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					Looking for a good laugh? Read funny office stories at Below are a few stories featured on our site. . . if you think you have a good one, submit it! Funny Story #1 One time my department had an emergency meeting offsite. All were invited to the meeting except me and another co-worker. While my department was having an offsite meeting, the CFO and HR director had a private meeting with me and the other co-worker. As it turned out we were being laid off and they didn’t want the other co-workers there while we packed our things to leave. UGH. Funny Story #2 One time my pen exploded on my blouse 5 minutes before I had a meeting with a vendor. I had no back up for clothes so I decided to put on a lab coat to cover the stains. My vendor, who was dressed in an expensive suit, stared at me the entire time wondering why I had on a $5 lab coat. Now I know to have a backup of clothes. UGH. Funny Story #3 One time my co-worker was feeling warm so I decided to get a fan from the closet for her. She said thanks but I think this space heater will make things worse. UGH. Funny Story #4 One time I received one of those “forward this” texts from a friend that asks “how much do you love me? Send this back if u do…..” I thought I forwarded the message to my cousin… but my cousin and my boss have the same first name. I sent a text message to my boss asking him how much he loved me. UGH. Funny Story #5 One time I drove down to where a job interview was on a Saturday just to familiarize myself with the area and how to get there. The Monday of my interview, I made a wrong turn and still got lost. I was 15 minutes late for my interview. UGH.

Funny Story #6 One time while I was filling out a job application at a travel agency, a group of women returning from lunch passed by me talking among themselves about how much they hated working for the company while I was filling out an open ended question, “why do you want to work for this company?” UGH. Funny Story #7 One time I was peeing in the bathroom and the person in the stall next to me let go three big farts in a row. I couldn’t help it and chuckled a little. While I was washing my hands, the lady who farted came out of the stall. It turned out to be my manager. UGH. Funny Story #8 One time I was passed up for a promotion by someone six years younger than me. UGH. Funny Story #9 One time I saw my manager was coming towards me while I had and open. I was trying to close the screen but my computer froze. My manager made a dumb comment, “Oh I see you are hard at work, I’ll leave you alone”. UGH. Funny Story #10 One time I stumbled upon a list of employees of which I was one of them. It turns out it was list of employees about to be fired. UGH. Funny Story #11 One time I was organizing the CEO’S office (I’m his assistant) while he was out to lunch. I noticed he had a window open to He was posting his resume on the job board. UGH. Funny Story #12 One time I was fired one week before my quarterly bonus. UGH. Funny Story #13 One time I woke up late for an interview. I rushed to put my suit on and drove as fast as I could. When I introduced myself to the interviewer, she looked at my suit weird. I went to the bathroom after the interview and noticed that I buttoned my suit wrong. UGH.

Funny Story #14 One time a huge customer cut back on their orders. The next month my company made a huge cut on their workers. Ten people got laid off including me. UGH. Funny Story #15 One time my company decided to order company shirts. The HR lady asked me what size I wanted and I said M. The lady asked if I was sure I didn’t want a L or XL. UGH. Funny Story #16 One time I brought my child to work. I was holding his hand while I talked to another coworker so he wouldn’t go anywhere but I didn’t realize he was picking his nose with the other hand and wiping his snot on the side of my co-workers desk. UGH. Funny Story #17 One time I put my Quizno’s sandwich inside the lunchroom fridge. When I went to grab it for lunch I realized someone stole it. UGH. Funny Story #18 One time I asked my boss at a shady company for a raise. He said we can give you $1k under the table. Make up a few receipts. UGH. Funny Story #19 One time I was planning a trip to Boston and was waiting to see if my boss would allow me to take a week off. Two days later, it turns out I could visit Boston indefinitely if I wanted because I was laid off! Now, I wouldn’t have the money to go though. UGH. Funny Story #20 One time I was in a company meeting where a power point presentation was being shown. One slide was the new company organization chart. I saw my name and under the title was marketing assistant. Five months ago I was hired as a marketing associate. Was I demoted? UGH.

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Description: Looking for a good laugh? Read funny office stories at The short stories featured on are no longer that 5 sentences. Each story starts with "One Time..." and ends with "UGH". We're always on the look out for the best funny office stories. You think you have one? Submit your story now!