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									40 TH ANNIVERSARY   1
                              Dear Friends,
                             Thank you for coming to Earth Day
                             Marin. It’s been 40 years since Earth
                             Day was founded by Wisconsin Senator
                             Gaylord Nelson, and though we have
                             achieved a great deal, we still have
                             great challenges to overcome. At this
                             pivotal time in history, when we have
exceeded the carbon levels in the atmosphere thought to be safe (see, it is time for all
of us to reach and stretch for that next level of green.

We are fortunate to live in a County full of green innovators in the fields of nonprofit/advocacy,
business, education, arts, government, and more. Earth Day Marin is about connecting you to these
resources and making it easier and more fun to get greener. We all feel overwhelmed sometimes,
unsure of where to start or what to do next, and this guide is here to help. Take it home and keep
it by the phone – so that at any time of year, you can access the information, products, volunteer
opportunities, education and career development, and other resources you need to easily go green
and make a pivotal difference for the planet.

Considering the challenges before us, it’s easy to get discouraged and imagine that what we do is a
pitiful drop in the bucket. But in the end it will be you, personally, that makes the difference.

Thank you for finding new ways to reduce your impact on the climate. Thank you for saving and
reusing resources, and buying the safest, most non-toxic products for your family. Thank you for
biking, walking, carpooling, and using public transit more. Thank you for eating local, organic food
and advocating for food safety, for preserving land and family farms, for protecting oceans and
rivers, and for respecting the irreplaceable necessity of water. Thank you for sharing the world with
animals. Thank you for supporting green building and the greening of all our practices. Thank you for
choosing the greenest power sources we have. Thank you for making and supporting art that inspires
us to action. Thank you for advocating for the future our youth deserve and for supporting youth
leadership. Thank you for writing letters to the editor, calling and faxing your representatives, and
working on political campaigns. Thank you for advocating for affordable organics and green jobs so
living green can become a way of life for everyone. Thank you for going against the grain when you
have to, and for standing up for what’s right whether it’s popular or not.

Humanity will rise to this challenge. Our world will survive and thrive again. There will be a bright and
sustainable future of green innovations and traditions, a strong and vibrant democracy, and respect
for diversity. And all of these things will happen because of you. Because of what you commit to do
today, this year, and in the future. Because of the people you influence. Because of the changes you
assure happen in our schools, religious communities, neighborhoods, Towns, Cities, Counties, Nation
and World.

You did it—you saved the world! Thank you. You’re my hero.

Hannah Doress
Director, Earth Day Marin

 Hannah Doress, Director of Earth Day Marin, is Principal at Hannah Doress Events/Word Out Consulting and
 is a Senior Fellow of the Environmental Leadership Program. She has been Events Programmer at the San
 Geronimo Valley Community Center since 2005 and lives with her wife and son in Fairfax.

                                                                         40 TH ANNIVERSARY                  3

    Sponsors                 Credits
                                                        Alliances: Artsboretum,
                                                        Sustainable Marin, The
                                                        Bicycle Works

                           Initiator, Advisor, and      Sponsorship Team: Susan
                           Fiscal Agent Contact:        Bierzychudek, Hannah
                           Nancy Boyce, MarinLink       Doress, Trace L. Nielsen,
                                                        Nina Carlin, Melissa Blin-
                           Director: Hannah Doress,     dow, Teresa Bradley
                           Hannah Doress Events
                                                        Additional Thanks To:
                           Advisory Committee           Andy Peri, Deb Hubsmith,
                           Chair: Susan Bierzy-         Kim Baenisch, Marin
                           chudek, Green Ideals         County Bicycle Coalition;
                           Branding & Marketing         Constance Washburn
                           Advisors: Susan Golds-       and Robert Berner, Helen
                           borough, Families for        Zucker, Marin Agricultural
                           Clean Air; Jed Smith,        Land Trust
                           Catamount Ventures; Su-      Volunteer Director:
                           pervisor Hal Brown; Matt     Margie Corlett
                           Quirie, ROI Marketing,
                           Inc.; Deb Hubsmith, Marin    School Outreach: Chloe
                           County Bicycle Coalition;    and Jennifer Islas, Jill
                           Stacie Shepp, Earthsite.     Dimaio
                                                        Resource Guide: Jerome
                           Partner Representatives:     Rubin, Nina Carlin, Layla
                           Jimmy Justice Geraghty,      Smith (Layla Design)
                           College of Marin Students
                           for Social Responsibility;   Exhibitor Team: Hannah
                           Rebecca Mullaney, Next       Doress, Kristi Jacobson,
                           Generation; Mia Pelletier,   Deborah Coburn
                           Marin Agricultural Land
                                                        Forum Leaders: Mindee
                           Trust; Tom Boss, Marin
                                                        Jeffrey, Jennifer Islas,
                           County Bicycle Coalition;
                                                        William Carney, Bernie
                           Vickie Lambke, Arnulfo Ce-
                                                        Stephen, Andreas Ed-
                           dillo, Cathy Summa-Wolfe,
                                                        wards, Kif Scheuer, Deb
                           Nicole Cruz and Don Flow-
                                                        Hubsmith, Andy Peri
                           ers, College of Marin


              

                                                                                                                                            The Mall at Northgate | 2620
                                                                                                                                             San Rafael, CA 94903
                                                                                                                                             tel 415.472.0211
                                                                                                                                             fax 415.472.0221

    Green Songs Contest:
    Shelley Champine,
                                                Video Team: Youth
                                                Video Team from                                                                   Sponsors
    Local Music Vibe; Velvy                     the MYC Computer
    Appleton                                    Clubhouse

    Animation: Andy Peri                        Special Thanks: Em-
    and Robert Ovetz                            ily Bender, Abraham
                                                Bender-Doress, Paula
    Performers: BCH                             Doress-Worters, Mendy
    and the Jawdroppers;                        and Carole Brown,
    Gideon Bendile; Dr.                         Wendy Sanford and
    Elmo & Wild Blue;                           Polly Atwood, John
    Terry, Oona and David                       and Shelley Chesley,
    Garthwaite; Three At                        Joan and Bruce Ditzion,
    Last; Donna Eagle                           Trudy Totty, Mary
    Band; Lily Oglesby                          O’Mara, Leah Smith,
                                                Roni Krouzman, Dave
    Art & Design Team:
                                                Cort, Juanita Salisbury,
    Linda Herman, Glyph
                                                Justin Macri, Isaac
    Publication Arts (visual
                                                Islas, Al Baylacq, Allen
    web design, ads); Julie
                                                Seidner, Harold Abend
    Rozelle Contreras, Urban
                                                and Ethan Simon, Linda
    Bird Illustration + Design
                                                Ruiz, Joel Ruiz, Jim
    (poster and postcard
                                                Fox, Teresa Ashby and
    illustration and design);
                                                countless others
    Angela Nannini (ban-
    ners, web pages and                         Printed by: Mill Val-
    updates); Nicholas Yal-                     ley Services. Special
    lop (logo); Christin Coy                    thanks to Dave and Jan
    (painting for website                       Semling.
    and ads); Jacob Barnett,
    mywebpresencenow.                           Thank you to
    com (backend web                            Supervisor Hal Brown
    design and updates);                        for your leadership
    Oleg Obukhov and Alex                       support of Earth Day
    Obukhov, web form                           Marin.

    Photography Team:                           Printed on recycled paper
    William Ross; Belynda                       using soy-based inks.

                                                                                        MBER & H
                                                                                   LU            A
                                 Tape Measure Insert



                                 2 1/8” x 2 1/8”
                                                                  FAI R





                                                                              D                                      E

                                                                                  19                             E
                                                                                       12            L   O
                                                                                            100% EMP

                                                                     Ivarson Brand Vision client approval:

                                                                                  Approved as shown

                                                                                  Approved with changes



                                                                                                                                  40 TH ANNIVERSARY               5
                                                                  PANTONE                   PANTONE      DIE LINE
                                                                  357 C                     368 C        Do Not
                The Time is Now. Transportation
                                  Check out all the things Marin County Bicycle
                 The Place is     Coalition does to reduce carbon emissions. “Ac-
                                  cording to the Marin Countywide Plan Update, 62%

                  Here. The
                                                                 of greenhouse gas emissions in Marin come from the
                                                                 transportation sector.” Visit to
                                                                 see how you can personally make a difference.
          Solution is You.                                       Identify all the places you drive to within a few miles
                                                                 of your home. Plan to bike or walk instead. Work up
                                                                 to greater distances.

T      o effectively respond to the climate crisis, air and
       water pollution and other environmental chal-
       lenges, we each need to do more and urge people
to join us in effecting change everywhere we go—every
                                                              Air and water
shop, every school, every organization, every outdoor
space, every home. We need to stay positive and persis-
                                                                 Find out where pollution is coming from in your
tent even if organizations, legislators and communities
                                                                 area and work to reduce or eliminate it. Visit www.
are resistant to change.
Every action counts. To get started, pick the changes that       Keep pharmaceuticals out of our water supply. Don’t
are easiest for you to make, and set the bar higher with         flush them down the toilet. Advocate for pollution
each subsequent achievement.                                     prevention, better filtration, and the elimination of
                                                                 lead pipes.
Thanks for your leadership.
                                                                 Keep pesticides and herbicides out of our water
                                                                 supply; maintain an organic garden and don’t use

                                                                 pesticides for insect control in your home.
                                                                 Volunteer with Baykeepers (www.Baykeepers.
                                                                 org) to reduce the pollution of San Francisco Bay.
                                                                 Avoid burning wood. The cancer risk from wood
                                                                 smoke is 12 times greater than cigarette smoke and
Climate crisis                                                   contains benzene, toluene, and dioxin. It is a major
                                                                 contributor to global warming.
We can’t do it alone – to succeed we will need local,
state, national and international action.                        Use a propane grill rather than burning charcoal.

    Study organizations like that provide infor-         Avoid driving when a Spare the Air Alert is issued in
    mation and ways to participate in a global movement          the summer.
    seeking a rapid and responsible response to climate          Don’t use leaf blowers or gas powered lawnmowers.
    Contact the organizer of
    the Earth Day Marin Climate Change forum for local
    related activities.
    Visit Stop Global Warming for an extensive
    list of simple things you can do to help stop global
                                                              Make a big difference, meet new people, network, and
                                                              learn - for a good cause!
    Get an educator to come to your organization or get
                                                                 Work for Earth Day Marin partner organizations
    trained yourself to present about climate change.
                                                                 Marin Agricultural Land Trust (
    Former Vice President Al Gore’s organization, The
                                                                 and Marin County Bicycle Coalition
    Climate Project (
    works to educate the global community about the
    urgency of implementing comprehensive solutions to           Visit Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Lead-
    the climate crisis.                                          ership ( for local opportunities.

Building                                                 Water
 Buy reused, safe or sustainably harvested materials.
 ry/ and                         Plant an organic food garden or native plants that
                                                         don’t need watering to replace your lawn.
 If new building is necessary, plan for a green ap-
 proach from materials to energy efficiency. Visit       Reduce the length of your showers and use low-flow                                          shower heads.
                                                         Install low-flush toilets.

                 r                                       Install a drip irrigation system.

Health                                                   Become a locavore; eat foods that are in season;
 Eliminate chemicals at home and at school, work,        support farmers’ markets:
 church/temple, etc.                           
 The CHE Toxicant and Disease Database                   Learn more about local foods at www.grownin-
 ( sum-      ,,
 marizes links between chemical contaminants and and
 approximately 180 human diseases.                       According to the USDA, in 2007, 91% of soy, 87%
 Support efforts to stop the use of dangerous            of cotton, and 73% of US corn was a genetically-
 chemicals in children’s toys and other products with    modified organism. GMO foods are often treated
 organizations like Center for Environmental             with dramatically higher levels of pesticides and
 Health (                                   herbicides; health studies about their other effects
 Become ingredient savvy.       are concerning.
 basics/chemlist.htm has a list of chemicals that are    Don’t eat overfished fish:
 used in common products from perfume to house 
 cleaners that disrupt our hormonal systems. If you      seafoodwatch.aspx.
 don’t recognize an ingredient, proceed with caution.    Many studies show greater nutritional content in
 Many processed foods have unnecessary and poten-        organic foods. Find out more at
 tially dangerous ingredients that raise the financial
 and health price tag. They require more materials       Preserve heirloom foods and the diversity of our food
 and greenhouse gases to produce.                        supply.
 Reduce your use of plastic as much as possible.         Advocate to protect our honeybees from pesticides
 Plastic production harms workers and neighbors and      and for research to determine what is challenging
 plastic itself leaches dangerous chemicals to con-      these critically important pollinators.
 sumers especially if warmed by the sun or heated.
                                                         Protect yourself from contaminated seafood at
 Switch to natural personal care products.“With no
 required safety testing, companies that make person-
 al care products can use almost any chemical they
 want, regardless of risks.” – Environmental Working
 Group. Find safer products on their websites: and
 Advocate for independent research on health effects
 of products from cell phones to cosmetics. Stand up
 against corporations that lobby to weaken regulation
 and legislation intended to protect us.

                                                                           40 TH ANNIVERSARY                    7
                                                            Waste reduction
               X                                             Consider what objects you would ordinarily buy that
                                                             you could choose not to buy.
                                                             Choose products with minimal and recyclable

Land and species                                             Compost to keep food waste out of the landfill.
                                                             Learn about recycling guidelines for your area and

preservation                                                 follow them.
                                                             Advocate for waste reduction practices in your
    Support Marin Agricultural Land Trust (www.              workplace. and become informed about local land use
    Plant and preserve trees, which generate oxygen,
    prevent erosion and absorb carbon.
    Advocate for the preservation of endangered animals.
                                                            Teach the children
Political action                                             Visit Next Generation (http://gonextgenera-
                                                    to learn about their Green
    Support those candidates who are working to              School Program and download resource and
    preserve the environment, fight climate change, and      activity guides.
    protect citizens from toxic programs and products.       Expect your child’s school to recycle, to avoid the
    Learn about bills before Congress at                     use of plastic, and to educate the students about envi- and the State         ronmental issues.
    Legislature at and write your rep-       Expect your school to conserve paper and to limit the
    resentatives stating your position(s) (see page 11).     use of consumable workbooks.
                                                             Expect your school to use non-toxic methods of weed

Energy                                                       control, non-toxic cleansers, and non-toxic art

conservation and
    Choose the greenest energy sources possible includ-
    ing Marin Clean Energy Deep Green (100% renew-
    able energy) option if it is available in your area.
    Drive the most fuel-efficient, cleanest burning car
    you can afford. Use public transportation whenever
    you can. Carpool.
    Install adequate insulation, weatherstripping, energy
                                                             Check the rest of the
    efficient appliances, and energy saving windows in       resource guide for
    your home.
    Put on a sweater instead of turning on the heat. Use
                                                             more great ways to
    zone heating portable heaters instead of heating the     get involved and
    whole house/apartment.
    Wash your clothing in cold water. Line dry your          make a difference.
    clothing whenever possible.
    Unplug your computer, television, etc. when not in

          Sustainable Marin’s

             The 10/ 10
             Climate Challenge
Global climate change is melting the planet’s ice caps and glaciers far faster than previ-
ously predicted, and many scientists now say that thresholds triggering irreversible climate
change will be reached this decade unless carbon pollution can be dramatically reduced
(by at least 80%) during the next ten years . . . .

Take the Pledge
Do your part now by pledging to reduce your own contribution to Marin’s carbon footprint
(and urging others to do likewise) by 10% in 2010, and then by 10% each year (from current
levels) through 2020 . . . .
Here’s How                                                   Carbon Reduction
        Reduce driving by 15%                                          10%
        Reduce home energy & water use by 20%                           5%
        Reduce/reuse/recycle to achieve zero waste                      5%
        Invest in home energy efficiency improvements                   5%
        Use solar, wind or Marin Clean Energy ‘deep green’
        electricity                                                     5%
        Drive an electric car charged with 100% clean electricity
        (Better yet, walk, bike & use transit instead of driving)      50%
        Grow or buy locally grown food                                  5%
        Avoid industrially farmed meats                                 5%
        Curtail and offset jet travel                                   5%
        Insist that businesses & governments become                     5%
        carbon neutral NOW!

(Percentages based on San Rafael’s 2009 Climate Change Action Plan. Fine-tune your
individual footprint, see cost savings and explore other actions using carbon calculators at or elsewhere.)

Thanks to William Carney and Sustainable San Rafael/Sustainable Marin for permis-
sion to reprint this. Visit for more information.

         Yes:   I pledge to reduce my contribution to Marin’s carbon
         footprint by 10% in 2010 and by an additional 10% each year
         through 2020.

         ______________________________ ______________________________
         (Name)                         (Date)

                                                                40 TH ANNIVERSARY              9
                Next Generation’s
                                                         6    BE A WATER-SMART CAR
                                                              WASHER. Take your car to the car

           12 Easy Things                                     wash (where they use recycled water).
                                                              If at home, always use biodegrad-
                                                              able soap and don’t keep the hose

 YOU Can Do To Be                                             running.

               Water Wise!                               7 USE A to clean sidewalks and drive-
                                                                  BROOM RATHER THAN A


A guide to helping your                                  8    ONLY FLUSH TOILET WHEN
                                                              NEEDED. Dispose of tissues and
family, your community,                                       other waste in the trash.
and our planet.
So how can you be water wise? You can save water by
conserving it, which means using just what you need,
                                                         9    DON’T POUR CLEANERS, PAINT,
                                                              OR CHEMICALS DOWN THE
and by using it more efficiently. This way you’re             DRAINS and use eco-friendly, non-
helping to use less of our limited supply of fresh            toxic alternatives.
water and being kinder to our environment. You’re

                                                         1 0 KEEP THE BAY CLEAN.into a gutter,
saving your parents money on water bills too! We can                                  Never put
also keep our water clean by not polluting it and not        anything but clean water
littering. Every time we take simple actions now, they        open drainage ditch, or down a storm
add up to big results later.                                  drain. These all lead to our creeks, the
                                                              bay, and eventually ocean, with no

     1   TURN OFF THE FAUCET all the way                      water quality treatment along the way.
         when you are done using it, and while
         you are doing things like brushing
         your teeth or washing dishes.                   11   CLEAN IT UP! Don’t litter and pick
                                                              up litter when you see it. Join in park,
                                                              creek, river, and beach cleanups. You

 2 SHOWER SHORTER.big difference in
                        Even a few                            can participate in a MMWD volunteer
   minutes less makes a                                       day (
         terms of how much water and energy
         you can save.
                                                         1 2 PROPERLY DISPOSEDEVICES which
                                                             AND ELECTRONIC
                                                                              OF BATTERIES

 3 FIX LEAKS. Ask you parentsandfix
                               to                             can leak hazardous chemicals into the
   leaky faucets, showerheads,                                water suply if put in a landfill.
                                                         Everything Starts
         LOW FLOW toilets, showerheads,                  With Water!
         and water faucets. They can save
         money and help the earth.                       Clean, adequate supplies of water are
                                                         essential for us and for every living thing
                                                         on Earth. You can make a big difference by
 5       FILL ‘ER UP! Run full loads in your
         washing machine and dishwasher.
                                                         changing your behaviors, making changes
                                                         at home, and encouraging schools, compa-
         Do less laundry. If it’s not dirty, don’t       nies and towns to pollute less and conserve
         wash it!                                        more. To be efficient is to be smart!


Let your Voice                                                  Senator Dianne Feinstein
                                                                United States Senate
                                                                331 Hart Senate Office Building

Be Heard!                                                       Washington, D.C. 20510
                                                                Ph 202-224-3841
                                                                Fax 202-228-3954

       n effective democracy requires informed public           cfm?FuseAction=ContactUs.EmailMe
       participation. One of the easiest ways to speak
       to your representatives is to write and tell them
                                                                U.S. Representative
where you stand on an issue that concerns you. Elected
officials consider that for every person who takes the          Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey
time to write, there are hundreds of like-minded people         2263 Rayburn Building
who don’t. Every letter counts!                                 Washington, DC 20515
                                                                Ph 202-225-5161
Make it personal. According to a recent Gallup poll,
                                                                Fax 202-225-5163
70% of all lawmakers said they pay great attention to
personally written letters, while only 19% give the same
to form letters. Be brief and to the point in the letter;
attach any supporting information rather than overload
the letter.                                                     Marin County Supervisors
If writing a letter is not feasible, don’t hesitate to e-mail   District 1
or call. Get heard! Consider visiting your representative
                                                                Supervisor Susan Adams
with a local advocacy group.
                                                                3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903
Inform those who create public policy.                          Ph 415-499-7331 Fax 415-499-3645
Remember, you are the public.                                   E-mail:

For more information about the Senate and House of              District 2
Representatives, go to:                                         Supervisor Hal Brown, Jr. &                                 3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903
                                                                Ph 415-499-7331 Fax 415-499-3645
President & Vice President                                      E-mail:
President Barack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW                                    District 3
Washington, DC 20500                                            Supervisor Charles McGlashan
Ph 202-456-1414 Fax 202-456-2461                                3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903
E-mail:                       Ph 415-499-7331 Fax 415-499-3645
Vice President Joe Biden
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW                                    District 4
Washington, DC 20500                                            Supervisor Steve Kinsey
Ph 202-456-1414 Fax 202-456-2461                                3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903
E-mail:                       Ph 415-499-7331 Fax 415-499-3645
U.S. Senators
Senator Barbara Boxer                                           District 5
112 Hart Senate Office Building                                 Supervisor Judy
Washington, DC 20510                                            Arnold
Ph 202-224-3553                                                 3501 Civic Center Drive,
DC Fax: 202-224-0454                                            San Rafael, CA 94903
E-mail:                     Ph 415-499-7331 Fax
policycomments.cfm                                              415-499-3645
                                                                E-mail: jarnold@

                                                                                  40 TH ANNIVERSARY                 11

                                                       Sustainable Practices Certificate
  Education & Camps                                    Program at Dominican University
                                                       50 Acacia Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901
Camp Edmo                                              Non-degree program for professionals offering
Neil Cummins and Ring Mountain Day School              foundational/practical applications of sustainability.                      415-282-6673
Award winning science, art and technology day camp     DG Educational Services/
in Marin.                                              Camps at Devils Gulch Ranch
                                                       Box 557, Nicasio, CA 94946
Cool the Earth                                                          415 662-1099
PO Box 694, Kentfield, CA 94914                        Agriculture/nature camps at Devils Gulch Ranch, and                    800-474-9804   international agriculture development projects.
Educating through action: inspiring K-8 students &
their families to reduce their carbon emissions.       Environmental Forum of Marin
                                                       P. O. Box 150459, San Rafael, CA 94915
College of Marin                                                    415-479-7814
Kentfield Campus:                                      Environmental Forum of Marin Promotes a
835 College Avenue, Kentfield, CA 94904                Sustainable World through Environmental Education
Indian Valley Campus:
1800 Ignacio Blvd, Novato, CA 94949                    GreenPlay                           415-457-8811                 415-264-2828
College of Marin: Dream. Learn. Achieve.               Outdoor afterschool classes & sustainable summer
See our display ad on this page                        camps in Marin for children 6-11.

                  Dream · Learn · Achieve

                            Fully accredited by ACCSC/WASC

                                                               EDUCATION & CAMPS / FOOD

Next Generation

636 Lindaro St, San Rafael, CA 94901         415-459-NEXT (6398)
Empowers youth to learn about and take action for
See our display ad on this page                                 Caught
Strategic Energy Innovations
899 Northgate Dr. Ste 410, San Rafael, CA 94903                            415-507-2187
                                                             Albacore Tuna
Week-long summer camp for elementary students.               • Exceptional Taste
Fun, creative energy projects!                               • High Omega 3 & Low Mercury
                                                             • BPA-Free Cans
  Food                                                                                    ®

Natural Food Stores, Products,
Restaurants, Organic Foods and

Adina for LifeTM
660 York St., Ste 205 San Francisco, CA 94110                       415-285-9300
Makers of all-natural, USDA Organic, Fair Trade
Certified Beverages.                                

                      In-Class Sustainability Lessons & Eco Assemblies
                      School Garden and Nature Awareness Activities
                      Alice In Wasteland & Go Organic! Puppet Shows
                      Eco-Adventure Field Trips & Local Excursions
                      School & Community Events
                      School Club Facilitation & Leadership Trainings
                      Greening School Operations & Student Behaviors


                               

       Special Thanks to Marin Community Foundation, Marin County Board of Supervisors,
            Marin Sanitary Service, Autodesk, Pacific Sun, Good Earth Natural Foods,
                          Straus Family Creamery, and Bank of Marin

                                                                     40 TH ANNIVERSARY    13

                                                         ALTER ECO Fair Trade
                                                         2325 Third St. Ste 324, San Francisco, CA 94107
                                                         Alter Eco offers delicious fair trade & Oorganic
                                                         quinoa, rice, olive oil, sugar and chocolate.

                                                         Cowgirl Creamery
                                                         80 Fourth Street, Point Reyes, CA 94956
                                                         Artisan organic cheese made with milk from local

                                                         Farm Fresh to You
                                                         23808 State Highway 16, Capay, CA, 95607
                                                         Providing families with local organic produce for
                                                         30+ Years.

                                                         Good Earth Natural Foods
                                                         1966 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Fairfax, CA 94930
                                                         Natural and organic food for the achievement of
                                                         personal and planetary health.
                                                         See our display ad on the back cover

                            Mary’s Chickens
     • Since 1954 •
     Family Owned and
     Operated For ree
                          Mary's Free-Range Chickens grow naturally with plenty of room to roam in a caring
                        environment on ranches in sunny California. Every e ort is made to treat our chickens
                                      as humanely as possible throughout the production process.
                          Mary’s chickens are cooled with a state of the art “Air Chill” system. Air Chill helps
                          inhibit the spread of bacteria by keeping all of the chickens independent, and saves
                        30,000 gallons of chlorinated water every day! Enjoy the bene ts of a freshly Air Chilled
                                                             chicken today!

                                                           Gluten Free
                                                 Raised Without Added Hormones
                                                         Vegetarian Diet
                                                         No Preservatives
                                                        No Antibiotics Ever

                                                 Find Fantastic Recipes @
                                  WWW .MARYSCHICKENS. COM


Lydia’s Organics                                         McEvoy Ranch
31 Bolinas Road, Fairfax, CA 94930                       P.O. Box 341, Petaluma, CA 94952                415-258-1559                        707-778-2307
Lovin’ foods for the body, mind & soul. Organic,raw,     Producers of estate grown certified organic extra
vegan & gluten-free.                                     virgin olive oil; certified organically grown olive
                                                         trees; organic estate produced olives, jams and
Marin Organic                                            marmalades; 80 acres brand olive oil based body care
PO Box 962, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956                products.                    415-663-9667
Marin Organic supports local, organic agriculture        Piatti Restorante & Bar
and food producers.                                      625 Redwood Highway, Mill Valley CA 94941
Marshall’s Farm Natural Honey                            Green Certified Italian trattoria featuring locally
159 Lombard Road, American Canyon CA 94503               sourced ingredients.               707-556-8088    See our display ad on page 16
Local, pure, raw, unfiltered, unheated, uncooked,
kosher, Marin County honey.                              Straus Family Creamery
                                                         1105 Industrial Ave, Ste 200, Petaluma, CA 94952
Mary’s Chickens                                              707-776-2887
1489 K Street Sanger, CA 93657                           Straus Family Creamery is a small, family-owned,                     888-666-8244   organic creamery which produces milk, ice cream,
Taste the Difference! Mary’s Air Chilled Chickens        yogurt, and butter with milk sourced from our own
are cooled individually using cold air, conserving       dairy and from two other local, family dairies. We
over 30,000 gallons of water every day! With no          abide by the highest organic standards and apply the
water added, the air chilled method keeps the “real”     most sustainable practices to all aspects of our dairy
chicken flavor.                                          and artisan creamery.
See our display ad on page 14                            See our display ad on page 14

                                                                          40 TH ANNIVERSARY                 15

                                           Whole Foods Market
                                           San Rafael 340 Third St                   415.451.6333
                                           Mill Valley 414 Miller Ave.               415-381-1200
                                           Novato 790 De Long Ave.                   415-878-0455
                                           Selling the highest quality natural & organic products.
                                           See our display ad on page 15

                                           Wild Planet Foods
                                           1585 Heartwood Drive Ste. F, McKinleyville, CA 95519
     Piatti celebrates 40 years                     800-998-9946
     of Earth Day by becoming              Providing the finest tasting, sustainably caught
                                           seafood while supporting the conservation of wild
     green certified...join us             marine ecosystems.
     for locally sourced Italian           See our display ad on page 13
     trattoria cuisine! Stop by
     after the festival, mention
     Marin Earth Day and we’ll
     donate 15% of your check
      back to their foundation.

     Implementing programs that link people,
           the economy and the environment

     The Community Development Agency offers a broad array of programs to
     help move Marin towards a more sustianable future including:
            •   Renewable Energy               • Sustainability in the
            •   Climate Protection                Countywide Plan
            •   Energy Efficiency              • Green Business
            •   Sustainable County             • Green Building
                 Operations                    • Waste Tire Education

                                For more information, contact us at one of the
                                numbers below, or visit
                                Sustainability Team Coordinator                    507-2706
                                Green Business & Energy Coordinator                499-3292
                                Green Building Program Coordinator                 507-2797


Supervisor Judy Arnold                                           marin
3501 Civic Center Drive , Ste. 329                                  clean
San Rafael, CA 94903                                             energy                    415-499-7331
President, Marin County Board of Supervisors, repre-
senting the 5th District.
See our display ad on this page
                                                         a sustainability solution
Bay Area Air Quality                                      for the next 40 years!
Management District

                                                            appy Birthda
939 Ellis Street, San Francisco, CA 94109 and
                                                             Earth Day!
To protect and improve public health, air quality, and
the global climate.
See our display ad on this page

Supervisor Hal Brown, Jr.
3501 Civic Center Drive, Rm. 329, San Rafael, CA 94903
                                                                with love from                    415-499-7331    Light Green, Deep Green &
Marin County Board of Supervisors, representing the
2nd District.
                                                         Sup. Charles McGlashan

    Try carpooling, take transit, walk or ride your bike!
           Visit for more info!

         Bay Area Air Quality Management District

                                          We do not inherit the earth from our
                                       ancestors; we borrow it from our children.
                                             —Native American Proverb

                                            happy earth day 2010

                                                 Supervisor Judy Arnold
                                      President, Marin County Board of Supervisors

                                                                40 TH ANNIVERSARY     17

                County of Marin                                          Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey
                Sustainability Team                                      2263 Rayburn Building, Washington, DC 20515
                3501 Civic Center Drive, Rm 308, San Rafael, CA 94903
                     415-499-3292   Phone: 202-225-5161, Fax: 202-225-5163
                Sustainability assistance for residents, businesses      Working to protect our environment and coastlines
                and public agencies.                                     for 18 years.
                See our display ad on page 16

                Marin County Parks and Open
                Space Dept.
                                                                           Living Green
                3501 Civic Center Dr #260, San Rafael, CA 94903
                         415-499-6387    Businesses—Products and
                We manage parks and preserves throughout the             Services, Retail Shops
                County of Marin.
                                                                         Advanced Alternative Energy
                Marin Clean Energy (MEA)
                3501 Civic Center Drive, Rm 308, San Rafael, CA 94903    Solutions
                      888-632-3674    POB 657, Petaluma, CA 94953
                Bringing clean, reliable and affordable energy to                           707-789-9537
                Marin County.                                            Complete solar energy design, consulting, and instal-
                See our display ad on page 17                            lation for 25 years.

                Supervisor Charles McGlashan                             Akeena Solar
                3501 Civic Center Dr, San Rafael, CA 94903               16005 Los Gatos Blvd., Los Gatos, CA 95032
                Supervisor in Southern Marin representing the 3rd        Main: 408-402-9400                 Sales: 888-253-3628
                District and Chair, Marin Energy Authority               Lower or eliminate your electric bills with Akeena
                                                                         See our display ad on page 19
                Wastewater Treatment Agencies
                of Marin County                                          The Away Station
                     415-459-1455, ext 142    109 Broadway Ave., Fairfax, CA 94930
                Central Marin Sanitation Agency, Las Gallinas Valley
                Sanitary District, Novato Sanitary District, Sewerage    415-453-4221 or 415-453-4410
                Agency of Southern Marin, Sausalito-Marin City Sani-     Marin’s Marketplace of ReUse, now co-located at
                tation District, Tiburon Belvedere Sanitary District     Fairfax Lumber.
                Treating Wastewater to Protect the Public Health and
                the Environment.

                See our display ad on this page
Back Print

10 1/2” round

Adult and Youth

                                                           Wastewater Treatment
                                                            Agencies of Marin
                                                                    Treating Wastewater to
                                                                   Protect the Public Health
                                                                     and the Environment

                18     EARTH DAY MARIN
                                                                                  LIVING GREEN

Better World Club

20 NW 5th Ave., Ste. 100, Portland, OR 97209                 1-866-238-1137           As we continue to tackle our
The nation’s only eco-friendly auto and bicycle club.         environmental challenges, it’s clear
                                                              that change won’t come from
Bicycle Works                                                 Washington alone. It will come
1117 San Anselmo Ave, San Anselmo, CA 94960
                                                              from Americans across the country                415-419-5831
An open community tool workshop and bike shop.                who take steps in their own homes

                                                              and their own communities to
Big 4 Party                                                   make that change happen.
5764 Paradise Drive, Corte Madera, CA 94925                       415-927-9100          —President Barack Obama
Rentals and Event Solutions - Recycle, Re-Use, Rent!
See our display ad on this page

Blue Waters Kayaking
POB 983, Inverness, CA 94937                        415-669-2600
Sea kayaking tours since 1984 - Point Reyes, Baja,
Yucatan & Costa Rica.

Book Passage
51 Tamal Vista Blvd, Corte Madera, CA 94925                      415-927-0960
Book Passage Bookstore & Cafe – your community

Cavallo Point - The Lodge at the
Golden Gate
601 Murray Circle, Point Baker, Sausalito, CA 94965                      415-339-4700
The Bay Area’s award-winning luxury resort at the
Golden Gate Bridge.

   •   The complete Party Rental resource
   •   Call our Consultants for a free quote, visit our showroom
                                                                       Family Owned & Operated
       or our website.
                                                                        Recycle • Reuse • Rent!

 5764 Paradise Dr., Corte Madera • 415-927-9100 •

                                                                      40 TH ANNIVERSARY              19

Christin Coy Fine Art                                     Ecohaus
Studio: 1000 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.                      1090 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Isabel Cook Center, San Anselmo, CA                                       415-692-0662                    415-312-1911       Eco-friendly building supplies now in San Francisco!
Classic landscape paintings in oil; commissions           (9th & Bryant).
See our display ad on page 25                             EO Products
                                                          15A Koch Road, Corte Madera, CA 94925
Circle Bank                                                          800-570-3775
1400A Grant Avenue, Novato, CA            415-898.5400    EO is a leading manufacturer of natural and organic
1200 Fifth Avenue, San Rafael, CA         415-526.5400    products.
Circle Bank is a strong, growing full service             Fabkins
community bank.                                           15 Wildflower Drive, Corte Madera, CA 94925
Clear Edge Power                                          100% organic cloth napkins for kids for mealtime,
3000 Alpine Road Menlo Park, CA 94028                     lunchboxes, and on-the-go.                  877-257-3343
Manufacturer of ClearEdge5 fuel cell system for home      Fairfax Lumber & Hardware
or business.                                              109 Broadway, Fairfax, CA 94978-0249
Cooperative Community Energy                              Marin’s leading provider of nature-friendly products
534 4th Street, Suite C, San Rafael, CA 94901             for building.                           415-457-0215
California’s only solar company owned by its
members. Discount pricing and quality service.

                                                                                      LIVING GREEN

Gaia Earthworks, LLC                                    Green Apple Horse Network
4676 Quigg Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95409                  PO Box 464, Woodacre CA 94973                  707-539-4274                415-272-1980
Producers of all natural chemical free body care, pet   Going green in the horse industry. “Reduce Your
care and home care products.                            Carbon Hoofprint.”

Glyph Publishing Arts                                   Green Ideals Branding &
101 The Embarcadero, Ste. 124                           Marketing
San Francisco, CA 94111                                 400 Red Hill Avenue, San Anselmo, CA 94960                  415-433-4656                415-453-8070
Delivering publications that inspire, educate, and      Clear, compelling brand communication to touch
motivate people as conscious consumers, donors,         the hearts and minds of your socially conscious
and citizens.                                           audience.
                                                        See our display ad on this page
                          s s

                                                                        40 TH ANNIVERSARY               21

Green Banners                                           Inn Marin
by Don Jackson Photography                              250 Entrada Drive Novato, CA 94949
Forestville, CA 95436                                                  415-883-5952                     707-887-1332   Newly renovated; certified Green at the Leadership
The original and still the greenest banners in the      Level by CA Green Lodging Program.
See our display ad on page 21                           Kids Konserve
                                                        437 Redwood Ave., Corte Madera, CA 94925                                           415-310-8780
San Francisco Bay Area                                  Non-toxic waste-free lunch kits, stainless steel          510-263-0321      containers, reusable lunch-packing solutions.
The Best Green Home Services We Can Find.
                                                        Layla Design
Hannah Doress Events/                                   Larkspur, CA 94939
Word Out Consulting                                     Look good in print/online, no matter what the job:               415-450-0110
                                                        Enjoy working with nonprofits. Calm & experienced.
We develop, promote and produce community-
serving events such as Earth Day Marin.
                                                        Life Force Chiropractic
                                                        412 Redhill Ave, Suite 11; San Anselmo, CA 94960
Heaven’s Best Carpet &                                          415-482-8282
Upholstery Cleaning                                     We listen... We care... We get results...
369B Third St. #412, San Rafael, CA 94901                     415-225-1114
Your environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, genuine
green carpet and upholstery cleaner!

                                                               lizing                            Soy B
                                                         Specia cled                                  ased
                                                          in rec s!                               Inks!

      MARI N
                                                           250 E. Blithedale Ave. • Mill Valley, CA 94941

                                                                 (415) 381-2055
                               M A G A Z I N E                        Fax: (415) 381-2084
                                                             Business Cards           Posters
                                                             Newsletters              Post Cards
                                                             Letterhead               Invitations
                                                             Envelopes                Announcements
                                                             Window Envelopes         Forms
                                                             Invoices                 Cutting
                                                             Checks                   Embossing
                                                             Multi-part Forms (NCR)   Folding
                                                             Brochures                Perforating
                                                             Flyers                   Numbering
                                                             Name Tags                Scoring
                                                             Booklets                 Drilling
       MAY 2010                                              Manuals                  Bindery
                                                             Door Hangers             Velo, Coil, GBC
                                                             Presentation Folders     Padding
                                                             Custom Die-cutting       Booklet Making
                                                             Foil Embossing           Stapling
                                                             Labels                   1-4 Color Printing

                                                                                               LIVING GREEN

Local Music Vibe                                           Mimi the Sardine
Shelley Champine, Founder                                  999 Andersen Dr, Suite 110, San Rafael 94901                  415-606-7435                   415 256-9222
First go HERE, then go HEAR - Live Local Music             Eat, spill, be happy with easy-care and eco-friendly
Everywhere.                                                eating accessories.
See our display ad on page 20
                                                           Mill Valley Services
Marin County Federal Credit                                250 East Blithedale Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941
Union                                                             415-381-2055                         415-499-9780       Your office supply experts for competitive pricing and
Low cost loans and federally insured savings. Visit        individual customer service.
our website today.                                         See our display ad on page 22
See our display ad on this page
                                                           MoonDance Painting
Marin Magazine                                                 925-383-4537
One Harbor Drive, Ste. 208, Sausalito CA 94965             Environmentally friendly painting practices. Low and                     415-332-4800     no-VOC paints.
Inspired by Where We Live.
See our display ad on page 22                              Movement & Spirit
                                                           By Pnina Zoharah
Marin Sanitary Service:                                       415-342-3007
                                                           Body-work energy healing & counseling for spiritual
Marin Recycling and Resource                               exploration empowerment and nature.
Recovery                   415-456-2601
Environmental leaders with the highest landfill diver-
sion rates in the state.

                                       Local money.
                                       World-class service.
                                       The best banking is in your backyard.
                                       We’re your locally owned financial
                                       co-op offering:
                                         • FREE checking
                                         • FREE Home Banking and Bill Pay                       sponsor
                                         • Low-cost loans and Home Equity Loans
                                         • Federally insured high-yield savings
                                         • 28,000 FREE ATMs nationwide
                                                                                                               © MRN-167

                                             30 N. San Pedro Road #115, San Rafael, CA 94903

                                             415-499-9780 ·

                                                                              40 TH ANNIVERSARY               23
LIVING GREEN                                                 Orcutt Chiropractic
Jacob Barnett                                                        121 Corte Madera Ave., Corte Madera, CA 94925
PO Box 1006, Woodacre, CA 94973                                              415-927-7030             415-488-4458                    Restoring the body’s natural healing ability for the
Amalgamated web presence consulting. Collaborative                   whole family.
design, development, implementation
                                                                     Organic Essence
Angela Nannini                                                       629 Bertsch Avenue, Crescent City, CA 95531
San Francisco, CA                                                                     707-465-8955                   415-236-0890                 Certified Organic Body Care Products in
Graphic design for print and web, logos, illustration,               Compostable Paper Packaging. The real Sustainable!
creative ideas
                                                                     Pacific Sun
Next Energy Solar                                                    835 Fourth Street, Suite B, San Rafael, CA
Rufo di Carpegna                                                                 415.485.6700                 415-613-3562                 Marin’s best newsweekly highlighting Marin’s people,
30 years. Providing Bay Area residents with clean                    places and events!
green power.                                                         See our display ad on this page

Nic Graphic Design                                                   REC Solar
Nicholas Yallop                                                      1360 N. McDowell Blvd, # 1C, Petaluma, CA 94954                 415-419-5385                                  707-778-1333
Designer of the Earth Day Marin logo.                                Specializing in professional grid-tied solar electric
                                                                     system design and installation.

        The Pacific Sun proudly
     supports Earth Day Marin!

 GOING                                Read all about it!
                                      A special quarterly
                                      dedicated to
                                                                               Our mission is to
                                                                               minimize the

 GRE EN                               stories about local
                                      green efforts
                                                                               ecological impact
                                                                               of waste through
                                            Pacific Sun                         environmental
     Via e-mail                              Thursdays in Print                education,
                              24/7 Online
                                                                               and awareness.
                                  ironment, it’s
                              env                ti m
                         he                          e

           en it comes


                                                                                   PLEASE VISIT
                                                         our hea


                                                                                    AND EMAIL
                                                         s       d


                                                                                       LIVING GREEN

Recurve, Inc.                                            Smart Center San Francisco
1167 Mission St., 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103     500 8th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103                           415-728-9734                      415-553-4280
We make homes more energy efficient, comfortable         Just in time for spring! Open your mind...
and healthy.
Renee Ponder Herbs                                       285-D Bel Marin Keys Blvd., Novato, CA 94949
P.O. Box 70, Forest Knolls, CA 94933                                  415-382-7717               415-488-9488      Celebrating 25 years in solar energy. Solar electric,
Creating custom herbal formulas for 29 years.            pool heating and hot water.

Revolutionary Green                                      speesees
4125 Balboa St., San Francisco, CA 94121                 2475 Third St. No 252 San Francisco, CA 94107 415-377-8931                         415-552-5808
Minimizing the ecological impact of waste through        Fun, fair, and organic cotton baby clothing company.
awareness, environmental education, and customization.
See our display ad on page 24                            Synergy+ Physical Therapy and
                                                         Pilates Studio
Seventh Generation                                       25 Tamalpais Avenue, Suite A and B,
Burlington, VT                                           San Anselmo, CA 94960                800.456.1191                 415-258-8228
Protecting Planet Home‚ with naturally safe and          Physical therapy and Pilates for rehabilitation and
effective household products.                            post rehabilitation.
See our display ad on the inside front cover

                                                                          40 TH ANNIVERSARY               25

Tamalpais Nature Works
816 B Street, San Rafael CA 94901                      415-454-9948         Social Action &
Designers and builders of the world’s most sustain-
able furniture and furniture kits.                            Advocacy
Traditional Henna by Karen                   Non-profits, Foundations,             510-847-3111      Environmental Organizations
Traditional Henna designs from Africa, the Middle
East, and India.                                         Artsboretum
                                                         1001 Bridgeway #144, Sausalito, CA 94965
Urban Bird Design + Illustration                                    415-332-2755                   415.412.5433   We cultivate music & arts to “plant” seeds of change.
Specializing in brand identity, print design, and all
things illustrated.                                      Bioneers
See our display ad on page 25                            1607 Paseo de Peralta, Suite 3, Santa Fe, NM 87501
YogaWorks                                                Disseminating breakthrough solutions to restore
2207 Larkspur Landing Circle, Larkspur, CA 94939         people and planet.                        415-925-2440    See our display ad on this page
Marin’s best studio for teacher training, yoga and
pilates classes, workshops, and yoga private per-

sonal training. Larkspur Studio’s beautiful lifestyle
boutique’s wide selection of practice essentials and
yogawear collections “b by donna m,” Zobha, OM
Girl, Hardtail, Beyond Yoga.

                                                            SOCIAL ACTION & ADVOCACY

California Interfaith Power &                          EcoMom Alliance
Light                                                  PO Box 2121, San Anselmo, CA 94960
220 Montgomery St., Suite 450                                 415.246.7691
San Francisco, CA 94104                                EcoMom Alliance is a global network creating an     415-561-4891   environmentally, socially, and economically sustain-
A religious response to global warming.                able future.

Calvert Foundation                                     Environmental Health Network
7315 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda, MD                      P.O. Box 1155, Larkspur, CA 94977              800-248-0337                          415-541-5075
Offering microfinance and community investments        Providing advocacy and information for the
returning up to 3% and 100% socially responsible       chemically and electrically sensitive.
donor advised funds.
See our display ad on this page

                                                       Green Strategies
                                                       to Fight Poverty
                                                       Talk to your financial advisor about earning up to
                                                       3% while financing environmentally responsible
                                                       solutions to poverty. Call us at 800.248.0337 or
                                                       visit us online at


                                                                       40 TH ANNIVERSARY                27

Families for Clean Air                                    Mainstreet Moms Organize or
Mailing address only: 35 Miller Avenue #146               Bust (MMOB)
Mill Valley, CA 94941                                         415-690-7153     Securing a more viable future for our children
Advocating for a healthy, wood-smoke free                 through the leadership and action of moms and
environment.                                              honorary moms everywhere.

Felidae Conservation Fund                                 Marin Agricultural Land Trust
Bldg. 1062, Fort Cronkhite, Sausalito, CA 94965                        415-229-9335
                                                          PO Box 809, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956
“Excellence in Wild Cat Research, Education and
                                                          Preserving Marin County farmland.
                                                          See our display ad on page 27
Green Chamber of Commerce
821 Irving St, #225278, San Francisco, CA 94122            415.839.9280
                                                          Marin Community Foundation
                                                          5 Hamilton Landing, Suite 200, Novato CA 94949
Building an honest economy for all people and our
                                                          Making a difference in Marin County and around
                                                          the world.
In Defense of Animals                                     See our display ad on the inside back cover
3010 Kerner Blvd., San Rafael, CA 94901                          415-448-0084
International advocacy organization protecting the
                                                          Marin Conservation League
                                                          1623 Fifth Ave, San Rafael, CA 94901
rights and habitats of animals.
                                                          Founded in 1934 to preserve, protect and enhance
                                                          Marin County’s natural assets.
                                                          See our display ad on page 29

                       Are You Bike Curious?
                    Would You Like A Free Bike?
                  Take The Bike Locally Challenge!
                    6 People, 6 Bikes, 6 Months
                        APPLY NOW! Applications Due Friday, April 30

                                                             SOCIAL ACTION & ADVOCACY

Marin County Bicycle Coalition                          Marin Organic
733 Center Blvd, Fairfax, CA 94960                      PO Box 962, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956                        415-456-346                    415-663-9667
Promoting safe bicycling for everyday transportation    Marin Organic supports local, organic agriculture
and recreation. We do the work, you take the ride!      and food producers.
See our display ad on page 28
                                                        Marin Peace & Justice Coalition
MarinLink, Inc.                                                          415-721-2844
5800 Northgate Mall, Suite 250, San Rafael, CA 94903    Leading progressive values for peace and justice in                        415-472-0211   Marin.
Strengthening our community through innovation
and collaboration since 2005.
See our display ad on this page

 it didn’t just
                                                                M     ore than any other organization,
                                                                      MCL is responsible for preserving
                                                                the unspoiled character and beauty of
                                                                Marin County.

                                                                              Protecting Marin Since 1934

                                                                             Preserve the Marin You Love

                                                        MarinLink is the Marin
                                                        County, California
                                                        non-profit organization
                                                        finding and filling unmet
                                                        community needs:

                                                        • Helping other non-profits
                                                          as an incubator
                                                        • Connecting people to
    The Mall at Northgate | |2620
              at Northgate 2620
                                                        • Facilitating the best use of
    San Rafael, CA 94903
    San Rafael, CA 94903                                  resources and expertise
    tel 415.472.0211
    tel 415.472.0211                                    • Engaging businesses,
    fax 415.472.0221
    fax 415.472.0221                                      non-profits, and community                                    members

                                                                        40 TH ANNIVERSARY                   29

MOMAS                                                    Sustainable Marin                                              415 461-6677                           Sustainable Marin advances the environmental and
Creating healthy communities for children by reduc-      economic sustainability and social well being of
ing household/environmental toxins.                      Marin, with chapters and affiliates in Fairfax, Mill
                                                         Valley, Novato, San Anselmo, San Rafael and West
Pesticide Free Zone, Inc.                                Marin.
Virginia Souders-Mason
10 Ash Ave., Kentfield, CA 94904                         Sustainable Novato               415-459-1391     PO Box 885, Novato, CA 94948
Stop the Spray Marin and Pesticide-Free Zone social               415-706-8265
activists.                                               Our mission is to bring about a healthy and vital
                                                         environment, self-reliant economy, and inclusive
Regenerative Design Institute                            community for the long term in Novato.
PO Box 923, Bolinas, CA 94924             415-868-9681      Sustainable San Rafael
Permaculture design certification, nature awareness,         415-457-7656
personal development and leadership courses.             Advocacy and education to combat climate change
                                                         and nurture sustainability.
Rising Sun Energy Center
2033 Center St, Berkeley, CA, 94704                      Teens Turning Green                   510-665-1501   PO Box 1146, Ross, CA 94957
Offering free green house calls: CFLs, efficiency            415-289-1001
assessments, and more!                                   Student-led movement focused on environmentally
                                                         and socially responsible choices.
San Francisco Electric Vehicle
Association                                              Transition West Marin                         415.472.0378
Marin and San Francisco residents promoting electric     Committed to building local resiliency and reducing
vehicles.                                                carbon emissions to cope with peak oil, climate
                                                         change, and economic instability.
SPAWN - The Salmon Protection
and Watershed Network                                    Zero Breast Cancer
                                                         4340 Redwood Highway, Suite C400
PO Box 370, Forest Knolls, CA 94933
                                                         San Rafael, CA 94903                         415-663-8590
A project of Turtle Island Restoration Network.
                                                         We involve the community in research on the causes
                                                         of breast cancer, focusing on environmental factors.
Sustainable Fairfax
Sustainability Center at 141 Bolinas Rd.
Fairfax, CA 94930               415-455-9114
Bringing education and advocacy on sustainability
issues to the community.

How help happens.
How hope happens.
How protecting the earth happens.

If you are inspired to make a
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charitable giving, the Marin
Community Foundation
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        32     EARTH DAY MARIN

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