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									The Pin Up Photography Experience
Everything retro seems to be in demand these days. This includes pin-up art. Pin-up
posters of Vargas and Getty girls are always in demand. Fans can even buy reproductions
of the bathing suits, dresses and blouses that pin-up girls wore in their most famous
posters. And now, it's possible for fans of pin-up art to become their own pin-up girls: Yes,
pin-up photography is now a growing field.

Do an online search for "pin-up photography." You'll turn up pages worth of photo studios
across the country willing to turn you into the subject of your own pin-up poster. It's little
surprise that this is becoming a hot trend. Photographers working in this field transform you
into a glamorous pin-up girl, one who's sexy yet somehow innocent all at once. Pin-up
photography makes a great gift. It's also a fun way to feel elegant, attractive and just a bit

The pin-up photography experience starts with makeup. Photographers will use just the
right amount of makeup to transform you into an authentic Gibson Girl or turn you into a
dead ringer for a George Petty model. Next comes the clothing. Quality pin-up
photographers boast a wardrobe of bikinis, mini-skirts and dresses that look perfectly at
home in the world of pin-up art.

Finally, it's time to take the picture. Top pin-up photographers will recreate famous pin-up
poses. They'll use props, much like the classic pin-up artists did, to create a funny, sexy and
charming shot. Subjects can opt to be photographed in black and white or color. If you'd like
to be transformed into a pin-up girl, do a quick online search for pin-up photographers in
your area. If you live in or near a big city, the odds are good you'll turn up a few.

Be sure to interview any pin-up photographer before working with him or her. Ask about
prices, the clothing the photographer has available and how many pin-up photos the
photographer has done. Ask, too, for references. Finally, ask to see some samples of the
photographer's work. Once you find a pin-up photographer with whom you are comfortable,
it's time to set up an appointment. Remember, your attitude will greatly influence the final
result. If you're excited, and willing to experiment with different poses and props, you're
more likely to end up with a top-quality pin-up photo. If you're daring enough, then, pin-up
photography can make for a great way to travel back in time, to the days when Petty and
Gibson Girls dominated magazines, calendars and advertisements.

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