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InFocus, summer 2011


We are pleased to announce that the Marketing Team has re-launched InFocus – the internal magazine that addresses TotalSoft’s team and its achievements. Enjoy your reading!

More Info
									Summer 2011
Change of Direction
in Charisma
Dear friends,
I would like to say a few words about Charisma, since I care a lot about both
what we have managed to build so far, and especially what we are going to
achieve from now on.
I foresee an explosion of applications developed for mobile devices and a
tendency to simplify the software interfaces. I see an unprecedented change
of the information display – it should be very intuitive to support the need
for quick information and mobility of modern companies.
If we take a look at our solutions, they will prove us that in 10 years we have
gained a great maturity and experience to serve our customers. Charisma
has been definitely supporting any type of business, regardless of its
complexity and size. I also believe it is the right time to focus on usability,
mobility and a unique user experience. These are the directions that we will
be addressing on the medium term, especially to current customers, who are
the real beneficiaries.
We plan to build in Charisma a unique working environment, able to address
all daily activities, to increase the ease of operation and information
retrieval. We will launch in Charisma a search engine, similar to Google, a
Task List module and new types of reports on iPhone. We will integrate in
Charisma Analyzer, the platform Tableau Software which is the world’s
leader in advanced data analysis. We will increase the role and authority of
the product management in the design of intuitive and easy-to-use
interfaces. These are just a few steps to be taken for a “user-oriented”

3             things
              you [might] not be aware of
         The first half of the year was a           And because we are always thoughtful about
 1       great success. With over 11M         3     future, we have started another major project,
         euro as consolidated turnover,             which is aimed at improving the most valuable
we maintain our goal for 2011: 25%          asset of our company – you. The HR department
growth compared to 2010. The most           together with external consultants is
important projects and customers, new       currently collaborating
developed technologies and a (small)        for the development of
part of the colleagues that make            career plans that will
possible all these beautiful results will   take into consideration
be presented in this issue of the           the development of
magazine.                                   managerial
                                            competencies or
                                            attitudes. Meanwhile,
                                            the development of a
         We are about to start a major
  2      project, whose results will be
                                            system aimed at
                                            correlating the financial
         shared with you in the next
                                            benefits with individual
InFocus edition: the company’s mid-
                                            performances is in
term evolution. Our aim is to set
                                            progress. This plan will
profitability objectives and turnover on
                                            be definitely established
each division of the company, for the
                                            in the second half of the
next 3 to 5 years. Moreover, we are
                                            year, so that, starting
planning to evaluate the most profitable
                                            with 2012, the company can
verticals and the fastest international
                                            use this process in order to
development market channels. Of
                                            sustain its ambitious goals.
course, we will take into consideration
all investments necessary for the
consolidation of such teams such as
market researches, IT tools for fast,
better and appraised reactions to
market changes or customers.
   Platinum Partner
TotalSoft managed to advance in
   the Oracle partner ecosystem.
  We are now a Platinum partner,
          with specializations in five
  distinct skills: Oracle Database,
  Oracle BI, Oracle Golden Gate,
  Oracle Enterprise Manager and
  Oracle Primavera. We managed
 to enter this elite club as a result
              of a series of technical
examinations with high degree of
    difficulty, which will allow us to
     expand our product offerings
             and services on Oracle
     technologies. The colleagues
    that greatly contributed to our
 success are: Tudor Voina, Andra
  Lupoaie, Andrei Maciuca, Silvia
   Nicolescu, Alexandru Petrencu
   and the entire Primavera team.
Finally, it’s good to know that we
      are the only Oracle Platinum
        Partner in Romania, who is
  specialized in Primavera project
               management system.

Strategic Partnerships software
TotalSoft expands its strategic partnership area by including a GPS Tracking
Software component, namely, in Charisma Fleet Management
 We are now providing a complete fleet management solution, able to cover both
location services and GPS monitoring. Fleet managers will have access to real-
time location of vehicles on Romanian or world’s maps, standardized
consumption, number of kilometers traveled, as well as indicators related to the
driver’s behavior in traffic.

Tableau Software                                              Lugera & Makler
We signed a strategic partnership with the world’s            Our partnership with Lugera& Makler addresses
leader in data analysis, Tableau Software. The                Charisma HCM. Thus, we managed to conclude the
partnership allows us to use its technology as platform       first commercial strategic partnership, according to
for our business intelligence system, Charisma Analyzer.      which Lugera & Makler will provide BPO (Business
                                                              Process Outsourcing) services based on Charisma
Why Tableau Software? Because we want to provide
                                                              HCM in Romania, Poland, Croatia, Ukraine and the
our clients with the most powerful BI solution in the
                                                              Czech Republic.
world, which definitely exceeds others through its data
processing speed, the display mode and the ease of            For this negotiation, TotalSoft brought a mature
configuration. Because we want to reduce the                  software product, able to quickly meet the various
application’s implementation and adaptation time              legislative requirements of potential customers. Lugera
according to customer requirements. Because we want           will help us locate and update the legislative part of the
to set the highest data display and analysis standard in      software platform; the company will also give us a
the world’s software industry. Because we want to             percentage of the income resulted from the BPO
transform Charisma Analyzer into a real easy-to-use           services offered. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a
tool that can be managed by any user, regardless of           long series of commercial partnerships concluded
his/her previous IT background.                               overseas.
New Products
Charisma Facility Management                                  HR Document Management
In case you didn’t know, a proper planning and                We have gained a new competence in the Human
controlled maintenance of contracted services may lead        Resource area: document management. Our solution,
to a reduction of 20% of a company’s total cost of            HR Document Management, ensures the automation of
operating. Based on this, in Q2 2011, TotalSoft               business flows and documents, document history and
managed to enter the CAFM (Computer Aided Facility            archiving. The product can be perfectly integrated with
Management) solutions market by Charisma Facility             the existent business flow of any company.
                                                              The solution works based on the permission granted by
The new solution enables planning and distribution of         the system administrator or according to internal
spaces, allocation of costs afferent to the area used,        approval flows.
expenditure and re-invoicing management, as well as
                                                              Document management becomes thus a simple and
the management of contracts with customers and
                                                              fast activity, which allows HR departments to focus
                                                              much more on developing competences and
By increasing profitability and reducing internal costs,      capitalizing on human capital.
the solution addresses construction, real-estate,
building services and facility management companies.
They will use spaces more efficiently by managing and
linking contracts with suppliers and customers with
each afferent square meter; also, the companies will
streamline their properties’ rental and sale potential. So,
in case your friends ask, the answer is:Yes, we do have
such solution!

Family Medicine
Charisma Medical Software now includes a module dedicated to
companies having contracts with the National House of Health
Insurances. The module can be integrated with the electronic
medical record, becoming thus the only Romanian medical
product designed for family doctors and completely integrated
with an ERP system.
In order to successfully develop the module, numerous laws,
orders and information, belonging to accredited sources of
information, have been carefully studied; in addition, the working
methods and environment of several medical institutions have
been analyzed. Anima Medical Center played a major role by
permanently supporting and documenting this complex
The Family Medicine module enables the import of product
lists, customization of files, monitoring of responses from the
Insurance House, changes of business flows, export of
electronic reports, as well as printable versions of all
documents of interest or digital certifications.

                                                    Charisma Utility Expense Management
                     Since all companies deal with water, gas, security, leasing and insurance invoices or other similar
                     expenditures, we came up with a solution dedicated to contract and repetitive invoice
                     management, Charisma Utility Management.
                     The solution helps companies to control and manage utilities contracts and notifies them on
                     payment deadlines in order to avoid penalties; it also allocates and re-invoices costs of utilities
                    towards subsidiaries or tenants. We are covering, thus, a new business requirement through a
                   flexible utility expense management solution!
Tasky                                                personal and
We are living in a century of speed. Time
seems insufficient in most cases. Because,
complying with duties is equally important in
our personal lives, we’ve launched Tasky – a
daily activity planner, be they personal or
professional, which can run on any smart
phone or PC tablet compatible with iOS.
Tasky is a stand-alone application that can be
easily synchronized with other professional
planning solutions (like MS Outlook).
Conceived as a collaborative application,
Tasky simplifies the tracking of these activities,
grouping them into categories, assigning and
replanning them according to priority alerts or
exceeded deadlines.
A major advantage of the application is the
fact that users who have the application
installed on their smart phones have the
possibility to collaborate. Tasky automatically
synchronizes with a web service available
throughout the world (,
allowing, for example, a family that is at the
mall to view the real-time completion of its
shopping list.
The product is available through AppStore, at
the address

International Projects
                                                           Primavera implementation
CRM Implementation in Greece                               in Bulgaria
TotalSoft Hellas added to its customer portfolio the       Kittner Anlagen-und Maschinenbau was founded
largest local car-rental provider, namely AVIS.            in 1994, as an Engineering company in the area
                                                           of Hygiene, Food Industry, Pharmacy and
The company has $132 million turnover, 340
                                                           Manufacturing. In 1997, the company entered
employees, 75 rental offices, 16.500 cars fleet and has
                                                           the Bulgarian market by opening a modern
been active on the Greek market since 1960.
                                                           production unit, with a local team of 100
The project, which will be completed in maximum 4          employees.
months, involves the implementation of a CRM system
                                                           In order to sustain the increase of customer
and the provision of support in conducting several
                                                           requests, Kittner decided to acquire a complex
business processes such as:
                                                           system that would streamline the manufacturing
 Implementation of Collection and Legal modules
ì                                                          and order processing activities.
  for a proper collection of receivables generated by
                                                           Kittner chose TotalSoft for the implementation of
  the company's monthly contracts, for planning
                                                           Primavera Portfolio Management P6 due to our
  stages of the recovery activity and for supporting
                                                           company’s 16 year expertise in the field. Among
  the legal proceedings of the recovery activity;
                                                           the benefits of the solution implemented, the
Implementation of Credit Scoring, in order to assist
ì                                                          following can be distinguished: human capital
     the sales department in the financial evaluation of   streamlining, real-time monitoring of
     potential customers, by means of an algorithm         manufacturing flows, reduction of product
     able to compute the company’s creditworthiness        delivery deadlines, as well as increase of price
     and recommended credit limit;                         competitiveness.
ì scheduling for the company’s vehicles in 6
     repair and maintenance centers. The application
     will provide complex reports on technical
     personnel’s availability, costs and time related to
     each repair.

Reference Projects in Q2
Dona Pharmacies                                             BNP Paribas
One of the most interesting projects deployed by            The list of international projects continues with BNP
Charisma HCM, namely Dona Pharmacies, had a real            Paribas Lease Group, Vienna.
challenging character: over 1500 employees, 185 sites
                                                            Based on excellent recommendations made by the
and high personnel dynamic – multiple organization
                                                            project team in Romania, thanks to a rapid ROI and the
chart changes, daily/ cost center/ monthly timesheet
                                                            recommendations of Deutsche Leasing Austria,
solution and a unique system of bonuses for well
                                                            TotalSoft was chosen for the implementation of
performing employees.
                                                            Charisma Leasing Management solution. Damon
All issues raised by the old application were solved: too   O’Neill, Vlad Cristuţiu and Laurențiu Mavrodin proved to
much time needed for payroll calculation, lack of control   the Viennese management team that we definitely had
over personnel dynamic, difficult submission and            the right solution.
management of reports.
                                                            In addition to the implementation of the leasing solution
For the 500th+ time, Charisma HCM proved its                in 3 companies of the Viennese subsidiary, our
superiority in HR process management and its                colleagues will face the challenge to interface the
performance in managing such a complex activity as          solution with the SAP application, responsible for the
the pharmaceutical one is.                                  front-office activity, as well as with a local service that
                                                            provides critical information on Austrian companies.
                                                                           We wish our colleagues and Charisma
                                                                           ERP department a successful
                                                                           implementation! We are waiting for really
                                                                           good news from such an interesting
                                                                           project that involves multinational teams.

TotalSoft specialists,
planners of the world’s largest project
One of the largest and modern refineries in the world is        interviewed. In less than 2 weeks, they were already at
being built in the Middle East – the refinery will be a “full   SATORP’s headquarters ready to take on their tasks”,
conversion” unit that will deploy extremely complex oil         states Adel A. Naji, Project Planning and Optimization
processing by means of highly efficient manufacturing           Manager, SATORP.
processes. The investment, which is supposed to reach
                                                                Planners track attentively the activities deployed by
$10 million, will be managed by SATORP, a joint venture
                                                                subcontractors, in order to ensure they are reported
between a French company and an Arabian one. For
                                                                appropriately. The final scope of the project is to ensure
the planning, analysis and performance, risk and
                                                                that all activities deployed by subcontractors be in
reporting components both at subproject and entire
                                                                accordance with the initial planning and at the same
refinery levels, an international auction was organized.
                                                                time, avoid risks that may arise. “Risk analysis plays a
TotalSoft won the project in front of two distributors of
                                                                crucial role, and TotalSoft’s planners are very good at it”,
Primavera in Australia and Europe, achieving the best
                                                                added Adel A. Naji.
“We were extremely content with TotalSoft’s staff. We
needed 10 specialists and hired the first 10 that we

                                                                                                       SATORP Team

Leasing Event, Ukraine
In May we participated as official sponsor in the largest
leasing event, “Leasing in Ukraine 2011: New
Opportunities”, organized by Leaseurope. Damon
O’Neill, Director International Operations at TotalSoft,
                                                            Credit Risk Management
delivered a speech regarding the increase of efficiency     Event, Romania
incurred by Charisma Leasing Management solution.
The audience comprised over 120 participants from
                                                            TotalSoft sponsored the 9th edition of Credit Risk
Ukraine, Russia and Central Asia.
                                                            Management Conference, organized by ICAP
The event was also attended by Raiffeisen Leasing –         Romania and Cycle European in the beginning of
the group has already 3 projects deployed by TotalSoft      July.
in Central and Eastern Europe.
                                                            The audience of 250 persons active in the financial
The Ukrainian leasing market is still young, but has a      services and credit sectors, benefited from the
considerable potential for growth in the upcoming           expertise of Dun & Bradstreet, Moody’s Central
years. The leasing penetration rate in the local economy    European, Bain & CO and Atradius specialists.
is well below the EU average (4% vs. 16%).
                                                            Costin Baicu, CFO TotalSoft, participated in the
                                                            debate regarding the commercial risk management.
                                                            Another discussion focused on best practices for
                                                            risk prevention in the factoring industry.
                                                            TotalSoft presented its solution dedicated to the
                                                            credit risk minimization – Charisma Financial Risk
                                                            Management, developed in collaboration with ICAP
                                                            Romania. The system links competencies of the two
                                                            partners – the cutting-edge technology and real-time
                                                            information – in order to automate the analysis of
                                                            business partners, according to risk politics of the

Social Responsibility
Bucharest whistles Foul!
At the end of May, we joined AIESEC students in their initiative
to pull the alarm among the inhabitants of Bucharest. We
wanted to remind the inhabitants of the most polluted city in
the country that a responsible behavior is the key towards a
healthier life and less polluted planet.
Together with a few hundreds of volunteers, we started our
march from Unirii Square to Tineretului Park, where we
donated blood, planted over 100 trees and participated in
a fair organized by NGOs active in the social responsibility
Our main goal was other than computing statistics. We
wanted to help people change their individual
mentalities. We are perfectly aware that such a process
requires a lot of time, patience and perseverance – this
is why we promise you’ll hear about us very soon.

                                                                      a green company
                                                                    In the same spirit, we also launched an internal
                                                                    campaign for environmental protection: we started to
                                                                   recycle waste paper, cardboard and plastic.
                                                                 Join the eco movement as much as possible by using
                                                                the electronic environment!
                                                                p.s: Do you know the waste top in largest cities of the
                                                                world? Paper (55%), used water (30%) and food waste
Innovation in TotalSoft
Microsoft Silverlight for web application development

                               Latest trends address the migration of software applications in the
                              online environment, due to accessibility and availability advantages
                             it brings. Microsoft Silverlight is one of the emerging trends that are
                              rapidly gaining ground. This technology has reached a level similar
                                  to the one provided by Adobe through Flash or Flex proprietary

                               Microsoft Silverlight enables the creation of applications that are
                                  able to run on any type of browser or operating system. This
                             technology ensures the creation of a user-friendly interface, which
                            comprises animations, transparencies or reflections. Combining the
                                ease of interfaces development with the programming support
                            provided by C# language, or with the advanced streaming options,
                              Microsoft Silverlight will dominate the web in the upcoming years.

                            Microsoft Silverlight is a free browser plug-in, which can be installed
                               at the first visit on the website. It requires little memory (around 2
                                                          MB) and its role is to interpret the XALM.

                                One of the applications developed by TotalSoft on this platform,
                              namely a photo albums editor, won the gold medal in the “Best of
                             Swiss Silverlight 2010” competition. The application, which is used
                             by over 4 million users, enables updating or editing images at high
                                                standards, photo albums, postcards or presents.

Man of the Quarter in TotalSoft
Bogdănel Budeanu

Bogdănel has been a team member of the company for over 13 years. For
more than 8 years, he has been managing Primavera division. For those of
you who do not know, this department is synonymous with the company’s
inception, Primavera being the first new product imported and sold in

Throughout his career within TotalSoft, Bogdănel has over passed many
challenges. One of the challenges he talks about whenever the occasion
arises, relates to his employment at TotalSoft. He already attended several
meetings with Liviu, who had clearly expressed his interest in having
Bogdănel as a team member. This fact made him enthusiastic and
determined him to resign from the position of engineer he was occupying at
Energomontaj (he barely knew what his job at TotalSoft would imply, but he
really liked both the company and its people). When he finally announced
Liviu that he had resigned, the answer quickly frightened him: “And…what
do you want me to do about it?” He froze immediately and eventually
recovered only after hearing Liviu saying: “Welcome to our team!”.

Since then, he has been dealing with all sorts of challenges, each time
coming out victorious. He imposed on the Romanian market a concept
unknown during the ‘90s - project management. He persuaded more than
650 companies about the benefits of using Primavera and imposed
TotalSoft in the exclusive club of Primavera performers. He exceeded
systematically for 11 years the target required by the software house. He
earned TotalSoft’s right to represent the software in Bulgaria, Hungary and
Serbia and set in the market, together with his team, standards of
excellence in project management.

We declare him the man of the quarter due to his latest success – the
consultancy contract for the world’s largest project, Jubail Refinery, Saudi
Arabia. This is a great success that Bogdănel Budeanu computed as
simple as that: 10 (people) x 2 (years) = 4.200.000 (USD).                     15
TotalSoft Newcomers
Florian Ivan
Sales Director
During the 5 years spent at Microsoft Romania, in the          competences and abilities, while providing me with a
position of Partner Strategy Manager, Florian has been         real challenge. I found all these ingredients in the
responsible for Microsoft’s partner network, which             opportunity to be part of successful team and story”
exceeds 4,000 companies. According to his position,            states Florian.
he had sales and marketing responsibilities, Microsoft’s
                                                               Florian will be occupying the Sales Director position, a
business model being an indirect one, focused on
                                                               position according to which he will be responsible for
partners. Over the last year, he has conducted a
                                                               the entire sales activity of the company.
 marathon – he has trained more than 3,700 partners.
                                                               “Due to a close collaboration with TotalSoft, I have
                    When he finally decided it was the
                                                               always admired its achievements, its technical and
                     right time to find new career
                                                               human capital. I stated it publicly, on many occasions.
                     challenges, he had to choose one
                                                               Now I have the chance to contribute directly to an
                      of the partners he had been
                                                               extraordinary organizational change.”
                      collaborating with. “I wanted to
                       work for a partner that would let
                       me capitalize on my

                                        4 things that you might not know about him:

                                        He is extremely interested in project management. Not because it is trendy,
                                        but because he is convinced by the benefits it brings to any organization. He
                                        is a board member of the Project Management Institute, being responsible for
                                        training and certifications;
                                        In his spare time, he enjoys running and frequently participates in marathons.
                                        He has even launched a website dedicated to this hobby,;
                                        ì joining Microsoft, he used to work in France – a country he remained
                                        very attached to, especially its literature (his Kindle is full of French novels);
                                        He has
                                        ì quitted wearing watches, but is very keen on punctuality.
Cristian Afilipoaie                                      Teodora Lefterova
Software Developer                                       Marketing Assistant

Cristian Afilipoaie started his activity as a Software
Developer in Charisma ERP department. He has 8
years expertise in the field, gained in companies
such as ECSO & EXO where he occupied the Team
lead/ Project Manager position.
When he's not writing programming code, you can          In the summer of 2011, Teodora joined TotalSoft
find Cristian in the middle of nature. He devotes his    Bulgaria, a team “with positive and friendly spirit”.
spare time to hiking in places with spectacular          After less than one month since her employment,
scenery. But most of all, as a family man, Cristian      Teodora firmly expresses her willingness to gain
proudly talks about the quiet evenings spent with his    experience from a remarkable team, with excellent
wife and baby Mara (only 7 months old).                  competences she founds fruitful for her personal
                                                         and professional development.

                                                         3 things you might not know about

                                                         She has
                                                         ì a Statistics and Econometrics degree
                                                         at Varna University of Economics;
                                                         She is
                                                         ìpassionate about reading (her favorite is
                                                         Jorge Bucai);
                                                         She is
                                                         ìalso passionate about music and
                                                         painting. Moreover, you can admire some of her
                                                         sketches on her Facebook page: Teodora

TotalSoft Profile
Let’s meet the colleagues from our subsidiaries

                                  Radoslav Yankov
                                  Senior Country Sales Manager
                                  TotalSoft Bulgaria

                                  "The biggest challenge on the Bulgarian market right
                                  now is the strong stagnation caused by the financial
                                  crisis, along with the powerful copmetition of local and
                                  international companies in our branch. Only companies
                                  with vast and long experience, good solutions and
                                  know how like TotalSoft can be successful in this
                                  difficult moment for the Bulgarian Economics. "

                                       Rado has been a TotalSoft member since
                                       January 2011. With an experience of over 10
                                       years in IT field, he has worked as Mid-Market
                                       Team Leader at IBM and as Sales Director at
                                       LLP Bulgaria (IT consultancy, ERP systems).

                                       Rado is an engineer, with a Masters Degree in
                                       Industrial Management, from the Technical
                                       University, Sofia. He has great management
                                       and sales skills, as well as communication
                                       and presentation competences. He sees
                                       himself as a loyal, responsible and good team

                                       As for his hobbies, he points out fishing,
                                       cycling and paragliding.
TotalSoft People
                                                                                  Aurelia Antonescu
                                                                                        Account Manager

"You know, I wouldn’t have made it here without the
unconditional support of three persons. I took over from
Adriana the energetic spirit, from Viorica the importance of
meeting client requirements and, from Florentina, the keen
spirit and the business perspective that infuses all you do."

Aurelia can be defined as Woman on a mission. Whether
she is talking about the special relationship she has with all
colleagues in the implementation departments (ERP, HR or
BizApps) or about the pressure that exists in the sales
department, which is extremely hard to notice, Aurelia
remains optimistic. “It is crucial to understand when it’s the
case to remain relaxed or when to struggle, while trying to
solve issues for the people who count on you.”

Aurelia is that kind of person who permanently surprises
you by exceeding your expectations. The confidence in the
people she is collaborating with and the satisfaction she
gets from helping others, determine her to go on, “always
go on”.                                                          4 things you might not know about
Among her hobbies, Aurelia points out her passion for            her:
sports (volleyball and handball in particular), the
communication courses she holds as a fitness and                 She is the
                                                                 ì Romanian representative of the
aerobics instructors for the Federation “Sports for all”, as     International Olympics Committee;
well as about her pleasure to travel in Romania.                 She is a
                                                                 ì volleyball and handball coach in
                                                                 competitions organized by the Federation
                                                                 “Sports for all”;
                                                                 She is a
                                                                 ì volunteer in an environmental and
                                                                 animal protection association;
                                                                 She was
                                                                 ì editor at “Romania Libera” (local
Adrian Bilăucă                                              Laurenţiu Mavrodin
Team Leader, Software Development                           Project Manager, Charisma ERP

He joined TotalSoft team in December 2007 as a Senior
Developer for the IPSOS project. He arrived just in time
for the annual Christmas party – thus, he managed to
quickly get along with the company. He really liked what
he saw there. And this definitely shows in his results. 6
months after his employment, he became the Team
Leader of the same project. The project and Adrian
grew together – now he is responsible for a team
ranging from 10 to 20 members.                              After 6 years in TotalSoft, out of which 3 years spent in
                                                            the implementation department, Laurentiu keeps on
He declares himself an IT addict, as well as a              surprising his managers, colleagues and clients with his
passionate about history.                                   performances.
                                                            What’s his secret? He feels “free to decide” and uses its
                                                            creativity at maximum potential. He never gets bored.
                                                            However, there is no way he could. Laurentiu is now
                                                            occupying the Charisma ERP Project Manager position
                                                            focusing on the financial services vertical. His portfolio
                                                            includes large international and local clients.
                                                            He dislikes routines and strictness, he is open to new
                                                            challenges, appreciates very much the atmosphere and
                                                            people at the working place. He spends his leisure time
                                                            in the middle of nature, generally cycling or playing
                                                            tennis, walking or climbing the mountains.

   3 things you might not know about                           3 things you might not know about
   him:                                                        him:

   ì year         he won’t be a bachelor anymore;              He is
                                                               ì     proud of the Credits module he
   He is
   ìa little star among his friends – he is                    developed in Charisma;
        always ready with a joke;                              He Wants to start a business a business on
   He enjoys going to boxing and football
   ì                                                           his own in the consultancy area;
        matches, as well as to Formula 1 races.                He is
                                                               ìa big fan of city breaks.
Ana Maria Grigoraş (AMG)
Quality Assurance Team Leader,
Charisma Medical Software

“It’s been 5 years since I joined TotalSoft. I
am responsible for the product delivery
standard, functionality and usability. We sell
quality. And for that I must always be
extremely careful, therefore hard to please. I
believe we are that kind of people that have
the power to push things forward, even on
the short run.”

Hence the code name given by the
department: AMG. “At a certain point, one
colleague of mine called me AMG. I thought
it was a funny invention, but had no idea it
was about a sport version of Mercedes AMG
– he told me I was exactly like that: always
looking for extreme performance.”

The coordination of her team is her no. 1           4 things you might not know about her:
priority, as well as the integration and training
of new colleagues. “All of them are                 She is
                                                    ì       sure she can win 1st prize in a competition in
conscientious people, who are passionate            the “most original holiday idea” category – a cruise in
about their jobs – my role is to cultivate the      the interior passage of Alaska;
concept of being proactive.”                        She has a good plan in order to obtain a top position
                                                    in our photo contest;
AMG spends her leisure time mainly cycling.
                                                    She has started a painting course;
She usually goes 2 times a week at the
                                                    She has a new bicycle she plans to use in a ride
theatre or to the movies, being convinced
                                                    from Bucharest to Doftana Valley.
she can pick up good ideas from the most
unexpected places.

Bogdan Luca Grigorescu
Team Leader, Charisma HCM Development

The activity team is quite intense from Bogdan’s point of       This is what keeps Bogdan motivated.
view: each day he splits himself between providing support
                                                                Next to his passion for the latest IT
to implementation teams and developing software
                                                                technology (particularly reminiscent of
according to customer requirements. He is proud of his
                                                                artificial intelligence, genetic algorithms and
team and feels a great satisfaction to work with such
                                                                prediction methods) are prominently: the
passionate and dedicated people.
                                                                portrait photography and cross-country
The greatest satisfaction comes when all projects are           cycling.
functional: “It is a great pleasure to look behind and
remember the meetings during the sales, analysis and
implementations stages and the point where employees
receive their salaries. You practically witness the project’s
excellent growth”
                                                                4 things you might not know
                                                                about him:

                                                                He used
                                                                ì             to have long hair until 8 years
                                                                As a child, he used to read PC Report
                                                                – he won a BBS soft after participating
                                                                in a contest and later on, he
                                                                collaborated with the magazine’s editor
                                                                for his graduation paper “He was a
                                                                true tester, the best I have ever met, a
                                                                great artist”;
                                                                He has
                                                                ì been a freelancer for 12 years;
                                                                30 years ago his father was developing
                                                                applications of 1MB RAM for the
                                                                payroll calculation of 6.000 people.
                                                                Bogdan is now working with similar
                                                                payroll calculation programs that
                                                                compute 20.000 wages with 64GB.
                                                                Should we talk about scalability?
                                                                Technology is definitely not fair.
Bogdan Titu
Project Manager, Embedded Software Division

                   He is one of the department’s pioneers! He     his colleagues. He is a very social person,
                   joined TotalSoft as QA Team Leader, when       who enjoys hanging out with friends – he is
                   the division had only 5 members (in case you   a trustworthy source of recommendations
                    are not aware, the department has now 50      when it comes to places to have fun. Let his
                         members). Now, as a Project Manager,     colleagues speak about him:
                            he is responsible for the planning,
                                                                  “I mostly appreciate his communication skills
                             development, testing and
                                                                  and respect towards promises made. We
                              communication of projects,
                                                                  can always joke together, even in stressful
                               coordinating 17 people.
                                                                  moments”, states Georgia Vasilache.
                                     He would never refuse a
                                                                  “Bogdan is always a great, cheerful and
                                                     drink with
                                                                  optimistic person, who can easily relate to
                                                                  people outside the office. I appreciate his
                                                                  calm and logical way of addressing
                                                                  problems, as well as his openness towards
                                                                  the solutions he is trying to find.“, states
                                                                  Emilian Calin.

                                                                  “If you want a successfully completed task,
                                                                  then you surely must resort to Bogdan.
                                                                  Those repetitive tasks perceived by others
                                                                  as being extremely boring, are seen by
                                                                  Bogdan as a development opportunity. He is
                                                                  a selfless person and a friend for all. He is
                                                                  that kind of leader everybody would
                                                                  support.”, Andrei Mihalca.

                                                                  “Bogdan relies very much on his instinct. He
                                                                  knows how to interact with people and is a
                                                                  very calm and good-hearted person.”,
                                                                  Camelia Petcu
TotalSoft Press
Teambuilding 2011

The summer edition could not miss the most eagerly
awaited event of the season, the team building. During
June 24-26, we gathered in Poiana Brasov. The event
was a true challenge for the organizers (our HR
colleagues) considering the large number of participants
(over 240). The weather was not on our side. It
constantly rained; we also saw hail and some snow at
the hotel entrance. But it did not matter, because we
shifted to indoor extreme sports. We really had a great
time, plenty of drinks (400 shots of whiskey just the first
night? Wow). Games, dancing, a motivational speech
delivered by Liviu - well seasoned with examples where
we all found ourselves - dancing, socializing, swimming
and dancing all over again... "a true ordeal".

In short, those who missed it have a lot to regret.

Our congratulations go to Oana, Simona, Raluca and

In Focus
                Let's meet the
                youngest winners of
                the team, our         Bianca Maria Eftimie
                representatives in

Agnes Topală                          Amalia Despa

Tudor Negoiţă                         Ana Negoiţă
Seasonal Sports Trends
Mountain trips
It seems Iulian Nitescu’s initiative has been a great
success. There have already been organized 3
mountain trips since his announcement: Ciucaş, Cozia
and Bucegi. Though they say “the journey is the
reward”, I will give you some statistics:
ì     Maximum number of participants – 15;
ì     Extreme weather events – 0;
ì     Maximum height – 2507 m (Omu Peak);
ì     Number of bears met on our route – 0;
ìnumber of pictures – 800. We selected some
of them for you. Next trip will be organized on July 22-
24, in Fagaras Mountains.

Everybody who wants to join this group can send a
message to Iulian at the address:

                                                          Teams Category and 10th place in the category
                                                          Industries – IT category.
                                                          At the end of the competition, the 4 pink panthers were
                                                          rewarded for their performance with an Ideal Freeder
                                                          bicycle and a ... chainsaw?!
                                                          We do not know if the new owners of the chainsaws do
                                                          have skills in their use or plan a team building activity
                                                          taking them as the central theme, but certainly promise
                                                          to keep you informed.
                                                          “I wasn’t even aware that we were participating in a
We are pleased to let you know about a race we            ruffle when I was told our team had won the large prize.
participated in, Skoda Velo Challenge. The event          I couldn’t believe. However, I was very happy for
gathered 140 teams of 4 members, from companies           George, who did not have a bicycle even though he
such as Orange, Adevarul (newspaper), RCB,                was our team member in the competition. The prize just
Heineken, KPMG, GSK or OMV-Petrom.                        suited perfectly! ;)” – Elisabeth Luca
TotalSoft had 2 mixed team: TOTALBIKERS (Nicolescu
Silvia, Olariu Casian-Ioan, Stroie Dragos-Cristian,
Dragan Ioan-Alexandru and the PINK PANTHERS
((Timohi Alexandru-Stefan, Luca Elisabeth-Catalina,
Popescu Andrei,Vornicescu George-Marian).
The eight cycling fans prepared themselves for the race
by polishing their bikes and, when the time came, they
cycled in the forest, on paved and unpaved alleys, on
off-road portions, for 10 km. The results?
TOTALBIKERS: 2:35:27 – 6th place/ 60 teams in the
Mixed Teams Category and 9th place/ 28 teams in the
Industries – IT category.
THE PINK PANTHERS: 2:35:36 – 7th place in the Mixed
Instead of conclusion…
we propose a bit of relaxation!
A Transylvanian, established in America, decided to
spend his vacation back in his the village. He asks his
father to gather everyone on Saturday to buy them a
On Saturday, at the end of the party, the “American”
gives 100 dollars to each villager.
The next year, the “American” spends again his
vacation in the village and gives 100 dollars to each
The next year, however, the “American” returns for
vacation in his village, throws the party, but at the end
of it, he gives only 50 dollars to the villagers. Then,
Vasile and Gheorghe ask him about the reduction of the
The American explains them he has 2 kids in college,
there’s a global crisis going on … and he cannot afford     Two nuns go shopping in a grocery store.
to spend so much money anymore.                             One asks the other:
Vasile turns then to Gheorghe: - Let’s go Gheo, this        - Should we buy some beer?
bastard keeps his kids in college on our expense …          - It doesn’t sound bad, but I’m embarrassed to buy it.
                                                            - No problem, I’ll do it.
                                                            The noun picks up a box of six bottles of beer and goes
                                                            to the cashier. The cashier looks very surprised at them.
                                                            Then, one of the nouns says:
                                                            - This is for hair care.
                                                            The cashier, without hesitation, bends under the
                                                            counter and puts a bag of pretzels near their beer and
                                                             - In this case, here’s a bonus on my behalf - some
                    by Radu Chiran                          curlers.
                                                                                                                               © TotalSoft 2011
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