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									August 2008   Chapter 50 – Classic Thunderbird Club International   Volume 36 Number 08
                            THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

The Early Bird Fan is the monthly newsletter of the Santa Clara Valley Thunderbirds, SCVT. SCVT is
dedicated the enjoyment of the classic 1955, 1956, and 1957 Ford Thunderbirds.

Address     Santa Clara Valley Thunderbirds
            P.O. Box 26103
            San Jose, CA 95159

Web Sites

Meetings    Meetings are held on the second Friday of each month at West Valley College 14000 Fruitvale
            Ave. Saratoga, CA. The meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. in the school board room.

Events      SCVT members participate in parades, displays, homecomings, regional and national
            meets, local cars shows, and driving events.

Membership Dues are $25.00 per year per family and are due by January 31 of each year. SCVT is
chapter 50 of the Classic Thunderbird Club International, CTCI. Membership in CTCI is mandatory to
participate in parades and displays sponsored by SCVT. See for CTCI membership

2008 SCVT Board Members                                     SCVT Items for sale
                                                            Contact Bernie Epolite -
 President        Joe Ryan         650-344-3038                 Magnetic signs         $5.00
 Vice President   Dennis Kay                                    Visors                 $8.00
 Secretary        Don Reisinger                                 Baseball mesh caps     $8.00
 Treasurer        Ray Delgado                                   Baseball Cotton Hats   $15.00
 Editor           Larry Maness                                  Summer Jacket          $21.00
 Parades          Jerry Dance                                   Winter Jacket          $39.50
 Displays         Montgomery Roach                              Large Patch            $10.00
 Activities       Gene Cox                                      Name Badge             $8.50
 Fundraising      Al Thomas                                     License plate frame    $12.00
 Historian        Joan Peterson                                 Personalized tote      $10.00
 CTCI Rep         Carl Epolite                                  Logo T-Shirts          $15.00
                                                                SCVT Chairs            $15.00
                                                                3-Piece Luggage Set    $25.00

Caravan tips      Parts Boxes
     Maintain your car.                                     Box 1            Delgado
     Gas up and check fluids/tires.                         Box 2            Charlie
     Know who your leader is and follow.                    Box 3            Reisinger
     Turn CB to channel 11.                                 6-Volt           Williams
     Turn FRS to channel 7-11.                              Tents            Kirk
     Leave enough space for merging traffic.
     Gas up at scheduled pit stops.
     Generic cars at the end of the caravan.

News Letter
Deadline:     25th of each month.
Send to:      Larry Maness
              3822 Whinney Place Way
              San Jose, CA 95121

                              THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                                          Presidents Page
                                          Ryan’s Ramblings

We want to wish Jerry Schwab a speedy recovery. He was taken to the Peninsula hospital by ambulance
after his return from Lake Shasta with a high temperature. He spent a few days in ICU and is now working
with physical therapy to get his strength back so he can return home. If you have time, drop him and Jill a

Two very important changes for August our August meeting. The meeting date is changed to
Friday, August 15th, and the location has been changed to the University Arts building at 456
Meridian Ave. in San Jose.

August is going to be the clubs busiest so far this year. We have Hot August Nights, Aug 6 – 10, the
meeting on the 15th, the San Mateo Car Show & BBQ on the 16 th, the Overbird-Underbird on the 17th, (with
visitors from the Australian TBird Club) and the Giants game on the 23 rd. We‟re going to need to rest
before the 2 overnighters in September! Don‟t forget that the Olympics are also this month.

The designs are in for the club grill badge. I want to thank everyone that submitted a design. The rough
designs are in this months Fan. Each member will be allowed 1 vote, this includes spouses or significant
others. You can either vote at the August meeting, send me an email, call me (650) 483-6256 or send your
vote with your name to our new PO Box. All votes must be in by the August 15th meeting. The votes will
be tallied and there will be a run off for the top 2 vote getters. The second voting will in the September Fan
and at the September meeting. Remember, the grill badge will be your participant‟s gift for the year. If
you haven‟t hosted an event or brought refreshments, etc., you still have a chance with the homecoming
season coming up. Make sure you let Jerry Dance know you want to participate in a homecoming so you
will be eligible for this gift.

There has been an issue with West Valley College over the room rental and parking fee increases. The club
voted to put together a committee to look into other alternatives. I want to thank Bill Croxton for
volunteering to head up this very important committee. If you have any suggestions please give Bill a call.

By the time you read this we will have had the Kirk Annual Picnic. If you did not attend you will have to
wait until next months Fan to see who won the Bocce tournament. I want to thank, in advance, Don
Reisinger and his committee for their hard work at the picnic. They always make it special.

Doc is doing the final check, with Bill Mann, on the „Chick Magnet‟ before he leave on July 24 th for the 48
in 08 tour. There are several SCVT members that will be going with Doc to the first 3 Capitals before
going to the CTCI Convention in Oregon. You will want to read about Doc‟s, his co-pilot, Paul Lynch, and
Lucy‟s adventures at They will be updating this site during their 60 day
trip. We all wish Doc, Paul & Lucy a great trip.

Your Prez,

Joe Ryan

                                    SEE YOU FRIDAY, August 15th

                             THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                              Meeting Minutes, July 11th, 2008
President: President Joe Ryan called the meeting to order at 7:32 PM. Officers present were Joe Ryan, Dennis
Kay, Ray Delgado and Don Reisinger. Next month‟s meeting is going to be on August 15 th, the 3rd Friday of the
month, due to Hot August Nights. The family of Elmer Kidder requested that we try to locate some pictures of him
in our archives. Due to Jerry Schwab‟s illness, he has asked for a temporary CTCI rep and Carl Epolite has
volunteered to fill this role.
Vice President: Dennis Kay thanked the Hamblin‟s and the Affrunti‟s for providing the refreshments and drinks
for the evening. Membership is now at 104 with the addition of Dean Hert. The anniversaries for the month were
read. Of note, the Spence‟s, the Schwab‟s & the Hickey‟s with 11 years, Charlie Ryan with 18 years, the
Reisinger‟s with 23 & the Lindsey‟s with 35 years. The buy/sell board was passed.
Secretary: Minutes from the June meeting were published in the Fan; questions and/or corrections were discussed
at the break as there were none required the minutes were approved.
Treasurer: Treasurer Ray Delgado read the treasurer‟s report. The Club treasury is still low. It was necessary to
withdraw funds from the Club CD‟s to meet current obligations due to the rent that needed to be paid for both 2007
(Paid at the end of the year) and 2008 (to be paid in advance). There are issues in regards to the rent both in the
amount that the college is asking for and the fact that it is now due in advance. Discussions were held in regards to
moving our meeting site. A motion was made and approved to name a committee to look into the move. Bill
Croxton will head the committee. As a result of the situation, the August meeting will be held at the University Art
store in San Jose.
Activities: Activities Chair Gene Cox discussed the reports of prior events and the events scheduled for the
upcoming months. Doc reported on the BATOC 50th Anniversary party. Doc discussed the 49 in 08 tour and how
the event is coming together. Doc and Lucy head off on the 24th of July. The group will hook up at the Sycamore
Valley Road Park and Ride and head off to Sacramento. The SCVT Kirk Family Picnic is set for July 19 th, a sign
up sheet was passed around and the committee announced that all preparations have been made and it should be a
great time. Club attendees heading to Portland for the International are all flying unless they are joining the 48 in
08 Tour. Plans for Hot August Nights were discussed including co-ordination of the days that attendees are
arriving in Reno. The San Mateo Car Show is on August 16 th and SCVT always gets a good place at this show.
Overbird/Underbird is scheduled for the 17th of August at Bogie‟s Pizza on Almaden. This date was selected as
guests from the Australian Club - which SCVT members met during the recent trip to Australia and New Zealand -
will be joining us for that event. The now annual SCVT to the Giants game is scheduled for August on Saturday
the 23rd. The tickets have been purchased and the sign up was passed around one final time to remind members to
reimburse the Club. Fun Ford Sunday is September 7th and plans are being made to make this an overnighter with
a Saturday tour in the wine country and a shopping trip for the ladies in Napa on Sunday. The Ironstone Concourse
& Birds on the Wharf are on the same weekend this year. A number of SCVT members have plans to attend. This
event is being hosted by the Pierson‟s. A sign up sheet was passed around for MBTC‟s T-Birds on the Wharf event
on September 27th. SCVT will be hosting a Clam Bake as we did last year for the event attendee‟s who chose to
join us.
Displays: Mont reported on the Capital Mall display held on June 19th. Doc discussed the Sunrise Assisted Living
Display that took place on June 28th.
Parades: Jerry advised that we have had feedback from a number of high schools that are looking for cars for their
Editor: Larry & Georgette reminded those who are submitting articles for the Fan that will be published at the end
of July for the August Fan; that the materials need to be in July 19th.
CTCI: CTCI rep Jerry Schwab was absent as previously noted. Carl Epolite will be filling this roll until Jerry is
feeling better.
Historian: Joan Peterson advised that the most recent historical information was at the back of the room for
inspection during the break.
Fund Raising: Al & Jenny covered the theme for July raffle and ticket prices.
Old Business: The grill badge contest was covered. The time for entries has passed. New PO Box information
was passed around. The reprinted Club business cards were available.
New Business: Russ Chinn discussed the possibilities of plans for a European Cruise as the Club trip in 2009,
possibly in September.
Tech Talk: Paul Perry asked about sparkplugs and the consensus was to now use Autolites. Don Reisinger
discussed a new product he has developed for use in older cars. The issue of the ZDDP in motor oil was discussed
again with the ZDDP now available as an additive.
Buy/Sell: The Buy/Sell information was read.
Announcements: The after meeting group will be meeting at Carrows on Saratoga.
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned upon the completion of business.
Respectfully submitted, Don Reisinger, Secretary

                         THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                                      Lifetime Members

                                     Pete and Marge Gray
                                     Bill and Diana Mann
                                   Charlie and Isabell Vincent

                     2008 SCVT Snacks and Beverage Signup
Date     Snacks        Beverages                Date Snacks              Beverages
Jan 11   Pedone        Peterson                 Jul 11   Hamblin         Affrunti
Feb 08   Kay           Lynch                    Aug 15   Maness          Roach
Mar 14   Hill          Epolite                  Sep 12   Hernandez       Mann
Apr 11   Reisinger     Reisinger                Oct 10   Kelley          Lerma
May 09   Cox           Dockter                  Nov 14   Dye             Miller
Jun 13   Schwab        Perry

                 2008 Santa Clara Valley Thunderbird Events
                                By Gene Cox

Date                   Event                                     Host
Jan 26                 Awards Dinner                             Reisinger
Feb 24                 Canepa Design Tour                        Deutsch
Mar 15                 South County Hold Um                      Epolite/Delgado
Mar 24                 Australia Trip                            Chinn
Apr 27                 Dream Machines                            Schwab
May 10                 Gil‟s Tech Session                        Croxton
May 16-18              American Graffiti - Petaluma              Cox
May 18                 Tbird Migration
Jun 8-9                Capitola Rod & Custom Show                Affrunti/Mann
Jun 21-22              BATOC‟s 50th Anniversary                  Hickey
July 19                SCVT Annual Picnic                        Reisinger
July 24                48 in 08                                  Doc
July 28                CTCI Convention – Portland                Doc
Aug 7                  Hot August Nights                         Kay
Aug 16                 San Mateo BBQ & Car Show                  Ryan
Aug 17                 Overbird/Underbird                        Eichenbaum/Jenson
Aug 23                 Giants Game                               Reisinger
Sep 6-7                Fun Ford Sunday                           Reisinger
Sep 26-27              Ironstone                                 Pierson
Sep 27                 Birds on the Wharf                        Perry
Oct 26                 Guglielmo Wine Tour                       Schuette
Dec 13                 Holiday Party                             Eichenbaum
Jan 24                 Awards Banquet                            Ryan

                           THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                         August 2008 Membership Anniversaries
                               Member                           Years

                         Frank & Linda Marino                     31
                         Larry & Georgette Maness                 26
                         Paul & Kathy Kelley                      16
                         Mike & Deb Ternus                        11
                         Steve & Virginia Wildblood               10
                         Russell Chinn                            09
                         Gene & Eddi Cox                          06
                         Leif & Stephanie Kiewlich                05

                              Parades Chairman Message
                                     Jerry Dance
Fall Parades: October & November 2008
We‟ve already received confirmation from two High Schools for the Homecoming Season. Cancel all
vacations and stay alert for your parade call!

To sign up for a parade, please contact: Jerry Dance 408-314-1632 (cell) 408-268-4355 (home)

                               Display Chairman Message
                                  Montgomery Roach
Nothing at this time

                                      Editors Message
                                       Larry Maness
Thank you everyone for sending your articles in early. I will see ya all when I return from the
Convention in Portland.

                              THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                                            48 in 08
                                 July 24 – September 22, 2008
                                         Doc Dockter

Wow, it has been almost a year since my owner, Doc Dockter, took me cross country to Kansas, North
Dakota then to Chicago to travel Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica. There I met Betsy Bird, owned
by Lucy Clark. Betsy Bird decided to go on the Dream Run with me and we renamed it 48 in 08. Kind of
catchy, don‟t you think? For those of you that don‟t know, 48 in 08 is a driving trip to all 48 capitals in the
lower 48 contiguous states.

Life hasn‟t been the same since. A lot of work has gone into planning the trip, writing articles for the Fan
and the CTCI Early Bird magazine, sending mass emails to CTCI directors, officers, chapter presidents and
interested individuals. Potential sponsors have been contacted, a few have responded favorably. A
schedule has been developed that sets the trip at around 14,000 miles in 60 days. Hotel and motel sites
have been researched, reservations made and even a line of apparel has been designed by the Backus
Group, aka Al & Jenny, to be sold by them with a portion of the proceeds going to the McPherson College
Classic and Vintage Car Restoration Department.

The decision was made to take in the week long CTCI convention in Portland and a few other days have
been set aside for rest and sightseeing in attractive locations. We have even registered for the quad-state
(Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois} annual get-together of Classic TBirds called “Birds in the Dells”.
This event is hosted by a different state chapter each year and is being held in Madison, the capital of
Wisconsin this year. Our schedule for Madison just happens to hit while “Birds in the Dells” is going on.
So, Lucy and Doc are almost finished with their planning. They are scheduled, at the last count, to meet up
with 27 different CTCI chapters through out the U. S. and 97 CTCI members have expressed an interest in
driving along part way, having a potluck or a picnic or what ever. Sounds like a 60 day party to me.
Yes, Lucy and Doc have been busy but on July 24 Betsy Bird and the Chick Magnet take over. We think
we are fit and ready and “champing at the bit”. Once we are on the road, you can keep track of us through
the daily and weekly journal on our website, google 48in08 or go directly to

Keep Cruzin,
The Chick Magnet

                             July 28 – August 3, 2008
The CTCI convention is being held in Portland Oregon by the Rose City Thunderbirds. If you are
planning on attending you need to obtain your registration form in the CTCI JAN/FEB Early Bird

There are several people from SCVT joining the 48 in 08 group for the first leg of their trip and
ending at the Convention in Portland. If you are interested in this trip check out the website,
WWW.HOME.EARTHLINK.NET/~48IN08 to help plan your trip. You can also contact Doc
Dockter at 650-591-5939.

                         THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

Hot August Nights is coming up fast. We are looking forward to another great
event. We understand a number of club members are going to the regional
convention and then going right to Reno. For those leaving from the Bay Area,
we will again orgainze a caravan for those going up on Wednesday, Aug. 6th and
Thursday, Aug. 7th. In order to arrange the meeting place and time please email
us at or phone us at 650-341-6868 and let us know when you plan
to go up. Please let us know where you will be staying and the phone number if
you have it so we can put together a master list for everyone. If you have an
email address, please include it as well.

During Hot August Nights we like to all get together for dinner one evening. As
in the past, the best time to do so is Friday night at the Nugget's buffet. So,
please let us know if you think you will be joining the club for dinner at 5:30
and we will arrange to have the space needed for everyone. If you have friends joining
you we'd love to meet them
as well so be sure to include them in the count. Afterwards we will be able to
watch the cruise or enjoy the free concert across the street.

We look forward to hearing from you with all of the information. See you soon.
Sandie and Dennis Kay

Sandie Kay

                              13th Annual Car Show & BBQ
                                 Saturday, August 16th

It's not too late to sign up for a great local car show that is held in San Mateo. Your entry
fee includes a great BBQ lunch and the proceeds go to Benefiting Children with Special
Needs. There are always over 300 cars that are part of the show. You can download the
application at You can also give me a call and I can
fax or mail you a copy. The application states RSVP by July 12, but the show reserves
SCVT special parking (in the shade) so it will not be an issue. You can also register the
day of the show, but the fees goes up to $35.

We will meet at 8:15 in the Safeway parking lot on El Camino Real, 1 block north of
highway 92. There is a Starbucks across the street. We will leave promptly at 8:30 and
drive the mile to the show.

Joe & Pat

                              THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                                          August 17, 2008
Our annual Overbird/Underbird will be on Sunday, August 17th, 3pm at Bogey's Pizza (Cherry Avenue at
Almaden Expressway in San Jose)..... ......Free Door Prizes................This event is always a fun
time............Soooooooo come out and see who'll be the winner of the infamous
"UNDERBIRD"...............and peoples choice "OVERBIRDS".....................Happy T-Birding..............Rich
and Eric

          Giants Are Unpredictable, but the Padres are Even Worse!

The game is just a few weeks away and we are all set with 56 SCVT members making
the journey to A.T & T. Park to watch the Giants beat up on the hapless (that means they
are without Hap, whoever he is!) Padre‟s. While Giants fan had limited expectations for
2008, Padre‟s fans thought they were going to dominate. Oh, Well!! So much for

For 2008, our seating has moved over to section 131. You can get a look at where it is
and a view from the seats on the Giants web site. Just go to:

for a look at our seat location.

For those of you who have ordered tickets, SCVT has issued payment to the Giants for
your tickets, so, please send a check to our treasurer, Ray Delgado, for the amount that you
owe. If you need to know the amount just let me know by phone or email. You can call
me at 888-206-0148; Or email me at

Play Ball!

                           THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                                   Fun Ford Sunday
                               Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fun Ford Sunday is set for Sunday, September 7th in Vallejo. The participation by SCVT grew
nicely in 2007 and it looks like it will grow again in 2008. The event is bringing in more variety
and there should be between 350 and 400 cars this year.

The event is held at the Solano County Fairgrounds in Vallejo which is close by to Marineworld.

For those wanting to make a weekend event, a group will head off on Saturday, the 6th for the
Napa wine country. Accommodations will be arranged either close to the fairgrounds in the
Ramada Hotel selected by the FFS organizers or in Benicia. While the plan is not complete, there
will be a shuttle arranged of some sort from the hotel to the city of Napa where the ladies can
spend the day. After the event, the men will head off the Napa to pick up the ladies before
heading back to the south bay.

Entry fee is still only $20 per car if you pre-register ($30 day of event) and they have always had
a nice goodie bag that is included with your entry. All proceeds are used for charity so this is a
good one for us to participate in.

The entry form may make this Fan if there is room. Entry registration forms and more
information are also available at:

Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions or want to get on the event sign up sheet
regardless of your plans for the whole weekend or just the day of the event. Call at 1-888-2-6-
0148 or email to

                                 Ironstone Concourse
                               September 26 & 27, 2008
                               Larry & Maryann Pierson
If you want to go to the Ironstone Concourse Sept 26 and 27, 2008 now is the time to sign up.
You can find an application at

Fill out the form and mail it with your check to the Ironstone address on the form. Then email
or call Larry or Maryann Pierson or 209-984-2436. We will be letting
our block of rooms go on 8/1/08. After that date, It is up to you to find accommodations. Please
refer to the July Fan about the weekend.

We will email each participant individually with the itinerary for the weekend on or about
September 1, 2008. If someone doesn't have the Internet they can call Laurie or Ann at 209-736-
2561 at the winery and they will send an application.

All are welcome and we hope to see many of you there.

                                THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                       Monterey Bay Club’s T-Birds on the Wharf
                            Saturday, September 27, 2008
The Monterey Bay club‟s 11th annual T-Birds on the Wharf event is scheduled for Saturday, September
28th at…..The Santa Cruz Wharf.

With an event conflict with the Ironstone Concours, attendance may be down a little this year, but what a
great opportunity for those of you who have not been to this great event recently. SCVT will be going back
to the beach for another all comers post event Clam Bake. After the display, SACVT will host the event
attendees that choose to join us in our fun and filling Clam Bake on Twin Lakes Beach. We‟ll have the
same bill of fare as in years past and we‟ll keep the nominal cost low. With the success of the 2007 Clam
Bake, even with the small problems we had, there has been strong interest in event participants in having
another Clam Bake. Since SCVT never says no to a fun time, we‟ll be cooking for the 100+ attendees like
last year.

Having successfully done it for 117 or so last year, this year will be a snap. All we have to hope is that the
weather holds. Being held in September, the odds are in our favor.

By all means, sign up for the wharf event and, if you can help let us know. Additional details will be
published in the September Fan and discussed at the upcoming meetings. A sign up sheet was passed
around at the July meeting and will be sent around again at the August and September meetings. Make
your plans now for this great day and night.

Hotel rooms will be available for those who want to stay on Either Friday or Saturday night or both.
Details to follow.

If you think you may miss both meetings but wish to participate, call us at 1-888-206-0148 or email at

                                      Buffet and Wine Tasting
                                         October 26, 2008
Meet at 10:00 AM, Krispy Kreme donuts corner 101 and Leghorn, Mountain View. Take Rengsdort Exit on 101 and
then right onto Leghorn. We will leave KK at 10:30 AM for Guglielmo.

Gene Guglielmo to prepare his famous Pasta Pesto. Buffet Lunch in the grape arbor to include:

         Salami and Cheese o'derves with sliced baguette
         Pasta Pesto with plenty of Garlic
         Garlic Bread
         Green Salad
         Italian Cookies for Dessert

Plenty of Wine, keep your wine glass as a souvenir.

Winery Tour to follow for those wanting to tour, check out Gene Guglielmos private family wine cellar. Nice get
together under umbrella covered tables in the Grape Arbor.
Be prepared to sip the wine and talk in leisure.

Regards, Becky and Hal

                           THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

Nothing at this time.

Really nice T-Bird Pins. Members only. Al Thomas 650-493-4344

1965 El Camino Bright Yellow 350, 4-speed, 3.73 posi, no rust, line-x bedliner, full 3-inch
exhaust, nice interior 8K miles on rebuild. $22K. Geoff Dye 408-262-1078.

Thunderbird book by Ray Miller - $20.00. Lee Sherman 408-248-8904.

20 gallon parts washer on base with two wheels two pads for leveling. Never used $75.00 or BO.
Fred Meyer 408-268-4712.

1956 Chevy to drive a bride & groom from church in Saratoga to reception in Palo Alto. Kathy

1965 Corvette Roadster. 396 motor, knock off wheels, new rally red paint, black interior, new
black leather seats, all big block options. $49,000. Gene Cox 408-593-4307.

1998 Mustang coupe – red. Has 2005 mustang 16” tires and wheels. Car was just detailed.
127K miles. KBB $4300 – asking $3800. Joe Ryan 650-344-3088.

No-Mar Deck Protector. Your Choice Black Or White. $9.99
Parade Rest 2-Pad Set. Your Choice Black Or White. $19.99
Ding Bats Dent Protectors. Your Choice Black Or White $9.99
Don Reisinger (888) 206-0148. Don@Be-Ntouch.Com

                         THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                        SCVT Kirk Family Picnic was a Blast!!

This year‟s annual SCVT Kirk Family Picnic was one of the biggest we have ever had
with a total of 79 attendees. The day was virtually perfect with not too much heat but not
cold either, the weather goddess whispered in my ear that she had taken care of that
issue! The picnic got off to a traditional start with a big helping of nachos and the food
feast was underway.

Things got rolling about 10:00 as planned and extensive socializing ensued. After lunch,
the n Bocce Tournament got underway. Winners were Harry Ozols and Gary Dinger for
the guys and with Eddi Cox and Claire Affrunti winning for the gals. John Holland
successfully defended his Frisbee “Horseshoes” championship from 2007 and Bobbi
Miller won for the gals in a coin flip with Denise Gage. A new game, Hillbilly
Horseshoes turned out to be a real favorite with President Joe Ryan winning for the guys
and Denise Gage talking the title for the gals. Bingo winners were Gene Cox, Diana
Mann, Al Thomas, Jenny Jump, Roxanne Parker and Bernie Epolite.

The hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Chicken were cooked to perfection and the dishes that
were supplied by SCVT picnic revelers were better than ever. I think it is fair to say that
no one went home hungry unless they chose to do so.

Our thanks to the picnic committee who pulled it all together and our talented bunch of
cooks who braved the heat of the grill to make sure everybody got really tasty food.

Special thanks to three of our resident Italians, Charlucci Affrunti, Carlucci Epolite and
Marlucci Gerbasi for handling the Bocce tournament and keeping things moving.

Thanks again to the Parkers for helping us get this great location in Cupertino.



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