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2010 Greater New Orleans Rally Association Results for Jesuit High


									               2010 Greater New Orleans Rally Association
               Results for Jesuit High School, New Orleans
The following results were compiled from the 2010 Greater New Orleans Rally
Association. To view the entire results, please visit the 2010 Rally Results Webpage.

                                      General Results
Congratulations to all of the Blue Jays who participated in the 2010 Greater New Orleans
District Rally (Division I). Jesuit competitors earned the following distinctions:

                               Overall Winners:      7 students
                               First Place:         14 students
                               Second Place:        16 students
                               Third Place:         13 students
                               Fourth Place:         8 students
                               Fifth Place:          3 students

                                     Individual Results
Congratulations to the following students who placed at the 2010 Greater New Orleans
Literary Rally. Those students who qualified for state competition in April are designated
by the *. Those students who are state qualifiers and overall winner in an individual
discipline are identified as follows **.


Latin I
Third Place:    Kevin Mickan

Latin II
First Place:    Andrew Burmaster ** (No State Competition)

Computer Science

Business Computer Applications
First Place: Nick Glaviano **
Third Place: Matthew Starlight

Computer Science
Fourth Place: David d’Aquin *
Fifth Place: Ryan Velez

Introduction to Business Computer Applications
First Place: Cullen Walsh *
Second Place: Thomas Nimmo

English I
First Place: Liam Fitzgerald *
Second Place: Roy Messina

English II
First Place:   Benjamin Guerra *
Third Place:   Robert Allende

English III
First Place:   Christopher Hazlaris **
Third Place:   Jason Britsch

English IV
Third Place:   David Brett *


Advanced Mathematics I
Second Place: Christopher Munna *
Third Place: Donald Ward

Advance Mathematics II
First Place: Jacob Moore *
Third Place: Brian Credo

Algebra I
First Place:   Sean Stephens *
Third Place:   Reuben Hogan

Algebra II
Third Place: Alexander Hebert *
Fourth Place: Benjamin Sketchler

Second Place: Eric Haydel *

Third Place: Lucas Lavoie *
Fourth Place: Matthew Wolff
Modern Foreign Languages

French II
First Place:   Darcy Guo *
Third Place:   Evan Arceneaux

French III
Second Place: Nicholas Caluda
Fourth Place: Barron Burmaster

French IV
First Place: Kevin Whittaker
Second Place: Anthony Davila

Spanish I
First Place: Brandon Manganello *
Second Place: Patrick Denenea

Spanish II
First Place: Michael Ceraso *
Fourth Place: Mark Madura

Spanish III
First Place: Salvador Maffei *
Second Place: Christopher Fox

Spanish IV
First Place:   Osmar Padilla
Third Place:   Tuan Tran


Biology I
First Place: Nicholas Simon*
Second Place: John Lindsey

Biology II
Second Place: Triston Wong *
Third Place: Brian Carr

First Place: Daniel Cooper **
Second Place: Nicholas Wallbillich
Environmental Science
First Place: Zachary Carmello **
Second Place: Gregory Brousse

Physical Science
Second Place: Jim Huang *

First Place: Ian deBoisblanc *
Fourth Place: Stephen Lee

Social Studies

American History
Fifth Place: Jacob Pritt

First Place: Brett Weber **
Second Place: Fritz Metzinger

First Place: Christopher Glueck *
Second Place: Sam Morel

Second Place: Casey Treuting *
Fourth Place: Noah Netzhammer

World Geography
First Place: Kevin Yokum **

World History
Fourth Place: Jimmy Brown
Fifth Place: Brandon Butera

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