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Main value
   Organizes, simplifies and automates complex
   processes and workflows;
   Cross departmental automation and organizational
   processes that cover multiple departments;
   Dramatically decrease operational costs and improves
   employees' effiency;
   Increases the company's agility and competitiveness;
   360 view over the performance indicators;
   Increases customer loyality;
   Collaborative working environment, focused on
   satisfying business partners’ needs;
   Updates and develops customers' business needs.

Management value
   Provides key reports and analysis for executives to run
   Reports with the ability to go from high level to low
   level detail;
   Comprehensive insight from all departments and
   Provides executive dashboards, on-spot quick facts
   and real-time notifications.

Employee’s value
   Clean and friendly user interface;
   Commonly performed tasks can be automated;
   Can provide data from other applications and sources;
   Can access various reports from the same interface;
   Provides technical support directly from the
   application interface;
   Provides development methods and tools for business
   flows and entities directly from the application.
  In hostile economic situations, the
      main competitive advantage of
           organizations becomes the
availability of the cash balance. This
      is why the efforts to collect the
      debts from the customers have                 Charisma Collection is a
 priority, the employees allocating a               powerful software solution,
significant time budget for disputing               especially designed for
     the invoices and receiving these               solving any management
         debts. Usually this procedure              activity of debit collection,
   involves many departments, from                  as well as for the
            sales, financials, customer             repossession and
     relationships, as well as external             remarketing process. This
companies in case of outsourcing of                 platform will lead to the
  debit collection or legal actions. As             increase of the debt
       the existence of cash is crucial,            collection process
      providing stability and agility in            efficiency, the increase of
            approaching new business                cash and the decrease of
 opportunities, the company should                  costs with managing
 quickly take actual actions, in order              customers' receivables.
   to eliminate the danger regarding
        organization's position on the
market and the relationship with the

Charisma Collection suite includes a series of modules covering areas specific to
the debit collection process. Thus, Collection module is dedicated to debt
collection, Legal module optimizes the management of moral or physical
damage collection, Repossession module optimizes the management of the
collected assets, as well as the additional fines the consumer should pay for
covering the seller's cost of repossession, and Remarketing module optimizes
the collection and reselling flow for the collected assets. These modules could
work as standalone applications, but when integrated they make the most
powerful, high-end and implemented debt collection solution in Romania.
                                                                   “Considering the increasing level of
                                                                      the debt collection department’s
                                                                activity, the need for such a software
                                                                was more than obvious. Automating
                                                                  the fax documents sending made it
                                                                much easier for us to work. There are
                                                                    many documents to be sent to the
                                                                 client: bills, notes etc. If they were to
                                                                  be generated manually, they would
                                                                 have required 2-3 days of additional
                                                                              work for each employee.”.

                                                                                            Doru Popa
                                                                             IT Manager, Tiriac Leasing

 Charisma Collection
           Integration with any information                application and the possibilities of
           platform                                        interfacing with any other solution in
           By the native integration with other ERP        Charisma business suite allow achieving an
           solutions (Charisma, SAP, Oracle, etc.), the    integrated end-to-end solution for the
           debt collection processes are automated         complete automation of the debt collection
           and perfectly integrated with accounting,       process, with cross-department real-time
           procurement, logistics and sales information    data transfer, within organizations of any
           system. Thus, the entire organization will be   size or complexity (multi-company, multi-
           up-to-dated with the receivables collection     sites, multi-location, multi-currency, etc.).
                                                           Native Web solution
           Using CRM principles and                        Charisma Collection can be accessed from
           functionalities                                 any mobile device with Internet access,
           By using the classical principles of customer   regardless the configuration. Thus, the
           relationship management solutions, you will     employees involved in collecting debts from
           be able to send consistent and controlled       the customers can check anytime, from
           messages to your customers, you will be         anywhere, the collection process, and they
           able to generate analysis of the                can send information to the company in real
           communication methods, receivables              time, in order to inform the decision factors
           collection lifecycle, but also positioning of   upon the situation on the field.
           your company in relation with the
           customers. Thus, you can manage an              Speed and flexibility during installation and
           extremely important process, related to         implementation
           your company's cash, without significantly      The business expertise, the advanced and
           damaging the relationship with the              specialized consultancy accompanying
           customers or your company's image on the        Charisma Collection, significantly decrease
           market.                                         the total implementation costs, while
                                                           providing a fast return of investment.

           Exceptional modularity and scalability
           The exceptional modularity of the
Reduces the analysis time and increases the operational efficiency. The solution automates
the processes and eliminates the manual effort, by simultaneous management of the
operational workflows, quick and consistent access to the interest information.

Fully covers the business needs. The exceptional flexibility and configurability of the solution
allows adapting the operational workflows to the specific of each organization, regardless its
size or complexity.

Increases the profitability of the organization. The fast collection of outstanding cash or
contracted assets, the increase of repossession sales or the optimum management of expenses
with the collection processes, is reflected into the profitability of the organization and cash,
critical factors in difficult economic periods.

Optimizes the document management. The company has the possibility to match or load
physical documents for each step of the collection process.

                                        Charisma Collection is a highly effective debt
                                        collection from customers, managing settlement of
                                        legal processes and repossession, as well as any
                                        remarketing activities - reselling, renting, refinancing.
                                        In this way, you can quickly recover arrears from
                                        corporate customers, preventing the creation and
                                        increasing accounts payable. Charisma Collection
                                        visibly increase communication and efficiency in the
                                        inter-departmental processes to recover the money.

                                 Financial and Operational Benefits

Reduces the analysis time and increases         completed or future task;
the efficiency of the collectors                n
                                                Simultaneously manages different
n an efficient ticketing system for
Includes                                        processes and provides reports
identifying debtors, grouping debtors           specialized on various processes:
based on delinquency level and creating          n report of delinquency
delinquency tickets;                                 tickets. The reports show a
Automates the collection processes by                summary of all open tickets,
closing and opening delinquency tickets              classified by status, owner, product
based on the occurrence of payments                  type, with grouping functionalities;
into the system and closing the invoices;        n report of activities and
n activity flows associated with
Tracks the                                           efficiency. The system provides
the current accounts, as well as the                 centralized data about all the
access to the entire history of past                 activities related to the collection
collection processes, such as current                process. Therefore, the team leader,
status, completed steps, future step,                manager or coordinator can track
debt amount, account owner or days                   how many activities are opened,
past due;                                            the actions with due dates or who is
Coordinates and delegates the step                   responsible, thus assessing the
execution, simultaneously or                         performance of collection
dependently, according to individual                 operators.
abilities, thus optimizing the work of
each responsible for debt collection. The
system allows any responsible or
participant to be notified during the
collection process about the non-
                                                                                  By utilizing Charisma Collection,
                                                                            Financial Services organizations, their
                                                                                 partners, distributors and service
                                                                             companies specializing in recovering
                                                                                    debts will be able to optimally
                                                                             manage their debt collection efforts.
                                                                               In straight-forward and exact steps
                                                                              you will be able to identify debtors,
                                                                              create delinquency tickets, manage
                                                                            debtor accounts, track and complete
                                                                                             the collection process.

Optimizes the operational effort and        letter – 10 days);
reduces the internal costs through:         n collection process steps,
n manual work, both expensive
Eliminates                                  conditions, automated or manual
and time consuming, needed for              actions, involved roles;
managing invoices and communication         n advanced multi-language
with customers with debts;                  functions (the system was already
n a centralized information
Provides                                    localized in 4 international languages);
database with customers, contracts,         n integrated with Charisma ERP
                                            Is natively
invoices, associated payments or            and any other ERP information system.
advance payments, securities, calculated
penalties, debts, as well as DPD (days      Decreases customers' debts, optimizes
past due);                                  the profit and increases the cash flow
n quick and consistent view on
Offers a                                    n structured debt collection
overdue accounts, including information     process, based on the specific of each
regarding the interaction with the          organization;
customer, contact conclusion, account       n the value of DSO (Days Sales
distribution or promised amount.            Outstanding) indicator by decreasing the
                                            average number of days needed to turn
Exceptional flexibility                     the debts into cash;
nthe definition, customization and
Allows                                      n a fast return of investment
management of money collection              thanks to low cost of ownership and
strategies by means of notifying            quick implementation.
customers and setting terms to react on
such notifications and to cover the debts
(e.g. SMS – 1 day, phone call – 5 days,

                                         The difficult economic context determines the retail
                                         or financing companies to treat the debt issue with
                                         maximum care and to consider any debt as a critical
                                         situation in the lifecycle of revenues and customer
                                         services. Many times, the amount of debts
                                         accumulated in a short period of time can surprise
                                         organizations, their efforts or those of companies
                                         specialized in debt collection not being able to
                                         achieve expected results. Thus, due to the
                                         unsuccessful actions taken for notifying or collecting
                                         debts, the companies have to take the next step - to
                                         legally handle the files.

                                  Financial and Operational Benefits

Reduces the operational costs                    collection files;
Legal module reduces the required                n update of receivables
manual effort by automating the                  situation or the invoices attached to the
processes and workflows for collecting           files, depending on their management in
the receivables from customers. The              ERP system.
remarkable configurability and flexibility       n personal or a company's goods
of the solution allows adapting the              collection.
module to the specific of each single
organization, regardless its size or             Eliminates the calculation and provision
business area.                                   creation
                                                 The system eliminates the calculation
Automates the collection process                 and creation of provisions for risks and
Exceptional flexibility, thanks to native        expenses by negotiating the amounts
integration with Charisma ERP or with            and commercial terms, by highlighting
any other management system for good             the promised payments and by updating
financing contracts;                             the system with the actual operations.
n data import directly from the
company’s database, i.e. all the contracts       Reduces the analysis time and increases
suspended for payment delays - or any            the efficiency of the collectors
other reason specified by the customer -         n complete and real-time view of
automatically generate the activation of         each active file;
legal files with the collection company;         n consolidated calendar with
                                                 Builds a
nsimultaneously handling of many
Allows                                           terms and planned activities by periods;
                                                                           This is why Charisma Collection suite
                                                                           includes a module dedicated to legal
                                                                                 issues, which leads to efficiency
                                                                                    increase of the operations for
                                                                                  collecting the moral or physical
                                                                          damages, thus lowering the prejudice
                                                                           and increasing the chances for profit
                                                                                     for the financing companies.

n all the stages of a file, from
Manages                                           matches the recorded promises and
activation to solving;                            actual receipts, managed by
n distinct, amicable or legal
Provides                                          Charisma ERP 2011 or by any other
treatment of the files. Therefore, the            ERP system.
stages of a file can be the following:
amicably, conciliation, execution          End-to-end solution
disputes, execution, insolvency,           n and handles the files for debit,
inspection, court, notification, penal     leasing asset, insolvency and
complaint, payment summon, execution       outstanding;
suspension. The followings can be          n quick calculation and analysis
assigned and tracked for each stage:       of all incurred expense types on each
  n  The expenses incurred by the          file;
     collection company during handling    nthe easy management and
     the file. The expense type is fully   verification of the invoiced fees or
     configurable, based on the specific   collection costs;
     of each company's preference. As a    n additionally the document
     standard it can be recorded           management by matching or loading
     expenses for: travel, shipping,       physical documents for each single file
     collected assets, execution, legal    or at stage level the file goes through.
     stamp duty;
  n  The payment commitments
     obtained by the collection
     company. The system automatically

                                         When all attempts to convince the debtor to pay the
                                         outstanding amounts fail to cover the delinquency of
                                         the loan, the repossession process starts with the
                                         guarantee securing this loan or even with the
                                         transaction object. Repossession module optimizes
                                         the management of the collected assets, as well as
                                         the additional penalties the consumer should pay to
                                         cover the seller's repossession costs.

                                  Financial and Operational Benefits

Decreases the damages of the financing          Optimizes and automates the
company                                         operational flow
n a consistent and real-time
Provides                                        n each expense made with the
updated view on the financial situation         repossession, maintenance or repairs
of the contracts and required                   during the lifecycle of the asset in the
repossessions;                                  inventory of the company and their
n all the collected assets based
Manages                                         automatic accounting;
on VIN (vehicle identification number) in       n
                                                Automatically calculates the transfer
case of vehicles or real estate properties      value, as equal to the uninvoiced capital
for their unique identification;                at the moment of terminating the
nfast calculation of fees to be
Allows                                          contract between the two parties
invoiced for the repossession process, as       involved;
well as the current value of the collected      n
                                                Automatically or manually integrates
asset.                                          with inventory management, based on
                                                the data in any ERP information system;
                                                                            Charisma Collection – Repossession
                                                                              optimizes the management of the
                                                                                  collected assets, as well as the
                                                                              additional penalties the consumer
                                                                           must pay in order to cover the seller's
                                                                                              repossession costs.

Integrates with fixed assets
n                                            Brings continuity to the business
management, if they do not already           through the transparency created
depreciate in the company accounting         between the modules and functionalities
statements (eg. Operational leasing);        of Charisma Collection. The life of the
n and manages the properties of the          repossessed asset is ended either by
asset to be tracked, identified and then     means of sale (stock removal through a
sold;                                        sales invoice) or by means of refinancing
Manages and tracks the collected assets
n                                            or renting the good (stock removal
per cost center and unique identifiers.      through a leasing contract).

   Measures the efficiency of the company
   business by quick and aggregated access
   to all financial and operational
   information related to contracts and
   their transactions.

                                            It is in the interest of each financial services company,
                                            retailer or any size vendor, regardless the type of
                                            business, to sell as fast as possible all the collected or
                                            in-house assets, both for revenue increase, as well for
                                            the decrease of the expenses needed for their
                                            management. An optimal transactional design at the
                                            organization level means a good inter-department
                                            and inter-process communication. In other words,
                                            only the tight link between the collection process and
                                            the sale and billing process, and the rest of the
                                            operational activities can bring the ultimate
                                            advantage: the improvement of receivable
                                            management, receipt acceleration and optimization of
                                            ongoing capital.

                                  Financial and Operational Benefits

Improves the loading and sale process               Optimizes the operational activities
n an efficient and fast
Provides                                            n a high-performance system for
management of the reception protocols               notifying each representative in the
for the assets, sales invoices and item             process of sale and management of the
bookings;                                           collected assets (inbound, outbound,
n the costs at company level and
Reduces                                             booking expiration);
analyzes the profitability through a fast           nthe automatic update of stocks at
view on the collection and maintenance              the moment of entering into the
costs against the revenues recorded per             inventory and at the moment of sale;
asset.                                              n all the properties required for
                                                    identifying and promoting a collected
                                                                                    Remarketing module brings the
                                                                                     benefit of a solution especially
                                                                              designed for a complete and efficient
                                                                               management of the entire collection
                                                                                    and resale flow of the collected
                                                                             assets. Additionally, this module eases
                                                                             the remarketing efforts by positioning
                                                                                the product for sale or rent and by
                                                                                       driving the demand for it by
                                                                                    adaptability to market changes.


Integration with any information
platform: Charisma, SAP, Oracle;
End-to-end, multi-company, multi-
location, multi-localization solution;
Web-based with access from any
browser, on any machine, regardless of
the hardware configuration;
n and flexibility during installation
and deployment;
n TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
and fast ROI (Return On Investment);
Advanced business expertise and
specialized consultancy;
n CRM principles and functionality;
Advanced modularity and scalability.

Automates the operational transactions       n advanced methods for search,
due to native integration with Charisma      quoting, subscribing for offers and detail
ERP or with any other ERP system.            requests about the assets shown on the
                                             Web platform;
Increase the revenues and profitability      n simple, user friendly
of the organization by web-selling           management of the Website;
Offers market visibility in a professional   n
                                             Issues efficiency reports about the most
manner and much faster resale of the         accessed products, the most accessed
collected assets;                            categories, number of visitors;
Offers realistic and quick access view by    n the profit by eliminating the
detailed information and presentation        wholesale actions or dealers'
images;                                      involvement.
       Shortly after its foundation in 1994, TotalSoft
       became one of the most important software
       companies in Romania, with an excellent
       reputation and a consolidated position on
       the domestic and international software
       market. Currently, TotalSoft team consists in
       over 380 professionals, with relevant
       experience in the IT&C field; its innovation
       spirit and competence guarantees the
       successful fulfillment of its customers'

       With over 1500 customers in the private and
       public sector in 21 countries, such as USA,
       Germany, UK, Italy or France, TotalSoft has
       an undeniable expertise in verticals such as
       financial-banking, leasing, distribution,
       retail, medical, utilities, constructions,
       engineering, manufacturing, services or
       public administration. The company has its
       headquarter in Romania and subsidiaries in
       Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Qatar.

       TotalSoft is part of Global Finance group, one
       of the most important private investment
       companies in South-Eastern Europe, with
       offices in Athens, Bucharest, Sofia and
       Belgrade. Global Finance administrates over
       EUR 850 millions, obtained by private and

poza   real estate investment fund management
       and has carried out over 70 investments
       since its founding in 1991.
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