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					                                 A Long Tradition….
 Tea is Served....
  Call in advance to let
                              Afternoon tea is a way to enjoy
                            friends and family in a relaxing
                                                                   You’re Invited for
us know what you’d
like as part of your tea.
                            tradition that will take you back in    Afternoon Tea
Not sure which kind of      time. Linger over a warm cup of
tea you’d like? Let us      tea as you enjoy your
know and we’ll help         conversation.
you decide.
  Afternoon Tea is           While you’re here, learn the
served on Saturdays         history of afternoon tea.
and Sundays with prior
reservations only.
During the summer
months, weekday teas
are available.
 Call us today to                                                        Your Hosts:
 plan your event!                                                      Maureen & Andy

                                  THE BARSTOW
                                   HOUSE 1888
                                 B E D A N D .B R E A K F A S T
                                   485 E. MAIN ST.                           At
                                   WEST WINFIELD,
                                        NY 13491                   The Barstow House 1888
                                                                   485 E. Main Street US RT 20
                                                                    West Winfield, New York
Tea Menu                                Let’s Plan Your
                                         Afternoon Tea
                                                                             What better gift can
                                                                              you give than your
                                       We serve a three-course tea,            time? Coming to
                                 which includes a variety of teas, tea
                                 sandwiches, homemade cream scones,          afternoon tea at The
                                 and a dessert. The price is $13 per
                                                                            Barstow House gives
                                 person (this includes tax).
                                         All our sandwiches, scones,        you a chance to “catch
                                 and desserts are made right here at         up” with the special
The Republic of Tea &            The Barstow House, using fresh
    Adagio Teas                  "everything" (butter, cream, eggs, fresh   people in your life. We
       (Choose 3 varieties)      fruits, breads, and toppings). Choose         offer a quiet and
 Ginger Peach Black Tea          three teas to enjoy with your choice of
      Earl “Greyer”              tea sandwiches followed by our             relaxing environment
  Ti Kuan Yin (Oolong)           homemade cream scones with jam
                                                                                 just right for
    Keemun (Oolong)              and Devonshire Cream. Your final
     Wuyi (Oolong)               course may be crème brûlee, meringue           conversation.
Jasmine Jazz (a green tea)       au chocolat, or tarte aux fruits.
                                                                            Call us today! We’ll do
       Darjeeling                         Tea Sandwiches
       Rose Petal                           (Choose 3 varieties)                the planning.
     Vanilla Almond                         Egg Salad w/Chives
      Green Pekoe                            Tomato Provençale
                                         (Thinly sliced ripe tomato
                                  with provolone and Herbes de Provence)
                                           Smoked Turkey w/Dill
                                            Virginia Baked Ham
[Visit our gift shop for gifts
 the tea-lover will surely

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