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									      Faculty of
Business and Economics

        & GIPPSLAND


   Commencing Students
       Semester 2
                             Student Responsibilities

As a student of Monash University it is your responsibility to:
       apply yourself to your studies to the best of your abilities
       become familiar with the rules and regulations governing the degree in which you are enrolled, and
        ensure that the units selected meet the degree requirements
       be aware of the policies and practices of the University and of any faculty and department in
        which you are enrolled and which are contained in the materials and information made
        available to you
       be aware of the rules and regulations concerning the use of University computing, library and other
        facilities, as set out in published material
       meet deadlines for work to be submitted
       take the initiative and consult appropriately when problems arise
       submit original work for assessment without plagiarising or cheating
       for on-campus students, attend lectures, tutorials and seminars for each unit in which you are enrolled
        and, for distance education students, to consider thoroughly all course materials and participate in all
        prescribed residential schools
       accept joint responsibility for your own learning
       contribute to the development of University programs and policies by participating in consultative and
        deliberative processes in a responsible and ethical manner
       be aware of the University's commitment to equal opportunity and to demonstrate tolerance
        and respect for all members of the University community
       respect the right of staff members to express views and opinions
       respect the working environment of others in all areas of the University.
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                 Welcome                                                                                                                 4-5
                 Orientation                                                                                                              6
                 IT Student Services                                                                                                    7-8
                 my.monash Portal                                                                                                         8
                 Web Enrolment System (WES)                                                                                               9
                 Enrolment Planner                                                                                                       10
                 Timetable (Allocate +)                                                                                                11 - 12
                 Monash University Studies Online (MUSO)                                                                                 13
                     - Blackboard
                 Credit for Previous Studies                                                                                              14
                 Results                                                                                                                  15
                 Intermission                                                                                                             16
                 Course Discontinuation
                 Special Consideration                                                                                                    17
                 Grievance                                                                                                                18
                 ESOS                                                                                                                     19
                 Course Transfer                                                                                                          20
                 Cross-faculty unit enrolments outside BusEco                                                                             21
                 Cross-campus unit enrolments within BusEco
                 Monash Abroad
                 Academic Progress                                                                                                        22
                 Conversion from International Student to Local Full-Fee or CSP                                                           23
                 Faculty Current Student web page
                 Library                                                                                                                  24
                 Learning Skills
                 Disability Liaison Unit (DLU)
                 World Wide Web Sites                                                                                                  25 - 26
                 University Student and Staff Services Division                                                                        27 - 28
                 Monash University Student Associations                                                                                29 - 30
                 Health, Wellbeing and Development Student Advice                                                                        31
                 Health & Medical Services                                                                                               32
                 Student Publications                                                                                                    33
                 Commercial and Non-Academic Services                                                                                  34 - 35
                 Car Parking                                                                                                             36
                 Shuttle Bus                                                                                                             37
                 Campus Maps                                                                                                           38 - 42
                 Glossary of Terms                                                                                                     43 - 46
                 Blank Timetable for Semester 1 and Semester 2, 2010                                                                     47

While the information provided herein was correct at the time of publication (May 2010), Monash University reserves the right to alter procedures, fees and regulations
should the need arise. Students should carefully read all official correspondence, other sources of information for students and the official University noticeboards to be
aware of any changes.

                          Welcome to the
                 Faculty of Business and Economics

The staff in the Faculty Student Services Office are available to assist students with any issues related to their
enrolment in the Faculty of Business and Economics.

Caulfield Campus               Building A, Level 1
                               Telephone: 9903 2372
                               Email: enquiries.caulfield@buseco.monash.edu.au
                                Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri:      9.00am – 4.45pm
                                Wed:                         10.00am – 4.45pm

Clayton Campus                 Room 258, 2nd floor, Menzies Building
                               Telephone: 9905 2327
                               Email: enquiries.clayton@buseco.monash.edu.au
                                Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri:      9.00am – 4.45pm
                                Wed:                         10.00am – 4.45pm

Berwick Campus                 Level 1, Building 901
                               Telephone: 9904 7045
                               Email: enquiries.berwick@buseco.monash.edu.au
                                Mon, Tues, Thurs:            9.00am – 5.00pm
                                Wed & Fri:                   9.00am – 4.00pm

Peninsula Campus               Level 3, D Building
                               Telephone: 9904 4314
                               Email: enquiries.peninsula@buseco.monash.edu.au
                                Mon - Thurs:                 9.00am – 5.00pm
                                Fri:                         9.00am – 4.00pm

Gippsland Campus               Room 5N156
                               Telephone: 9902 6380 or 03 5122 6380
                               Email: enquiries.gippsland@buseco.monash.edu.au
                                Mon – Fri:                   9.00am – 4.45pm

The Student Services staff will be able to assist you with:

       Course Advice
       Applications for Intermission and Deferment
       Approval for Cross-Institutional studies and Study Abroad
       Information regarding your results and transcripts
       Examination queries
       Timetable help and information
       Locating staff from within the Faculty of Business and Economics
       Course Transfers
                …and much more

The following pages of this booklet aim to provide you with information you will need throughout your degree.
The booklet covers everything from Timetabling to Academic Progress to Clubs and Societies. The Faculty
Staff highly recommend that you read this booklet to make your transition to university a smooth and enjoyable

This publication is produced as a supplementary information guide and students are also advised to view the information
page provided to Faculty of Business and Economics students.


The Enrolment Information Booklet can be accessed online on the Faculty of Business and Economics Current Student
website: http://www.buseco.monash.edu.au/student/


                               Faculty of Business and Economics
                                Undergraduate Orientation Day
University life is an exciting and demanding academic and social experience. The Business and Economics
orientation program will help you to adjust to university study, settle into university life and meet the staff and
students with whom you will work in your studies.

                            Orientation is an essential part of your Monash experience.

During the day you will:
      •     discover Monash and the Faculty;
      •     learn about the expectations and requirements of undergraduate study;
      •     learn study approaches and academic and research skills;
      •     participate in activities designed to make the most of your study and develop effective study approaches.

Caulfield campus                     Wednesday, 14 July 2010 - Level 3, Building K, Caulfield
                                     8.30am – Registration
                                     9.00am – 3.30pm - Caulfield campus welcome and faculty

Clayton campus                       Tuesday, 13 July 2010 – Sir Robert Blackwood Hall, Clayton
                                     9.30am – Registration
                                     10.00am – Campus welcome and faculty orientation

Berwick campus                       Monday, 12 July 2010 – G43, Building 901 - Berwick campus
                                     welcome and orientation
                                     Tuesday, 13 July 2010 – faculty orientation

Peninsula campus                     Thursday, 8 July 2010 – faculty orientation – details TBA

Gippsland campus                     Monday, 12 July 2010 – Building 1N, Room 206-207
                                     9.30 – 12.00pm - welcome
                                     Wednesday, 14 July 2010 –Building 5N, Room 158
                                     11.00am-1.00pm – faculty orientation

Note:      It is compulsory for all undergraduate students newly enrolled in a Business and Economics undergraduate
           degree to attend Orientation. Refreshments and lunch will be provided. For catering purposes, you must register
           your details before attending Orientation.

Information and registration details on both the University and Faculty Orientation and Transition programs can
be found at:

Faculty:            http://www.buseco.monash.edu.au/student/learning/orientation/index.html
University:         http://www.monash.edu.au/orientation/

                                    IT Student Services

Monash University provides a wide range of IT services and facilities which students can access using the on-
campus computer labs. Many Monash IT resources are also available via the Internet, so students can access
them from home or work.
Every student must register for a computer account to enable access to Monash University‟s computer services
and facilities. The link below guides you with the online process to obtain your Monash computer username
and password:
Once you have your computer account, advice regarding any further enquiries you may have is available
through the ITS Student Services Home Page:

This site contains the following information:

   Computer accounts and passwords                Off campus access
   Email                                          Mobile computing
   IT security                                    Internet quota
   Students who have a disability                 IT policies (including „acceptable use‟
   Computer labs                                   guidelines)
   Printing                                       IT training
   Software downloads                             Forms for students

Should you require any assistance please contact the Helpdesk. A current student ID card is required for all

Caulfield campus            Student Services Centre (Building A), counter no. 10
                            Telephone: 03 9903 2777
                             Semester & Exam Mon – Thurs:            9.00am – 8.30pm
                             period               Fri:               9.00am – 5.00pm
                             Semester break       Mon – Fri:         9.00am – 5.00pm

Clayton campus              Matheson Library, Building 4, Ground floor (Matheson Annex)
                            Telephone: 03 9903 2777
                             Semester & Exam Mon – Fri:             9.00am – 5.00pm
                             Semester break      Mon – Fri:         10.00am – 2.00pm

Berwick campus              Building 901, Learning Commons, Ground Floor
                            Telephone: 03 9903 2777
                             Semester, Exam       Mon – Fri:      9.00am – 5.00pm
                             period & Semester

Peninsula campus Building A, Level 2
                           Telephone: 03 9903 2777
                            Semester, Exam     Mon – Fri:                9.00am – 5.00pm
                            period & Semester

Gippsland campus Building 1E, Level 2, Room 1E216
                           Telephone: 03 9903 2777
                            Semester, Exam     Mon – Fri:                9.00am – 6.00pm
                            Exam period &
                            Semester break

To submit a problem/request to the ITS helpdesk go to – https://secure.monash.edu/its/servicedesk/

                                   my.monash Portal
The my.monash portal is a one-stop personalised web page for each student and staff member at Monash. It
provides a gateway to all the relevant web-based academic, administrative, social and support resources that
are of most benefit to you.

You can access your portal from any computer that is connected to the Internet, whether you are on campus or
sitting in an Internet café in the Greek islands.

By logging in to your portal at https://my.monash.edu.au/ you can:
               Check your Monash email account
               Access your portal subject pages
               Re-enrol
               Check the library channel for overdue books, or reserve that textbook you desperately
               View your internet usage
                 …and much, much more!

To access your own my.monash portal, you will need your AuthCate username and password and know how to
operate a web browser. If you haven't already received your AuthCate details, you can contact your nearest ITS
Helpdesk for assistance. NB. Password changes will not be provided by email or fax.

The importance of checking your Monash email account
All hardcopy correspondence is sent to the address that you list as your postal mailing address. Additionally, all
students are issued with a Monash University email account. This is a common means by which the university
will communicate with you on a range of administrative matters. It is an essential requirement that you check
your Monash email account on a regular basis. All students agree to this requirement when they enrol and re-

Please include your ID number with your name and address whenever you write to the university, and have your
ID number ready when you telephone. When corresponding with the university via email, you must use your
Monash email account. Using this account helps to ensure the identity and validity of the communication, as
your personal AuthCate details are required. The university will communicate with you through the Monash
email account, even if your inquiry is lodged from an external email account.
                      Web Enrolment System (WES)
The Enrolment Site
WES is a vital information source and resource for students. This site allows students to amend their enrolment
details online, check your examination timetable and academic record among other things. WES is located at:

There are instructions on the enrolment site along with a step-by-step menu guide.

Important Note: International students must complete their initial enrolment in person with their Faculty. All
subsequent re-enrolments should be completed via WES.

Transaction Records
If making any amendments to your enrolment, please ensure you submit your enrolment details before logging
out of the system.

for all transactions performed on this site. They will be required in the event of an enrolment
issue. An email will be sent to your Monash email address with all the details on the enrolment
form/s when submitted, including your transaction number.

Please note: You must have a Tax File Number to enrol (CSP students selecting the HECS-HELP
option only)

If you do not see a Transaction Number you have not completed the enrolment step. A transaction number is
issued for each of the following forms: Enrolments Questionnaire, CSP, FEE-HELP and Unit Enrolment.

Your WES Enrolment Checklist:
        1. Postal Address updated                     Transaction #
           Emergency Contact Details Updated
           Mailing Name Format
           Tax File Number (CSP student selecting the HECS-HELP option only)

        2. Enrolment Questionnaire
                                                        Transaction #

        3. Unit Enrolment                               Transaction #
Should you have any difficulty completing your enrolment requirements on-line, it is essential that you contact
your Faculty Student Services office before the cut off dates for enrolment. International students will be
required to enter their Overseas Student Health Cover details.

                                   Enrolment Planner

Semester 1 Enrolment

        Unit Code                Unit Name





Semester 2 Enrolment

        Unit Code                Unit Name





When enrolling and allocating into units, students are responsible for ensuring that they are able to attend all
scheduled teaching activities required to study each unit.

Students who are unable to attend scheduled classes throughout the semester should amend their enrolment by
the published census date (to avoid any penalty), and withdraw from the unit so they will not be disadvantaged
by their inability to attend. If students choose to continue with the unit they accept full responsibility for this
decision and undertake to make their own arrangements to ensure they keep up to date with the unit.

No alternative arrangements will be made by the Faculty.

Note: The Faculty of Business and Economics does not permit students to add units after the end of teaching
week 2 of the relevant semester.

                                                       - 10 -
                                 Timetable (Allocate+)
Allocate+ is the online system Business and Economics students use to allocate themselves into lectures,
tutorials and laboratories. Allocate+ provides you with a personalised, clash-free timetable and includes you on
the official class list.

Business and Economics students studying via the following are not required to use Allocate+:
    Off-campus Learning (Distance Education)
    Flexible Learning
    On-Line
    Open Learning

If you are studying a combination of units on and off campus, you are required to allocate into your on campus
unit(s) only.

Important Enrolment Information
When enrolling and allocating into units, students are responsible for ensuring that they are able to attend all
scheduled teaching activities required to study each unit.

Students who are unable to attend scheduled classes throughout the semester should amend their enrolment,
by the published census date (to avoid any penalty), and withdraw from the unit so they will not be
disadvantaged by their inability to attend. If students choose to continue with the unit they accept full
responsibility for this decision and undertake to make their own arrangements to ensure they keep up to date
with the unit.

No alternative arrangements will be made by the Faculty.

Change your enrolled units
Allocate+ allocates you into the teaching activities for a unit you are enrolled in. To enrol in a new unit or
change        an       enrolled          unit,     access        WES         (Web        Enrolment    System)
(http://www.adm.monash.edu.au/enrolments/wes/wes.html). After you enrol in units or change your units, you
are required to access Allocate+ and timetable into your newly enrolled units. Newly enrolled units will
displayed up to 48 hours after initial enrolment or variation when you re-access Allocate+.

Activity groups
Each unit can comprise a number of activity groups (ie. lectures, tutorials and laboratories), and you are
required to allocate into each activity for that unit.

Auto allocate
In instances where only one class time is available, Allocate+ will automatically allocate students into classes
where there is no choice to be made. In the case where, for example, there is only one lecture time but a choice
of three tutorials, you will be automatically allocated into the lecture but you will be required to allocate yourself
into a tutorial.

Allocation Adjustment Mode
DBA, Graduate, Honours and MBA students will be using Allocation Adjustment Mode only. Allocation
Adjustment Mode allows you to allocate directly into any class as long as you are enrolled in the unit and there
is a place available.

                                                        - 11 -
Preference Entry Mode
Undergraduate students at all campuses as well as honours/postgraduate students at Clayton campus will
be using Preference Mode only. A unit may consist of a number of activity groups, ie. lectures, tutorials, etc.
You are required to enter up to six time preferences for each activity group in each unit (if six preferences are
available). If not, you must enter as many as are available. The one exception is if only one activity is offered
students will be auto allocated (see auto allocate above).

Access is easy
Allocate+ runs on the World Wide Web and can therefore be accessed from anywhere, as long as you have an
internet connection and a PC with Netscape version 4 (or later) or Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4 (or later).
You may use the computers in the computer labs within the University as long as you have your AuthCate
username and password.

Please read this information carefully, and ensure that you carry out the steps required by the due
dates. Failure to allocate for each unit will result in your personal timetable being incomplete.

How to access Allocate+
    1. Log onto http://allocate.its.monash.edu.au/
    2. Click on Student Login.
    3. Enter your AuthCate username and password.
    4. Once logged in, your units will be listed on the left-hand side of the screen. You will only allocate for
       semester two.         Click on each unit and enter your lecture, tutorial and laboratory
    5. When you have finished, click the Show My Preferences/Show My Allocations button to view your
    6. When complete, click Logout. It is particularly important to logout, to secure your preferences, if you are
       using a computer on campus. If you fail to logout your preferences could be changed by another person
       using that computer.

Note: some lecture and tutorial times may change during the adjustment period.                        Department
administrators will advise you if a unit you are enrolled in is changed or cancelled.

Schedule of Operations
Semester 2, 2010
Event                                                                        All Campuses
Allocate+ opens to students in Preference Entry Mode                         Tuesday 8 June 2010 – 10.00am
Allocate+ closes to students                                                 Thursday 8 July 2010– 5.00pm
Allocate+ sort run                                                           Friday 9 July 2010
Allocate+ opens to students in Allocation Adjustment Mode                    Tuesday 13 July 2010 – 10.00am
Allocate+ Allocation Adjustment Mode closes. View Only Mode to students.     Tuesday 3 August 2010 – 10.00am

Further information can be found at: http://allocate.its.monash.edu.au/

Faculty of Business and Economics contacts
Berwick              +613 9904 7045             Enquiries.berwick@buseco.monash.edu.au
Caulfield            +613 9903 2372             Enquiries.caulfield@buseco.monash.edu.au
Clayton              +613 9905 2327             Enquiries.clayton@buseco.monash.edu.au
Peninsula            +613 9904 4314             Enquiries.peninsula@buseco.monash.edu.au
Gippsland            +613 9902 6380             Enquiries.gippsland@buseco.monash.edu.au
                                                           - 12 -
                  Monash University Studies Online

Monash University Studies Online (MUSO) refers to a collection of online learning tools, including Blackboard.

Blackboard allows you access to online study-related resources related to the units you are enrolled in at
Monash. Resources and features include:

 Unit outline and lecture notes available for                     Online discussion groups
  download                                                         Grades
 Important announcements                                          Calendar of key dates for the semester
 Quizzes and assessment                                           Uploading of assignments

Please explore the information on this site to help you make the most of Blackboard. New resources will be
added often, and the latest support documents and announcements will be published here.

As with any software, there are a number of technical considerations. You will need to pay particular attention
to browser version and settings in order to avoid any problems with logging in and accessing materials.

To login go to: https://my.monash.edu.au/muso/blackboard/login/

For computer set-up, login or any problems you are experiencing with blackboard contact MUSO
support on:

Website:                 http://www.monash.edu.au/muso/support/students/contact.html
Telephone:               03 9903 1268
Email:                   muso.support@calt.monash.edu.au

How do I get access to Blackboard?
An account for units you are enrolled in is created automatically by central University systems and can be
accessed through your my.monash portal – https://my.monash.edu.au/.
Changes to student enrolments will be processed frequently; however they may take a few days to be reflected
in Blackboard. If you are a student requiring special access to a subject (ie. not officially enrolled), you must ask
your unit leader to forward a special access request to MUSO support on your behalf.

What happens to my access if I am sitting a deferred exam?
A list of students is compiled at the end of each semester containing all students who will be sitting deferred
exams. If you are one of these students, you will retain MUSO access until you have sat your deferred exam(s).

Note: Not all units have a Blackboard account, check with your lecturer or unit leader.

                                                       - 13 -
                                  Applying for Credit

What is Credit?
Credit is granted to a student towards their current degree for PREVIOUS studies they have successfully
completed at an institution such as TAFE, a university, or an accredited college. The credit granted may be in
the form of:

       Specific credit, exempting the student from a unit within the degree;
       Non-specific credit, exempting the student from an elective within the degree.

How can I apply?
All local undergraduate students can apply for credit after they have been offered a place in a Faculty course.
Students seeking credit transfer should complete the Credit application form, which will be available from the
information desk on enrolment day, or download the form from our website at
http://www.adm.monash.edu.au/service-centre/forms/ and bring a completed form with you on enrolment day.
Please refer to the following website for submission closing dates when applying for credit

What do I include in my application?
The following information should accompany all applications for credit:
    An original or legally certified copy of your academic results (this is sometimes known as an academic
         transcript or statement of results).
    A copy of a detailed course structure, this will provide details of the duration of the course, the number
         of units to be studied each semester to complete the course, the grading system used.
    A copy of the syllabus for the units you have studied, which should be from the year the unit was
         studied (this is sometimes known as a subject/course guide or unit guide, outline or handout). Each
         syllabus should include a breakdown of topics covered; the number of contact hours; a breakdown of
         the assessment criteria; a list of recommended textbooks and other references. A handbook subject
         synopsis is not acceptable.
    Students who are applying for credit for studies completed at Monash University (eg Enhancement
         Studies) will generally not need to attach any of the above information to their applications as
         administrators have access to this information.

How many credits will I be entitled to?
The number of credits you are entitled to depends on your previous study and the course for which you have
been made an offer. The “In2Monash” Credit Advisor will assist you in making a formal credit application.

The credit advisor checks whether your previous studies will earn you a credit in a Monash Business and
Economics course and provides a personalised course map showing your units and electives. It takes about 4
minutes to complete the 4 steps.

The advice given by “In2Monash” is not a formal assessment. You must still submit a formal application for
Credit. “In2Monash” and the Credit Advisor is available online at:

                                                     - 14 -
Dates of results publication can be found in your Monash University 2010 diary. Please find below a guideline
to what the results refer to:
 Grade    Mark            Definition
 HD       80-100          High Distinction
 D        70-79           Distinction
 C        60-69           Credit
 P        50-59           Pass
 N        49 and below    Fail
 WH       N/A             Withheld – Your grade has been withheld by the lecturer due to a wide range of
 DEF      N/A             Deferred – If you applied for special consideration, the lecturer may have granted
                          you another chance to sit an examination. In this case, the grade DEF will appear
                          on your record.
 WD       0               Withdrawn – Students who withdraw or discontinue from a unit after the relevant
                          semester census date will have the grade WD recorded on their academic
 WN       0               Withdrawn Fail – Students who withdraw after Monday of Week 10 in a standard
                          semester will have the grade WN recorded on their academic transcript.
 WI       0               Withdrawn Incomplete – Students who are unable to undertake or complete all
                          assessment for a unit due to extreme circumstances beyond their control occurring
                          or having effect after the commencement of the Withdrawn Fail period.

                                                    - 15 -
Intermission is available to students who wish to apply to take a period of leave from their studies. If you are
experiencing difficulties with your studies or you wish to take time off from study for any reason, you can apply
for Intermission (leave of absence) for up to a maximum of one academic year at any one time. When granting
leave the Faculty reserves students a place in their course. The total period of approved leave is counted in the
time limit for completion of the course (ten years). If you do not re-enrol or intermit your course, your enrolment
will be considered lapsed.
Studies undertaken elsewhere during the period of Intermission will not be credited to your course.
If you are on a conditional enrolment you may be unable to seek Intermission or, if approved, your condition will
be applied to your enrolment upon return.
Domestic students can apply for Intermission via WES.
International students will be referred to their Student Services Office on their home campus or you can
download the Application for Intermission form from: http://www.adm.monash.edu.au/service-centre/forms/.
Under the ESOS Act, intermission for international students on a student visa can only be approved on grounds
of compassionate or compelling reasons e.g. genuine illness. See visa conditions for international students:
http://www.monash.edu.au/international/courses/visa/information/ Students who have been granted an
intermission are normally expected to leave Australia within 28 days of the approval to intermit. Students are
required to seek advice about the possible implications to their student visa from the Health, Wellbeing and
Development Student Advice office http://www.hub.monash.edu.au office on their campus BEFORE departing
Please note: If you are on intermission for Semester 1 only, you are required to enrol in units for Semester 2. If
you wish to extend your intermission, you must re-apply; failure to reapply for intermission will result in you
losing your place in your course. If you are returning to study after a period of Intermission (leave of absence)
you need to amend your enrolment via WES.

                              Course Discontinuation
Most students can discontinue their course enrolment via WES. Others, who wish to withdraw from all units and
end their course enrolment, must complete and lodge an Enrolment Amendment Form indicating a 'total
discontinuation from course'. Enrolment Amendment Forms are available from the University Student Services
Office on any campus. Alternatively, you may submit notification of your discontinuation in writing, addressed to
the University Student Services Office on your home campus.

NOTE: Please check the deadlines for submitting forms as discontinuation of a course has implications for the
refund of fees.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Monash is legally obliged to report your
course discontinuation to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) and this could result in the
cancellation of your student visa. Students should seek advice from the Health, Wellbeing and Development
Student Advice office (http://www.hub.monash.edu.au) on your campus regarding the possible visa impacts
BEFORE formally discontinuing from the University.

                                                      - 16 -
                                Special Consideration

What is Special Consideration?
The Faculty of Business and Economics understands that life has its ups and downs. Chances are during the
course of your degree you experience something that hampers your ability to study at your best. If so, you can
apply for Special Consideration.

On what basis can I apply for Special Consideration?
Special Consideration is usually accepted on the basis of either:
     Serious illness or psychological condition;
     Loss or bereavement;
     Hardship/trauma;
     Military, jury duty or emergency services duties.

To apply for Special Consideration you can either:

     Obtain the form directly from your Faculty Student Services Office; OR
     Download the form from: http://www.adm.monash.edu.au/service-centre/forms/
     Refer to both the Faculty and University Special Consideration Policies for further information

If you are unsure whether or not you are able eligible to apply for Special Consideration contact your Faculty
Student Services office for assistance.

Students should lodge applications for special consideration together with the appropriate documentation and
evidence, with the relevant office, no later than two working days after their last scheduled examination, or for
other assessment tasks, within two working days of the submission deadline. THE FACULTY IS UNABLE TO

What is a deferred examination?
A deferred examination is the only outcome from a successful end of semester request for special
consideration. Students who complete the final examination/assessment task will not be eligible for special

The Official University period for the sitting of deferred exams is around the middle of January for Semester 2
units and the middle of August for Semester 1 units.

                                                      - 17 -
The university has formal grievance or appeal procedures in the areas of exclusion, discipline and sex-based
harassment that are separate from the academic and administrative grievance process.
Complaints from students in relation to academic and administrative matters are managed within the framework
of the University Academic and Administrative Complaints and Grievances Policy.

The dean's nominee charged with dealing with such matters is the Faculty of Business and Economics student
grievance officer. The student grievance officer may be contacted for advice or as a facilitator to resolve issues
of concern at:

Undergraduate grievances:                     UndergraduateStudentGrievances@Buseco.monash.edu.au
Graduate grievances:                          GraduateStudentGrievances@Buseco.monash.edu.au
Further information on grievance policy and procedure can be found at:

The Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics has appointed a number of staff to act as student equity
officers. These officers are a contact and referral point for staff and students seeking assistance with student
equity issues. All matters discussed will be treated as confidential. The faculty student equity officers will also
work closely with the university‟s Student Equity Unit by providing feedback to assist with strategic planning.

Caulfield campus            Telephone: 03 9902 6011
                            Email: StudentEquity.Caulfield@BusEco.monash.edu.au
Clayton campus              Telephone: 03 9905 2327
                            Email: StudentEquity.Clayton@BusEco.monash.edu.au
Berwick campus              Telephone: 9904 7045
                            Email: StudentEquity.Berwick@BusEco.monash.edu.au
Peninsula campus            Telephone: 9904 4314
                            Email: StudentEquity.Peninsula@BusEco.monash.edu.au
Gippsland campus            Telephone: 9902 6380
                            Email: StudentEquity.Gippsland@BusEco.monash.edu.au

                                                        - 18 -
If you are an international student, that is, not an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident visa holder or
New Zealand citizen, and holding a student visa, your time at Monash University is covered not only by the
university rules and regulations, but also by the requirements of the Australian Federal Government‟s ESOS Act.

For further information can be found at: http://www.monash.edu.au/international/ausgov/

Underload application form – International students
The underload application form is to be used by current international students holding a student visa and
enrolled at Australian campuses, when applying for underloading. It is expected that international students will
be enrolled full time for the duration of their studies. However, there are limited circumstances where a reduced
load can be approved by the Faculty. Download the form at: http://www.adm.monash.edu.au/service-

Note: If an international student underloads without Faculty approval and subsequently requires an extension to
their COE the Faculty may not be able to approve an extension.

                                                       - 19 -
                                       Course Transfer

How do I apply?
To apply to transfer from one undergraduate course to another within the Faculty of Business and Economics,
you must complete a Course Transfer Application form available from the Faculty Student Services Office on
any campus or download from:

Please check the following website the closing date to submit your application:

Semester 1: You must RE-ENROL in your current course during the re-enrolment period on WES as transfers
are assessed during the selection period in January. Enrolment in the new course will take place in conjunction
with the enrolment process for commencing students in Feb 2010.

Semester 2: Mid-year course transfer is only available to international applicants with limited places available.
You must remain enrolled for semester 2 in your current course until the outcome of your course transfer
application has been received.


If you wish to transfer to a course managed by another Faculty you should contact that Faculty for further

Am I eligible to apply?
Students need to have achieved satisfactory progress in their current degree and completed units totalling at
least 12 credit points in a Monash University course to be considered for transfer. Course Transfers will not be
offered to students who have already completed more than two-thirds of their current course.

Successful course transfer will be subject to satisfying the relevant Mathematics and English prerequisites and
meeting required grade averages. Course transfers are also subject to the availability of places in the course
you wish to transfer to. There are no guaranteed transfers.

How will I be notified?
If your course transfer application is successful, enrolment in the new course will be subject to whatever fees,
course structure and conditions apply to that course at the time of enrolment.

You will be notified by email if you are successful. You must formally accept the offer of the new course by
replying to your offer email with an acceptance. Once your transfer has been accepted, Student Services will
transfer you to the new course. You will then be required to log onto WES and complete your unit enrolment.

You will be notified by email if you are unsuccessful.

Further information
Information regarding internal transfers within the Faculties programs can be found on the following web pages:

                                                         - 20 -
   Cross-Faculty Unit Enrolments outside BusEco
Subject to the requirements of your course and unit availability, you may choose cross-faculty electives as part
of your degree program. You will need to discuss your options first with the host faculty, and then with the
Faculty Student Services office on your home campus as cross-faculty enrolment is not available via WES.

    Cross-Campus Unit Enrolments within BusEco
Subject to the requirements of your course and unit availability, you may choose cross-campus electives from
within the Faculty of Business and Economics. You will need to discuss your options with the Faculty Student
Services office on your home campus as cross-campus enrolment is not available via WES.

               Outgoing Monash Abroad Students
Students wishing to study one or two semesters at an overseas partner institution and have that study count
towards their Monash degree should contact the Faculty Student Services office on their home campus for
further information regarding the Monash Exchange program.

The Faculty of Business and Economics recognises the value that an international experience adds to a
student‟s education. Students taking part in this program are regarded as ambassadors for both the faculty and
the university and the faculty selection process reflects this view.

Please contact your Faculty Student Services Office on your home campus before re-enrolling.

Further information on study abroad and exchange study may be found at:


                                                     - 21 -
                            Academic Progress Rules
In the Faculty of Business and Economics, a student's academic progress for each academic year is deemed
unsatisfactory for any of the following reasons:
     failure of 50 per cent or more of enrolled credit points over the academic year (December of the previous year
        to November);
     failure of the same compulsory unit twice; or
     failure to comply with any terms or conditions imposed by an Academic Progress Committee of the Faculty.

What happens if any of these reasons apply to me?
If any of these reasons apply to you, you will receive a letter from the Faculty requiring you to "show cause" to the
Faculty Academic Progress Committee as to why you should not be excluded from your degree and/or the Faculty.

Do I still re-enrol?
Yes, if you are asked to “show cause” or if you think that any of these reasons apply to you, you must still re-enrol, on
the basis that you will not be excluded from your degree and/or the Faculty.

How do I show cause?
The letter will advise you how to make a submission in writing, with substantiating evidence (eg. statutory
declarations, medical certificates etc) to the Faculty Academic Progress Committee.

What happens if I do not respond?
Failure to respond will result in automatic exclusion from your degree and/or the faculty. International students who
are excluded from the Faculty face automatic visa cancellation, and a possible 3-year exclusion period from returning
to Australia, by DIAC.

Where will the letter be sent to?
All correspondence will be sent to the postal address you have recorded with the University as well as your Monash
student email account.

What if I am away on holidays or I have returned to my home country?
If you are away from your normal postal address (eg you have returned to your home country, or you are on holidays)
you must update your address for the period you are away. Please go to http://my.monash.edu.au/wes/ to change
your address on the system if required. Failure to provide a current postal address is not an acceptable reason for
failing to respond.

Will I have to attend a hearing of the Faculty Academic Progress Committee?
You will be advised by letter and email if you are required to attend a hearing. You should ensure that you are
available during the January-March summer period when the Committees are scheduled to hold hearings at each
campus. If it is impossible for you to attend your hearing in person, a teleconference may be organised. Contact your
Faculty Student Services Office on your home campus for more information.
International students should contact the Health, Wellbeing and Development Student Advice office
http://www.hub.monash.edu.au office on your campus as early as possible on 9905 3156 (Clayton) or 9903 2500
(Caulfield) for information and advice on the possible visa impacts relating to the university‟s academic progress rules,
View the University and Faculty policies at:

                                                      - 22 -
  Conversion from International Student to Local
                 Full-Fee or CSP
International students who gain permanent residency during their course can apply to convert their fee status.
You can download a Change of Residency application form at: http://www.adm.monash.edu.au/service-

Applications can only be processed upon provision of a certified copy of your permanent residency visa and
photo page of your passport. You must notify Monash University of your change in visa status within 14 days of
the change. Any changes that occur prior to your units‟ census date will affect your fee status for those units. If
the change occurs after your units‟ census date, your fee status will not be affected until the following teaching
period The Faculty will decide if an international student who has gained permanent residency will be offered a
local full-fee paying place or a CSP place.

                 Faculty Current Student Web Page
Visit the Faculty of Business and Economics Current Student web page at:


You will find information on:

          courses and units                                   support services
          admissions and enrolments                           calendar and timetables
          exams and results                                   international students
          admin information                                   careers and employment
          schools and departments                             clubs and associations
          study resources                                     faculty specific forms
          IT and computing                                    University student services centre

                                                       - 23 -
The Library at Monash provides information resources and services that will be an integral part of your university
experience. Each campus has a library that is open throughout the year where you can study quietly or in
groups, use library computers or bring your own laptop and connect to the university‟s wireless network. Your
Monash Student ID card is required to borrow books and other Library material. Information on library opening
hours, contacts, borrowing, online tutorials etc. can be found at: http://www.lib.monash.edu.au/

                                        Learning Skills
The Library provides services to assist students with the development of their academic skills, including effective
study, reading and exam preparation skills, techniques for effective listening and note-taking in lectures and
seminars, oral communication and presentation skills, academic essay, report and thesis writing skills. The
Library‟s learning skills programs and services support the development of these skills in all students, at the
undergraduate and postgraduate levels, with a particular focus on supporting students for whom English is their
second language.

Visit the Monash Library website for further information: http://www.lib.monash.edu.au/learning-skills/

                        Disability Liaison Unit (DLU)
The Disability Liaison Unit (DLU) provides a range of services to assist students who have a disability or a long-
term medical condition to fulfil their course requirements as independently as possible. Some of the services a
DLU registered student may be able to access include note-taking, AUSLAN interpreting, provision of material in
alternative formats, access/use of the adaptive technology room and alternative arrangements for assessment.
To receive services from the DLU, the student needs to:
     be actively enrolled in an award course at Monash University
     have a disability defined in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act (1992)
     provide relevant, current documentation from a qualified professional who has comprehensive training
        and experience in the particular field of disability or health profession eg. Medical Specialist,
        Psychiatrist, General Practitioner, Educational Psychologist.
For further information: http://www.monash.edu.au/study/services/disability/

DLU is located on the Clayton campus on Level 1 Gallery Building (Building 55). Telephone: 9905 5704

A representative from DLU is available at:

Caulfield – Tuesdays on the ground floor (within the Health Wellbeing and Development area) of Building B.
            Telephone: 9905 5704
Berwick – Mondays from 9zm – 1pm on the ground floor (within the Health Wellbeing and Development
            area) Building 930. Telephone: 9904 7222
Peninsula – Thursdays from 9am – 1pm on the ground floor (within the Health Wellbeing and Development
            area) of Building A. Telephone: 9904 4678
Gippsland – Telephone: 9902 6425
                                                      - 24 -
                                World Wide Web Sites
The Internet is a fantastic resource for university students, not only for study purposes, but also for
administrative reasons. The following sites should be of interest to students enrolled in the Business and
Economics Faculty:

Monash University Homepage

Business and Economics Faculty Office Homepage

Business and Economics Faculty Student Homepage

Faculty QManual – provides academic / study tips

Exam Timetable and Results

Lecture Timetable

Monash University Student Homepage

Monash University Library Homepage

Language and Learning Online Assistance

Health, Wellbeing and Development Student Advice

OR Request an appointment online:

Monash Memo - Weekly News for the campuses of Monash University

Search for Monash University Information

                                                      - 25 -
                                      Other Faculties
Art & Design Faculty Homepage

Arts Faculty Office Homepage

Education Faculty Homepage

Engineering Faculty Office Homepage

Information Technology Faculty Office Homepage

Law Faculty Office Homepage

Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences Faculty Office Homepage

Science Faculty Office Homepage

Victorian College of Pharmacy Faculty Office Homepage

                                          Other Sites
Employment opportunities etc., especially for Accounting students

The Age

The Australian

Australian Financial Review

                                                    - 26 -
      University Student & Staff Services Division
University Student Services Centre
The University Student Services Centre located on every campus and acts as an interface between the
University, its staff and the general public. The University Student Services staff can help you with general
student administration enquires and are located at:

Caulfield Campus                  Building A, Ground Floor
                                  900 Dandenong Road
                                  East Caulfield Vic 3145

Clayton Campus                    Building 10, Campus Centre
                                  Wellington Road
                                  Clayton Vic 3800

Berwick Campus                    Ground Floor
                                  Clyde Road
                                  Berwick Vic 3816

Peninsula Campus                  Administration Building
                                  McMahons Road
                                  Frankston Vic 3199

Gippsland Campus                  Building 1W
                                  Northways Road
                                  Churchill Vic 3842

Information on the following services provided by the University Student Services Centre can be found at:

Academic transcripts
If at any time during your course you require a formal transcript of your academic record, you can:
       Apply online via WES: https://my.monash.edu.au/wes/
       Visit, fax or mail a University Student Service Centre at any campus
       Contact the University Student Service Centre on 9902 6011

You will need to specify your full name, date of birth, years of study, course details and student identification
number. A $20 fee per transcript applies. Payment can be via credit card (Mastercard or Visa), cheque or

A free copy of the academic transcript is provided with your testamur when you graduate. To obtain a copy of
your academic transcript apply at the University Student Services Centre.

                                                      - 27 -
The examinations branch is responsible for the scheduling of examinations and the publication of results.
Please quote your Student ID number and full name on any inquiry made to the Examinations Section.
University policy on confidentiality precludes information on individual students being given to a third party. Staff
can speak to the student only about the student‟s examination details.

Fees organise the invoicing of charges such as CSP and full fee course costs. They are also responsible for
any fees encumbrance placed on your record. Encumbrances occur when students do not pay fees or fines,
such as a late return charge from any of the university libraries. Please quote your Student ID number and full
name in any inquiry made to the Fees Section.

To apply to graduate, you must complete and submit an „Application for Graduation‟ form to the Graduations
Unit by the closing date. The application form can be downloaded from the Graduations webpage or obtained
from the University Student Services Centre (all campuses).

ID cards
At the time of your first enrolment, you will be issued with a student identity card. If you lose your card, or need
to replace if for any reason, you can do so by visiting the University Student Services Centre on any campus.
The fee for this service is $60, and photographic identification must be presented upon application.

Student letters
If you require a formal document from the University to verify your current enrolment, qualification, graduation or
next applicable graduation, you can apply for a student letter. To apply for a student letter:
      Apply online via WES: https://my.monash.edu.au/wes/
      Visit, fax or mail the University Student Service Centre at any campus
      Contact the University Student Service Centre on 9902 6011

Normal production time for student letters is 5-10 working days plus mail delivery. Each letter costs $20.

Travel Concessions
Application forms for a Victorian Public Transport Student Concession Card will be mailed to all eligible students
in February prior to the start of semester. You will need to take this form to one of the “issuing locations” listed
on the back of the form to purchase your new concession card. If you lose your form or fail to receive one and
believe that you are eligible, the form can be obtained from the University Student Service Centre on any
campus or by applying online via WES. Transport Concession forms will only be issued to students who meet
the eligibility requirements set by the Victorian Public Transport Authority. Whilst exchange students are eligible
to apply for a travel concession card, all other international students are ineligible.

Further information is available on the application form or by contacting:
     131 638 Metlink (metropolitan Melbourne)
     131 196 Viclink or V/Line (regional Victoria)

                                                       - 28 -
         Monash University Student Associations
The Monash University Student Associations provide services, activities and representation on academic affairs
for students at all Monash campuses.

Further information on what your Student Association can offer can be found at:

Caulfield Campus           MONSU           Level 2, Building S
                                           Telephone:       03 9571 1066
                                           Email:           servicedesk@monsucaulfield.org.au
                                           Website:         http://www.monsucaulfield.org.au/

Clayton Campus             MSA             Level 1, Campus Centre (Building 10)
                                           Telephone:     03 9905 3138
                                           Email:         msa@adm.monash.edu.au
                                           Website:       http://msa.monash.edu.au/

Berwick Campus             MUBS            Telephone:         03 9904 7133
                                           Website:           http://www.mubs.com.au/

Peninsula Campus MONSU                     Building U
                                           Telephone:         03 9904 4217
                                           Website:           http://www.monsupeninsula.org.au/

Gippsland Campus MUGSU                     Northways Road, Churchill VIC
                                           Telephone:    03 5122 6248
                                           Email:        union@general.monash.edu.au
                                           Website:      http://www.mugsu.org.au/

Services for Overseas Students
All international students currently enrolled have access to membership services and facilities on their campus
of enrolment

Caulfield Campus            Building S, Level 2
                            Telephone:         03 9903 2525

Clayton Campus              MUISS Lounge, Level 1, Campus Centre (Building 10)
                            Telephone: 03 9905 4143
                            Website:    http://msa.monash.edu.au/muiss/

                                                     - 29 -
Berwick Campus     BISA – Berwick International Student Association
                   Telephone:      0403 252 661
                   Website:        http://www.monash.edu.au/international/berwick/bisa/

Peninsula Campus   Monsu Service desk, Building U, McMahons Rd, Frankston
                   Telephone: 03 9904 4217
                   Email:       Oss.director@monsupeninsula.org.au
                   Website:     http://www.monsupeninsula.org.au/committees/OSS.html

Gippsland Campus   7N-211
                   Telephone:   03 5122 6174
                   Email:       mugsu.isa@general.monash.edu.au
                   Website:     http://mugsu.org.au/content/blogcategory/54/83/

                                       - 30 -
       Health, Wellbeing & Development Student
A Health, Wellbeing and Development Student Advice office is located on each campus. Team members can
provide specialised advice, assistance and services to meet the needs of international students. Information
and advice is provided regarding relevant government regulations including visa renewals, compliance issues
and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). This office offers a variety of support programs throughout the
year and can refer students to the university‟s wide range of services.

Caulfield Campus           Building B, Level 1 (near Gatehouse)
                           Telephone:      03 9903 2500
                           Email:          hub.caulfield@adm.monash.edu.au

Clayton Campus             Building 10, Campus Centre
                           Telephone:      03 9905 3156
                           Email:          hub.clayton@adm.monash.edu.au

Berwick Campus             Building 930, at the base of the communications tower, the city end of the
                           library building
                           Telephone:       03 9904 7019
                           Website:         hub.berwick@adm.monash.edu.au

Peninsula Campus           Building A, Level 1, next to the entrance to the George Jenkins Theatre
                           Telephone:      9904 4223
                           Website:        hub.peninsula@adm.monash.edu.au

Gippsland Campus           Room 102, Building 3N, opposite student union lounge
                           Telephone:     03 9902 6425 / 03 5122 6425
                           Website:       hub.gippsland@adm.monash.edu.au

For further information go to: http://www.hub.monash.edu.au

                                                   - 31 -
                          Health & Medical Services
The University Health Service aims to provide a broad range of general health services to the University
community with an emphasis on illness prevention and health education.

Caulfield Campus             Building A, Level 1 (Ground)
                             Telephone:      03 9903 1177
                             Website:        http://www.adm.monash.edu.au/community-

Clayton Campus               Campus Centre Building, Ground Floor, North West corner past the
                             student Travel Agency
                             Telephone:      03 9905 3175
                             Website:        http://www.adm.monash.edu.au/community-

Berwick Campus               40 Clyde Road
                             Telephone:    03 9769 5500
                             Website:      http://www.adm.monash.edu.au/community-

Peninsula Campus             Level 1, Building A, next to the entrance to the George Jenkins Theatre
                             Telephone:       03 9904 4615
                             Website:         http://www.adm.monash.edu.au/community-

Gippsland Campus             3N102, opposite student union lounge
                             Telephone:     03 9902 6425 / 03 5122 6425
                             Website:       http://www.adm.monash.edu.au/community-

                                                     - 32 -
                   Student Publications
Caulfield Campus   ESPERANTO is the official student publication for Monash's
                   Caulfield campus.

                   Esperanto is located on level 2, Building S, Caulfield campus
                   Contact the editors on: 03 9903 2525, by email at
                   esperanto@monsucaulfield.org.au or Visit the website:

                   UP2DATE is the Caulfield club and activities monthly newsletter

                   Website: http://www.monsucaulfield.org.au/clubs/up2date-

Clayton Campus     LOT’S WIFE is your 100% student-produced newspaper.
                   Level 1, Campus Centre (Building 10), Clayton campus
                   Telephone: 03 9905 8174
                   Email: lotswife@adm.monash.edu.au
                   Website: http://www.msa.monash.edu.au/lotswife/

Berwick Campus     INK – is the Berwick campus student magazine.

                   Email: inkmubs@gmail.com.
                   Website: http://www.mubs.com.au/content/view/15/32/

Peninsula Campus   UP2DATE – is the Peninsula clubs and activities newsletter.

                   Telephone: 03 9904 4217
                   Website: http://www.monsupeninsula.org.au/publications.html
Gippsland Campus   THE VINE – is the official student magazine of Monash University
                   Gippsland Student Union.

                   Telephone: 03 5122 6177
                   Email: media@mugsu.monash.edu.au
                   Website: http://www.mugsu.org.au/

                                       - 33 -
            Commercial & Non-Academic Services
A range of services are available to students on all Monash campuses offering a variety of amenities, including
commercial and non-academic services.

Monash University Employment & Career Development

Monash University Employment and Career Development assist students with finding part-time employment and
volunteer opportunities whilst you study and graduate positions to get you out in the workforce. Go to our Jobs
On-line service at www.careers.monash.edu.au. Careers and Employment also offers a range of Employability
Skills workshops, including Future Leaders, Resume Writing, Interview Practice skills as well as other fantastic
services to help you achieve your goals. Further information can be found at: http://careers.monash.edu.au/

 Caulfield Campus             Level 3, Building S
                              Telephone: 03 9903 2114

 Clayton Campus               Ground floor, Campus Centre West Extension (Building 10W)
                              Telephone: 03 9905 3151

 Berwick Campus               Building 901, Room G40
                              Telephone: 03 9904 7019

 Peninsula Campus             A1.33, Health, Wellbeing & Development, Ground Floor, Building A
                              Telephone: 03 9904 4223

 Gippsland Campus             Building 3N, Room 113
                              Telephone: 03 9905 3151

                                                     - 34 -
The Monash Bookshops offer a wide range of stock and services to suit everyone. Further information on what
is available on your campus can be found at:

 Caulfield Campus            Level 2, Building K
                             Telephone: 03 9571 3277
                             Email:          caulfield@thecampusbookstore.com
                             Website:        http://www.thecampusbookstore.com

 Clayton Campus              Ground Floor, Campus Centre, Building 10
                             Telephone: 03 9905 3111
                             Email:        clayton@bookshop.monash.edu.au
                             Website:      http://www.bookshop.monash.edu.au/clayton.php

 Berwick Campus              Level 1, Clyde Road, Berwick
                             Telephone: 03 9904 7091
                             Email:         berwick@bookshop.monash.edu.au
                             Website:       http://www.bookshop.monash.edu.au/berwick.php

 Peninsula Campus            Telephone:      03 9783 6932
                             Email:          peninsula@thecampusbookstore.com
                             Website:        http://www.thecampusbookstore.com

 Gippsland Campus            Room 1N108, Northways Road, Churchill
                             Telephone: 03 9902 6310
                             Email:      gippsland@bookshop.monash.edu.au
                             Website:    http://www.bookshop.monash.edu.au/gippsland.php

Campus Gymnasium
Monash Sport offer services and memberships to Monash University students, staff, graduates and the general
public with Monash students received discounted prices. For further information on what is available on your
campus visit:

 Caulfield Campus            http://www.sport.monash.edu.au/fitness/gymnasium-caulfield.html
                             Telephone: 9903 2358

 Clayton Campus              http://www.sport.monash.edu.au/fitness/gymnasium-clayton.html
                             Telephone: 9905 4103

 Berwick Campus              http://berwick.monash.edu/sport-at-berwick-new.html
                             Telephone: 9905 1160

 Peninsula Campus            http://www.sport.monash.edu.au/fitness/gymnasium-peninsula.html
                             Telephone: 9904 4496

 Gippsland Campus            http://www.latrobe.vic.gov.au/Services/Leisure/IndoorFacilities/
                             Telephone: 5122 2504

                                                   - 35 -
                                             Car Parking

Permit and meter parking
Caulfield campus - a user-pays, multi-level car park is available on campus for staff, students and the general
public. Entry to the car park is from Princes Avenue. Ticket machine parking from one to five hours is also
available in the surrounding streets, but this can be expensive and spaces are extremely limited. Some (very
limited) free restricted parking is available in surrounding streets. Ticket machine parking is also available in the
Guineas car park – entry via Normanby Road.

Blue Permits are available for parking in the Caulfield Racecourse MRC Guineas and MRC Members No. 1 car
parks and can be purchased on-line via https://emuapps.monash.edu.au/ParkingPermit/permit.do.

Clayton, Berwick and Peninsula campuses - Parking is available to students either in blue permit areas, or in
metered parking areas. Other permit zones exist, however parking on campus within permit areas is colour-
coded, and you must park in the area that matches the colour of your permit:

       blue permits are available for purchase by staff and students. Holders of this category of permit are not
        guaranteed that a car parking space will always be available.
       red permits are initially available for purchase by staff members only. Holders of this category have
        access to a red parking space on their home campus and permission to park in blue parking bays on all
       yellow parking zones are for university vehicles displaying a yellow permit.

Car-pool parking
A free carpool service is provided at the Caulfield, Clayton, Berwick and Peninsula campuses. Details can be
found at: http://fsd.monash.edu.au/travel-parking/parking/carpooling-new-matching-service

Motorbike parking
Designated areas are available for free motorbike parking. Refer to the campus map in the next section of this
guide for the exact location of these areas, otherwise you could be fined.

Purchasing a Parking Permit
Parking permits can be purchased online via the my.monash portal and are valid for 12 months from the start of
semester one.

Unrestricted free car parking is available at the Gippsland campus.

                                                        - 36 -
                                            Shuttle Bus
A Monash Metro Shuttle Bus service runs between campuses from Monday to Friday during semester and
examination periods. The shuttle bus does not run during semester breaks or on any university recognised
public holidays. The shuttle bus can be boarded at the bus loop on the Clayton campus and the gatehouse on
the Caulfield campus. The shuttle bus runs in both directions from Clayton to Berwick, Clayton to Caulfield and
Clayton to Peninsula campuses.

The Shuttle Bus service is free of charge to passengers with a valid Monash University student or staff card.
A timetable for this service can be found at: http://fsd.monash.edu.au/travel-parking/travel/inter-campus-shuttle-
bus. For further information: 03 9905 4082

                                                      - 37 -
- 38 -
- 39 -
- 40 -
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                      Glossary of Terms
Academic misconduct   Student cheating or assisting to cheat whether in an examination or non-
                      examination context.
Academic year         The standard academic year is divided into two semesters. Each semester
                      consists of thirteen teaching weeks followed by an examination period.
Authcate              A Monash term for a student computer account that is used to access protected
                      internet resources.
Credit                Credit which is given in one course on the basis of prior formal studies in
                      another course at the same or another higher education or post-secondary
Credit points         The value given to a unit. Units are normally 6 credit points or a multiple of 6, for
                      example 12 or 18 credit points.
Allocate +            Online class allocation system accessible from any computer in the world that
                      has Internet access. Students browse available timeslots for all enrolled
                      activities and specify personal preferences.
APC                   Academic Progress Committee
Blackboard            Allows access to online study-related resources related to the units you are
                      enrolled in at Monash
Board of Examiners    Faculty committee responsible for determining the results of the performances of
                      all candidates enrolled in the faculty.
Callista              Student information system developed by Callista Software Services to
                      accommodate the majority of business functions associated with student
CAN                   Commonwealth Assistance Notice: Information sent to Commonwealth
                      supported students after the census date about the units of study for which
                      Commonwealth assistance has been received, their student contribution
                      amounts, their Student Learning Entitlement (SLE) usage, the amount of any up-
                      front payments made, and their HECS-HELP assistance.
Census date           The date on which a student‟s enrolment is taken to be finalised. HECS-HELP
                      and FEE-HELP debts are incurred and SLE is consumed on census dates.
                      Students must make their up-front payments and submit their request/s for
                      Commonwealth assistance by the census date.
Chancellor            The Chair of University Council, appointed to office by the members of Council
                      The role encompasses ceremonial, statutory, regulatory and executive functions.
Cheating              Seeking to obtain an unfair advantage in an examination or in other written or
                      practical work required to be submitted or completed by a student for
Chief Examiner        Person responsible for assessment of a unit.
Course                The accumulation of units according to a set of rules that leads to the award of a
Course Advisor        A staff member assigned to assist students with the planning of their course.
Co-requisite          A unit that must be studied simultaneously with another unit.
CRICOS                Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students lists
                      all providers registered to offer courses to people studying in Australia on
                      student visas and the courses that are approved for offer.
Cross-institutional   External relationships which lead to formal agreements with other tertiary
                      institutions, business, industry, government agencies or schools, both locally,
                      nationally and internationally, based on the joint development and delivery or,
                      and graduation from education and training programs.
CSP                   Commonwealth Supported Place: higher education place for which the
                      Commonwealth makes a contribution towards the cost of the student‟s
DEEWR                 Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

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                          Glossary of Terms Cont’d
Deferral (or           An adjournment of the starting date for study which allows a student‟s place in a
deferment)             course to be held for a nominated length of time, usually one year.
Deferred examination   See Special examination
Degree faculty         The faculty which owns the course in which a student is enrolled, even though
                       students may be enrolled in units from another faculty.
DEST                   Department of Education, Science and Training
DIAC                   Department of Immigration and Citizenship
Discipline             Field of study
Discipline – student   The Discipline Statute encompasses academic, general and research misconduct
                       by students.
Domestic student       A person enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate academic program and
                       who is an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or who holds Permanent Residency
                       status in Australia.
EFTSL                  Equivalent Full-Time Student Load: a measure of the study load, for a year, of a
                       student undertaking a course of study on a full time basis.
Elective               A unit that is not part of a major or any other compulsory course requirement.
ENTER                  Equivalent National Tertiary Entrance Rank: an overall percentile ranking,
                       calculated in steps of 0.05, reflecting the comparative performance of VCE
                       candidates amongst the relevant national age group in a given year.
ESOS                   Education Services for Overseas Students: regulates the education and training of
                       overseas students studying in Australia on student visas through the ESOS Act
                       and associated legislation which protects the interests of these students by
                       providing tuition and financial assurance.
Exchange student       A student who is participating in a formal exchange program arranged between
                       the university and a non-Australian overseas higher education provider. The
                       student pays fees to the home institution not to the host institution.
Exemption              Where a student is not required to take a certain unit on the basis of work already
                       completed but is required to undertake an alternative unit of equivalent credit points.
Faculty                The groupings of academic areas within the University.
FEE-HELP               A loan scheme to help eligible non-Commonwealth supported students pay their
                       tuition fees.
Field of Education     DEST classification of higher education courses, specialisations and units with the
                       same or similar vocational emphasis or principal subject matter.
Field of study         An approved sequence of units in cognate areas.
General misconduct     Any behaviour in relation to people or property which is contrary to generally
                       accepted standards of behaviour.
Go8                    Group of Eight: Group of vice-chancellors of Australia‟s eight leading universities.
GPA                    Grade Point Average: the average result of all grades achieved by a student
                       during a course of study at tertiary level.
Grading scale          The framework correlating a percentage of marks to a level of achievement on an
                       individual task or a whole unit or course.
Graduate               A person on whom the University has conferred an academic award, including
                       honorary awards and awards conferred jointly with another institution.
HDR                    Higher Degrees by Research
HECS-HELP              A scheme that includes up-front payment discounts and loans to help students in
                       Commonwealth Supported Places pay their student contributions.
HESA                   Higher Education Support Act
Home institution       The institution at which a student is enrolled for the majority of their course.
Host institution       The partner institution at which a student is undertaking some part of an
                       exchange, study abroad or cross-institutional program.
IELTS                  International English Language Testing Scheme
Intermission           A break in studies that when granted reserves a place in the course for a student
                       when the intermission has ended providing that the student re-enrols during the
                       designated periods.
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                           Glossary of Terms Cont’d
International student   A person enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate academic program who is
                        not a citizen of Australia or New Zealand and who does not hold Permanent
                        Residency status in Australia.
ITS                     The University‟s division of Information Technology Services.
Lecture                 A class varying in size assigned to a unit. Consisting mostly of one-way
                        interaction, with the lecturer providing a presentation and students taking notes.
Major                   A minimum of 48 credit points in a field of study or discipline, including a minimum
                        of 12 points at both second and third year levels respectively.
Managing faculty        The faculty that is assigned responsibility to coordinate administrative matters for
                        each single or double degree program (including but not restricted to admission,
                        enrolment, course advice, academic progress and academic referral).
Misconduct – student    See Discipline – student
Mode of attendance      This is a classification of the way in which a student is undertaking a unit of study,
                        according to whether their enrolment in a unit is Internal (on-campus), External
                        (off-campus) or Multi-modal (both on and off-campus).
Monash abroad           The program that provides exchange and study abroad opportunities for Monash
                        students, and students at overseas institutions who would like to spend one or two
                        semesters studying at Monash.
Monash Research         Administers a wide range of doctoral and Master of Philosophy programs and also
Graduate School         co-ordinates the university‟s postgraduate research training activities and research
MUSO                    Monash University Studies Online system
MUTTS                   Monash University Timetable System
OHS                     Occupational Health and Safety
OLA                     Open Universities Australia
Orientation (O Week)    The beginning of semester for new students: activities (usually of a week‟s
                        duration) designed to help students settle into university and provide them with
                        information to prepare them for university life.
OS-HELP                 A cash load available to eligible students who undertake some of their course
Plagiarism              Using another person‟s ideas and or manner of expressing them and to pass them
                        off as one‟s own by failing to give appropriate acknowledgement.
Policy                  A concise, formal and mandatory statement of principle which provides a
                        framework for decision-making and a means by which the university reduces
                        institutional risk.
Practical session       A class in which practical (or prac) experiments or exercises are conducted under
Prerequisite            A prerequisite is a unit which must be successfully completed before a student is
                        permitted to proceed to a further unit.
Qualification           An award or other form of certification of attainment, competence or attendance.
RPL                     Recognition of Prior Learning
Special consideration   Consideration by a board of examiners of students whose assessment has been
                        affected by illness or other serious cause.
Scholarship             A merit award based on academic performance which provides financial
                        advantage to students undertaking a specified course of study. The advantage is
                        usually in the form of full or partial remission of fees, or meeting of costs
                        associated with the course of study such as living costs, purchase of books, or

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                            Glossary of Terms Cont’d
Specified credit         Credit granted in the form of specific Monash unit(s).
Student – Full-time      A person undertaking 75% or above study load
Student – Part-time      A person undertaking a study load of less than 75%
Student –                A person enrolled in a higher degree program based predominantly on
Postgraduate             coursework study.
Student –                A person enrolled in a higher degree program based predominantly or wholly on
Postgraduate research    research rather than coursework.
Student –                A student enrolled in an academic program designated by the statutes or rules to
Undergraduate            be an undergraduate program.
Student Identification   New students are issued with a card containing their photo and a unique student
(ID) Cards               ID number. The student ID card identifies the person as a member of the Monash
                         Community and enables the holder to borrow from University libraries.
Study Abroad Program     An approved program of study at a host overseas higher education institution that
                         counts as credit towards a course enrolled in which the home higher education
Supervisor – student     Person responsible for academic supervision of a postgraduate research student.
Syllabus +               Syllabus + together with Allocate + are used for space management, timetabling
                         and class allocation forming the Monash University Timetable System (MUTTS).
TAFE                     Technical and Further Education
Tagged degree            Specialised degree whose title consists of a broader generic degree with a
                         specialisation in parentheses.
Teaching faculty         The faculty in which a unit is owned and taught.
TOEFL                    Test of English as a Foreign Language.
Tutorial                 Small study and discussion group assigned to a unit. Complementary to material
                         studied in a lecture.
Transition               The adjustment, development and change experienced when progressing to
                         university study.
Unit                     Any single unit of study in which a student enrols, and in which a grade/mark is
                         recorded. Comparable to „subject‟ however unit is the official term used at Monash
University Council       The governing body of the university. All University bodies report to the University
Unspecified credit       Credit which is not matched to a particular unit in the student‟s new course at
VCE                      Victorian Certificate of Education
VICTER                   Victorian Tertiary Entrance Requirements
VTAC                     Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre
WES                      Web Enrolment System

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            Timetable - Semester 1, 2010
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