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                                         TTCN-3 Developer Suite (TDS)
                                          TTCN-3 Developer Suite is fast becoming the preferred
                                          tool for chipset manufacturers, device manufacturers
                                          and service providers to create their development and
                                          regression LTE protocol tests. TTCN-3 has been selected
                                          by 3GPP as the language for LTE test case specification.

                                          TTCN-3 Developer Suite (TDS) supports this requirement by providing an integrated TTCN-3
                                          development and regression test environment optimised for writing 3GPP LTE FDD/TDD and
                                          LTE-iRAT protocol signalling tests.

                TTCN-3 Developer          TDS provides 3GPP ASPs based on 3GPP TS 36.523 and there is also support available for
                Suite is fast becoming    customised ASPs, allowing users to have the best of both worlds – using the 3GPP defined
                                          interfaces, as well as giving them the ability to define custom implementations to meet their
                the preferred tool
                                          specific requirements.
                for chipset/device
                manufacturers and         The benefits of using TDS
                service providers.        Recently launched, TDS is already gaining recognition as the industry’s most user-friendly
                                          and intuitive TTCN-3 development environment for 3GPP protocol tests creation.
                                          Features such as automation, extensive navigation aids and comprehensive ASPs
                                          implementation, create an enhanced user experience for TTCN-3 developers, facilitating test
                                          creation and defect identification. TDS brings in a number of other specific benefits:

                                          •	 Time and cost savings – Developers can create more tests faster; automated
                                             regression testing maximises test equipment usage
                                          •	 Reduced ramp up time – Users are able to import the 3GPP TTCN-3 test cases
                                             providing access to an extensive library
                                          •	 Increased return on investment – Common test language means that tests are
                                             easily transferable between teams and potentially test equipment.
                                    KEY TDS FEATURES
Anite facts
•	Global leader in wireless         TDS comes with industry leading features that make it the preferred choice of developers
                                    and test engineers for creating TTCN-3 development and interoperability tests.
  testing solutions for
                                    Important features are:
  twenty years
•	 Over	200	customers	in            Optimised TTCN-3 LTE development and regression test environment –
   85 countries                     TDS has been specifically created to address the needs of test developers writing LTE
                                    protocol tests in TTCN-3 and includes a TTCN-3 editor optimised for LTE protocol tests
•		With	offices	and	staff	in			     creation and an integrated development and regression test environment
   13 countries across
   Europe, America, Asia            Implements 3GPP ASPs – TDS provides the most comprehensive implementation of
   and the Middle East,             3GPP ASPs based on 3GPP TS 36.523 for TTCN-3 tests development
   we’re always on the
                                    Industry standard test language – TTCN-3 has been adopted by 3GPP for mobile
   ground where you
                                    protocol signalling tests specification, resulting in widely available
   need us                          TTCN-3 skill sets and enabling tests to be easily transferable
•	 We	invest	heavily	in	R&D	
                                    Extensive LTE feature set – Supports LTE signalling protocols, including the inter-system
   to maintain our leading
                                    interaction with GSM/(E)GPRS, WCDMA/HSPA+ and CDMA 2000.
   position in wireless
		 mobile	device	testing
                                  Anite testing equipment
•	 Trusted	partner	of	the		 	
   Top Ten mobile                 All wireless device testing solutions need a platform that provides the radio access network
   manufacturers and Tier         simulation necessary to test real-world devices. Anite’s approach is to utilise highly innovative
                                  software to provide a feature rich platform environment that is tailored to the requirements
		 One	mobile	network		 	
                                  of a particular test scenario. The underlying hardware provides the necessary physical and RF
   operators globally.
                                  capability to link the test solutions to the device being tested. For testing devices where the
                                  physical and RF functionality is not available, or for aiding protocol stack regression testing,
                                  Anite’s applications can also run in a Host-test environment, where the necessary physical
                                  layer and connection to the device is simulated in a pure software-only environment.
                                  Both hardware and software of the Anite platform are genuinely common across all Anite’s
                                  products. This consistency offers a confidence that the capability of the platform is tried and
                                  tested. It also reduces the risk that might otherwise be introduced to your R&D programme if
                                  different test solutions are used at different stages of the development lifecycle. You can also
                                  rest assured that you can re-use your investments in other parts of the R&D lifecycle, or even in
                                  other Anite product solutions.

                                  Contact the team
                                  talk +44 (0)1252 775 200

                                  Anite Telecoms Ltd Ancells Business Park
                                  Harvest Crescent Fleet Hampshire GU51 2UZ UK                                             TDS 02/11

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Description: LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the 3G evolution, commonly referred to as 4G, including TDD, FDD two kinds of duplex mode. FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) is the technical support for one of the two duplex mode, the application of FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) is the type of LTE FDD-LTE. As wireless technology differences, the use of different bands and various interests of manufacturers and other factors, FDD-LTE standardization and industrial development are ahead of the TDD-LTE.