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									                         2011 Okanagan Beach
                            Volleyball Club

  The Okanagan Beach Volleyball Club is a great way to improve your beach volleyball skills.
 Whether you are just learning the game or interested in acquiring elite beach specific skills, the
           Okanagan Beach Volleyball Club has the coaches to assist your learning.

Ages: 12-16 (born in 1995 or later)

Location: City Park, Kelowna

Practices: Mondays & Thursdays 4:00-5:30
    Start date June 6, 2011 (ends July 14)

Cost: $100 (payable to Okanagan Volleyball Association, due June 6th)

Register early, as last year the club filled up fast.
First come, first served registration.

                                                     Registration Form
Name______________________________ Female ___ Male ___
Birthdate____________ Year__________ Phone____________________
Medical #___________________________ Recent Injuries______________________________
Address_______________________________ City: ______________ Postal Code___________
T-Shirt Size (please circle)                     S                  M                   L                   XL

I am the legal guardian of ___________________. I have read the enclosed information and give
permission for my daughter/son to participate in the Okanagan Beach Volleyball Club.

          Return completed form to Okanagan Volleyball by email or mail by June 3rd:
             okanaganvolleyball@hotmail.com                    #202-571 Yates Road, Kelowna, BC V1V 2V5

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