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Contact person: Ranjan
Mob: 09347045052, 09032803895
Domalguda, Hyderabad

Trainer name is P. Ranjan Raja. He is honour of and he has 8 years of
experience in real time programming.

Profile of P.Ranjan Raja:

I am Ranjan master degree in computer from Utah State University, USA. I am part of Ruchi
web solutions in Hyderabad, India. I have total 8 years of experience in PHP and mysql with
drupal, joomla and worpdress. I have developed 85 dynamic website till now on php/mysql.
I have 5years of experience in Online and class room training. I already gave the training to
some of the corporate company from UK, USA, Malaysia and India in PHP, mysql, javascript,
html, css, Ajax, joomla and open source. I have worked with international clients based in
USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Italy, Ireland, France etc. I have worked on many
different projects - ranging from small software to complex web applications.

I have a training Institute in Hyderabad with the name “Complete Lamp Institute” in
Domalguda, Hyderabad, AP, India. I have already given training of 1000 Students till now,
and all working in MNC and Software web Development Company.

We are giving placement assistance. See your address in below link:
Our Teaching style: I give real time training with LIVE PROJECT IN PHP and MYSQL. Basically i
am developer of 8 yrs of experience so I will try to give my best output in PHP training.

I am going to teach you TWO Projects in PHP and Mysql so that you will get more technical
exposure in php programming. I will give experience certificate of 6 months if required, so
that you can put project into your resume.

1) Dummy project: below are features of dummy Project in php and mysql:

               Create Profile
               Forgot password
               Remember password
               Session and cookie implementation
               Upload the image in database
               File upload.
               Sending email by PHP
               Edit your profile
               view others profile
               Search profile
               (Frist name , search by last name or search by email id)
               Delete profile

 2) Live project php and mysql: shopping cart -I will explain each and every line of code in
this project with database, admin panel and user section.I will explain below points
. name of the project is : I am going to explain same project
and I will teach with real coding of this project.
                -Flow of project
                -how to create database and tables
                -explaining the each files of admin panel
                        * Add/edit/edit of category
                        * Add/edit/edit of Products
                        * Order Management.
                        * PayPal management.
                        * Login of admin
                        * change password
                        * Logout
                - Explaining the each files of front end
                - explaining the PayPal payment gateways

analysis of your requirement
Creating the flow of project
Database design
Administrator panel
Frant end

Institute Location:

Address : House number: 1-2-385/5 , Sainath Nilayam Apartment, Near Bharat Gas Agency,
Domalguda, Hyderabad

See clear map of address in below link:

Course subjects:

Subject                            Total class             Level
Html + Dreamweaver CS3             2                       Basics
CSS                                1                       Basics
JavaScript                         4-5                     Intermediate
Core PHP                           5                       Depth
Advance PHP                        6                       Depth
Mysql                              1                       Depth
Dummy Project in PHP               4-5                     Basic programming in PHP /
/mysql                                                     mysql
Live project with PHP and          7-8                     Advance programming in
mysql                                                      PHP / mysql
Joomla                             1                       Basics
Ajax                               1                       Basic
One dummy Project                  PHP/mysql
Live project in PHP                PHP/mysql
                                   Total number : 32Days   Daily 60minute class ,
                                                           Monday to Saturday

   1.   Introductory Sessions:

       Web Architecture
       Overview of PHP Platform

  2. Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML):

       Intro to Client-Side Languages (Static Web)
       Basic HTML
       Using Tables in HTML
       Forms & Data Handling
       Cascading Style Sheets (CSS )
3. JavaScript (JS):

   Basic JavaScript
   In-built Functions & Methods
   Forms & Data Handling
   Data Validations

4. Core PHP:

   Intro to Server-Side Languages (Dynamic Web)
   PHP Installation & php.ini Configuration (php config file and apache config file)
   PHP Scripting Fundamentals
   Variables, Data Types & Expressions
   Operators in PHP
   Looping & Conditional Constructs
   In-Built Functions (String function, Math & Date)
   Arrays function and In-Built Functions
   User-Defined Functions
   Error Handling & Reporting

5. Advanced PHP:

   Intro to PHP Components & Settings
   HTTP Headers & Output Buffering
   Overview of Directory & File Processing
   Functions of File Component
   File Uploads & Downloads , Image upload in database
   Intro to Mail Processing
   Individual & Mass Mailing Explained

   Session & Cookie Management
   PHP Functions for Managing Sessions
   Authentication in PHP
   Overview to OOPs
   Objects & Classes in PHP
   Inheritance and Access Modifiers
   $this & Scope Resolution Operator
   Class constants , Parent & Self
   Static Members & Static Functions
   Final Methods & Final classes
   Abstract Methods & Abstract Classes
   Adding paginated views

6. PHP with MySQL:

   Intro to MySQL Server
   Overview of PHPMyAdmin Tool
   Database Creation
   MySQL Tables & Data Types
   Database Connections
   PHP Functions Specific to MySQL
   SQL Statements & Joins
   All about Record set

7. Bonus Topics:

   AJAX & Examples
   Real time examples

8   Real time Live PHP project : Shopping cart [SEE PAGE TWO]

- I will provide you realtime one projects with source code. I will explain the source codes of all
pages like admin section, front end and database designing.

09. Dummy Project in PHP and mysql . [SEE PAGE TWO]

10. How to prepare CV

-   How to face interview and remove fear.

-   Real time interview question with answer.

11. We teach below points too. Now a day’s php freelancer earning more than lacks rupees
every month. You can too earn.

- How to do freelancing in php?

- How to get php project from bidding website.

-To get project couple of website is there you have to make good profile and you can
start bidding and communicating with client.

Technology:                   PHP, HTML, Javascript, CSS.
Operating System:             Windows 2003, XP
Webserver                     Apache
Database                      Mysql
Time Frame(duration):         32 classes or 32 hours [ Daily 60 minutes ]
Class roomTraining            Per student 5000 Rs

Fast track or weekend         Per student 5000 Rs

                 Terms and Conditions of Payment.
 1    Advance payment ,after demo class              100% of total money

 Extra topics will be chargeable. Payment by ICICI, HDFC,SBI,cash
 You can pay though paypal account also

 If you want experience certificate of 6 months, 1000 Rs extra cost.
 I will give you certificate of ruchiwebsolutions Hyderabad which is
 registered software company.

Required Software for Training: Note: I will provide all the software.
    1) XAMPP Software
   2) Dreamweaver , skype
   3). TeamViewer 6
   4) Livemeeting software

     P. Ranjan Raja,
     Director Complete LAMP Institute – Business Development
     For any questions you may have you may contact myself at
     For any doubt and clearance, call me in India: 91-9347045052

     How to chat with me?
     My skype id :   purnendu_ranjan
       My yahoo messenger id : puru_singh2004
       my google talk id:
       Note: I am online 18 hours daily in Skype and gtalk

              *****************OTHER COURSE OFFER******************

       Other course we are teaching :
       Name of Course                              Duration           Price
       Joomla                                      18 days            5500 Rs
       Drupal                                      18 days            5500 Rs
       Wordpress                                   18 days            5500 Rs
       Only Php and mysql live project training    10 days            3500 Rs
       SEO training                                18days             5000 Rs
       Web designing with live project             18days             5000 Rs

       We are in Web design, web hosting and PHP development:
        Note: We are in Web designing, PHP development SEO services and we hosting
service provider company. We give good web design services with international standard.
Our services are in cheap cost as compare to market rate.

          1) Web designing : For 5 pages basic website , cost is 3500 Rs
          2) PHP-mysql web site start from 6000 Rs. If you want any readymade website
             like job website , matrimonial website, property website, school or college
             website, we will give in cheap cost.
          3) We are in SEO services also. We are also working on seo of your client
             website. We are charging 5000 Rs per month.
          4) We are giving cheap web hosting with free domain @ 1199 Rs (1 GB space
             and 10 email id. Plus one domain registration free)
          5) Flash website.

       CONTACT ME: 91-9347045052, 91-9032803895. Or mail me at

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