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					                      BLACK TEAS                                                            GREEN TEAS

 In producing black teas the leaves are rolled after withering, a       Green teas are fired or steamed after withering, arresting the
   process releasing the enzymes in the sap which begins the           oxidation process. They are then rolled which breaks down the
  oxidation process darkening the leaves and creating a fuller,        structure of the leaf and produces the final twisted shape. Low
 richer taste with more body and strength. Large leaf black tea          in caffeine and high in antioxidants they have a refreshing
should be made with boiling water and brewed for 2-3 minutes               tangy vegetal taste. Drunk without milk green teas are
   if drunk without milk (try it again!) or 4 - 5 minutes if you       prepared with water under the boil, around 75 – 85 °C, steeped
                   wish to drink it with milk.                                                for up to 3 minutes.
                 House Blend £2.00 Mixed                                           Mao Feng Green Tea £2.00, China
 The house blend is a smooth and mellow black tea with little          Grown high in the misty mountains of Yunnan province, China,
bitterness and a rich strong finish. It is a treat at any time, but    this is light and fragrant green tea composed of long dark curly
   the rich smooth malty taste make it suitable as a relaxing             leaves and many silver tips. The leaves turn a pale green as
                   afternoon / evening brew.                            they infuse into a clear light yellow cup. The tea has a soft and
              Assam 2nd flush £2.00 Assam                                       smooth mouth feel and a delicate green tea taste.
 This lovely Assam blend has everything good from the region                              Gyokuro £2.50, Japan
  going for it. The fine black leaves and golden tips deliver a         Gyokuro or "Pearl Dew" is one of the most precious green teas
   smooth rich malty brew from this fine strong black tea.               from Japan and is only picked once a year in the Spring. This
             Lapsang Souchong £2.00 China                                     tea is shaded for 20 days prior to plucking increasing
                                                                             chlorophyll, theanine and amino acid levels in the leaf,
Using the ripe larger souchong leaves, this tea is roasted before
                                                                           improving the health giving properties and sweetening the
being smoked over resin rich pine wood resulting in the classic
                                                                         taste. The dark needle shaped leaves turn a bright jade green
                          smoky taste.
                                                                        upon steeping giving an amber-green liquor. The light infusion
Darjeeling 2nd flush "Tukvar Puttabong" £2.00, India                                has a sublime forest fresh lingering finish.
Darjeelings first recorded tea estate delivers this classic second               Jasmine Phoenix Pearls £2.50, China
 flush, a typical colourful mixture of leaves infuse into a clear,
                                                                        Scented with night blooming jasmine blossoms. A very delicate
brisk cup with the distinctive "Muscatel" bouquet that delights
                                                                         sweet infusion that slides down smoothly leaving a taste for
                       Dajeeling tea lovers
                                                                         more of this luxurious tea. Try infusing 10 pearls per cup and
             Earl Grey £2.00, Black tea base                              watch them unfurl slowly as they release their heady scent!
  A traditional earl grey based on a light black China tea and
                    blended with bergamot.
                                                                                            WHITE TEAS

                                                                           White teas are the closest thing to the natural leaf, being
                                                                          plucked and dried either via sunlight or being quickly pan
                                                                        fired. They are lowest in caffeine, highest in antioxidants and
                                                                           have a light refreshing taste. Again they should be drunk
                                                                        without milk and prepared with water under the boil, around
                                                                            70 – 80 °C and steeped for a maximum of 3 minutes.
                                                                                       Silver Needles £2.50 China
                                                                           The classic white tea 'Bai Hao Yin Zhen' or Silver needles
                                                                        which has really become established as the standard by which
                                                                          all other white teas are compared. Long unopened leaf tips
                                                                        covered with downy white hairs are sun-dried and finished in
                                                                          the classic sword shape. They infuse into the most delicate
                                                                         yellow coloured cup and have a soft, tender and sweet finish
                                                                        with a lingering aftertaste. The finest and most highly prized
                                                                                                    white tea.

                                       Sorry but we are unable to accept card payments
                                     All food was produced in an environment where nuts are used
                      Our tea cosies have be kindly knitted and donated by the ladies of Aldebugh WI... Thank you
                               Cragg Sister’s Tea Room 110 High Street Aldeburgh Suffolk 07813 552181
        BLENDED & HERBAL TEAS                                                            OTHER DRINKS

              Elderflower White Tea £2.30                                    Cafetiere of freshly ground smooth blended coffee
 White Peony loose tea decorated with elderflower & marigold                           (decaffeinated available) £2.20
blossoms and scented subtly with elderflower. A truly light and                            Cox apple juice £2.20
                refreshing taste of summer!
                                                                                              Pear juice £2.20
   Organic Orange Rooibos £2.20, Rooibos tea base
                                                                                        Elderflower and Apple £2.20
A refreshing simple blend of organic rooibos blended with the
             essence of organic natural oranges.                                    Traditional Lemonade (still) £2.20
       Vanilla Rooibos £2.20, Rooibos tea base                                     Still or Sparkling Mineral Water £1.50
  Another great rooibos blend using real bourbon vanilla to                               Glass of cold milk £1.20
              create a wonderful sweet finish.                                   (All of our fruit juices are made in Suffolk)
       Morrocan Mint £2.20, Herbal/green tea
Superbly aromatic peppermint blended with green gunpowder
   tea. This tea is truly refreshing and fantastic served both
hot or iced. Its taken us a while to find a peppermint this fresh
                             and zingy!
              Balance Tea £2.20, Herbal tea
                     Ayurvedic blend
Ayurvedic herbal tea supporting the dosha 'Pitta' soothing and
balancing. A blend of cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, fennel,
  ginger, liquorice & rose leaves. Soft & sweetly tasting of its
                         subtle spices.
       Lemongrass & Ginger £2.20, Herbal tea
                  Ayurvedic blend
 An Ayurvedic herbal tea supporting the dosha 'Vata' cooling
   whilst refreshing the respiratory system. A subtle lemon
   sweetness characterises this blend, with a hint of fresh
  peppermint and spice from the pepper. An interesting tea
combining traditional Indian teachings in a modern recipe. A
 blend of lemon grass, liquorice, ginger pieces, peppermint,
                 lemon peel and black pepper.
              Palais Royale £2.20, Fruit tea
    Papaya, hibiscus blossoms, currants, blackcurrant's,
  blueberries, elderberries, strawberry & raspberry pieces
combine to create this rich, fruity blackcurrant blend. Also an
              incredible Iced tea when chilled.
              Turkish Apple £2.20, Fruit tea
 A fantastic apple based fruit tea blend based on the popular
 apple tea found in Turkey. Our blend is composed from real
 chunks of apple and has an intense fresh apple taste, slightly
                    sweet and slightly sour!
            Camomile Tea £2.20, Herbal tea

                                      Sorry but we are unable to accept card payments
                                    All food was produced in an environment where nuts are used
                     Our tea cosies have be kindly knitted and donated by the ladies of Aldebugh WI... Thank you
                              Cragg Sister’s Tea Room 110 High Street Aldeburgh Suffolk 07813 552181

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