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red ants fight black ants to the death
and there is balance
insects cloud the evening air
bats performing their ballet
and there is balance
great redwood seeds locked in cones
fire being the key to renewal
and there is balance
dolphins swim through infinite schools of fish
herding tighter swarms,
darting into, gulping, swallowing the less
complex in the process of joining
and there is balance
a child cries in the night, dying,
his frail body not able to stay the virus
and there is balance
mighty hordes advance across the plains
killing, raping, stealing, frenzied freedom
excused by the instinct to out-survive,
pushing the addiction for greater and
greater intensity of experience,
not seeing the self in his partner
as they perform the dance of death
and there is balance
dinosaurs, oblivious in paradise,
disappear in a cosmic time-out
as the meteor blindly interrupts the party
and there is balance
man celebrates his achievement over nature,
using more and more of the gifts he’s been given
disregarding his fellow travelers
arguing over land, resources, interpretations
of what is, insisting his god is better
not seeing the flickering candle burning toward oblivion
as he tips the scale toward ‘can’t do’
and the man made meteor reins down
a fire of absolution,
another cosmic flush
another time-out
and there is balance
as the long night descends
and the silence of the stars
and the gentle falling of the rain
and the rolling surf continue as always
volcanoes spew new land
and the birds return
and the fish return
and the land is filled with the sounds of new life
machines long lost to blindness and greed
and the earth spins a new, delicate hallow
and new grass sprouts
and once again the water runs pure and cool
from the mountains
washing away the past, renewing
as the great peace begins again
and all life celebrates the inexhaustible
power of creation
excitement building as new life emerges
and the great dance of joy and exhilaration
begins again as the myriad forms of
expression, unknowing or not,
are carried on the tide of birth
through infinity,
and there is balance.

24 October 2006
Winston-Salem, NC

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