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It's CRCT Time_


									It’s CRCT Time!

  At Morgan County Middle School
Testing Tips for Students
 Go to bed at a reasonable time.
 Eat a good breakfast.
 Have everything you need – including
  glasses if you wear them!
 Always read ALL ANSWER CHOICES – even
  if you think the first one is correct. The
  next answer choice may be even better!
 Check the answer sheet to make sure you
  are filling in the bubbles completely and
  that you are marking the right number.
 Follow all directions.
Testing Tips for Students continued
 Don’t get frustrated by names in
  reading passages. For example – if
  you can’t read Mr. Bredenowski, just
  read Mr. B. in your mind.
 Pay close attention to the word NOT
  in questions.
 Look closely at graphs and their keys.
Testing Tips for Students continued
 Concentrate and do not rush!
 Do not guess unless you HAVE to, but also
  do not dwell on one problem for too long.
 Be confident. You have worked hard and
  this is your chance to show what you know.
  You may not be sure of every answer, but
  use your best thinking. Remember that
  you can get a good score on the test
  without getting every answer correct!
Testing Tips for Parents
 Make sure your child goes to bed
  early and gets up on time.
 Make sure the “morning routine” is as
  non-stressful as possible.
 Make sure your child has a good
  breakfast on test days. Our school
  will be providing free breakfast to any
  student who wants it on the days of
Testing Tips for Parents continued:
 Do not schedule any morning dentist
  or doctor appointments the week of
  the test.
 Make sure your child has anything
  they may need - such as glasses or
Testing Tips for Parents continued:
 Practice reading endurance – which
  means reading many long passages
  during one session. (Many of the
  children tire out midway through the
 Practice basic +, -, ÷ and x facts
  between now and test time.
 Build up your child by letting him
  know that you are proud of him and
  know he will do his best.
 Relax – you are well prepared and will
  do just fine!!

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