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									Human Capital Management

     Simple | Intuitive | Flexible | Complete
Main value
   Organizes, simplifies and automates complex
   processes and workflows;
   Cross departmental automation and organizational
   processes that cover multiple departments;
   Dramatically decreases operational costs and improves
   employees' effiency;
   Increases the company's agility and competitiveness;
   360 view over the performance indicators;
   Increases customer loyality;
   Collaborative working environment, focused on
   satisfying business partners’ needs.
   Updates and develops customers' business needs.

Management value
   Provides key reports and analysis for executives to run
   Reports with the ability to go from high level to low
   level detail;
   Comprehensive insight from all departments and
   Provides executive dashboards, on-spot quick facts
   and real-time notifications.

Employee’s value
   Clean and friendly user interface;
   Commonly performed tasks can be automated;
   Can provide data from other applications and sources;
   Can access various reports from the same interface;
   Provides technical support directly from the
   application interface;
   Provides development methods and tools for business
   flows and entities directly from the application.
      In modern organizations, the
         human capital replaces the
      financial capital as a strategic
    resource. The Human Resource
     management overstepped the
         simple administrative role,            Charisma HCM is the most
     becoming a key component in                powerful Human Resources
      maximizing the organization's             management solution,
                       performance.             adapted to the Romanian
                                                law, that covers both the
                                                critical areas of payroll and
 Due to the continuously changing               personnel management, as
      competitive environment, the              well as the strategic area of
 main challenge is to maintain and              investments in the
         keep the loyalty of valuable           development of human
      employees who can make the                capital. Thus, Charisma
  difference between the company                HCM solves in a simple and
  and its competitors. Maintaining              user-friendly manner the
           the balance between the              great complexity of the
employees' personal goals and the               human resources field,
 company's performance targets is               providing advanced
    essential for the success of any            functions for analysis of the
 organization, because motivation,              employees' performance,
     reward or the alignment of the             competencies
             employees to a healthy             management, training
   organizational culture, customer             planning or programs for
 success-oriented, determines and               training and tracking the
      directly affects the company's            career path within the
              financial performance.            organization.

Charisma HCM is a complex system consisting in modules that cover
different human resources issues, that can work both as standalone or
integrated applications. The advantage of the solution's modularity is given
by the possibility to quickly adapt to the needs of any organization,
regardless its size or complexity. And, even more important, it can adapt to
the evolution of human resources, based on the dynamics of these
                          Financial and Operational
n compliance with the applicable law                                      security that ensure data privacy on 7 security levels.
   You don't need to worry about the legal changes. This                  Thus you have the certitude that the sensitive data will
   aspect is our sole responsibility;                                     be available only for the employees with appropriate
                                                                          access rights to this data, but also that general
The organization chart at a glance
n                                                                         information can be accessed by all the employees,
   The whole organizational structure is centralized and                  while relieving the HR personnel;
   the roles, positions and responsibilities, as well as the
   critical personnel information are accessible to the                Quick
                                                                       n data transfer with other information systems
   authorized persons;                                                    Charisma HCM integrates with a large number of
                                                                          financials-accounting systems or with other internal
Flexibility in payroll calculation
n                                                                         applications that already run at the beneficiary, such as
   You have the possibility to change the tariffs or rules                PeopleSoft, Workday, ORACLE, SAP, SUN, Scala,
   during a month, depending on the internal policy of                    MFGPro, Charisma ERP. The application enables
   the organization;                                                      configurable imports/exports based on a dedicated
                                                                          module that can work with different file formats - DBF,
Strategic support for the managerial decisions
n                                                                         XML, XLS, XLSX, TXT, CSV, PDF, DOC, VSD, JPEG, Open
   The solution allows various scenarios and forecasts for                Office;
   the accurate calibration of payroll investments or for
   the development of headcount with the company's                     Reporting and display in many foreign languages
   financial and business targets;                                        Charisma HCM is perfectly adapted to multinational
                                                                          companies. No matter if the interface is required in
n data privacy                                                            English, French, German, Russian, Serbian or Polish,
   The solution includes advanced levels of complete                      the solution provides the same complex reports in the

                       Charisma HCM is the solution preferred by
                              over 400 national and multinational
                           organizations in business fields such as
                    finance-banking, services, distribution, retail,
                         medical-pharmaceutical, manufacturing,
                          constructions, engineering, utilities, and
                       public institutions. Besides, Charisma HCM
                        manages the payroll of over 10% from the
                     active labor force in Romania, and calculates
                   over 25% from the aprox. 150,000 outsourced

                                                                                                                                4 5
required language with a single click;                         n notifications in advance
                                                               Alerts and
Expense tracking per cost centers
n                                                              You will not forget to congratulate your employees on
You can evaluate the investment efficiency in the              their birthdays, you will know in advance about the
development of employee's competencies, the top                persons whose contracts will terminate. You are able
performance areas and the areas that need                      to set up the alerts depending on any event of interest.
intervention of the HR team. The entire activity is            The module enables e-mail notifications to distribution
tracked at cost center level, allowing the tracking of         lists, such as the list with new employees in the
budget execution by various components, such as                security or IT department;
training, assessments, compensations, benefits,
recruitment processes, etc. Thus, Charisma HCM                 Enables
                                                               n multiple, simultaneous configurations
provides an actual support in adjusting the efforts               Charisma HCM provides the interest information
towards the areas with maximum impact on the                      depending o each single user's preferences. Thus, the
organization's growth;                                            most system configurations can be performed by the
                                                                  users. The solution includes a validation mechanism
Completely configurable complex, static or dynamic
n                                                                 for data entry that does not allow wrong records into
   reports                                                        the system.;
   You can quickly access any information category in the
   database, including statistic reports as graphics. Thus,    Reduces the work time and optimizes the routine
   you can assess at any time the dynamics of yours            tasks
   company's personnel or other performance indicators         n
                                                               The self-service solution enables the participation of
   specific to your company. Additionally, you can track       employees and managers to certain human resources
   the activity of the users, the changes made in the          processes, such as employee satisfaction surveys,
   system, viewed information or other actions                 complete 360º assessments, electronic leave requests,
   performed by the users. The solution also provides          but also various personal information, such as
   centralized reports, in real time, at group level in case   remaining holiday days.
   of holdings;


                                                                 n operating on employee groups -
                                                                 timesheets, bonuses, salary raises;
                                                                 n automatic retrieval of individual
                                                                 employment contracts, addenda or various
                                                                 n the automatic generation of addenda
                                                                 depending on the depreciation of training period
                                                                 provided by the company to its employees;
                                                                 ... and more.
                                                     The largest community built around
                                                     a human resources management
                                                     software solution in Romania;
                                                     Complex interfacing with third
                                                     party applications (SAP, PeopleSoft,
                                                     Workday, SUN, ORACLE, Scala,
                                                     MFGPro) The interfacing covers
                                                     both financial data and all types of
                                                     information on human resources -
                                                     payroll, personal data, contract
                                                     data, timesheets;
                                                     The most powerful training module

           Technical support                         in Romania, capable to manage over
             Decreased reaction                      800,000 training classes per year, to
             time to any requests;                   ensure a flow for obtaining training
             Permanent access to                     needs form managers (including
             Charisma consultants.                   over 250 users), to allow the
                                                     logistics management but also the
           Implementation                            monitoring of the training
             Data migration;                         processes;
             Integration with                        Significant experience in the
             external applications;                  human resources management,
             Quick customization                     achieved after those over 400
             of internal specific processes.         implementations in complex
                                                     organizations of different sizes, in all
           Business consultancy                      business fields;
             Internal processes consultancy;         Ensuring the compliance with the

             Performance indicators and              applicable law. In order not to
             specific processes implementation.      disrupt the company's operations,
                                                     the legal changes are implemented
                                                     into the system in real time;
             Internal courses for
             application use;
             Training workshops
             for internal users;
             Seminars for understanding
             the benefits of HCM strategies.

                                                                                           6 7
n feature of document                         within the HR department with
management, that provides the                 electronic forms (assessment
users with direct access to the               forms, leave requests,
documents scanned and saved into              certificates, etc.);
the system (employment records,         A powerful and extremely
employment contracts, degrees,          configurable reporting engine -
certifications, etc.), regardless the   with Dashboard module, the system
location. The solution eliminates       provides the users with a complex
the time needed to search them in       set of configurable reports and
the physical archive and to send        indicators;
them via different means;               Eliminating the redundant
Significantly reducing the number
n                                       recording in multiple HR systems –
of written documents of the HR          all software applications provided
department through a series of          by the State for the submission of
unique features:                        the mandatory statements to the
  n   The automatic submission of       state authorities (REVISAL, IVG) can
      pay slips in electronic format    be replaced by a single one -
      (online, e-mail or SMS), thus     Charisma HCM. This ensures the
      eliminating the printing costs    submission of all legal or mandatory
      an the distribution time;         reports and statements that occur
  n   Electronic timesheets -           in relation with the State;
      recording the timesheets with     Increasing the communication
      access - timesheet devices,       efficiency by ensuring an Intranet
      automatically initiating the      that, in addition to other similar
      timesheet month and filling it    solutions, allows for the data to be
      in by the managers;               directly changed by the employees,
  n   Eliminating written leave         according to the granted rights;
      requests by ensuring an           Configurable alerts and
      approval flow of the leaves,      notifications, that can be sent via e-
      based on hierarchical             mail or SMS.
  n   Replacing other written forms
  Charisma HCM is an integrated system,        Human
                                               n Resources module - covers
        consisting in distinct and perfectly   all aspects related to the human
integrated modules, as well as an unique       resources management, from
        employee database, this structure      defining a company's organization
  significantly reducing data redundancy.      to detailed information on
These modules can also operate on their        employees, performance,
          own, as standalone applications.     professional education and
                                               recruitment processes;
                                               n module – a completely
                                               configurable module regarding the
                                               calculation formulas, salary types,
                                               benefits, bonuses, sick leaves,
                                               annual leaves, check-offs;
                                               nPortal module - a self-service
                                               module within Charisma system that
                                               has the main role to provide system
                                               data to certain categories of
                                               employees who are not able to
                                               access the entire database;
                                               n Management module –
                                               covers the recruitment process,
                                               allowing to record the potential
                                               applicants (internal or external
                                               applications) for the vacancies
                                               within the company, to select the
                                               applications according to criteria set
                                               by user, to retrieve the applications
                                               from the company's Website, in
                                               case it has a specialized section;

                                                                                   8 9
Occupational Medicine module –
n                                        Dashboard module – the business
manages the information about the        intelligence solution dedicated to
employees' medical visits, the           the HR department, that provides a
medical tests they took or should        set of configurable indicators for the
take, as well as information about       analysis and evolution of the
all their medical problems;              department;
n – Timesheet module -                   Budgets
                                         n module - includes the
intended for controlling and logging     required features to generate the
the access within the company for        payroll budgets and headcount, as
the employed personnel and it            well as different comparative
provides tools for logging the           analysis reports;
arrival/leaving time, in order to        Timesheet Clocking In module –
calculate the working hours;             allows to review the employee's
n module - standard set of               timesheets by the responsible
reports, as well as the possibility to   manager;
retrieve from the database any           Statements module - includes the
existing information as reports          required features for loading,
adapted to each user's                   checking and generating the
requirements, the application            statements to the state budget;
having a powerful report                 Alerter
                                         n module – manages the
configuration module. In addition,       system alerts and notifications;
any type of external application can     Training
                                         n module– covers the whole
be exported for further processing;      training process ran within the
ITM module – generates the files
n                                        company;
that should be submitted to the          Expense Statements module - the
Territorial Working Inspectorates,       Web interface the company needs
according to the applicable law. ITM     for the efficient management of the
module can regularly generate the        expense statement flows.
files related to the registry,
according to the specification
prepared by Labor Inspection;
                                        Human Resources

                                                             The module dedicated to human
                                                          resources covers all aspects related
                                                                       to the human resources
                                                                management, from defining a
                                                          company's organization to detailed
                                                                    information on employees,
                                                            performance and their evolution,
                                                                    professional education and
                                                          recruitment processes. The level of
                                                                   detailing and organizing the
Financial and Operational Benefits                        information enables to use them in
                                                               a simple manner, in the format
  Increase the employees' motivation                              requested by each company,
  The module ensures a performance management of                   regardless its business field,
  the regular assessment periods, providing employee                          complexity or size
  transparency regarding the targets achievement, the
  targeted competence level or further professional
  development needs;

  Improve the employees' performance
                                                                “Charisma HCM enables us to
  The solution enables the management of training
                                                               manage 8,500 employees as a
  programs depending on the needs of each employee,
                                                          whole; the communication between
  as well as the department's, as they result from the
                                                           stores is accomplished quickly and
  regular performance assessment processes;
                                                             safely. Moreover, the application
  Quick access to updated information                              adapts to the requirements
  The Human Resources department has quick access to           determined by the accelerated
  an unique database, updated in real time, that           development of the company, thus
  includes all the relevant information about the                     giving us real solutions.”
  company's employees. In addition, the solution
  provides the Human Resources department with the                                  Carrefour
  history of all information regarding the employees;                        Ana Dumitru,
                                                                   Human Resources Director
  Significant decrease of the operational costs
  The Human Resources module significantly reduces
  the time needed to generate legal documents such as
  employment records, contracts, addenda, certificates,
  etc - as well as the time needed to retrieve them.

                                                                                                    10 11
n the clear determination of the
Enables                                        n   Information about the project the
department structure and the                       employee is assigned to;
connections between them, also               Covers
                                             n the company's whole
ensuring the possibility to change them      assessment process, regardless the
in the organizational structure of the       assessment system used. The high
company;                                     degree of configurability of the
n the hierarchical structure of
Manages                                      application allows to define own
the company, allowing the generation of      assessment criteria and methods, as well
four different types of organization         as to implement standard schemes used
hierarchy that is automatically edited       in the international practice;
from any of its nodes. The organization      Records
                                             n the employees' assessments,
hierarchy can be graphically generated       proposed targets, as well as their
(Visio or other graphic format) without      history, that are essential elements in
the need of other external applications;     tracking the progress of employees'
n all human resources
Manages                                      performance;
information that are grouped in distinct     Tracks
                                             n trainings from various points of
categories such as:                          views such as course structure,
  n information (address,
      Personal                               organizational details, costs associated to
      marital status);                       each attendee or total costs;
  n   Information regarding education,       Enables
                                             n to generate budgets and
      qualifications and certifications;     forecasts regarding the expenses related
  n information (salaries,
      Financial                              to the employees' training;
      benefits, medical insurance, bank      Ensures
                                             n the possibility to change the
      account, associated costs);            employee information in advance
  n   Information regarding the              (contract changes regarding the
      professional career path               positions, base salary, rules);
      (application, professional             Enables
                                             n the automatic retrieval of
      experience, current position,          individual employment contracts,
      assessments, internal applications);   addenda or various certificates;
  n   Information regarding the              Enables
                                             n the automatic generation of
      employment contract, the               addenda depending on the depreciation
      employment record history;             of training period provided by the
  n   Information regarding rest leaves      company to its employees.
      and sick leaves;

                                                             Payroll module has been especially
                                                             designed to automate and facilitate
                                                                     the payroll processes within
                                                                  companies of different sizes or
                                                             complexity, regardless the business
                                                             field or the headcount. Its role is to
                                                               eliminate a great part of the time
                                                                consuming routine tasks that the
                                                              payroll calculation implies and also
                                                                 to ensure this process accuracy.

Financial and Operational Benefits
  Speed and accuracy in the payroll calculation
  The module enables complex configurations that                     “We had just a few days to
  address the payroll needs of national or multinational     complete the data imports and give
  companies of any size, as well as public institutions.         salaries with Charisma. Even in
  The solution generates both standard reports and                   these conditions, the wage
  reports adapted to these organizations' needs, as well       computation was extremely fair.”
  as all the documents specific to this process;
                                                                                  Radison BLU
  Total independence from legal changes
                                                                             Roxana Prisăcariu,
  The exceptional configurability of payroll calculation
                                                                      Human Resource Specialist
  formulas relieves you from the worries and
  responsibilities related to legal changes. Leave this
  task to Charisma solution;

  High flexibility of payroll calculation approach
  The module enables to change salaries or rules during
  the month, providing the flexibility of any punctual
  decision, without affecting the general payroll process
  within the organization. Furthermore, you can access
  a series of completely configurable reports that can be
  generated in the format most convenient to the
  company's needs;

  Follows the privacy policies regarding the salaries
  The module has the option to print the advance and
  clearance pay slips on secured paper in order to follow
  the most strict privacy policies regarding the salaries.

                                                                                                      12 13
n the base for the whole payroll              centers;
calculation process, while the application    Enables
                                              n the operation by employee sets
is completely parameterized regarding         (e.g.: timesheets, bonuses, indexing, etc.);
the calculation formulas, salary types, pay   Ensures
                                              n salary calculation according to
rises, premiums (as fixed net or gross        the conditions enforced by a holding
amount, in RON or in a foreign currency),     structure of a company;
sick leaves, rest leaves, withholdings        The possibility to plan the salary budget
(taxes due by the employee and by the         by creating scenarios – hypothetical data
employer to state, other types of check-      can be entered and then the new total
offs);                                        costs or the costs per employee can be
n the gross salary calculation and            viewed;
the taxes incurred by the company             Ensures
                                              n automatic calculation of the
starting with the net salary expressed in     compensations for rest leaves and sick
RON or in any foreign currency (user-         leaves;
defined);                                     Provides
                                              n the possibility to transfer the
n available all the standard reports          salary and other incomes into a bank
specific to a payroll application, such as    account;
payrolls for advance, clearance, sick         Automatic generation of the accounting
leaves, rest leaves, pay slips, correlation   notes, as well as payment orders;
checklists, summaries, salary expenses or     Enables
                                              n to keep a salary record in a
fiscal statements FF1 and FF2;                multi-currency system;
n the salary calculation starting             Provides
                                              n the possibility to report multiple
from the actual number of worked              monthly statements regarding the
hours, recorded into the timesheet and        payroll;
automatically transferred into the system;      n reporting - is similar with
                                                     The initial
n the automatic transfer of debts                    the salary payment date for the
from one month to another and provides               current month (e.g.: 25th of the
the ability to generate reports regarding            calculation month);
their history, regardless the selected          n    The reporting at the end of the
period;                                              month - where adjustments are
n to import and export data                          made according to the timesheet.
from/to other applications, to integrate
the application with other accounting         The reporting after 5 working days from the
systems (PeopleSoft, ORACLE, SAP, SUN,        end of the month - the period when the last
Workday, Scala, MFGPro, Charisma              timesheet adjustments are made (e.g.: the
Enterprise, REVISAL, VERANEXE, IVG,           medical certificates that were delivered late
DECLSOM);                                     are recorded).
n expense tracking per cost
                                                            HCM Portal

                                                                    Defined as the Website of the
                                                                   Human Resources department,
                                                                     HCM Portal module plays an
                                                                  important part in increasing the
                                                                          transparency within the
                                                                      organization, improving the
                                                                 communication and motivation,
                                                                            knowing the roles and
                                                                    responsibilities but also other
                                                              personal information that can lay at
                                                                        the basis of a healthy and
                                                                     motivation-oriented culture,
                                                               commitment and responsibility of

                                                               With HCM Portal module, TotalSoft
Financial and Operational Benefits                                     went beyond the traditional
                                                                    features of a human resources
  Reduces the operational costs
                                                                management system, developing a
  The solution enables to eliminate the time needed by
                                                              powerful and robust tool, accessible
  the HR personnel to run certain routine time
                                                                   anytime and from anywhere via
  consuming tasks such as leaves day calculation,
                                                                          Internet, empowering the
  requests for certificates, employee information
                                                                employees to get directly involved
  update;                                                                  in various processes. The
                                                              employees are able to enter certain
  Increases the productivity of the HR department
                                                                 data into the system, such as rest
  The module enables the communication and quick
                                                               leaves, assessments, training plans,
  adoption of new internal requirements and
                                                                     etc., thus relieving the human
  regulations, such as the publication of an internal             resources department of certain
  Code of Conduct, and the facilitation of administrative                                  activities.
  tasks necessary for checking if the new regulations
  were read. Furthermore, the product ensures quick
  control and access to information about the
                                                                  “We have outsourced the payroll
  employees via Internet, anytime anywhere;
                                                                   services and we are delighted to
  Motivates and empowers the company's employees                have chosen TotalSoft. The payroll
  By actively involving the managers and employees               process has been automated to a
  into complete 360-degree assessments, leave                  large extent by implementing HCM
  requests or other human resources processes, the             Portal interface. Now we have easy
  solution empowers the personnel and increases the              access to information and reports
  motivation by improving transparency and teamwork;                required to optimize the human
                                                                                   resources work.”
  Ensures quick access to the employees information
  Thanks to Web interface, the information about the
  employees is available anytime anywhere. The access                                  BRD
  is done according to the access rights, according to              Groupe Société Générale
  the company's internal policies.                                                   Adela Jansen,
                                                                              HR Executive Director      14 15
The users who can access HCM Portal                 configured by the Human Resources
module are split in many categories,                department.
depending on the assigned rights:
employees, managers, top managers, as            The Manager
well as Human Resources department users.        The manager can:
The company's employee                           n  View certain information for all his/her
The company's employees can access public           subordinates: leave balance, timesheet,
information made available by the Human             assessment results, training plans;
Resources department, such as:                   n  Approve or reject the requests initiated
n   Accessing the news within the company           by his/her subordinates;
    (e.g.: team building, training or               Fill in
                                                 n assessments, training plans or
    recruitment sessions, new colleagues,           career path management for his/her
    employees of the month);                        subordinated employee;
n   Accessing the forms used within the             Fill in
                                                 n information about the results of
    company;                                        interviews he/she attends regarding the
n   Accessing public information about the          applicants who are to be employed on
    active employees within the company,            subordinated positions.
    enabling the access to each employee's
    personal pages but also to information       The Top manager
    such as phone number, e-mail, office         The management personnel is able to
    location;                                    access the organization charts and statistical
n   Simulating the salary calculation, from      managerial reports. Also, they have a
    gross to net and from net to gross salary,   dashboard including information about the
    with all the employee's and the              personnel turnover and the employee
    employer's taxes;                            expenses, split by companies, business units
n requests to the Human                          or cost centers.
    Resources department;
n strictly personal information                  The person who enters the timesheet on
    that cannot be accessed by other users       the Web
    such as: Leave balance / Pay slip /          Can additionally enter the timesheets of the
    Timesheet / Assessment results;              employees he/she is assigned to.
n flows such as rest leave
    requests, requests for certificates, etc.    The employee in the Human Resources
n   Changing certain personal data (address,     department
    personal documents, marital status) if       Have access to the specific legislation
    these rights are configured;                 section for the human resources
n   Self-assessment, by filling in rates for     management, that is regularly updated
    each task/target/competence,                 through version upgrade or by providing a
    depending on the assessment model            Web service.
                                      Talent Management

                                                                      The talent management is a
                                                               complex process that involves the
                                                               identification of the most suitable
                                                                     candidate for supporting the
                                                                 organization's targets. In a labor
                                                                   market where fluctuations and
                                                              major changes occur in a very short
                                                               time, the recruitment process has
                                                                  earned an essential place in the
                                                                  human resource strategy of the
                                                                       company because it allows
                                                                 attracting key competencies and
                                                                        skills for its development.

                                                                   Efficiently managing a very large
                                                                    resume database, recording the
                                                                     potential internal and external
                                                               candidates, selecting the applicants
                                                                    by well determined criteria and
Financial and Operational Benefits                                automatically retrieving from the
                                                                system the resumes posted on the
  Increases the productivity of the recruitment activity
                                                                     company's Website or on third
  The application allows quick access to detail, correct
                                                                   party Websites is the base of the
  and updated information about applicants, thus                   recruitment process. A software
  eliminating the time wasted for searching into large                 solution that covers all these
  resume databases and the redundant tasks;                     features is essential for the human
                                                                 resources professionals because it
  Identify the best candidate for the organization                   relieves them from the routine
  The solution provides the Human Resources                      tasks, while being able to focus on
  department with all the information regarding the           the key elements of the recruitment
  experience and skills of the applicant, placing him/her              process: selection, interview,
  in the center of the recruitment process;                                             negotiation.

  Reduces and eliminates the routine tasks
  The application eliminates recording data and sending
                                                                    “Charisma HCM gives us a very
  replies, allowing to focus on the key elements of the
                                                                    clear record of the trainings we
  recruitment process. selection, interview, negotiation;
                                                                 organize, the people involved, the
  Ensures tracking the applicants during the entire             history, costs and assessments. We
  recruitment process                                            can analyze easier the employee’s
  The internal customers of the recruitment process can       flow and what to do to keep and use
  view any time the recruitment status, the candidate                          him at full potential.”
  shortlist, their profiles, providing quick access to each
  applicant history.                                                                      Vel Pitar
                                                                                  Florin Tătaru,
                                                              Human Resources National Director

                                                                                                         16 17
The automatic forwarding of resumes
n                                            portal / email about the vacancies at a
posted on the Website in the                 certain moment (the list of the jobs on
recruitment module after an offline          the Internet can differ from the list on
preliminary validation. In case the          the Intranet);
applicant already has a resume in the        The possibility to define projects only
database and applies for a new job,          for the external or internal applicants,
his/her resume is not recorded once          or mixed projects that can be applied
again in the database, but, after its        both by external and internal applicants;
validation, is forwarded to that position;   The internal applicants are able to track
n the import of resumes coming               the status of their application until the
from other sources such as specialized       end of the project; they receive
Websites and recruitment agencies;           notifications about the interviews and
n the update of resumes already              their results;
recorded into the system by providing        For internal recruitment, certain data in
the possibility of loading the resume into   the human resources and payroll
the system as a document (.doc, .pdf or      modules can be automatically accessed
scanned image);                              by the recruitment team (e.g. the
n the advanced search option by              current benefit package);
compose criteria or attributes: foreign      Allows
                                             n automatic retrieval of resumes
language level, experience);                 from eJobs, BestJobs;
n applicant data transfer into the           The possibility to define preliminary
"employee" section (in case the              selection criteria;
applicants become employees of the           Ensures
                                             n a complete set of documents
company) with a simple check of an           and indicators specific to the
option;                                      recruitment:
n defining the recruitment
Allows                                         n  The resume – print version;
projects/sessions: project start date,         n   The offer for the applicant;
deadline for resumes, project                  n   The number of applications by
commission;                                       origin source;
Automatically manages the available
n                                              n   The duration of the recruitment
jobs and the number of vacancies                  process by project (intermediate
taking into account the vacancies at a            durations of subprocesses:
certain moment, but also the occupied             interviews, selections, etc.);
positions;                                     n   Estimate of the recruitment process
n the costs of the recruitment                    duration based on the history – for
process: recruitment fees, job fairs'             a certain position;
attendance fee, recruitment advertising        n   The number of applicants selected
fees;                                             for the interview;
n the automatic notification on                    Form
                                               n for response letter.
                       Occupational Medicine

                                                                 The occupational medicine is a
                                                              mandatory step both for the new
                                                                employee and for the employer.
                                                           This medical examination should be
                                                                   done both at the moment of
                                                               employment and later on, with a
                                                                 certain periodicity determined
                                                                  according to the specific work
                                                             conditions. Keeping an exact track
                                                            of medical visits, medical tests and
                                                                   the results of the performed
                                                                     medical tests is essential in
                                                           following the company's obligations
                                                                     regarding the occupational
Financial and Operational Benefits
  Decreasing the cross-operational costs
  By permanently monitoring the health condition of        “We considered several applications
  the employees, as well as taking regular medical           for human resources management
  exams, the occupational medicine module prevents          and payroll but Charisma HCM was
  professional diseases, while reducing the number of      the best response to our needs for a
  sick leave days;                                         configured employee; also, it proved
                                                              to be a valuable, flexible and well
  Control and transparency of the operations regarding
                                                                                structured tool.”
  occupational medicine
  The solution ensures an unique, complete, updated
  database regarding the information directly related to                             ING Bank
  the occupational medicine. Thus, keeping a history of                    Manuela Dragomir,
  all the incidents and making decisions to prevent        Director, Head of Human Resources
  them based on this history leads to the reduction and
  prevention of further working accidents for the

  Reducing the time needed to run the occupational
  medicine operations
  The module includes advanced features for quick
  recording, monitoring and reporting of all specific
  information. These features enable the company to
  quickly act in view of retaking the expired medical
  tests of the employees by automatic notifications.

                                                                                                     18 19
Manages information about the
n                                               Date,
                                                ntime, and place of the
medical visits of the employees, about             working accident;
the medical tests they have taken or            type of
                                                n accident;
should take, as well as the medical             the consequences of the working
problems they have;                                accident;
Monitors the health condition of the
n                                               details
                                                n regarding injuries;
employees, thus preventing professional         first-aid
                                                n (first aid methods list);
diseases;                                       causes
                                                n of the accident;
Manages medical exams at the time of
n                                               description of the accident;
employment, medical exams for                   circumstances of the accident;
adaptation, regular medical exams and           hospitalization and the inspector
medical exams for resuming the activity;         who prepares the report;
n sets of medical tests that can be         Keeps
                                            n the track of medical exams and
attached to employee groups, directly to    employees' diseases, by recording the
employees or by their positions;            following information:
n all the information related to              n  risk name (risks list);
the medical tests: the date and the           n  required medical exam and
medical clinic where they were taken,            periodicity of the medical exam;
the validity end date and their status;          type,
                                              nname, and code of the
n to set up lists and sets of                    medical condition;
medical tests, medical clinics and status        date of
                                              n the medical exam;
of the medical tests, while these can be         medical
                                              n recommendation;
expanded or restricted when needed;              validity
                                              n end date;
Automatically notifies the validity end
n                                             n  the result of the medical exam -
date of employees’ medical tests, as             whether the employee is fit to work
well as the list of medical tests that           or not;
have to be taken by certain employees;      Generates simple or complex reports
n the track of the working                  based on the information within this
accidents, providing the possibility to     module.
monitor the following information
regarding working accidents:
                                        Acces - Timesheet

                                                                 At present time, the largest HR
                                                                 expenses at company level are
                                                               directly or indirectly allocated to
                                                                   tracking and centralizing the
                                                                  employees' working hours. In
                                                            addition, eliminating human errors
                                                             in recording the worked hours can
                                                               lead to a significant reduction of
                                                                errors in the payroll calculation.

                                                                  On the other hand, ensuring a
Financial and Operational Benefits                           secure access within any company
  Reduces the time needed to record and review the         has major implications on the safety
                                                               of employees and controlling the
  timesheets with up to 80%
                                                               personnel flow. The solution that
  The review of a timesheet lasts about 6 minutes. This
                                                             manages to cover these processes
  time can be reduced to approximate one minute with
                                                               by providing security and control
  an automatic system;                                        and also recording the arrival and
                                                            exit hours to/from the institution is
  Significantly reduces the operational costs
                                                                  a permanent element within a
  By reducing the time needed for the salary calculation
                                                                   company. Access - Timesheet
  based on the timesheets or reducing the time needed         module matches exactly this role,
  to assign the time shifts to employees, Charisma                and is intended to control and
  significantly reduces the operational costs, while         record the access of the personnel
  improving the company's efficiency;                      within the company, and to provide
                                                                      the tools for recording the
  Reduces errors regarding the free hours recording         arrival/exit hours with the purpose
  The solution minimizes the factors that affect the           of calculating the working hours.
  normal working hours, such as extended lunch,
  delays, leavings before the end of working hours that
  can reach up to 4.08 hours per week, according to the
                                                                „By outsourcing our services to
  American Payroll Association. The system highlights
                                                            TotalSoft we streamlined the entire
  and records delays, absences, as well as incorrect
                                                            human resources & payroll activity
                                                               at a much higher level of quality
  Overview of the costs, revenues and profitability           while achieving a significant cost
  The solution enables comparing the working volume                reduction for management.”
  with the salary budgets both at company level and
  project, department, cost center or customer level.                     URSUS Breweries
  You can perform regular, detail performance analysis                               Alina Sîrbu
  such as worked hours vs. standard working hours,                                  HR Manager
  billable hours vs. spent hours.
                                                                                                     20 21
Provides an electronic timesheet for all
n                                            Ensures
                                             n defining timesheet devices by
the employees - when entering the            entering their name (for easy
company or when accessing certain            localization), entering the device type
areas, each employee uses an access          (access and/or timesheet), working
card inserted into a card reader that        hours, access area, device status;
records the card code and saves              Ensures
                                             n assigning and unassigning the
information such as date and time of the     magnetic / proximity cards of the
passing;                                     employees - any assigned card, once
n downloading the data recorded              passed through the device, is identified
by the access-timesheet devices              by the program as belonging to a certain
(manually or automatically) to the           employee;
computer and these can be interpreted        Ensures
                                             n updating (adding, changing,
and shown as reports regarding the           deleting) of time shifts;
employees' attendance;                       Allows
                                             n assigning/re-assigning time
n the data by defining user                  shifts to employees;
hierarchies;                                 Ensures
                                             n the validation of the
n setting up parameters that can             information processed by the program:
be used to calculate the worked hours:       employee's brand, first name, name,
arrival tolerance, rounding up to a          timesheet date, arrival time, exit time,
complete hour, implicit worked hours         delay, advance, time shift, number of
and additional hours, maximum allowed        worked hours, type of worked hours,
number of hours, allowed pause or            every employee's arrival-exit pairs;
ignored minutes;                             Separately records the overtime, the
Introduces filters for quick selection and
n                                            advances or the delays of the employee,
search such as: brand, name,                 the module also allowing the correction
department, location, date or hour           of errors recorded by the devices;
types;                                       Ensures
                                             n a general validation by type of
n setting the lists with: access             worked hours, being able to correct the
areas, device working hours, enter, exit     worked hours through changes applied
or mixed time schedules for each device,     to an employee or employee group.
device statuses, types of worked hours,
special days;

                                                          One of the main challenges of the
                                                        Human Resources department is to
                                                          retrieve from the entire database
                                                                reports and statements that
                                                       highlight the progress and dynamics
                                                        of human resources, salary budget,
                                                               hours actually worked by the
                                                       company's employees, competence
                                                          progress, time budget assigned to
                                                       internal or external training courses
                                                          or the efficiency of investments in
                                                          the headcount development. The
                                                        lack of a powerful reporting engine
                                                             decreases with almost 50% the
                                                        efficiency of an information system
                                                             that would strictly limit itself to
                                                         record some data into the system.

                                                             “When I signed the project, we
                                                         chose 17 reports and now we have
                                                       over 80 and their number continues
Financial and Operational Benefits                           to grow as people discover the
                                                                 features of the application.
  Ensures a comprehensive view on the dynamics of
                                                        Interestingly, over 50% out of these
  the Human Resources department;
                                                       were created by ourselves according
  Quickly generates any report regarding the                    to the situations we faced.”
  operations of the Human Resources department,
  whether we are talking about payroll, employee
  data, timesheet;                                                  Ţiriac Management
                                                                        Alexandru Cârstoiu,
  Ensures analyzing key indicators and measuring                  Technical Project Manager
  department's efficiency and performance;

  Eliminates human errors from the reporting process
  and provides a correct updated view of the human
  resources status within the company.

                                                                                                   22 23
n easy and fast generation of a            Access
                                           n - Timesheet reports
complex set of standard reports where          Shift attendance report;
the main reports are:                          The report regarding the travels
n resources reports                             outside the company (private or
 n   The updated list of employees;             personal);
 n   The planning of annual rest leaves;     n  The employee attendance report by
 n   Individual employment contracts;           department, profit/cost center;
 n   Addendums;                              n  The global working hours;
 n   Promotion reports;                      n  Monthly reports;
 n   Employee training plan;                 n  Individual timesheet record.;
 n   Assessment record;                    Enables
                                           n the retrieving from the database
 n   Personal record;                      of any existing information as reports
 n   Title and salary history;             adapted to each user's requirements;
 n   Turnover report;                      Provides a powerful report
 n   Headcount report;                     configuration module; the shape and
 n of service certificates;                content of the report can be configured
n reports                                  with only a few clicks;
 n registry;                               Allows
                                           n the export of reports to any
 n   Payrolls;                             other type of external application for
 n certificates;                           further processing;
 n   Withholding list;                     Allows
                                           n to extremely easy and quick
 n   Sick leave payrolls;                  select the information from the
 n   Pay slips;                            database, and this can be done by any
 n statements;                             trained user of the application.
 n statements.

                                                              One of the main responsibilities of
                                                              the Human Resources department
                                                            is to manage all the documents and
                                                                reports required by the state but
                                                               also to maintain their compliance
                                                                     with the applicable law. This
                                                                 process does not accept human
                                                             errors; any document or report in a
                                                            different format other than the one
                                                               required by the state or that does
                                                                         not include certain usual
                                                                      information can lead to the
                                                              rejection of the reporting and thus
                                                                to the increase of time and costs
                                                                         allocated to this process.
Financial and Operational Benefits
  Significantly reducing the time needed to report to
  The solution automatically generates the reports and
  instantly identifies any change registered from one               “The database is unique and
  month to the next, alerting the Human Resources                  therefore accessible from any
  department and thus preventing the useless                              location, but we do the
  consumption of time, energy and money for the re-         configurations at the headquarters,
  generation of the reports;                                        so that colleagues across the
                                                            country cannot intervene. It is a real
  Eliminating human errors                                        advantage because we are not
  Thanks to the automation of the reporting process,          forced to deal with inconsistencies
  any inconsistency identified in the employee data is                                 anymore.”
  removed and notified to the decision factors.
  Additionally, the module removes the errors occurred
  as a result of legal changes, thus ensuring the
                                                                          Continental Hotels
  compliance with the applicable law. All the legal                             Iulia Hurdubeţiu,
  updates are done in real time;                                                      Director HR

  Overview on all the reports to ITM
  The history of all the reports to ITM can be viewed
  any time. The product provides advanced search
  filters, enabling to find the needed information and to
  minimize the routine time consuming tasks.

                                                                                                      24 25
Generating all the files that must be
n                                            generated, including their related own
submitted to Territorial Working             data;
Inspectorates, according to the              Allows
                                             n files checking - certain checking
applicable law (e.g. the registry in         keys are provided, and the files will be
electronic format);                          generated only after the validation of all
Regularly generating the files related to
n                                            the checking keys by the system;
the registry, according to the               Ensures
                                             n printing the inconsistencies or
specifications issued by Labor               data that do not comply with the ITM
Inspection;                                  specifications by using the report "Error
Exclusively generating files that include
n                                            list" (e.g. checks if the employee's city
the changes occurred in the personal         has a valid SIRUTA code or if the contract
data or the employees' contracts, as well    termination reason complies with the list
as in the new employees' data - this is      in the specifications);
possible thanks to the option to             Generates a series of configurable
compare the data of the current              reports that include the data reported to
situation with those of the last reporting   the Territorial Working Inspectorate;
to Territorial Working Inspectorate;         Ensures
                                             n information security by
Defining different employers that can
n                                            configuring user rights related to
be mapped to legal entities, locations,      accessing and processing the data
business units or other organizations        regarding all the employees or only
defined in Charisma HCM, individual          certain employees.
records for every employer will be

                                                                  First of all, creating the budget
                                                               means planning the activities and
                                                            resources required for achieving the
                                                                    business targets, an essential
                                                                 element in reaching the desired
                                                            result. The lack of a tool to facilitate
                                                           the defining, planning and control of
                                                               the budgets on certain periods of
                                                          time can deprive the company of the
                                                                    possibility to identify the cost
                                                              effective opportunities on time, as
                                                                  well as a consistent view of the
                                                          financial and operational activity any

                                                                Budgets module provides all the
                                                             necessary features to generate the
                                                              budgets for the Human Resources
Financial and Operational Benefits                         departments, starting from planning
                                                                  the critical actions required to
  Reduces the time assigned to routine tasks              support the strategic targets, such as
  Budgets module provides useful real time reports and          ensuring the competencies, and
  information, instantly offering all the information      assessment and performance plans,
  needed to create, compare and assess the efficiency       to the operational tasks required to
  in executing the budgets specific to Human Resources       ensure human resources, trainings
  departments. Thanks to centralizing the information                   or personnel payroll and
  into a single database, the personnel in Human
  Resources departments saves important time, and is
  able to focus more on efficient task;.                            “From my point of view, an
                                                               extremely important advantage
  Reduces the operational costs
                                                                   obtained after the Charisma
  The module eliminates the involvement of many
                                                          implementation is the organizational
  people in collecting the information and creating
                                                            chart which is updated daily, and I
  updated reports and statements, thus eliminating
                                                           don’t mean the simple picture itself,
  redundant and manual work occurred as a result of
                                                            but the position for each person in
  the simultaneous use of multiple applications;
                                                            the company as a cost center with
  Reduces the data migration costs                          the entire corresponding history in
  Budgets module is an integrated part of an integrated                       the background.”
  system, Charisma HCM, enabling the quick data
                                                              Alexandrion Grup Romania
                                                                Mihaela Ciufecu, Legal Director
                                                                                                       26 27
n the configuration of budget              total employee cost, location);
items - taxes, headcount, salary raises,   Annual
                                           n report for budget item
special clauses;                           variations (headcount, salaries,
n budgets at employee level –              bonuses, exchange rate);
ensures budgets on each HC, cost center,   Next year budget vs. previous year
company, brand, location for each          budget;
month of the budget year;                  Current
                                           n year budget vs. current
n a complete set of specific               expenses;
reports:                                   Next year budget vs. current
  n for a budget year                      expenses.
     (headcount, CC, title, taxes,
     premiums, monthly base salary,

                                                           One of the main challenges of the
                                                          Human Resources department is to
                                                            retrieve from the entire database
                                                                   some updated reports and
                                                         statements that accurately highlight
                                                                the progress and dynamics of
                                                            human resources, payroll budget,
                                                          and also the hours actually worked
                                                                by the company's employees.

                                                             Dashboard module is a powerful
                                                                business intelligence solution,
                                                                especially designed to achieve
                                                                    relevant figures for the HR
                                                         departments in organizations of any
                                                               size or complexity. The module
                                                                  monitors the operations and
                                                                   efficiency of the company's
                                                                   headcount through a set of
                                                         completely configurable financial or
                                                          non-financial indicators, that cover
                                                                  all the aspects regarding the
                                                             employee status, the headcount
                                                                      progress, the turnover on
                                                          hierarchical levels, the dynamics of
                                                             internal personnel turnover, the
                                                                  headcount investments, the
                                                          efficiency of training programs and
                                                               other indicators specific to the
                                                                    modern Human Resources
Financial and Operational Benefits                                                departments.

  Provides an overview
  The module enables the analysis of key indicators,
  providing a clear view based on updated information       “Now I am able to respond to the
  about the dynamics of human resources in                  management’s requests with any
  organizations of any size or complexity;                  type of report within 10 minutes,
                                                         considering also the time needed for
  Reduces the time needed to get an updated status
  The module enables to quickly generate and access
  numerous reports regarding the efficiency of the
  Human Resources department;                                          Euroweb Romania
                                                                           Raluca Neculae,
  Eliminates human errors in the assessment process                Human Resource Director,
  The system provides users with updated, relevant,
  detail, and real-time information.

                                                                                                  28 29
Provides recording, viewing, editing and
n                                                and departments. This indicator can
deleting the data for the current year,          be calculated by closed months;
based on which reports are issued;           n   The dynamics of the internal
n to calculate indicators or group               personnel turnover for each
of indicators based on the input data;           department: final number of
n closing the months by using the                employees leaving the company,
option “Close month”; after this                 transfers between departments,
command, the values are displayed in             promotions, suspensions, transfers
reports (these values can no longer be           within the departments. This
modified);                                       indicator can be calculated by
Provides users with:
n                                                closed months;
 ndata and KPIs for the current             Enables
                                            n to identify the indicators by
     year and grouped by closed             name, label, group they belong to;
     months;                                Retrieves the information that
 n   Analyzing the headcount current        represent the basis for calculating the
     status, calculated both as HC (total   system indicators, based on forms -
     headcount), as well as FTE (the        changing the data automatically leads to
     employees as fulltime equivalent).     updating the indicator values;
     The analysis can be shown by           Enables
                                            n adding new indicators according
     departments and company;               to the organization's specific needs;
 n   Monitoring the headcount               Enables
                                            n the configuration of
     evolution for the current year,        departments for which the data will be
     calculated both as HC (total           calculated and presented in reports;
     headcount), as well as FTE (the        Enables
                                            n the configuration of reasons
     employees as fulltime equivalent)      based on which an employee is
     and by closed months;                  promoted or transferred;
 n   Turnover status (number of             Provides own standard and configurable
     employees leaving the                  reports.
     company/HC) on hierarchical levels

                                                               One of the main responsibilities of
                                                               the Human Resources department
                                                             is to manage all the documents and
                                                                 reports required by the state but
                                                                also to maintain their compliance
                                                                      with the applicable law. This
                                                                  process does not accept human
                                                              errors; any document or report in a
                                                                  different format other than that
                                                                provided by the state or that does
                                                                          not include certain usual
                                                                       information can lead to the
                                                               rejection of the reporting and thus
                                                              to the increase of time allocated to
                                                                                      this process.

                                                               The module allows the automatic
                                                                generation of the Statement 112
                                                              (XML file) that is sent to the ANAF
                                                                  validation program. It can also
                                                              generate a PDF file with electronic

                                                             “ The automatic calculation of sick
Financial and Operational Benefits                              leaves is a great advantage, and
  Significantly reduces the time needed to generate              also that we have implemented
  reports for the state budget                                      real-time legislative changes.
  Automatically generates the reports and instantly          Reducing so much time needed for
  identifies the changes registered from one month to                the accomplishment of these
  the next;                                                 activities, we can now focus on staff
                                                                          development activities.”
  Eliminates human errors in the reporting process
  Thanks to retrieving the data directly from the system    Compania de Librării Bucureşti
  database that includes the updated status of the                                   Liliana Niţu,
  organization, the product eliminates the potential                                 HR Manager
  human errors that occur in the process of manually
  transferring the information from one system to the

  Eliminates the errors occurred due to legal changes
  The module ensures the compliance with the
  applicable law; the legal updates are done in real-
  time, without disrupting the company's operations.

                                                                                                      30 31
nfile checking – certain keys for
Allows                                         wage, death grant) and also the update
validation are provided, the system can        for calculus expressions (CAS capped at 5
generate the files only after the              average economy wages);
validation of all the security keys is done;   n mapping between the
n the viewing, printing and
Ensures                                        configured elements for each database
generation of the file in the required         and reporting elements from the
format as stipulated by law;                   Statement 112;
nthe generation of the amending
Allows                                         n information security through
statement (as instructed, the statement        user rights configuration with focus on
will contain information for all the           access and processing data for all
company’s employees, but it will be            employees or for only certain employers;
marked with an amendment code);                nstatements archiving, the user
n the upgrade of certain calculus
Provides                                       can always access the statements
elements (minimum wage, average                submitted in the past months.

                                                            The specialization and development
                                                             of competencies is one of the main
                                                                       non-financial elements of
                                                                      motivating the employees.
                                                                   Furthermore, the training has
                                                               become a necessity, a mandatory
                                                                   task for the healthy long term
                                                              development of the company. The
                                                                   reasons for which the Human
                                                                 Resources departments in large
                                                                    organizations or in emerging
Financial and Operational Benefits                               companies resort to specialized
                                                                courses are based on identifying
  Provides centralized control of the training plan         their own organizational needs. Due
  The module allows defining a configurable format for       to these reasons, training is one of
                                                             the most profitable investments, as
  the training plan at organization level, as well as the
                                                               one can have the certitude that it
  appropriate filling in with data about the training
                                                                   can be found in the quality of
  demand and offer. Furthermore, the product manages
                                                              people and in the compliance with
  all the aspects related to logistics, planning, data               the company's professional
  consolidation, developing an efficient process in what                               standards.
  regards quality, costs and deadlines;
                                                                The training module ensures the
  Decreases the response time to training requests              increasing of efficiency of all the
  The module automates the training process, enabling        training operations, beginning with
  much faster information transfer between the internal          process of planning the training
  customers and the Human Resources department and           needs for every employee, team or
  enabling access to an updated database of employee             department, assessing the best
  competencies, already taken courses, suppliers and                 training programs and their
                                                              suppliers, centralizing the training
  training programs. Thus, the reaction time of the HR
                                                            periods, the effective execution and
  department to any training request from the
                                                              the assessment of the results. The
  organization significantly decreases;
                                                              module is a basic part of Charisma
                                                             HCM suite, having major impact on
  Optimizes the training process
                                                                       managing the talents and
  The module provides monitoring and reporting tools
                                                              competencies of the organization.
  regarding the training process, allowing the
  identification of weaknesses and their remedies;

  Reduces the administrative tasks
  Enables to spend more time on strategic operations,
  by automating many routine tasks involved in the
  training process ran at company level.
                                                                                                      32 33
n a configurable format for the              Enables
                                             n querying and using the training
training program and populating it with      plan by all users, which will reduce the
data regarding the training offer and        needed to run training sessions;
demand;                                      Enables
                                             n standardized and automatic
n and plans the training sessions            preparation of the dashboard related to
characterized by: duration, number of        the training process, a feature that
attendees, attendance, room, trainer,        replaces numerous manual operations
course support, start/end date, training     and entries;
methods, assessment;                         Provides interfaces in many
Manages the training offer, enabling to
n                                            international languages;
set and detail the training areas (foreign   Provides a set of reports specific to the
languages, engineering, design);             training process, reports centralized or
n the logistics of training plans            set by certain areas, departments, titles;
(bookings and the rooms' usage, manual       Includes
                                             n the possibility to access the
requisition, course attendance,              training history for a certain person, for
assessments after the course), thus          certain persons within a department,
contributing to minimizing the time          trainings in a particular period, test
spent on issues related to logistics;        results;
n consolidating data regarding the           Includes
                                             n the possibility to automatically
training needs from departments or           call by e-mail the persons enrolled to the
branches, including information such as      training;
number of persons and training hours         Enables
                                             n monitoring a set of indicators
per each person, training type, as well as   specific to the training process: average
the assignments per day, hours, persons;     monthly attendance, number of persons
Automates certain tasks of the training
n                                            who have attended the training, access
plan, ensuring:                              rate to the training, training hours,
n    Reducing the duplicate records and      absences, training hours per person,
     the number of exchanged e-mails;        percentage of men and women that
n information dissemination                  have attended the training, actual hours
     (planned sessions, session              on age, personnel or training category.
     attendance ratio);

                                                           Alerter module notifies the events
                                                                    or actions that need to be
                                                          performed in a given time interval.
                                                                        The alerts are perfectly
                                                            configurable, and can be created
                                                          and read only by users with certain
                                                              rights, according to the internal
                                                          organization policy. Integrated with
                                                            Charisma HCM suite, the module
                                                                  retrieves any type of system
                                                                      information, keeping the
                                                          responsible persons alerted on the
                                                                     company's major events.

Financial and Operational Benefits
  Minimizes the delays                                          „By using the Charisma system
  The module sends alerts in due time regarding certain     things for us became simple, clear
  tasks and events that need to be taken care of. Thus,   and transparent, we eliminated the
  the delayed or forgotten major events for employees          extensive work for closing each
  will belong to the past from now on;                          month while also managing to
                                                           reduce human involvement only at
  Reduces the costs                                           key control verification level, our
  Thanks to removing the penalties that could occur for                reporting efforts for the
  not performing certain tasks in due time, the system     headquarter becoming as complex
  contributes to minimizing the non-quality costs;                     as we wish them to be.”
  Reduces the time allocated to plan the tasks
  The option to determine automatic alerts reminds all                   Mondial SA
  users about certain tasks that need to be performed,    membru Villeroy & Boch AG
  as well as their deadlines;                                           Mihaela Daniela Nagy
                                                                                HR Manager
  Increases employees' satisfaction and motivation
  The module enables to congratulate the employees
  on personal events such as birthdays, marriage,
  child/husband/wife anniversary, employment
  anniversary date with the company or any other type
  of alerts.

                                                                                                    34 35
n complex messages that can                   Employees whose trial period or
include both standard elements and             temporary trial period contract
specific information retrieved directly        terminates in the next 20 days;
from Charisma HR application;                n Employees who complete two
n retrieving the information                   years from the suspension of the
directly from Charisma HR system;              child care contract in the next 30
Automatically sends messages via e-
n                                              days;
mail or SMS to certain persons, on           HR supervisor - Daily activity report
certain events;                              for checking the data entered into
n fast and easy use through an               the system during one day;
user-friendly interface;                     HR:
n setting the frequency an alert             n Employees' children who turn 18
will be sent;                                  in the next 30 days;
Addresses the users in departments
n                                            n Deductions for other persons in
such as:                                       care that terminate in the next 30
  n   IT, security, top management:            days;
    n    Employees that will leave the       n Employees whose medical exams
         company or get hired in the next      end dates in the next 30 days;
         7 days;                             n Interviews scheduled for the next
    n    Employees that will change their      7 days;
         position in the next 7 days;          Training
                                             n sessions scheduled for
  n Management:
      Middle                                   the next 7 days;
    n    Employees who celebrate a             Actions
                                             n scheduled for the next 7
         certain event in the next 7 days:     days (e.g. certificate approval);
         birthday, marriage,                   Changes
                                             n that affect the payroll
         child/husband/wife birthday;          process.
                                                             Clocking In

                                                                   At present time, the largest HR
                                                                expenses at organization level are
                                                                    directly or indirectly routed to
                                                                 manage the employees' working
                                                               hours. This process is supported by
                                                                  the fact that eliminating human
                                                                   errors in recording the worked
                                                                  hours can lead to the significant
                                                                 reduction of errors in the payroll
Financial and Operational Benefits                              Clocking In module is an extremely
  Reduces the time needed to record and review the              useful tool that gathers in a simple
                                                                 and fast manner, via Internet, the
  timesheets with up to 80%
                                                                   timesheets from the employees
  The review of a timesheet lasts about 6 minutes. This
                                                                    distributed in the territory. The
  time can be reduced to approximate one minute with
                                                                product brings in the advantage of
  an automatic system;
                                                                    filling in all the information in a
  Significantly reduces the operational costs                           single place, directly into the
                                                                     database, and this information
  By reducing the time needed for the salary calculation
                                                                  reaches in real time the monthly
  based on the timesheets or reducing the time needed
                                                               timesheet that is to be validated by
  to assign the time shifts to employees, Charisma
                                                                          an user with special rights.
  significantly reduces the operational costs, while
  improving the company's efficiency;

  Reduces errors regarding the free hours recording
  The solution minimizes the factors that affect the
  normal working hours, such as extended lunch,
  delays, leavings before end of business that can reach       “Discussing with colleagues, I have
  up to 4.08 hours per week, according to the American        concluded that Charisma HCM is the
  Payroll Association. The system highlights and records        most complex and stable tool that
  delays, absences, as well as incorrect entries;
                                                                    you can use to shape as many
  Overview of the costs, revenues and profitability                  human activities as you wish,
  The solution enables comparing the working volume                   including the organizational
  with the salary budgets both at company level and                                 development.”
  project, department, cost center or customer level.
  You can perform regular, detail performance analysis                       PayPoint Romania
  such as worked hours vs. standard working hours,                                  Andreea Tănase,
  billable hours vs. spent hours, providing the decisional
                                                                                       HR Manager
  personnel with a consistent, updated view of the
  efficient or inefficient areas of the organization.
                                                                                                          36 37
n the direct filling in of the               in a single day, while each cost center
timesheets by the responsible persons        can have assigned multiple locations;
using an unique source accessible via        Defines
                                             n the cost centers based on which
Web, by using a configurable timesheet;      the timesheet will be recorded;
n checking the timesheets, while             Ensures
                                             n data security by defining three
the errors being notified with alert         types of users with recording, checking
messages. These can be corrected by          and supporting rights in the timesheet
the user, and the timesheet submission       process;
is not possible until all the alerts are     Enables
                                             n archiving timesheet data on an
cleared;                                     user-defined period;
Consolidates all the timesheet
n                                            Generates a series of timesheet reports,
information, the module enabling an          whose format is similar with the
additional check of the data once they       timesheet. When running the report,
are received at the headquarters. In case    one can select the period, as well as to
these are rejected, it can be sent back to   apply some filters such as: brand, first
the responsible person for review;           name and name, cost center, location.
n entering various types of hours
    HR Document Management

                                                                The Human Resource document
                                                                 management is one of the most
                                                           time consuming activities for the HR
                                                           department. The implementation of
                                                                  electronic employment record
                                                             books, lack of personal documents
                                                                    in digital format and difficult
                                                           management of these documents in
                                                                their physical format, ineffective
                                                                   communication between the
                                                            company’s working units, as well as
                                                               the lack of information regarding
Financial and Operational Benefits                           changes to existing documents are
                                                                  current issues that can only be
  Automates the HR document management                              addressed directly through a
  activities                                                  specialized management solution.
  By scanning the document archive, working with
                                                           HR Document Management Module
  physical documents is no longer necessary, while the               ensures a comprehensive
  time needed to generate certain types of daily-used          management of HR documents
  formats is reduced.                                             (time sheets, administrative
                                                            documents, certificates, employee
  Reduces the response time to internal request            worksheets, contracts, certifications
  Requests from employees to obtain certain                          and diplomas), being fully
  documents that are under the HR department’s                     integrated with the existing
  responsibility get a faster response by the on spot                workflow of the company.
  generation of the required documents: leave requests,
  income certificates, employee record books,               The solution includes features such
                                                                 as document scanning, saving,
  additional documents copies, individual certifications
                                                              archiving, change history, version
  and work sheets.
                                                                control, reporting and levels of
  Improves the approval flows                                   access definition by the system
                                                           administrator or approval of certain
  Thanks to the integration with Charisma HCM, the
                                                           documents already uploaded on the
  module provides an improved communication on
  specific approval processes that require the
  involvement of many employees of the company. You
  can configure various types of internal approval or
  document tracking flows, depending on your needs:
  certificates, employee substitutes, evaluation,
  recruitment, holidays or documentation for the bank.

                                                                                                      38 39
Provides management of digital
n                                          archiving, retrieval, history, version
versions of working documents, as well     control, reporting, adding and updating,
as other personal document such as         access to documents according to the
employee record books, addendums,          rights granted to users (public areas that
individual certificates or documents       are available to all members or private
needed for bank loans;                     areas that accessible only by certain
Provides integration with the workflow
n                                          departments or working groups based
existent in Charisma HCM – it also         on levels of access rights);
allows the implementation of document      Document history – the module keeps
workflow systems, namely approval,         track of all changes to documents with
document circulation within the            the possibility to view them at any time
company, as well as assigned tasks and     or event to return to a previous version;
employees flows.                           Employee document history – the
n integrated with Charisma HCM             application provides multiple filters and
– the module provides an archive for       advanced search criteria (employee
each employee and location (for            type, name, document type or records in
multisite companies with several           Charisma HCM, HCM Portal or Charisma
working units), issues reports of          ERP), stores and manages document
completeness of the archive, according     flows or integrates them directly in the
to the list of documents assigned to       workflow;
personnel files (OPIS), ensures access     Document location – locations where
rights automatically based on the          documents must be physically stored can
organizational structure, issues           be defined, either within the company or
automatic notifications for each           the supplier in charge of the document
document change or withdrawal, by          storage outsourcing;
means of an OCR certificate based on       Library-type functionality – if a
which one can search any type of           document that must be returned in a
information uploaded in the system;        certain time frame is issued, the solution
n location for document storage,           allows the configuration of alerts with
Document Center, which allows various      personal data of the applicant and sends
functionalities such as document saving,   him/her a repayment notification.
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