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TV Explained: Lost App Released for iPhone
Leading iPhone App Agency, Island Wall Entertainment, have released TV Explained: Lost App for iPhone & iPod Touch users. TV Explained: Lost is a brand new, innovative solution for understanding what is going on in your favorite TV show. The App explains scene by scene what is going on, what is a flashback, what point of time the scene is set in, as well as revealing some of the hidden messages. All the user has to do is enter the Season and the Episode they are watching, followed by the time (hours, minutes, seconds) that has elapsed in that episode (eg Season 1, Episode 4, Time 00:23:21). You are then given a synopsis of that exact moment in the scene, including THE PLOT, THE CHARACTERS, HIDDEN MEANINGS and anything else that you may have missed. You can also scroll back and forth between scenes to ensure you havenʼt missed anything else. Product Name: TV Explained: Lost App Available: iTunes / iPhone App Store st Release Date: Tuesday 21 July 2009 Price: $2.99 TV EXPLAINED OTHER TITLES: TV Explained: The Wire App TV Explained: Gossip Girl App More information available at If you would like a promotional code to access a free copy then please email us. TV Explained: Lost can be purchased from the following link: TV Explained: Lost was developed by

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