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									        that is boxed in with 1/4-inch plates        had allocated ARB Air Lockers, but they
        and is fully welded.                         were not in the budget. Having a full spool       World’s Strongest Upgrade for your Toyota
           The “Y” link has been tested, broken      rear end and a LockRight in the front, she
        and is now reinforced, so we did a           does not favor pavement.
        custom tubular set up on top of the             In 2008 its maiden voyage was Cruise
        rectangular tube with vertical tubular       Moab, which was the highlight of the year so
        spreaders using 1.5-inch, .120 wall          far. We met a lot of Toyota enthusiasts and
        HREW tubing, and shear plating in            saw some beautiful sights along the trails.
        the side, which is proving to be a           We had a blast!
        show stopper with its new design                Our second venture out was a local trail
        and durability to withstand a 5500lb         called Eagle Rock in Colorado. We met
        rig in the toughest of terrain. The          some great people there. The Colorado
        front of the “Y” link is mounted to a        terrain is totally different than the Moab
        completely custom crossmember that           terrain, allowing us to test the rig suspension
        is triangulated and gusseted with our        under different loads.
        double-sided gussets, using 1 3/4-inch,         The third outing was the Black Hills
        .120-wall DOM tubing fully welded with       Cruiser Classic located outside of
        sheer plates to the frame!                   Deadwood, South Dakota. What an
                                                     awesome event, catered by Dakota Territory                                   CHROMOLY
        4WDTO: Does it or will it have a             Cruisers, who really knew their trails. The                                  SUPER SET
        roll cage in there?                          highlights were the challenging obstacles in
           JR: Yes! It does have a roll cage.        the dried out riverbeds, the amazing Toyota
                                                                                                       The new Longfield is made of 4340 chromoly.
        The cage is actually one of our Red          Land Cruiser owners, and the Wild Bill            The balls are smaller which allows a thicker bell
        Line Motorsports FJ55 cage kits. It          Hickok impersonator riding his horse down         and cage. The cage is a completely new rede-
        is slightly modified and has all the         main street Deadwood!                             sign that gives more strength at full turn, and
                                                                                                       the inner race is made from 300M material.
        options, including door bars, frame             Our fourth event so far this year was the
        mounts, full cargo area and removable        Colorado 4Runner Jamboree in Buena Vista,
        spreader for the cargo area. We sell         Colorado. We met up with some guys we
        these kits for the FJ55, FJ60 and FJ62.      recognized from both Moab and the Black           300M
        The cage is made of 1 3/4-inch X .095        Hills. We hit the Chinaman’s Gulch/Carnage
        tubing with our double shear plates for      area.
        added strength. We design these kits                                                           Our new U-joints
        to be light due the inherent heaviness       4WDTO: Has it had any parts failures?             are machined from
                                                                                                       300M billet mate-
        of the Land Cruiser wagons and as            What caused them?                                 rial and the caps
        strong as possible. Land Cruiser                JR: Yep, the original “Y” link design was      are made of 4340
                                                                                                       chromoly. These
        wagons already have A, B, C, and D           no match for Potato Salad Hill coupled with       do not have needle
        pillars and roofs, so .120 wall tubing       5500lbs of gravity. Once we got back to           bearings or bushings to crush or wear out,
        was felt to be too expensive for us to       the shop from Moab, we knew exactly what          which makes the legs much larger than any
                                                                                                       other u-joint for added strength. These are the
        make and put on the market. Mounting         happened and why. We had to completely            strongest and longest lasting after-market u-
        the cage was easy. Our normal wagon          redesign it as stated in the full suspension      joints on the market today. Lifetime Warranty.
        cage kits come with bushing mounted          paragraph in question four. Other than
        frame mounts. We chose to go solid           the “Y” link improvements there were fuel
        mounting them to the frame with shear        system improvements. They included a
        plates to provide more strength and          custom TBI throttle body for our small
        less body flex for the trails that we have   block. Also, a ram assist system was                                              INNER
        chosen to build this rig for. What better    installed.                                                                        AXLES
        cage kit to put in than our own!

        4WDTO: What were the toughest                                                                  These 4340 chromoly inner axles for Toyota

                                                          Jim’s Used
                                                                                                       pickups and Land Cruisers receive a special
        things you had to build or solve                                                               “through” hardening and are cryogenically
        while doing this truck?                                                                        treated, making them the strongest aftermarket

                                                       Toyota Truck Parts
                                                                                                       axles available today.
           JR: It was built on a budget.
        Building a rig on a budget is extremely
        difficult especially if you know: A. You
        have to build it right the first time; B.      Specializing in Toyota Trucks & 4Runners         Visit our website for our full line of
        There was a time limit, in this case for                                                              birfields, axles and more!
        the maiden voyage to Cruise Moab
        2008.                                             Thousands of excellent parts:
                                                       over 100 trucks and 4Runners from 1974-2000.    www.longfieldsuperaxles.com
        4WDTO: You drive this 55 to a
        lot of events. Tell us where it’s                            30 Day Warranty                            To order, call Terra at
        been in 2008. Is it comfortable
        to go the long haul? How is gas                                                                     360-893-0235
        mileage?                                                    (303) 506-5119                        For Tech Questions, call Bobby at
          JR: We don’t calculate gas mileage
        because she is a trailer queen. We                          www.jimsgotparts.com                     253-847-8254
                                                                                                                4WD Toyota Owner 13

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