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                  Karori Junior Hockey Club
                      Registration Information Sheet
Welcome to the Karori Junior Hockey Club and the 2011 season. This sheet will include
useful information; however, not all details can be confirmed at present so look out for
more up-to-date notices/emails over the next while.

Monday, 21 February 2011 from 5.00 to 7.00pm at St Ninian‟s Church on the corner of
Karori Road and Newcombe Cres, Karori.


Team Selection and pre season training for those keen to play 4 aside, 5 aside or 6
 Sunday 27 March 2011
 3.00 – 3.45pm for children who have never played hockey
 3.45 – 4.30pm for children who have previously played hockey
 Karori Normal School turf, Donald Street, Karori

Team Selection and pre season training for those keen to play 8 aside and 11 aside.
    Sunday 13 March 2011
    9.30 to 11.30am
    National Hockey Stadium
    Sunday 20 March 2011
    9.30 to 11.30am
    National Hockey Stadium

Team Practices

To be advised following team selections and is dependant on the coach/es availability.

Competition Starts

Season runs from beginning of 7 May until 24 September 2011.
No games will be played on Queens Birthday Weekend or school holiday weekends.

Competition Formats

4 a-side Minis

Children play in mixed teams.
     Junior 4 aside Year 1-2
     Senior 4 aside Year 3-4

                                                                           Version 2011/1

Rules focus on playing safe and fair with the emphasis on learning and practicing
hockey skills. There is no record of game results kept. Each game is two 10 minutes
halves against other clubs or schools in Wellington. All games are played on Saturday
mornings between 8:00am and 11:30am at the Wellington Indoor Sports Centre (old
Show Buildings), Newtown.

5 a-side
Junior 5-aside Year 4-5
Senior 5-aside Year 5-6
The rules are as for 4 aside but more emphasis is placed on skills.
This will not preclude children from playing up the grades if skill and experience warrant
it (eg a year 4 who has played several seasons can play Senior 4 a-side but they cannot
play Junior Minis)
Each team plays one 25-minute game on Saturday mornings. 5 aside is played indoors
at the Indian Recreation Centre Gymnasium, Kemp Street, Kilbirnie or outside at the
Northern United ground Blackrock Rd, Newlands (Paparangi Tennis Club) between
8:30am and 11:30am.
6 a-side and 8 a-side
This is for children between 10 and 13 years old (Year 6 to Year 8) That have not played
Hockey before or children that have played 5 aside but are not ready for the 11 aside
competition. Both grades are played on Saturday mornings, 6 a-side at Wellington
College turf and 8 a-side at National Hockey Stadium (half turf).

11 a-side
This is for children from between 10 – 13 years old (Years 6 – 8) played under full
hockey rules. Each team must have a minimum of 13 registered players.
There is an A and B grade (single sex teams) and a Grade for mixed teams. Teams
would be expected to include several experienced and skilled players. All games consist
of two 25-minute halves and are played on artificial turf either at the National Hockey
Stadium, Newtown or Fraser Park Hockey Stadium, Lower Hutt or Elsdon Park, Porirua
between 8:00am and Midday on Saturday mornings.

Wellington Representative Programme
Wellington Hockey does run a fairly comprehensive primary school representative
programme for under 11 and Under 13 Age Groups for both boys and girls. To qualify in
a particular age group the player‟s age is taken at January 1 of the current year. Each
team has a squad of up to 16 players. The representative teams are:

    Under 13 ”A” Boys (Hatch Cup Team)
    Under 13 “A” Girls (Collier Trophy)
    Under 13 “Development” Boys (Curtis Cup)
    Under 13 “Development” Girls (Rawleigh Trophy)
    Under 11 Boys and Girls (2 squads each)
Team selection is done through trial(s) by coaches and managers appointed by
Wellington Hockey Association. Throughout the season Representative Coaches will be

                                                                             Version 2011/1

at games observing prior to trials taking place. Coaches of Clubs and schools make
nominations of players to attend the formal trials. The trials may take the form of zone
tournaments, where players are chosen to represent their area (Karori is part of the
Western zone), and would play other zone teams. And, could also include formal skill
assessments, which would normally be held on a Sunday morning at either the National
Hockey Stadium, Newtown or Fraser Park, Avalon or Elsdon Park, Porirua towards the
middle or end of Term 2.

Equipment and Karori Junior Hockey Club Uniform requirements

REQUIREMENTS                                   PRICE RANGE             AVAILABILITY
Hockey Stick
                                                                       Just Hockey Shop
                                               Junior Players -
Waist high is a good size guide.                                       Newtown
                                               $20.00 - $40.00         Ph 389 4384

Older players could seek their Coaches Experienced                or
expertise prior to purchase for some tips. representative
                                           players –
                                               $50.00 - $300.00

Most players prefer some sort of cross $50.00 - $160.00                Munros Shoes
trainer with good grip especially on Sand                              Karori Mall
Turf. Having ankle support and some
cushioning are the main considerations.                                Just Hockey

Karori Junior Hockey Club Uniform

Black Lotto Self-Stripe Shorts same as Karori Approx $45.00            Munros      Shoes,
Waterside Soccer shorts                                                Karori Mall, Just
                                                                       Hockey and Sports
Socks - black with white turnover top          Approx $20.00           shops

Karori Junior Hockey tops                      Provided by Club

Protective Equipment
Mouth Guard (COMPULSORY)                     $5.00 - $60.00            Pharmacy - Karori
(It‟s an idea to have a number spare as they                           Mall, Sports Shops
are easily lost)                                                       & Dentists.

Shin Pads (COMPULSORY)                  $10:00 - $60.00                Just Hockey
Soccer shin pads are fine or specialist
Hockey shin pads are also available

                                                                            Version 2011/1

The Club is concerned about providing the best possible safety environment in which to
play hockey, however the Club can take no responsibility for personal injury incurred
during any Club activity.
Each team has a First Aid kit.
Apart from benefiting the team aspects, warming-up and warming-down (including
stretching) helps prevent muscle injuries and soreness. Drinking plenty of water before
and after games or training sessions is beneficial. Failure to keep adequately hydrated
can significantly affect performance. Drink bottles should never be shared.


Games on turf venues are rarely cancelled even in cold wet weather. It makes sense to
wear something warm (preferably black woollen or polyester polyprop), underneath the
playing shirt during a game and have a tracksuit or warm clothing to wear before, during
(while a substitute), and after a game.

Help and Assistance

In order for Karori Junior Hockey to run we urgently require new committee members.
Like any voluntary organisation we rely on the help and support of parents to establish
and maintain a well-run programme, with the added benefits of getting to know some
great people and having fun on the way. If you would like to help, even in a „one-off‟
project, – give me a call.

 We also require parents to help out by coaching, managing, or refereeing.

The club structure is as follows:

Club Convener:        Leigh Perry
Secretary:            Colette Mackenzie*
Treasurer:            Celia Darrall
Committee:            David Cook*, Kathryn Jennings*, Fiona Campbell*and David
                      *also coach.
Coaches and Managers are still to be finalised and often depend on the make-up of
To keep our expenses down we will again be communicating mostly by email so if you
don‟t have access to a computer, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can
arrange an alternative form of communication. If you have any further inquiries or want
to contact Leigh throughout the season please contact her at: 476 7506 email:

Looking forward to an exciting season, see you soon.

The Committee
Karori Junior Hockey Club
C/- 37 Duthie Street

                                                                           Version 2011/1

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