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									                                              Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
                                              Customer Solution Case Study

                                              Global Shipping Company Upgrades
                                              Messaging System, Improves Mobile Access

Overview                                      “Mobile messaging allows us to respond faster, which
Country or Region: Germany                    means we can support our customers’ needs better.
Industry: Transportation and logistics
                                              And providing better customer service is what
Customer Profile                              distinguishes and drives our business.”
DHL is a major global shipping company,
specializing in international express and     Joe Gasowski, Enterprise Messaging Architect, DHL
logistics solutions. Headquartered in Bonn,
Germany, it has 285,000 employees in          DHL, a leading international shipping company with operations in
more than 220 countries.
                                              more than 220 countries and territories, wanted to improve the
Business Situation                            availability, security, and features of its mobile messaging, while
DHL wanted to improve its messaging
environment to assist employees in pro-       replacing expensive older technologies. To respond to customers’
viding customer service while out of the      needs more quickly, DHL decided to deploy Microsoft® Exchange
office. It also wanted to cut costs by
consolidating its IT infrastructure.          Server 2007 to enrich employees’ mobile and collaborative
                                              capabilities worldwide. Through mobile devices, users can
DHL upgraded its messaging system to          collaborate more because they have more mediums to collaborate
Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007. The          through and better connectivity to the resources at the office. The
software complements mobile devices
powered by Windows Mobile® 5.0 with the       company will eventually standardize its wireless devices, saving
Messaging and Security Feature Pack.          money by eliminating unnecessary hardware and software.
Benefits                                      Furthermore, DHL will use the performance gains from powerful 64-
 Improved mobile access                      bit technology to give users more space for mailboxes while saving
 Globally available wireless service
 Easier administration
                                              money by consolidating its server computers by up to 40 percent.
 Performance gains and cost savings
“Our business is always                    Situation                                          devices as the Palm Treo and T-Mobile MDA.
                                           DHL is a global market leader in the               Another 5,000 users use other wireless
on. The sun never sets                     international express and logistics industry,      devices that require their own dedicated
on DHL, so our                             providing international and domestic shipping      server software. Of those 5,000 users, 3,000
                                           of documents and freight as well as contract       are in the United States, where the wireless
infrastructure always                      logistics. With more than 285,000 employees        companies have acceptable coverage.
has to be on and highly                    at about 6,500 offices in more than 220            Abroad, however, demand for such mobile
                                           countries and territories, DHL is known for        messaging functionality is outpacing its
available.”                                its worldwide coverage and in-depth under-         availability.
Gary Clark, Chief Technology Officer and   standing of local markets. Founded in San
Senior Vice President of Infrastructure    Francisco in 1969, it is owned by Deutsche         Solution
Services, DHL                              Post World Net, with global headquarters in        When Gasowski and his DHL colleagues
                                           Bonn, Germany, and American headquarters           learned about Microsoft Exchange Server
                                           in Plantation, Florida.                            2007, they decided it could help them
                                                                                              improve mobile messaging and reduce costs
                                           “Our business is always on,” says Gary Clark,      by replacing some older technologies. They
                                           Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice           signed up with Microsoft to provide real-world
                                           President of Infrastructure Services for DHL.      feedback on a prerelease version of the new
                                           “The sun never sets on DHL, so our infra-          software.
                                           structure always has to be on and highly
                                           available.”                                        In August 2006, DHL installed Exchange
                                                                                              Server 2007 on an HP DL380 server com-
                                           Because DHL employees seek to provide              puter for testing purposes. After a successful
                                           customers with a flexible, responsive, and         test, Gasowski and colleagues quickly
                                           personable experience, the company’s IT            deployed Exchange Server 2007 and soon
                                           strategy places particular importance on           connected 40 mobile devices. In full produc-
                                           messaging. “We’re trying to make our               tion, DHL will run Exchange Server 2007 on
                                           employees as productive as possible in             HP DL580 server computers, investigating
                                           and out of the office,” says Joe Gasowski,         blade technology and new cluster options.
                                           Enterprise Messaging Architect at DHL.             Gasowski expects to be able to consolidate
                                                                                              the 104 current messaging server computers
                                           Yet with so many of those offices around the       by up to 40 percent due to the new soft-
                                           globe, DHL has found it difficult to bring full-   ware’s greater efficiency. “Eventually,” he
                                           featured, secure, cost-efficient messaging         says, “I could see this technology supporting
                                           solutions to all its employees. The company’s      all 5,000 of our wireless users who are cur-
                                           three IT service centers—in Scottsdale,            rently on other platforms. And I think it’s not
                                           Arizona; Prague, Czech Republic; and Kuala         out of the realm of possibility to see 20,000
                                           Lumpur, Malaysia—have primarily used               to 30,000 mobile users someday.
                                           Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003, running
                                           on 104 server computers. But a small num-          “I was surprised at how easily Exchange
                                           ber of DHL offices have older messaging            Server 2007 installed,” adds Gasowski. “The
                                           systems, including Critical Path, Netscape,        product has changed quite a bit from the
                                           and IBM Lotus Notes. Consolidating or              2003 version and yet the transition is fairly
                                           replacing old systems is a priority for DHL.       easy.”

                                           For mobile messaging, about 500 DHL                DHL is running Exchange Server 2007 on the
                                           executives worldwide use such popular              Windows Server® 2003 R2 Enterprise x64
“I’m not going to be tied                    Edition operating system in a clustered             solution will provide performance gains that
                                             environment. At DHL, Exchange Server 2007           will lead to both better service and lower IT
to the desk. Wherever I                      works with an internal IronPort routing layer       costs.
have cellular signal, I                      and an external processing layer outsourced
                                             to MessageLabs. For incoming mail,                  Improved Mobile Access
have confidence that I’m                     MessageLabs performs spam and virus                 “Exchange Server 2007 opens up a whole
still able to access                         filtering and then passes messages to the           new world from a mobility perspective when it
                                             IronPort layer, which conducts an additional        comes to collaboration and messaging,” says
information at the                           spam and virus lookup before routing the            Gasowski. “We can collaborate more because
office.”                                     mail. Outbound mail goes through the same           we have more mediums to collaborate
                                             checks. Exchange Server 2007 fully inte-            through: wireless PDA, mobile phone, and
John Howell, Global Convergence Architect,   grates with the Active Directory® service,          Outlook client. If you’re in a coffee shop and
DHL                                          which DHL has long used to manage iden-             need to contact somebody—no problem.” In
                                             tities and relationships in the network.            addition to their stored contacts, DHL mobile
                                                                                                 users can access corporate Global Address
                                             Exchange Server 2007 also integrates with           Lists through their wireless devices.
                                             Microsoft Office SharePoint® Portal Server
                                             2003, which DHL has used to make collab-            Employees who are out of the office can do
                                             orative Web sites available throughout the          more than simply send and receive mes-
                                             organization. Gasowski adds, “We’re excited         sages. “Exchange Server 2007 has great
                                             about upgrading to SharePoint Server 2007           calendaring features and ties to SharePoint
                                             and taking advantage of its integration with        Portal Server 2003,” Gasowski says, “so
                                             Exchange Server 2007.”                              we’re enabling people to open and change
                                                                                                 attachments, share files, schedule events,
                                             For mobile messaging, DHL has Windows               and perform other functions that they
                                             Mobile® software version 5.0 with the               couldn’t always do previously.”
                                             Messaging and Security Feature Pack running
                                             on the Palm Treo and T-Mobile MDA devices.          Of the new solution, John Howell, Global
                                                                                                 Convergence Architect for DHL, says, “The
                                             Eventually, DHL will upgrade to the 2007            mobility [features are] absolutely … the most
                                             Microsoft Office release, with particular           exciting part for me, because I’m not going to
                                             interest in the new calendaring features of         be tied to the desk. Wherever I have cellular
                                             the Microsoft Office Outlook® 2007 messag-          signal, I have confidence that I’m still able to
                                             ing and collaboration client. At call centers       access information at the office.”
                                             currently using Microsoft Office Outlook Web
                                             Access, employees will gain a more full-            The result of the improved mobility, Gasowski
                                             featured experience from the upgrade. DHL           says, will improve the bottom line at DHL.
                                             will also install the Microsoft Internet Security   “Mobile messaging allows us to respond
                                             and Acceleration Server 2006 integrated             faster, which means we can support our
                                             edge security gateway to connect remote             customers’ needs better. And providing better
                                             Outlook users with Exchange Server 2007.            customer service is what distinguishes and
                                                                                                 drives our business.”
                                             Gasowski believes that DHL will see signif-         Globally Available Wireless Service
                                             icant benefits when Exchange Server 2007            Of particular interest to DHL is the prospect
                                             is in full production, particularly from the        of replacing wireless devices that run on
                                             software’s mobility features. And the new           other types of server software. “We’re going
to reduce costs because we can consolidate         certain information, and then have to go into
on our Microsoft-based infrastructure,”            the server software and make changes to
Gasowski says. “That includes consolidating        follow the best practices. But in the new
the server hardware because we can elimi-          version, Microsoft has integrated the tool in
nate dedicated server computers. We can            the server software installation. So from day
use our existing Exchange Server infrastruc-       one it was telling us what we needed to look
ture to provide the same kind of service.”         out for.”

Because DHL is a global company, Gasowski          Performance Gains and Cost Savings
previously faced significant difficulties in       “Because it’s 64-bit technology, Exchange
implementing mobile technologies. “There           Server 2007 gives us huge performance
are many countries out there that do not work      gains” over the 32-bit Exchange Server 2003,
with some companies’ wireless technologies.        Gasowski says. “We can provide users with a
So we haven’t been doing mobility as much          larger mailbox size—a larger quota size—and
as we could in some parts of Asia, Eastern         we can handle more users, which allows us to
Europe, and Latin America where the tech-          consolidate hardware.”
nology is not available. With Microsoft, we
gain that global availability.”                    The company has not yet settled on the mix
                                                   of those strategies. But Gasowski expects
Howell sees great value in extending mobile        that the mailbox size—currently 50 to 100
capabilities to multiple types of personnel.       megabytes—can be increased by a factor of
“Our users range from salespeople in the           three or four. Meanwhile, he expects the full
field who need to have access to rate infor-       production environment to need as few as 60
mation to field station personnel who are          to 70 server computers (compared with 104
moving packages and literally at the last          today).
minute may have to make an accommo-
dation. With Exchange Server 2007, we can          The net result, Howell says, is a business
accelerate how those resources get that            better positioned for success. “We’re excited
information, which means they can better           about Exchange Server 2007 because it’s
serve our customers.”                              going to allow us to contain our costs and
                                                   also increase our productivity, allowing us
Easier Administration                              to deliver a higher-quality service to our
Administrative tasks are far easier to execute     customers.”
in Exchange Server 2007, Gasowski says.
“Compared with the previous version, this is
much further integrated into Active Directory.
With all the user information contained there,
you can apply the same security policies to
the user, the device, the laptop, and so on.”

Administrators also appreciate the fact that
Exchange Server 2007 integrates many tools
and utilities that used to be separate entities,
smoothing management tasks. As an exam-
ple, Gasowski cites the Microsoft Exchange
Best Practices Analyzer tool. “You used to run
the Best Practices Analyzer tool, find out
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the Web site at:

                                                                 Software and Services                        Technologies
                                                                  Microsoft Server Product Portfolio          − Active Directory
                                                                   − Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise         − Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access
                                                                     x64 Edition
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                                                                  Windows Mobile 5.0                         HP server computers

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Document published October 2006

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