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                            Benefits Of Lash Extensions
       Have beautiful, thick and luscious lashes EVERY day!
       Lengthens, thickens and enhances your natural beauty.
       Custom designed to each individual person’s natural lash structure.
       No need for mascara - eliminates flaky mascara or having it run under your eyes.
       Can’t see closely anymore to get a good coating of mascara – then never worry about it again.
       Enhances your features when you want to look your best for that special occasion.
       Great for holidays
       Great for Any Age – you are never too old to enjoy the look and convenience of extensions.
       Waterproof, sweat proof. (Just no water/steam for the first 24 hours only).

     Service and Poor Treatment Have Got to Change!
    It’s such a common experience for women to have bad experiences in beauty salons, for one reason
  or another. We are sure you’ve heard horror stories of women’s natural lashes falling out because they
  received a bad set of extensions from an inexperienced or untrained therapist, women getting half their
eyebrow waxed off or their brows being tinted so dark they look like Groucho Marx? Being told off or yelled
                       at by their therapist…. The list goes on & on – unfortunately.

  Isn’t a beauty salon supposed to make a person look and feel good during and after the salon
       What are Eyelash Extensions and how should they be
The Lash Extensions used at Northmead Beauty Therapy are high quality synthetic designed to replicate the
              natural lash. Other types are made from mink, silk and apparently human hair
                                    has been used. There’s a thought…

   Northmead Beauty Therapy’s Lash extensions are glued to your natural lash. They should never touch
  your skin. The synthetic strands used by Northmead Beauty Therapy keep their shape nicely as you go
through your daily living. They a lightweight and easy to care for. As your natural lashes shed, sporadically,
  they take the extensions with them. With your new lash growth, more extensions need to be re applied,
 every 3 or 4 weeks or so. We will only ever apply the extensions as your natural lashes can handle. If you
 have weak or damaged lashes that won’t support extensions then we can not use those particular lashes.

             Your Northmead Beauty Therapy stylist is trained to know when and what natural
        lashes can and cannot be used. This is so we can ensure that no damage will occur to them.

             The Dirty Little Truths About the Lash Industry
There’s a cold hard truth that is universally understood but not openly talked about in the beauty salon
industry. A large number of beauticians and ‘Lash Specialists’, in fact, actually know very little about the
meticulous, arduous, precise process of lash extension application. They just think that slapping on the
extensions in globs of glue is all there is to it.

                   The Truth In Therapists’ Training in Eyelash Extension Application

They simply learn how to apply the lash extensions by the other therapists - Their BAD habits become the
NEXTS – just like a really bad case of Chinese whispers, and the lack of knowledge and hygiene practices
is alarming! Why?

Maybe there was no training at all by someone in the training position. Maybe they just watched each
other, watched YouTube, or a poorly translated DVD that came in the kit from Korea.

Studies have shown that bacteria can be transferred from one client to another if hygiene is poor. Did you
know some salons get out the extensions they are going to use, place them on your greasy forehead,
then what they don’t use goes back into the pot and put on the next clients greasy forehead?

How absolutely shocking is that? We have had beauty therapists apply for positions in the past that didn’t
even know what conjunctivitis was or how highly contagious it is. It is hard to sterilise your tweezers of this –
they should just be thrown out if they have been in contact – what is more is they should NEVER have been
in contact with eye complaints in the first place. The client should have been refused. With poor training,
these therapists don’t know about what to look out for, what to avoid or what they are spreading.

     You have seen for yourself the pictures of damaged, ugly lash extensions on the front page of this
report. Some people REALLY SHOULD NOT BE APPLYING LASH EXTENSIONS! Simple as that.

                                                  But they do.

     So what can you do to avoid the pitfalls of an untrained therapist? Do your research.
It costs you more for us to repair someone’s bad lashes then if they
                 just came to us in the beginning.
        At Northmead Beauty Therapy, We Do Lash Extensions.
You can be guaranteed that your lash extensions will be professionally applied and
tailored to each person. They are tailored to the look you desire but specifically only to the
ability of your natural lash. We will only ever apply what we know your natural lashes can
handle. There is a lot of meticulous knowledge that goes on ‘behind the scene’ of our lash

“We hope that your experience with Lash Extensions is a grand one as they truly are a
great invention! We promise to expertly apply every set of lash extensions that are trusted
to us, all we ask in return is for our clients to please follow the aftercare we supply to you,
and that is available on our website,” says Michelle.

For your Eyelash Extension Experts, please call and book your appointment at Northmead
Beauty Therapy now. 02 9890 7444.

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