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An awesome kid

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Doug Phillips:
‘An awesome kid’
     Doug Phillips ’06 is so good you                                                                  sports broadcasting,” says the
feel like giggling; his tale sounds like                                                               relaxed, confident senior, who cut
a story some PR flak manufactured:                                                                      his broadcasting teeth at WJCU.
starting quarterback on the football                                                                   Coaching? Grad school?
team, who sports a 4.0 GPA, is a                                                                            Phillips is passionate about history.
Campus Ministry stalwart, a stylish                                                                    He’s still buzzing about the trip he took
play-by-play broadcaster and a resi-                                                                   several years ago to Rome with
dence hall assistant. Yeah right, and                                                                  Dr. Francesco Cesareo, the former
after lunch he finds a cure for cancer                                                                  director of the Institute of Catholic
and fixes the levees in New Orleans!                                                                    Studies: “History came alive with
     The Strongsville native was                                                                       Francesco, walking, for example,
captain of the Streak ’05 grid squad.                                                                  through the Forum. He showed us so
He won The Mike Gregory Award as                                                                       much you would never get on a standard
the best offensive back in the Ohio                                                                    tour.” Being a history academic appeals.
Athletic Conference (OAC). He                                                                          Phillips’ arm is cocked but he hasn’t
was first team All-OAC, – Academic                                                                      settled on his target yet.
All-OAC, second team academic                                                                               Right to Life, Habitat for Human-
All-American of ESPN The Magazine.                                                                     ity… Phillips takes his faith and his
He was one of the winners of the rare                                                                  values very seriously. Since the season
NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship                                                                          is over, where you will find Doug
($7,500) – less than 30 men (and the                                                                   now is playing guitar during Liturgy
same number of women) received it                                                                      at Saint Francis Chapel – “it started
in all sports at all levels last fall.                                                                 when a friend wanted to start a praise
(Another Streak, Mark Hawald ’05,                                                                      and worship group.”
won it the year before Phillips).                                                                           His accountant parents divorced
     On the field, Phillips passed for more       that’s just some of what he does. He’s a         when he was a preteen, but Doug says he
than 2,500 yards and 25 touchdowns last          good athlete; doesn’t have the strongest         and his two siblings received enormous
season. As the senior helmsman – first            arm, but he knows how to play.”                  love and guidance along the way. That
year as the starter – Phillips was indispens-        Phillips’ favorite part of football is the   4.0? “Academic excellence was always
able in his leadership of a team that ran        mental game – reading defenses, study-           stressed in my house.”
off six victories before faltering in his last   ing film to detect tendencies that can be              Doug says that his status as a
season’s last two contests – we will not say     exploited, being the coach’s extension.          Renaissance student does occasionally
anything about the game that preceded            “Coaching is definitely a possibility,” says      elicit joshing, on the part of his grid
that six-game streak by the Streaks.             Phillips.                                        fellows, among other students, but he
     “For some reason,” says Phillips,               It’s a sidebar for this story but Don        affirms: “None of it is ill-natured.”
“everything clicked after the Mt. Union          Shula ’51 is not the only one to pave the             As regards his university community,
game (he said it). I think we peaked at          way. At the moment, Josh McDaniels ’99,          Doug says the admiration is mutual: “I feel
Otterbein” – a 32-6 deconstruction of a          wide receiver here, is the New England Pa-       very comfortable, I feel very comfortable
good Cardinal squad on Parents Weekend.          triots offensive coordinator (big job, which     talking to professors and other adults, and
     Phillips pretty much packed his career      makes McDaniels a likely NFL head coach          I think this university has helped. I feel
highlights into last season, but he saved        down the road) and Nick Caserio ’98,             very happy I came here.”
a lot for last – best offensive back in the      quarter here, is that storied squad’s director        The members of the John Carroll
conference!                                      of pro personnel (by no means a small job).      community are at least as happy he came
     “He’s an awesome kid,” said head            One always has to pay dues, but Phillips is      here. The only downside is that his
coach Regis Scafe. “To me he embodies            a good coaching possibility.                     graduation looms, but then he can be a
everything that’s good about Division III.           He has options, a good thing on              Renaissance alumnus.
He balances academics and athletics, and         the field or in life. “I really enjoy doing            jp

Dominique Moceanu:
JCU’s Olympic gold medalist
by Jake Oresick ’06                                                                                geriatric for a gymnast, Dominique
     Some John Carroll students are                                                                was inspired by Annia Hatch – a then
destined for greatness. Dominique                                                                  26-year-old who helped the U.S. to
Moceanu ’08 is going back for seconds.                                                             claim silver. Dominique decided to
     A crucial component of the                                                                    begin a comeback, and with Canales
“Magnificent Seven” – the moniker                                                                   as her coach, she is aiming for Beijing
given to the 1996 U.S. gymnastics                                                                  in ’08. “I want to show that you’re
team – Dominique was an Olympic                                                                    never too old.”
champion at age 14. The plucky, pint-                                                                   Regarding her place in the JCU
sized gymnast was America’s sweetheart:                                                            legacy, Dominique treats the subject
honored everywhere from Wheaties                                                                   with humility. Shrugging off compari-
boxes to the White House in the                                                                    sons to past Carroll champions and
wake of winning gold.                                                                              the slew of Blue Streak business
     These days you’ll find her en-                                                                 moguls, she insists, “I just want to do
grossed in a marketing textbook,                                                                   my dream.”
hidden between the reference stacks                                                                     Seemingly a woman for others, she
at Grasselli Library. In addition to                                                               says she feels a strong connection with
gymnastics juggernaut and Olympic                                                                  her fans. “I think I have a responsibil-
icon, she is also a bona fide Blue                                                                  ity to them.” Following Atlanta,
Streak. After brief stints at other                                                                Dominique often stayed at autograph
schools, Dominique has “stuck the                                                                  sessions long after she was required.
landing” at Carroll, and her presence                                                              “I’ll sign until my hand falls off,” she
has created quite a buzz.                                                                          jokes. “If I can make someone’s day by
     “The Dominique Moceanu?” asked                  The two began a long-distance                signing a picture, then I’ll sign as many
one professor as he called roll. Dominique’s     relationship – Dominique in Texas and        as I possibly can.”
classmates are excited to have a celebrity       Canales in Ohio – but she wasn’t satisfied.        Despite the frenetic pace of her life –
on campus. “I was such a huge fan,” gushes       “I had to know if it was going to work,”     the demands of JCU, running her busi-
communications major Kristi Hosko ’06.           and so she packed up her car and drove the   ness, and training for the Olympics –
“It’s really cool to have gotten to know         23 hours to Cleveland. It did work, and      Dominique has retained what she lacked
her.” Dominique has grown accustomed to          Dominique and Canales are now engaged.       in Atlanta: perspective. “When I was 14-
the extra attention.                                 Once in Cleveland, Carroll just made     years-old, nothing else mattered but
     “Crowds sometimes cluster outside our       sense. The consummate entrepreneur –         gymnastics.” Having more on her plate
philosophy class,” remarks political science     she runs dominique-moceanu.com and its       the second time around, she has come to
major Allison Kern ’07. Dominique                online boutique between classes –            relish the enormity of the experience. “It’s
remains unfazed. “I get tons of fan mail         Dominique wants to operate her own gym,      really the journey that’s important.”
from men in prison,” she explains. “It           and understands the advantage of a Boler          And what a journey it’s been: from
would be difficult for someone at Carroll to      School degree. “JCU is prestigious in the    Houston to Cleveland and back around
make me uncomfortable.”                          business world; I’d even heard its reputa-   the world. Even so, Dominique feels her
     So how did she get from the Atlanta         tion back in Houston.”                       education is the foundation for her future.
Games to Cleveland? She followed her                 Retired and preparing for a November     “[John Carroll professors] teach you life
heart.                                           wedding, you might think Dominique has       lessons. They really prepare you for the
     After two major surgeries forced her into   things on cruise control – and you’d be      world.”
retirement, Dominique attended the 2001          wrong. As a Sports Illustrated correspon-         With her determination and concern
U.S. National Championships as a specta-         dent during the 2004 Athens Games, she       for others, there’s no doubt Dominique
tor. It was there she crossed paths with an      recognized a fundamental truth: that age     will continue to glimmer – even after the
old acquaintance: NCAA champion                  doesn’t matter as much as she thought.       gold rush.
gymnast and fellow retiree Michael Canales.      While one’s mid-20s once seemed

                                                                                                     JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY • SPRING 2006   37
MEDAL WINNERS                                  Salvatore R.
                                               Fortunately for the university there would be a myriad of candidates for the following hypo-
                                               thetical distinction, but if there should be an effort to select the most loving and devoted son
                                               of John Carroll, the contest would be a fraud were the name of Salvatore R. Felice ’57 not
                                               given deep consideration. For starters, Sal, who won the Silver Quill for best class columnist
                                               12 years ago, as well as the Alumni Service Medal, has long been the point person for the Class
                                               of 1957. He’s chaired their last three reunions. He was a member of the Alumni Association
                                               Leadership Council and of the Parents Advisory Council. He has been a passionate advocate for
                                               mini-reunions and has successfully engineered several. He is the vigorous chair of the endowed
                                               scholarship fund of his class. Vigorous is one adjective that works, warm-hearted is another.
                                               Col. (Ret.) Salvatore Felice is as vigorous and warm-hearted and competent a man for others
                                               as anyone his friends at John Carroll know. For almost three decades, he was a distinguished
                                               military officer. He served as a notable leader of Cleveland’s transit system for more than three
                                               decades. He has played key roles as a volunteer in his parish and his community. He and his
                                               beloved Rose are the nurturing parents of six and the grandparents of 14. Sal Felice is, in short,
                                               a very good man, who has served so many so well for so long. For all he has done and all that
                                               he is, the Alumni Association is pleased to award Sal Felice the Alumni Medal.

                                               Molly G.
                                               He who nominated Molly Robinson ’75 for the honor she is about to receive, said the phrase
                                               most characteristic of this consummate volunteer is: “Yes, what can I do?” That “Yes” has been
                                               a long-running surrender to the service of others. Molly was a leader of the Rochester, NY,
                                               alumni after she graduated. She went on to organize presidential receptions, college nights, and
                                               service activities in Baltimore, and then, when her young family found a home in Detroit, she
                                               was the stalwart of the Detroit alumni. She has been a class agent, solicited donations for class
                                               gifts, made endless Alumni-in-Admission calls, and helped create Detroit’s alumni scholarship.
                                               She has co-chaired reunions and hosted picnics for a long succession of fresh John Carroll
                                               students from Detroit. She is the recipient of the association’s Alumni Service Medal. Molly
                                               has been a fountain of loving attention for the people of her parish; the members of and those
                                               served by the Christ Child Society, and to all the children in her children’s schools, where
                                               she apparently participated in every mother’s activity and conceivable fund-raising solicitation
                                               known to Catholic schools. To retired Jesuits like the late Frs. Birkenhauer and Zombor at the
                                               Colombiere retirement center and to infirm friends, Molly has been a tender presence. To her
                                               four children, who include Kate ’96, and to her husband, Dave ’74, Molly Robinson has been
                                               the presence of love and generosity. For all she is and has given to her university, the Alumni
                                               Association is delighted to award Molly Robinson the Alumni Medal.

                                                    John Breen ’56, the former chair of the university board and an Alumni Medal winner in 2005,

Donald R.
                                                    said on the occasion of the retirement of Paul Kantz, Jr. ’63, in 1999: “Of all the development
                                                    people with whom I’ve worked at various organizations, Paul Kantz was the most effective.”

                                                    It would not be difficult to gather a large squadron of corporate, civic and educational leaders
                                                    who would attest to the truth of that assertion. Paul Kantz was a rock at his alma mater for a
                                                    long time. He was a valuable staff member for a dozen years before he became vice president
                                                    for development in 1981, but when he moved into that office, he became a pillar. He led John
Donald Coburn ’43 was known as a “doctor’s          Carroll through four capital campaigns, each of which had a satisfying outcome. He led the
doctor” during his 40 years of practicing           team that raised over $100 million overall during his watch, and, thus, became one of the
medicine. After accelerating through John           creators of contemporary John Carroll. He was a boss who expected and exhibited attention
Carroll, Don completed an efficient medical          to detail as well as a determination to see that tasks for the university were done well. He was
education at the Jesuit’s St. Louis University      also a deeply compassionate leader who daily illuminated what it takes to be a ‘man for oth-
in 1945; practiced as a doctor in the Army          ers.’ After Paul and Kay, the mother of their four sons, migrated to Florida following the vice
for the next four years, and then gathered ad-      president’s retirement, Paul’s leadership and compassion found a vehicle in the management
ditional medical knowledge at the University        of a large Central Florida hunger center, a challenging mission that continues. Paul Kantz
of Pennsylvania. There was a residency at the       has been a memorable exemplar of the Jesuit commitment to service. For all he is and all
Cleveland Clinic and a stint at Mercy Hospital      he has given to his alma mater and the world, the Alumni Association is pleased to present
in Canton, after which the doctor locked into       Paul Kantz with the Alumni Medal.
a long, productive run as a thoracic surgeon
at Euclid General Hospital. Dr. Coburn was
a consummately dedicated physician whose
sterling reputation endures 20 years after his
retirement. One exotic dimension of this

                                                    Fr. Joseph
steady and marvelously productive workaholic
is that, every day, for close to 30 years he rose

before dawn; rode his ancient bicycle 12 miles
to the hospital; rode back to the Heights at
day’s end – much of the time after dark; and
did it again for thousands upon thousands of
next days. The bike has been upgraded and if        Joe Callahan ’79 was a chemistry major at John Carroll who found a vocation to the priesthood
you look carefully you can still see Don, in all    after he graduated. Six years after ordination, Joe Callahan found a home, El Salvador, the
weather, peddling to the supermarket or on          Land of the Saviour. He joined the Cleveland Mission Team, which for more than 40 years
other errands to which Elaine, the mother of        has labored and suffered and loved (always) in the impoverished, war-torn, exhilarating and
their seven children, has assigned him. Don         inspiring Central American nation. To see the team at work is to understand the Gospel with
has passed on his passion for biking to those       new eyes. To walk with Padre José Callahan among the people he loves is to become opened to
seven children, five of whom graduated from          the power of the shepherd as he cares for his flock. The other men and women honored with
the neighborhood university, as he has passed       the Alumni Medal offer inventories of generous activities. Joe Callahan does one thing; he lives
on his passion for Cape Cod, and for being a        the Gospel, especially the Beatitudes, among the people of El Salvador. To see that one thing
servant leader in his community, parish, fam-       as it plays out in time is, inescapably, to be humbled. Nonetheless, for truth’s sake, it should
ily, university. Dr. Don has been a profoundly      also be noted that Padre Jose is a happy man, as the headline of the article about him in John
valuable presence in all those contexts. For        Carroll magazine read eight years ago. Joe has served almost as long as anyone in the history
his exemplary service to so many for so long,       of the team and he has worked to continue to secure Bishop Pilla’s permission to stay. To see
the Alumni Association is pleased to present        Joe Callahan in El Salvador is to understand that his heart is utterly Salvadoran. Some years
Dr. Donald Coburn with the Alumni Medal.            ago, Joe said: “There is greater need here, and not only that, we’re enriched; we’re enriched
                                                    by what we experience here, and what we take home, and it forms us.” For being one of John
                                                    Carroll’s powerful lines of connection to the reality of the Gospel, the Alumni Association is
                                                    pleased to award Fr. Joe Callahan its Alumni Medal.

                                                                                                             JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY • SPRING 2006   39
J O H N       C A R R O L L

A message from Rev. Timothy T. Shannon, SJ,
vice president for development and alumni relations
     It’s that time again!                        in recent years, and there is so much that’s      years at Carroll; Reunion Weekend would be a
     I don’t know how your summer schedule        new – like the Dolan Center and the Shula         terrific time to introduce yourself to him!
         J O H N C A party of the
is shaping up, but the bestR R O L Lseason        Stadium (both of which are well worth                  In addition to reunion, there is a lot
is about to take place, and it’s a great way to   checking out!). However, what draws people        going on here at Carroll. We are very excited
start your summer. I am, of course, talking       to reunion, of course, is what has stayed the     to have a new vice president for enrollment,
about Reunion Weekend, and I heartily in-         same: the spirit of John Carroll and the rela-    Brian Williams, and a new dean of the Boler
vite all of you to come on by. This is the year   tionships that were built when our graduates      School of Business, Dr. Luis Calingo. These
of the 1s and 6s, but we want to draw alumni      walked these acres in University Heights.         key administrators will join Carroll in July. In
from all classes for a portion of Reunion 2006        Although our new president, Fr. Bob           addition, we’re making many strong additions
J that is N C night after 9L L under the
– O H Friday A R R O p.m.                         Niehoff, has spent the past six months            to the board of directors and the board of
Big Tent. We have a national reputation for       traveling to meet alumni at 22 Presidential       regents – almost all of them alumni!
our annual reunion, which is put together so      Receptions across the country, I suspect that          In this year of transition and new
beautifully by long-time Reunion Coordina-        many of you have not had the opportunity to       leadership, we are in the process of building
tor Rosalie Massey.                               chat with him. Fr. Niehoff enjoys meeting         a stronger and more excellent John Carroll
     Our campus has changed dramatically          graduates and hearing their stories about their   University. Please come to see for yourself as
                                                                                                    you join us for Reunion 2006!

                            The JCU National Alumni Association Establishes
                            Scholarships For Alumni Sons & Daughters
                            By Tim Freeman ’78
                         The JCU National         The strategic development                         ideas and narrowed down the large list to
                         Alumni Board offers      process does the following:                       nine strategic activities that support our
                         a $3,500 per year,         Aids in the formation of goals                  foundation – Sharing Resources, Spiritual
                         renewable (for four        and objectives                                  Heritage and Friendship.
                         years) scholarship         Aids in the identification of                         The board will continue to keep alumni
                         for daughters and          major strategic issues                          informed of the process and activities.
                         sons of alumni. Sons       Assists in the allocation of                        Interested in helping JCU with
or daughters of alumni traditionally account        discretionary resources                         admission, reunions or any of the above
for more than 15% of each incoming class of         Guides and Integrates the diverse               strategic activities? Please contact Ryan
freshman students. The JCU Alumni Board             operating and administrative activities         Daly ’99, alumni director at 216-397-4336.
is happy to announce this year’s recipient is       Assists in the development and training             Editor’s Note: Paul Hulseman ’82 has
Timothy O’Brien ’10, son of Mary Carol              of future board members                         asked that John Carroll Alumni Association
(Anthony) and Bill O’Brien, both from the                                                           board members contribute messages. The first is
                                                    Establishes benchmarks for evaluation
Class of ’81. To learn more about the alumni                                                        from Tim Freeman, development director of the
                                                     From this process, the board offered
scholarship program, contact the Office of                                                           Chicago Province of the Society of Jesus.
Admission at 216.397.4294.
    With the goal of making John Carroll a
                                                   Board members have volunteered to lead the following strategic activities:
better place, the National Alumni Association
Board continues to make progress with the          I.      Admission/Scholarships/Parent Networking             Tim Freeman ’78
strategic planning process. Under the              II.     Strategic Plan for Board/Board Organization          Rich Radke ’91
leadership of Paul Hulseman ’82, National          III.    Career Networking and Online Services                Ken Honecker G ’04
Alumni Board president, the strategic plan         IV.     Reunion                                              Julie Schwing ’01
process has included an organization               V.      National Day of Service                              Peggy Finucane ’80
evaluation, meeting with deans and past            VI.     City Clubs                                           John Creamer ’85
presidents of the Alumni Association.              VII.    Development                                          Bob Valente ’69
                                                   VIII.   Annual Alumni Mass                                   Fr. Casey Bukala, SJ, ’54
                                                   IX.     Engage Faculty with Alumni                           Joe Whelan ’65

THE GOLDEN YEARS                                        and does parish work for Gesu. ... Jim Schlecht        from John Carroll University and was drafted by
                                                        lives alone at his home in Euclid. He retired in       the Detroit Lions. He was a certified public accoun-
            Send your notes to:

                                                        1976 from the appeals division of the IRS (and he      tant and partner for 35 years at Arthur Young and
            Larry Kelley                                                                                       Company, former president of the Ohio Society
                                                        always seemed like a nice guy!). He is a lector at
            16213 Marquis Ave.                                                                                 of CPAs, board member of the former Sylvania

                                                        St. William and for 27 years he has headed their
            Cleveland, OH 44111                                                                                Savings Bank, board member of Catholic Cemeter-
                                                        Catholic Charities drive. ... Jack Brennan main-
            216-941-1795                                                                                       ies, and a Navy veteran of WWII. After retiring
                                                        tains his sunny disposition even though wheelchair
                                                        bound. ... John Kenney says that rumors that he        he continued his career in accounting, working
 REUNION 2006 JUNE 23-25                                was taking fife lessons to join the parade in Wil-      for both Schill Pattern and Lo-Temp Brazing. At
                                                        liamsburg are untrue. He is taking drum lessons. ...   grandparents’ day at St. John’s Jesuit High School,
How can you write a column about fellow alumni
                                                        Nobody has heard from Jim Morgan since Katrina         Bill was recently recognized as having the most
that graduated before your class finished JCU
                                                        roared through. If he is home when these class         offspring attending the school. Bill is survived by
— when my own classmates are at least ninety
                                                        notes are published, I hope we will hear from him.     his wife, Kathleen (Gillig/Wonderly); children, Mary
years old! When I look in the bathroom mirror in
                                                        ... I have a two bedroom apartment in a retirement     Ellen (David) Estrada, Stephen (Mary Jo), Anne
the morning and see my reflection, I’m very thank-
                                                        hotel. I am dealing with a severe case of computer     (Bernie) Heinl, Timothy (Jennifer) of Concord, MA,
ful! ... Since Francis Burns, M.D. and Jim Darling
                                                        addiction. {a MAC with a 23” flat screen} I have        Mark (DeeDee), John of Midlothian, VA, Janet
died last year, I haven’t heard a word from any of
                                                        excellent software to make greeting cards, so I try    (Rick) Skidmore, Paul (Debbie), William (Kerrie) of
you! Maybe it’s time to fade away and make more
                                                        to make sure everyone living here gets a birthday      Chandler, AZ; 30 grandchildren. Bill was our last
words available to the generations that follow
                                                        card. I have a Yamaha keyboard, down in the            living elected president, in his sophomore year; all
us. It would give the other columnists about 15
                                                        atrium and try to emulate Dick Breiner and play        other presidents and vice presidents are deceased.
additional words before the editor starts “editing”
                                                        happy hour at 5 p.m. twice a week. It keeps me         Tony Yonto appears to be our last elected official,
the columns. I lost about 50 words from the tail
                                                        off the street. Thus endeth the lesson. Take care      serving as secretary of the class in our junior and
end of my last column. Maybe somebody is trying
                                                        of each other, Carl                                    senior years. ... Fr. Matt Herttna is the director of
to tell me something? Nevertheless, they may be
                                                                                                               the National Shrine of St. Dymphna -

right – this year is our 70th Reunion. I wonder how                 Send your notes to:                        www.natlshrinestdymphna.org - patroness for ner-
many will show up? Right now all I’m sure of is
                                                                    Art Wincek                                 vous and mental disorders. The shrine is located
Bill Muth and me – maybe Al Weiler ’38 and Ken
                                                                    3867 Floral Court                          on the grounds of Heartland Behavioral Healthcare,
McCarthy and his lovely wife, Marie. I hope to see
                                                                    Santa Cruz, CA 95062                       Massillon, OH. Individual perpetual membership is
all of you at our Reunion – that’s June 23-25, 2006
                                                                    831-475-1210                               $25.00 – family $100. He enrolled me January 13,
– at least attend Saturday night! ... I came across
                                                                    E-mail: atwincek@aol.com                   2006. ... Art
the picture of me as a captain and Major Jack

Lavelle that was taken in the summer of 1945
                                                        I planned to write about the San Francisco recep-                  Send your notes to:
at the P47 Fighter Air Base in Germany – I was
                                                        tion for Fr. Niehoff, SJ, but it was not meant to                  Bruce E. Thompson
stationed in Fulda, Germany. It was the first time I
                                                        be; instead, I became ill and remained at home.                    2207 South Belvoir Blvd.
saw Jack since I left Randolph Field, TX. Jack was
                                                        Had we met, as I hoped, he would’ve been added                     University Hts., OH 44118
an instructor at the time. In June 1940, I was best
                                                        to the illustrious gentlemen whom I’ve met that                    216-382-4408
man at his wedding to M. Josephine McEllin. I
                                                        occupied the position of JCU president. I attended
arrived back in July of 1941 for basic flight training
                                                        his inauguration which gave ’42 first place with
as a flyer cadet. Jack stayed in the Air Force and
                                                        Larry Kelly ’36 in the procession line. That changed   We are confident you will esteem our headline
became JCU’s first Major General. Jack had a
                                                        when we entered the gym. There on my side and          story — “Donald J. Coburn awarded prestigious
heart attack and died July 10, 1979. ... Keep pray-
                                                        ahead of ’42 was Prof. Arthur Noetzel, Ph.D. ’38.      JCU Alumni Medal.” This is the highest award
ing, just Larry
                                                        My presidential contacts were Edmund C. Horne,         given annually by the Alumni Association to an

                                                        SJ, youngish prexy who died an early death and         individual who, through distinguished conduct and
            Send your notes to:
                                                        who, thank God, talked me into joining the U.S.        accomplishments of life, has brought extraordinary
            Carl Giblin
                                                        Navy V-7 program which eventually got me to            credit to the university and/or through conscien-
            1100 Ponce DeLeon Blvd., 401 N
                                                        Columbia U. and a commission. If not for him, I        tious service to the association or both. Don
            Clearwater, FL 33756
                                                        would have been drafted into the U.S. Army. The        Coburn is indeed a worthy recipient and will be
                                                        others: Fr. Henry F. Birkenhauer, SJ, seismologist;    honored at commencement May 21. Other class
            E-mail: cgiblin358@aol.com
                                                        Fr. Thomas P. O’Malley, SJ, from Boston College;       of ’43 Alumni Medal recipients have been Helen
                                                        Fr. Michael J. Lavelle, SJ, with whom Fran and I       K. Weil, John V. Corrigan, Pierre R. Diemer,
One of the benefits yielded by the info gleaning
                                                        went to Italy; and Fr. Edward Glynn, SJ; what a        and Bruce E. Thompson. ... In the recent winter
required for this reportage are the lunches that
                                                        great group of leaders. Hopefully an opportunity       2006 issue, we recognized the January 17, 1943
bring the Ohio “Lunch Bunch” to the table. We are
                                                        will allow meeting Fr. Robert L. Niehoff, SJ. ... My   graduating class upon their 63rd commence-
again indebted to John Sweeney for providing the
                                                        only contact with classmates this quarter was with     ment anniversary. Let us now do likewise for
leadership to create this fattening forum. This info
                                                        Tony Yonto, class secretary and now, you shall         the other ’43 grads whose commencement was
is of great interest to those of us far removed from
                                                        see, class leader! When I called on a Saturday         May 9, 1943. Degrees were conferred upon 28
the Cleveland area. Speaking of John, he is doing
                                                        morning, Helen, his wife, gave me the plant phone      men and five women by President Rev. Thomas
his version of the “iron man,” visiting new people
                                                        number and his extension. We didn’t talk then          J. Donnelly, SJ. *indicates deceased, or no
at Breckenridge Village in Willoughby and those
                                                        because he was among the machines. He is still         information available Bachelor of Arts: War-
returning from the hospital. He retired from his law
                                                        running the show for that successful casting plant     ren H. Corrigan, Edward B. Kupcik*, Mitchell
practice in 1983 but serves on the board of direc-
                                                        of his in Orrville, OH, and I’m assuming, with the     F. Shaker. Bachelor of Philosophy: Robert
tors of the Lake Geauga Center for Alcoholism and
                                                        help of his son. His son attended the University       J. Bambrick*, John J. Carey*, Pasquale J.
Drug Abuse. ... Louis Sulzer retired from running
                                                        of Notre Dame where his uncle, Tony’s brother,         Columbro*, Maurice Denbo*, Fred L. Fanelly,
Perkins Steel in 1986 and is busy staying close to
                                                        was on the coaching staff for many years, giving       Henrietta F. Heintel*, Robert J. Horan*, Philip
his wife, Bea, who is in a nursing home in Shaker.
                                                        Tony a connection with that university, too. ... Our   T. McGrath*, Robert T. McGraw*, Robert U.
... Jim Carey is back in Rocky River after a career
                                                        leader is dead. Part of his obituary from the Toledo   Obringer, John M. Sacuto*, Lillian E. Schlund*,
of 57 years in California. He still makes that long
                                                        Blade, follows: William A. Jacoby, age 84, of          Jerome P. Sullivan, Helen K. Weil*, Sr. Mary L.
drive to visit every year. He spends two mornings
                                                        Toledo, OH, passed away Wednesday, January 25,         Wypyszynski*. Bachelor of Science in Busi-
a week as a volunteer at the West Side Catholic
                                                        2006. Bill attended St. Wendelin School, Fostoria;     ness Administration: Neal E. Carroll*, Robert J.
Center. ... Bud Noetzel semi retired as a partner of
                                                        received a football scholarship to, and graduated      Cleary*, Robert M. Costello*, Edward W. Heil,
KPMG accounting firm. He still lives close to JCU

                                                                                                                        JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY • SPRING 2006    41
John J. Kearney*, Edward J. McCormick Jr.*,            siding in St. Petersburg and he too has been having      Clevelanders to an “After the Parade Gathering”
Richard J. Moriarty. Bachelor of Science: Frank        health problems. ... Don Coburn ’43 received the         on St. Patrick’s Day. Because I’d be in Florida
J. Ausflug*, Mary Terese Bernardic*, Bernard            Alumni Medal May 19. A well deserved tribute to          in March, I scratched this event and planned to
L. Brysh, Louis V. Cachat*, Robert J. Cliffel*,        a great alumnus who is very well known by many           join the usual Carroll Alumni in the St. Patrick’s
A. John Fanta*, Richard J. Huelsman*, Edgar            members of other classes. Our old friend, Paul           parade in Naples. Two things went terribly wrong:
F. Ryan*. As a number of the above had already         Kantz ’63, received the medal at the same time.          The parade was held on March 18, and no one
departed for military duty some fathers accepted       ... Till next time, stay well and give me some good      appeared with a JCU banner which has appeared
their diploma. A Mass in honor of this class will be   news to report — like your children’s or grandchil-      in every previous March 17 parade. So I have no
offered in Saint Francis Chapel on May 9, 2006. ...    dren’s accomplishments. You can brag all you want        news from Florida. ... The location for the Second
Tom Dunnigan rightfully corrected my statement         and we will put your remarks in the next column.         Wednesday Lunch changes occasionally to a site
in the previous issue that “all January 17 grads       ...All the best, Don                                     on the JCU campus. Be sure to call Tim Ryan, at
were in uniform by February 1, 1943.” To his rec-                                                               440.995.1585 to reserve a place at the table and

ollection a number were inducted at Camp Perry                     Send your notes to:                          verify the location of the event. ... Tom
on April 16. He recalls the train ride there with                  Ed Cunneen

Jack Corrigan, John Whelan, Emmet Quinn,                           22020 Halburton Rd.                                      Send your notes to:
Tom Mazanec and a few other forgotten ones.                        Beachwood, OH 44122                                      Charles Byrne
Eventually they all scattered. Small world that this               216-561-1122                                             2412 Euclid Heights Blvd., #302
is, a year later in the Rainbow Dance Club in Wilt-                E-mail: edcunneen@ameritech.net                          Cleveland Heights, OH 44106
shire, England, Ed Heil bumped (actually) into Tom                                                                          216-791-7900
Dunnigan. They agreed to keep in touch. They did,      Maybe no news is good news – but not fun to                          1-800-594-4629
meeting in Paris in Ed’s impressive office on the       read! I try but tough getting any response from ’47
Champs-Elysées — Tom was stationed in a forest         ... Drop me a note or call. Ed                           It took another golden age lunch at JCU to find out
on the outskirts. Ed was on campus May 21 when                                                                  that Jim Conway responds with dispatch to the
                                                                                                                screams of women! At a meeting downtown Jim

his grandson John Heil received his MBA. ... We
extend our sincerest sympathy to Tom Mazanec                       Send your notes to:                          heard female exhortations about a purse snatcher,
and his six sons upon the recent death of wife                     Julius Sukys                                 and our hero captured him then held him until
and mother, Helen. A Mass in her name will be                      440-449-8768                                 the police arrived. Hurrah! Conway’s law partner
offered in JCU’s Saint Francis Chapel. ... Former                  E-mail: journal@jcu.edu                      Clyde Thomas ’51 said he didn’t possess such a
Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Salvatore                                                                       “death wish”! ... The university passed on a note
Calandra and wife, Marie, were recently honored                                                                 from ’50 alum Leonard Siegel in California, PA,
by The Bishop Anthony M. Pilla Program in Italian      Hope to see you at the Saturday night dinner,            south of Pittsburgh. I called him and we had an
American Studies at JCU for their long service,        Reunion Weekend, June 23-25. It’s always a good          informative chat (which reminds me that I have
their contributions, and their commitment to           time. Send news! Julius                                  an 800 number that NO ALUM chooses to use to
Cleveland’s Italian American Society. An overflow                                                                call with info!). The town of California, PA, was
crowd forced well-wishers into adjoining rooms                                                                  founded in 1859 and Siegel taught at California

and hallways. Congratulations to Sal and Marie.                    Send your notes to:                          University of Pennsylvania for 32 years as a his-
... Smoooothe-swinger, Jerry Sullivan stroked a                    Tom Harrison                                 tory professor. He and Lorraine have two children
four iron 129 yds. for a hole-in-one (his second)                  3980 West Valley Dr.                         in their young 40s. Leonard was raised in Lake-
on the #3 hole at the Naples, FL, Lakewood                         Fairview Park, OH 44126                      wood, OH, and in 1960 earned a Ph.D. in history
Country Club. Drinks on you Jerry? ... Bob Wilson                  440-331-4343                                 at Western Reserve University. He won an award
answered our pleas for news with a note of                         216-881-5832 (fax)                           from Congress for his writings on the Anatomy of
greetings to all of our class — and he enclosed a                  E-mail: taharrison2001@sbcglobal.net         Dictatorship! In short, he has an extensive history
generous gift for the university. ... Bruce                                                                     background. Never gets the alumni news he says;
                                                       Norman Fuerst has concluded an illustrious public        trust that will be changed! ... Jo and I attended

                                                       service career and retired for the second time. I        St. Colman’s March 17th having heard about the
            Send your notes to:
                                                       remember voting for Norm in the early ’50s, when         great Mass and music on St. Paddy’s Day. It was
            Don McDonald
                                                       he ran for State Representative. After serving           well worth the struggle with the crowd. Fr. Jim
            3440 South Green Rd.
                                                       several elected terms under Governors Lausche            Conry ’49 was among the 20 concelebrants. The
            Beachwood, OH 44122
                                                       and DiSalle, Norm, was appointed judge of he             marching bands and musicians were fabulous! ...
                                                       Court of Common Pleas, for Cuyahoga County. He           Finis, CAB
                                                       then served as an elected judge in this court for

There are two big events coming up in June — the       36 years. When he retired the first time, he was                       Send your notes to:
first is the annual Golf Outing at Sleepy Hollow        asked to continue, as a visiting judge, he served in                  J. Donald FitzGerald
Golf Course, Monday, June 5 and the second is          this capacity until, surprise, his 80th birthday. Con-                2872 Lander Rd.
Reunion Weekend, June 23-25. The big event             gratulations to Norm, and best wishes for his post-                   Pepper Pike, OH 44124
Reunion Weekend is the cocktail party and dinner       poned retirement! ... Rev. Steve Krupa, SJ, PhD,                      216-765-1165
Saturday evening, June 24. Let’s try to get some       joined the group at the April 12 Second Wednes-                       E-mail: jfitz@papsco.com
attendance at both events. I’ll be calling the local   day Lunch where he described the establishment
people from our class regarding the Reunion            and growth of the Ignatian Spirituality Institute,        REUNION 2006 JUNE 23-25
dinner. Read your Carroll mail for details before I    which he has organized at Carroll. He introduced
call. ... People are returning from the sunny south.   Dr. Joan Nuth who described how the Spiritual            See you at the reunion! Don
Grace and I saw a lot of Carroll friends at various    Exercises of Ignatius are a key to the deepening of

times during the month of March in Naples, FL. St.     Christian life, and useful in the development of the                  Send your notes to:
Patrick’s Day was special mainly for the lunch Jim     ministry of spiritual direction. ... Bill Monroe and I                Dorothy Poland
and Ann Delaney arranged at the Dock Restaurant.       conversed during lunch. While Bill has handed off                     E-mail: PolandMomdot@aol.com
Marge ’81G and Pete Diemer ’43 were with us            most of his law practice to others, “the early to
on many occasions during March. ... Remember           rise and get to work habit” still prevails, so he gets
Margaret and Bob Colopy in your prayers. They          to the office on a fairly regular schedule, catches
are both finally home after hospital and nursing        up on his reading and serves a few long-term             Greetings on this lovely spring day. I hope you all
home stays with serious health problems during         clients, who, also out of habit, look to him for help.   had a great Easter and that this nice weather is
the winter months. ... Eddie O’Connor is still re-     ... In mid February, I received a mailing that invited   helping old bones to start moving again. I am on

the mend after knee reconstruction and am being         planning to leave Tucson, AZ, to return to Ohio.        father, like daughter! ... Several years ago, John
very good and doing all those exercises that hurt       Ed had attended a JCU alumni reception brunch           “Buck” Byrne nominated our own Dick Walker
but you have to do them anyway! ... Sad news ...        in Naples, FL, where he had a chance to visit with      for the JCU Athletic Hall of Fame. Dick has finally
at the March alumni luncheon, which was held at         Frank Schilling. ... The last issue of John Car-        made it and will be inducted during homecoming
JCU, Gene Wetzel ’53, said that brother Sam had         roll magazine featured an article about the “first       this year. Buck states that Dick is the most knowl-
passed away and would be buried on Friday. Sam          hundred years of music at John Carroll.” Wasn’t         edgeable football person he has ever known. ... A
was a good friend to many and will be missed.           it great to see Joe Botsko listed among three of        large number of our classmates will be celebrating
Rest in Peace, Sam. ... I had a couple of very nice     the best JCU trumpeters ever! Remember Bill             their 50th wedding anniversaries this year. Bob
e-mails from Warren (Don) Terrell. Don and his          Weaver’s piano solo? ... Send in your news for the      and Mary Lou Ensign will celebrate their 50th on
wife, Ann, live in Santa Barbara, CA, in an old hunt-   next issue. God’s blessing to you all, Jim              August 6. Jerry and Jean Geiss were married
ing clubhouse built in 1908. Doesn’t that sound                                                                 on August 7, 1956, the same day that Larry and

neat? They have six children, nine grandchildren                    Send your notes to:                         Rosemary Faulhaber were married. Art and
and six great grandchildren. Don retired in 1986                    Peter Mahoney                               Barbara Dister were married in September 1956
after 16 years of teaching high school, several                     401 Bounty Way, #145                        and Jim and Kay Hoying in October of that very
years with the sheriff’s department and then as a                   Avon Lake, OH 44012                         productive year. ... Jerry Geiss, a member of the
financial consultant with a local bank. A very full                  440-933-2503                                Tower City Chorus Harmony Society, recently sang
life; contact Don at wdt84@cox.net. ... Also heard                  E-mail: peter007@centurytel.net             for the residents of the Westerly Apartments in
from that “old geezer” (his words, not mine) Lee                                                                Lakewood, OH. The program was held in the Faul-
Cirillo ’51, who sent me four e-mails with this         ...well my prayers to St. Hilary have generated         haber Auditorium, named for our Larry Faulhaber
new e-mail address — lee.cirillo@comcast.net. ...       some response for this effort ... thank goodness        in 1998 in honor of his service to the senior citizen
Till next time, be safe and please send me some         Tom Harrison who is pundit and scribe for the           residents there. Larry was the managing director
news. Don’t forget, #55 is coming in June of ’07.       group of ’49 knows the likes of Mike Faul ... Mike      of this facility for 20 years from 1976 to 1996. He
Dorothy                                                 who left the rigors of the transportation industry      is still active as treasurer of the non-profit corpora-
                                                        (eighteen wheelers et al.), went to law school          tion that owns the Westerly and as a volunteer

            Send your notes to:                         and eventually became a judge, is semi retired          for the senior center. In February, Larry retired
            Jim Myers                                   and a town judge in Phelps, NY; his robes are a         as chairman and director of First Federal Savings
            315 Chesapeake Cove                         little worn around the elbows, but he still likes the   and Loan Association of Lakewood after 28 years
            Painesville Twp., OH 44077                  job. ... Every year Dave Nilges writes to tell that     on the board of directors. ... We are planning an
            440-358-0197                                this year is the best ski season in the last 50, but    informal class reunion in one of the truly great
            E-mail: psvlpco@cs.com                      this year has a new twist or break. Dave’s wife,        homes in the Cleveland area owned by one of our
                                                        Sandra, was blind-sided by a runaway skier and          classmates. Tentative plans are for the weekend
Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family     ended up with a broken leg. Sandra is under the         of September 23, Homecoming. There are many
and friends. On with the news ... Don Gorman            care of her daughter (retired army major) who is        activities planned for Friday, Saturday and Sunday
lives in the Richmond, VA, area where he has            head of the Tripler Army Medical Center, Pearl          morning, including Dick Walker’s induction into the
been since 1990. The Gormans have a son, two            Harbor, HI. ... Bill Adler and Steve Oleksyk were       Athletic Hall of Fame. On Saturday, we will attend
daughters, and eight grandchildren. Don and I           recently lunching at Sokolowski’s University Inn        the football game and then on to Tony Musca’s
were acquainted while we both were employed             with a group from Jesuit city west grads, class of      home for a little reminiscing. ... Many thanks to
at Leaseway Transportation, but did not realize at      ’50. ... Bob Small, another semi retired attorney,      those who e-mailed me news for this article. I
that time that we were both JCU class of 1953.          has joined forces with a small Irish law firm (Sligo)-   was unable to make my usual phone calls due to
It was only after reviewing the class roster that       no joke -Argue Phibbs and Small. Bob will provide       an operation on my vocal cords. That’s it for now.
I made the association. ... Dick Barrett and his        legal services to the Irish in the West Park area       Remember to pray for our classmates who are
spouse, Nancy, live in Canfield, OH. They have           of Cleveland — his knowledge of Gaelic should           suffering physical and mental ailments and can’t
five children and 13 grandchildren. They have also       be helpful. ... Wife and I recently pass through        share in the joys reported here. Ray
hosted 15 exchange students from all over the           Disneyland for adults (Las Vegas) but failed to

world. Dick told of some of the relationships that      catch up with Tom Corbett. He is still acting as an                 Send your notes to:
have been formed with these children and their          advisor to the TV hit CSI Las Vegas. ... Keep the                   Tom O’Neil
families. Some of the parents have been to visit        faith, Pete                                                         1411 NE 30th Ct
the Barretts and in turn the Barretts have visited                                                                          Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

their homes in different parts of the world. Fond                   Send your notes to:
                                                                    Ray Rhode                                               954-561-5253
memories have been formed. Dick says he is
often in contact with Elmo Miller and with Jim                      1543 Laclede Road
                                                                    South Euclid, OH 44121                       REUNION 2006 JUNE 23-25
Mazzi. Dick is very active in recruiting prospec-
tive JCU students in the Youngstown area. ... We                    216-381-1996
hear that on Saturday evening April 1 there was a                   E-mail: rrrhode@aol.com                     The winter season, as always, brings alumni and
surprise party celebrating the 75th birthday of Tom                                                             university personnel to Florida and this year was
Dugan (which happened to be April Fool’s Day).          We met with the Jerry Futtys again this year            no exception. In February, Father Robert Scullin,
Among those attending were Jim DeChant, John            in Winter Haven, FL, to check out the Cleveland         SJ, the Detroit provincial and the John Carroll
Kall, and Tony LaPerna. The LaPernas were plan-         Indians baseball team. Jerry and Mary Kay think         staff were in Naples and West Palm Beach for a
ning to visit with Harry and Marlene Ohlrich the        they are going to be winners this year. Lots of po-     Mass and Detroit Province gathering. The Naples
following week. The LaPernas were blessed with          tential. Jerry fondly remembered the train trips he     affair had about 30 Carroll Alumni among the 120
the birth of their second grandchild last October.      took with the JCU basketball team when he was           attendees. Our class was well represented with
... Ed Metzger is a member of the executive com-        student manager. They prayed a lot. ... Ed TePas        Paul Schlimm, John Boler, Al DeGulis, Danny
mittee of the Ohio & Erie Canalway Association.         has notified us of a change of address – someone         O’Horo and I. Our lone representative at the Palm
About 70 miles of the towpath trail along the canal     must have discovered their “hidden valley.”             Beach event was Jim Knechtges. ... In March,
are now open. At a recent Akron First Friday Club       New address is 20851 Locust Street; Willits, CA         we had our annual Ft. Myers class luncheon. This
meeting, Ed visited with Chuck Brunn and Leo            95490, telephone 707.456.0908, or                       year’s group included hosts John and Mary Jo Bo-
Longville. Ed and Lynn had recently returned from       ehtepas@yahoo.com. Ed has taken up golf and             ler, Mike and Lois Conti, Jim and Marykay Knech-
visiting family in Seattle. ... When I talked with Ed   says he is getting three or four pars per nine.         tges, Leo and Mary Duffy, Ed and Joan Daugh-
Mundzak, he and Mary Pat were still wintering           Watch out for the windmill blades, Ed. His wife,        erty, Paul and Noreen Schlimm, Frank Moran, Al
in Florida. They were planning to return north on       Helen, retired last year and his only daughter,         DeGulis, Leo Slack, and myself. Needless to say,
the same May day that my wife, Ceale, and I were        Meena, is getting her teacher’s credentials. Like       the JCU war stories were making the rounds. As a

                                                                                                                         JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY • SPRING 2006     43
                                                                                                                         Send your notes to:
                                                                                                                         John E. Clifford
                                                                                                                         922 Hedgestone Dr.
                                                                                                                         San Antonio TX 78258-2335
                                                                                                                         210-497-3427 (w)
                                                                                                                         E-mail: JohnEClifford@prodigy.net

                                                                                                             It’s Monday, the 17th of April - tax day — but,
                                                                                                             not to worry, I did mine last Sunday and filed
                                                                                                             it electronically last Wednesday. Won’t catch
                                                                                                             me procrastinating. The heat and dry condi-
                                                                                Class of 1956                tions continue here in South Texas — yesterday,
                                                                                Ft. Myers Luncheon.
                                                                                                             Easter, it was 96; should reach 99 today, 101
                                                                                Front row: L to R;
                                                                                Jim Knechtges,               on Wednesday and no rain in the foreseeable
                                                                                John Boler, Leo Duffy,       future.... Speaking of taxes, John J. Bachhuber
                                                                                Frank Moran.                 wrote and mentioned that he finished his taxes
                                                                                Middle row: L to R;          last Sunday. We of the Class of ’58 sure learned
                                                                                Tom O’Neil, Al DeGulis.      discipline. Get things done before they’re due.
                                                                                Back row: Leo Slack,         John’s youngest son Nathan is a second-year
                                                                                Paul Schlimm.                voice student at the Curtis Institute of Music in
                                                                                                             Philadelphia, and has had roles in several operas.
sign that we might finally be adults, the restaurant   procedures on one of his coronary arteries – the
                                                                                                             The most recent one was in Albert Herring by
invited us back for next year’s reunion. ... Speak-   same one bypassed in 1992. He now has six
                                                                                                             Benjamin Britten on Good Friday. John and his
ing of Leo Duffy, he and Mary still spend summers     stents in that one artery. The Zenks are truly
                                                                                                             wife, Karen, try to attend his performances, when
in Naperville but really enjoy wintering in Punta     amazed at the progress of medical science. They
                                                                                                             he’s not baking, cooking, woodworking and caning
Gorda, FL. ... Unless you have been on Mars,          planned to visit John and Ann Rae in Tucson, AZ,
                                                                                                             chairs in his retirement in Appleton, WI. It’s John
you must realize that our 50th Reunion will be        in April. Dave and John, who attended elementary
                                                                                                             that does the baking and cooking, not Karen. She
held June 23-25. As of the first week of April the     and high school together, had only 39 graduates
                                                                                                             will join him in retirement this year from teach-
following classmates have registered for Reunion:     in their small high school class. Last year, the two
                                                                                                             ing high school math. Son Steve is an electronics
Jack Breen, Bart Caterino, Edward Daugherty,          couples joined another graduate couple at their
                                                                                                             chip designer (MS EE) working for the company
Robert Gale, James Gasper, Leo McDonough,             Las Vegas home. They are hoping to make this
                                                                                                             that designs the transmit/receive chips for Nokia
Ben Miralia, Al Oberst, Tom O’Neil, Ray Pfei-         connection an annual winter event. The Zenks
                                                                                                             phones. He is single and lives in Greensboro, NC.
ffer, Jim Schempp, Ron Wysocki. If you haven’t        have eight granddaughters, two grandsons and
                                                                                                             Son John is vice president of field compensation
committed, it’s not too late to add your name.        two great grandsons. As reported in the winter
                                                                                                             design and measurement with Thrivent Financial
Remember, there is no cost and you may bring          2006 John Carroll magazine, Dave and Germaine
                                                                                                             for Lutherans. He is married (Mary) and has two
any widow of our class to the events. We need         will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary
                                                                                                             sons, Owen (6) and Danny (4). They live in Apple
72 classmates to break the 50-year class record.      during Reunion 2007 and regret that it will be
                                                                                                             Valley, MN. Daughter Amy lives in Houghton. MI,
... One last note to report is that we lost another   their first miss in the past five reunions. ... In
                                                                                                             and has two sons, Oliver (5) and Elliot (3). John
member of the class. We learned that Jack Boyle       late March, Nancy and John Gormley returned
                                                                                                             promises to be at the big 50 in 2008. ... Donald R.
passed away in May of last year. RIP ... See you      home after spending six weeks in Florida. They
                                                                                                             Emmerich reports that he is still living in Naples,
June 23rd, Tom                                        dined and played golf with Jackie and Pat Keenan
                                                                                                             FL, working part time at Sears, and volunteering
                                                      several times. On their first week in Florida, the

                                                                                                             at a local St. Vincent de Paul thrift store. Both Don
           Send your notes to:                        two couples attended a reception for the new
                                                                                                             and his wife Ann (nee Butler) are retired and keep
           Salvatore R. Felice                        JCU president, Rev. Robert Niehoff, SJ, and
                                                                                                             busy traveling around the country visiting their six
           3141 W. Pleasant Valley Rd.                the president of the University of Detroit at the
                                                                                                             children and 12 grandchildren. Ann helps out at
           Parma, OH 44134                            Sailfish Club in Palm Beach. In early March, the
                                                                                                             the thrift store and also volunteers at the new Ave
           440-842-1553                               Gormleys had dinner with Jerry Holzhall in Des-
                                                                                                             Maria University in Naples. ... We want to recall
           E-mail: srfelice@earthlink.net             tin, FL, several times. ... Progress on our Class
                                                                                                             our friend William A. Norkett, who died a few
                                                      of 1957 Endowed Scholarship Fund is moving
                                                                                                             months ago. He was our freshman and sopho-
The weekend following Father’s Day June 2007          along well. In light of the original appeal to raise
                                                                                                             more class president, and very active in Carroll
is the date you have to set aside to attend our       $350,000 for our reunion class gift to support the
                                                                                                             organizations during those four years, including
gala 50th Class Reunion. We are planning on a BIG     scholarship, several committee members were
                                                                                                             Scabbard and Blade. He attended the 45th Reunion
PARTY weekend – “it’s our time to shine.” We          moved to create a Challenge Grant of $35,000
                                                                                                             in 2003. I recall that every time I saw him, in the
highly encourage those that attended Carroll with     to match any new or increased giving before June
                                                                                                             snack bar or the halls, he was always smiling. We
us from 1953 through 1957 to also plan on joining     1, 2007. This is an excellent opportunity to double
                                                                                                             send out best wishes to Barbara. ... Finally, on the
us, whether or not they graduated with our class.     your money (dollar for dollar), support our reunion
                                                                                                             road to the big five-0 in ’08, we remember that on
... John P. Lynch relocated from Winnetka, IL, to     class gift and really make a difference for JCU
                                                                                                             this day in 1947 in the afternoon you heard Super-
Wilmette, IL, in 2005. He retired after 26 years      and its students. To participate, kindly contact
                                                                                                             man in chapter five of “The Mystery of the Lost
with The American College of Surgeons. He is          one of the following class committee members:
                                                                                                             Planet,” and in the evening in 1955 you heard the
now serving with the Ignatian Volunteer Corps.        Jim Clark at 330.336.6190, Bill Comiskey at
                                                                                                             broadcast of “The Final Problem” in which Sher-
Jack and his wife have five children and nine          216.321.3931, or Dick Huberty at 440.888.1139.
                                                                                                             lock Holmes and Professor Moriarity squared off
grandchildren. Their children are: Terry (42), Todd   Please help support this effort and our class; we
                                                                                                             (Gielgud, Richardson, and Welles). If you want any
(40), Maureen (38), Katie (35) and Christopher        owe it to our alma mater and to the future genera-
                                                                                                             old time radio programs, I have a collection of over
(33). Jack can be contacted at 847.251.2394, or       tions who will become men and women who
                                                                                                             6,000. Just let me know what interests you and
fax JPL0730@AOL.COM. ... Dave Zenk extends            will hopefully do the same for others. This very
                                                                                                             I can e-mail them to you. Stay tuned ... peace, JEC
greetings from sunny California. He and Germaine      worthwhile fund has already helped seven seniors
are experiencing good health now, thanks to the       to graduate. Please remember to indicate – For
excellent medical care they are receiving. In early   the Class of 1957 Scholarship Fund on your gift
March, Dave reported that during the previous         to JCU. This fund was established in memory of
15 months, he had a series (three) of angioplasty     all the deceased members of our class. Thank you
                                                      for your generosity. God bless, Sal
            Send your notes to:                         this well by his Cleveland friends. ... In reviewing    Iran, Iraq, and Palestine. Bill should be thrilled
            Jerry Burke                                 this column, it sounds like this was written for        to know that C & L’s recently received an award
            1219 W. Grove St.                           a medical journal. Let’s see if we can’t come up        as one of the top three Jewish delis in the
            Arlington Heights, IL 60005-2217            with some more uplifting, positive news for the         country. (They have reopened.) ... The class of
            847-398-4620                                next newsletter! ... Stay well. Peace, JB               ’59 suggests we hold a joint mini-reunion during
            E-mail: gburke987@SBCglobal.net                                                                     a non-reunion year for our classes. Homecoming

                                                                    Send your notes to:                         weekend was suggested (year to be determined).
Yes, Phil Cusick, I am alive and well, although                     Jerry Schweickert                           Please let me know if you are in the least bit
when the due date for my last column arrived in                     14285 Washington Blvd.                      interested. While you’re at it send me news. Be
January, I was in Washington, DC, and sick as a                     University Hts., OH 44118                   well! Jerry
dog with bronchitis. We had just returned from a                    216-381-0357
cruise with Cathy and F.X. Walton to celebrate                      E-mail: bjschweick@netzero.com              Editor’s Note: Sadly, Dave Starre left us on April 2.
their 45th wedding anniversary and decided to visit

our son and his family before heading home. ...          “IT’S A PUZZLEMENT”! As I recently sat                            Send your notes to:
Sadly, our class lost one of its really good guys       pondering the secrets of the universe (much as                     Jack T. Hearns
with the passing of Nat Malizia, who died of a          I did as an undergrad) the following dawned on                     4186 Silsby Rd.
heart attack. Many of the Class of ’59 were in          me. Last April 4 a once in a lifetime event took                   University Heights, OH 44118
attendance at Nat’s funeral, including Nat’s close      place. It lasted only a second and will never                      216-291-2319
friends Bill Colson, Tom Tully, Ed Doody, Marty         occur again in our lifetime — do you know what                     216-291-1560 (fax)
Dempsey, Jerry Burke, Rog Risher, Duffy                 it was? (answer below - no peeking) ... Upon                       E-mail: jhearns@sbcglobal.net
Moran, and Mike Campo. The funeral eulogy was           requesting prayers for a classmate who prefers
given by Nat’s brother Jerry ’60, who did a terrific     to remain anonymous, I received the following           REUNION 2006 JUNE 23-25
job. We lost another good friend of Nat’s, who          reply from classmate Dave Starre. “Three and
attended law school with him at Northwestern            one half years ago I was diagnosed with multiple        Reunion central: Before our 45th Reunion takes
University, with the death of “Mendota Flash”           myeloma, a rare cancer of the marrow in the             place this June, take time to visit our class page
Jim Phelan, who died of cancer in DC. Jim had           bones from the hips to the skull. I was level three     on the John Carroll web site, where there are
a distinguished career with the Pentagon. Our           cancer and given six months to live.” Dave’s            numerous photos of past reunions - they are
class was represented at his funeral by Duffy           wife wrote a letter to Regina Brett, a columnist        courtesy of class photographer, Tom Theriot. You
Moran, who had known Jim since they both at-            for the Cleveland Plain Dealer (19 September            can view them by going to www.jcu.edu - click
tended Campion High School in Wisconsin before          2004) asking her to seek prayers for Dave and           on alumni & friends, to class links, and then to
attending JCU. They were also bestmen in each           explaining her own belief in the power of prayer.       1961. There are several further links on our class
other’s weddings. ... Two members of our class          Brett explains that Barb, Dave’s wife, upon             page that might also be of interest, including
also lost their mothers. Tom Tully’s mother died at     reading a book about prayer entitled “The Isaiah        Reunion Headquarters, which will tell you as of
the age of 105 and F.X. Walton’s mother left us at      Effect” came to believe that the secret of prayer       that date which class members will be on campus
age 102. ... Mike Campo reports that his daugh-         is believing in your heart that you already have        for reunion this summer. ... John Cleary and his
ter just presented him and wife Lynda with their        what you seek. You don’t ask for it; you feel it        wife, Irene, just returned from the Florida Keys
first granddaughter. ... Betty and Louis Kastelic        already present. Dave has far surpassed the six         and the Caribbean. Since retiring after 37 years
are alive and well and residing in Silver Springs,      month prognosis and informs me that over 30             with the Air Force Research Laboratory in Rome,
MD, where Louis is president of Jordan-Crandus,         multi-denominational church groups pray for him         NE, the Clearys have also traveled to Europe on
P.A. They have three children – Anthony, Ann and        at 7 p.m. daily — even if it’s only thinking of him     four occasions. They have three children and
Ellen. ... Ed De Voy and wife Marilyn live in Hart-     as healing. His wife, Barb, is looking forward          four grandchildren. John recently completed two
ford, NY. Ed is retired after a distinguished career    to him dancing with their granddaughter at her          family histories and visited lots of cemeteries in
as a psychologist/registered nurse at the Mohawk        wedding and their granddaughter is only three           the process. ... Dan Fullerton and his wife live in
Valley Psychiatric Center. They have six children.      years old! That is certainly a belief in the power of   Clinton, IA, and have five children and 12 grand-
... Mattie Mathews checked in to say thanks for         prayer. Keep Dave and our anonymous classmate,          children. Dan is a psychotherapist at Bridgeview
the JCU jacket that Bill Marks, F.X. Walton, Dave       mentioned earlier, in your thoughts at 7 p.m. every     Mental Health Center in Clinton and specializes in
Nichting ’60, Gerry Porter ’58 and myself gave          day — I am trying to remember to do the same.           the area of violence - particularly with sex offend-
him to celebrate his being inducted into his high       Dave is retired, but runs the Monday night meal         ers. ... Terry Ahearn is assistant vice president
school’s Hall of Fame. Special thanks to Dave           for the poor and homeless at St. Malachi’s in           of Underwriting for BCS Insurance Company in
Nichting for taking the lead on this. ... We had nice   Cleveland. He and Barb have four children and 12        Hammond, IN. He and wife Pamela have five
visits this last winter with Barbara and Bill Beahan    grandchildren. They both have been on a macro-          children and eight grandchildren. ... Retired FBI
in Coral Springs, FL, and Wendy and Bob McFaul,         biotic diet plan for the past year. To quote Regina     agent Marty Lauer and his wife, Carol, just
who had just moved permanently to Wellington,           Brett, “...if you can, say a prayer for Dave. You       returned from a trip through South America includ-
FL, on the East Coast. We then journeyed over to        don’t need to worry about words. Just imagine           ing visits to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and
the Breznai’s on the West Coast. We enjoyed play-       a man dancing at his granddaughter’s wedding.”          Uruguay. ... Joe Guta and wife Rosemarie reside
ing golf with Donna and John Breznai, Louise and        ... Read a quote by my old roomie, John Slosar,         in Strongsville, OH, and have two daughters and
Tom McGann, and Ed Paglione. We also enjoyed            in the Wall Street Journal recently. It was in          four grandchildren. Joe has a time share in Atlantic
a luncheon date with this group who were joined         regard to the “Job Bank” program being used in          City where he likes to play any kind of cards. ... Dr.
by Mary Paglione, and Carolyn and Joe Ruble. ...        the automotive industry and was as profound as          Tom Hogan is professor of psychology at the Uni-
John Breznai is having a heart valve replaced and       I’ve heard, John. Bubba Schayer called it to my         versity of Scranton. He and his wife, Dr. Margaret
then is off to Hungary to visit the land of his an-     attention and Jim Mason made a copy for me.             Hogan, have six children and nine grandchildren.
cestors. ... Joe Ruble, Bill Marks and Tom McGann       ... Speaking of The Shark; he, Frank Dempsey,           ... Al Hogan and his wife, Barbara, just returned
recently treated Pete Pucher ’60 to a round of          Dave Nichting, Greg Fisher, Bob Fitzgerald              from several weeks in Florida, North Carolina, and
golf. They were joined by the Pagliones, Carolyn        and I spent a week in Santee, SC, golfing. Jim           Virginia. Al retired after thirty years at the Univer-
Ruble, Ann Marks, and Louise McGann for dinner          was the medalist, but I won most of the money.          sity of Toledo, where he was director of systems
to celebrate Pete’s birthday. Joe Ruble presented       (Handicap)! ... Upon hearing that Corky & Lenny’s       for the university libraries. The Hogans have two
Pete with a Rolex watch. Joe was able to obtain         was closed for a week because of Salmonella, Bill       children and six grandchildren. ... Paul Hinko has
this watch at a wake he recently attended. He           Buescher offered the explanation that it was no         retired from Cuyahoga Community College after
claimed the previous owner was no longer able           doubt an Al-Qaeda plot to discredit Jewish delis.       36 years as a professor and counselor. He and
to tell time. Pete was overwhelmed by this act of       He vowed to wear a hair shirt until they reopened       his wife, Lynda, live in Brooklyn, OH, where Paul
kindness and claimed that he was never treated          and proposed that the U.S.A. immediately bomb           is a volunteer for the local school district, assists

                                                                                                                         JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY • SPRING 2006     45
the city as a first responder to local emergencies,      the school. After graduating from John Carroll, he                   Send your notes to:
and works with the Red Cross as a mental health         attended the University of Pennsylvania, and Den-                    Frank Kelley
assistant in times of crisis. ... Jim Kemeny and        tistry - University of Rochester Medical Center. He                  20 County Knoll Dr.
his wife, Dorothy, just returned from an Alaskan        was a nationally recognized orthodontist with prac-                  Binghamton, NY 13901-6109
cruise. Jim retired as deputy director of the De-       tices in Fairport and Canandaigua, NY. ... That’s it                 607-648-5947
partment of Social Services in Long Beach, CA, af-      for now. Thanks for reading about us. I’d like to                    E-mail: fkelley@stny.rr.com
ter 34 years. The Kemenys have five children and         include some information about you too. Please
nine grandchildren. His current hobby is model          send me an e-mail with something that you would          Its three months until the mid-reunion at Home-
sail boating ... Bill Newman retired during the last    like to share with the rest of our class. Bob            coming 2006, September 22-24. Football game, old
year after 38 years as a money manager - he was                                                                  friends, tall stories, exaggerated memories, and a

most recently a general partner of Frontline Capital                Send your notes to:                          beer tent! Plenty of time to cement your partici-
Management LLC in Avon, CT. He and his wife,                        Pete Mykytyn                                 pation plans. Jim Williams reports that we can
Janet, have three children and 13 grandchildren.                    3015 Alveria Drive                           expect a reminder card in June and a registration
... Tom Burns, from Munroe Falls, OH, retired                       Carbondale, IL 62901                         form in July. You can also find info on the
from the U.S. Department of Labor after 34 years                    618-549-1946                                 jcu.edu web site. ... Jim Joyce has a new book
of service. He and his wife, Kathleen, have six chil-               618-453-7885 (w)                             being published entitled Use Eagles If Necessary:
dren and two grandchildren. Tom is now working                      E-mail: mykytyn@cba.siu.edu                  A Psychoanalyst’s Story. At time of this writing
part-time for the American Automobile Associa-                                                                   (April) Eagles was being serialized in the Rocky
tion and lends his voice to the choir at St. Vincent    It’s either late spring or early summer as you are       Mountain News. You can order directly through
Church in Akron. ... Keep us informed and hope to       receiving these notes. I hope that all is well with      James A. Rock & Company Publishers -
see all of you at our 45th Reunion, Jack                y’all (Ha! It sounds as though I’m still in Arlington,   www.rockpublishing.com. Those who read Jim’s
                                                        TX, what with the very popular Texas slogan still        Pucker Factor 10 will need no further prompting.

            Send your notes to:                         in use.) and that the rest of ’06 continues to be        ... Tom Ungashick is busily growing his new busi-
                                                        good to you. My mailbox is unfortunately a bit           ness, White Horse Advisors, in partnership with
            Bob Andolsen
                                                        empty this go around, and my e-mail is not much          his son, Patrick. A fee-based financial advisory firm
            36100 Maple Dr.
                                                        better. ... I received an e-mail from Mike Mudler        with 30 employees in four states, they specialize in
            North Ridgeville, OH 44039-3756
                                                        - mudler@mabrussels.com - who commented                  the needs of privately owned businesses, featuring
                                                        on my earlier notes about my son, daughter-in-           estate planning, retirement strategies, and wealth
            440-327-5629 (fax)
                                                        law, and grandkids now living in Belgium. These          management. Visit their impressive web site
            E-mail: rrandolsen@aol.com
                                                        are the Mykytyns who were in Okinawa for 3+              - www.whitehorseadvisors.com. ... Tom Maroney
We recently returned to Ohio from our winter            years. Anyway, Mike was recruited from Cleve-            and wife, Dianne, back from a journey to Poland,
home in Palm Bay, FL, after having had the oppor-       land to Brussels in 1994 as SVP of Finance &             report youngest daughter Keri’s recent wedding in
tunity to visit with some of our classmates sharing     Development for a few groups of Volvo. He left           New York City. Their other two daughters, Megan
in the warmth of the south. ... We received a note      Volvo in 2002 and joined a Brussels-based M&A            and Erin, each have three children. No need to be-
from Tom Vince, who was a featured speaker on           boutique as a partner. He and his wife, Carine,          labor here the joys of grandkids. Tom is the founder
Lincoln at the Lincoln Day conference in Washing-       have three married children in Cleveland, Chicago,       and CEO of Banner Therapy Products, providing a
ton, DC, in February, sponsored by the Military Or-     and Atlanta, are now empty nesters and live in           single marketplace for over 6000 professional-qual-
der of the Loyal Legion of the United States (MOL-      New York City. They also commute monthly to              ity physical fitness, rehab, and health products. Visit
LUS), a hereditary order founded in 1865. Tom           Belgium. Carine is from Belgium originally and           his web site - bannertherapy.com. ... On the topic
also assisted in placing a wreath from MOLLUS at        speaks French, Flemish, and, thankfully, says            of health and physical fitness, time now to place
the Lincoln Memorial. Tom is now in his 10th year       Mike, English. Mike never learned French, and            the highly coveted “FK recommends” designation
as historian for the Western Reserve Academy in         his Spanish isn’t very useful in Belgium. But he         on two inspiring and practical books for young-at-
Hudson, OH. ... Paul Dwyer and his wife, Sharon,        does still play golf and work out. Mike indicated        heart seniors: Ready, Set, Go Synergy Fitness
have returned to Rochester after spending the           that his best European trip was in 2001 with Mike        by Phil Campbell and Younger Next Year by Chris
winter in South Fort Myers, FL, where they have a       DiSanto, Charles Hauck, and Rev. Bob Sanson to           Crowley and Henry S. Lodge, MD. These two are
condo. Paul has suggested the possibility of a “get     the Ardennes and Normandy. ... It would be nice          a large cut above the average exercise tomes and
together” in Florida in the fall 2006 for members       to know what took Darryl O’Sickey - darrylo@             are guaranteed to get you into your heart monitor
of the class of 1962. Anyone who is interested in       att.net) - so far away; he lives in the far North-       and onto the exercise machine of your choice.
becoming a part of that reunion, or would like to       west in Hayden, ID. He has two children: a son,          ... Moving from good health to good sports, Ron
participate in the planning, please send me your        John, and a daughter, Noelle, and was married to         Timpanaro reports his first hole-in-one, 7-iron 145
suggestions as to time and place - rrandolsen@aol.      Laurie, who is deceased. We extend our deepest           yards, recorded at Kingwood CC, TX, in January.
com. I know that there are others who live in Flori-    sympathies to Darryl and his children for their loss.    The bad news: his playing partner alerted the club-
da on a permanent basis who would be interested         ... Phil Collins - prcollins.1@netzero.net - lives in    house at the turn and club members expecting the
in a gathering. ... Congratulations are in order for    Tampa, FL, and received an MA degree from Ball           traditional free drink were hanging from the rafters
Dr. Raymond Turk, who retired as of January 1,          State University in 1983. ... I may have mentioned       when he finished the round. Ron can expect a
2006, from Rockwell Automation, Inc., where he          that Kathy and I completed our open water scuba          suspicious inquiry from Tony Compisi, who grilled
was senior principal engineer. Ray and his wife,        certification in Key Largo, FL, last July. We didn’t      me when I reported my ace a couple of years ago.
Kathy, are looking forward to spending more time        have much of a chance to do any diving until this        Bring your notarized witness certificates to the
visiting their two children, Douglas and their first     March when we were in Jamaica. Jamaica is not            mid-reunion, Tippy. ... Looking forward to seeing
grandson, Ryan, who reside in Santa Monica, CA,         known for having the best diving spots in the            you all in University Heights, September 22-24.
and their daughter, Gayle, who lives in New York.       Caribbean, but when you’re a “newbie” like we            Until then, God bless all Streaks. Frank
Ray and Kathy also plan to do additional travel-        are, almost anything is good. Anyway, I got in six

ing, both in the United States and abroad. ... We       dives in four days and loved every minute. My
were sad to be notified of the death of Dr. Richard      next opportunity is in a local quarry in June, which                 Send your notes to:
Rohrer ’63, who succumbed to cancer in Novem-           unfortunately can’t compare to the Caribbean.                        Dick Conoboy
ber 2005. Dick was a member of the first graduat-        We’ll just have to get down there again soon. ... I                  165 South 46th St.
ing class of McQuaid Jesuit High School, and later      hate to sound trite, but please fill my inbox for the                 Bellingham, WA 98229
was a dedicated board and committee member at           next issue. Until next time, Pete                                    E-mail: riton@comcast.net

            Send your notes to:                          returned from a trip to Naples, FL. They had a great    Edward Velyvis lives in Concord Twp., OH, with
            Fran Nunney                                  time and ran into some JCU alumni. ... Don’t forget     his wife, Celia. They are parents of three children:
            12115 Waywood Dr.                            to call if you want to attend an Indians game, we       Stephen (35), Amy (33), and Kathryn (28). He has
            Twinsburg, OH 44087                          could even work through the alumni office. ... Take      an advanced degree from Baldwin-Wallace in
            330-425-2750                                 care. Keep the notes and calls and e-mails directed     1982, and is president of Fleet Fueling Systems,
            E-mail: nunneyn@AOL.com                      my way. Peter                                           Inc. - evelyvis@sbcglobal.net. ... Here’s a new

                                                                                                                 one for those of you who claim to be too busy to
 REUNION 2006 JUNE 23-25                                             Send your notes to:
                                                                                                                 e-mail me - have your spouse do it! That is what
                                                                     Ray Burchyns                                Jimmy McIntyre did — he had his wife Peggy
                                                                     336 Golf View Rd. #1106
I saw Bruce Asmus at a recent Jesuit retreat                                                                     - peggy2140@yahoo.com - e-mail me. Peggy said
                                                                     North Palm Beach, FL 33408                  Jimmy does not use the PC at home, as he is on
conducted by Fr. Metzger, SJ, (I’m certain that the
                                                                     561-622-3314                                one all day at work!! Jimmy is part of our Cleve-
St. Ignatius guys in our class will fondly remember
                                                                     E-mail: Ptbrcb@aol.com                      land connection, he’s been with the Cuyahoga
Fr. Metzger). Bruce’s son, who attended Loyola of

New Orleans, graduated and fortunately moved to                                                                  County Sheriff’s office the last 12 years as a
Chicago before hurricane Katrina struck; however,                   Send your notes to:                          corrections officer, as is his son Roy (22). Their
he is currently housing two of his college friends,                 Gerry Grim                                   daughter, Tina (19) is studying massage therapy
who had to leave the city because of the storm.                     E-mail: ggrim@mbc.edu                        at community college, and just got engaged to be
... On a personal level, our youngest child will at-                                                             married. Peggy saw my note in my last column
tend JCU as a first year student in August; she is                                                                about Rick Sabolik. She said that she and Rick
looking forward to the experience. ... Don’t forget                                                              went to St. Malachi’s grade school together, and
Reunion Weekend, Friday, June 23-Sunday, June            Very disappointed, I received no offers to cover        she wanted me to pass on to Rick “that Sister
25! ... Fran                                             retirement parties as requested in my last column.      Naomi is still alive and shrinking.” ... Reunion
                                                                                                                 notes: In one of my previous columns, I brought

                                                         Did I tell everyone that I also double as the photog-
            Send your notes to:                          rapher? Also I received no offers of help on how        you up-to-date on some of our class’ Chicago area
            Peter French                                 to handle your daughter’s wedding. All advice still     alumni, so I thought I would devote the rest of
            27955 Forestwood Pkwy.                       taken. ... Another classmate has surfaced on the        this column to the Cleveland area attendees. In
            North Olmsted, OH 44070                      pages of USA Today — Fred Hintenach, Erie, PA,          addition to Jimmy McIntyre, George Vourlojianis,
            216-881-7882                                 was quote widely in a USA story about the United        Dale DeRoia, Sue Eagan, and Jim Day were
            216-881-7896 (fax)                           States Postal Service. Turns out Mr. Hintenach is       among those present. George is married to Sally,
            E-mail: peterffrench@orianahouse.org         in charge of the customer service operations for        and has 2 stepdaughters, Laura (26) and Stephanie
                                                         over 34,000 local post offices and the 100,000           (22). He has his Ph.D. in history, and has taught
I was recently in Chicago and placed issues of the       individuals who work at the counters everyday in        at Lorain Community College since ’90, at Kent
last magazine in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel. It     our post offices. I know that I have seen a huge         State from ’90-’94, and at JCU since ’97. At JCU,
was not 10 minutes later when an alumnus began           improvement in service at my local post office, so       he teaches Vietnam War history, and American
reading the magazine. His daughter graduated             Fred, thanks for all your hard work to make postal      Military history, and at LCC he teaches history
from JCU and he was visiting her. I was also there       service customer service better. Fred, please send      survey courses and Ohio history. ... Dale has been
visiting my daughter, Jennifer ’99. We were there        me any hints on the future price of stamps. ... Had     married to Dawn for 32 years, and they have
for St. Patrick’s Day. We saw the green put in the       a nice note from Michael Hardy, one of the bril-        three children: Dani (32), Dion (29) and Dayle (22)
Chicago River. The parade never actually goes            liant history majors in our class, and an outstanding   and three grandchildren. Dale owns an indepen-
down Michigan Avenue but there was a lot of activ-       Cleveland area attorney. Mike wrote to say both of      dent contracting company that does helicopter
ity. We went to a gathering and there were a lot of      his sons are married and enjoying successful ca-        maintenance for the U.S. Army. Sue is working at
JCU grads around. Now the parade in Chicago is a         reers. I did try to get a golf game with Mike but he    JCU as an alumni-in-admissions volunteer, after
week before St. Pat’s, so we were also able to at-       said he just had shoulder surgery. ... I also talked    working for the Permabond Book Company for
tend the Cleveland event. Cleveland had 375,000 in       recently to another history major and attorney in       many years selling textbooks to schools. In 2000,
attendance. Chicago had a bit more! ... Heard from       our class, former Student Union president George        Sue accompanied the JCU MBA class to China.
Anthony Baltakis. Anthony resides in Eunice, LA,         Mackey. George has a wonderful family and is            Jim has been married to Linda for 18 years. Linda
with his wife, Donna, and two children. Anthony re-      living in Rochester. I tried to get a golf game with    just retired from teaching special education for 30
ports that he received his Ph.D. from the University     George and he also just had shoulder surgery. Get       years. They have four children: Meghan (25), Amy
of Akron. He was just promoted to a full professor       well, George. George also has a daughter graduat-       (22), Jimmy (14), and Christopher (13). Jim has
of history at Louisiana State U at Eunice. He was        ing from Temple next month. ... Three names are         owned an appraisal company for the last 30 years,
also selected as a Fulbright Scholar to teach in the     not enough for our class. Please send me news           and in addition, has worked for Cuyahoga County
Czech Republic at the University of W. Bohemia           or a least info on a phone to call or e-mail to get     as a commercial and industrial auditor. ... Well,
in Plezn. ... Spoke to Mark DeLong and his lovely        some news. ... PS – Does anyone want to play            classmates, I only have just a few reunion tidbits
wife, Susan. He became an extension of the French        golf with me that didn’t recently have shoulder         left for future columns, so I am counting on you to
family when his daughter married my nephew, Mi-          surgery? ... PSPS – Give to the JCU Annual Fund.        get me the “lowdown” on what you have been up
chael French. They are expecting their second child      Grimmer                                                 to, who you are married to, what advance degrees
soon. Mark and his wife love being grandparents                                                                  you have, who you are working for (or hopefully re-

and spend as much time with their grandchildren as                   Send your notes to:                         tired from), etc. Don’t let me down! Regards, Ted
possible. Mark resides in Huron, OH. At family func-                 Ted Heutsche

tions, Mark and I talk about our days at JCU. ... Carl               2137 East Howe Road                                     Send your notes to:
Glotz continues to enjoy his retirement. ... Tom                     Dewitt, MI 48820                                        Tom and Rosemary Costello
Ashdown keeps very busy. ... I recently spoke with                   517-669-4005                                            716 West Vermont Ave.
Mike Mullin. He works at the Society for the Blind                   E-mail: tedh@midwestairfil.com                           Urbana, IL 61801-4827
in Cleveland and enjoys his work. Mike stopped by                                                                            217-344-2076
my office and we went over old times. Mike and I          It must be a case of “spring fever,” as I have not                  E-mail: tcostello@cumtd.com
returned to the Cleveland area at the same time in       heard from many of you. A couple of our class-
1980. ... John Forhan called from Santa Barbara to       mates did update their alumni profile through the
                                                                                                                  REUNION 2006 JUNE 23-25
say all is well in sunny CA. John continues to enjoy     university web site — www. jcu.edu. ... James
retirement. He and his wife, Carol, also enjoy their     Fay lives in Norfolk, MA, - jameslfay@cs.com. He        Our 35th Reunion Weekend is approaching. We
time with their grandchildren. ... John Gibbons          has an advanced degree from Villanova University,       hope that you have reserved the dates of June
called to state that he and his wife, Pat, recently      and is president of James L. Fay Associates. ...

                                                                                                                          JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY • SPRING 2006   47
23-25 to join us for the many activities that the         in Tampa and Ed was in St. Pete, where the young        that missed opportunity will not be repeated by my
reunion committee has planned. Even if you can’t          rich workers’ parents lived. Every time Ed would        many, many faithful readers of this column. Reed
come for the entire weekend, feel free to attend          lock in a new member, another would die. So Ed          and his wife Kris (Feltes ’74 ), who is still with the
as much as you can. Perhaps you can only join             did the smart thing, left Groucho, Chico, Harpo and     Jacobs Group, built a new home in Avon Lake six
us on Saturday evening for a cocktail hour in the         the old people in Florida and came back up north        years ago, after many years in Bay Village. Their
press box of the stadium followed by dinner in one        and got into banking. He was with Greater Atlantic      older son, Mike, married current JCU grad student
of the tents. Having been to all of our reunions,         Bank, Sequoia Bank, and BB&T and is now senior          Debra (Zwilling) last summer at Notre Dame Uni-
we can confidently say that reunion weekend is             VP and regional manager for James Monroe Bank           versity in South Bend, where Mike had completed
a great opportunity to reconnect with classmates          ... Sir Francis must be out on the moors, Bertges       his MBA in accounting. In attendance was Mike’s
and with the John Carroll community. ... The              is holed up in Lindstrom’s pub, Russert must be         and Debra’s grade school (St. Raphael) and high
Alumni Office has forwarded information to us              at the Cape; it’s BBQ time so Bergy and Hogan           school (St. Ignatius) buddy, Brian, son of Mike Ni-
about several classmates. Fred Orehek -                   are probably hosting Lake Michigan beach parties        enstedt. Reed sees Niner regularly at the fitness
faorehek@sbcglobal.net - is living in N. Riverside,       (to which I have never been invited!); Quilty’s         center in Westlake, where he lives, works, and
IL, where he is a lawyer. Fred graduated from             teaching Peggy to drive before next year’s reunion      works out. And to bring this story full circle, Reed’s
DePaul Law School in 1975. ... Dennis Hricko              ... and everyone else is just getting older and         son is now working as a CPA at the very firm Reed
- DHJCU@aol.com - is retired and living with his          checking out memberships at Jacaranda West              co-founded in l973, Cohen & Company. ... In other
wife, Anita, in Sagamore Hills, OH. ... James             CC (wonder if things are any better at Jacaranda        news, Sister Mary Assumpta noticed my lack of
Lynch - jam1914@prodigy.net - works for IBM               East CC?). ... I did hear from two underclassmen        column last issue and — not wanting me to appear
Business Consulting Services as a managing con-           ... Dave ’74 and Molly ’75 Robinson. Molly was          as a slacker sent me a nice little tid-bit. She will
sultant in Fairfax, VA. Jim lives in Annandale and        awarded the JCU Alumni Medal. Young Dave is             no longer be superior of the Sisters of the Holy
has three children. ... It has been fun talking with      regional marketing and sales director for Presby-       Spirit. Her 20-year term in office has resulted in
the reunion committee making plans for the week-          terian Villages outside of Detroit. So those of you     tremendous growth on the campus of Jennings
end. Please contact any of us on the committee            who are looking for a place after retirement, see       Center for Older Adults in Garfield Heights as well
with questions or suggestions. Check out the JCU          Robby. ... Also heard from Ray Zammit ’73; he’s         as a decrease in the median age of her religious
web site, alumni, class links to find out who’s on         operating his own business, an industrial laundry       community from the mid-70s in 1986 to 56 today.
the reunion committee, or contact us at our e-mail        business, outside of Toledo, has two daughters,         She’ll take a brief summer sabbatical in Bend, OR,
addresses - tcostello@cumtd.com or rcostello@             the same wife (Toni – 25 year anniversary coming        before starting her new “dream job” as regional
holycrosselem.org. All the information about the          up), and says, “I am still short. I play golf in the    representative of the Sacred Art of Living Center,
reunion is on the JCU web site as well. There is          summer, and I referee wrestling in the winter.” ...     covering everything east of the Mississippi, work-
also a listing of classmates who will be returning        Take a minute and send me something ... anything        ing out of her own motherhouse here in Cleveland,
for the reunion. We hope to see many of you in            ... and remember: I accept myth, fabrications, in-      while teaching programs on “the sacred art of
June! Tom and Rosemary                                    nuendo, and outright lies. Take care, JM                living and dying.” ... So, to keep this column from
                                                                                                                  dying, please do as Sister Assumpta did and e-mail

72                                                        73
            Send your notes to:                                       Send your notes to:                         me some “411” on your family. Go Tribe! – gop
            John M. Marcus                                            Gerry O. Patno

            5707 Trafton Pl.                                          13421 Merl Ave.                                         Send your notes to:
            Bethesda, MD 20817-3738                                   Lakewood, OH 44107-2707                                 Dave Robinson
            202-296-0901                                              216-410-0129                                            3963 Oakland Hills Dr.
            E-mail: jmarcus887@aol.com                                E-mail: g.patno@att.net                                 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301
                                                                                                                              248-642-9615 (h)
So you have a scramble golf tournament coming             After four years of “life transitioning,” it’s about                800-240-3866 (fax)
up, you need a fourth and wouldn’t it be great to         time that I come out of the closet; open that                       E-mail: DRobby_18@Yahoo.com
get a real ringer to drive down your score and help       window to who I really am; kick down that door of
you win, what? ... a box of golf balls? Well if that      objection; and get my life out of the gutter. What      The last of the Super Bowl confetti has finally been
sits high on your priority list I’ve got a suggestion.    do I mean? After 25 years as a 9-to-5 market-           cleared off the streets of the Motor City. Detroit
Ed Harrington - no relation to Bob Harrington,            ing communications executive, I totally changed         adopted the Pittsburgh Steelers, their favorite
Ken Sophie’s sweat-shop boss, might be the call           career paths four years ago. To sales. To in-home       “Bus,” Jerome Bettis, and hosted a world class
to make. If you remember, Ed was captain of the           sales at all different times of the day and night.      event. As I write this column, both the Wings and
JCU golf team. Following a brief stint in the Army,       To sales of home-improvement products such as           Pistons prepare for runs at championship rings as
Ed turned his career from teaching kids how to            replacement windows, entry door systems, closet         they ended with the best season records in hockey
shoot rifles to teaching old people how to shoot           and garage storage systems and Advanced Gutter          and basketball. Too early to comment on the
birdies. We had lunch in downtown DC (he paid)            Cover. I am a factory-direct sales representative       Tigers, so we’ll save that for the next column. ...
and he told me all about it. He started out as an         for AIR-TITE Home Improvement of West Chester           Kevin Purcell, finally bit the bullet after 18 years in
assistant pro at Hunt Valley Golf Club, here in the       (Cincinnati), OH, serving home owners in the            solo practice and joined the law firm of Smith and
DC area, then moved to Congressional – one of             seven-county Greater Cleveland area. I have been        Condeni in downtown Cleveland. Kevin is certified
the top clubs in the country. But after several good      with the company long enough now to know that           by the Ohio State Bar Association as a specialist
years at Congressional, he chased his dream to            our quality is exceptional, our service is outstand-    in estate planning, trust, and probate law. Smith
Florida and became GM/head pro at a place called          ing and our warranties are second to none — all         and Condeni is a medium-sized law firm primarily
Jacaranda West CC, near St. Petersburg. Talking to        at the “mid-range” price level. So please call          devoted to estate planning, wills and trusts. Kevin
Ed reminded me of the Marx Brothers movie “The            me, Gerry Patno, 216.228.4291, if any of this           is married to Patti, a St. John College-Notre Dame
Coconuts” — Groucho is Mr. Hammer, a Florida              dovetails with any of your home-improvement             graduate with a master’s in trauma nursing. Kevin,
hotel owner trying to unload shoddy real estate on        needs. ... What inspired this little self-advertorial   Patti, and his two step-sons, Brandon and Cory,
unsuspecting buyers, Chico is an “idle roomer,”           was a recent conversation with Reed McGivney.           live in Middleburg Heights. When he is not setting
and Harpo is his “silent partner.” Chico to Harpo:        After a long career with his own company, Reed          wills and trusts, playing dad and husband, Kevin
“Right now I’d do anything for money. I’d kill            “retired” years ago, only to get involved later         can be found strumming on his guitar and listening
somebody for money. I’d kill you for money.”              part-time with a former client’s company, Ferrous       to the Moody Blues. ... The alumni office received
[Harpo looks crestfallen] Chico: “Ah, no. You’re my       Metal Processing Co. Well, Reed is very much full       an e-mail from Carol Dambach in Lodi, WI, telling
friend. I’d kill you for nothing.” [Harpo smiles]. Well   time as executive vice president of Ferrous’ parent     of the passing of her husband Michael J. Dam-
it wasn’t that bad for Ed, but as he explained, his       company, Ferragon Corporation, and what’s even          bach on March 8th. Michael died after an eight
main job as GM is to keep the membership rolls            more pertinent, he just bought windows for his          month battle with leukemia. In addition to Carol,
“up.” Problem is, the young people live and work          home from another company. Ouch! Hopefully,             Michael is survived by four sons: Michael, Mark,

Jason and Thomas; and three grandchildren. The          time-consuming task. Onto the usual business of          ham) Benacci, who was also in Naples visiting
family acknowledged their gratitude to the hema-        this space. ... Jonita Ramacciato is living in Chan-     her mom, joined the boys for “Roman dinner” on
tology/oncology staff and nurses at the University      dler, AZ, and sends along her e-mail: dawggirl@          Saturday night. Terry Roberts also found the time
Hospital in Madison for their wonderful care and        cox.net. Thanks for getting in touch, Jonita! ...        to join the boys for a cocktail or two. She lives in
support of Michael. On behalf of the class of ’74,      Until we meet on the Quad, safe travel and good          Naples and works for Gulf Shore Insurance. They
please accept our condolences and prayers. ... I        health. See you soon! As always, Cools                   were all in Naples for St. Patrick’s Day but appar-

received an e-mail from Jeff Schaefer — jtdjrs@att.                 Send your notes to:                          ently they were not able to pull together another
net. Jeff and I met our freshman year at JCU while                  Dennis J. Lane                               impromptu parade like the one we had in Fort
living in Dolan. Jeff was on the wrestling team                     8144 Winding Ross Way                        Lauderdale in 1973. That is probably a good thing.
and many a night, Jeff, Henry (don’t call me Hank)                  Ellicott City, MD 21043                      ... Keep those cards and letters coming. Dennis
Schulte, Chris Nulle, Jim Weitzel, Bob Shannon,

                                                                    E-mail: dlane@ryancom.com                                Send your notes to:
Larry Meathe, Terry Dwyer and Chuck Arida
(sans the hammer) debated the issues of the day,                                                                             Tim Freeman
drank a few 3.2 beers and held our own version of       Before the last issue of this rag was even on the                    334 N. Catherine Ave.
World Federation Wrestling. If memory serves me         presses I heard from my old Bernet Hall buddy                        LaGrange Park, IL 60526
right, we also set the record for the most people       Rob Dwyer. Rob felt compelled to squelch the                         773-975-6909 (w)
on the top bunk before “The Russian” broke up           rumor about Peter Gailey raising emus in Encini-                     708-579-9075 (h)
the milestone! Jeff posed the often asked ques-         tas. Turns out that Peter is living in Plano, TX, with               E-mail: tim@jesuits-chi.org
tion “What happened to the old gang?” He’s been         “wife, two kids, mini-van, the whole nine yards.”
unsuccessful at tracking down his roommate,             Okay, fine. Do you think Peter could at least drop        Paul and Rosie Gellott live in Mayfield Heights.
Ralph Srp. Well Dolanites, this sounds like a great     me a note? Rob lives in Los Angeles now. I always        The Gellotts have four children, two of them
“to do”; everyone who lived on the third floor of        thought he’d go California. He married a girl he         grown and on their own. The second-oldest,
Dolan 1970-71, send an update before the next           met at UCLA Business School and they have                Rebecca, graduated from JCU in 2004. Paul is
issue. A brief e-mail to me with a quick update         two daughters, the oldest of whom will attend            employed by AMC Theatres and serves a variety
and any story or event you remember from living         college this fall. Rob does forensic accounting for      of functions with that company. In addition to be-
in Dolan. Jeff has been living in Akron since 1972.     Navigant Consulting Inc. Rob also gave me some           ing the general manager of the Ridge Park Square
He has his own remodeling business and a big old        news about another former Bernet Hall resident,          Cinema in Brooklyn, OH, he is the market recruiter
re-done house of his own. ... On a personal note,       Bob Reigert. Bob lives in New Orleans now and,           and market trainer for the Cleveland market, re-
I am very proud of my wife, Molly Gibbons Robin-        yes, his home suffered from the wrath of Katrina.        sponsible for recruiting and training management
son ’75, for being one of this year’s Alumni Medal      According to Robby, it was bad but not as bad as         personnel for Northeast Ohio theatres. A recent
winners. Molly has been one of the university’s         some. Bob is married with no kids and works for          extra duty includes serving as a theatre ambas-
best ambassadors since she left campus. She has         a local television station. ... Terry Bedell provided    sador, assisting in the transition of operations
been a class agent, alumni recruiter, board mem-        a wealth of information on fellow classmates.            for the Loews Theatre chain, recently merged
ber, class gift chair, and just about anything else     He informs us that Ralph Stilphen’s son Ryan             with AMC. Rosie is a vocalist with the Cleveland
John Carroll has asked her to do. She has always        is a starting forward for the Marist College Red         Orchestra Chorus and is in her eighth year with
practiced the Carroll tradition of “service for oth-    Foxes in Poughkeepsie, NY. That is Division 1            that group. She regularly performs in the Sever-
ers.” Her greatest vocation is being a great mom        play and Ryan is only a sophomore. For the past          ance Hall concerts and the Blossom Summer
to our four children: Kate ’98, Brendan, Keenan and     12 years or so, Ralph has organized a Christmas          Series, and has also performed at Carnegie Hall, in
Macklin. We love you, Molly! ... Have a great sum-      Eve breakfast that brings together Marty Kelly,          the Edinburgh Music Festival in Scotland, and at
mer everyone. As always, don’t be bashful, proud        Bob Hennessy, Brian Ellis, Jim Clancy ’78,               this past summer’s Lucerne Arts Festival and the
or indifferent; drop me a line to include in the next   John Duber, John Corrigan, Tom Wallenhorst,              BBC Proms Festival in London. The Gellotts are
column. Robby                                           Mary Ann Garvey and her “very understanding”             both active at their parish, St. Clare in Lyndhurst,
                                                        husband, AJ Cianflocco ’72. Nicely done, Ralph. ...       where Rosie is a cantor and Paul is a lector and

            The Position is now open                    Terry also reports that Pat Cummings “recently           past chairman of the parish council. ... Jon Grosse
            We thank Nancy for her long, devoted        completed a one-man benefit bike ride for Chicago         married Patricia Johnson in December. They live
            service as class of ’75 columnist.          PADS, Catholic homeless shelter in southwest             in Westlake, OH. Jon is container repack/labpack
            Send your notes to: journal@jcu.edu         Chicago. Pat raised $15,000 cycling from Chicago         supervisor for Ross Incineration Services Inc.
                                                        to Champaign/Urbana.” Pat measured it as 130             in Grafton, OH. ... Joyce Blackburn lives and
                                                        miles and a tube of Preparation H. ... There was         breathes hockey. Joyce lives in Princeton, NJ,
                                                        also a bit of news about Mike Powers heading             with spouse, Jim ’75. The Blackburns have four

           Send your notes to:                          up something called the 45 and 20 Club. I’ll try         sons: AJ, Harry, Peter and Lewis. AJ and Harry
           Diane Coolican Gaggin                        and get more information on that before the next         attend The Hun School in Princeton - junior and
           118 Elm St.                                  column. ... I also heard from Tom Swanson,               freshman years. Peter and Lewis attend the local
           Fayetteville, NY 13066                       who is living just down the highway from me in           Catholic school - grades seven and four. All four
           E-mail: cools@twcny.rr.com                   Bethesda, MD. Tom is married, with three daugh-          boys play competitive hockey; Joyce and Jim are
                                                        ters and as he puts it, “I basically work for shoes.”    in the college search mode with AJ. Joyce and
 REUNION 2006 JUNE 23-25                                ... Chris Smerglia dropped a note to say that he         Jim welcome visitors in the Princeton area. ...
                                                        and two other gentlemen are starting a new full          Rich Kenney made a career move. In February
                                                        service bank in Beachwood, OH. The new venture           2006, Rich became the regional sales manager
Hi ho everyone! I’ll presume that you are busy          is called Ohio Commerce Bank and they expect to          for the Ohio Valley Region for Global Logistics
packing traveling bags and unearthing photo boxes       open the doors on July 1 this year. ... Somewhat         provider Kuehne + Nagel, based in the company’s
that contain the “Remember When…” pix. The              further south, we hear from David Murphy. He             Cleveland branch office. Services provided include
reunion committee has had a lot of fun putting          and his wife, Joanne, now reside in Boca Raton           air, sea, customs brokerage, warehousing and
together a wonderfully enjoyable weekend. The           where David works as a customer support manger           distribution in over 100 countries worldwide. The
previous column listed the committee members,           for Hamilton Sundstrand. ... And since we find our-       company’s global headquarters is in Switzerland.
all of whom have generously donated their time          selves in Florida, I should report that Brian Henke,     Rich keeps in touch with John Martin, general
to putting this celebration together. They definitely    Stan Mambort, Mike Downing, Bob Keir, Dave               manager of Colortone Inc. At Colortone’s “Annual
deserve our appreciation. It was after press time       Cullen, Urban Picard, Bill Gagliano, Dr. Al Hess         Garage Sale,” John and Rich enjoyed scoping out
for the previous issue that Elaine Yeip and Terry       ’79 and John (“JR”) Rutherford gathered once             the company’s production facilities, reliving the
Fergus volunteered to chair the gift committee.         again for their annual spring training trip. They        WUJC radio days. ... Jack Schufreider left a long
We can’t thank them enough for taking on such a         converged on Naples this year. Nancy (Cunning-           career at Molex in December to take a position

                                                                                                                          JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY • SPRING 2006   49
with Amphenol Commercial Products. As national         a little JCU sports history to report in that Patrick   jhadfield@delnorte.k12.ca.us. ... Dennis Morgan
distribution manager of the Americas, the job re-      Hulseman ’09 was honorable mention All- Ameri-          and his wife, Eileen, live in Solon, OH. He is the
quires more travel, but Jack is enjoying the move.     can in diving. Patrick is the son of Patrice and        CFO and vice president of Bird Technologies. His
Jack lives in Littleton, CO. ... Terry O’Brien was     Paul ’82 Hulseman. Paul and Patrick form the            family includes two daughters, Jacqueline (20) and
re-elected in the March 2006 democratic primary        second father-son All-American duo in Blue Streak       Sarah (18). If you want to find out Dennis’ plans
as commissioner and president of the Cook Coun-        history. Paul, my roommate in Bernet Hall, was          for the reunion, you can write him - dmorgan59@
ty Metropolitan Water Reclamation District. Terry      an All- American swimmer. ... I received an e-mail      adelphia.net. I was really hoping this would be a
will now run in the fall full election to continue     from Jeanne Wall Cannon or actually Jeanne              banner year for information about our class, but
his remarkable service – 17 years on the Board of      Ann Martha. She wanted to share some info               I guess you’ll have to wait for the next article.
Commissioners, nine of those years as president.       about herself with her classmates which is very         At the reunion, I’m looking forward to getting an
Terry and spouse Julie live in Chicago and have        sweet on her part. She likes Chinese food, gets         update on as many classmates as possible. I hope
four children. ... Thanks for writing! Tim             hot flashes when it gets warm outside and enjoys         to see you there! God bless, Julie
                                                       a really good Bloody Mary. Calls Chris Somosi

           Send your notes to:                         ’81 her crazy friend and last movie she saw was

           Nancy Agacinski                             Disney’s High School Musical. My oldest, Rose-                      Send your notes to:
           4009 Washington Blvd., #3                   mary, would have loved to watch it with her. I did                  Paul Hulseman
           University Heights, OH 44118-3865           buy Rosie the CD soundtrack. Jeanne has been                        120 Evergreen Ln.
           216-932-2824                                at her current job for 200 years, enjoys the Today                  Winnetka, IL 60093
           E-mail: nagacinski@yahoo.com                Show, convertibles and thinking about her favorite                  847-867-9322 (c)
                                                       toy — Chatty Cathy. ... Readers of the Christian                    E-mail: PJHulseman@aol.com
Heard from Tom Chialastri. He moved to Atlanta         Science Monitor will note that two recent editions                          Paul.Hulseman@solocup.com
from Miami about three years ago and works             contained book reviews by John Ettorre. John
for Abraxas Business Services. The company he          offered a primer on March Madness with a review         Greetings from Chicago! Cheryl Domasinsky
works for provides mergers and acquisition, exit       on John Feinstein’s Last Dance: Behind the              Eynon will be in cap and gown again this May as
strategy planning and business brokering services      Scenes at the Final Four. Feinstein is a commen-        she receives her master’s of management from
to mid-sized business. Tom is a chief financial         tator on NPR and contributor to the Washington          Ursuline College. Cheryl still works at the same
officer for the company. He still travels home to       Post. Ettorre gives a must read account of a book       company, but the name on the door changed from
Miami quite a bit to get his sea food and ocean        that would surely interest all readers. John’s other    Alcan to Novelis. Hot Damn! Congratulations,
fix and visit family. ... Mike Horning is living in     review was a book written by Newsweek manag-            Cheryl. ... I flew to Minneapolis in a snowstorm
Potomac, MD, with his wife, Debbie. They have          ing editor, Jon Meacham titled, American Gospel:        with Joe Basar in March. I went to see my #2
three children: Michael Jr. is completing his junior   God, the Founding Fathers and the Making                son dive for JCU in the NCAA Division III Nation-
year at Washington & Lee University in Lexington,      of a Nation. Ettorre using his JCU history major        als. Joe was en route for another typical day as
VA; Christopher is completing his junior year in       background offers an insightful view on a book          regional human resources manager for Ingersoll
high school at Georgetown Prep (Mike’s alma ma-        written by a well known author. ... Keep the notes      Rand’s Hussman Corporation. Joe and his wife,
ter and another fine Jesuit school!); and daughter      coming, MFH                                             Gail, have two girls, ages 13 and 11. He seems to
Kimberly will be moving on to high school next                                                                 be aloft quite a lot these days and was remark-

year. After spending nine years in public account-                 Send your notes to:                         ing how he did a day trip to Houston recently.
ing, Mike moved to the insurance world and has                     Julie Sanner Hepfer                         Air travel is so much fun these days – not! Joe’s
spent the past 18 years as chief financial officer at                406 Hunt Club Dr.                           exceptionally developed HR skills should come in
two different insurance companies. He currently                    St. Charles, IL 60174                       handy with those two girls as they hit their stride
works for United Educators, an insurance com-                      630-586-3367                                as teenagers. ... Our friend, Mike Hermann, is all
pany in Chevy Chase, MD, that insures the liability                E-mail: RPHEPFER@AOL.COM                    over the news again. First I was reading my favor-
risks of schools, colleges and universities. He                                                                ite Golfweek magazine in February and saw him
proudly notes that John Carroll University is one       REUNION 2006 JUNE 23-25                                quoted extensively. In addition to his duties as ath-
of their insured. He also mentioned that he was                                                                letic director at Niagara University, Mike has been
responsible for the hiring of another JCU graduate,                                                            chairman of the NCAA Division I Golf Committee.
Jennifer Costarella ’00. Mike (as well as the rest     We’re just weeks away from our 25th Class Re-           Maybe we can line Mike up at our next reunion
of us, I’m sure) would love to hear what’s going       union! It will be wonderful to be together again. In    for some golf lessons? ... Just as I was trading
on with Mike Pappas, Jim Zins, Rob Rosen,              case, you’ve been on another planet and you have        e-mail barbs with Mike, Kevin Coyle dropped
Jim Coyne, Dan Grady, Pete Hughes, Chuck               forgotten to send in you reservation form, DO IT        me a line to tell me that a guy with the same
Kretschmer ’78 and any other IBG brothers from         TODAY! The committee has been working hard to           name was the new athletic director at Towson
the late ’70s. ... So how about it guys and gals out   plan a very special 25th celebration for us includ-     University near Kevin’s home. Not only the same
there: please let us know what is going on. Just       ing lunch in the courtyard of the library and an        name, but the same person – our very own Mike
drop me a line (see my e-mail address above?).         intimate dinner in the atrium of the Dolan Science      Hermann. Mike kept this one under the radar, but
Don’t forget to write! As always, Nancy                Center. And I’m going to repeat myself, but it is       he officially starts the new job July 1. If you are
                                                       well worth it ... To continue the traditions at John    keeping track, it has been JCU to Kent State to

            Send your notes to:                        Carroll University as we know and love them,            Midwestern Collegiate Conference to Xavier to
            Matt Holtz                                 we need to give generously to our class gift. Hal       Niagara to Towson for Hermann. Good luck, Mike.
            22487 Laramie Dr.                          Hawk, our gift chair, and his committee have            ... Katie Grace Brandt, former class officer and
            Rocky River, OH 44116                      been hard at work hoping to present the university      columnist, fed us a few weeks back at her beauti-
            440-331-1759                               with the largest gift a 25th reunion class has ever     ful home in Chicago. It was an all JCU evening
            E-mail: mfh2885@sbcglobal.net              given. We can do it! You can contact Hal with           with Mary Walsh Freeman ’87, Jeanne Ann Wall
                                                       any questions at - HHawk@crownbattery.com. I            Cannon ’80, Suzie Whelan Shoup ’81. It was such
Hello class of 1980 ... Thomas “Joe” Mockler           received some sad news about Hal and his family.        fun, but apologies to the non-JCU spouses – Tom
dropped a note that he and his wife, Sheryl,           Both of his parents have passed away within the         Brandt, Pat Cannon and Chris Shoup – they were
welcomed their second son, Sean Patrick, on            year. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Hawk        good sports to put up with our stories all night. ...
December 31, 2005. The Mocklers have another           family. ... I did receive a couple of e-mails from      Onward on! Paul
son Joey (5). Joe, a Wakeman, OH, native lives         our classmates. Jean Anne Crawford is living in
with his family in Easton, PA, and is working for      Crescent City, CA. She is a library coordinator for
UnitedHealth Group in Philadelphia. ... We have        the Castle Rock Charter School -

Brian Donovan ’89 asks kids to
find the Mighty Me inside
By Michele Brown, Director of Communications Content

He has the energy of a 5-year-old,                                                                      California for two months. For her, the
and, it seems, the idealism to match.                                                                   trip is not only a break from the harsh
Brian Donovan ’89 followed his acting                                                                   Buffalo winter, but a chance to rub
dream to Los Angeles after graduation,                                                                  elbows with Hollywood heart-throbs.
and the Buffalo, NY, native hasn’t                                                                      Brian honored his sister with a one-
looked back. His resume includes TV,                                                                    woman-show on stage in Hollywood
film and radio. If you know his engag-                                                                   this winter. With celebrity friends on
ing voice, you may recognize it on                                                                      hand, Brian put on a show his sister
cartoons and commercials.                                                                               will never forget. In many ways, Kelly
    “I’ve been out here and acting for                                                                  remains his inspiration, as her spirit
a very long time. It’s an art that chisels                                                              and positive outlook are reminders of
away your own sense of self,” Donovan                                                                   what it means to embrace your inner
observed. “So, I started to think about                                                                 self.
what I love. I love to act, I love to per-                                                                   Self esteem, exercise and kids
form and I love kids. I need to make                                                                    – these three ingredients are the power
children’s shows!”                                                                                      blend in Mighty Me. Donovan has
    That’s when Brian came up                                                                           always enjoyed working with kids. He’s
with the idea for his latest project,                                                                   been a nanny, volunteered at Kids
the “Mighty Me Training Camp.” It’s                                                                     Camp during reunion weekend at John
a half-hour children’s educational                                                                      Carroll, and even taught tiny tumbling
exercise show for 3-year-olds and up                                                                    for several years when he first moved
that teaches self-empowerment. “It’s a                                                                  to California. “Once I really committed
training camp for kids who want to be                                                                   to doing a children’s show, I developed
a superhero, a ‘Mighty Me!’” Donovan                                                                    the concept for about a year. It was a
asserted.                                                                                               labor of love. It was important to me to
    I tested out Donovan’s project on                                                                   do it,” he said.
an expert, 4-year-old Calvin. Calvin                                                                         Discovery Education picked up the
was a tough sell at first. Like most kids         Mighty Me underwear. His mother replied,               show, and now it is streaming through
his age, he is used to watching TV passively.    “They don’t make them in Mighty Me.”             schools across the country. The next step for
“Mighty Me” asked him to get on his feet,        Well, at least not yet.                          Donovan is to find a studio or company to
to jump around and dance. Slowly, Calvin              What higher compliment could a children’s   take his idea and run with it, perhaps creat-
began to move his little body. He rolled out     show receive than to be the choice under-        ing a series on TV or DVD.
the exercise mat, just like Brian. He made       garment of a kindergartener? “It would be            “My long term goal is to pursue more
noises and movements, just like Brian. By        great if everybody said ‘I am a Mighty Me’       of children’s programming. I didn’t like Mr.
the end, he wanted to be – just like Brian.      a couple of times a day,” said Donovan. He       Rodgers growing up…it was too slow for me.
    “Mommy, I have a Mighty Me in me.            thinks that even grownups would benefit           It didn’t meet my temperament. Though I
And, he looks just like me, only he wears        from focusing on the dormant superhero           admire his place in children’s programming.
different clothes,” Calvin said, smiling from    inside of them. “Life can be hard. You forget    I want to be the Mr. Rodgers of the new
ear to ear. He got it! Calvin understood, far    you are special. There is only one of you,”      millennium. I’d like to see his principles and
better than his mother thought he would at       said Donovan.                                    his values woven into a more energy-filled
age 4, that he has an inner self seeking to be        Donovan’s sense of self seems to be         kind of show. My dream would be some kid
strong and alive.                                shaped by his upbringing and his education.      remembering Mighty Me when they’re 12,
    That’s exactly the response Donovan          He grew up with a father who is deaf and         24, 36, and 72,” Donovan mused.
hopes to get from young children. He tells       a sister with Down Syndrome. “I’ve been              And, maybe someday there will be
the story of another young Mighty Me fan         inspired and very fortunate to be inspired by    Mighty Me underoos.
who watched the video over and over.             my family. My sister Kelly has a wonderful           To learn more about Mighty Me, visit
When the little boy went to the store with       sense of self. She is a Mighty Me.”              www.mightyme.com.
his mother, he asked if he could get the              Every winter, Kelly visits her brother in
                                                                                                             JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY • SPRING 2006
                                                                                                          JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY • SPRING 2006
                                                                                                            JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY • SPRING 2006
83                                                       84
            Send your notes to:                                      Send your notes to:                        He had an optimistic attitude that mirrored his joy
            Tony Pallotta                                            Don D’Amore                                of life. Life really is Goold. We will never forget
            31507 Drake Dr.                                          29570 Dorchester Dr.                       that great man, who was a friend to everyone, Pat
            Bay Village, OH 44140                                    North Olmsted, OH 44070                    Goold. Don
            440-892-4766                                             440-235-1323

            E-mail: tpbam@aol.com                                    E-mail: jcuclassof84@yahoo.com                        Send your notes to:
                                                                                                                           Diane (Nerem) Wendel
Greetings from the North Coast of America. As            It is with great sadness that I have to report the                629 Quaker Road Rte 120
I write this column, the Indians are in 1st place in     loss of a good friend to all of us, Pat Goold. Pat                Chappaqua, NY 10514-1507
the AL Central. Let’s see where they are when            passed away on Holy Saturday, April 15, after                     914-238-2227
we all read this! ... Debra Wolter reports from          battling cancer for several months. He is survived                E-mail: DWendel@Optonline.net
Basking Ridge, NJ, that she will marry Kevin             by his wife, Cathy, and his three children: Katie,
Lavery on May 28. Deb is a chief executive dance         Jack, and Mathew. Pat was loved by everyone,           This past December, Tim Orie, organized a
teacher at Dance World Academy. ... Mary Tuason          and that was very evident in the past few months       “party” for Pat Goold ’84 at the Cleveland Clinic,
Bunker ’87 just started a new job as treasury            as witnessed by the huge showings of support           drawing in friends from across the nation. Dreu
business analyst with Motorola in Schaumburg,            during his illness. In early March, Pat’s sister-in-   Carney ’86 in from Dallas, Larry Blum from
IL. Mary lives in Chicago with husband, William,         law organized a walk of friends for him. I was         Maryland, Vince Brennan and Kevin “Note”
and children Elena (6), Timothy (4) and Nora (1). ...    grateful to Shannon (Carey) Dolan who passed           Coyne from Detroit, Jim Donahue from Chicago,
Congrats to Daniel Frate who has been appointed          the news on to me regarding the walk, allow-           Tim Cavanagh ’84, Dave Murphy, and of course
executive VP at National City Corp. in Cleveland.        ing me to spread it further. Pat’s JCU roommate        all the locals: Dave Pratt, Sean “Men” McAn-
He will oversee NCB’s seven-state retail network.        John Breen flew in from Florida to join in. We all      drews, Sean “Ace” McCauley are only a few that
He received his master’s degree in finance from           wore “Life is GOOLD” t-shirts as we walked from        attended — telling jokes, old stories, remember
Purdue University. ... Our sympathies to Eileen          Huntington Beach in Bay Village to Pat’s home          when — were still going strong after midnight.
Byrne Hickerson, who lost her mother last sum-           two miles away. It was a crisp Sunday morning,         Again, on March 6th the “Walk for the ‘Goo’”
mer after years of taking care of her in her home.       and the crowd of hundreds of Pat supporters            was a great success as over 200 people showed
Eileen did have happy news to report — her               stretched for blocks. Myles Gallagher who lives        up to say, “Hi” and support Pat as he sat outside
daughter, Caitlin, is studying in Florence, Italy, for   near was there, as was Shannon who walked with         on his lounge chair watching a parade of friends
a semester and when she returns, will spend a            her daughter. John brought a framed collection         walk from a park nearby passing his home in
semester in NYC. She’ll graduate with a major in         of fun snapshots from the early Dolan Hall days        Bay Village. ... Sadly, we lost him on April 15. Pat
fashion design from Kent State. Eileen’s 9th grade       to give to Pat. As we came to Pat’s house we           Goold was a wonderful person. ... Craig Eldridge
son, Cliff, is developing into quite the athlete at      gathered around the front. He was in good spirits      kindly responded to my e-mail inquiry and reports
Olmsted Falls High School. ... Sympathies also           and greeted everyone. We said a group prayer           that after graduating from OSU College of Law he
to Colleen Hyland-Robertson and Sandra Ryan              in his front yard. It was recently discovered that     worked as a county prosecutor for many years.
as both their mothers passed away and to Tim             Pat’s father is also ill and our prayers were shared   He then decided on another career path and went
Hutchison who lost his dad in January. ... To all        towards him as well. Two weeks later, another          to medical school at OSU and is now a physician
my classmates who are dealing with the death of          former St. Ed/JCU alum, Ken Keeler, let me know        with the Cleveland Clinic. He lives in Avon, OH,
a parent, I have a comforting thought. I’ve got a        about a healing service for Pat that was being         with his wife, Wendy, and daughter, Britta, and
head start on adjusting to life without parents and      held at St. Bernadette’s in Westlake. Dave ’85 and     son, Zebby. ... Word from the ‘Burgh (yes, the
what I know for a fact is this: The same memories        Sue Herman were there of course and I sat with         City with five SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONSHIPS
that make you misty now will make a big smile            Chris Fortunato and my family. After the Mass          – myself, a native Pittsburgher, I had to slip that
come to your face in the future. I’m not sure how        we joined family and friends gathering around          somewhere in this column) is that Tony Ciabat-
long it will take for each of you but it does happen.    Pat as Dr. Issam Nemeh, a renowned Catholic            toni, JCU golf team alumnus, is busy running his
... Deb Solyan responded to my SOS for alumni            healer, prayed over Pat. The funeral was held in a     company, Fairways Corporate Golf Services
info with news of a wedding, bout time for some          packed St. Raphael’s Church on bright, sunny April     Inc. in Pittsburgh — it’s a golf/travel company that
happy news, don’t ya think!! Congratulations             20th. Four priests concelebrated. I sat with John      runs golf tournaments for clients such as Chrysler,
to Aggie Nagy ’85 and new husband Tim (sorry,            Breen, Tim Cavanagh and John Siefert. Among            Coca-Cola, MCI, etc. It’s time to get those clubs
Tim, Deb didn’t pass along your last name.) The          those also there were Ken and Dave and Tom             out and swinging, so Tony’s the man to call if
September blast at the Mayfield Country Club              Guarente. We were all moved deeply as Pat’s            you are scheduling any corporate golf outings
had a prestigious guest list including: Ann ’84 and      parents reflected on their son. Pat’s father shared     nationwide. ... It was a pure pleasure to hear from
Kevin Durkin, Nancy Grimes Couto ’84, Bill and           a most touching letter that he wrote to Pat a few      classmate Barry Conway. Barry is still running
Kathy (O’Neil) Battistone, Liz Nau Montgomery            months earlier regarding his great love and pride      Conway Greene Co. - www.conwaygreene.com
’84, Carol Brennan Joseph ’85 and Maureen                of him. Every son and father should share such         - located in downtown Cleveland. It is a leading
McDonough Curley ’85. ... Lastly, please keep Joe        a magnificent bond. Tim Orie was selected by            provider of data conversion, management and
and Connie Czekaj in your prayers. Connie was            his close friend Pat to give the eulogy. Tim spoke     publishing services focusing on providing solutions
diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, we thought         of the Pat we all knew; the fun-filled, golf-lov-       to solve a client’s technology problems. He lives in
we had it beat but it’s back. Connie’s a fighter          ing, successful businessman that was a friend to       North Royalton with wife, Kim, and their three chil-
but she could use a spiritual lift for her and Joe       everyone. Many classmates have been e-mailing          dren: Aedan, Fiona and Liam. This year marked an
and their kids Jennifer (17), Joey (15), and Jimmy       regarding their support, and their prayers and their   exciting venture for both of them as they opened
(12). ... OK, take care of yourselves and when           concern for Pat and his family. I have never seen      a new child enrichment program for 3-7 year olds
something happy happens in your lives, pass the          this much classmate e-mail activity. I am sure ev-     in Strongsville called FasTracKids - www.fastrack-
news to me so I can share some of it with your           ery classmate joins me in sending good thoughts        ids.com. This is the first FasTracKids Academy in
friends. Tony                                            and prayers to the Goold family. I began my JCU        Ohio, although there are over 200 worldwide in 34
                                                         career in a room on the third floor of Dolan across     countries. Barry also attended the World Bagpipe
                                                         the hall to the right of John Breen and Pat Goold.     Championship last August in Scotland, where
                                                         They were the perfect guys to live next to if you      his group finished third out of 250 bands from
                                                         were looking for the full college life experience.     around the world! Can’t you just hear the melody
                                                         It was always a fun and positive room to visit,        of “When Irish Eyes are Smiling!” Best of luck
                                                         because Pat and John were confident and full            on your new endeavor! ... Congratulations are in
                                                         of life. Pat was a naturally charismatic and smart     order for our Captain, John Marsh. John and Jodi
                                                         person that everyone could not help but like. We       were married this past January and are residing
                                                         all have memories of him that bring on a smile.        in Worthington, OH. ... Heartfelt condolences are

Ann Healey Bowen ’91:
managing a symphony and a baby
     Ann Healey Bowen ’91 a child of            she was pulled back from Honolulu to         state-of-the-art design and equipment e.g.,
Chicago’s western suburbs, grew up blow-        Madison in October of 1997. Her title        the world’s largest concert organ – make
ing on a trumpet. She was a breath of exu-      changed a couple of years into her admin-    the Madison Symphony the envy of its
berant air in the pep band when she was         istrative role with the Madison Sym-         peers, as well as a tourist destination. The
a business student here around the turn         phony, and she is now general manager of     hall is gorgeous and particularly remarkable
the ’80s made into the ’90s. Along the          the highly regarded regional orchestra, a    given that Madison, for all its cosmopolitan
way, though, she realized that her trumpet      GM presently on maternity leave because      character, is not a major city.
chops were not as excellent (or market-         of the arrival on the planet of Catherine        Ann Healey married pharmacist Bill
able) as her business school skills. Like       Mae Bowen on December 11.                    Bowen in 2004-they met via Match.com
her brother Tom ’85, now a Washington                Baby Catherine, says Ann, is a joyful   – and baby Catherine makes three. There
attorney, Ann was an economics major.
     The trumpeter has had a long-running
love affair with the arts, though, and it
was a eureka moment when she under-
stood she could combine her training and
aptitude with her passion. The University
of Wisconsin-Madison developed the
nation’s first arts administration master’s
degree in the very late ’60s. It has since
morphed into an MBA, but it was a
master’s in business when Healey enrolled
after graduation from JCU.
     She says now: “The program taught
me how to learn in the field. It didn’t
teach me how to run a concert. It offered
more of a broad overview, and it really
gave me connections.”
     When she graduated from UW in ’93,
Healey took a gig for a year with the Mis-
sissippi Symphony in Jackson. In 1994,
Hawaii called and she answered, becom-
ing an administrator with the Honolulu
Symphony, which proudly advertises that
it is the nation’s oldest symphony orches-
tra west of the Rocky Mountains.
     Ann said that Hawaii is certainly
Hawaii, but that despite its longevity, the
Honolulu Symphony is not blessed with           new challenge. Ann and the symphony          was also the acquisition of a charming,
the kind of strong and stable audience          had another such two years ago when          West Side of Madison home before
base that the Cleveland Orchestra, for ex-      Overture Hall opened its doors. A stunning   Catherine appeared in their lives. Ann
ample, enjoys. “It was a stressful time,” she   arts complex designed by internationally     said she is already a little teary at the
recalls. “We went through a lot of changes      renowned architect Cesar Pelli, Overture     prospect of leaving the care of Catherine
with the orchestra; we cut back the season      was built with more than $200 million in     to others during the day, but she and Bill
and there were people laid off.” There          donations from Madison residents Jerry       are exploring day care plans A & B. So,
were surfing lessons, but she realized she is    and Pleasant Frautschi. The complex is       the shows will go on for the symphony
a better trumpeter than surfer.                 unquestionably one of America’s finest        general manager.
     So there were no major regrets when        arts facilities, and its spare-no-expense,

                                                                                                    JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY • SPRING 2006
                                                                                                    JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY • SPRING 2006   53
extended to the Durkin and D’Angelo families as           their hometown of Toronto. Silvia and son Davis                     Send your notes to:
Bill Durkin, Nick ’84 and Heidi ’86 D’Angelo and          now have a dog to go with their cat! ... Last, but                  David Gassman
Sal ’86 and Donna D’Angelo all lost their fathers         not least, Frank Uhlir and his wife, MaryAlice,                     3996 Astoria Way
this past February. ... Now, after reading this           welcomed their first child, son Thomas Peter, in                     Avon, OH 44011
column the next thing for you to do as you check          February. Thomas didn’t come home right away.                       440-934-0366
your e-mail on your laptop, desk top, Blackberry          Like all Uhlirs, he had to do things the hard way                   E-mail: dgassmktvp@aol.com
(I know you do this at least ONCE if not 10 times         and he arrived a little early. So while mom got to
a day) is to send off an update on YOU to ME at           recuperate at home, Thomas had to stick around
DWendel@Optonline.net. Thanks! Diane                      at the hospital for awhile. But everyone is doing       As of today, the Cleveland Indians are 5-1 and in

                                                          fine now, and I can’t wait to hear how they like the     first place! Several of us attended the home open-
            Send your notes to:                           new “Walter...” books we bought them as a gift! I       er, including Dan and wife, Julie Kahl ’92 Weaver;
            Belinda Glavic Grassi                         can just hear the laughter as they read about poor      Dan Soucie and wife, Diane; Mary Kay O’Malley
            6815 Edinboro Pl.                             Walter. ... Well, I have more news, but again, I’ve     and husband, Jim; Joe O’Malley ’88 and Annie
            Concord Township, OH 44077                    run out of space. That’s a good problem! So ... see     Kahl and yours truly. Most of the group, including
            440-352-2231                                  you at Reunion! Until next time ... Caio! Belinda       my wife, Beth (Kromer), and Mike Fanning ’88
            440-352-2232 (fax)

                                                                                                                  and wife Joanna ’90, celebrated Annie Kahl’s 40th
            E-mail: mobee@sbcglobal.net                               Send your notes to:                         birthday at Atlantis in the Bahamas, where we
                                                                      Sue Farinacci Grazia                        spent the first week of February; no kids were al-
 REUNION 2006 JUNE 23-25                                              10338 Loreto Ridge Dr.                      lowed — good times. ... Great hearing from Mike
                                                                      Willoughby, OH 44094-9547                   Krizmanich who’s been living in Fairview Park
I’ll remind you all again ... REUNION ... this June                   440-256-0338                                with wife Krista-Marie for over three years now.
23-25. BE THERE. You all received your reser-                         E-mail: jsgrazia@adelphia.net               Mike is working downtown for CAMP’s Business

vation forms and hopefully you returned them                                                                      Consulting Group, where they help other business
                                                                      Send your notes to:
already. If not, remember you can register online!                                                                groups improve internally with six sigma initia-
                                                                      Jamie Jamison
It’s fast, easy and convenient. Trust me ... that’s                                                               tives and lean manufacturing building blocks. Mike
                                                                      7072 Kildeer Rd.
how I did mine. If you like to shop online, this is                                                               reports that Justin Murphy lives in Chicago and is
                                                                      Canfield, OH 44406
for you! It’s that fast, easy, and convenient and                                                                 doing well. It appears Mike, Adam Flinchbaugh
hooks me every time. Point, click, pay ... right                                                                  and Brian Winovich actually enjoyed watching
                                                                      E-mail: jjamison@zoominternet.net
from my desk ... it’s no wonder I have my VISA                                                                    the Steelers roll through the playoffs and super
number memorized! Remember that when you                              Kathy Reali Matthews                        bowl together; congrats Steelers fans. Mike ran
register for Reunion, you can also make your class                    28012 W Oviatt Rd.                          into Beth Senay at a party hosted by Tammy
gift at the same time. Even if you are not planning                   Cleveland, OH 44140-2145                    and Jack ’90 LaGattuta, and she is doing well
to attend Reunion, won’t you consider making a                        440-871-7283                                and living in Philly. ... The shout out to Lauree
donation to our centennial class gift? Your help                      E-mail: bk3matthews@yahoo.com               Popovich has proved lucrative as she reports in
in reaching our class-gift goal of $50,000 will be                                                                this month from Upper St Clair, PA, where she is
appreciated. We have a very lofty donor goal for          Spring is here! Hope everyone is doing well.            a regional manager for Infusion, a medical sales
our centennial class, but as a committee, we felt         Spring breaks are over, many of us are turning 40,      firm selling products for home infusion needs.
that while lofty, the goal is definitely attainable. ...   and we would love to hear from you and highlight        Lauree has two wonderful children, Olivia (11) and
I read a press release that indicated Jim Grazko          the great places you may have traveled to over          Bobby (8); both enjoy sports and attend Irish step
has been promoted as of January 1, 2006 to                the holidays or the exciting ways to celebrate your     dancing competition regularly. Lauree talks with
vice president, general manager of Underwriting           40th birthday. PLEASE WRITE! ... In the meantime,       Sue Zachary quite a bit via phone and still enjoys
and Contract Services for Premera Blue Cross              we heard from Dan Miller, who received his              the holiday “free” candy Sue offers. ... Christine
in Mountain Terrace, WA. Jim received his MBA             MBA from Carnegie Mellon and is living in San           (Salupo) Riggle is now in Broadview Heights
in Health Services Administration from George             Francisco with his family. ... Bonnie McCulley          with her husband, Tim, and children Alyssa (4) and
Washington University. He has worked for Health           is living in Sheffield Lake, OH. She is working at       Amanda (1). ... I am still looking for memoirs from
Net, Ernst & Young, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.           Community Health Partners and is the director of        several of you out there and you know who you
Jim mentioned via e-mail that his dad probably for-       spiritual care. ... The grapevine also told us that     are; if you don’t send me something, I will call you
warded the press release to John Carroll, as he’s         John Slagter was recognized and received the            out next time. Happy and safe spring and summer
been so busy he never got around to it! Jim and           Associate Supplier of the Year Award from the           to all. Peace, David

his wife, Marybeth, are living in Redmond, WA,            Home Builders Association. John is with Bucking-
with their boys: Matthew (9), Ryan (7) and Chris-         ham, Doolittle & Burroughs LLP. In addition, John                   Send your notes to:
topher (4). Although they like Washington State,          was recently recognized in Cincinnati Magazine                      Melissa Wenzler
they wish they were back home in Cleveland and            as one of Ohio’s Super Lawyers, as voted by his                     4021 Wandsworth Road
they miss it here a lot. ... I also received an e-mail    peers. ... Ingrida Nasvytis writes to us from                       South Euclid, OH 44121
from Carolyn (Mockenhaupt) O’Connor. She and              her home in Los Angeles, CA, and kudos to her,                      216-691-3759
her husband, James, welcomed Christian Joseph             she won an Emmy this year! ... Lisa (Verszyla)                      E-mail: WenzJCU90@aol.com
Edward O’Connor on January 3rd. His big brother           Cantalamessa shared with us that she eloped to
Cole (6) is thrilled to have a little brother. ... This   Las Vegas and was married at the Bellagio. Please       Spring has sprung! I love how nice the first
is really OLD news, but someone just sent it to           join us in wishing all the best to Lisa and her         day above 65 degrees feels! Now that we are
me, so mea culpa for being so long overdue. Ric           husband, Mark! ... Peter Anthony wrote to share         blowing of the dust of winter, take a minute to
Harris was named executive vice president and             that he, his wife, and daughter welcomed their          drop me a note so I can let the rest of the class
general manager of Digital Media and Strate-              newest little one, Will, in March. Peter and his        of 1990 know how you are doing and what you
gic Marketing for the NBC Universal Television            family live in downtown Chicago. Peter has been         have been up to!
Stations Group. He made a name for himself in             with UGN, a supplier to the automotive industry,        I got a nice e-mail from Ann-Margaret (Leshinsky)
the Cleveland area in local and national sales at         for 15 years and travels frequently to Europe. ... If   Lambo. She and hubby, Jamie, are living in New
Channel 5, WOIO Channel 19, and WUAB Channel              you know of any other classmates who still have         Castle, PA. They are parents to Ann Therese (10)
43. He earned his master’s degree in communica-           little ones, or achieving great things or accomplish-   and Paul (6). Ann-Margaret is a stay at home mom
tions management from JCU last spring. He and             ing milestones, please let us know. We all love to      and free lance writer. Jamie works for Goodyear
his wife, Mindee, and their children are now living       hear good news and read about the great things          Tire in Akron. He is the director of internal audit-
in the NYC area. ... My best pal Silvia Grava got         happening to our fellow classmates. Until the next      Americas. He commutes each day from New
married to Andrew Bird on December 30, 2005 in            edition, best wishes from Jamie and Kathy               Castle to Akron, but Ann-Margaret said it’s not too

Crahen and Roeder ’93: being easy together
This is a story that has a particular charge if   He was cordial – it’s a reflex. He said they     continues Crahen easily.
you’re a member of the campus branch of           should go to lunch, but it didn’t happen for        “As we started spending time together,
the Carroll community. It’s a tale of a           months. When it did, they scrambled to          I think it became pretty clear that this was
popular alumnus and employee, Mike                find an open restaurant. When they finally        working,” asserts Crahen through her smile.
Roeder ’93, and a woman, Dr. Sherri               sat down, “it was very easy,” says Crahen       “At our age you know pretty clearly if you
Crahen, who plays an important Carroll            now. “He was just really nice, but, you know,   want to keep moving forward.”
role, dean of students. Crahen came to JCU        Mike’s nice to everyone.” True.                     “I knew I didn’t want to screw it up by
from Minnesota’s Hamline                                                                                       going on a date with someone
University in the fall of 2004.                                                                                else,” adds Roeder.
She grew up in the town that                                                                                        You now where this is going.
styles itself “The Only Wauna-                                                                                 It got there at Blake’s Restaurant
kee in the World” a couple of                                                                                  in Chagrin Falls early last
stone throws from Wisconsin’s                                                                                  November. Crahen says they had
state capital of Madison. She                                                                                  evolved a little routine where
earned her PhD at Minnesota                                                                                    Crahen amusedly assures Roeder,
and did student affairs duty at                                                                                “You know, you’re right.” On this
four schools before migrating                                                                                  occasion in Chagrin Falls, she
here. All the good and difficult                                                                                finds herself saying, “You know,
news about the students reaches                                                                                that’s the second time today
her desk, and there have been a                                                                                you’ve been right.” On this
couple of challenging times.                                                                                   occasion, Roeder rejoins: “I think
    Roeder is the manager of                                                                                   there’ll be a third time,” and
facilities services, which means                                                                               before you know it, there’s a ring
that if there is anything involv-                                                                              on the table. YES – only marriage
ing a building you need done,                                                                                  for both.
you go to Mike. He’s famous for                                                                                     June 24th Holy Cross Church
his warm and dedicated custom-                                                                                 in Mike’s hometown of Euclid.
er service. He’s famous for more                                                                               Reception at the Irish-American
than that. There are always a                                                                                  Club. Rehearsal dinner at Carroll
few who share more of the load                                                                                 Lodge for a bunch, including
of making the community a                                                                                      the caravan that will drive down
community. Mike is one of                                                                                      from Waunakee. After that
those. He came 18 years ago to                                                                                 Roeder will move into Crahen’s
work on the grounds crew. He                                                                                   place in University Heights.
took courses and earned a degree                                                                                    When the news broke, it got
in communications while                                                                                        reviews crowding Fr. Niehoff’s.
climbing the career ladder. If                                                                                 Some, like Roeder’s running buddy
there is a Streak athletic contest,                                                                            and first boss Tom Reilley ’99,
he’s there. He runs marathons with JCU                They went to a happy hour at a neigh-       were a trifle startled. The couple may not
buddies. He goes along on student service         borhood place, had a second lunch. No           have been the first match you’d envision,”
trips. There are many photos you can put in       big deal, but it continued to be very easy.     Reilley observes, “but when you see them
the university encyclopedia under “Man for        “The real date, when I knew it was a date,      giggling together, being easy together, you
others,” but Roeder’s fits that slot. It is        was when he invited me over to watch the        get it very fast. “
absolutely non-controversial to trumpet that      Packers play the Vikings. He grilled,” says         “It was sort of amazing, the similari-
“Roeder’s a good guy.” Those of us a little       Crahen.                                         ties,” says Crahen. “Catholic, very similar
more sappy, are probably going to say                 “I think I invited him over a couple        families...”
something closer to “sweetheart.”                 of weeks later – ‘I knew that was a date,’          They’re both right... and easy... and a
    When Crahen came, Roeder met her              Roeder interrupts. “I made a chicken dish,      perfect emblem of the blossoming that is
– his office is around the corner from hers.       roasted potatoes, roasted vegetables,”          summer.

                                                                                                            JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY • SPRING 2006
                                                                                                          JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY • SPRING 2006     55
bad a commute since the Steelers won the Super           ... Tim DeGeeter is an attorney and is the State        Durham area, where we lived for 17 months. In
Bowl! Jamie does get to travel frequently to Bra-        Rep. for the 15th House District. ... I was fortu-      November of 2005 I was promoted to regional
zil. They see Carol (Lawrence) Bender at family          nate enough to see Joe Cimperman ’92 in the St.         manager for the State of Pennsylvania (Wells
functions. It turns out that Carol married Jamie’s       Patrick’s Day parade along with Mary McNally            Fargo Auto Finance) and we live in the North Hills
first cousin, Pat. Carol and Pat reside in Bethel Park,   Tirpak, who also marched in this year’s parade. ...     of Pittsburgh in a beautiful golf course community.
PA, with their daughter, Abby (7). Ann-Margaret also     Patrick Palleschi and his wife are expecting their      We have one daughter, Riley Corrine (3). I look
wrote that she keeps in touch with Lisa                  third child around Reunion. They live in Rochester      forward to attending any Pittsburgh area socials
(Forniti) Aeillo. Lisa and her husband, Frank, live      and have two boys. Pat works for Excellus Blue          if they exist.”... As Dee and Greg ’93 Bauer put
in Lyndhurst. They have two children, Genevieve          Cross/Blue Shield as a network reimbursement            it ... “oh boy, oh boy, oh boy ... it’s a girl! Brynn
(6) and Nick (4). In her e-mail, Ann-Margaret asked      manager. ... Living six houses down their street        Catherine Bauer was born January 28, 2006, 6:40
if I heard from Rita Abdallah, Lisa Grisez-              are JCU grads: Chris and Katie Clifford ’92 Kantz.      a.m., weighing in at 6 lbs. 12 oz. and 19 inches.
Shullick, Lesley Zelasko and Claudine Melich.            Small world it is! ... Missy Vertes Butler and her      The picture I saw of her wearing a purple cap was
I did happen to see Rita Abdallah’s photo in the         husband are residing in Chagrin Falls with their        adorable! Their sons Connor, Brendan and Jack
“Happenings” section of the Cleveland Plain              three girls. ... Tim Horan is living in PA. He owns     just can’t get enough of Brynn and are the best
Dealer for a fundraising event in which she was          his own small sport company and also is the direc-      big brothers. Even with (at the time three kids) the
a participant. Ladies, would love to hear from you       tor of Philadelphia Sports Social Club. He is single    Bauers make time for charity. I bumped into Dee
... drop me a note! ... Mark Perretta is living in       and enjoying life. ... Jennifer Lockard McConnell       and Greg at Taste of the NFL at Cleveland Browns
Massillion, OH. He and his wife, Dana, are parents       is in Georgia. She works for Lawson Software.           Stadium this past October. ... It’s not too early to
to Angela (11), Anthony (9) and Alexis (2). Mark is      She and her husband have one child. Thanks for          start thinking about our 15-year reunion which is
CEO of 10K Fundraising. His company helps start          writing in! ... I recently received an e-mail from      next year! Please make plans to attend Reunion
fundraisers for schools, churches and organiza-          Carole Kovach. Carole teaches English at Shaker         Weekend 2007. ... Jim
tions. If anyone is interested, check out their web      Hts. High School. She has been named a Martha

site – www.10kfr.org. ... Michael Branigan is liv-       Holden Jennings Scholar and also won the Grace                      Send your notes to:
ing in Indianapolis, IN. He received his MBA from        B. Graham award for teaching. Good Job! Carole                      Julie Reardon
CWRU in 2002. He has one son, Jack (4). ... That’s       had dinner with Alison Rooney Otterman. She                         12361 Woodridge Dr.
all the news I have so far ... hope to hear from lots    and Chip live in Madison with their three chil-                     North Royalton, OH 44133
more of you now that the winter hibernation is           dren. Kim Ballenger just moved from Medina to                       440-877-0939
over. Remember, e-mail is pretty quick and easy!         Chicago. Also, Carole tells us that Lisa Lagana is                  E-mail: dereardon@adelphia.net
Here’s to a sunny summer, Melissa                        in Chicago preparing for a wedding this summer.
                                                                                                                 Lynette (Pizmoht) Piech reports that Andy ’92,

                                                         Hope to see you all at Reunion. ... If you have any
            Send your notes to:                          questions about Reunion go to                           big sister Katie and she welcomed Ryan Andrew
            Molly Coughlin Fanta                         www.jcu.edu/alumni/reunion/06web/FAQ.HTM                on August 9. Kristi (Sullivan) and Christian
            25107 Wildwood Dr.                           ... May God bless you all with happiness and            Warzocha had their first baby, Samantha Sullivan
            Westlake, OH 44145                           remember “Life may not always be the party we           Warzocha in December. Mary Lou Sferra got
            440-716-1749                                 hope for, but while we are here we might as well        engaged to Bob Mlachak and is getting mar-
            E-mail: mfanta4714@wowway.com                dance!” Live, laugh, and love — most of all, come       ried July 29th. Sarah (Rossate) Mallon and her
                                                         back to Carroll. SEE YOU REUNION! Fondly, Molly         husband, Jim, are expecting a boy in June. Thanks
 REUNION 2006 JUNE 23-25                                                                                         so much for the updates Lynnette! ... Rachelle

                                                                     Send your notes to:                         (Carroll) and Bill Engel ’94 moved from good old
Working on our Reunion has been fun, I’ve                            Jim Sislo                                   University Heights to Pittsburgh a couple of years
enjoyed seeing the committee and catching up.                        203 Marilyn Ln.                             ago. They live in his hometown - Upper St. Clair.
Mark Waner, who has worked a lot on our web                          Eastlake, OH 44095-1561                     They had their third child on October 4th; Peter
site, works at JCU as asst. professor of chemistry.                  440-269-1245                                Joseph joins big sister Mary Claire (6) and big
As you will see elsewhere in these pages, Mark                       E-mail: James@Sislo.net                     brother Will (3). Bill works for PNC in the advisors
was also recently honored by being given the                                                                     group and Rachelle is home full time. ... Last July
Culicchia Award for Teaching Excellence in the           Spring flowers are blossoming on campus as I             10th, Debbie Rak Farina and husband, Ben, had
College of Arts and Sciences. ... Our deepest sym-       sit down to update you on the latest. Let’s start       twins: a girl, Piper and a boy, Wyatt. Debbie is the
pathy goes out to the Maestranzi family. Patrick         with a marriage announcement! Stephen Lamb              general manager at Red Tail Golf Club in Avon.
Maestranzi died after a long battle with cancer in       and Maggie Lamb nee Kenny ’93 were married in           Denise Rak Niemojewski and Bob had their third
February at his home in Illinois. He is survived by a    October 2005. The happy couple currently resides        girl, Mae Rose, on October 16. She joined Ruby
wife and three children. If you are interested in do-    in Grayslake, IL. ... I was happy to hear that Lisa     (5) and Jetta (2.5). The Nemo Grille, a restaurant
nating towards the educational fund being set up         Klepac Lockhart has been promoted to the                in Avon that Debbie and her husband own and
for his children, please call 847-362-3009. ... Alex     rank of associate professor of psychology at the        operate is in its 5th year of business and doing
Benyo resides in Youngstown and is the VP of             University of the Incarnate Word. After receiving       great. Stop by and see them if you are in the area.
Brilex Industries. ... Amy Finke Cook ’90 belongs        her doctorate from Kent State University in 1998,       ... Doug Ennis sent an update: Bob Gannon got
to the same parish as I do — St. Bernadette. Amy         Lisa taught at Radford University in Virginia. She      married last July in Buffalo, NY ... And, Gino Faus-
and her husband, Brian, have five children. ... I         then accepted an assistant professorship at Texas       to has a new job flying private jets for a company
recently had dinner with Tony Georges and wife,          A&M University-Kingsville. In August of 2004 she        in Georgia. ... Last but not least, Doug has finished
Rosanna. They have two boys and live in West-            began her current job at Incarnate Word. Lisa           his master’s of science in information technology
lake. Tony manages/owns a beverage store with            lives in San Antonio with her husband, Greg, and        from Capella University. ... Laura Napoli was
his dad in Brooklyn, OH, near the zoo. Stop by for       daughter Miranda (8). ... I dropped an e-mail to        elected to the 2006 board of directors as treasurer
a gyro, he says. Tony keeps in touch with Maura          Daniel Harrington to see what he has been up            of the Federation of Italian-American Organizations
Burke Sweet who is married to Michael Sweet. ...         to. This is what he had to say: “I think since I last   of Greater Houston. ... Maggie Kenny married
Betsy Benander Traben and family have applied            communicated with JCU things have changed               Stephen Lamb ’92 last October and they reside in
for an international adoption in China. Betsy and        quite a bit. In 1998 I went back to school and          Grayslake, IL. ... Jason Stahl was recently hired
Ken have four children but have always wanted to         graduated with my master’s from Antioch Univer-         by Babcox Publications as the managing editor of
adopt. ... Sue and Mike Mangan will be in Ireland        sity in Yellow Springs, OH. I immediately relocated     BodyShop Business, a trade magazine covering
this summer for a vacation with their children. We       to Phoenix, AZ, where my wife, Vanessa, was             the collision repair industry. He has two children
will miss them at Reunion. ... Tara O’Neill Lavelle      working on her doctorate at ASU. That’s when I          Brittany (10) and Jacob (6) and lives in Lakewood,
is working for American Greetings, lives in Avon,        started my current career with Wells Fargo. Two         OH. ... Todd Ferraro and wife, Arlene, live in Pitts-
and teaches ski lessons during the winter months.        promotions later I was relocated to the Raleigh-        burgh and have a son and daughter. Todd recently

attended Mike Graber’s wedding to Jana Perretti        Higher Education at UNT and loving it! I hope all is     Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz told us, there’s
in Boston. They met while living in New Orleans        well with everyone! If you are reading this, take a      no place like home. ... Speaking of Oz, my book
a few years ago and were both relocated to Min-        minute and e-mail me some info on you and your           club is reading Wicked by Gregory Maguire. It’s
neapolis/St. Paul after Hurricane Katrina. Mike is a   friends from JCU! Luck to you always, Moe                fiction of course and based loosely on the life and

regional manager with Michelin Tires and Jana is                                                                times of the Wicked Witch of the West – perfectly
                                                                   Send your notes to:
an executive with Ritz Carlton hotels. In atten-                                                                appropriate for tornado season here in Canton,
                                                                   Annie (Hummer) DePerro
dance were fellow Green Gators Mike Boychuk,                                                                    OH. I’ll let you know next time if it’s a good read.
                                                                   4161 Glenmoor Rd. N.W.
Alfredo Vitug, Paul Bayhurst ’92, Rob Miller                                                                    When I’m not reading, I can be found at the gym
                                                                   Canton, OH 44718
and Lew Dichairo. ... Mike Boychuk attended                                                                     or on the treadmill. I ran a half marathon in April
with wife, Dana. They live in Pittsburgh, have two                                                              2005 and I’m planning on finishing the other half
                                                                   E-mail: anniedeperro@nls.net
children and are expecting their third in August.                                                               in Cleveland on May 21 of this year. Hopefully my
Mike is in dental equipment sales. Paul Bayhurst                                                                wonderful husband, Scott, and two dear children,
and fiancée Nicki Sack live in Silver Springs, MD.      While in the midst of tornado season and with            Gigi (4) and Ryan (almost 2) will be waiting for me
Paul is a cabinet maker and Nicki teaches Irish        hurricane season quickly approaching again, it           at the finish line. That’s all for now, Annie
dancing. ... Alfredo Vitug and his wife have three     is inevitable that someone we know would be

daughters and two sons and live in Manhattan.          closely affected by our country’s natural disas-                     Send your notes to:
Freddie owns two or three bars in Manhattan and        ters. In my last column I briefly mentioned Ethan                     Amy Spisich Kogovsek
Brooklyn. ... Rob Miller and wife Heather came in      Lamb. It turns out that Ethan’s life was turned up-                  E-mail: ASKamy@aol.com
from Fredricksburg, VA. Rob is a department head       side down by Hurricane Katrina. Like many of the
for the USDA in DC and they have a son. ... Lew        victims of last years’ tragedy, Ethan lost 99% of
Dichairo and his wife, Emily, both work as child       his personal belongings in New Orleans, where he
psychologists for the Cleveland Municipal Schools.     had been attending school, working construction,
... Tom and Pam (Phelleps) Shields welcomed            and helping to restore the vehicles on display at
                                                                                                                 REUNION 2006 JUNE 23-25
their second son Benjamin George on September          the National D-Day Museum Pavilion by volunteer-
13, 2005. ... Hope you all enjoy your summer and       ing. Ethan says, “I was fortunate enough to have         Ryan Martin graduated from the Illinois Institute
I look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care     gotten my car to higher ground before the flood           of Technology in ’03 and is living in Denver, CO.
and all the best! Julie                                came. Once the waters receded, I packed my               He finished a year of volunteer work with the

                                                       car and headed out to start a new life here in Or-       Colorado Vincentian Volunteers in July 2005. Dur-
            Send your notes to:                        egon.” Today, Ethan is living in Portland, working       ing that year he lived with 11 other volunteers,
            Maureen McGuinness Clouse                  as a payroll analyst for Fred Meyer, a West Coast        all working with the poor in different fields. Ryan
            1609 Marble Cove Ln.                       division of the Kroger Company. Ethan’s positive         worked at the Catholic Worker with the homeless
            Denton, TX 76210                           attitude has helped him move beyond the catas-           and he continues to work at an overnight home-
            940-566-1361                               trophe. He says, “As for Katrina, I never really         less shelter. He is asst. director of the St. Francis
            940-369-8764 (fax)                         dwelt on losing all of my stuff. Compared to a lot       Center but still manages to get some snowboard-
            E-mail: moe@hsl.admin.unt.edu              of other people that I knew there, I got off easy.       ing in. ... Carie Michael Bloom is an MD working
                                                       Life is quite different when you take away food,         at Cary Pediatric Center in Cary, NC. She and her
As I write this it is April 18 and we are having re-   supplies, electricity, running water, the police and     husband, Josh, have two children, Payton (3) and
cord highs of 100s in Texas already. I cannot imag-    fire departments, and the ability to drive. You find       Taylor (1). ... Tom Monagan is assistant athletic
ine what summer will be like. Please continue to       out really quickly that, in the end, we’re all respon-   trainer at St. Bonaventure University in NY and
e-mail me, phone or send me letters in regards         sible for taking care of ourselves.” ... True, we are    earned his MS from Eastern Illinois University. ...
to what is going on with you. ... Lisa Lombardi        ultimately in charge of our own lives; however,          Thomas J. Bertsch is living in Rocky River and is
Mendenhall, her husband, and Hannah (2) are            Amy Dygan has made her life’s work taking care           asst. VP of IMG’s McCormack Advisors Inter-
moving to Yokosuka, Japan, where her husband           of others. Amy works as the program director             national. ... Matt Becker earned his M.Ed. from
will be stationed with the Navy. Lisa is pregnant      at a family stabilization program. Her organiza-         Xavier in ’02 and works as manager, learning and
with their second child, a boy! She has continued      tion services patients in their homes throughout         performance at CareSource Management Group.
to work as a public relations consultant. We look      northeastern Massachusetts. Amy says her career          He and his wife, Amanda, have a four-week old,
forward to hearing all about your adventures, Lisa!    in health care administration provides her with          Noah John. ... Rebecca Carter Miller earned an
... Bonnie (Heaton) Kerber wrote after 12 years        a tremendous amount of satisfaction. She lives           MS from the U. of Pittsburgh in ’99 and works as
(we have been waiting for this!). Bonnie moved         in Tyngsboro, MA, where she recently bought a            a clinical supervisor at Mercy Behavioral Health
all over the country after graduating from JCU         townhouse and, she says, she loves life in New           in Pitt, where she lives with husband, Chris. ...
(San Francisco, South Carolina, Chicago, and Los       England. ... Casey Yandek ’99 is an associate            Matthew Fico works in Rochester, NY, where
Angeles) and has settled in Ann Arbor, MI. Bonnie      principal at Archbishop Hoban High School, where         he is a pharmaceutical representative for Takeda
married Kevin Kerber, who is a neurologist at the      he has worked for the past five years. He also            Pharmaceuticals. ... Christopher Flynn and wife,
University of Michigan. She worked for internet        teaches English and coaches freshman basketball.         Molly, live in Los Angeles where Christopher is an
marketing for five years and has retired to be a        Last year, Casey graduated from the University           agent trainee in Beverly Hills. ... Derek Garden
stay-at-home mom of aspiring actress Ellie (4)         of Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education          and his wife, Melissa, live in the Westerville,
and red-headed, ball-of-fire Thomas (1.5). Bonnie,      (ACE) Leadership Program, a master’s program             OH, area with their daughter Delaney Grace (2).
please don’t wait till Thomas is in college to write   that focuses on Catholic school administration.          Derek is in the MBA program at OSU. ... Scott
again. It was great to hear from you! ... Kevin        He resides in the West Park area of Cleveland            Ziska is living in Sagamore Hills and a partner
Biasci moved from NYC to Atlanta, GA, three            with a housemate and Mike Keys ’99. ... Victoria         with RollingBrook Financial Advisors in Solon. ...
years ago. He writes that he is feeling healthier      Insley has lived in Hong Kong for five years and          Suzanne (Butch) Heckroth is living in Baltimore
than ever. ... He would love to hear from you          will probably be there another two. Her husband,         with her husband, Mark. She resigned her job at
— kevinjbiacsi@aol.com. ... Kelly and Sara ’95         who works for Mattel, was transferred there from         In Vitro Technologies to stay home with Katie (2)
(Tabis) Crowe welcomed the first Crowe daughter         California. Victoria volunteers for many charities in    and Ryan (3 months). While at In Vitro, Suzanne
into the world on January 25. Megan Crowe joined       Hong Kong, mainly educationally oriented through         worked with classmate Jennifer Bugel Mertz,
big brother Thomas (3). ... Alex Spinos and his        her involvement with an international club called        who earned her master’s in clinical psychology
lovely wife, Allison ’02G, welcomed their first son     the American Woman’s Association. Although she           from Loyola College in MD. Jen now lives in Cary,
into the world on February 10. Kevin Joseph is         has enjoyed the opportunity of living in a culturally    NC, with her husband, Kevin, and runs the payroll
showing Alex how to stay up late without party-        different world, Victoria is anxious to return home      and benefits department at Sony Ericsson. ... Also
ing! Welcome to both our little Blue Streaks! ...      to the United States. She says, “There is no place       living in the Baltimore area are Steve Blahut and
I have been busy teaching graduate classes in          else in the world I would rather be.” Yes, just as       Tara Reddy-Blauhut. Their sons are, Donovan

                                                                                                                         JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY • SPRING 2006     57
(2.5) and Vincent, born in November. Tara received      least 2008.” Carroll folks who came to the wed-                   Send your notes to:
her master’s in clinical counseling psychology          ding were Lorena (Laurie) Urraro, who is working                  Cherie Skoczen
from Towson State University and Steve earned a         on her Ph.D. at OSU, and Genevieve Volpe,                         216-741-1823
master’s from Towson State University and then a        who is living and working in Cleveland Heights.                   E-mail: cherieskoczen@ameritech.net
doctorate in statistics from the University of MD.      Melissa (Winberry) Gleeson and Irina (Maritzia)
He is a statistician for Olitzky Whittle, a marketing   Jacobs were both invited, but due to children
firm for pharmaceutical companies. ... Christina         weren’t there. Irina is back in Madrid with her four
Zotis McArdle and her husband, John, are living         children and her husband, who is a chiropractor.       Happy 30th birthday Class of ’98! To celebrate
in the Pittsburgh area. They have three children:       Erin and Bill are planning a honeymoon for later       the Big 3-0, my good friend, Ann Hricko, and I
Samantha (6), Donny (4) and Mary (3). Christina         in the summer to Spain and Mallorca. ... Collyn        went on a seven-day southern Caribbean cruise in
graduated from The Ohio College of Podiatric            Rybarczyk is living in Charleston, SC, selling real    March. On the island of Curacao we swam with
Medicine and is practicing part-time in Greentree,      estate for Prudential Carolina - crybarczyk@prucar.    the dolphins and in St. Thomas we parasailed 400
PA. ... Eileen Chambers O’Malley, her husband,          com. She loves it and loves the city of Charleston.    feet above the ocean. It was an incredibly fun
Brendan, and daughter Grace (2) recently moved          If anyone is planning a visit to Charleston, contact   – and relaxing – way to kick off the new decade!
back to Cleveland after living in Detroit for almost    her. ... Joy Malek Oldfield became a principal          Kara Newmeyer said she and her college friends
two years. Eileen received her master’s in educa-       member of Hill/Company LLC, a law firm started          went to Las Vegas to celebrate their 30th. The
tional administration from CSU and teaches lower        by one of the partners at her old law firm in           group included: Jeff and Lisa (Frankl) Kula, who
elementary school. Eileen’s brother Billy married       Cuyahoga Falls, OH. She works on plaintiff’s civil     recently had a baby boy, Casey; Melissa
classmate Mollie Kraven Chambers and they               and business litigation. ... After almost two years    (Mekkelson) Hayden, who lives in Beckley, WV,
have one son, Owen (3). ... Kelly Cunningham            of mobilization in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as a          with her husband and recently took a new position
received an MBA and a master’s in industrial engi-      member of the U.S. Army Reserve, John Hotek            as a pharmaceutical representative; Stacy Miros
neering from Cornell. She is living in Chicago and      decided to return to active duty with the U.S.         who lives in Seattle, WA, and works for Microsoft;
working for Delphi as a sales/account manager.          Army. He traded in his General Electric corporate      Alison Strell who lives in Washington, DC, and
... Patty Orlino graduated from The College of          gray for U.S. Army camouflage. He’s currently in        works for Smith Barney; Lisa Zone who lives in
Medicine at OSU in 2000 and completed a five-            school at Fort Lee, VA, but upon completion, he        Cleveland and works for the public relations firm
year residency at MetroHealth Medical Center in         will be assigned to the 1st Battalion, 3rd Special     Dix and Eaton; and Mary Sullivan who lives in
diagnostic radiology. She served as chief resident      Forces Group (Airborne) at Fort Bragg, NC. ...         Cleveland and works as an attorney. Kara lives
for a year and is currently working as radiologist      Lauren (O’Neil) Rakvic moved from California           in Pittsburgh, PA, and works as a social worker
at Metro. ... I received more news but couldn’t fit      to Annapolis in August 2005. Her husband is a          for the elderly. Kara also sent along the picture
it all in, so you’ll see more. Until next time, the     professor at the Naval Academy, and she is a third     from Jay Donato’s wedding. Jay and Mary Ellen
Lord bless you and keep you, Amy                        grade teacher. ... John Samol is a physician in the    were married in October 2005. Kara also said DJ
                                                        Seven Hills Women’s Health Centers in Cincinnati.      and Elizabeth (Chambers) Daniels welcomed

            Send your notes to:                         ... Gina Girardot has joined the law firm of Tucker     baby girl, Zoe, to their lives. The Daniels live
            Brian Sparks                                Ellis & West LLP in Cleveland as an associate. ...     in Bay Village, OH. ... At press time Jeannine
            5011 Oakes Rd.                              Patricia Tripar is vice president of ABN AMRO          (Nadasdi) Denholm was getting ready to attend
            Brecksville, OH 44141                       Bank in Chicago. ... Louise Aquila, Ph.D. ’97G is      the Daytime Emmy Awards in Hollywood! For
            Phone: 440-746-0309                         a manager of training and curriculum at SynCardia      three years she has been working on the show
            E-mail: bdsparks@meistermedia.com           Systems in Tucson, AZ. ... Peter Munson is study-      Starting Over. Last year she received an Emmy
                                                        ing Arabic at the Defense Language Institute in        for the series and is nominated again this year for
Erin (McNabb) Howe got married March 4 in               Monterey, CA. He completed a master’s program          Outstanding Special Class Series. Jeannine is the
Chicago to Bill Howe. Erin is in nursing school and     in national security affairs (Middle East/North        head of promotions for Starting Over and works
will graduate in December 2006. “As much as             Africa region) at the Naval Postgraduate School in     closely with the story and production crew to
we want out of Chicago, we’re stuck here until at       2005. ... Keep the news coming! Brian                  write and produce all the in-show promo content.
                                                                                                               She also has worked on the television show
                                                                                                               Animal Planet. Jeannine met her husband, Dave,
                                                                                                               when they worked together at WKYC in Cleve-
                                                                                                               land. They now live in Los Angeles where Dave
                                                                                                               is a radio talk show host for ESPN. ... Congratula-
                                                                                                               tions to Aaron and Cathy (Mayle) Smith, who had
                                                                                                               a baby girl, Lucy Catherine, in December 2005.
                                                                                                               The Smiths were married in October 2002, and
                                                                                                               live in Memphis, TN. Cathy works from home for
                                                                                                               Fidelity National Field Services, which is based in
                                                                                                               Solon, OH. ... Caitlin (McKendry) Schneid and
                                                                                                               her husband Jim, who married in October 2003,
                                                                                                               had a baby boy, Colin James, in February 2006.
                                                                                                               They live in Charlotte, NC. ... Kristin Toth relo-
                                                                                                               cated to Austin, TX, in July 2004. She works for
                                                                                                               Dell as a senior compensation consultant on the
                                                                                                               Global Compensation Programs team. Her work
                                                                                                               enables her to travel around the world, literally!
                                                                                                               She recently returned from a three-week work trip
                                                                                                               to Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and India.
                                                                                                               ... JJ Mitchell lives in Agoura Hills, CA, which is
                                                                                                               near Los Angeles. In 2003 he received his MBA in
                                                                                                               finance from the University of New Mexico. As a
                                                                                                               biological product specialist for Sanofi Pasteur, JJ
                                                                                                               educates doctors about current pediatric disease
Pictured in the front row (left to right) are Eric Rapp ’95, Mary Ellen Donato, Matt Olver ’97, and            trends and the vaccines to prevent them. Most of
Brad Wilson; pictured in the back (left to right) are JCU’s swim coach Matt Lenhart, Debbie (Janchar)
                                                                                                               his free time is devoted to training for cycling and
Fitzmaurice ’97, Laurie (Carrier) Olver ’97, Jay Donato ’98, Kara Newmeyer ’98, Heidi Freytag ’98 and
Adam Samko ’98.                                                                                                triathlons. He rides with the Amgen Cycling team

and is working towards the traveling team. ... Best                 Send your notes to:                         “Unfortunately, I will be missing out on our re-
wishes to everyone for a fun and happy spring and                   Maureen DeMers Fariello                     union this year because I will be in Barcelona and
summer. Please take a few minutes to send me                        2133 South Finley Rd., #515                 the south of Spain this summer... I recently moved
an e-mail so I can include your name in the next                    Lombard, IL 60148                           back to Los Angeles to take on a full-time position
column. Until then, take care – Cherie                              E-mail: jcualumni2001@yahoo.co              as the director of Spain Programs and Student
                                                                                                                Admissions coordinator for Abbey Road Overseas

           Send your notes to:                          REUNION 2006 JUNE 23-25                                 Programs.” ... Please continue to send updates on
           Martin Fox                                                                                           you and your friends; pictures of any group gather-
           E-mail: jcu1999family@hotmail.com                                                                    ings (weddings, reunion, etc.) are encouraged as
                                                       Reunion 2006 – June 23-25. If you haven’t sent           well. May you continue to be blessed, Maureen
                                                       in an RSVP, you can respond and register via the

                                                       alumni web site http://www.jcu.edu/alumni/re-                        Send your notes to:
                                                       union/register06.htm. Until we can be together                       Gina Ferrara

             Send your notes to:
                                                       again, here is the latest update on all of life’s hap-               4974 Bonita Ave.
                                                       penings. Seth Unger and his wife, Bridget, have                      St. Louis, MO 63109
             Lisa Foster
             1808 Coventry Rd., #6
                                                       been celebrating and increasing their family a little                314.753.3816 (c)
             Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
                                                       bit each year; Seth and Bridget had three boys in                    E-mail: gferrara@covenanthousemo.org
                                                       three years: Seth Jr. (2003), Coleman Alexander
                                                       (2004), and Trent Christian (2006). Family pictures      Laura (Andrasak) married Michael ’01 Murphey
                                                       are available at www.sethunger.com. Seth works           last July and the couple lives in University Heights.
             Clare Taft                                in the California State Capitol for Senator Chuck        Laura received her master’s in education from JCU
             2171 Middlefield Rd.                       Poochigian, the assistant Republican leader, who         in 2005 and teaches 6th grade math and science in
             Cleveland Heights, OH 44106               is running for Attorney General this year against        Kent. Michael teaches 1st grade in Chagrin Falls.
             E-mail: jculassof2000@hotmail.com         the “infamous Jerry Brown.”... John Shiga                ... Andrea Ellis and Frank Colella ’01 are engaged
                                                       announces his recent engagement to Megan                 to be married on September 2, 2006. Andrea is
Summer is finally here and we have more updates         Toolis ’03; John and Megan are planning an April         a business system analyst at National City Bank.
from our fellow Class of 2000 graduates! Clare         2007 wedding. John currently works as an audit           Frank earned his master’s degree from Case and
and Jason Smith recently moved from Coventry           specialist for Nationwide Insurance in Columbus.         is working as a clinical nurse educator at Rainbow
to a house in Cleveland Heights. They are looking      ... Michael Riebe graduated from the College of          Babies and Children’s Hospital. The couple will re-
forward to many weekends spent renovating              Dentistry at OSU last year and is currently practic-     side in Lyndhurst, OH. ... Susie (Memo) Schmitt
their home. ... Now on to wedding news. Kevin          ing in Painesville; Michael will be married on June      married Alex ’98 in August 2005, and the couple is
Garvey and Kim Oblak will be married on April 21,      17 to Dawn DeLooze. ... Beth Loh earned her MD           living in Hudson. The wedding party included JCU
2007. Kevin and Kim are also new homeowners;           from the University of Cincinnati. Her residency         grads Kristen Healy, Amanda (Karpus) Mooney,
they recently bought a house in Strongsville. ...      assignment is in pediatrics at Primary Children’s        Meredith (Lewis) Hudac, Nathan Lambert
Jane Howarth and Brett Vogelsberger were mar-          Medical Center - Salt Lake City, UT. ... Mary Beth       ’98, and Steve Rozman ’98. Susie received an
ried June 3 in Cooperstown, NY. Mary (Howarth)         (Maloney) Soeder is not missing, as published            advanced degree in early childhood education and
Bibbee served as matron of honor. Jane and Brett       in the last article. She married Michael Soeder ’00      is the Title I reading teacher for Streetsboro City
live in University Heights. ... Michael Murphey ’01    last September. She and Michael live in University       Schools. ... Jeff Neiner is employed by Siemens
and Laura Andrasak ’02 were married in July 2005.      Heights and Mary Beth teaches in the Orange City         Business Systems in Deefield, IL (outside of
Michael and Laura live in University Heights and       Schools. She also shares that Meghan Collins             Chicago). He and his wife, Sheila (Buckley), were
Michael teaches first grade in Chagrin Falls while      will marry Rory Neill ’02 in Buffalo this summer.        married last summer, honeymooned in Hawaii and
Laura teaches sixth grade math and science in          ... Cindy (Fievet) Barker and her husband, Matt,         live in Kenosha, WI. ... Nick Rennpage is teaching
Kent. ... Amy Rizzuto and Jason Marckel will be        have lived in the Houston area for two years.            theology at the National Shrine of the Little Flower
married in August in Niagara Falls, NY. ... Lizette    Cindy taught in Cleveland Municipal Schools for          High School in Royal Oak, MI. He spends his free
Flammer will be married in September in Buffalo.       three years and is currently teaching first grade in      time building track bikes, cooking pizzas, and play-
... Gordon Netschke will be married in June            Humble Independent School District. Cindy will           ing in country bands. He would also like to share
in Cleveland. ... Elizabeth Morris married Rick        earn her master’s of education from Walden Uni-          that Jon Miceli ’03 drives a Cadillac. ... Phil Ryan
Johnson ’02 on June 24, 2005. Elizabeth and Rick       versity in August. In the meantime, she and Matt         is a senior associate at KPMG LLP in Cleveland. ...
live in Willowick. Elizabeth teaches sixth grade in    are enjoying the newest member of their family,          Michael Treleaven is living in Columbus, OH, and
Painesville and Rick teaches seventh grade in the      Madilyn May, who was born December 14, 2005.             working as a broker for International Risk Consul-
Willoughby-Eastlake schools. ... Kelley (Gaughan)      ... Meredith (Merle) Barna earned a master’s of          tants Inc. ... Aaron Weir received his law degree
and Mike Biscaro welcomed their son, Dominic           education in 2003 and is currently a kindergarten        from Ohio University in 2005 and is working as an
Michael, in March. ... Nate ’01 and Brooke (Bor-       teacher with Aurora City Schools. She and her            associate attorney at Maguire & Schneider, LLP
neo) ’01 Goshen welcomed their son, Bennett Da-        husband, Jim Barna, were married last August             in Columbus. ... and I (Gina Ferrara) have some
vid, on April 13. ... Megan Campana is a regional      and live in Fairlawn, OH. ... Jennifer Radivoj is a      news of my own to share. I graduate in May 2006
account manager for AIM Healthcare Services            senior accounts executive for Airfoil Public Rela-       with my master’s in counseling from Saint Louis
Inc. and lives in Lorain, OH. ... Tracy (Thompson)     tions in Michigan. ... Lauren (Hill) Lesagonicz          University. I will be working at Covenant House
Duemling and her husband, Keith, live in Paines-       recently earned an MBA and works as a member/            Missouri, an international non-profit organization
ville, OH. Tracy is a chemist for Sherwin-Williams.    sponsorship manager for the San Diego Interna-           that serves homeless and at-risk adolescents.
... Katie (Farrell) and Jeff Norris were married in    tional Sports Council; she lives in San Diego with       Also, I got engaged in March and will be marrying
2000 and have a two-year-old son, Jeffrey. Katie,      her husband, Robert. ... Christen McArdle was            Mike Taylor in April 2007. Beth Waide ’03 will be
Jeff and Jeffrey are moving to Chicago where           named the 2006 executive director of the Ann             my maid of honor. ... It is wonderful to be able to
Katie will study for her master of divinity at Mead-   Arbor Film Festival, which recognizes experimen-         share my news and yours with our entire class!
ville Lombard Theological School. Jeff earned his      tal and independent filmmakers from around the            Please keep the updates coming ... with news of
master of computer science from Rensselaer in          world. Christen left Los Angeles and New Crime           so many engagements lately, I expect to have lots
2002 and works as a software architect consultant      Productions to accept this new position. Christen        of wedding pictures coming my way by the end of
for ThoughtWorks. Congratulations to all our class-    has gained recognition for her accomplishments           summer! Best wishes, Gina
mates who are getting married, welcoming new           in a variety of fields: she is an award-winning
children into the world or changing jobs! ... Take     filmmaker, classical and experimental violist, actor,
care and keep us informed, Clare and Lisa              writer and producer. ... Natasha Marin writes,

                                                                                                                         JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY • SPRING 2006    59
03                                                       04
            Send your notes to:                                      Send your notes to:                           master’s in educational administration, most likely
            Theresa Polachek                                         Paul S. Clapp                                 at the University of Findlay. ... That’s it for now.
            4844 Westbourne Rd.                                      2274 Chapel Rd.                               Take care, Paul
            Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124                                    Jefferson, OH 44047

            E-mail: jcu2003@hotmail.com                              440.812.3837 (c)                                          Send your notes to:
                                                                     E-mail:pclapp04@jcu.edu                                   Jennifer Tolhurst
                                                                                                                               1360 W. Clifton Blvd.
 “Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physi-       Great to hear from everyone. We are all so busy                       Lakewood, OH 44107
cal.” – Yogi Berra … As I write this, I’m watching       with work and everything else that goes on in our                     614.370.1565 (c)
the Tribe take on the Tigers. Ah, the beginning of       lives, it’s a real challenge to keep in touch. But now,               E-mail: jtolhurst04@jcu.edu
the season and so much hope. But, we’re losing,          with a little help from myspace.com, we can all
so it’s good there are 162 games in the season.          easily stay connected. I have created a page just         Hi all! Not much to report this time. Keep sending
Happy summer, everyone! I received e-mails from          for our class, and so far it’s been pretty popular.       me your updates or this column is going to get
several of you for this column – thank you! Here’s       Just check it out — www.myspace.com/jcu04. We             pretty boring. ... J.T. Sturm is teaching pre-
what people had to say ... Jen Gardner is graduat-       have over 100 classmates already signed up, and           calculus and integrated math 1 at Medina High
ing this May from American University Washington         hopefully we’ll get more by the time this hits your       School. Outside of the classroom, he is the head
College of Law and is moving back up to Cleve-           mailbox. At the page you can send updates to me           junior varsity boys’ basketball coach. ... Michael
land. She’ll spend this summer studying for the bar      directly or you can post a message so everyone            J. Costello is a battalion adjutant at Fort Riley,
exam, and then will start as an associate attorney       can see it. So, please take a look. ... I’m looking       KS, with the U.S. Army 2-70 AR company. ...
at Climaco, Lefkowitz, Peca, Wilcox & Garofoli Co.,      forward to this having a positive impact, and hope-       Dave Summers was recently promoted to sales
LLP. ... Rhodora Donley spent two years teaching         fully we’ll have more than enough information for         manager at Best Buy in Mentor. He is the young-
special ed at Holy Family Learning, where she met        next issue. So, here’s what’s been happening in           est sales manager in the district, and has between
her fiancé, Scott Huffmyer. Rhodora and Scott are         the last few months ... Julie Goldyn went on to           120 and 160 employees under him. ... Lauren
getting married in June and recently built a house       KSU after Carroll and got her master’s of educa-          Connolly is working as a sales representative for
in Ohio Township in Pittsburgh. ... Kevin Gray is        tion in school psychology. Now she’s working on           American Phone Centers in Cleveland. ... Andrew
an account executive with Acordia/Wells Fargo in         her Ph.D. at KSU in school psychology. She’s been         Guild is working in downtown Cleveland for the
Louisville, KY. ... Collin Braun is moving to L.A. in    pretty busy outside of the classroom, because she         Department of Veterans’ Affairs. ... Amanda Le-
August, as he was recently accepted to Claremont         is also working with the school doing consulting          onberg was recently accepted into the Creighton
Graduate University’s Ph.D. in Religion Program.         with teachers and designing interventions to ad-          University School of Medicine in Omaha, NE,
Collin was living in Boston, where he earned his         dress academic and behavioral issues in preschool         where she’ll start in the fall. ... And in wedding
MA in theology from Boston College, and was              children with disabilities. Soon she will be intern-      news, Lauren Smith recently got engaged to
teaching at Malden Catholic High School. He’s also       ing with the Lorain City Schools. ... Ken Fortune         Craig Setter. Lauren is currently in graduate school
a part-time tennis pro. ... Brandy (Clark) Howell        is living in Geneva while working corporate secu-         at Case Western Reserve University. They are
sent me a nice long e-mail about the girls in Bernet     rity for Progressive Insurance in Mayfield Heights,        planning an August 2007 wedding in Pittsburgh.
2F. She passes along the news that she married           OH. ... Darice Kopcak is currently the marketing          ... Janet Kramer is volunteering full-time with the
her sweetheart, Josh, on September 18, 2004;             manager for Porsche and Audi at Stoddard Import-          Episcopal Urban Intern Program and AmeriCorps
and moved to Stone Mountain, GA. Both Brandy             ed Cars, Inc. in Willoughby, OH. She creates ads          in Inglewood, CA. She works as an employment
and Josh work in Atlanta for a high-rise remodel-        that are seen in various Porsche parts publications       specialist at a non- profit called Chrysalis, where
ing firm. ... Brandy also mentioned that Jessica          within the U.S. as well as England and Australia.         she helps homeless people find jobs and get the
Cornuet married Rob DePascal in April 2005, and          A few of her other ads can be seen in other print         resources they need to become self- sufficient. ...
Tiffany Robinson married Brian Willmott ’01 in           publications. ... Matt Joyce graduated from the           That’s it for now — I love hearing what every-
August 2005. ... Veronica Gorley is engaged to           U.S. Army’s Airborne and Ranger Schools and is            body’s doing, so keep those updates coming!
James Chufo and they will be married in May. ...         now a platoon leader in the 25th Infantry Division        Jennifer
Plus Andrea Macy is engaged to Bob Gray and              in Hawaii. He really misses the Cleveland winters
has a wedding planned for Labor Day weekend! ...         — right! ... Maria Sellers has been living in
Jack Gutowitz recently left The West Wing and            Lakewood and working in Downtown Cleveland

started to work on a new show. He’s currently a          as an editor for KeyBanc Capital Markets. She is
writers’ assistant on a new one-hour drama that          engaged to Ben Papay (who she met at work) and

will come out on NBC this fall. The show is called       they are planning their August 26, 2006 wedding
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and is one of the          in Canton, OH. ... Joe Lowry recently moved to
most anticipated dramas of the upcoming season!          Arlington, VA, and started a job with the Office of
Jack is under the direct supervision of Aaron Sor-       Emergency Planning, Preparedness and Opera-
kin, who created The West Wing and SportsNight           tions for the U.S. House of Representatives where
and also wrote A Few Good Men and The Ameri-             he assists with the various emergency-related pro-                  September 22-24, 2006
can President. Tune in this fall! ... Patrick Mancuso    grams which they conduct. He’d tell us more but
’02 moved out to Orange County, CA, in June              its top secret. ... Sarah Weese will be graduating                  Parade around JCU
2005 and was promoted to general manager of the          with her master’s degree in August. She’ll then
Cintas Cleanroom Division in Southern California.        travel to beaches of North Carolina to pursue a ca-                 Street Fair
... Dennis Burgess ’02 is in St. Simons Island, GA.      reer working with children and adolescents. ... Joe
... Melissa Allen is working in D.C. as one of six       Hoelzle is teaching Social Studies at Hopewell-                     Beer Garden
people from the Class of 2005 Office of the Secre-        Loudon High School which is in Bascom (very
                                                                                                                             JCU Football
tary Management Intern program. She moved to             rural) between Tiffin and Fostoria in Northwest
DC in September to begin her two-year internship         Ohio. He teaches freshman World History and                         Seeing old classmates
at the Main Interior Building. … Erin DeBruin            senior citizenship. Joe stays busy coaching as the
is working as a computer teacher at St. George           assistant varsity football coach — d-line and run-                  Alumni Mass & Breakfast
School in Illinois, and is engaged to Brian Skibinski.   ning backs. His team made it to the state semis in
They have a July 16th wedding planned in Chicago.        D6. He’s also the Jr. high wrestling coach, and the                 For more information regarding
Best wishes! ... Thanks again for the news, and          throwing coach for boys and girls Jr. and Sr. high                  Homecoming 2006 visit
have a great summer! Take care, Theresa                  track teams. This summer he plans on starting his                   www.jcu.edu/alumni

Frank and Megan Percaciante ’02: 2007
another JCU romance              Alumni Medal
     Frank Percaciante met Megan Macho            Klein ’02.
on his 19th birthday, April 9, 1999. The             Life together is underway. Frank, the
place was Murphy Hall and the catalyst was        son of the university copy center’s Lois         The Alumni Office is
classmate Brendan Joilet ’04, who is now          Percaciante, is now a controller for Garland     seeking nominations
walking the mean streets of Iraq. It took         Industries in Cleveland. Megan is earning
Megan and Frank a while to bond, but they         a master’s at Cleveland State University in
                                                                                                   for the Alumni
ended the millennium with the promise to          occupational therapy.                            Association’s
each other. They were an item through their
last years at John Carroll, as Frank played
                                                                                                   highest honor,
football and studied finance and Megan                                                              the Alumni Medal.
built her base in psychology.
     Their engagement happened in 2003
and there was a more than two-year journey                                                         The award is given on the basis of
before the wedding occurred in December of                                                         distinguished service to a profession,
last year. Because theirs is so strongly a John                                                    exemplary family and personal life,
Carroll romance, Megan and Frank wanted                                                            contributions to community, and
to hold an event, a shower, on campus                                                              leadership service to the university
before the wedding. That happened late last                                                        and the association. Please send the
fall in the Atrium of the Dolan Center.                                                            name, title, organization and class
     Frank made a little speech celebrating                                                        year of the nominee, as well as a
the university and Megan and the prom-                                                             brief career summary to:
ise of their life together. He recalls now,                                                        Ryan Daly
“I said there were a lot of things I owed                                                          Director of Alumni Relations
John Carroll for giving me: a great liberal                                                        John Carroll University
education, the opportunity to play football
                                                                                                   20700 North Park Boulevard
and a great bunch of friends, but the greatest
                                                                                                   University Heights, OH 44118
thing was the opportunity to meet Megan.”
     Classmates and fellow gridders Erik
Warren ’02 and Tom Kaufman ’03 were in                                                             Nominations can be made at
the wedding, as was Megan’s friend, Sarah                                                          www.jcu.edu/alumni or by e-mailing to
                                                                                                   rdaly@jcu.edu by February 16, 2007

In Memoriam
Thomas E. Downey, Sr.      ’35     6/19/00          Leonard A. Weisenberg ’52         4/2/06      Donald J. Fornadel       ’72           2/11/06
Mary C. Malone             ’37     2/21/06          Samuel U. Wetzel        ’52       3/7/06      Nikki Babbit           ’74G            4/20/06
Frank V. Baldo             ’38     1/09/06          Charles D. Consolo      ’53      2/10/06      Michael J. Dambach       ’74           3/08/06
Raymond J. McGorray        ’40     2/23/06          William G. Cibula       ’54     11/30/05      Gary E. Mapes            ’75           2/08/06
John F. O’Brien            ’41     3/06/06          Cornelius D. O’Connell ’55       3/11/06      Richard F. Connors       ’76           4/07/06
Thomas J. Coates           ’44     3/21/06          James R. Shalala        ’55      3/12/06      Judith S. Lesser       ’76G            3/06/06
Joseph R. Shaker           ’45     4/03/06          Frank J. Novak          ’56      4/07/06      David J. Czernicki       ’80           2/23/03
Samuel D. Gunning          ’46     4/02/06          John T. Boyle           ’56      5/22/05      John W. Brewton        ’83G             2/4/06
Kevin F. Smith             ’48     4/17/06          Russell C. Drago        ’56      2/15/06      Patrick D. Goold         ’84           4/15/06
Jack J. Corrigan           ’49     4/03/06          James R. Phalen         ’59      2/11/06      Patrick A. Maestranzi    ’91           2/12/06
Francis O. Calkins         ’50    12/08/05          David F. Starre         ’60      4/23/06      Patrick J. Downing       ’91           5/11/05
John Charles Gstalder      ’50     2/20/06          Thomas H. Smayda        ’62      7/28/05      Albert N. Cousins
Patrick J. Kelly           ’50     3/31/06          William L. DiMuzio      ’66     12/31/05                   Retired faculty           3/20/06
Paul V. Dougherty          ’50     4/04/06          John A. Coffin         ’66G       4/09/06
                                                                                                 This is the deceased list as we know it. We
Thomas J. Hamann           ’50     2/26/06          Nicholas T. Stowe     ’68G      12/25/04
                                                                                                 apologize for any omission and ask that you please
Leonard J. Raimer          ’51     2/18/06          William F. Peinert    ’68G       2/11/06     notify Joan Brosius at 216.397.4332. Thank you.
Joseph L. Fortuna          ’52     4/23/06          John H. Bruening      ’69G       2/26/06

                                                                                                          JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY • SPRING 2006
                                                                                                         JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY • SPRING 2006    61
J O H N       C A R R O L L

Sam Wetzel ’52, Silver Quill recipient
                      Sam Wetzel was               Mr. Wetzel was also one of the most           families and pursuing ambitious careers,
                      many things to many       loving of the sons of John Carroll. One of 12    what a tonic it is now to have the time and
                      people. He was the        children, he followed his brothers John ’46,     the energy to mingle and reminisce about
                      beloved husband of        and Tom ’47 and preceded Gene ’53 here.          those years on the Carroll campus.”
                      the late Audrey, the      Mr. Wetzel cherished his years on campus            The Silver Quill citation concluded, “It is
                      devoted father of         and worked hard to maintain the vitality of      a matter of relationships and the quality of
                      five daughters and        his Carroll relationship.                        the columnist’s heart and soul. Sam’s heart
                      three sons and the           He was a longtime class columnist, who        and soul were luminously manifest through
                      grandfather of 32.        was honored last year with the Silver Quill      his decade of service.”
                      He was a successful       given to the year’s outstanding scribe. In one      Mr. Wetzel is survived by his children,
businessman who served his customers            of his many reflections on the ties that bind,    grandchildren, great-grandchildren and a
throughout a long career in real estate.        Mr. Wetzel said: “After 45 busy years raising    host of friends.

Dave Starre ’60, hunger service
                      The first line of the      Monday night meal program at his parish,         to marry after three dates but waited until
                      Plain Dealer obituary     St. Malachi’s, on Cleveland’s West Side.         he graduated from the university in 1960.
                      read: “Dave Starre,          His friend Jim Laubenthal said some           They never strayed far from where they
                      67, who sold food         time ago, “He is singularly responsible for      grew. They raised their own two sons
                      by day but gave it        the development of a community around            and two daughters, became deeply rooted
                      away at night, died       delivering the meal. This is his ministry.”      members of the St. Malachi Community and
                      Sunday at Fairview           Scores who didn’t know Dave Starre            lived lives of purpose and service. The one
                      Hospital.” Those          knew of him. Though he was notably self          somewhat exotic element in their lives was
                      contraries – selling      effacing, he was a well-known volunteer          their devotion to their land in rural Medina
                      and giving – spoke        and during his long battle with cancer, he       County. Last year they moved to it as their
profoundly of Dave Starre. He was a re-         also became an exemplar of courage. John         primary residence.
spected food broker who supplied grocery        Carroll included him in the magazine’s first         Mr. Starre is survived by Barbara; by his
stores. He was also the consummate man          Making a Difference class.                       four children; by 13 grandchildren; two
for others. For three decades he ran the           Mr. Starre and his wife, Barbara, agreed      brothers and a sister.

Pat Goold ’84, businessman
                          “Businessman”         a large number of people.                        without judgment and with care. The result
                          sounds almost like       When it became clear that his remain-         was that his fellow humans were drawn to
                          “cover,” obscuring    ing days were few, several hundred people        Mr. Goold as if he possessed a powerful
                          the reality of Pat    marched through the streets of Bay Village,      magnet inside himself. McAndrews said,
                          Goold. The Class      Ohio, proclaiming that “Life is Goold!”          “The more you knew Pat, the greater a man
                          of 1984 graduate         In his eulogy, Mr. Goold’s brother-in-law,    he was…this church filled to capacity today
                          was indeed the        Sean McAndrews, said, “The nurses and            is testimony to his life.’’ The obvious fact is
                          owner/manager of      doctors at the Cleveland Clinic, having          that Mr. Goold lived a rich humanity, which
                          two Litehouse Pools   never seen anything like it, as literally        was his great and memorable gift.
branches, and he used his rich gifts to suc-    hundreds of Pat’s friends paraded into his           Mr. Goold is survived by his wife, Cathy;
ceed in business. From the testimony of his     room, labeled him The RockStar…”                 by his sons, Jack and Matthew; by his
multitudinous friends, though, Mr. Goold           According to McAndrews and other              daughter, Katie; by his parents; by three
was truly a relationship artist, one who had    friends – there clearly is a consensus – Mr.     sisters and a grandfather.
a rare ability to build deep connections with   Goold had a remarkable ability to listen

                                                                                            J O H N        C A R R O L L

   Carroll News wins big again                                                             JCU’s four in Crain’s
                                                                                           “20 in their 20s.”
                                                                                           John Carroll placed four recent alumni
                                                                                           in Crain’s on-their-way up feature
                                                                                           charting 20-somethings who are doing
                                                                                           notable things. The four are: Hannah
                                                                                           Fritzman ’03 (see Making a Difference),
                                                                                           Jason Therrien ’01 of Thunder::Tech,
                                                                                           Brian Edelstein ’01 of Edward Howard,
                                                                                           and Joseph DelRe ’00.

                                                                                           A professor’s bequest
                                                                                           to Grasselli
                                                                                           The widow of the late Professor Conrad
                                                                                           Rawski, former dean of the Case
For the second consecutive year, the Carroll News was named the best weekly in             Western Reserve University School
region four by the Society of Professional Journalists. The judges said: “The staff        of Library Science, has donated the
knows its audience, focusing on student-related articles.” Kevin Yanik ’06 won a           3200 volumes in his personal scholarly
first for sports writing; and third place distinctions went to Jake Oresick ’06 for         collection to Grasselli Library. Mrs.
opinion; Jonathan Tramontana ’07 for sports photography; Andrew Rafferty ’09 for           Rawski said that her husband was a
news; James Carney ’07 for news design; and Melissa Cigoi ’07 for editorial cartoon.       devout Catholic and would be pleased
    Krystina McGiffin ’07, right, recently assumed the editorship of the paper from         to know his collection had found a
senior Tricia Graham, center. The newspaper advisor, Bob Noll, is also pictured above.     home in a Catholic university.

                                         JCU’s Joe Adair ’00 was one of the stars of
                                         God or the Girl, a five-part TV series that
                                         concluded Apr 23 on the A&E Network.
                                         Adair, coordinator of immersion experiences
                                         and a resident campus minister at JCU,
                                         joined three other men in sharing the process
                                         of discerning whether or not they have a
                                         vocation for the priesthood. Joe, who led the
                                         university’s trips to New Orleans in winter
                                         and spring (see Making a Difference) became
                                         a considerable celebrity this spring, appearing
                                         on the television morning shows and being
                                         deluged with letters and e-mails – many of
                                         them from intrigued young women.

                                                                                             Dolar wins ROTC’s
                                                                                             Marshall Award
Two more firsts for JCU neuroscience students                                                 Christopher J. Dolar ’06 of
Jacqueline Kemp ‘06G won first place for a research paper in biology/                         North Olmsted, OH, has been named
physiology and senior Crystal Woodside took a first in the biology/                           the George C. Marshall Award winner
endocrinology category at the 60th Annual Eastern Colleges Science Conference                from JCU. Given annually, this award
on April 22. The young women were winners in a field that included over 600                   is presented to the most outstanding
hundred participants from more than 30 universities. It was the 18th of 19 years             cadet in the Army ROTC program at
that neuroscience concentration students of Drs. Cyrilla Wideman and Helen                   John Carroll.
Murphy have garnered firsts at the conference.
                                                                                                  JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY • SPRING 2006
                                                                                                   JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY • SPRING 2006   63
J O H N      C A R R O L L

Collaborative Leadership: Beyond the
Rhetoric of Transparency and Respect
By Dr. Ernest M. De Zolt Past Chair of the Faculty Forum

                              With the arrival   tatives, but there is a required advice and      respectfulness, trust, and a shared will to
                              of Robert L.       consent process in which the constituents        accomplish our common goals.
                              Niehoff, SJ,       discuss and debate measures before voting            Regrettably, prior administrations
                              came a change      on each recommendation their representa-         have sometimes tended to minimize the
                              in leadership      tive carries for them to the larger body.        faculty’s role in the university planning
                              attitude and           I think the hybrid model will facilitate     process. While it is transparently clear that
                              style. From his    Fr. Niehoff’s call for collaboration because     Fr. Niehoff and his administrators cannot
                              first interaction   it has a strong potential to generate uni-       govern by consensus, an effective and har-
                              with the           versity-wide discussion, while, at the same      mony producing approach to governance
                              faculty,           time, centralizing the process through           will work to have more inclusive faculty
Ernest M. De Zolt             Fr. Niehoff        which faculty are represented on university      participation in the process of making the
defined his standard for leadership as the        and faculty committees.                          critical decisions for John Carroll’s future.
combination of collaboration, transpar-              I also want to emphatically state, and I     The challenge for Bob Niehoff and the
ency, and respect. Though the rhetoric           believe the vast majority of my colleagues       university’s faculty is to find an effective
was promising, many faculty members had          would agree, that I think the faculty is ex-     way of working together collaboratively
heard a similar refrain from past presidents     traordinarily eager for an effective collabor-   and respectfully. If we are able to accom-
and were skeptical. The challenge at hand        ative relationship with the administration.      plish that goal, I think we are very likely to
is to make shared governance a reality.          Unfortunately, there has been a long and         succeed in together meeting the challenges
     Fr. Niehoff’s concern for collaborative     complicated history in which, in my esti-        the university faces.
leadership occurs at a time when the faculty     mation, both the administration and the              One small but encouraging manifesta-
is changing the way we express our               faculty have failed to provide leadership,       tion of an emerging collaborative relation-
collective will. Since 1986, the faculty has     to act with transparency, and to approach        ship is the implementation of the faculty’s
adhered to a forum governance structure.         our partner in governance with appropriate       suggestion to have an open meeting time
We assemble monthly to discuss, debate,          respect. There is no doubt in my mind that       each Wednesday from 2-3:30 p.m. Clearing
and recommend proposals related to               these failures have had negative effects on      schedules for this 90-minute slot each week
academic programs and policies. Over these       strategic planning and governance.               will give the faculty and administration an
20 years, we have recommended to the                 Again, I’m taking the liberty of speak-      opening in our work life to spend a little
university administration the majority of the    ing for my colleagues, but it is my percep-      more time discussing and finding new ways
proposed legislation that has come before us.    tion that the faculty is deeply committed        to achieve the university’s strategic plan.
     Notwithstanding that efficiency, the         to the university’s mission and is resolved          It’s going to take a lot more than an
faculty has long been divided on the ques-       to do what it can to help realize John           open meeting period to rise effectively to
tion of whether we should have a forum           Carroll’s present goals: increasing and          our shared challenges and move John
or a senate system of governance. In the         retaining enrollment, building endow-            Carroll into a bright future. Nevertheless,
forum model, in addition to open debate,         ment, strengthening our academic life,           this early sign is heartening. It gives
every member votes and the passage of a          and helping implement changes that will          promise that together the faculty and
question requires a simple majority. In the      make the university a more efficient and          Rev. Robert Niehoff’s administration will
senate model, representatives are elected        effective institution.                           create a process of university governance
and those representatives vote on a mea-             Shared governance exists in that terri-      in which transparency, respect and
sure. In an effort to build a bridge between     tory between collaboration and consensus.        effectiveness have been transformed from
senate and forum model adherents, the            Given the impracticality of governing            rhetoric into reality.
Faculty Forum Executive Committee                by consensus, Fr. Niehoff and the faculty            Sociology’s Dr. Ernest De Zolt is the
recently proposed the creation of a hybrid       must chart a course in political-gover-          past chair of the Faculty Forum. Dr. Miles
structure offering advantages of both mod-       nance waters rarely charted: a course in         Coburn of Biology was recently chosen to
els. The hybrid model has elected represen-      which there is active listening, mutual          hold that post.


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