warrior, but the words of an asshole. I've put it on
purpose for you to compare of what's the difference between the two.
       First thing you see is all the judgment I inflict on my parents. 'The family shouldn't have
existed in the first place' or 'I believe that lack of love kills the ability to teach anybody how to
love' and so on and so forth. You can see that there is an overwhelming majority of judgment in
that account, especially when it comes to my parents.
       That part of the foreword has been written over a year ago by an adept who was more of
an asshole than a warrior at that time. Today I would never have said that the family shouldn't
exist. I believe that we choose beforehand in which families we are going to be born in order to
play out specific themes in our life’s in order for us to grow and expand.
       When you read the account again right now, which I suggest you do, you will see that
there is some warrior speaking there too. I'm really surprised how mature and honest that letter
is. When I look at it now the reason I am where I am today is because I had the balls to be honest
with myself and with my life. I'm not saying this to make me feel better or to make you feel
worse about yourself. I'm saying it because the more honest you will be about your life the
quicker and easier it will be to make the changes you want. You can not change what you do not
own, once you own it you can do what you want with it.
       A lot of people right now are saying 'Well I couldn't do that. I think you are hurting a lot
of people saying that stuff. Your parents don't deserve that kind of faith.' If you're one of those
people that's fine. What I am giving you are only suggestions that worked for me. If you can find
another way to arriving to this point please let me know. It would be more than thrilling to know
that way. But this is a way I know works and I believe it's a step you can not overlook. You can
not get passed it. It's like a great hole in the bridge - unless you fill it in you will fall into the
abyss. You've got to face your past and leave your personal history behind. Otherwise you will
never be a warrior.

         Everyone has some kind of story behind their life. When you take a picture of yourself
when you were a child in order to trace it back to the person you are today you will have to make
up a story: 'This was me when I was five years old. Later on I moved to New York. I finished
college and here I am today.' Well the story you're telling is in fact a story of fiction. Let me give
you an example of what I mean.
         Let's say you have a friend with which you were really close at one time. You were
partying together and hanging out pretty often. You knew each other like no one else did. Let's
say you were at this party once. You were hanging out, having a laugh and a beer. Your friend
saw this attractive girl and started talking to her. They were laughing and at ease, but at one point
her boyfriend came and took her by the arm and went home. You both finished your beer and
went home. That's what 'really' happened, right? Well let's here your friend telling the story to
people who weren't there.
         He might say that both of you were in the bar. He saw this girl that looked at him the way
that send shivers down his spine. You could see she was horny. So he glided over to her and
started talking. They were laughing and drinking all night and later he took her home. End of
         Now imagine you sitting there listening to that story when your buddy is telling it. Your
jaw is close to the floor because you know, for a fact, that it didn't happen that way. But for some
reason your friend has presented himself in a way to look better in front of his friends. He sends
you a wink so you keep your mouth shut and you do, because you don't see any harm in it.
         Does it sound in any way familiar to you? I know it happened to me on several occasions
and I was in both positions in one part of my life or another. So what is the truth now? Is it what
has been said or what has really happened? You might say 'It's what happened', but it's not the
truth for the friends that heard the story. For them the way the guy told the story was the way it
happened and if the story is good and the guy keeps telling it over and over again to many
different people, he himself will believe that that's how it really happened.
         Every one of us has those stories where we change minute details just to make the story
more interesting. We do it to entertain people, to be liked and enjoyed by others. The minute
details are the things that make the story so entertaining and it wouldn't be the same without
         So what is real in your life? Is it the story you are telling everybody around you? Well it's
not. What is real is your experience of the story, but not the story itself. The story is just a tool

for you to gain insights from(!) the experience, but you don't know that. Instead you get so
caught up in your stories and your 'identities' that you think that it is who you are, but you're not.
You're much more than that. And the worst thing is that you will tell the same stories over and
over again till you yourself are convinced that the story is real. There are few universal stories
that we love to play out over and over again. Let's group them in three categories - relationship,
health and carrier.
        Let's start with the carrier one. There was a study when they asked a group of people if
they wanted their kids to do the same thing professionally as they are doing right now. More than
80% said 'No'. Why? Because they are unhappy with the job they have. I'm sure you can see it
everywhere around you. Just go to ten random people right now and ask them how they feel
about their job. Some might even reply that it's 'Fine' and leave it at that. But be more curious,
play an investigator. Try to find out how they really feel about it. Do they go there with a sense
of joy in their hearts, because they feel satisfied and fulfilled with it? Try to get their real feelings
out. I bet you won't have to wait to long before the shit hits the fan. Not long from that you’re
going to hear how the boss is a pain in the ass, how the co-worker is a bitch, how the pay is no
good and the commute sucks.
        The truth is that when you start following your excitement and you start doing what you
love, you won't have to work a day for the rest of your life. Why? Because you will love it so
much you won't know you’re working and you will still get paid for doing something you would
do for free.
        Unfortunately that's not the belief in our society. Our belief is that you can't do what you
want and be supported. The belief is that you have to do is 'make sacrifices, you have to let go of
your dreams'. 'You want to be an artist? The world won't let you. You won't make it.'
        Well the truth is that we don't let ourselves, not the world. All That Is loves you so
unconditionally that it will even let you believe that you are not loved, so how do you think it
will react to that belief? It will say 'Ok, if you want to believe that you have to make sacrifices in
your life and you can't do what you love, here you go.' You are supported all the time in
everything you do. On the other hand when you believe that you can do what you love to do and
be supported by All That Is, All That Is will say 'Voila' and an astonishing world will open upon
before your eyes.
        So now the asshole is telling you the story of its carrier. It may include pieces of how it
was cheated in the past, how it had no equal chances to educate himself and find a job that he

wanted, how it had to go to this job, it was meant to be temporary but in fact it's been fifteen
years now and it got so used to it that it would be too much effort to change it now. Excuses,
excuses and more excuses. The story goes on and on and on. And the asshole will try to say the
story whenever it's got a chance. Why? Because for an asshole it's all about 'I', 'Me' and 'Mine'. It
wants others to perpetuate their illusions of being hopeless and not handling their life. They want
others to feel sorry for them, that they were robbed or were less than everybody else.
       The truth is that most of the time it’s to lazy to actually go and do something to change its
life. Sure it could change its profession, but it's too much hassle. It's easier the way it is right
now. It knows what to expect and is pretty good at it. It can do its job in four hours instead of
eight, and in the remaining four hours it can dream of the job it could have if only the life would
treat it fairly. It's a sick masturbation for the mind that goes on and on.
       So carrier is one story the asshole has. What are the other most popular ones? Let's take
health for example. This special kind of asshole is in a bad shape physically and it just can't wait
to get somebody to listen while it lists all there illnesses to them. It knows all the symptoms for
all different dis-eases. Some of them are more competent than doctors. It has dedicated its life
for finding out everything it can about illnesses. It eats a handful of pills everyday for breakfast,
lunch and dinner. It even stalks itself for the dis-eases that it doesn't have right now, but it might
as well do. Why not, it has got everything else, so why not this dis-ease? So when it hears about
a 'new' dis-ease it jumps right on it and starts looking for the symptoms in it. You can be sure it
will find them if it looks hard enough. At first it will fabricate the symptoms in its mind, but after
a while it will most probably be really sick with that illness. Why? Because it always gets what it
wants. It wants to be sick so the Universe says 'Go right ahead. I will support you in your
sickness.' That's how it works. Let's see now how the pharmaceutical companies decide if a new
drug should be put into production.
       They test it of course, but how do they do it? They compare it against the placebo effect.
We all know what placebo is. It's when you give the patient Vitamin C and tell him it’s an
aspirin and miraculously, the headache is all gone. I tried it and can tell you for a fact that it
works. That's how powerful our mind is. So how do they test it? They give a group of subjects
the cure and the placebo without telling them which is which. If the cure is 5 % more effective
than the placebo it goes into production. 5 % ! Can you believe it? You can cure most dis-eases
by yourself, because you always get what you really want.

       So if you happen to be in contact with one of those assholes observe them really
carefully. You're going to see that they've got impressive medical knowledge. I know for a fact
that some of them will even correct the doctors on what medication they should give them. It's a
real treat listening to them. I can't say talking to them, because it hasn't got too much to do with
that. It's more like a monologue. They just go on and on about how ill they are, how many pills
they have to take each day and how unhappy in general they are. Just go to any nursing home if
you want to see this for yourself. There are plenty of those assholes there.
       The best thing about those assholes is that they never reflect on themselves while doing
that. You might hear them say 'I have a liver cancer because I was drinking twenty years
straight' or 'I have a lunge cancer because I was smoking for thirty years two packs a day', but
still they won’t take the full responsibility for it. In every family there is always one relative who
lived to be ninety or a hundred and did all those things that they were doing, but never got sick.
So now they are blaming God and asking 'Why did I have to get cancer if he didn't?'
       It's really sad and pathetic, but that's how an asshole works, so don't feel sorry for him.
But at least those assholes did something that involved some kind of choice on their part. They
chose to drink or smoke, they had their fun and now they are paying the price. It's pretty fair
don't you think? But what about those assholes that aren't guilty and still get sick? What about
those poor little old ladies that never had a drink or smoke in their entire life? Why do they have
to get sick?
       When you see an old lady that's all cramped up, with her back 90 degrees staring at the
ground, you won't hear her say 'I'm like that because I never exercised a day in my life. I have a
weak back and that's why I am the way I am today’ or people who can't eat fatty foods, because
they always ate fat and now they’ve destroyed their stomachs to the point that eating a steak
could kill them. You won't hear them say 'I knew every steak I ate shortened my life but I ate it
anyway.' You will instead here 'Damn, there are so many people that eat steaks. Why did it have
to happen to me?'
       We live in a world when we think that our actions won't have an effect and when we
finally see them, we don't want to acknowledge that we are responsible for them. There is always
someone to blame, if it isn't your spouse or your neighbor, it can certainly be God as well.
       So let's now go to my favorite part of all - relationships. It's my favorite maybe because I
was so bad at them that I really can tell you a lot about a relationship just by looking at a couple
relating to each other for a short period of time.

        So let's divide this into two parts: marriage and dating. I can tell you now that I've never
been married and I sure don't plan on being married. Not because I'm oppose to it in general, I'm
just not a big supporter. But in order to get there let me start with dating first.
        Dating in general is when two people of opposite or same sex start seeing each other,
getting to know each other and eventually have a sexual relationship with each other. That's my
definition of dating. Of course it may, in a period of time, change into an 'exclusive' relationship,
which means that the only sexual partners the two people will have is each other, but it doesn't
have to be. It can be that the couple dating can have multiple sexual partners without or with the
knowing and the content of the other partie. Anyway there are as much combinations of it as you
can think of.
        In general dating stops when a couple finally decides to spend the rest of their life’s
together and gets married. That's when marriage starts. You're either on one of these two camps.
You can be a dater, even though you’re not seeing anyone right now, because you are not
married. Marriage cancels out all the daters privileges and, if you don't like the deal you've got
while marrying, it can make you into a cheater or a divorcee, but that's a different story.
        So let's see how two typical assholes date in today’s world. So the first thing that two
people do when they meet is asset if they feel attracted to each other. It might be hard for some
women to believe but a man, if he's attracted to you, he's ready to have sex with you almost
instantly upon meeting you. It is our primal urge to procreate, which simply means to bring as
much offspring into this world as we possibly can.
        That causes us to see every attractive woman as a potential bearer of our future children.
Of course it's a primal urge and we have evolved since the time of the caveman. We don't drag
the woman into our cave by force anymore. Instead we use more refine techniques, such as wine,
movies, humor, and conversation to finally get her there by her own free will. If we don't we
have the thing called law and police to let us know how evolved we now are. There are also
things called children and alimony that stop us from going on impregnating every woman we
see. But we can't fight with biology. That's the way we are constructed in the core of our being,
to spread our genetic material everywhere we possibly can.
        Women on the other hand evolved in a different manner. They were taught by thousands
upon thousands of years that they can't go on copulating with every man they want to. Having
sex with someone, on a very primal level, insinuates having offspring. That's how it was when
our ancestors well living thousands of years ago - sex equaled having children and that was it.

         Sure now we have things like 'the pill', condoms, spirals and so forth but still, on a very
deep, subconscious level, it doesn't matter. Having sex still equals the possibility of having
offspring. No matter how small the chance, the red warning light will turn on in a woman’s head
and say 'Are you sure you want to have sex with this guy as a potential father of your child?' In
the seduction community they call it 'the point of last resistance' just before a man 'sticks it in', as
you say. It's a thought that a woman has right before she will have sex with the guy for the first
time. 'Am I not making a mistake? Is this the right guy? Will he respect me in the morning?' and
so on.
         That's the reason why women don't want to have sex with men until they get to know
them better. Sure there are women, especially nowadays, who exercise their right to sexual
freedom and that's fine. They go to clubs high or drunk and get dragged by the first guy that
wants to have sex with them. This is a group of women that isn’t the majority so I won't focus on
them right now.
         So, for the major part, how does a woman asset if the man she's dating is worth having
sex with? Well first of all how did she asset it in our primal cultures? It was about which man
would be the provider and could secure the future for her and her children. It was primarily about
supporting food so warriors and hunters were the first pick for women.
         Back then if the woman would have to choose between a poet and a warrior, she would
choose a warrior, simply because she would starve to death with a poet. Other choice than the
warrior, which was even better, was copulating with the chief of the village. The chief always
had the first pick at everything. He picked the best women, the best food and the best shelter. He
was 'the Man' of the village. So every woman wanted to be 'the Man’s' wife, even if she had to
share him with ten other women. Why? Because she was sure that she would get fed before
every other woman in the village and that would ensure the survival of her line.
         So how does it translate in today’s world? We think we have evolved but not much has
changed really. We may look more sophisticated on the surface, but in the core we are still
         So food is not a problem anymore in today’s world. Of course I'm saying this from a
perspective of a Western man who never had to go ten miles in one direction just to bring back
some water for his family in Africa. But no, we don't want to think about that, it's too depressing.
'Yesterdays' food has been replaced by 'today’s' two things - money and power.

       Money and power are really interconnected with each other - having more money means
having more power and having more power means having more money. It interwinds with each
other and there is no way to argue this point.
       So money and power are the traits that are most attractive to women today. Why?
Because not everybody has them. 95 % of world’s money is in the hands of 5 % of the world’s
population. If you can 'get in' that 5 % you can say you've made it. You have ensured for
yourself and your offspring the best possible start in life you can have by the criteria of today’s
       One way of looking at it is a story I heard about a woman who had oral sex with a
football star. What she did after she gave him a blowjob, she took the seamen from her mouth
and put it in the jar and later on went to a clinic that specializes in in-vitro impregmantation and
told the doctors to impregnate her with this guys sperm. After that the woman sued the guy for
child support, because the tests showed undeniably that this is his baby.
       But getting back to the point, what about the 95 % that's left? They can't use the same
criteria of choosing, right? Wrong. Having power doesn't necessarily mean having money. There
are different kinds of power, in our culture it's called 'social power'.
       Have you ever wondered why do bartenders or bouncers at the clubs can have their pick
in women? It's not because they are more handsome, smart or funny than anyone else, so why is
that? Well the reason is because what they have is 'social power'. 'Social power' is when you
can do something that not everyone can do. For example if you're a bartender at a club you can
pick who you want to serve first and if you're a bouncer you can choose who gets in and who
doesn't. It seems very primitive, and it is, but still that's how it works. Even that much power
makes a difference if it comes to copulating. It's just the way we're wired, it's not our fault that
we want 'the best' for our children, but our fault is in what we recognize as being 'the best.'
       When you follow on the media and entertainment industry today you can pretty much
say, without a shadow of a doubt, that it's on an all time low. I remember when MTV started out
there were no commercials, only music and videos. Well turn it on today and you will see that
only the name stayed the same. Music videos have been replaced by reality shows which
intellectual level is so low that we can easily bring it up to the level of the cavemen. If fact some
things that we find entertaining I think not even the cavemen would.
       For example there is this reality show emitted on MTV called 'Jersey Shores.' It's about
those twenty-something year olds, living together in one house and basically getting drunk and

going to parties all the time. Well there was this big deal in America lately when one of the
contestants, a school teacher (!), punched one of the women straight in the face. I don't mean it
was a slap on the cheek, but it was a punch that could knock out a guy down easily. Search
youtube if you want to know what I'm talking about.
       Anyway how did the people that were there react? Only one guy jumped to stop the guy
while the rest were screaming and laughing at the whole scene. When I first heard of it I was like
'What the fuck? Is this how low we have come? That's how 'evolved' to consider these things
entertainment?' It's a disgrace and shame on each and everyone one of us and each time you
open a gossip magazine, you watch a reality show and have fun on other peoples expense, you're
perpetuating that world, that point of view.
       You create this world that we are all living in. So instead say 'That's enough.' and stop
playing this stupid game. Turn of the TV and go on for a walk, meet a friend, grab a bite to eat. I
know it's going to be hard because what will you do without your TV? It's been your best friend
since you can remember. It helped you in the worst of times to get through them. Well it's time to
grow up. It distracted you enough from your life. You want to be this cockroach that's opinions
are in fact other peoples opinions, be my guest. I don't want you to do anything, choose for
yourself who you want to be.
       So anyway those kids who are raised on these kind of programs today, because there
parents are 'to busy' or 'to tired' to give them any attention whatsoever, watch those shows and go
into the 'real world' implementing what they've learned. And what have they learned? That
there's a difference between those who are successful and not, that you can be a winner or a
loser, that what you wear is more important than who you are. They are being taught to judge
instantly based on material status of the person not on what he or she represents as an individual.
       Last year there was this movie in Poland called “Galerianki” (roughly translated as
“Shopping mall girls”). It is a very controversial film about how 13, 14 and 15 year old girls go
to shopping malls with one thing in mind – find a ‘sponsor’, who will buy them stuff like cellular
phones, jeans and makeup for sexual intercourse. Many people don’t want to hear about it, but
it’s based on a real phenomena.
       But let’s get back for a minute to the notion why are most people so tired nowadays? You
can see most of them not giving off any spark of life. The thing is for once they do not do what
they want to do, but what the society tells them they should. You remember when you were a kid
and used to do a thing that you loved so much, is it playing soccer old day with friends, drawing

pictures, playing in the sandpit and so on? You remember how much energy you had back then?
When it was summer and you went out to play outside sometimes it could take you a whole day
to come back home. Your mother would scream at you trying to get you inside but you didn’t
want to come because you’ve had so much fun. And after the whole day you were so excited
thinking about tomorrow that even though you were so physically tired you felt you could moved
mountains and couldn’t wait for the next day to come?
       You can still do that now you know. You know how to do it, you just at one point in time
bought into the whole concept of society that ‘Money is the goal of it all’. The truth is when you
ask most people on the street ‘What do you want most in life?’ sooner or later you will hear ‘I
want to be happy.’ That’s all we want, happiness. But what is happiness for one person can be an
imprisonment for another. I heard this one guy say. ‘If you want to be happy for a day go
shopping, it’s fun, it will make you happy. If you want to be happy for a week, take a vacation. If
you want to be happy for a month, buy a car. If you want to be happy for a year, inherit a
fortune. But if you want to be happy for a lifetime you have to find something else.’ And we are
truly happy when we are given the opportunity to play. But money doesn’t buy happiness.
Happiness is a state of mind, it’ a state of being.

We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.
                              – George Bernard Shaw

       Money and power are the most attractive features today because we have made them to
be so. We are the ones who feed that point of view everyday gossiping and judging about other
peoples life’s instead of focusing on our own. We are all assholes living in the world where the
more of an asshole you are the more recognition you get. The more troops you send to another
country to 'preserve peace' the more peace awards you will get. But it's all just a facade of
society that hides behind slogans and in truth is rotting inside.
       We live in a corrupt world and we have to change. We have to change the way we think,
what we speak and how we relate to each other. We have to do it for our children, and their
children, and their children. Your grand-grandchildren need you to be that person who’s willing
to put in the work and effort for them to live in a peaceful and harmonious planet. They can't do
it without you. The choice is still yours and it has always been. The ball is in your court and the
question remains 'What are you going to do about it?'


  “Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in
   anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in
anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe
 in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in
  traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after
  observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is
 conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”

       So coming back to the subject of dating how do two people nowadays date? Well first of
all they lie to each other from the beginning. In fact the first thing you do when you meet
someone you present a vision of yourself, a projection which is not really you. The first
impression is very important because, as the various studies show, we make up our mind about
liking someone or not in the first minute or so upon meeting them.
       Most of us don't have conscious awareness of that fact, but it's true. That's why it is so
hard for us to asset why can't we really stand the company of some people while others we adore
from the first sight. It's because the person who pushes our buttons most probably, upon meeting
us, made a comment, a joke or something that didn't quite make us feel good about that person.
In our head we instantly made a belief about that person.
       Here is a basic model of how we make beliefs in our heads.

         This model applies to everything in your life that you have any sort of feeling for. Let's
focus on people in particular, but it's in fact a universal way of how we make beliefs in our
         The first thing our brain does, when we meet the unknown, is to acknowledge that that's
what in fact is happening right now. It's like jumping out of the airplane with a parachute. In the
moment just before you do it you may find yourself thinking something like 'Shit, I'm actually
doing this!' It's a point on no return and it lasts usually no more than a split second. It's just a
recognition of what is happening right now.
         Than comes the moment of the actual interaction. You are open minded at this point and
you have no assumptions or expectations about this person you're going to meet. That of course
is not entirely true, because if you've been introduced to him by a good friend of yours, you
automatically assume that the two of you will go along just as well as you and your friend do.
You assume that the same thing will happen here. It's like in your brain your friend is in category
'I like him' and everybody introduced by him are subcategories of that. The same rule applies
when you've been introduced to someone by a person you're not really fond off. That new person
has somehow from the start not a positive feel for you. You might not know why, but she just
gets on your nerve.

       This is true and that's how a lot of couples nowadays have been introduced to each other,
by mutual friends. They have the sense of safety and familiarity from the get-go with each other,
because of the category that the friends are 'I like him'. But let's simple it for the case of the
argument. In general you always have a choice if you're going to like this person or not. It's a
choice and what I'm doing is pointing out to you what stocks the favors in each way. Now you've
got about sixty seconds to make up your mind and you go to work.
       You're trying to 'feel' that person, sense his 'vibe' as to say. Your brain is working in an
overload mode at this point. You get so many cognitive and non-cognitive signals on so many
levels simultaneously that it's incomprehensible to us. So the machine has started rolling and
there's no stopping it now. You have to make a belief at this point. It's impossible not to do it,
because our whole world is created from our beliefs. So now it's the other person’s job to 'sell'
them as best as possible.
       If you want to know what I'm saying about 'good selling' yourself in the first minute or so
watch former president of the US Bill Clinton and how he interacts with people. He is the master
of first impressions. Just Google how he enters the room and how he handles people. Of course
when he goes inside he can't spear more than few seconds for everyone, but man, the way he
uses those few seconds is priceless.
       First of all, no matter who he talks too, he has this presence about him. He looks at that
person directly in the eyes, never wanders with them and gives the person the most undivided
attention there can be. It is like the whole world ceased to exist for that moment and the only two
people on the planet are the president and the other person. After few seconds of this he moves
on to the other person, but he gives them the same amount of attention as the first one, and he
does this with everyone he meets.
       Those first seconds make the difference between winning a presidential campaign and
losing it. Bill Clinton has mastered the art of making people 'feel good about him' from the first
seconds they meet him. So why does it work? Because we all want to feel like we're special, like
we're chosen. We want everyone to listen to our words as if it was the word of God himself and
when we get someone like that, if only for a few seconds, we will be grateful to him for the rest
of our life for recognizing the Godness in us.
       That's what I call being the Master of first impression. It's about putting people
automatically at ease and at the same time be present with them and acknowledge their presence
like they are the most important person in the world for you, like you've known them your whole

life, no matter of their material or social status. The door man gets the same amount of attention
as the prime minister of a foreign country.
         It's a skill, and like any other skill, it can be taught and learned. Some people are
'naturals', which simply means they are naturally at ease all the time and they project that
easiness automatically upon meeting someone new. Some people learn this, which I think is the
case of Bill Clinton. He had so many people work on his self-image during the campaign that
they had to train him to win peoples hearts right from the start. And, in my opinion, they did a
hell of a job.
        So some people do it on purpose, some people just because they are like that. It doesn't
matter really, what matters is that almost nobody is aware of that.
        So once you are aware of that you can have a better understanding about the relationships
that you do have right now with people.
        For example think of someone you don't really like too much and trace your feelings to
the moment you have first met them. I bet there are pretty good chances that right from the start
you weren't too fond of him or her. It might have been something they said, they wore or they
carried themselves. It also could be that the person did nothing wrong but you had a bad day and
automatically put her in the category 'I don't like him'. Once you realize what you're doing you
can change it, but not before.
        So once you interacted with that person and 'felt' what he or she is about, you are ready to
make a belief about her, so you follow your gut feeling. If the person is funny, warm and puts
you at ease you put her in the category 'I like him.' If for some other reason she doesn't, you put
her in the category 'Creep, stay away from me.'
        Now this belief will be the underlying belief about that person every time you interact
with her. So next time you feel ill-at-ease with someone you can play a detective and trace that
feeling to the source - from when you first met her. When you do that you can change that belief
and make that person so much more likable to you. Of course there are people you just don't
want to like or understand, and it's perfectly fine, but if a co-worker pushes your buttons it's a
good skill to have not to get all crazy with her everyday you go to work.
        So that's the basic model of how your mind works - it takes something new, seas if it
likes it or not and makes a belief about it putting it in the category 'I like it' or 'I don't like it.'
That's why kids have to touch the fire and get burned to choose not to do it again. Next time they

do, they automatically accessed that this situation isn't beneficial for them and a warning sign
flashes each time it wants to touch the stove.
               'Stove --> Fire --> Physical pain --> I don't like it'

       That's how we work and that's how we see the world, through our belief systems. It's
crucial for you to know this. All the spiritual teachers that I've heard say 'You create your own
reality' by saying this that's what they really mean. They are saying 'Y ou see the world through
the belief system you have incorporated into your mind' Let me give you an example.
       Let's get the word 'ice cream' for instance. If you ever have had ice cream in your life you
have a 'good' or 'bad' belief about it. Most people probably have the 'good' feeling, because it is
the ultimate comfort food, but I know people who are not fond of them. Let's see why is that?
       If you were a little, chubby kid like me, you would know that food was one of my best
friends when I was growing up. If anything went wrong in my life I used to run away from it,
either by immersing myself in movies or immersing myself in food. Both those things made me
forget about the problems I had to face and focus my attention on something else.
       Let's not get into the details why I invented a food habit. Every person has got his own
way of dealing with stress, be it video games, sports, sex, alcohol, drugs, TV and so on.
Anything that may cause you to focus your attention on something besides the cause of the
problem is pretty much it. You can even develop a habit of making airplanes in your basement
just not to go upstairs and face your wife who is mad at you. It's really an individual thing and
many of the 'hobbies' we have today are invented to distract us from the 'real world' we have
created for ourselves through our belief system.
       So my thing was food. Well my belief about food when I was young was.
                           'Food --> Makes me feel good --> I like it'
       And so, as Marilyn Monroe said 'Diamonds are a girl’s best friend', mine was food and
       Of course it doesn't mean I liked every food there was. Food is just a general group with
subcategories like solid foods, drinks, sweets etc. I remember I was never really fond of hot milk.
Even to this day I remember eating a hot milk soup with the feeling of nausea. You know when
you boil milk and this thing creates a coat on top of it. Yuk, I was instantly repulsed by it.
Another such thing was woolen sweaters. Each time I imagined myself biting one of those with
my teeth I would have shivers all over my body.

        Well those are the examples of negative beliefs, but I definitely didn't have those when it
came to candy. In fact we are a sugar-driven society, which as much as 'pumps us up' has got a
severe price to pay for that later on.
        One of those things is a feeling of drainage of energy or depression. You ever had those
energy drinks that have shit-load of caffeine in them? If you did you'd know that they give you a
boost for a few hours, but later you feel more tired than before. That's the price we have to pay
for pumping ourselves up artificially. When there's action there's a reaction and that's what it is
and the more you use anything the more your body gets accustomed to it and you have to bring
the dosage higher and higher.
        That's why the best memories I have about smoking marijuana are the first couple of
times. At that time my body didn't know what to expect, it was in euphoria because it
encountered something new, that it has never experienced before. But as I started using it more
and more, trying to replicate that original effect, I couldn't. It's because my body got accustomed
to it and couldn't produce as much endorphins as it did in the beginning. So the solution was to
increase the dosage to the point when it was almost constant feeling of high for me, but it wasn't
the high I wanted. It wasn't the feeling of euphoria, but rather a feeling of numbness. Still it was
better than facing the 'real world'. It was the way of not looking at my problems, but to focus my
mind on anything else, be it drinking, smoking or watching movies all day.
        Any addict will tell you that what I'm saying is true. You think that the bum you see in
the street got there in one day or that a three hundred fifty pound guy got like that in a week? Of
course not! They perpetuated their 'bad' habits to the point that 'suddenly' they found themselves
in a place they never thought they would be. We all seem surprised when it happens, because we
don't realize that every action brings consequences. That's why we are so surprised 'Oh lunge
cancer, but I only smoked one cigarette a day, while others smoke two packs. It's not fair.' Well
smoking in general increases the risk of getting lunge cancer, who seas that one cigarette is better
than a whole pack?
        Back to ice cream. Think about it. What kind of feeling does the word evoke in you? If
you have never got sick from overeating than I bet you put them in the category 'I like it'. That's
fine; I enjoy good ice cream from time to time myself.
        Now on the other hand let's talk about the word 'Akaburaka'. What kind of feelings does
it evoke in you? Take your time and see. Well you can't feel anything, can you? It's because I
made this word up, but it demonstrates a very significant point that I want to make here. You see

you can only have a feeling about something you have made a belief about. If it's something you
don't have a belief about you can say that it doesn't exist for you.
       That's how your beliefs work and they are the most valuable tool in the warriors
backpack. Let's look at some of the most universal beliefs hold by people in the world today.


   “Youth is a circumstance you can't do anything about. The trick is to grow up
                     without getting old.” - Frank Lloyd Wright

        One of most strongly held beliefs by our society today is ‘I am too young/ too old to do
something.’ We are two young when it comes to making commitments; i.e. buying a house,
having a baby, getting married. We are also too old to change; i.e. changing our job, city we live
in, live partner. So where is this ‘magic line’ that one day changes everything about how we
view the world? The answer is – It is in our heads! We make up those borders for ourselves so
we can have excuses not to change things in our life’s that need changing. We will believe
anything for the sake on not leaving our comfort zone. We will listen to lies like ‘You have to
sacrifice your life for others’ or ‘You can’t do what you love and support yourself’. We will
believe anything we are being fed if we just can stay in the place we are right now and somehow
justify it to ourselves. We will even believe in the belief that ‘You are too old.’ Well let me tell
you a little about age right now.
        Some time ago I watched a show on American television called ‘The Dr. Oz Show’. The
host of the show, Dr. Oz, is a heart surgeon and at the same time shows people ways and tricks
on how to improve all aspects of their life. He is a true warrior and knowledge and insights he
provides is truly profound and beneficial for many people.
        So on one of his episodes he was talking about addictions. There is a part on his show
when he takes Questions from the audience. So an 85-year old woman gives him her take on the
thing called addiction. It goes like this.
Woman: Good evening Dr. Oz. I would like to tell you about my addiction.
Oz: Ok, let’s hear it.
W: Well doctor, I’m addicted too sex.
(Audience begins too laugh and so does the doctor)
O: Well, that’s great. Tell us a little more about it.
W: Well you see there in the audience is my husband. He is 65-years of age.
O: Well now I see. So how often do you have sex?
W: Well not as often as I would like to, only 3 times a week. The reason for it is that my husband
has a heart condition and I don’t want to push him over the edge.

(The doctor and the audience laugh full heartedly at this moment)
O: Well that’s amazing! I would love for you to share with everybody in the audience how do you
do it?
(The woman points her middle finger into her forehead and seas)
W: To be honest with you doctor, I just don’t let this old lady in.
         In my opinion that’s one smart woman right there. “I just don’t let this old lady in.” What
does it mean really? It means she is not ready to give her life away to ‘old age’.
         Another example I’m going to give you is a guy named Jack LaLanne.
         ‘Jack LaLanne (born September 26, 1914) is an American fitness, exercise, nutritional
expert, and motivational speaker who has been called "the godfather of fitness". He has
published numerous books on fitness and hosted a fitness television show between 1951 and
1985. LaLanne gained recognition for his success as a bodybuilder, as well as his prodigious
feats of strength. He has been inducted to the California Hall of Fame and has a star on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame.
         LaLanne wrote that as a child he was addicted to sugar and junk food. At age 15 he
heard Paul Bragg give a talk on health and nutrition. Bragg's message had a powerful influence
on LaLanne, who decided to focus on his diet and exercise habits.’
         So this guy Jack is now 96 years old. He travels the world with his wife, who is at similar
age as he is, promoting healthy lifestyle. He looks right now like someone in his late 60s or early
70s. The things that he used to do where amazing and I strongly encourage you to Google this
guys extraordinary feats of strength.
         Anyway let me focus on a guy that inspired him on becoming one of the most influential
people in the health industry today, Mr. Paul G. Bragg.
         Right now I am at a point of my life that I have changed a lot of my ‘nasty’ food habits
from when I was younger. I eat regularly, exercise and even stopped eating meat. For many
people especially the last part is strange and they often ask me ‘Why won’t you eat meat?’ Well
what I like to tell them is a thing I heard Jack say and as I learned later on, he has learned from
his mentor, Mr. Paul G. Bragg.
         So Mr. Bragg was a guy who claimed that a human being can live up to be 120 years old,
and in a good health(!). That’s what I like to tell people when they ask me why I don’t drink
alcohol or eat meat anymore. I tell them ‘Because I want to live to be 120 years old.’
Unfortunately Mr. Bragg died at the age of 95. He broke his leg while he was surfing.

       You see old age is just an excuse for us not to change, nothing more and nothing less than
that. You are not too young or too old to do anything.
Tiger Woods was three years old when he first broke 50 for 9 holes of golf.
Mozart was 8 years old when he wrote his first symphony.
Charles Dickens was 12 years old when he quit school and started working in a factory.
Anne Frank was 13 years old when she began her diary.
Ralph Waldo Emerson was 14 years old when he enrolled to Harvard.
Paul McCartney was 15 years old when John Lennon invited him to join a band.
Bill Gates was 19 years old when he co-founded Microsoft.
William Shakespeare was 31 years old when he wrote ‘Romeo and Juliet’.
Thomas Jefferson was 33 years old when he wrote ‘The Declaration of Independence’.
Mother Teresa was 40 years old when she began her work in Calcutta.
Pablo Picasso was 55 years old when he painted ‘Guernica’ and began the revolution of the arts.
Dom Pierre Pérignon was 60 years old when he produced the first glass of champagne.
Oscar Hammerstein was 64 years old when he wrote ‘The Sound Of Music’.
Winston Churchill was 65 years old when he became Britain’s prime minister.
Nelson Mandela was 71 years old when he was released from more than 20 years in South
African prison, and 4 years later, at the age of 75, he was elected the President of South Africa.
Michelangelo was 72 years old when he designed the dome at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.
Benjamin Franklin was 79 years old when he invented bifocals.
Frank Lloyd Wright was 91 years old when he finished his work on the Guggenheim Museum.
Dimitri Ordanis was 98 years old when he ran a marathon.
Ritchie Ryan was 100 years old when he climbed Mount Fuji.
So do you still think you’re too old?


   “I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong.” - Bertrand Russell

       Another popular belief is ‘There’s not enough to go around.’ This belief is in the source
of every wrongdoing that one man has inflicted on to another from the beginning of time. It's the
cause of poverty, murder, rape, corruption, lie and so forth. It lies in the core of what we believe
about the world today and how we interact with it. Let me give you an example.
       In my household this was a very strong belief, but it didn't start with my parents. Sure,
they perpetuated and believed it was true, but it started long time before they were born, with my
       My grandmother and her two sisters have grown up without their parents who were killed
during the World War II. She was about ten years old when that happened and they were left
without much to support themselves with. Their grandmother took care of them, but soon after
that she died too. Imagine three teenaged, scared kids growing up without any help from anyone,
because that's how it was back than, every man for himself. Those were really the darkest times
in human history, where the worst, and the best in people, would come through.
       So my grandmother and her two sisters had to make ends meet somehow. Often enough
they had one meal a day, or sometimes not even that. They grew up with the belief that what they
have today can be easily taken from them the next one. That was their experience of life as they
knew it. My grandmother got older, got married, had three sons and became a teacher. She is
now one of those people who 'finds' herself new dis-eases every month and is more competent
than doctors. It's really hard talking to her, because all she can really talk about is how sick she is
and how much money she spends on medication each month.
       If you're feeling sorry for her, stop. Feeling sorry implies that you are better than her and
in fact you're not. If you think that you are, you're an asshole. She can choose anytime she wants
to change and it's not you who can judge when the right time is for her. But it's also not your part
to perpetuate her illusion by feeling sorry for her, a warrior doesn't do that.
       Getting back to the story. What else can I tell you about my grandmother? She is a very
loving person, she would give anything to her children and grandchildren and she shows it by
giving them something she missed the most herself as a child - food.

       When she was young she and her sisters used to ate potato peels, that's how poor they
were. When you go to my grandma’s house today there is all the food you could ever eat. The
refrigerator is stacked up full and so is the freezer. There are tons of candies in the house for
anyone who visits her. In fact she never let's anybody leave with an empty stomach. I have to
blackmail her each time I visit her, because every 15-20 minutes or so she constantly asks me to
eat something. I finally have to say that if she doesn’t stop I’m going to leave and go to my
uncle’s place, so she stops for another 30 minutes and the cycle repeats itself again and again.
She feeds everyone like Mother Teresa. She also keeps a stash of food in her basement. She has
twenty kilos of sugar in her basement still from the 1990s. When someone of us would ask her,
why she keeps all this sugar, she would say 'You never know when it might come in handy.'
       The fact is me and family know when - never. The first reason is because it's too old and
unusable today, but that's not the point. The point is that my grandma is still living like she was a
little girl. The circumstances in her life have changed, but the way she thinks about life is the
same when she was ten years old. She still thinks that any day now someone might come and
take away what she missed the most when she was a child - food. That's why, instead of living
her life, she made her mission to accumulate as much food as she can. She now spends her
pension between two things - food and medication. Those are her primary spendings each month
which is all that her pension goes too. The other half that they use to pay bills, gas etc. is my
grandfather’s pension.
       So what's the morale of the story? The morale is that the underlying belief by which my
grandma is living by today is 'There is not enough food to go around.' For her it manifests as
hording as much food as she can. There's really no end to it, because she can always lose it in a
day, just as she lost her parents. It's a very perverted way of living and if someone tells me it’s
fine, you're a bigger asshole than I taught.
       So how did it matter to me and my family? Where my father adopted the same belief as
his mother 'There is not enough .. to go around' He couldn't say that about food, my grandma
took care of that. In their household there was more than enough food to go around, so he
focused his attention on something else - money.
       Money was the primary source of heated arguments in my household. It wasn't like we
didn't have it, because we were the once that had the first VCR when it just came out, we had
computers and toys from abroad. As I look at it now we had everything we ever wanted as kids.

The kids from our block used to come to us just to play with our toys which they lacked. But the
belief was that 'It can always end one day'.
       This manifested in my father changing various occupations throughout his life. The
paradox of it was that every job he went into he was good at. You remember how I said that the
bigger asshole you are the more society rewards you? Well my father was a pretty big one. He
was sarcastic and never cared about anyone in his life besides himself. I was a perfect replica of
him when I grew up - the perfect asshole.
       He always managed somehow to go up the latter and, in the end, was better financially
than anybody else, but he pissed it all away. Each time when things started to look good he
would find an excuse to try something new. So the next business venture was a little worse than
the one before, but still it made a really good living. But his belief couldn't let that happen. He
just auto-destructed every possible chance he had for being financially stable today. You can say
he pissed it all away because of fear of losing it one day. But it's not just my father, it's ALL OF
US. The best example I can give you about how this belief can destroy a man’s life is something
pretty recent.
       Few years ago, when there was this big market crash, many people lost their life savings
in a day. One Chinese businessman lost three billion dollars that day and he committed suicide
the same night.
       You could say 'That's pretty understandable. That's a lot of money he lost.' Well you need
to know that the three billion dollars was just the half of what he had and he still had three billion
dollars on his bank account left. So why did he do it? He didn't lose everything. In fact he still
had as much that he could feed all the starving children of the world for a year. He did it because
he believed that he had lost so much. His Ego couldn't bare, especially in the Chinese culture,
that he failed so miserably.
       In China when you go to school you pretty much know in what company you will end up
working after you graduate. If for any reason you get fired from that company it is considered to
be such a big dishonor, a failure, that many people commit suicide afterwards. How many jobs
have you had in your lifetime? Well most Chinese people have one for the rest of their life’s
since they finish college. That's why many companies, being afraid of that, keep employing
people for years that they should fire. They are afraid that the sense of failure will be too much
for them to handle and that they will commit hara-kiri.

“Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. The more a man has, the more he
                    wants. Instead of filling a vacuum, it makes one.”
                                         Benjamin Franklin

       So how did this belief that my grandmother and my father have affected me? Well I had a
belief 'There is not enough love to go around.' As a child I always felt left out. I was the
youngest child, my brother was the firstborn. Eyes of the whole family were upon him. I always
envied him the love and attention that he had. He was better in everything than me - he was
faster, stronger, funnier, more confident, more open, and more handsome and, by the time we
grew up, he was also better with girls. I felt cheated and angry. I felt if I was the firstborn I
would be like that, but it all started with the belief that 'There is not enough love to go around'.
       For me it was not enough hugging, kisses, attention and not enough pictures from our
childhood. That led me to become who I was and who I am today. I hit rock bottom because of
that and because of that I became who I am today - a warrior. For all those things I send feelings
of unconditional love and gratitude to everyone in my life who contributed for allowing me to
speak these words to you now.
       So this belief is like a plague that has been poisoning mankind from the beginning of
time. It is the snake that whispered into Eve’s ear to take the fruit of the forbidden tree with the
words ‘You don’t have enough knowledge’. It is in the base of everything that is bad in people.
So what would happen if it was non-existent? How would the world look like if everybody’s
belief would change to 'There is enough for everybody to go around.'
       World hunger would end in a day, wars would stop also. There wouldn't be a need for a
military anymore, because there would be nothing to take from anyone. There would be no
jealousy or feeling of inadequacy. People would stop lying to each other on a regular basis. We
lie because we want to convince someone to give us something that we want and don't have, and
that would just simply be not true. We would share with each other everything knowing that we
are supported all the time and what's on the left today can be on the right tomorrow. We would
stop sacrificing our private lives for jobs that drain our energy or don't let us be the best people
we can be. We would know, without a shadow of a doubt, that there are enough jobs to go
around for everybody.
       What is wrong with our society today is the feeling that we have to accumulate more and
more until nothing can surprise us, until we can sit back on our asses and don't worry about the

world changing, because there will always be sugar in our basement. But the sugar will become
old and one day unusable. You can accumulate all the money you want, just like the Chinese
guy, and still feel it's not enough. If you want to live in that world be my guest, it's your choice. I
don't want to convince you to do anything. What I'm doing is just giving you my observations on
the world from the viewpoint of the warrior and not an asshole. If I was an asshole this book
would never come to pass. I would be too scared of how my family would react, how my friends
will look at me and so forth, but the truth is, I don't care. We have been perpetuating this sick
vision of the world long enough. It's time to stand in front of the asshole and scream to his face:
'Hey, asshole, I know who you are and I'm not going to take your shit anymore!' and start making
the changes in you. Start being the adept first and later on the warrior.
       If you'll be true to your path and true to your heart you will get there. I can't promise you
anything when you do, but I can tell you what you can expect. You can expect that everything
you thought you knew about the world as absolute truth will be gone out the window. You will
know that the world is in fact the product of your belief system and that it bows to your every
       The most important thing about being a warrior is not being an asshole. You won't be an
asshole, because you will stop judging people for anything they are doing. You will take
responsibility for your life and everything that has happened to you. You will speak your mind
freely knowing you are not better than anyone else. You will not need anybody to listen to you
because you will know that there is no one to listen to you in the first place. You will know you
are the part of the cosmos and the Universal Consciousness of the Universe. You will know that
you are all things and that all things are perfect, because Creation doesn't make mistakes. It didn't
create one stone too much or one flower too little. Everything is, always has been and always
will be in the perfect place in time. If you're reading these words today you will know that they
are here for you to be read and there was nothing you could do about it. You will die and be
reborn. You will leave the Ego behind. It won't be anymore about 'I', 'Me' and 'Mine' it will be
about 'Us'. 'How can I contribute? How can I make a difference?'
       You will feel empathy for all living creatures. You will see and cry with the Earth as you
recognize that it is a living being which loves us unconditionally, that's why she lets us destroy
and exploit her. You will enjoy every part of life equally. You won't distinguish moments as
being more or less beautiful - every moment is sacred because it is the only moment in the
Universe which will never be repeated again in this same exact manner. Your life will become a

sheer explosion of bliss and excitement; effortless. You will manifest things in your Universe
quicker and quicker until one day you will achieve a state of Christ Consciousness when you will
be able to manifest things instantly.
       But in order to do that you must put in the work. As an adept you will become frustrated
and fed up many times. You will stop doing what you think is spiritual and revert to the asshole
time and time again. But at every moment you decide to try again you make the warrior in you
stronger, until one day the asshole has no choice but to step aside and let the warrior take over. I
congratulate everybody who’s willing to do it. But where do you start? You start with your belief


 “A man who is the master of himself can end a sorrow as easily as he can invent a
  pleasure. I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to
                       enjoy them, and to dominate them.” - Oscar Wilde

          Beliefs are what hold this world together. They are like glue which binds everything with
everything else. It is the way we relate to the world and to each other. It's the way we describe
and feel everything.
          So up until this point you have created your beliefs unconsciously. You didn't understand,
nor did you even know the process existed. But it does and what I'm saying to you is true, but I
don't want you to take my word for it. Find out for yourself. Monitor yourself and find out what
doesn't work in your life and change it. Find out what 'bad' beliefs make the vision of the world
painful for you? But how you identify 'bad' beliefs?
          First of all you need to understand there is no such thing as 'good' or 'bad' beliefs. Feeling
good isn't any better than feeling bad, it's only a matter of preference. Feelings are only emotions
that are equal on that scale. What they do though is that they reflect your level of vibration at any
time. If you have a lot of negative emotions, meaning you walk around barking at everyone,
feeling depressed and so on your vibrational frequency is low. On the other hand when you feel
upbeat and relaxed, when you see the world through 'pink glasses' it means your vibration is
          The reason for that is all emotions that you have ever felt or will feel are the products of
your belief system and the level of emotions is the indicator if the belief system you have is
aligned with your true natural Self, the Higher Self or not.
          So let's say you are a very grumpy man. It basically means that you might hold beliefs in
your mind that 'There is not enough to go around', 'The world favors others', 'I'm a failure' so on
and so forth. Those beliefs produce in you negative emotions when you are face-to-face with
          'But what does it mean that they produce those negative emotions? Why can't I believe
whatever I want and still feel good, even being an asshole?'

        Well that's how it all has been set up by All That Is. Negative emotions are caused by
beliefs that you think are true for you, but in fact are not true for your real natural Self, which we
are going to call the Higher Self.
       Remember the section about definitions? I gave a definition of the Higher Self there. Feel
free to go back and read it again right now. So if you read it you know that the Higher Self is the
guide that will bring you where you need to go when you need to go there on the road of least
resistance. His way of communicating with you is excitement. When you feel excitement, and
act on it, it means you're fulfilling your highest purpose in life at this moment in time.
       Excitement is like a pointing needle that shows you the right direction. The process of
working with your belief system is the process of 'cleaning the receiver' of what the Higher Self
is trying to tell you. Let me give you an example.
       Think about something right now. Out of everything you could be doing right now what
is the most exciting thing you can imagine? If it's reading this book you are fulfilling your
highest purpose in life at this moment, because you're doing exactly what your Higher Self is
signaling you to do.
       Fine, so what will you do after you finish reading this book? Again you take all the
possibilities you have at hand and pick the one that has the most level of excitement in it for you.
Let's say it's calling a friend you haven't seen in a very long time. Now if you have no problem
calling that person up and you feel excited about it, again at that moment, you're fulfilling your
highest possible truth. Acting on that feeling will bring you to another moment and another and
so on and so forth.
       If you can do it this way without feeling any negative emotions while doing those tasks
than that's great. It means your 'receiver is polished' and there is no distraction, no 'white noise'
between the information that is being sent. But if you're like me at some time or most of the
population the choices don't come so easy. After finishing reading this book you might feel the
urge to call a friend, but at the same time a warning sign will light up in your head 'You haven't
spoken to him for so long. What will you say? I hate calling like that, it's like I want something
from him and what am I going to say: 'Hey my Higher Self told me to call you' That's just stupid.
No, no, no I'm going to wait for something easier to come up.'
       Well that would probably be like I would react some time ago. I somehow always felt
unease in social gatherings. I felt so much pressure to be social, funny and smart everywhere I
went. Somehow I had a belief that if I don't yak around all the time people will find me boring

and eventually will stop liking me. You see how many negative beliefs I've had back then? Let
me list them now.
       'The need to be liked'
       'The need for people to find me smart, funny and social'
       'Always having things to talk about.'
       Well those beliefs were true for me back then, but they weren't true to my Higher Self.
The way that the Higher Self signals that to you is by negative emotions that you feel.
       'The need to be liked'. The truth is that you don't need to be liked by anyone except
yourself. If you expect everybody to like you there is no chance in hell you're going to live up to
that expectation. There will always be someone who will find you annoying, stupid or whatever.
So this belief goes out the window.
       'The need for people to find me smart, funny and social'. You have worse and better days.
That's how it is, you can't be funny all the time, nobody can. People are surprised that when they
meet great comedians like Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy or Charlie Chaplin that in real life they
are in fact pretty boring guys. They aren't pranksters all the time, believe me. Comedy is their job
and doing it 24/7 is a very draining experience. Those people just want to have some downtime
once in a while. They aren't clowns and don't expect them to entertain you all the time, because
that expectation can't be met.
       'Always having things to talk about.' Again you are not a machine. It is like I said earlier
in the Quarantino movie 'Why do we feel it's necessary to yak about bullshit in order to be
comfortable?' Again it's a very good question and the answer is 'Because you have a belief that
you should in order to feel good about yourself.' But it's only true for your Ego, not your Higher
Self. Your Higher Self knows that those beliefs aren't worth shit and it signals it to you by your
negative emotions.
       So how do you change your beliefs to the ones you want? Well first of all you've got to
identify them. You do that by stalking yourself constantly. Stalking means simply looking at
your thoughts and the responses you get to the outside circumstances. That's where fear and
doubt comes in handy.


"Man goes to doctor. Says he's depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he
feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain.
Doctor says 'Treatment is simple. Great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go and
  see him. That should pick you up.' Man bursts into tears and says 'But, doctor...I
                                           am Pagliacci.’”

        Well there is a big misconception about 'bad' emotions in our society. We think that we
should be always happy and smiling and cheerful and those are the 'good guys', the 'good
emotions' that we want to feel all the time. So any other emotion that doesn't make us feel that
we label as 'bad' and we don't want to have anything to do with it.
        Well there is some right that they are 'bad', but not in the sense that you think. They are
'bad' just and only because they are not yours. They are beliefs of your parents, friends and co-
workers and so on. We feel so miserable with having the belief 'There is not enough (..) to go
around' because it just plainly isn't the truth. One time in history someone invented it and people
just 'bought into it'. As I said before if you convince enough people that hamburgers are part of a
nutritious breakfast after a while all the kids will be having them on a regular basis.
        So the 'bad' feelings are in fact our friends. They show us where we should look in order
to get rid of the beliefs that weren't ours in the first place. That's a completely different view of
what you thought fear and anger and all those things were, right? Right until this point you
probably thought that they are natural emotions that people have to feel. Well that I think is the
greatest lie ever told, because it's just not true.
        Those feelings are only tools to make you look in the right direction. In and of
themselves there are not worse than any other emotion out there, it's just different. It has a
specific role to play and it is playing it perfectly. It's only our assumption that they are 'bad' that
make them bad. Once you change the belief about your emotions you will start using them in a
more conscious and beneficial way for you.
        So how do you stalk yourself? First of all you look at your reactions to the outside world.
When you find yourself reacting the way you don't prefer, which means fear, anger, rage you

stop and pause for a minute and ask 'What belief would I have to have to have such a response to
that situation?'
           From that point forward you play the role of a detective. You take a piece of paper and
write down all the beliefs that come to your mind. Now identify the one that you feel is the one
that makes you react in an undesired way. Once you have identified it, it's gone! If you think it's
too easy, think again. It's not rocket science, believe me. You can try to think of elaborate
techniques to do it, like writing them down on a piece of paper, burning them and later eating the
ashes. If that's the way you prefer go right ahead, but you don't have to. Simply recognize that
you have a belief that you find no more useful and that makes it automatically go away. You can
not change something you do not own; once you make it your own you can send it on its way.
Let me give you an example of what I mean.
           For those of you who are interested in psychology and sociology I bet the term NLP or
Neuro-linguistic programming is familiar. NLP was developed by Dr. Richard Bandler over 30
years ago and right now is one of most highly valued practices of working with your beliefs and
understanding how our minds work.
           “Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a controversial approach to psychotherapy and
organizational change based on "a model of interpersonal communication chiefly concerned
with the relationship between successful patterns of behavior and the subjective experiences
(esp. patterns of thought) underlying them" and "a system of alternative therapy based on this
which seeks to educate people in self-awareness and effective communication, and to change
their patterns of mental and emotional behavior. The co-founders, Richard Bandler and linguist
John Grinder, claimed it would be instrumental in "finding ways to help people have better,
fuller and richer lives." They coined the title to denote their belief in a connection between
neurological processes (‘neuro’), language (‘linguistic’) and behavioral patterns that have been
learned through experience ('programming') and that can be organized to achieve specific goals
in life.

           NLP was originally promoted by its co-founders in the 1970s as an effective and rapid
form of psychological therapy, capable of addressing the full range of problems which
psychologists are likely to encounter, such as phobias, depression, habit disorder,
Psychosomatic illnesses, learning disorders. It also espoused the potential for self-determination
learned through overcoming limitations and emphasized well-being and healthy functioning.
Later, it was promoted as a 'science of excellence', derived from the study or 'modeling' of how

successful or outstanding people in different fields obtain their results. It was claimed that these
skills can be learned by anyone to improve their effectiveness both personally and

        So what NLP does basically is that it gets people who have dealt with some sorts of
problems that they had in life, for example phobia victims, and later on studies their patterns of
behaviors to see how they overcame them.
        It has originated with this college student, Richard Bandler, who found himself reading a
lot of books on the subject of psychology and psychotherapy in the early 1970s and getting to
the conclusion that those books really had no real answers to the questions on how to help
people. Sure, they were describing a lot of different cases of phobias, but none of them gave the
answers how to help the ‘victims’ to overcome it. So he had an idea to put an add in the
newspaper that he would pay people who had a phobia at one point in their life and somehow
have now overcame it so he could study them. After some time he had tens of cases of people
who were describing their experiences and ways they’ve dealt with them. So a patient would say
something like this: ‘Ok, so I had a phobia of riding elevators. Each time I imagined myself
going into one I would feel a pain in my chest that would be building up until I would start
suffocating.’ ‘Ok’, said Bandler ‘So how did you deal with it.’ ‘Well, I’m not really sure to tell
you the truth. One day I just saw an image of myself standing in front of the elevator. It was like I
was in a movie theater and what I saw was a scene from a movie. When I saw myself like that I
thought to myself how stupid it is to be scared of such a harmless thing like an elevator. That was
it; I was never scared of them after that.’
        And this guy Bandler, who is now a doctor would take notes looking like ‘See yourself as
a character in the movie à See how stupid it is to be scared of it. à Not be afraid of it
anymore.’ And all the people he was studying were saying basically the same thing. That’s how
he knew that he had something valuable here and started exploring and inventing it into a series
of behavioral patterns that you can basically get rid of any undesired emotion and phobia you
        So the first thing he did he used to take people and confront them with a phobia or
delusion they’ve had for years. How did he do it? Let me give you two examples of that.
        One day he was summoned to work with a guy who saw imaginary snakes. So he had an
idea how to deal with that. He went to a Halloween store and bought a barrel of rubber snakes.
Than he went to a pet store and rented a 10 foot long Anaconda. Then he took all these things

and adopted the patients bathroom to look like this scene from an ‘Indiana Jones’ movie. He
covered all the floor and walls with rubber snakes, and on a poll that was hanging down from the
ceiling he inserted this big ass Anaconda. Of course the patient was unaware of the whole thing
that was happening. So once Dr. Bandler went to this guys room and he asked him can he see
anything in the room besides him. The patience replied that he can see hundreds of snakes
crawling everywhere around his bed. Of course those were the imaginary snakes so Dr. Bandler
took this guy on a wheelchair into the bathroom. Now the guy was shocked and started
screaming and yelling at the top of his lunges. The guy saw two kinds of snakes – the imaginary
ones in his room and the rubber ones in the bathroom, but he still was claiming those were the
same snakes. So after a minute he saw this huge Anaconda coming down from the ceiling. Now
the guy was pale and really confused. He wasn’t expecting anything like this. Supposable this
Anaconda was 10 inches from his face. Now the guy was really scared and panicked. He
couldn’t take it anymore so he screamed at the top of his lunges to take this snake away from
him. ‘Which snake are you talking about?’ Dr. Bandler asked ‘There are no snakes here.’ ‘Oh
yes they are. Look.’ ‘I don’t see anything. What do you see?’ ‘Well I see rubber snakes on the
floor and this huge snake in front of my face!’ ‘So you don’t see any snakes in your room?’ the
Dr. asked ‘No, I don’t. There is only one real snake here and it is here in front of my face. Take it
away!’ The guy was cured.
       Another example of one of his ‘tough’ patients was when he was called to talk to a guy
who claimed he was Jesus Christ. Well, that was a tough one even for Dr. Bandler, but after a
while he got an idea. He went into a lumber yard and bought two huge wooden poles where one
was a little shorter then the other. Then he carved a space between them so they feet together
looking like a big cross. What he did he took these two poles, put them in the office and asked
the patient to come in. The guy walked in and introduced himself as being Jesus Christ. ‘You are
the doctor?’ asked the guy. ‘No, of course not’ Dr. Bandler replied ‘My name is Pontius Pilate.’
And he went on back to assembling the cross from the two poles. Now the patient started
becoming confused. Some screws in his head started being loose. So Dr. Bandler asked ‘So you
are Jesus Christ?’ ‘Yes I am. I am the son of God and the savior of mankind.’ said the guy with
honor. ‘Splendid. We were waiting for you. You will have the opportunity today to save
humankind once and for all.’ So the whole masquerade was moving forward and with every
second the patient was losing his self-confidence. He really broke down when two football
players, dressed like Roman soldiers, entered the room. They were Dr. Bandler’s friends hired to

play the roles of guards. Now the guy was shitting his pants. ‘Are you sure you are Jesus
Christ?’ asked Dr. Bandler ‘Yeees, I amm.’ mumbled the guy. ‘Ok, so let’s get going to the
crucifixion area.’ ‘The crucifixion area?’ the guy asked. ‘Well of course. You wanted to die for
the sins of men so today you will have a chance.’ They’ve put this big cross on his arms and went
on to a nearby hill. When finally Pontius Pilate took those big ass nails out of his pocket the
patient screamed ‘Wait, wait, I’m not Jesus Christ. My name is John Smith. I’m an electrician; I
have a wife and two kids.’ ‘Are you sure?’ Pilate asked. ‘Yes, yes, I’m sure.’ The guy was cured.
       There are countless examples of how people got cured from phobias. One guy was so
scared of leaving his home town that he couldn’t get passed the border of it. So Dr. Bandler
made him imagine being a Superman, flying by his car while the other ‘him’ would be left
standing right by the border of the town and he would go on flying further away. He was cured.
       You get my drift? In order to change something you need to face it first and you face it
by finally acknowledging it as your creation. Your 'bad' beliefs are like bastard kids that you put
in the basement, because you don't want the world to see them, but every time you have
company the kids start yelling and screaming. First it's a real subtle scream, but after a while the
screaming becomes unbearable. So the screaming and yelling are the emotions of fear and anger
and the pure recognition of them puts them at ease.
       So why do I say that the screaming gets louder and louder? Well you can have a 'bad'
belief from childhood and not even know about it. In fact how would you know? Nobody ever
taught you about it. It all comes down to what I said in the beginning - the Spirit is always
knocking, but you don't want to answer. And that's exactly what it is. The knocking of the Spirit
is in fact the screaming of your belief systems 'Look here. Pay attention to me.'
       It's the calling for you to self reflect and asset your beliefs and if they serve you or not.
That's all it is and that's the whole truth about this 'spiritual path' theme. It's no greater mystery
than working on your belief system and letting the communication between you and your Higher
Self to establish and to flourish. When you do that you will finally live your life as a whole,
integrated being that’s not afraid to look at him or her anymore. You will evolve into something
beautiful which you never knew you could.
       So once you identify the belief you let it go on its way. It no longer holds its power over
you and you can change it too whatever you wish.

          Now I'm not saying you should go around changing every belief you ever had in your
life. That's not what this is about. It's about identifying what no longer serves you and you don't
          So now that you have identified a 'bad' belief you can replace it with something you
want, for example. 'Each time I will find myself in this situation I want to react in this and that
way.' Don't state how you don't want to react, but how you do want to act. That's very important,
because otherwise you will go on in circles. Remember your mind doesn't recognize the meaning
of the word 'no'. If I tell you now 'Don't think of the color blue' what color comes to your mind?
Exactly. The same thing here. Just say 'Think of color red' and that's all I want to say about that.

“If you have made mistakes, even serious ones, there is always another chance for
  you. What we call failure is not the falling down but the staying down.” – Mary

          So you’ve identified the belief, you've let it go, you've changed it and now you have to
lock it in. Look from this moment on the belief is working and it's in place, but you still have to
activate it. You activate it by acting as if the new belief you have put in place is the one you
prefer to have. It seems a little like 'fake it till you make it' approach. Well that's how that
technique actually works. You do something long enough until you change your belief about that
thing, but this is a much quicker and simpler way, mainly because you start from the source of
the problem and not the other way around. That makes it much faster. This way you can lock it
in after one or two times of acting on it and from that point forward you will react automatically
to that situation in the way you desire.
          So let me tell you what you might expect. You might change your belief but still, when a
similar situation arises you get exactly the same emotional response as before. Don't worry about
it, it's normal. In fact it's because you are not accustomed to the process yet. Once you are you
will be capable of changing your beliefs instantly and aligning them automatically with your
Higher Self. It's a skill, which like any other skill, you have to keep repeating and repeating over
and over again until you master it. Once you do it will become effortless and automatic.
          So those 'bad' emotions that you're still experiencing are the 'aftershocks' of the change.
It's like you throw a rock in the lake and you see circles forming after it hit the water. Those
circles are your old emotions caused by your old beliefs. They are the remnants of old belief that

haven't been digested yet, but sooner than later they will. You just have to be patient and not get
discouraged along the way.


 “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the
                    one most responsive to change.”  - Charles Darwin

       From this point foreword of the book I will give you tools and tricks that worked for me
personally on this journey of self-discovery. As I said before I am not a 'guru' or anyone like
that. I just tried bunch of stuff out and can tell you which had the most profound effect on me. It
doesn't mean that there are the best out there; it just means they worked for me. The truth is there
is no one method to do anything. When someone tells you that his method will enlighten you in a
weekend run as fast as you can.


   “Individual commitment to a group effort -- that is what makes a team work, a
               company work, a society work, a civilization work.” –
                                 - Vince Lombardi

        The technique I call ‘The open letter’ is one of the most useful and powerful tools you
will ever need on your road of becoming a warrior. In fact if you do exactly what I tell you to do
in this step you will have about 80% of work behind you.
        Exciting prospect, isn't it? So what is this 'magical' technique called 'The open letter'? Be
sure there is no magic in it. It's basically a journal, a self-reflection on your whole life.
        All of us have unresolved issues in our lives. What it means that we are more often than
not allowed by society to express our true feelings about certain things. We fake our smiles and
pretend that things don't bother us. The feelings that are not expressed freely become suppressed
feelings and suppressed feelings reside physically in our body and they can manifest in many
different ways. The most common way for them to manifest are physical dis-eases. Here is a
piece of information from another book on how you can identify why you feel pain in some parts
of your body and what suppressed emotions stand behind them.

Specific body parts:
The head signals thoughts and ideals - the way we think life ought to be. The face has to do with
what we are presenting to the world. If our presentation is different from what is actually
happening inside, our two “faces” are in conflict. As a result, acne may develop.
If we have negative thoughts, resentment, and feelings of being inadequate, mucous will develop
in the sinuses. Phlegm, the fluid in the throat, is also an indication of negative emotions.
Headaches often constitute repression of memories. They can also signify a conflict between the
left and right brains. For example, our right brain knows that we are all-powerful beings— that
every one of us is a consciousness superimposed over All That Is. If the left brain opposes it, we
develop a headache.
Ear problems can mean there are things in our environment that we don’t wish to hear: abusive
language from a spouse; nagging from a mother; or disrespect from a child. When we protect
our boundaries, yet realize that we cannot control the behavior of others, this heals. It is also

helpful to see the abuse as their reflection, not ours, so that we don’t take it personally.
The thyroid is where we suppress anger at not being heard. If there are pieces of our reality that
don’t fit, and we try to ignore them, it effects the thyroid.
Teeth and their roots are connected to bones, therefore, they indicate conflicts with parental
figures or societal attitudes. Teeth have to do with how palatable parental teachings were. If we
cannot accept a life situation, our teeth may become hypersensitive. Teeth also pertain to the
need for aggression.
Problems with gums indicate something we cannot swallow in life. It is stuck and bothering us,
so it becomes an abscess in the mouth.
The neck is where thoughts and ideals meet - reflecting the way life is for us. Light workers often
have neck problems because the way they would like life to be and the way life appears, is at
variance. That conflict meets in the neck.
A lot of people have atlas problems, meaning the head isn’t on straight. This indicates a dramatic
conflict between ideal and reality and an inability to embrace the folly of mankind. If we can
start to see the perfection underlying all things, by looking at the larger picture, this conflict
goes away.
The shoulders, arms and hands reflect that which is done to us or that which we are doing to
another. The hands indicate the present moment. Arms mean it may be less obvious or more
under the surface. Shoulders indicate that we have been trying to push it into the past. If our
feelings were hurt today, it manifests in the fingers. If we are
still hurting over something that happened last week, it will possibly manifest in the arm, up
toward the elbow. If there are issues from our childhood or from past relationships that we
suppress, we find that in the shoulders or back.
Specific areas of the hands indicate different things. The top joint or section of the fingers has to
do with ideals and the mental. The middle joint has to do with emotional issues. The lower joint
has to do with the physical body. For example, when someone is hostile towards our spiritual
beliefs and makes fun of a sacred object or a spiritual book we hold dear, we may develop a
problem with the top joint of the finger. If someone
makes fun of our intellect or our ability to solve problems, it also manifests in the top joint. One
young woman who had developed a huge tumor in the brain came to me. Her husband’s favorite
nickname for her was “brain dead.” That was an insult to the mental and she continually injured
the top joints of her fingers.

The area below the shoulders down to the hips has to do with our desires and passion and our
self-expression of the things we love to do.
Liver problems indicate anger. Kidney problems indicate fear. Sacrum problems indicate that
we feel unsupported.
The hip area is where we balance between how we desire to live and how we are actually living.
For example, a man wants to be an artist but his parents forced him to become a lawyer.
Therefore, he develops problems in the hips.
The pubis bone can lock in the front. There is a cartilage joint that should move, and if it doesn’t,
it throws the back out of alignment. It locks when our sexuality is being drained. For example,
when a young boy is expected to be the man in the family, he may start to shield his masculinity
because he feels his energy being drained. If a woman is abused sexually, the pubis will lock.
Sexual organs relate to our ability to be active in reproduction.
Legs reflect how we are moving forward through life. The man who becomes a lawyer instead of
an artist may also be prone to hurting his legs. Since his artistic talent is part of his feminine
side, and the masculine is crowding it out, it will likely manifest in his left leg.
Knees reflect our flexibility towards what is happening to us. For example, a woman may have a
sore right knee when she is being inflexible with her husband.
Problems with the feet indicate how we are moving through life in the present moment. For
example, a man has many wonderful ideas at his job but his boss won’t give him the freedom to
follow those ideas, so his masculine side becomes stuck. He may have a car accident and jam the
bones of his masculine foot, because his life is jammed from moving forward at this time.
(excerpt from 'Life of Miracles' by Almine)

        Here you have a map of how you can investigate your body’s behavior to reflect on your
beliefs and feelings that are right now in your life. For most of my life I had pain in my neck
area. As you can see it was because I had a conflict between what life appeared to me and what I
wanted it to be. It was only when I changed my belief about what life should look like that the
pain stopped.
        Other example is my mother who had an operation on her right knee few years ago and it
still hurts her a lot. Well if you read those notes it's because she is inflexible with her husband,
which I here by constitute as being absolutely true.
        So if you have any of these symptoms listed above check for suppressed emotions in

those parts of your life. The more you look the more you will find and the more you will be able
to change into insights. Once you identify them you can let go of them and actually cure your
         So what is 'The open letter'? It is exactly what you have read in the beginning of this
book when I'm talking about my life. It's a true and honest assessment of your life. You pick the
most bothering subject for you and you investigate it throughout, from every angle. Let me give
you an example.
         Most of us have worst issues concerning our parents and it's not because they are the
worse people on the planet, but because most of our beliefs come from them. You may not know
this, but kids learn since the day they are born. They are like sponges which will take in anything
you're willing to put into them. If you’re consciously putting good, valuable information that's
         Unfortunately most of us act unconsciously. The beliefs that are not ours, for example our
parents, which in turn could have been the beliefs of their parents and so on, are being 'given' to
the child. In turn what happens is that we’re unconsciously feeding our children with bullshit it
will have to deal with later on in life. If you're doing that right now, stop! If you don’t want to
change for yourself do it for your children. We have enough messed up people running around
the world with machine guns and rocket launchers whose mummy’s didn't pay enough attention
to them. It's time to face the truth that every little fucking thing you do makes a difference in this
world and I mean everything. It's what they call the butterfly effect - when a butterfly in China
moves its wings it's going to manifest somehow in another part of the world. Let me give you a
visual of what I'm saying.

          Now the cog you see in the middle is You. All the other cogs are different people in your
life. The one closest to you can be your spouse, your child, mom or dad, it doesn't matter.
          There was this one study made by scientists where they found that when you get one
completely random person you can connect her with another completely random person by seven
mutual friends. What it means basically is that you have an acquaintance, which also has an
acquaintance, which also has an acquaintance and so on to the point that when you go to seven
acquaintances in a row you can basically connect yourself in that way to any person on the
          So what happens when the cog that is You moves even a little bit. Well every other cog
has no other choice but to move with You. It's not philosophy, its science. We are all connected
to each other in that way that we are connected to everything in the Universe. Any change you
make in yourself will automatically be implemented in everything else in the Universe. That's
how the Universe works and there was a time in history that we knew that, we simply forgot. We
don't see that connection with our bare eyes, because we weren't taught to look at the bigger
picture. Instead we think that our actions have no affect whatsoever on anyone else. That is just
wrong. Just because you can't see the wind or sunrays it doesn't mean they don't exist. Instead of
seeing them you feel them everywhere on your body.
          Just coming back to the subject of parenting and raising children for a second. It's not
your job to save your kids from all the harshness of the world. In fact it would be an impossible
job, because if you look at the model once again you are just one cog and infinite number of cogs
that inflict upon us every moment of our life’s. So what your job as a parent should truly be?
You should equip your child with the best set of beliefs that will be the most beneficial for it in

the future.
         How do you do it? You do it by making your own belief system aligned with your Higher
Self. Kids incorporate our beliefs on a subconscious level and your responsibility as a parent is to
know that and pay attention what beliefs does your behavior reflect to the child. That's what real!
parenting is, not just do whatever you like and hope that your kid won't have the same problems
that you had. If you have been hurt in your childhood by your parents, you can't freely express
your emotions when you're a grown up, you can be sure that your child will sense that and it will
incorporate that belief into their own life.
         So be conscious of what you're doing all the time and stop with this 'wishy-washy'
attitude that you hope it will miraculously not be like you. It can happen, like in my case, in the
long run, but at what price? Read my story again and ask yourself 'Do I want my baby to deal
with life like that?'
         If you won't do the work that is necessary to clean your belief system out you can be sure
that in one way or another it will happen. I'm not judging you for it if you let it happen, but still
take responsibility that EVERYTHING you do matters and has consequences.
         In fact the phase in child’s development called 'the mutiny' is happening because
subconsciously the kid recognizes that the beliefs it incorporated aren't his to begin with. So he
starts to exercise his right to explore. Some parents will let them and it will take about a year for
it to stop. Most on the other hand will force their beliefs on the child and perpetuate the vicious
         That kind of behavior can bring two things - the child submits to those beliefs and
becomes as miserable as his parents or he fights and will probably win, but at the cost of
projecting a feeling of anger towards the parents. It won’t recognize that they just don't know any
better and it will probably scar their relationship for life.
         When you do ‘The open letter' pick a subject that really pushes your buttons. If those are
your parents than that's fine, but they don't have to be. It's anything that makes you feel those
'bad' emotions. By writing about it you will finally answer the screaming and yelling of the child
in the basement and finally you can let go of the past.
         So how do you do it? Just start at the beginning and write. Write about anything you
want. Don't worry, you won't be sending this letter to mummy and daddy, but put your heart into
it. Let all those emotions that you weren't allowed to express surface. You will have many
emotional outbursts, you will start crying and that's great. In fact crying is one of the best

indicators that you're doing it right. In our society the value of crying is underrated and not
understood at all. It in fact is the sign that emotions that you've been holding inside for so long
can now surface and once you see it you are free of its grip it had on you.
       So what should you do after you write it? Nothing really. The process will start
automatically at this point. Just observe whatever emotions come up and don't try to change the
way you feel. Let yourself at last feel all those things you haven't let yourself in the past. The
letter can be hidden, burned or eaten. At this point it has no more value to you. As you see on my
own example it might come useful in the future so I would personally keep it. Just hide it so
nobody else can find and read it. Don't send it to anyone or talk about what you've written. There
will be time for that when you accumulate enough personal power, but right now feel the joy of
letting all those burdens go. We feel heavy not because life is heavy, but because we carry too
much luggage. When you lighten your load you will lighten instantly and the world will become
so much more beautiful.
       So after you've done it take another subject that triggers you and let it go. If you do it
right, which only means that you're willing to do it at all, you can stop reading right now. In fact
that will be the only thing you will ever have to do to go from being an asshole to being a
warrior. It really is that simple. On the other hand, if you're still interested and want to keep on
reading be my guest. There will be more 'tricks' you can have in your backpack.


 “It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of
                 today and the reality of tomorrow.” - Robert H. Goddard

       I'm sure you remember when I said that one of the things that I used to run from my
emotions, besides food, were movies. In fact the movie world was the one thing that kept me
somewhat in balance through all my life.
       Each time I felt unloved I turned on something that made me feel good about myself and
could go on with my life. I didn't know back then the most profound truth about movies in
general and what an exciting and powerful medium it is for change.
       So let's answer this question first - what are movies? Movies are fictional or true stories
about characters and their adventurous. So why do we like them so much? Well first of all they
are entertaining. We are given the ability to see through the main characters eyes a world that is
not our own, sometimes a world of fiction and fantasy.        That's exactly what it does. It allows
us, in the safety of our homes, to be whoever we want to be - a pirate, a superhero, a lover, a
soldier, a singer, a mother, a reporter, a villain, an alien. You name it, it has been done. So what's
so extraordinary about that? Aha, that's the million dollar question.
       So what would you say if I told you a way to visit any place you want right now? You
could be anyone you want to be, do what you want and experience what you want? Would you
be excited? You want to know how you can do all those things in the safety of your own home
without moving an inch? The answer is simple - imagination.
       I-Magi-Nation. That's exactly who we are, a nation of magicians! We create our reality so
profoundly and completely at any moment that it's the most magical thing you can experience.
       But what do I mean by that? Well what I mean is that EVERYTHING THAT YOU CAN
       Let me say it again in case you didn't hear me right - EVERYTHING THAT YOU CAN
       I think it would make a pretty good bumper sticker, don't you? Well but how is it
possible? It can't be what I'm saying is true, I must be crazy. Well bare with me on this one for a

        Imagine our own little Earth fifty thousand years ago. What do you see? Some
mammoths running around, sabertooth tigers and our ancestors living in caves in small
communities of ten to twenty people.
        Now look at the earth today. What do you see? You see airplanes, rocket ships, fossil
fuels, electricity, the Internet, cell phones, birth control pills, cloning, scanning, lasers, genomes,
washing machines, TV sets, guitars, roller blades, bicycles, parachutes and so on to infinity. Now
where do you think all of those things came from? Did they appear out from thin air one day? Of
course they didn't. All of this, everything you see today, was at one point or another a thought in
a persons head, nothing more and nothing less than that. It doesn't seem so far fetched, does it?
The notion that the chair you're sitting on right now was at one point an idea in the inventor’s
head who looked at a tree and said: 'I'm going to make it into a chair.' He got up, got an axe, cut
the tree down and made it into a chair.
        The same principle applies to everything you see around you. Everything that seems to
you to be this tangible, hard solid world is in fact nothing more than a conglomerate of thoughts
and ideas. People dreamed out this world one thought at a time for themselves and now they are
living in it.
        Is it really that hard to believe? If people didn't have ideas we would be still living in
caves. So one day one of those guys said: 'Hey instead of living in caves let's live in houses made
of wood. We can fit as many people we want and can live anywhere we like.' So the man invented
a thing called house. Than another man said: 'Instead of carrying water to the house in our hands
let's make something round with a piece of wood on top that we can push.' That's how the
wheelbarrow was born. You get my drift?        Everything that is here today wouldn't be here if
men wouldn't think of it first. So you might say: 'But there must be limits to this. Not everything
can be possible.' Well how do you know? Who gave you the right to decide what's possible and
what's not? If you would turn back in time one hundred years in the past and told a person that
people will be flying in space, we'll have satellites, TV’s and all that stuff, that person would
smile at you mercifully and kept on walking. It's the truth; there is no way of denying it.
        What's today’s fiction is tomorrow’s science and our scientists are beginning to recognize
this. They are doing experiments involving human consciousness. If you do the research you can
find out about it yourself. What they are doing is they take objects and experiment with people
who have long meditation experience behind them. Let me give you an example.

       They took this simple device that generated random numbers from zero to one hundred.
Then what they did is they covered it up with a camera and set three men with a twenty year old
meditation experience behind them to focus on one specific number.
       If you know anything about probability you will know that a chance that a number will be
randomly picked is like one hundredth each time it's being picked. What if I told you that the
number that those guys were thinking about was picked eleven times out of fifty? It's more than
twenty percent accuracy, where chances each time it rolls are always one percent! So now
scientist and philosophers are coming together and they are recognizing that there really in no
difference between the two.
       So consider for a moment that your thoughts aren't just insignificant, random electrical
waves. Consider for a moment that what they are real images of real worlds existing in different
dimensions of existence.
       You might say: 'Hold it, hold it. I understand all those things you were saying before but
this, it's a little 'out there.' Well when you started reading this book I bet you never heard about
how you can change your beliefs to make the world the way you want it to look like, right?
       Well the thing here is I don't want to convince you to anything. Those are the things I
believe are true based on my personal experience. Whether you take them or leave them is up to
you, but I just want to make you aware of them.

  “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill

       So let's go back to movies for a moment. What are they really? What they are is real
images of real places that exist simultaneously in one or another time and space.
       'Well now I know you’re insane' you might say, but before you judge the information
consider this for a moment.
       In the 1990s there was this TV show called 'Sliders'. If you're not familiar with it, it was
about a bunch of scientists who found a doorway into other dimensions. In fact what this
doorway was it was a tunnel that allowed those people to travel back and forth between parallel
       'Well what are parallel universes?' you ask.

        Imagine if you will that you are the You that is here now. What you're doing right now is
you're reading this information. You are reading it because of the choices that you made
        For example you got up this morning, ate breakfast, took the bus to school, came back
home, downloaded the book from the Internet and here you are now, reading it. You made all
these choices today to come to this place that you're in right now. Consider for a minute what
would happen if instead of eating you would skip breakfast today? You could asset that you're
not really that hungry right now and you will eat it later in school. You would go on and catch an
earlier bus, and while waiting for classes maybe meet a nice young woman, whom in turn you
would ask out for a dinner right after class and so on and so forth. The possibilities are endless
and this little choice as eating breakfast could make your life so much different than what it is
right now.
        Well that's what the series was about. It was about 'What if’s..?' What if Hitler won the
World War II? What if the comet didn't destroy the dinosaurs? What if our government wouldn't
hide form us the fact that the UFO have landed? A lot of these 'if’s' were answered in that show
and it was a very good show too. If you want you can look it up on the Internet and I'm sure it
will be worth your while.
        So what if what the screenwriters have imagined wasn't really fiction? What if what they
wrote about was in fact the true nature of the Universe?
        Let's look at the Quantum Physics for a moment. I told you before that science and
spirituality are coming together and that is probably the biggest step in that direction.
        You remember when I said that we are composed of atoms, which are composed of
electrons, protons and neutrons which further are made of quarks and so on? Well it appears that
what the scientists are discovering is that when you look at the protons and neutrons they seem
like solid objects, like they are standing still. That was for a very long time what they thought
was the nature of the Universe, but now they are saying something else. Now they are saying that
those little particles are standing still only(!) when you look at them and when you move your
head away they are in fact in different places all the time simultaneously. You need to really see
it visually to imagine it. If you're interested watch the movie 'What the bleep do we know?' where
it all is explained visually.
        So what the scientists are saying is that the Universe isn't static and it is Us that make it
seem that it is. In other words if there wouldn't be no one in the Universe to observe it, there

would be nothing there to observe. It's the observer that makes the observation possible, not the
other way around. Without the observer there is nothing, just random particles floating around
and those particles are everywhere simultaneously. That's not what I'm saying, but the scientists.
Go on and look it up, you'll be surprised at what you might find.
       This in fact connects to the experiment with the random numbers. The numbers are just
random particles floating in space, but human consciousness can make those particles manifest at
any place it wishes. It can do that because there is no other thing in the Universe but
consciousness and we can manipulate it in every possible way we desire.
       So getting back to the parallel universes. Imagine that the place in your life that you're in
right now is composed out of billions of different decision that you’ve made during the duration
of your life. Imagine if you will, that every other possible choice you could make has also
happened and exists simultaneously on another parallel Earth.
       Hmm, let it simmer for a moment. Let me say that differently. Everything that you can
ever imagine that could happen to you if you made that choice or another in the past actually
exists right now in a parallel Earth. If you are new to these concepts I'm sure it can be mind
bobbling. For that reason I want to really break it down for those who are not really looking for
that kind of information, but are open minded and curious at the same time.
       So the whole concept of change comes down to this. When you begin on this journey of
self-improvement you will see that people around you are beginning to change, but that's not
what is really happening. The change that you experience in others is an illusion. What is really
happening is that You are moving to another parallel Earth where these people have already
       Saying it differently there is, right now, a parallel reality Earth where you and everyone
around you is enlightened. There also exists an Earth where it is the opposite of that - a hell on
Earth. In fact when you hear of people that have 'seen' hell, like saints and seers through
millennia’s, what they saw wasn't hell per se. They saw a reality where everything that could go
wrong did. Somehow they managed to bend the continuum of time and space and reached that
place. The only thing they lacked was the understanding of what it really was, Earth at a different
time and space.
       So what does it mean to you and me? Remember what I said before that we all have a
unique vibrational 'signature', the bar code which is the rate with which the particles in our
bodies vibrate? Well all these realities have a unique vibrational frequency to them too. In fact

'the heaven on Earth' one is the highest possible vibration that can be experienced in a physical
body, where the Ascended Masters live. The same goes to 'hell on Earth' which is an Earth
where the physical frequency of its inhabitants is the lowest possible there can be. That's what
Christ meant saying 'You can create heaven on Earth' - he meant that we can choose to
experience a higher vibrational Earth by raising our vibrational level. So what implications has it
got for us? Immense.
       First of all it means that there really is no place to go. It means that by raising your level
of vibration you will experience a higher vibrational reality. We are doing it all the time, but
most of the times are unaware of it. The higher your vibration the more ecstatic and exciting
experience of life on Earth.
       That also implies that you don't have to worry about taking anybody with you. In fact by
worrying you lower your vibration and as a cause of that you may prevent yourself from
experiencing this more powerful, grander version of Earth. You have to understand that who
needs to be there will be there. There is no place to go. It's all about raising your vibration as
high as you can so you can experience the Earth you have the right too.
       So having said that what are movies? Movies are the parallel Universe that we somehow
have a 'sneak peak' into through our imagination and than translate them in the form of movies.
Every movie that has ever been made is in fact happening right now somewhere in the Universe.
You must recognize that your imagination is as real as this physical reality. As Napoleon Hill
said 'Whatever the mind can perceive it can achieve.' That's why the true statement is that
'believing is seeing', not the other way around.
       So if movies are real how can you use them to your advantage? Well as I said they are a
safe way for us to feel into different roles and different characters. In fact this is what was going
on with us for thousands of years - we incarnated back and forth playing a different role each
time and playing out a different theme in our life. So by now you have played all the roles that
physical reality has to offer - you've been a father, a mother, a brother, a sister, a man and a
woman, you have killed and you've been killed. You have done everything you could and you
did one thing at a time. Now it's time for integrating all of those life experiences into this one life
and it doesn't have to be linear anymore. Since linear time ceased to exist on our planet now you
can integrate experiences worth of decades in physical life in just months. Experiences without
insights aren't worth much, the insights that took you sometimes many incarnations now, when
you re-member more and more, can take you an instant.

       Movies are one of the best ways for that. What I discovered, and it payed off immensely
for me, was that I could integrate parts of my personality unconsciously. I did it by setting an
intention before watching any movie saying 'What can I learn about myself while watching this
movie?' and I left it at that. Sure enough, in the period of about three months, I cried on almost
every movie I watched. I didn't dwell on it or anything like that nor did I realize why I was
crying. That's why this method is so amazing, because you can clear your beliefs and blockages
without consciously doing any work whatsoever except putting in the intention.

        “The only man I know who behaves sensibly is my tailor; he takes my
      measurements anew each time he sees me.  The rest go on with their old
           measurements and expect me to fit them.”  - George Bernard Shaw

       I can't tell you how wonderful and exciting this realization was for me. I practically didn't
have any other work to do beside setting up the intention and enjoying the movie. Well you
might say that 'boys don't cry.' Well that belief is one that makes this work that much difficult.
       I still remember, when I was little and got my ass kicked, when I came back home and
my mother saw me she said 'Come on, don't cry. Be a man.' At that moment I stopped expressing
my feelings to the fullest. I wanted to be a man and if that meant not to show my emotions, I did
just that. I adopted this belief and went through life thinking that I'm a real 'tough guy' and that
nothing can hurt me. I was even proud of that fact. I felt sorry for my brother who cried over
nothing. I visioned him as weak and I was the strong one, the one against the world, who didn't
need anybody. And that was a belief that made me into who I was back than - an asshole. It was
one of the pieces of the puzzle that made me into one of the biggest assholes there could be. I
was an asshole that thought that he's better than everybody else.
       That's why when I'm telling you that if you're a parent you should be stalking yourself all
the time. I'm telling you that because even though you can't save your kid from negative beliefs
you can make the way easier for them. In fact the mere fact that this information is coming out in
the way it is, means that the changes are inevitable. The only question is will you make the
necessary changes in time?
       As a collective consciousness we made a choice to stop forgetting and finally start re-
membering who we really are. Your birthright is to experience your life as an explosion of sheer
bliss and joy. You also hold your own piece of the puzzle and that's why you are so important.

Whoever you might be, if you're reading this it means that you are on a journey of becoming a
warrior. Be bold and leave all your assumptions about life behind. You have a gift to give the
Universe so don’t be afraid and give it.


   “There is a point where in the mystery of existence contradictions meet; where
 movement is not all movement and stillness is not all stillness; where the idea and
the form, the within and the without, are united; where infinite becomes finite, yet
                                     not”- Rabindranath Tagore

        First of all let me shed some light on this subject called meditation for you. Many
Western people, including myself at one point in my life, don't know what meditation really is
and, as assholes that we are, make fun of the things we don't understand. Even the Eastern men,
who are practitioners of it for thousands of years, can't really tell us in a plane and simple way
what it does and how it works. Well I'm going to tell you what meditation really is and what it is
used for.
        Meditation is used for achieving the state of being which I will call from now on 'silence
of the mind'. Let me tell you something about spiritual teachers today. You can hear many of
them talking about the Ego and how we should kill it. They personify the mind with the Ego and
they want to annihilate it at any cost. Well the truth is that the Ego is not your enemy. The enemy
is your corrupted belief system that makes the Ego work in a way that it wasn't designed too.
        What the 'silence of the mind' is, it's the place where no thoughts arise in your awareness.
It is a place of not 'doing' but 'being'. What is the difference between those two? Remember how
I talked about digging for the treasure in the wrong place and instead finding anything just
getting tired as hell? Well that's 'doing'. That is what we are taught that life should look like. We
have been convinced that by constant moving we're getting somewhere. It's not true! It's like you
would go on a big trip through the dessert, packed all your stuff in the car, but forgot to put the
fuel in. You will soon run out of gas and you will find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and
that's exactly where unconscious 'doing' will take you - nowhere.
        Besides you don't need to go anywhere, because you are already there. What you need to
do is to sit still and listen. Listen to your thoughts and feelings and clear all the negative beliefs
that are not serving you. By doing that you will raise your vibrational frequency and you will
attract a reality you prefer for yourself.
        So why is the Ego not to be killed? What is its role?

       Well the Ego is here to allow you to have a physical experience of life. You couldn't exist
in the physical reality and be aware of yourself if it wasn't for the Ego. If you wouldn't have it
you would be an animal. Well animals aren't aware of themselves, but humans are and that's our
primary difference, because we have an Ego.
       So the Ego is a tool for allowing us to experience physical reality. Without it the whole
journey would be impossible. So what went wrong? Well we got corrupted. At one point in time
humankind forgot its connection to All That Is. It was the time when the first asshole was born,
Adam, who adopted a belief that 'I and All That Is are different. So if there is an 'I' than 'I' must
be it' said Adam and this thought created the Ego.
       From that point forward humankind went on a completely different track. The Ego grew
stronger and the connection with All That Is grew weaker. At one point in time we have totally
forgot our connection to All That Is. Fortunately we were able to re-member a part of it, but it
wasn't the same. What we did was we created a God as a separate entity from ourselves and than
created a religion to worship it.
       So instead of killing it how can we use the Ego to reestablish that connection again? By
realizing what it is here to do in the first place. We finally have to stop putting so much work on
it that it can't handle. Let me give you an example of what I mean.
       Let's say you have a work interview tomorrow. You really want this job and even though
you are qualified, you are not sure about how well prepared you are for the interview. So you
start researching possible questions and answers in your head. You find several most probable
questions and you narrow them to let's say ten. So you start making a list of answers you could
give. You really want to look good so you want to anticipate what they might be looking for.
You do it over and over again not being fully satisfied with your answers. After a while you put
it down and start doing something else. Eventually you want to go to sleep early because you
have to get up with the sunrise to go for the interview. As you lay down you start researching the
list of the questions in your head. You're doing it over and over again trying to think of 'the
perfect answer' for every question. After a while you can see that you've been doing it for two
hours now. Now you are really tired but somehow you can not fall asleep. The answers are piling
up in your head. Now you are getting stressed out because you will be tired when you wake up
tomorrow. So after another hour of rolling in your bed you finally manage to fall asleep. You
wake up early in the morning feeling beat. You eat your breakfast and go to the interview.

          Now does this situation sound any familiar to you? If you're a student change 'work
interview' into 'an exam' and leave it at that. If you're like 99% of the population I bet you will
have somewhat similar experience. So why do we do that? What is the belief that stands behind
          Well the belief is that 'You are your Ego and that the Ego has to do everything by itself'.
Let me explain it a little bit.
          First of all YOU ARE NOT YOUR EGO. The Ego is just a tool, nothing more. It's a tool
that makes this physical experience possible. Without it you wouldn't be here, but that is not who
you really are. Who you really are is a multidimensional luminous being of light that uses the
Ego to have a physical experience.
          Second of all the Ego doesn't have to do everything by itself. I said it before in the
definition section. The Ego, aka the Physical Mind, has one role to play - to know how
something has happened and how something is happening. It has no way of knowing how
something is going to happen. Why? Because that's the part of the Higher Self’s job description,
the only problem is that the Ego never read it!
          The Higher Self is responsible for every idea and every inspiration you have ever had.
The Ego is simply not capable of providing those things by itself, but the thing is that the Ego
doesn't know it. It might be getting a little confusing to you at this point but it's not - the Ego
forgot that there was a Higher Self and has been led to believe that it is the one that has to take
care of everything itself. Well the truth is it can't and it doesn't. That's why we are so lousy at
planning our future and that's why you have the best times of your life when you don't plan
          One day you might just sit in your house and have an idea to call your friend. Well after
short talk you agree to go on a road trip and you have a blast. You know the saying that the best
parties are the ones that are not planned? That's the reason for it. If you plan you're acting from
your Ego and if you act spontaneously you act from your Higher Self. Remember that the Higher
Self communicates through excitement. It all makes sense, doesn't it?
          So the trick is not to kill the Ego, but to let it do the job it was set here to do. Read the job
description to it and let it finally acknowledge it. For example you couldn't have insights into
your experiences if it wasn't for the Ego. You would have the experiences, sure, but you couldn't
pull the thing that makes the experience worth while - the in-sight. That's why it's so essential

that you distinguish those two things like the Ego and the Higher Self and let them work
harmoniously together and not opposing each other.
       When you don't recognize the true role of the Ego you will find yourself like the person
in the interview. You will waste loads of energy trying to figure out what to say or do while at
the same time your Higher Self is saying 'Don't worry about it, it's going to be alright' because
the Higher Self knows you are always alright. It seas 'the bigger picture'. It stands on the top of
the mountain and it knows where you need to go. All you need to do is to trust and let it lead
you, but you can't do it trying to kill the Ego. You need the Ego. Cherish it, love it, thank it for
what it has done for you all this time. It has been working overtime all your life and it is as tired
as you are. The problem is it was never given the attention it needed. The constant 'monkey
chatter' in your head is like screaming of those children in the basement. It's the screaming of
your belief system that 'It's the Egos work to take care of everything'. Well it's not! Let it off the
hook. Let it relax and it will pay you off with interest. Well how do you do that exactly?


“To be able to do this job in the first place you've got to have a bit of an ego.”- Gary

        The first thing is stop trying to kill it! I hope by now you’ve realized that it is your friend
and it is here to serve you. So how do you persuade it to 'loosen up its grip?' Well treat it as a
business partner - make a deal with it.
        Look as I told you before this whole re-membering business is a process which takes
time. It takes time because you are raising your vibration one step at a time. If you would want to
be enlightened in one day you would most probably explode. You have to give your body time to
adjust to the changes.
        It's the same thing with the Ego. You can't expect it to give away its power just like that.
It loves you too damn much to do so. It still thinks that the things you're saying aren't really true.
It listens and let's you explore, but when it feels left out it's going to pull you back into the black
        When you start re-membering more and more of who you really are, you will experience
moments of immense clarity and excitement, followed by the feelings of great depression. In
those moments you will feel the 'touch of the Spirit' or 'the Divine' upon you, in others you will
feel like you were swallowed by a black hole. I want to recall some of my own personal exciting
moments for you now.
        One was when I was practicing the techniques to induce multiple orgasms. I can say that
it was something I have never experienced before. Afterward I was left on the floor, shaking and
trembling for fifteen minutes out of sheer ecstasy that I have never experienced before in my life.
        Another time was when I was smoking salvia divinorum. For those who don't know it, it's
a weed that has been used by shamans and sorcerers to induce visions and to see into the future.
What it is it's a direct communication link with your Higher Self. I can not describe to you what
I've experienced, because what it was I call a real experience, which means that words can never
come close to voicing it.
        The third thing, which was a similar experience as smoking salvia, was the first time
when I had a lucid dream.

        The state of lucid dreaming is a state when, at some point when you're dreaming, you
regain awareness that you're dreaming. Many people may mistake this with a feeling that they
had while observing themselves dreaming. Well it's not like that at all. What happens here is that
you see the dream world in the same way that you can see your everyday world. It's as real, if not
more, than the physical one you're experiencing right now. You feel free from social
conditioning, you can fly, you can do whatever you want and it is as real as the world that you
see before your eyes. I give you my word for it that this experience is real and it's tangible.
Research and try to learn it. That is really the most profound way of experiencing your Higher
Self directly.
        So those were the moments that 'hooked' me back when I was reverting to my asshole
mode. Those experiences were the pointing needle of where I needed to go next and gave me a
direct experience into the nature of the Higher Self.
        So as you are reading this now, you may finally be starting to realize that all those things
that I'm saying are not products of my fantasy. Those are real things that I experienced for myself
and later on, as my personal power grew, I was able to gain insights from those experiences. I
wasn't aware of the meaning of them while I was having them, as the same that I wasn't aware
that I was an asshole until I became a warrior. That's just the way how this whole re-membering
thing works.
        What all of those real experiences had was one thing in common with each other - they
all produced a state of longing to attain them once more. In fact those were the feelings so
powerful for me that at that time I would do anything to experience them again. But there was
something that was holding me back - my Ego.
        You see I wanted so bad to get to re-experience those things again that this neediness was
what was actually preventing me from doing exactly that. In my minds eye I was ready, my
intent was ready, but I haven't yet made the deal with the Ego.
        To deal with the Ego means to treat it as a business partner. I want you to sit down with it
and make a business deal and you can say something like this.
        'We are both in this together. What I'm trying to do is not to get rid of you, but to make
your life easier. I know many people talk about killing the Ego and stuff like that, but you don't
have to worry about that. I don't want you to die because you're a part of me and I love you. In
fact I love you so much that I will take a weight of responsibility that was given to you
unrightfully. I don't know about the journey that we're on and I don't know where it will take us,

but I know we have to start playing by the rules, because we are both tired. You can see that the
life we have right now isn't working too well and that's why we need to change. So we're going to
change in a pace that is comfortable for the both of us. I want to make a deal with you right now
- I want you to let go of ten percent of the control you have over my life. I want you to let me
exercise these new things I'm learning and not pull me back away from them. I would like you to
help me by not interfering. If you're willing to do that I promise to give you all the attention you
need. I won't leave you for the Higher Self and I will never stop loving you. I know you are for
me and I will always be with you. I want to acknowledge you and give you the right to pull me
back anytime you feel we are going to fast or when you feel I'm not giving you enough attention.
I want to make this road as easy and as exciting as it possible can be for the both of us. I love
you and I thank you.'
        Now that is the way you have to deal with the Ego. Not by pulling out tar and feathers,
but by having love and compassion for it. If you try to kill anything, even the most peaceful
creature, it will defend itself. It's all about self preservation.
        So make it easy on the both of you. Don't be fooled, the Ego has got tremendous power
and it won't hesitate to use it whenever you're not keeping your part of the bargain. What it will
do it will pull you back into your 'monkey chatter' anytime you have one of those moments of
bliss or clarity. If it feels you are abandoning it for anything 'out there' it's going to use any
means necessary to say ' Nahahah, you can't lose me, I'm still here.'
        So you can bargain with the Ego as with any person you would normally do. Show it that
what you're saying is true. Show it that it really doesn't have to make all these decisions. Once it
is convinced it will stop trying to do the job that wasn't its to do in the first place. You will be
both at ease. You will be able to do what you always wanted to do and the Ego will be more than
happy to give you the insights you need in order for you to grow and expand.
        So this is how it basically is going to play out. You will be dealing with the Ego for as
long as you will cease to be an asshole and become a warrior. When, and if, you become a
warrior is totally up to you. I wish you well on this journey.


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” - Martin
                                          Luther King Jr.

        This will probably be the part that most will be interested in. It's going to be what I
promised you in the beginning, an Answer and Question format about spiritualism and
enlightenment, but also about life in general. Does it mean that after reading this you may stop
asking questions? On the contrary. Those are only my answers based on my beliefs and
        The first section of this book was to prepare you for what will be coming now. Without
that preparation the concepts that I will be sharing with you would be vague and not clear, but
thanks to that 'fundamental work' the concepts I'll be sharing with you will be much more
simpler to grasp for you, as they will be simpler for me to share.
        Remember that I don't want to confuse you. I want to give you the simplest and clearest
explanations I can. You may agree with some of them while others may not quit 'click' with you.
That's fine, I don't have a monopoly for being right. Just have the intention of an open mind and
be sure what needs to sink in will, even without your conscious knowing. So without further ado
let's get started.

“Two monks are walking down a country road when they come upon a river.
Suddenly a beautiful naked girl runs up to them. She says, "The river flooded
everything I have away. My family is on the other side. Can you help me across to
find them?" The younger monk is flustered, but the older one picks the girl up,
throws her over his shoulder and walks across the river. When he reaches the shore
he puts her down, and without a word, walks on. The younger monk follows, but
his mind is not at rest.

After a couple of hours he stops his brother and says, "Brother, we are supposed to
be above things of the flesh! And yet you picked that girl up and carried her across
the river." The older monk says, "Yes, Brother, but I left her by the river and you
have been carrying her ever since."

        What it means to be living in the Now?
        Well it's exactly what I have said before - it's aligning your belief system with your
Higher Self. In other words it's recognizing the part that your Ego plays in your life - it's here to
know how things have happened and are happening. The Higher Self’s role is to know how
things will happen.
        When you have clear understanding of that there will be no more reason for the Ego to
pull you back out of the present moment. The only reason it happens is because you either dwell
on the past or try to plan for the future.
        You dwell on the past because you haven't recapitulated your life. Recapitulation is the
process of transmuting your life experiences into insights. In-sight means simply 'seeing in',
which is to say seeing what was for you to learn from that experience. You use the Ego for this
part and once you do it there will be no parts of your personality that will pull you back into the
past. You will, at one point, 'catch up' to your current life and you'll be able to do this on a
moment-to-moment basis. That's what the technique of 'The open letter' is used for. It will help
you see your life from the point of view of the Observer and gain the necessary insights to your
        The other thing that pulls you out of the Now moment is planning for the future. I hope I
made my point about how the Ego is incapable of doing just that. If you still don't seem to grasp
the concept I suggest you read the first part of this book again until it 'clicks'. We learn through
repetition and that's the only way you can really master anything - through practice.
        So the one responsible for the planning is your Higher Self. Higher Self is the one that
sits on the mountain top while your Ego is in the valley. It seas the whole journey from a broader
perspective and knows that what for the Ego might seem the best possible way, can in fact be the
longer one. That's the only difference between those two - perspective.
        Once you finally let that information sink in and once you convince the Ego that what is
happening is real and that the Higher Self actually exists, you will be working on the level of an
integrated being. It means that every part of you will be doing what it was designed to do and
there will be no 'white noise' during the communication.

        How does the Higher Self communicate?
        One of the ways how the Higher Self communicates is by the feeling of excitement.
Excitement is the language of the Higher Self. When you feel that feeling and act on it to the best

of your ability you can be sure, without a shadow of a doubt, that at that moment you're fulfilling
your highest purpose in life.
        Another way that Higher Self is communicating with you is through ideas and dreams.
We don't know enough about dreams to begin with. Dreaming time isn't only the time for your
physical body to revitalize. It's also the time when your Higher Self communicates ideas and
future predictions to you, but it doesn't do it literally. It uses symbology most of the time. The
reason it does is because the Ego communicates in a different language than the Higher Self, so
the Higher Self uses the terms that the Ego can understand - signs and symbols. Through those
means we can access what the future holds for us and have a 'sneak peak' at what awaits us
further down in the valley.
        We do it by remembering and interpreting our dreams. They are a lot of schools on how
to interpret dream symbols. What I personally like to use are the Toltec dream symbols, but be
free to use whatever you like. The main thing to remember is that dreams are real. They are as
real, if not more real, than this physical world we have before our eyes. It's very important to
recognize them for what they really are and how important they are in our life.

        What is the purpose of existence?
        The purpose of existence is growth. Growth is transmuting the unknown into the known
through experience.

        Is that why we came to the physical world?
        Yes. We chose Earth specifically because at one point in time, when we were in the non-
physical realm, we saw Earth as being the place of the biggest diversity of life in the Cosmos.
Because of that we chose this place, because we knew that it is where the most growth is - where
life is diverse.

        So we chose to come here?
        Yes. You must understand that you can't be made to do anything at anytime. Just as much
as you would like for everyone to stop being assholes right now, you can't. You can't because
what they are doing is they are choosing to be assholes and it's a choice that isn't any better or

worse than a choice of trying to become a warrior. You can't even take someone’s life without
their permission.

       Is it true? Can't I take someone’s life without them agreeing to it first?
       No, you can not. You see when you create you create through your thoughts, which in
turn are followed by actions which in turn manifest as physical objects. But when you create
with others you are co-creating every circumstance in your life. You have to both give each other
permission to play out a specific theme that you have come here to play out. In other words you
make an agreement with each other to experience that specific theme which may be - murder,
rape, love, childbirth and so on. Everything that has to do with you interacting with any other
being has to have a consensus on both sides.

       So why don't I remember that agreement being made?
       Because you were in the cycle of forgetfulness which is now coming to an end. Now a
new cycle is beginning, a cycle of re-membering, which in turn means Ascension or integration
of all physical experiences you have ever had through your physical incarnations.

       Why did we forget?
       We forgot for the purpose of growth. Growth takes place when the unknown is
transmuted into the known through experience. So we had to experience forgetfulness in order to
experience re-membering that more fully.
       You see there can't be no good without evil, sour without sweet, beauty without ugly.
Oppositions are the nature of the Universe. It's the rubber band analogy - if you stretch the band
so far back, to the point that it almost brakes, than it's going to shut out in the opposite direction
with so much more speed and strength. That's why Earth is in the focal point of the Universe and
why the key players of the Universe have incarnated here right now - because we have pulled the
rubber band into forgetfulness so far that it almost broke. In fact nobody ever dared to try it
before us, but we were bold enough to do it. And why did we do it? Because we knew that the
process of re-membering will be so much more interesting if we would forget first.

        What do you mean when you say 'the key players of the Universe'? Does it mean that we
are not the only ones out there?
        Of course not. In fact thinking like that is one of the most selfish things we could do. You
mean to say that you really believe that All That Is has created this immensely limitless Universe
and put only us in it? That would be such a waste of space, don't you think?

        So where are they? Why won't they contact us?
        Who said they haven't? Your government? You ever heard about Roswell and other UFO
sightings from that point forward? I'm not into conspiracy theories, but let's get real here. You
really think that the government today is enclosing everything to you that is happening? I think
even the biggest enthusiast of politics can't be as naive to claim this, not with all the licks that
our coming out, especially now.

        Are you saying that the government is hiding the fact that UFO exist?
        Of course, and they are hiding much more from you than that. Look to tell you the truth
you are the one responsible for that. How? Look at you. Your government reflects the way you
interact with yourself. And how do you interact with yourself? When there's something you do
not like or do not understand you suppress it, you look the other way and pretend it's not there.
That's what I've been pointing to you all this time - responsibility. You never took responsibility
for anything in your life. It's always about 'them'. 'They are the reason for all the hurt in the
world' but never you. You are the only one that's good and righteous. Well governments consist
of assholes like you and what do they think they do? They want to 'protect' you from seeing
something you won't understand or might be afraid of. They are doing it because of you, because
you are the one who turns away your head whenever you see something you do not like. It's a
government of assholes who is allowing more assholes to be assholes.
        Once you start being an adept and making your world view a little broader, you will see
that the information is out there and has always been. In fact you're part is just to be willing to
acknowledge that it exists. But it's too much work. You would rather sit on your ass, drink beer
and watch TV. Yeah that's who we are as a society today, masturbators. We play with ourselves
all our life not even realizing it.
        Well are you ready for the truth? Do you want it? Can you handle it? Do you want to get
your world view shattered to pieces? Or do you want to be an asshole your whole life? You want

to be a masturbator or a warrior? It's up to you, I don't care really. I know who I am not, I'm not
an asshole like you. That's why I won't bullshit you. I won't tell you the world right now is a
beautiful and safe place, because it's not! I won't also slap your back and tell you it's all going to
be alright, because it won't. Nothing will change by itself; it's your job to do it! How you do it is
up to you, I don't care, but stop being an asshole already! You aren't happy anyway. Admit it to
yourself. Right now say it: 'I am a miserable asshole.' Say it! It might be the first honest thing
you have ever said to yourself in your life. Don't be an asshole and say it: 'I am not happy
with my life because I'm an asshole'
       If you don't want to say it it's fine. You're either an asshole who doesn't want to admit it
or a warrior. I think you know best which one of these things you are right now. You can not
change what you do not own. Own your assholness and change it into the mood of the warrior
and than there will be no more reason for secrets. Why? Because a warrior doesn't lie, ever! He
would rather not say anything at all than tell a lie. Why? Because words are power and words
manifest as physical objects. Besides a warrior doesn't need to lie because he doesn't need
anything from anyone. He knows he is supported all the time in everything he does. He
recognizes the connection with All That Is and its power. I am a warrior and I'm not going to lie
to you - our world as a collective is not a pretty place right now. Just look out the window or
watch the news and tell me that there is no part in you that just wants to scream your lungs out to
say: 'What the fuck is going on here?'
       You may be still playing this forgetfulness game for as long as you want, but I'm telling
you that you do have a choice. You chose to be an asshole as you chose everything else in your
life. You chose to incarnate specifically here, in this day and age, because you knew this will be
the most exciting place to be at this time. Yes, from all the places in the Universe to choose from
there are beings coming to look at us and cheer us on as we loose our facades and recognize our
true destiny. Many of them are here among us, pretending to be us, pushing us in the right
direction. How do you think the technological progress of the last century took place? We had all
those tools we had thousands years ago in ancient Egypt and Greece. Do you really think that we
got here by ourselves? Of course we didn't, we were helped and we are still being helped. The
only reason that we didn't blew ourselves up with the use of nuclear weapons is because we
weren't allowed to. We weren't allowed to by beings of higher vibrational frequency, because
they knew that this kind of explosion would not only affect us but the whole Universe. You can't

believe how low we are at the evolutionary ladder and yet think of ourselves as being 'the
masters of the Universe'.
       Fuck, we can't even handle our own lives, not to mention the Universe. You know why
we can't really go on and leave to explore space? Because there is a clause in the 'Universal
codebook of the worlds' which states that: 'A civilization that hasn't adopted universal laws of
peace and harmony can't leave the borders of there planet.' It's impossible, you say? There's no
such law? Well how the fuck would you know? What gives you the right to judge what is right
and wrong, what is the truth and what's not? How can you know anything if you don't even know
       The truth is that 'Yes, there are extraterrestrial civilizations' and 'Yes we are now in
contact with many of them' but the real question is: Are you willing to believe it? Are you even
willing to consider that the belief that you had till this day that we are alone in the infinitely great
Universe can be wrong? Can you even be wrong? I don't know it seems to me like you've got
pretty everything covered, haven't you? You have judgments and assumptions on every subject
there is and you are happy with that. Let me say that I am happy for you and if you want to go
back to that your old little life be my guest. As I stated many times before and will continue to do
so: I don't care, but if for some reason, you are willing to stick around, talk to your Ego and make
a deal with it. Make a deal that you won't judge upfront the information that is being said here.
Not because it is me who is saying it and I really need validation on your part. It's because if you
do you will deprive yourself of the world of immense possibilities. And for what? To go back to
this mediocre life you're living now? Tell me, honestly, is there really so much to miss? The
football game on Sunday, the TV dinners, masturbation in front of the computer? Well I guess
you know the answer to that one, don't you?

       If there are UFO’s when will they land?
       Well up to this point there were individual incidents of UFO landings all over the world,
but they were, as you might say 'refuge'. It means that they were breaking the law. What was the
law? The law states that there is a quarantine that is set on Earth. But even after the quarantine is
over, there will be no mass landings of extraterrestrial ships on our planet any time soon.

        Why not?
        Because many other times in the past extraterrestrial civilizations have significantly
participated in the path that humankind as a race has taken. You know pyramids in Egypt and the
gods that ruled them - Ra and so forth? Well those were them, 'aliens', and so are we. Humankind
as a race didn't originate on Earth, it was brought here.

        Brought here? By who?
        By a civilization called the Annunaki. They were the ones that brought humankind to the
earth and settled in Africa. That's where we all originated from.

        But why?
        Because in Africa there were great resources of gold being stashed underground. Gold is
one of the most valuable recource in the Universe. It has really incredible applications beyond
our comprehension.

        So were humans Annunakian’s?
        No, the Annunaki were the ones who created humans. They created them from the mix of
a genetic material between themselves and the original inhabitants of the humanoids living at
that time in Africa.

        Why were we created?
        We were created as a labor force. Our destiny was to mine the gold for the Annunaki to

        So were we slaves?
        Yes, we were. We were suppose to be creatures without awareness. We were suppose to
be creatures that would have only as much awareness to fulfill our task as slaves, nothing more,
but things went wrong.

        What kind of things?
        Well let's just say that during an 'experiment' humankind got to a point when it became
aware of itself.

        So what did the Annunaki do?
        They left humankind on this planet and left. They couldn't use us anymore because they
were more evolved than us. They recognized that by treating us as slaves after that they would
defy the higher purpose of life.

        Is that why scientists can't trace the origins of humankind?
        Yes. What they can do is they can get our ancestors, but before the hybridization process.
It simply means that the original human can't be evolutionary retraced, because he doesn't exist.

        So how did the extraterrestrial civilizations changed human history?
        Some of them wanted to help us re-member, and some wanted us to forget. Do the
research, because the information is available to you if you want. All I will say is, because of
what they did in the past the quarantine law has been established, for us to make our own choice
on what we want to do - destroy ourselves or re-member.

        What does the quarantine law say?
        That no extraterrestrial ship can openly land before the end of the quarantine.

        When is the end of the quarantine?
        It's when the end of the cycle of forgetfulness and beginning of the cycle of re-
membering is set, which in the Mayan calendar is called the end of the world - December 21

        Is 2012 going to be the real end of the world?
        Yes, but not in the sense you might think. We imagine the end of the world as ground
beneath our feat spreading, heavens opening and all kinds of demons and monstrosities coming
out to get us. We think it will be the moment of judgment when we will have to answer for our
sins and that Christ will come to Earth. Well not exactly.
        Why the Mayans set up this date in there calendar was because they were the ones that
were in contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Those civilizations knew that the cycle of
forgetting will end approximately in 2012. It was a time that was estimated for humankind to

play out all the roles it was suppose to play in the physical experience. In other words it was
when we could do re-membering again.
       So the date of 2012 was set up by them to give humanity, as a collective consciousness a
goal, a place it could reach. It wasn't said that we would, because we always had free choice. We
could destroy ourselves as easily as not, but the mere fact that we are getting there means that
we're going to keep our appointment. What does it mean for us? It means that world as we know
is going to end. It means that one cycle will end while another one will begin.

       How will it manifest?
       It will manifest in a way that humanity, as a collective, will no longer be charged slightly
on the negative side, but instead slightly on the positive side. You see the Universe is 50 %
negative and 50 % positive, but in the middle of those there is still a neutral point. This neutral
point is the point where you can choose the negative and the positive alike and what it means is
that the mere fact that you have a choice is positive. So that choice in fact makes the scale move
slightly toward the positive side.
       So the Universe, in its nature, is slightly more positive than negative, because it has the
neutral point that allows the choice and choice in essence is positive. In turn it means that life
will always, in its natural course, be going towards the positive.
       And that's what has happened to us. We were so much in the dark that nobody could
predict what would happen to us. It was a 50/50 chance with slightly little better odds that we
would get out of it. And we are getting there. That's why this information you're reading and all
other information is coming out right now.
       So 2012 will mark the point in the new history of humankind. We won't anymore be
slightly negatively polarized, but slightly positive. That will make all the difference in the world,
because now will be moving up the ladder so to speak.
        So the end of the world, in that sense, will be a dying of the world idea of the 'old world'
and a 'new' one will take its place. In that sense everything as we know it will end and everything
else will begin.

           If that is so why is there so much negativity right now in the world? Why are all these
conflicts arising?
           We are coming to an end of the cycle. What is happening right now is all the issues that
we, as a collective consciousness, haven't resolved yet we are doing right now. We're doing it
now because we made an agreement on that collective level not to blow ourselves up in the
process. It simply means that we can look at those things and choose not to push 'the atomic

           Does it mean that the conflicts that are now seen will soon be over?
           Well sooner than later, yes. Right now it's the recognition itself that is important.
Remember, you can't change something you do not own. We know now that as a society we
were going towards destruction, but we made a collective choice to try to put ourselves back up
on track and transmute those experiences into insights.
           When was the choice made?
           One of the choices that we, as a collective made was in fact to do with saving our
environment. We recognized that in the way humanity was going we would soon run out of
resources or go to the point of no return, when we could not 'pull ourselves back up' from our
environmental destruction. So we made a decision to try to save the environment. By choosing
that humanity, for the first time in history, has globally collaborated in the process of making
these changes. There is a lot of information on that subject available. I think it's obvious for
everyone that those changes are happening and they will be happening more and more.

           So where is humanity heading?
           Humanity is heading to a point when it will recognize its place in the Cosmos. It's going
to finally meet its brothers and sisters from distinct galaxies. We will interact here on Earth and
we will travel across space. We will create 'Heaven on Earth’; we will see auric fields and so on.

           Does it mean that space travel will be possible?
           It won't be it is possible. Remember what I said before about the universal law? Before
we will be able to travel anywhere we must adopt the universal laws of peace and love here on
Earth. Imagine what would happen if extraterrestrials would land on Earth here today?

        Exactly. What would happen?
        We would shit our pants, that's what would happen and than we would unload our
machine guns at them. Don't you watch the movies? They reflect our level of collective
consciousness towards those things. How do they portray aliens? Well most of the time they
make them appear in 'a bad light' to say the least. In fact most of the time what they want to do is
to take over the planet. Some movies like 'E.T.', 'District 9', 'Star Trek' and 'Avatar' are showing
them in a different light, but still it's a long way to go.

        So what will it take for them to land safely?
        First of all we need a universal protocol here on Earth on how to act when they arrive.

        Why is that needed?
        Well it's needed because without that we wouldn't know what to do with them if they did.
Where would they live, in the White House or in the Buckingham Palace? We need, as a
collective, to set some rules for ourselves how to deal with that situation and there are people
working on that right now, do the research.

        What would happen if we wouldn't have that?
        Well first of all they will never land. If they did it would be like they landed in the nut
house. Would you want that for yourself?

        All this information is very nice but I'm still not convinced.
        Well I don't really care if you are. Do the research. Don't be a lazy asshole just waiting
for everything to be handed to you.

        Where did you get all this information?
        I did the research! I moved my ass and played a private eye. I can't tell you why I was
attracted to this kind of information, but the fact still remains, I was. I felt excitement finding out
about those things. Now I feel excitement sharing them with you now. What will you do with
that information is up to you, I don't really care.

        You say you don't really care a lot. Why do you do that?
        Because once you become a warrior you lose self-importance and self-pity and what it
brings about is not caring what other people think or say about you.

        Does it mean that you don't care about anybody?
        It means that I don't feel pity for them. If I would feel pity about anyone that would mean
that I feel I'm better than them. Well, I'm not. I'm no better or worse than anyone else. I
recognize that everyone is responsible for their own faith, that's all. If I cared about what people
think this book would never come to pass. Why? Because I would worry too much about what
will people think. Well, screw the people. They are assholes who don't want to reflect on their
life’s, so why would I care about them? I want everybody to be warriors, but I don't need it. If I
did I would be an asshole and I'm not. I'm not an asshole because I left my self-pity and my self-
importance and that's the only difference between you and me right now.

        Does it mean you don't feel anything?
        It means I don't feel anything from the asshole view point of the world. An asshole looks
at the world from the viewpoint of 'I', 'Me' and 'Mine.' He always wants something from
someone - be it money, affection, recognition, power, sex whatever you call it it's there. He
always has an underlying intention for everything he does 'What can I get out of this for Me?'
        The difference between the warrior and the asshole is that the warrior doesn't want
anything from anybody, that's why he's free. He's free form the social conditioning of society
which tells us how to live our lives. The truth is that it's a society of assholes and living by its
rules is insane. When you submit to the asshole way of life you become an asshole, simple as
        I was an asshole but I'm not anymore. I'm not because I made the work to erase my
personal history. If you want to do the same be my guest. It's a long and often discouraging road.
When you're an adept you will get your ass kicked so many times that you won't even believe it.
Trust me, I know. But the thing is to 'show up.' Not to give up and to keep on pushing yourself
and your boundaries a little further. Each time you push yourself you get closer to the goal which
is - to journey through life not as an asshole, but as a warrior.

        So what does a warrior do exactly?
        A warrior recognizes his part in the 'bigger picture'. He knows he's not special or better
than anyone else and, at the same time, he recognizes that he has been chosen by the Infinite to
fulfill a mission in life. That mission is to promote the indwelling life.

        What does it mean to promote the indwelling life?
        It means that everything that is indwelling, that is promoting life in a positive way is
supported by the warrior. At the same time the warrior is supported by life, because it recognizes
that he works in perfect synchronization with it. It's a win-win situation between the warrior and
life. They support each other for the enfoldment on the journey of letting All That Is to know
itself through the warrior.

        What that is mean that All That Is knows itself through the warrior?
        All That Is or God or whatever you want to call is energy. It's nothing more than that. At
one point, when the Universe was non-existent, that energy became aware of itself, it became
conscious of the fact that 'I am'. At that moment the whole process of creation took place and is
taking place till this day and will be taking place till the end of time, infinitely.
        So when the Infinite knew that 'It was' it wanted to know what it was. It wanted to
experience itself. So in order to do so it created physical life. Physical life is the means for the
Infinite to know itself through experience. It couldn't do it any other way, because the only place
that all experiences can be had is in the physical plane. So the Infinite made itself to be All That
Is and that's what you see today. It made itself experience itself through the act of physical life.
So you, me and everything in creation are in fact this Infinite energy experiencing itself through
the medium called physical life.

        But why did it do that?
        To grow, to learn, to expand. Because it's the best game that could be played. It's the
game with no beginning and no end. It has no beginning, because Infinite always was and there
was never a time when it was not. At the same time there is no end, because the possibilities of
growth are infinite, endless. And the warrior knows that. He feels the Infinite working through
him, because in fact he is the Infinite. He can be no less than that. So as he re-members more and
more that what he is everything everywhere, he knows that everything and everywhere is fine.

Everyone is fine and needs no saving. Everything is fine and needs nothing but to experience its
perfection, because the warrior sees perfection in All That Is, because that's all there is -
perfection. Every bug, every rock and person is perfect, because it is All That Is. It's the way for
All That Is to experience itself through life.

        So what does a warrior feel?
        A warrior feels that connection all the time. He knows it is all perfect, but still has
feelings of great sadness evoking him when he sees his fellow men’s wrongdoings. He can't help
it because he feels the connection with everything around him. When the planet is being
destroyed without any sense it makes him sad, but it's not because he feels pity for himself, it's
because he can't feel any other way. He feels that every tree that is destroyed in vain is a waste of
life, which could give so much to the experience of life. He knows life is a circle and it will
never stop, but still that's how he feels.
        So how does he deal with the world? He makes a joke out of it. He sees it for what it
really is - a game. A game of light and colors where everybody wins. He plays the game with
grace and beauty, being grateful for every day he has been given the opportunity to play. He can't
help it but to feel that, because that's how a warrior feels. Any other feeling is the feeling of an
asshole. When you pity yourself or someone else, you're an asshole. When you feel better or
worse than anyone else, you're an asshole. When you feel jealousy, lust, anger, rage you're an
asshole. If you want to become a warrior change the way you feel. Start by changing your belief
system, start stalking yourself so you know what you feel and why you feel that. Stop judging
everything from an asshole viewpoint that 'I know everything best'. You don't know shit! If you'd
realize that you don't know anything, you would be a warrior. The warrior knows that life can
not be scripted or predicted. He knows he can't plan anything in advance because life is
constantly flowing and changing.

        You mean I shouldn't plan at all?
        I mean to follow your excitement to the best your ability at any given moment. When
you're an adept you won't be able to do it all the time, because your corrupt belief system will try
to convince you that you can't. The Ego will 'pull your strings' and each time you will almost
catch the rabbit it will somehow manage to slip away. It's going to be like that until you leave
your self-importance and self-pity to become a warrior.

        What it will bring you will be an experience of 'silenced mind' and you will free loads of
energy that have been suppressed in your body. You will allow insights into your experiences of
life. There's no other way to come about it, at least not that I know of. I don't want to claim that
it's the only way out there, because than I would be an asshole. I have no idea what is 'out there'
because the whole point of life is to transmute the unknown into the known through experience.
If everything that could be experienced would be, than the physical Universe would cease to
exist. It would just make no sense. We would than be formless clouds of energy that have
experienced everything that there ever was to experience while being in physicality. But the truth
of the matter is it will never happen. Why? Because the probabilities are endless, infinite, eternal.
        The Universe will continue to grow and you will grow with it till the end of time. Why?
Because of your curiosity. Curiosity is one of the most distinctive characteristics of the warrior.
He is never bored even if to the eye it appears he is doing nothing. He is always there looking
and 'fishing' for the ways that the Spirit manifests in front of him. He recognizes that it is in fact
all the time so, even if he doesn't see it at first; he knows that he will have the insight later and he
is ready for it. He is always ready to encounter the unknown. He expects it, he yearns for it, and
he feels it by the next corner. He's curious beyond belief. He's curious about everyone and
everything. He can't help it, it’s just who he is.
        And that's who you are. You are also curious and everything you did up until this point in
life is because of that. You were curious 'How far can I push myself to finally have enough of this
game of forgetting?' and you played your role perfectly. You were playing it perfectly until
today. Today, or maybe at any other time in your linear life, you made a decision to start playing
the re-membering game. That's why you're reading these words right now. I'm not pompous or
anything like that, that's just the way I see it. If you wouldn't make that choice, even on an
unconscious level, you couldn't be reading this information right now. Why? Because you
wouldn't be ready for it yet. For example you could delete this book after the few first pages or
after downloading it from the Internet your computer would crash down and so forth.
        There are no accidents in the Universe. That's why I say everybody is fine and everybody
chooses the experiences he has in life. That's the only way murders happen, by the two parties
agreeing to it. If they wouldn't agree there would be no interaction, you just wouldn't be able to
interact with that person.
        For example if there would be a robbery in your house you would have a phone call that
day that your mother is very sick and rushed to the hospital, or your friend would have a baby

that day and you would go and visit her. The possibilities are endless and that's why it's so
amazing. Once you finally see life for what it truly is you will be blown away by its complexity
and simplicity at the same time.

       How do I implement this information in my daily life?
       Let me give you three examples of how a warrior interacts in the 'real world'.
       The first situation is an actual experience from my life. The person that I will be writing
about is not me. It's someone whose name I won’t disclose, but who at the time these words are
being written is an adept. It means that he is on a journey of self-discovery without knowing
about it, because you know it only after you've become a warrior. When you're an adept you
have no idea that you were an asshole and that you are an adept. You need to have enough
personal power for that, and in order to have it you must lose your self-importance and self-pity,
which are characteristics of the warrior.
       So this situation took place a while back. This person was driving his car from work and
was waiting for the lights to change. While he was sitting in the car a guy from the car behind
him apparently got very upset with that. It appears that my friend didn't go on the yellow light
and that seemed to make the guy angry. So what did he do? He was an asshole of course so
instead of recognizing that the reason for that is because that's how it is meant to happen, he
started honing his horn and punching his steering wheel. My friend saw it in the rear view
mirror. So what did he do?
       He could do several things. First of all he could act like an asshole and show his middle
finger through the window in his disregard for the behavior of the man behind him. This sign of
disrespect for that guy would make my friend feel better than him.
       Another thing he could do as an asshole, he could sit quietly and get angry at that guy in
his mind. Why an asshole would act like that? Because getting angry at anyone is the sign of
self-pity. The fact is that once you are a warrior nobody can bring you out of balance because
you understand that everybody’s fine.
       But my friend didn't act like that at all. So what did he do? He acted like a warrior. He got
out of the car, came up to this guy’s car and knocked on the window. The guy certainly didn't
expect that but nevertheless he pulled it down. Did my friend shout or cursed at the guy? That
what most people would do but not a warrior. Instead he said in the softest and most

understanding tone: 'Excuse me sir, are you having an anxiety attack? Would you like me to call
some help for you?'
       You could imagine the others guys face when he heard that. When I heard it I was
laughing my ass off. The guy was probably as embarrassed as ever. One more thing was that he
had three small children in the back seat of his car. What kind of example was he giving them by
acting like an asshole?
       Anyway the thing that happened here was as follows. Somehow my friend has gained at
that moment enough personal power to act like a warrior. You see the fact of being a warrior is
not magical or anything like that. You can act like that all the time, but you need to make an
effort to do so. If you just react automatically to every situation that comes up you're a robot and
your life is meaningless, because you can be replaced by a machine and it wouldn't matter to
anyone anyway.
       What the warrior does is he’s unpredictable. That's how he acts all the time. Being
predictable kills the joy of life. Life wasn't meant to be scripted from beginning till the end, but
to be experienced. You watch the circumstances that arise at any given moment and you react
accordingly with your highest truth at that time. That's also why warrior never promises
anything. He can't commit to anyone because he understands this simple rule - that spontaneity is
the essence of life, it is what makes this whole journey of life worth while. That's why he doesn't
make promises he can't deliver. He can't say for example 'I will be with you forever.' because
saying that would make him a liar.
       He follows his path as the Infinite guides him, not as he wants it to be. He makes plans,
sure, but he always expects them to change. If they do it means that the first option wasn't meant
to be and he doesn't feel cheated or depressed because of it. He knows he's living in accordance
with his highest truth and that means that he will be exactly where he needs to be when he needs
to be there. There is no other possible way for him.
       So what is a second example of acting like a warrior? This one will come from a movie
titled 'Interstate 60'. It's a romantic comedy, but with a twist. In fact if you have seen it I wonder
if you've noticed the underlying intention of it. It's got so many characteristics of the warrior
there - setting up intent, following your excitement, being honest, expecting the unexpected and
so on. Watch it trying to find what I'm saying and I bet you will be delighted.

        So the plot revolves around a guy who wants to find his life’s purpose. Through a series
of weird circumstances he finds himself traveling in his car on an interstate that doesn't seem to
exist on any map. On his journey he encounters many strange and interesting individuals.
        One of the scenes of the movie is when the guy stops to pick up this girl along the way.
She is a young and attractive woman who is looking to get laid. Well I couldn't find the exact
conversation between them on the Internet, so I will break it down for you this way.
        So the young woman appears to be looking for something and what she is looking for is
what she calls 'the perfect fuck.' She defines 'the perfect fuck' as an experience as no other that
she would remember for the rest of her life. So she takes out her notebook with the names of
over three hundred guys that she has already slept with. She tells the guy that he could be the
number 311 and that they can do it right here in his car.
        The guy seas that he has no intention of sleeping with her and that makes her angry. She
starts calling him names, like 'faggot' and 'wussy' just to get on his nerve. Well, what does the
guy do? He can either fuck her or leave her on the side of the road, right? Wrong. That's what an
asshole would do. So what would a warrior do? Exactly what that guy did and it was something
like this.
        He said 'You know, you're right, I am 'the perfect fuck'. In fact I'm the best fuck you could
ever have but you won't know it because I won't fuck you. And I'm not going to be the number
311. No, I'm going to be number 1, the one guy who you couldn't fuck, 'the perfect fuck.''
        Wow. Imagine the look on this woman’s face, it was priceless.
        The third example will come from a recent event in polish culture. The polish media were
shocked by a performance of a well known polish actress, Joanna Szczepkowska on the opening
night of a show she played the lead role in. What she did was, in the end of the performance, she
showed her audience (despite what was in the screenplay of the show) her naked bottom. For that
reason she was removed from playing the role and basically lost her job.
        After it has first occurred I heard many people commenting and judging her behavior ‘It’s
good she’s out of the theater, she disrespected the audience and the director of the show.’ Even
the people from her own society, the actors, were somewhat sliced down the middle. Some of
them supported her, while others were outraged by her performance.
        So for days I’ve heard people say two opinions about her behavior, which you can sum
up in two words ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but not once did I hear the question that should come up in the
first place: ‘Why?’ Why did an actress, who is an establish figure in the theatre, who has been on

stage for over forty years pulls a stunt like this? It’s not like she’s a young and inexperienced
actress who wants to make a name for herself by shocking the public world. As an intelligent
individual, was she aware of the consequences that her actions will bring, that she might lose her
job? That she might lose friends? Why, miss’s Joanna, why?
       Let me give you her own words and her own explanations for the motives behind her
actions. This is a transcript of an interview recorder few days after the incident on a show called
‘Good Morning TVN’ emitted on polish TV.
Interviewers: Few days ago, the director Christian Lupa, has removed miss’s Joanna from his
show, because on the opening night she, against the will of the director, showed her naked
Interviewer: Good morning.
Joanna: Good morning.
I: Do you regret your decision?
J: No, no, no. I knew that this was the moment when we really have to stop this circle of silence,
when we have to put in motion the necessary avalanche of questions. All the meetings, forums
and so forth didn’t do anything at all, everything went back to the state from before, and that
state is very bad. I understood that we have to make a very drastic artistic gesture that we can
not talk differently anymore.
I: We can’t talk differently about what?
J: We can not talk about what is in the institution of the theater someone who is called ‘the
searching director’, meaning someone who has absolute freedom in administering actors time,
sometimes even for years. Remember that the actors are not being paid for rehearsals. The
actors salary for his ‘readiness’ is from 1200, absolute max. is 3000 zlotys a month (for people
outside of Poland 1200 zlotys is equivalent to roughly 400 US dollars).
I: But someone can say that if you didn’t like it, you could quit.
J: Wait a moment, it’s not about that. What I didn’t like was the silence about an obvious slavery
of human beings. Meaning if a director has absolute free will over an actors time, in turn he tries
different concepts and different actors for years for one show, the actors don’t get paid unless
they actually play in that show. (from me – It appears that in Poland a theatrical actor gets a
bonus for each show he plays, meaning that if the show is on he gets 1200 zlotys each month + a
percentage for every show his on. Well, what this woman is talking about are directors who don’t
really know what they want and they change the concepts of the show many times, switching the

actors in meantime. That’s the case here. It appears that this show was being produced for couple
of years before it finally got on stage. It means that until the day that the show hit the decks of
the theater the actors weren’t paid a single dime for their time at rehearsals! They get only paid
after the show starts, not before that.) So the actors don’t make money, they have to in fact give
their own money instead. Now when we take a theater like the Dramatic Theater in Warsaw,
which is extreme in those cases, it employs young, looking for work directors and the shows
never go on stage. It means that actors that have children, house payments, bills etc. are
basically paying their own money in the process. It’s a scandal.
I: But where did you get the idea to show your bottoms as a sign of protest for actors not getting
J: No, no, it’s a much broader subject. Let me tell you again. It’s about starting an avalanche of
questions. The thing that I did was to move beyond the borders of the show, in which show you
can see naked men walking around the stage and so on and so forth and it’s a normal thing in
this particular theater. So I didn’t do anything that is outside of the convention of this theater
and this show.
I: But it seems as if it was a surprise for the audience.
J: No, it wasn’t a surprise for the audience because 75% of the audience thought it was a part of
the show.
I: Miss’s Joanna, there was another journalist in this studio who has seen the premiere and he
said he felt embarrassed with what he saw.
J: Of course he did.
I: At the same time you’re saying you wanted to start an avalanche of questions that you wanted
to protest against something. Right now in front of me I have a statement in today’s newspaper
signed by all the actors that played with you on that show where they say that they are sorry for
what has taken place during the opening night.
J: No, there are not saying they are sorry.
I: “That which happened during the opening night’s show and also the repercussions in media
till this day inflict on the quality of our work and we are sorry about that.”
J: Yes, absolutely.
I: “The decision of the director about firing Miss’s Szczepkowska on one hand we felt regret and
on the other hand we felt relief. We hope that the tension with which every night we were
experiencing before we went to work will not take place anymore. The concept of Christian’s

Lupa (the director) was clear and unchanged since the beginning of the rehearsals. Parallel to
the stage interest there was born a private interest which has overlapped the stage interest.”
J: Now, to make things clear. I did what I did to show that crossing borders, which is being said
about in this particular show and right now those words are changed, the words used to be. “He
is not an artist who can’t cross borders. He is not an artist who can’t create a space of his own
compromitation.” Those are the words. He is not a good actor, you can’t work with an actor
who only responds to strict rules. I did nothing more. I have showed what the consequences of
crossing borders are.
I: The artists that were playing with you said they felt a sense of relief when you were released.
J: Naturally. I would sign myself under this letter. We don’t understand each other still. I did
what I did to show that the intentions of this kind of border crossing are empty, are insincere. If
you cross the borders of an artist that encourages you to cross borders then he is outraged.
Many times I have done something like this before. I scandalized about something that is a
scandal, i.e. a book of a certain person talks about that in our country all the literature awards
are mischief and at the same time that person goes and takes a literature prize for herself. And
when I said about it publicly, later on it came to my attention from the people in that person’s
surroundings, that it wasn’t elegant on my part to say that. So is there a list of people who can
search and scandalize while others can not?
I: You probably scored your own goal at this point.
J: But of course, but we still don’t understand each other; I will burn at this stake. But of course,
the consequences I’m going to suffer will be immense. I won’t have a job and right now I have a
big minus from the audience that used to like me a lot. I will burn at this stake.
I: Were you conscious of that fact while doing it?
J: Absolutely. When I was coming down the stage after that I was shaking like a tree. I knew I
was changing my life.
I: Miss’s Joanna, was it worth it?
J: Yes it was, absolutely. An avalanche of questions was set in motion. The question arose “Who
is Christian Lupa?” I will gladly lose this discussion, but it had to develop. I did it from the love
to the theater and from my respect to the actors. I will fail happily.
I: It’s a shame that also voices are heard which say “It’s a shame what happened to

J: It’s not a shame, no. I’m not fighting for my image. You don’t understand still, I’m not from a
generation of image, I will gladly let people burn me at this stake and I don’t care about that. I
don’t regret it.
I: We will let the viewers decide and your life is in your own hands.
J: Yes it is.

        So what did those three warriors do that was different from the behavior of an asshole -
they didn't submit. They didn't let the asshole to bring them to his level of playing the game
called life. Instead what they recognized what was happening and they responded appropriately.
Well was it a conscious effort, meaning did they know they acted like warriors? Well it makes no
difference. See you can be a warrior not knowing that you are one.
        You see there are really a lot of warriors living around us today that have no idea that
who they are warriors. In the past they were people like Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Princess Diana
and so on. They were people who lived passionately, gave there best every time and loved the
world even if the world didn't love them back.
        Michael Jackson was one of them. This being, through his music, has transformed the
everyday world as we know it. The massages in the songs like 'The Earth Song', 'Black or White'
and 'Man in the Mirror' are timeless and they will be listened to for generations to come.
        But most assholes are blinded by that much light. They want to dim it; they would want
to destroy it, because it shows them who they would want to be and are not. So Michael was
judged by them for things he allegeable did but were never proven, that he 'whitened himself' or
abused young kids. It doesn't really matter what he did because people judged him because they
felt that they had the right too.
        Why did Michael Jackson die in his fifties? He was in great physical shape a week before
the tour of 'This is it'. He was dancing and singing like at best of times. Watch the movie with the
same title to find out for yourself. So why did he have to die if he was a light worker? What good
has his death brought upon humanity?
        First of all it brought back and introduced his music to entire generation that didn't knew
it. Life is about expressing your joy for living in any creative way you can think off. For him it
was music, you can feel it when you listen to it, that it has something special to it, something you
can't really put your finger on.

        He loved music and people around him. When you watch the movie 'This is It' you can
see that he knew his music perfectly by heart. He knew exactly which note was when and how it
should sound to bring the most harmonious effect available. He would tell the sound guys when
to play harder and when to 'let it simmer'. He wanted to give the experience for the people that
will be there, on his concert, of the best possible experience he could give them. He said ' People
deserve to hear the songs they know the way I wrote them' and so he practiced every key and
every gesture he made during that show. Looking at him work was a privilege and a beautiful
experience for me.
        So what went wrong? Why did he have to die?
        Nothing went wrong! It was exactly what needed to happen in order for the message to
go through in the most powerful way it could!
        We choose everything in our life, even our death! In my opinion Michael Jackson had to
die so his music could reach more people that way. If he hasn't died the movie wouldn't be made
and his music would be enjoyed only by few thousands of people. The film was made as a tribute
to his death, which in turn let millions of people all around the world experience it. It was a
powerful jolt for our collective consciousness and us individually. I remember crying when, in
the end of the movie, he was saying a prayer for all mankind, with an intention of unconditional
love. Yes, Michael Jackson was a warrior and as all warriors he was misunderstood by assholes.
        So there are more and more light workers coming forward. Let me focus my attention on
cinema for a second. The recent movies like 'Avatar' and 'District 9' show us exactly where we
are as a society, how 'evolved' we are. After watching these movies you are not surprised that
UFO’s are not jumping in the occasion to land on Earth.
        Another example is the movie 'The Dark Night' which is, in my opinion, one of the most
important and multidimensional movies ever made. He shows the human psyche so profoundly
and so deeply that I have never experienced it before in my life.                    Another
example would be the TV series by David Lynch 'Twin Peaks'. This is a cult series showing the
dark side of human nature impeccably. No wonder there are a lot of people who can't stand to
watch all 29 episodes in full - it shows places of there personality that they don't want to face and
they are scared of it.
        Watching all those movies can be great therapeutic experiences if you let them. They will
help you align your belief systems unconsciously and effortlessly.

       So what connects all those people and their work? It inspires people; you can not walk by
it and not notice it. Those are the things that matter, that make you cry and laugh full heartedly.
Those are the things that have been created in full cooperation with the Higher Self. They are
true blessings for us that raise our collective consciousness immensely. That's how you can know
that those people are warriors; it's not what they do but how they do it. They follow their
excitement to the best of their ability and they don't care what other people think of them.
       When you look at movies by David Lynch like 'Mulholland Drive', 'Lost Highway' or
'Inland Empire', many times you want find chronological plot in them. You can see images,
conversations, people that are seemingly unrelated to each other. Those qualities make people
not understand his movies more often than not. But even his explanation about the nature of his
films is of a warrior. 'I'm not here to explain my movies, I'm only here to make them. How you
want to interpret them is up to you, I leave it for everyone to find their own meaning to them.'
       So movie makers, musicians, painters - there are a vast majority of warriors today, but
only because our society made those kind of people 'special'. We tend to forget about the
teachers, janitors, factory workers, cleaning ladies, brokers, mothers and fathers, students and
lawyers, judges and priests. Those are the people who don't bitch and moan about their life’s.
They are the ones who take the cards that were dealt to them by the Infinite and they make the
best out of it. They are the warriors to be admired the most.
       First thing is that rarely anybody recognizes them as such. When a director makes a
movie that the whole world will see, every door opens up before him. He's got honors and
splendor everywhere he goes, but when a school teacher directs a play at school with kids,
putting all her energy, all her passion into that project she is not being treated as special. She just
did her job the best way she could.
       When a janitor cleans that school and he hasn't missed one day of work for twenty years
and has always got a smile on his face - he's a warrior. People may not even know his name, but
he's not in that for the honors or glory. Don't misunderstand me, because the directors and
musicians aren't in it either, it's just we, as a collective, tend to favor those people more because
their work is being seen by loads of people all over the world.
       But that doesn't change the fact why those people do it. They do it because they are
warriors and they understand their connection to All That Is and All That Is always rewards those
who listen to it. Why? Because doing that which excites you creates more of it, and more, and
more and there's no end to it.

         Once you get started on the treadmill you're 'hooked', there is no better game to play and
no better rewards than this. That's what will be the judge of your success - when you can look at
what you have created and you can say, without a shadow of a doubt that you couldn't do in any
better or any different. You can say 'It's perfect'. Than it doesn't matter what anybody else seas it
is or it is not.
         That's what this book is. I know it couldn't have had one less or one more word in it. It's
perfect and I couldn't have written it differently even if I wanted to. I want to thank the Infinite
for the inspiration and insights that I gathered from it and I want to let you know that what you
do M-A-T-T-E-Rs. You materialize everything you think, feel and say. So be aware of that and
create your life in a conscious and beautiful way.


 “The greatest gift is to give people your enlightenment, to share it. It has to be the
                                       greatest.”- Buddha

        Enlightenment isn't something you can get or attain. Enlightenment is an attitude you
choose to have towards life and everything about it. It's the best friend of the warrior in his life.
Enlightenment simply means - LIGHTEN UP. Explore, have fun, play, laugh, be childlike, but
not childish.
        Grow up, but treat life as the most exciting journey of all. Learn to relax, breath...breath.
Threat your body and mind with respect. Put foods in your body that will make it strong and
alert. Keep physically and mentally fit. Don't let stupid things pull you down and when they do
get excited and explore: 'What belief do I have to have to be triggered by that?' and change it.
Re-member that beliefs create your reality and be bold, be bold to explore. If you have to
worship anyone worship yourself. Worship yourself as the most beautiful being in the Cosmos.
You are a luminous being made of light, made of love. Feel that love, because it is your


     “The feeling is often the deeper truth, the opinion the more superficial one.”  -
                           Augustus William Hare and Julius Charles Hare

       Love, Praise and Gratitude are the emotions that the adept uses to 'clear the channel' for
the further growth too come.
       Love. Love is the emotion you are made of. You are made in the image of the Infinite and
as all things in the Universe you are made of unconditional love. Unconditional means it has no
limits. It means that it penetrates through everything and anything in the Universe. It is the
emotion that you can feel on a regular basis, everyday of your life, but you need to exercise it.
Meditate on it, breath it, call for it, and welcome it. Pray for it, eat with it and sleep with it on
your mind. Be what you were destined to be.
       Praise. Praise everything in existence. Know that even the smallest bug is there for you
to enjoy. It has been created by All That Is and if it's here it needs to be here. Don't go around
destroying things just because they are different. Instead embrace them and learn from them. See
the perfection in every flower, every smile of a child, every tree and yourself. Praise yourself.
You are perfect! You are the most beautiful being in the Cosmos. Your destiny is to live a life of
beauty and grace and excitement - claim it!
       Gratitude. Be grateful for what you already have. If you feel you don't have enough think
about people that have less, but don't pity them. Don't pity anyone because everyone gets exactly
what they want, all the time. Open yourself up to the treasures that All That Is is ready to give
you. They are already there for you; you just have to claim them. But you have to stop being an
asshole and stop accumulating things. If you have to accumulate anything accumulate
experiences, in-sights, real human interactions, not hidden by phony smiles and lies. Be truthful
all the time. A warrior never lies, he doesn't have to. He doesn't have to because he doesn't want
anything from anyone and at the same time he is grateful for everything. Everyday on this Earth
is a one more day for him to experience the beauty of All That Is from this physical perspective
and he is grateful for each day he gets. He also knows that it might as well be the last one. Live
like you were dying right now, don't wait for your life to be over, act!


         “Life's greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved.” - Victor Hugo

         Let me get back to the beginning of this book for a second when I mention the book that
was one of the ‘igniters’ for me to start on this spiritual journey, meaning ‘The Power of Now’
by Eckhart Tolle. Let me give you an example of how abrupt and sudden awakenings can be.
This is an excerpt from the interview that Tolle gave about his own ‘moment of clarity’.

“Could you briefly share with us the main experiences you had that led you to become a spiritual
teacher? Y ou have a recently published book titled. ”The Power of Now: a Guide to Spiritual
Enlightenment.” In your book, you mentioned a very profound experience, or a "shift" that took

Yes. I was about twenty-nine and had gone through years of depression and anxiety. I had even
achieved some successes, like graduating with the highest mark at London University. Then an
offer came for a Cambridge scholarship to do research. But the whole motivating power behind
my academic success was fear and unhappiness.

It all changed one night when I woke up in the middle of the night. The fear, anxiety and
heaviness of depression were becoming so intense, it was almost unbearable. And it is hard to
describe that "state" where the world is felt to be so alien, just looking at a physical environment
like a room. Everything was totally alien and almost hostile. I later saw a book written by Jean-
Paul Sartre called ‘Nausea’. That was the state that I was in, nausea of the world. [Chuckle]
And the thought came into my head, "I can't live with myself any longer." That thought kept
repeating itself again and again.

And then suddenly there was a "standing back" from the thought and looking at that thought, at
the structure of that thought, "If I cannot live with myself, who is that self that I cannot live with?
Who am I? Am I one—or two?" And I saw that I was "two." There was an "I," and here was a
self. And the self was deeply unhappy, the miserable self. And the burden of that I could not live
with. At that moment a dis-identification happened. "I" consciousness withdrew from its

identification with the self, the mind-made fictitious entity, the unhappy "little me" and its story.
And the fictitious entity collapsed completely in that moment, just as if a plug had been pulled
out of an inflatable toy. What remained was a single sense of presence or "Beingness" which is
pure consciousness prior to identification with form - the eternal I AM. I didn't know all of that
at the time, of course. It just happened, and for a long time there was no understanding of what
had happened.

As the self collapsed, there was still a moment of intense fear—after all, it was the death of "me."
I felt like being sucked into a hole. But a voice from within said "Resist nothing." So I let go. It
was almost like I was being sucked into a void, not an external void, but a void within. And then
fear disappeared and there was nothing that I remember after that except waking up in the
morning in a state of total and complete "newness."
I woke up in a state of incredible inner peace, bliss in fact. With my eyes still closed, I heard the
sound of a bird and realized how precious that was. And then I opened my eyes and saw the
sunlight coming through the curtains and felt: There is far more to that than we realize. It felt
like love coming through the curtains. And then as I walked around the old familiar objects in
the room I realized I had never really seen them before. It was as if I had just been born into this
world; a state of wonder. And then I went for a walk in the city. I was still in London. Everything
was miraculous, deeply peaceful. Even the traffic. [Chuckle]

I knew something incredible had happened, although I didn't understand it. I even started writing
down in a diary, "Something incredible has happened. I just want to write this down," I said, "in
case it leaves me again or I lose it." And only later did I realize that my thought processes after
waking up that morning had been reduced by about eighty to ninety percent. So a lot of the time I
was walking around in a state of inner stillness, and perceiving the world through inner stillness.

And that is the peace, the deep peace that comes when there is no longer anybody commenting
on sense perceptions or anything that happens. No labeling, no need to interpret what is
happening, it just is as it is and it is fine. [Laughter] There was no longer a "me" entity.

After that transformation happened, I could not have said anything about it. "Something
happened. I am totally at peace. I don't know what it means." That is all I could have said. And it

took years before there was some "understanding." And it took more years before it evolved into
a "spiritual teaching ." That took time. The basic state is the same as then, but the external
manifestation of the state as a teaching and the power of a teaching that took time. It had to
mature. So when I talk about it now to some extent, I add something to it. When I talk about the
"original experience" something is added to it that I didn't know then.


      “Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.” – Pablo Picasso

       We have arrived together to the end of this book. If right now you have a better
understanding of the nature of the road that you're on it means that this book did its job. If you
still have some doubts and questions I say 'Ask, ask and ask some more'.
       Question everything, because by questioning you will clear out your belief system. Don't
take my words for granted, but instead be suspicious. Think to yourself 'Can what this guy is
saying be true?' and than apply what I said and find out for yourself. It will work for you, I
guarantee it. Be bold and try, even to prove to yourself that it's not true. The information will
defend itself when you implement it.
       Finally I want to thank you for giving yourself the opportunity to read these words. I also
want to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to write them and gain new and interesting
insights. I wasn't lying when I told you I didn't plan on writing this book. My inspiration came
about a week ago and right now I'm typing the last section of this work. I treat it as it would be
the last thing I'm allowed to do on this Earth. I put my heart and soul into it. I'm proud of every
word just like a parent is proud when he seas his child finally walking on two legs. This is my
gift to you, my brothers and sisters, and a gift to myself. The next time we meet I hope you'll be
a warrior.
       There is one more thing I want to ask you before you go on your journey called life. As I
stated many, many times before I don't care what you're going to do with this information. This
e-book is free of charge and you can be a judge of how valuable this information is for you.
Everything you need to know is already out there available to you. You don't need to spend
hundreds of dollars on self-improvement books to help you get where you need to go. In fact
finding few real 'truth seekers' and really applying what they are saying is, in my opinion, the
best path you can take.
       So I've got one more request for you which is going to be a test too. I want you to send
this e-book to everyone you know. I want you, after you finish reading it, to go on your e-mail
client and send it to everybody in your contact list. In the subject line I want you to put in only
'Thought you might like this' and leave it at that.

       I don't want you to ask anybody later on about it nor do I want you to bring the subject of
this book up by yourself. If someone asks you about it than feel free to share your experience and
insights with them, but don't expect that to happen. Expecting means that you can be
disappointed and a warrior is never disappointed, because he doesn't want anything from
anybody. I want you to do it for few reasons.
       First of all we are coming to an end of a cycle. The new cycle is already in motion and
will you choose to come with me and others or you will choose to stay behind is up to you. But
what will characterize this time will be that everyone will have his and her shot at riding 'the first
wave', to be the 'truth seeker' and the 'trend setter'. Now it's the time to act 'As if..' There's no
more time for procrastination, there's no more time for waiting for anything. The only moment in
existence is Now and Now is where you want to start changing your life. Don't wait till next
week or month to start exercising, do it Now. I can't emphasize this enough - if you won't act
now you will miss out immensely! It doesn't mean that you will not be able to experience the
changes, but you will be like a hiker which has slowed down because he had to tie his shoes -
everyone else will be on top while you will be catching up to them.
       The other reason is that the information will be less accessible soon. Why will that be?
Well first of all when you stop becoming an adept you know that you don't need anymore
knowledge to accumulate. Once you are a warrior you know that you know what you need to
know when you need to know it. If you don't know something it simply means you don't need it
right now. When you find yourself at that place, and I'm sure you will at one point in time, all the
books and information will stop mattering to you. You will than learn from direct experiences of
life, not having to learn about them from books.
       When that time comes a lot of light workers, which are now adepts, will evolve into
warriors and will cease posting so many questions. That means that for those who hesitate and
wait it's going to be that much harder. You see you don't need to understand this stuff to live by
it. In fact, in my opinion, I was so eager for accumulating knowledge for the reason of breaking
this process down into the simplest way possible and sharing it even with those who are not
interested in spiritual development. After you read this book you know that spiritual journey has
not much to do with mysticism. Those esoteric things are here just to 'hook' the people like me
into learning, but they are in fact obsolete. They are just the bonus for what true spirituality
means - living in the Now and being free to live your life to the fullest.

       So I would want all people, even those who are unconsciously looking for it, to have a
chance at this awakening business. For this I need your help. I'm asking for this not to make me
feel more important or be honored or stuff like that. I hope that by now you already know that
that's not what I am about. What I am about is fulfilling my highest purpose in life and this book
is my testimony to that.
       I know that this book will bring about controversy. Some members of my family may feel
that I betrayed them, because I enclosed intimate information about their life’s. They will try to
say I’m mad, that I’ve imagined things and so forth. I don't care about that, because if they would
say such a thing they would be saying it from the view point of an asshole. I'm not going to
perpetuate anyone’s, even theirs, assholeness. In fact I'm doing it for them and for everyone else
so you can see, on my example, that you can do it. You can leave your past behind and thank it
for a wonderful friend and a teacher it has been. You can set off on this journey with your head
sprung up knowing that it can be done and asset where exactly you are and at what you have to
look at next.
       Those are the intentions of this book while I'm writing these words. I'm putting all my
heart and soul into it as if it was the last thing on Earth I was set out to do. If this information in
any way, shape or form resonates with you, you've got to do me this favor. It's also a test for you,
a test of your courage and a step for losing your self-pity and self-importance.
       When you finish reading this book I want you to send it out to everyone you know. God
works in mysterious ways, but it works through people. So you are the one that has another piece
of the puzzle. If you feel you can do it with a clean conscious to recommend it to anyone, do it
with all the people you know. Do it for them and for yourself equally.
       On the other hand if you feel you want to share this information with someone but, in the
pit of your stomach, you have a feeling, a thought of doubt, fear or anything negative like that,
those are your beliefs that are making it happen. Identify them, change them and act 'As if..' you
no longer have them. There is no room for fear or doubt in the warrior’s life. He knows he can't
expect or plan anything in advance, but it doesn't stop him from participating in life to the fullest.
In fact that is what drives him - the excitement of finding out new things about himself.
       I heard this one spiritual teacher talk about a student he had. The student had a fear of
heights so the teacher told him to go on a course which consisted out of several very scary and
very difficult obstacles. After the student came back to the teacher, he said he had failed. 'Didn't

you finish the course?' the teacher asked him, and the student replied 'I did, but I felt scared all
the time while I was doing it.'
       Fear is your friend. Fear tells you your beliefs are out of place and you need to change
them. Acknowledge them and DO IT. Act ‘As if..’ you were a warrior right now. You may not
be, but that will move you closer and closer on the bridge, as to one day you will be free.


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