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					Volume One Number Three
                                             Volume One - Number Three - Fall 1995

                                               Letter From The Editor
      The third newsletter is late in             As I research the stories for our    Ancestors, December 1988, “Early
arriving, and for an excuse I have to        newsletter, I have come to realize the    Knoxville Newspapers” identifies the
reach back in time fifty-five years.         stories truly reflect the struggles and   letter as being addressed to William
Early in my college days I found a           successes of ordinary people which        McDowell Fouch.
little doggerel in a college publication     took place in the development of our           In the last newsletter, I suggested
which went:                                  country. Most of our 19th century         that Abraham, called “The Drummer
                 ---------                   forebears were farmers, before            Boy”, whose wife was described in a
Consistency is such a bore                   mechanization, of course, either in the   DAR publication as “Miss Mopply”,
A state I constantly abhor.                  homes or on the farms. Many had           was probably the son of John, who
For who, I ask, should be content            huge families. Having had five child-     probably married Susannah Mobberly.
To grow the way the twig is bent?            ren in six years, myself, with all        Merikay Mestad, who said that she
                ----------                   modern conveniences, I marvel that        had seen a notice of our newsletter in
                                             these ancestors could function as well    the Maryland Genealogical Society
     I so identified with this sentiment,    as they did. In some cases, when a        news-letter, wrote that Abraham’s first
that I went out of the way to meet the       family story portrays a father or         wife was Nancy Findley, of Greenville
author. Five years and a World War           mother as less responsible or caring      Twp., who was the daughter of Samuel
later we walked down the aisle while         than they should have been, a look at     Findley. Samuel died about January,
both of us were enlisted in the U.S.         the family circumstances can shed         1816, and his widow was Mary
Navy.This summer we celebrated our           much light.                               Findley. Merikay’s information was
Golden Wedding anniversary. Since I               But similar situations were          taken from the “Laurel Messenger”,
am never able to concentrate on more         repeated endlessly in neighboring         August 1978 p.4, and November,
than one project at a time, the              families, so perhaps it helped when       1979, p.4.
Newsletter had to wait.                      others were in the same boat. Survive,         I had an uneasy feeling that the
     The party was a blast! Criddles,        they did, and their efforts brought our   “Miss Mopply” was suspiciously close
Grisets, and Fou(t)ches came from all        country into the twentieth century,       to “Mobberly”. Family legends have a
over the country. Cousins who knew           strong enough to face the challenges      way of containing errors that have a
about each other, met for the first          that lay ahead and to become leader of    hint of the facts. So this reinforces my
time. Others met for the first time          the world.                                belief that this family was descended
since they were children. I heartily              We can take pride in those who       from Susannah Mobberly, and that
recommend such happy family                  succeeded, but try to understand and      Abraham’s researchers had confused
reunions. They are much more fun             be forgiving of those who failed.         his wife with his mother. It’s still not
that the gatherings at funerals.                                                       the “Smoking Gun”, but close. Our
     We were also blessed with the best                                                sincerest “Thank You” to Merikay.
of      Seattle’s    gourmet       coffee.
Ristorante Vivace owner Geneva               GLITCHES in Volume One Number
Sullivan9, (Lily Griset8, Eva Dunn7,         Two                                       The FOUCH-FOUCHE-FOUTCH
William Dunn6, Mary Ellen Fouch5,                 Page 19 defines the Consulate as     Family Historian is published
William4, Thomas3, Isaac2, Hugh1, and        between 1799-1894. Oy! It should          quarterly by the
her husband, David Schomer, brought          have been 1799-1804. As Mark says,        FOUCH-FOUCHE-FOUTCH
their high tech equipment and made           “two finger dislexia”.                    Family History Association
lattes and mochas as fast as the guests           Page 27, mentions that in 1795 a     at 3032 122nd Place NE,
could order them. If any of you ever         William Fouch, of Boyd’s Creek (TN)       Bellevue, Washington 98005
want to savor Seattle’s famous coffees,      had a letter in the Knoxville Post        (206) 881-8883
I recommend Vivace as our best.              Office. I said that we could not be
                                             certain which William Fouch it was.       Lourene G. Criddle
                                             WRONG! Page 209 of Tennessee               Editor & Publisher

    The Unrecognized Photographer
           John Hale Fouch - The First to Photograph the Site of the Battle of Bighorn

     Occasionally we stumble upon          grandsons, who could provide him          all of his brothers did serve. John ran
outstanding family information by a        with information on the photographer.     away from home to find his brother,
researcher who is not connected to our          John Fouch was born in Morgan        Aristides, whose war diary mentioned
family. Such is the case of Dr. James      County, Ohio July 9, 1849, the young-     his worry about “Little John”. The
S. Brust, a psychiatrist in San Pedro,     est of six children.                      twin brothers and Lycurgus survived
California. Dr. Brust has an abiding                 John Hale Fouch                 the War, but not Leonidas and their
interest in anything connected with the                                              father, James.
Battle of Big Horn, and General                                                           By 1873, John was living in Min-
George Custer. (Now why would a                                                      nesota, where he married Jane C.
shrink have an interest in him?)                                                     Tennis of Cass County. After his mar-
While browsing at a flea market one                                                  riage he went to Yellowstone to take
day, he engaged in conversation with                                                 photographs, and returned for the birth
a dealer in old photos. The dealer                                                   of his first child. Tragically, he found
mentioned that in his home he had a                                                  his baby stillborn, and two days later
stereoscopic view of Custer’s last                                                   his wife died. Within a month he
battlefield.    Eventually the dealer                                                returned to Fort Keogh.
brought the photo to Dr. Brust, who
negotiated the purchase.                                                                        Jane C. Tennis
     The photographer was John Hale             His father was James Fouch, who          “Fort Keogh had been established
Fouch, and it was a photo of the           was born March, 1816 in Wood Creek,
Custer battlefield which was taken         Virginia. The Civil War record of
about a year after the battle. Fouch       James Fouch states that he was born in
entitled the photo, “The Place where       1819, which suggests that he may have
Custer Fell”, and it appears to be the     wanted to appear younger, in order to
earliest photo taken of that tragic site   enlist.
which has been found to date. It                The family history states that
seems to predate by two years any          James was the son of John H. Fouch,
other known photo.                         who was born between 1775-1780 in
     Excited by his find, Dr. Brust was    Pennsylvania. He moved from Vir-
determined to learn all he could about     ginia to Ohio in 1806, where he
                                                                                     in the fall of 1876 at the juncture of
John Fouch and his photography. He         farmed until his death in 1855. The
                                                                                     the Yellowstone and Tongue rivers.
called on museum curators, historians,     name of his first wife, whom he
                                                                                     Fouch became the first post
dealers and collectors, anyone who         married in 1806, is not known. His
                                                                                     photographer. In June 1877, Capt.
was knowledgeable about early              second wife was Elizabeth Meltzer,
                                                                                     Michael V. Sheridan came through,
frontier photographs. He learned that      and their children were John,
                                                                                     leading what was the first official
Fouch’s photographs are rare, and that     Abraham, James, Elbe, and Silvia.
                                                                                     military expedition back to the scene
it was known that he had travelled to      His third wife was Harriet Brown.
                                                                                     of the Little big Horn disaster of the
the Little Bighorn site in July of 1877,    On November 19th, 1838 James
                                                                                     previous June. Its purpose was to
and had published two views. No            married Mary Cline, who was born
                                                                                     disinter the remains of the officers,
print of either had ever been found,       October 22, 1820. Her father, Godlove
                                                                                     including Custer, and bring them back
and now Dr. Brust had one of them!         Cline, came from Wurtenburg,
                                                                                     to civilization.
     He then proceded to telephone         Germany.
                                                                                          Anticipating difficulty in com-
anyone by the name of Fouch in the              When John Hale was an infant,
                                                                                     pleting his mission, Sheridan barred
Los Angeles and Orange County              his father, James, abandoned the
                                                                                     press coverage of his activities. Ten
telephone books. On his eleventh call,     family. Five years later Mary Cline
                                                                                     days later, Philetus W. Norris arrived
he located a grandson of John Hale         Fouch was granted a divorce, in order
                                                                                     at the post, on his way to assume his
Fouch. One descendant lead to an-          to remarry.       John Hale was too
                                                                                     duties as superintendent at Yellow-
other until he located four surviving      young to serve, although his father and

Iron Bull, Chief of the Crows            Little Powder, an Arapahoe Chief

    Two Nez Perces Boys              Curley Crow - Only Survivor Custer Battle

The Unrecognized Photographer

stone National Park. Norris, also a                                                  not remain unknown. We are grateful
corre-spondent for the New York                                                      for Dr. Brust’s interest and endeavor
Herald, was determined to catch up                                                   as well as his generosity in providing
with Sheridan’s command and cover                                                    us with this material.
the exhumations. He was joined by                                                    _______________________________
Fouch and another man, and they set
out overland in pursuit. Norris, riding                                              James Fouch
ahead of his slower moving                                                                James, father of John Hale,
colleagues, reached the battlefield,                                                 originally enlisted in Company F, 6th
but not until July 5, 1877, the day                                                  Regiment, Iowa Volunteers, and was
after Sheridan’s group had departed.                                                 discharged June 4, 1862. He next
Returning the next day to the newly                    Celeste Read                  enlisted in Company I, 31st Regiment
formed Post Number 2 (later called                                                   of Missouri Volunteer Infantry, on
Fort Custer), he encountered and gave           He opened several photographic       July 29, 1862 at St. Louis. He became
provisions to “my photographer friend      studios in the Minneapolis area.          ill on June 22, 1863, and died of
Fouch who was then arrived and . . .       Even-tually he owned a photo supply       “chronic diarrhea” in Adams Hospital,
anxious yet to visit the Custer field.’”   store which he sold to Kodak. In 1907     Memphis, Tennessee on July 28, 1863.
                  James S. Brust, M.D.     he moved to Los Angeles and became
                                           a real estate agent.       He died in     Children of Mary Cline
     John Hale Fouch published a           Glendale, California August 7, 1933 at    and James Fouch:
series of 63 stereographs which he         age 84.                                        Aristides, b. October 14, 1839 in
took while in the Montana Territory.            Having learned all he could of the   Hocking (later Vinton) Co. Ohio. He
He called them “Stereoscopic Views of      life of John Hale Fouch, Dr. Brust set    enlisted in Co. D., 18th Regiment,
the Yellowstone Country” and im-           out to locate his photographs. The        Ohio volunteer Infantry, at McArthur,
rinted on each, “Photographed and          grandson who was most likely to have      Ohio, on April 18, 1861 and dis-
Published by John H. Fouch, Fort           the photos was no longer living, so Dr.   charged the following August. He
Keogh, M.T.” Two of these were of          Brust located a close associate of his.   then enlisted September 12, 1861 in
the Custer battlefield, but only one has   There he found twelve photos. The         Co. H, 18th regiment, Ohio Volunteer
been found. After he returned to           last one was that of Chief Joseph!        Infantry. He was wounded in the right
Minnesota, he reissued 37 of his                His search then took him to the      leg by a shell fragment at Chicka-
original 63 views, which he called         National Anthropological Archives of      mauga, Georgia on September 20,
“Artistic Views of the Yellowstone         the Smithsonian Institution. There he     1863. He was captured and held
Country and Yellowstone National           learned that they had eight of the        prisoner for ten days, at which time
Park - Series of 1876, 1877, and 1878”     twelve photos which he had located in     he was paroled to his unit.. After
     Fouch had also been the first to      Los Angeles. They also had the            being in a series of military hospitals,
photograph Chief Joseph after the Nez      second photo that he had taken of         he was honorably discharged at Camp
Perce Indian leader surrendered in         Chief Joseph.      On the back was        Chase, Ohio on November 9, 1864.
October 1877. Chief Joseph led his         written, “Compliments of John H.               Aristides lived in Vinton Co. Ohio
people seventeen hundred miles, while      Fouch, Photographer, Tongue River,        until 1868. He then lived in Jersey
fighting off the United States Army.       M.Try.”                                   County, Greene County, and Cass
Finally, forty miles from their goal of         Dr. Brust is still searching for     County, Illinois until 1877. Thereafter
the Canadian border, they surrendered.     information on the life and forebears     he lived in Adams Co., Illinois until
Chief Joseph’s words were, “Hear me,       of John Fouch, as well as more photo-     his death. He worked as a caretaker
my chiefs, I am tired; my heart is sick    graphs.      He has written several       and engineer at Chadick College in
and sad. From where the sun now            articles, including one in American       Quincy, Illinois.
stands, I will fight no more forever.”     Heritage, and cover stories of The San         In a deposition made by E. C.
It was known that John Fouch had           Francisco Chronicle Sunday magazine       Sackett in 1898, it was said that
photographed Chief Joseph, but no          section, and Greasy Grass, an annual      Aristides was a teacher, by profession.
photo had ever been located.               publication of the Custer Battlefield     He and all of his brothers expressed
     In 1883 he married Celeste Read,      Historical and Museum Association.        themselves very well in writing. This
a descendant of John Quincy Adams.         He feels that that this gifted photo-     may well have been the influence of
He and Celeste had six children. One       grapher, who took images of such an
died in childhood.                         important time in our history, should

The Unrecognized Photographer

Mary Kline Foutch, who presumably            ment until he was discharged after more     Harley H. b. August 21, 1879,and died
gave them their classical names.             than three years service. He felt that he   May 12, 1952.
    September 30, 1872 he married            never recovered his health. After the       Elby Alexander born March 17, 1882
Phebe Allen in Carrollton, Illinois. She     war he lived in Vinton Co. Ohio, Mad-       and died June 1, 1950.
was born December 7, 1846 and died           ison Co. IL, then back to Vinton and        Erastus later lived in Arroyo Grande,
December 27, 1899. Aristides died in a       Ross counties, OH. He lived in various      San Luis Obispo Co. California until
Soldier’s Home in Adams Co., Illinois        places in Missouri until 1907, when he      his death January 26, 1926. His wife,
October 21, 1912.                            travelled to Epworth, North Dakota. In      Mary Emily, died April 27, 1922.
                                             1910 he went to Quincy, Illinois, then           This information was taken from a
Children of Aristides and Phebe:             to Chilhowee, Missouri in 1911.             bible, which was given to Lilly by her
William James, born September 6,                  He died May 21, 1925 in the            brother John Frank.
1875. He died October 5, 1876 in Cass        National Home for Disabled Volunteer
Co. Illinois.                                Soldiers.                                        Minerva, b. March 25, 1847;
Laura Jane was born July 13, 1880 in              He married Linda A. Gates October      married John Dennon. Nothing further
Quincy, Illinois, and died in Sunland,       11, 1874 at Chilhowee, MO. She died         his known of the only girl born into the
California probably in the middle            November 18, 1928 at Chilhowee, and         family.
1960’s.                                      is buried in the Carpenter Cemetery.
                                             He had one son, Charles Wilbur. who             John Hale was born July 9, 1849;
     Lycurgus, b. October 14, 1839 in        was born October 11, 1875 and died          married (1) Jane C. Tennis, and (2)
Vinton Co. Ohio.       In July, 1861 he      June 18, 1947. His daughter, Erminna        Celeste Read. He died August 7, 1933
enlisted in the Union Army while living      Florence, was born November 20,             in Glendale, California.
in Marine, Illinois. From the following      1877. Her married name was Miller.
spring until the rest of his life, he suf-                                               Children of Celeste Read and John
fered severe rheumatism and neuralgia.            Leonidas, b. June 25, 1842 in          Hale Fouch:
He reported that his unit engaged in         Hocking Co. Ohio. He was killed in          Florence, was born May 25, 1884. She
hard marching through the summer             action at McDowell, VA, May 8, 1862.        married (1) William Baier and (2) Joe
heat of Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi,                                                 Steele.
Alabama, and Tennessee. After arriv-              Erastus, b. September 7, 1844 in       James Read was born October 8, 1885,
ing in Murfreesboro, TN, the first of        Hocking Co. Ohio. He enlisted in the        and married (1)Laura Lohwasser and
September, 1862 following a hard             same unit as his brother, Leonidas on       (2)Myra Morrison. Children by his
week’s march, and feeling ill, he was        November 24, 1861, when he was 17           second marriage were James Read and
forced to stand guard duty for 24 hours.     years old. He was captured at north         Myra Jeanne.
At the end of that time, the command         side of Gettysburg, and marched to          Harold Hayden, born August 5, 1887,
immediately issued orders to march to        Belle Island, Virginia. Belle Island is     and died February 18, 1888.
Nashville. He was obliged to walk            surrounded by the James River in            Harry Hale was born December 20,
about 30 miles without rest or sleep         Richmond. He was held captive for           1888. He married Jennie Gregg and
through two nights and three days.           four months. His war diary states that      had one son, James Linton, who was
While resting he experienced a very          he saw his brother, Leonidas fall, “to      the source of much of this family
sharp severe pain, first in his back,        rise no more”.                              information.
neck, and shoulders. It increased in              After the war he lived in Hennepin     Lenora Celeste b. April 6, 1894. She
severity until it extended all over his      Co. Minnesota for 21 years. On June         married Clifford Bowne.             Their
body, muscles and limbs until he was in      19, 1866 he married Mary Emily              children were William, Paul Allen,
the “greatest misery imaginable”. He         McClanahan, and had five children:          Clifford Arvin, Rodger, and Nathali.
was sent to a hospital at Nashville, and                                                 Vera Harriet, born November 4, 1898.
after treatment was sent to a conval-        Children of Erastus and Mary Emily:         She married Stewart McDonald and
escent camp.      Although still in very     Anthony S., born February 25, 1867;         died without issue.
poor health, he rejoined his regiment to     Lilly, b. August 9, 1868, and died               Another Fouch family lived in
escape the deplorable conditions in the      January 1, 1958.         Some of her        Morgan Co., OH at the time John Hale
camp. The spring of 1863 he again had        descendants live in Arroyo Grande,          was born there in 1849. It was the
an attack, and lost 25 pounds of weight.     California.                                 family of Isaac4, (Jacob3-2, Hugh1).
The medicine he took caused him to           John Frank, born February 12, 1870.         Although it seems likely there was a
lose teeth. He remained with his regi-       Edwin, b. July 25, 1872.                    connection, I have not yet found it

The Search for Gold

                         The Search For Gold
     About 1862 another "three Foutch            “I never knew my Grandfather           to Malvina I. Routson Dec. 20, 1860.
brothers” migrated, and this time to        Foutch. I was two years old when he         We do not know if any of these were
California. They were sons of James         died of pneumonia. I can remember           James Monroe Foutch, Sr.
Foutch, who was born in Virginia,           Grandmother very well. She was a                 Also listed in 1850 census is
according to census records. He first       very sweet happy person, with dark          James, 20; Abraham, 17; John, age 15;
moved to Fairfield Co., Ohio, where         brown hair, blue eyes, slender, and         Ann, 13; David, 10; Nancy, 8; and
some of his children were born, then        very neat.                                  twins, Blizure and Amzia (Emizah).
moved on to Hancock County.                      I remember going to her funeral.       The spelling of the twins' names, and
     With the exception of John’s wife,     I was nine years old then. She was          even their ages vary from document to
Samantha Swisher, who took her              buried at Eagleville, Missouri. In          document. For our purposes, we will
children to San Francisco by boat           those days we went by horse-drawn           spell Blizure as he spelled it in his
around the horn, James, Jr., Abraham        vehicles.                                   Civil War pension records. The age
(often called Abram), and John,                  They lived in Ringgold Co. Iowa        he gave the Veterans Administration
accompanied by wives and all of their       until the year 1859. Then they went to      was about four years older than the age
young children, travelled by covered        California, traveling by wagon train,       he gave at his marriage.
wagons pulled by oxen. The trip West        driving oxen teams.          They spent          James, Jr. and his family
took six months.                            several days at old Fort Laramie,           remained in California, and have
     They settled in or near Placerville,   which was several miles north of the        numerous des-cendants there today.
California, to find gold. One family        town of Laramie. I was told there isn’t     Some live around Clear Lake, in Lake
legend tells of a time when the             much left of the old fort, just a marker.   County, while others live in Santa
children of Abraham were out playing        They stayed in the Fort to rest and for     Clara County. His descendants have
and brought in some gold nuggets, not       protection from the Indians.                shared family bible record information
realizing what they had. The next                They spent six months on the road      with us.
morning the nuggets came to the             to California. They had one child with           Abraham and John returned to the
parents’ attention, and they all            them, Mary Elizabeth, just a baby           Middle West by horse-drawn covered
retraced the children's steps, but, Alas!   then. Four children were born in            wagon. The return trip took four
No more were found.                         California. Two died while they were        months. Abraham and his family
     Descendant Charles Verle Foutch,       there.                                      eventually migrated to Eagleville,
of Napa, CA went to Placerville and              Grandfather stayed in California       Missouri. He and his wife, Susan Earl
located their voter registration records.   six years. They had horses to drive on      lived there the rest of their lives.
James Monroe Foutch, age 36, a              the trip back to Iowa. Coming back               John (sometimes identified as
farmer born in Ohio, registered July        they were on the road four months.          Jonathan) and Samantha spent the rest
21, 1866. Abraham, age 34 and born               In 1885 they moved to Harrison         of their lives in Monroe County, IA.
in Ohio, called himself a wood and          Co., Missouri, settling on a farm a few          At present we do not know the
coal dealer. He registered in Diamond       miles south of Eagleville, Missouri.”       identity of the mothers of James, Jr. or
Springs April 23, 1867. John Foutch,                                                    of Abraham and John; however,
age 31, was born in Ohio and called              In the 1850 census of Hancock          through bible and census records as
himself a wood chopper. He registered       County, Ohio, James Foutch is listed        well as extensive research done by
in Diamond Springs May 16, 1867.            as 45 years of age, and living with         Helen Foutch Carter (descendant of
Emizah Foutch, age 21 years, also was       Melicia, who was 17 years. With             Jonathan), Grace Foutch Cavender,
born in Ohio. He was a lumberman,           them was Lucy, age 3 and Barrett, age       and Flossie Foutch Allen (both
living in Diamond Springs when he           1. Melicia, Lucy and Barrett are not        descendants of Abraham), we have
registered 5 August, 1869. He was a         listed with James in the 1860 census.       quite an extraordinary accounting of
younger brother of John and Abraham,        They may not have been children of          their descendants.
and a twin of Blizure (below).              James, Sr.
     Flossie Fern Foutch Allen, a                Marriage records in Hancock Co.        James Foutch, Jr., b. ca 1830, and
descendant of Abraham and Susan             OH list a James to Caroline Kynion,         died November 20, 1902 in Lower
Foutch, wrote this in her family            April 25, 1850, James M. to Mary            Lake, Lake Co. CA. He married Mary
history:                                    Jane Kibler Aug. 24, 1851; and James        Lefebre, b. 1834 in Ohio.

The Search for Gold

Children:                                 1946 in Nebraska. She married Wil-         Barnes, she was born 17 Aug. 1864 in
                                          liam Beaver.                               Melrose, Iowa, and died 28 April 1954
    William Jefferson, b. March 16,            Albert, b. Sept. 23, 1871 in          in Logan, Iowa.
1853 in Ohio, and died Feb. 13, 1931.     Lamoni, IA, and died Jan. 25, 1963 in           William born June 4, 1862 in
He married Lucretia Knighton on May       Coffeyville, , KS. He married Daisy        California. He married (1)Bridget
30, 1876, probably in Lake Co. CA.        Miller.                                    Skayhill, and (2)Alice Dorsey.
She was born Oct. 15 1860 and died             Samuel b. October 20, 1873 in              Jesse b. Dec. 13, 1865 in
Sept. 25 , 1901 in Lake Co.               Ringgold, IA, and died April 14, 1963.     Sacramento, CA and died Feb.7, 1936
    James, III, b. 1857 in Ohio.          He married Minnie Shannon October          in Rosedale, WA. He married (1)
    Male child, name unknown, b.          24, 1897 in Ridgeway, MO. His obit-        Mary McMayor, and (2) Anna Eliza-
1857 in Ohio.                             uary states that he was a retired farmer   beth Lee.
    Albert, b. 1859 in Iowa.              and operated a tire store in Madison.           Frank b. Feb. 8, 1867 in Melrose,
    Laura, b. 1861 in Iowa.                    Nelson, b. Oct. 7, 1875 in Ring-      Iowa and died Jan. 16, 1909. He
    Catherine Naveda, b. July 10,         gold Co. IA, and died Jan. 6 1951 in       married Hettie VanCisco. She was
1862 in Virginia City, UT, enroute to     St. Joseph, MO. He married Sarah           born July 9, 1873 in       Kentucky,
California.                               Viola Henry.                               and died August 7, 1958 in Lucas Co.
    Lauretta, b. Sept. 13, 1873 in             Joseph, b. Dec. 27, 1878 in Ring-     IA. She outlived Frank by nearly 50
Lake Co. CA.                              gold, IA. He married Maggie Ping           years and is buried near him in
    Henrietta, b. Sept. 13, 1873 in       Jan. 28, 1900 in Eagleville, MO. In        LaGrange Cemetery, Russell, IA. In
Lake Co. CA, and died July 18, 1893.      1920 they moved to Madison, NE,            1992 I received a letter from Betty M.
                                          where he died Jan. 31, 1965 without        Cross, of Russell, Iowa. She is not of
Abraham Foutch, b. April 14,              issue. He is buried in the Crown Hill      the Foutch family, but she said that
1833 in Fairfield Co. OH, and died        Cemetery in Madison.                       when she was young she lived across
Feb. 2, . 1902 in Eagleville, Harrison         Zachary Taylor, b. October 13,        the street from Hettie, who had sons
Co. MO. He married Susan Earl April       1881 in Ringgold Co. IA, and died          Harry, Elvin Elwood, Claude, and a
5, 1857. She was living at the time of    February 22, 1883.                         daughter, Myrtle.
his death, but I have no birth or death        Female child, b. Mar. 4, 1885              Charles b. Melrose, Iowa and
dates.                                    and died March 16, 1885 in Missouri.       died in Denver, Colorado. He married
                                                                                     Lou Harold.
Children:                                 John Foutch sometimes listed as                 Columbus b. June 6, 1870 in
      Mary Elizabeth, b.July 30, 1848     Jonathan, was born Feb. 13, 1835 and       Melrose, Iowa. He married Florence
in Iowa, and died 29 July 1930 in         died Dec. 3, 1902 in Russell, IA. He       Sharf.
Lakeview, WA. She married Andrew          married Samantha Swisher, daughter              Ezra b. September 26, 1876 in
Jerome Winter.                            of Thomas and Martha Plattner              Melrose, IA and died June 18, 1959.
     Nehemiah Danford "John", b. 1        Swisher August 14, 1854.                        Thomas b. May 25, 1881 in
June 1860.      He married Barbara                                                   Melrose, IA and died May 7, 1937 in
Emiline Beaver.                           Children:                                  Council Bluffs, IA. He married Char-
      Male child who died as an infant        Mary b. July 30, 1855, She died        lotte May Kline, b. Sept. 27, 1881 in
Oct. 30, 1861 in California.              coming back from California.               Red Cloud, Webster Co. NE, and died
     James Monroe, b. in October,              Martha b.July 30, 1855 and died       May 26, 1962 in Crockett, Contra
1862 in California and died March 8,      Jan. 9, 1874, and is buried in             Costa Co. CA. She is buried in
1865.                                     LaGrange Cemetery in Russell, Iowa.        Memorial Park Cemetery, Council
     Alice Matilda, b. Sept. 16, 1864         Rosanna "Rose" b. 22 Nov. 1857         Bluffs, Iowa.
in Diamond Springs, CA and died           and died 3 Nov. 1873. She also is
April 27 1948. She married Miles          buried in LaGrange Cemetery.                    Blizure B. Fouch was born in
Jacob Miller.                                 Christina "Tean", b. May 7,            1848 or 1849 in Hancock, OH, died
     Catherine Thursia, b. Sept. 16,      1858, and married Wilson Winters.          January 10, 1908, and was buried in
1866 in Diamond Springs, CA, and              James Monroe b. Nov. 27, 1860          Allegan, MI. He lived at Mt. Blan-
died May 1, 1885 in Iowa. She mar-        in Findlay, Hancock Co. OH and died        chard, Hancock Co., Ohio before
ried M.J. Marshall.                       Dec. 16, 1943 in Council Bluffs, IA        enlisting in the Civil War. He moved
     Loduska "Lodie", b. July 5,          He was married to Minnie Louella           to Allegan Co. MI in the fall of 1866
1868, enroute home, and died July 20,     “Lou" Mason. The daughter of James         and lived there until his death, with
                                          William Mason and Martha Jane              the exception of about eight years in

The Search for Gold

Jamestown, Ottowa Co. MI. Normally         Foutch 1815-1886, (who was married        out to thumb a ride, only to find it was
he used the name "Bly" or "Blize".         to Rebecca Cowden), was a son of          the railroad detectives he had just
Some of his War Department records         Isaac Fouch and his second wife, Mary     eluded. His friend escaped but Charles
give his name as "Belizer", "Beleyer",     Steadman. Squire stated that Isaac's      was snared. The detective gave him a
or "Blezer" Fouch.          Unlike his     first wife was Sarah Violette Turner,     choice of purchasing a bus ticket out of
brothers, be spelled "Fouch" without a     who had two children: James and           town or joining a road gang. Needless
"t". During the Civil War, although        Mary (who died as an infant). I           to say, he bought the ticket! Somehow
apparently suffering no physical war       believe this James was James, Sr., the    he located his friend, and the two
injuries, he experienced loss of speech,   progenitor of the family above. The       caught a freight train out of Salt Lake
rheumatism, throat trouble and injury      reason is that James, Sr. and some of     City.
to his back, while on duty at Atlanta,     his children followed rather closely           While riding across the desert,
GA in the fall of 1863. March 12,          some of the geographic paths of the       they took shelter in a refrigerator car,
1865 he was taken Prisoner of War          family of Jonathan and Rebecca            and ate ice to keep cool. After
near Fayetteville, NC. The rest of his     Cowden. If this is true, then James'      reaching Stockton, they hitch hiked to
life was spent in very poor health.        lineage would be Isaac4 Jacob3-2 Hugh1.   San Francisco, crossing the Bay by
     He married Rosetta A. Gregory         If we could hear from Squire's            ferry. There they stayed at the
July 3, 1874 in Salem, Michigan, and       descendants,     with       information   YMCA, very much on their own.
had three children. His marriage to        regarding sources of his records, we      While walking down the street one
Rosetta was very unhappy and               might confirm this. Squire Fouche's       day, two policemen jumped out of
rancorous.     He left her and later       cousin, Right Foutch, (1896-1979),        their car with drawn guns, demanding
entered a Soldier's Home October 21,       who died in Michigan, is also             to know why they were there.
1903, where he died four years later of    connected with this family.               Fortunately, Chuck’s friend had an
pneumonia, at about 60 years of age.       _______________________________           aunt in the city, so he responded that
                                                                                     they had come to visit her. The police
Children:                                  Adventure of A Foutch During              took them to the aunt for verification,
     Perle L., b March 30, 1875. He            the Great Depression                  who then berated the police for even
attended college at Valparaiso, IN, and                                              THINKING those nice boys from Iowa
practiced law.                                  Sometimes Foutch biographies are     could be a threat! After that they
     William Harry, b. Jan. 13, 1877.      obtained which are so representative of   thumbed their way north to revel in
He worked for (perhaps owned) a drug       many lives of their times, that they      the glories of the redwoods. From
store. He also attended college in Val-    need to be shared. Such is the case of    there they returned home to Iowa
paraiso.                                   Charles Verle Foutch, grandson of         much the same way they came, in time
     Laura May b. Jan. 4, 1879. Her        John and Samantha Swisher Foutch.         to start the school semester.
married name was Reid. Laura taught             Charles was born July 5, 1912 in           Charles was determined to some
school.                                    Russell, Lucas County, Iowa. He was       day return to California, which his
  _____________________________            the fifth child of Charlotte Kline and    ancestors had deserted sixty-five years
                                           Thomas Foutch, who was the youngest       earlier.
       Possible Ancestor of                child of John and Samantha. In 1929,           After graduation he bought a little
                                           after his sophomore year in high          oil station in 1931. Shortly thereafter
            James, Sr.                     school, Charles joined some of his        he “went broke” extending credit to
                                           friends and hitch hiked to work in the    too many customers. About that time
     During her lifetime, Hazel Foutch
                                           harvest in Alma, Nebraska, during         he joined American Smelter as a
VanNote (1910-1992) researched the
                                           July and early August. Still with time    painter. It was the company’s policy
descendants of her ancestors Thomas
                                           on their hands before school started,     to lay off their workers every summer
and Elizabeth Goode George Foutch.
                                           he and a friend thumbed rides to Salt     to take inventory and perform other
After Hazel’s death, her husband sent
                                           Lake City, where they planned to ride     duties. By the time they called him
to me copies of her outstanding
                                           railroad box cars to California.          back to work, Charles had taken off
research. As in many such collections,
                                                Before “riding the rails” out of     for California.
she received letters from Foutches who
                                           Salt Lake City, railroad detectives            There he got a job with the Civil
were not immediately connected to her
                                           came to clear out “the Bums”. Charles     Aeronautics Authority painting the big
family. In this case, included in her
                                           and his friend jumped off the train and   radio towers in Oakland, Salt Lake
genealogy was information from a
                                           ran to escape. Finding a ditch of cool    City, cities in Nevada, Los Angeles,
Squire Fouche (1879-1965). Squire
                                           water, and while soaking their feet,      and Winston, Arizona.
stated that his ancestor, Jonathan
                                           they saw a car approach. Chuck ran        (Continued on last page)

                   Fouches in America
                  The Fourth Generation
      This segment will begin with         Indiana. Betsy’s signature was not on            A letter written in 1928 by Mary
Isaac4 (Thomas3 Isaac2 Hugh1), each of     these documents.                             E. dePencier indicates that Isaac left
his immediate forebears was the                 On August 30, 1830, in Floyd            Virginia to go west with his niece,
families’ firstborn. This has been         County, Isaac Fouch married Amy              Sarah Ann Fouche Ball.
clearly stated in two bibles Relatively    Jackson. This marriage may not have
little is known of this Isaac. He was      lasted, inasmuch as the county records       Amos
born in Leesburg, Virginia October 3,      show an Amy Fouch marrying Willis                 The second son of Thomas and
1780, and was mentioned in his             Burnette on the 23rd of March, 1836.         Sarah Coombs Fouch was Amos4
father’s will in 1828 as, “my son,         In any event the next record we have         (Thomas3 Isaac2 Hugh1), who was born
Isaac, late of Kentucky”.                  of Isaac is in Virginia.                     Nov. 4, 1783. His family bible with
      At the time of his father’s will          A land transaction in Loudoun           records of three marriages still exists
there was an Isaac Fouch in Jefferson      Co.                                          today in the home of a descendant who
County, KY. There also was an Isaac        Virginia, dated May 5, 1834 states that      lives in Falls Church, Virginia.
Fouch in Fleming County, KY, but he        “Isaac Fouch, Seignor in the County of            Amos first married Anna Combes,
has been established as the son of         Loudoun in the Commonwealth of               eldest daughter of Mahlon and Sarah
James and Elizabeth Beatty Fouch.          Virginia, of the one part, and Amos          (Norton) Coombes on January 1, 1809.
      Assuming that the Isaac Fouch in     Fouch of the . . . place of the other        Mahlon was either a cousin or uncle of
Jeffersontown was the son of Thomas        part, witnesseth that for and in             Amos’s mother.        Anna was born
and Sarah Coombs Fouch, we have the        consideration of my affection for my         November 7, 1784.
following information:                     Brother Amos Fouch and the better to
      On February 22, 1813 he filed        enable him to provide for the support        Children:
intention to marry Betsy Jackson,          and education of his Children as well            Sarah Ann, born Feb.15, 1810.
daughter of Samuel Jackson. He was a       as for other valuable considerations             Eden, born November 15, 1812.
witness to the marriage of Kezziah         thus me moving. I Isaac Fouch have               Temple, born December 19, 1815.
Jackson, who was Betsy’s sister, four      given and granted unto him Amos                  Mary Ann, born Nov. 24, 1817.
years later.                               Fouch his heirs and assigns all that             Rebecka, born May 9, 1820.
      In 1823, another sister, Nancy F.    tract or parcel of Land lying on the . . .       Martha Ann, born July 21, 1823.
Jackson listed her father as being         side of Goose Creek in the County of             Amos, Jr., born July 2, 1826.
deceased, and Isaac Fouch as her           Loudoun which I of late became heir
stepfather. Isaac is listed as a Trustee   to as a consequence of the death of my           Anna Combs Fouch died a few
in Jeffersontown in 1816 and 1818.         Brother, Temple Fouch, late of Prince        hours after the baby’s birth.
      In a land transaction on April 19,   William County . . . ”                           Amos then married Sarah
1819 he and his wife, Eliza, purchased          The document is witnessed by            McNabb April 1, 1828. She died
a lot in Jeffersontown. Both Isaac and     John Brach, “Isaac Fouche, Jr.”, and         September 28, 1831 without issue.
Eliza signed their signatures, and         Emily Fouche. The two latter were                Loudoun County Marriages lists
promised to pay William Field & Co.        probably children of Thompson                Amos’s intention to marry Mary
$400 in one year from that date.           Fouche, a deceased brother of Isaac.         McGuggan January 1, 1833. there is
“Eliza” and “Betsy” may be two                  The use of “Seignor” and “Junior”       no mention of this union in his bible,
versions of the same woman’s name.         here is to differentiate older and           however, so perhaps it did not occur.
      On October 11, 1820 he was           younger persons in the group with the            Amos did marry Ellen Stevens on
identified as the Tax Collector and        same name, and does not imply that           October 17, 1837.
also as a cabinet maker, by profession.    the older Isaac had a son of the same
      About 1830 he sold his lots in       name, or that the younger had a father       Children
Jeffersontown and moved across the         of the same name. This is a practice I           Anna, born July 16, 1838 and
Ohio River into Floyd County,              have seen numerous times..                   died September 27, 1848.

Fouches in America

     John Henry, born November 10,        thanked). My ----- strength is much            quite well and was much pleased with
1839, and died June 20, 1864 as a         abaited, no longer being able to do            his home in Missouri. I asked him if
Confederate soldier.                      hard labour. My wife, Ellen is rather          he knew anything of you or John
     Burr William, born September         more debilitated according to age              Ball’s children and he said not. Had
23, 1841 and died September 12,           than myself, yet she manages her               you ever heard of father’s death
1853.                                     household affairs with but little              before I wrote to you last fall? He
     Sidney Hawling, born August 1,       assistance. She is yet what she had            died December 11, 1859, aged 76
1843, and died June 25, 1902.             formerly been since we were married,           years 1 month and seven days. His
     Thomas Corwin, born May 22,          a kind loving wife and as a Mother,            disease was consumption. He taken a
1845, and died the following              ever ready and willing to please, and          violent cold and owing to his
November 3.                               in pleasing she herself is pleased.            neglectful disposition it turned to the
     George Washington, born Febru-       Ellen hath Mothered six children,              fatal disease. He never would take
ary 14, 1847, and died May 14, 1900.      three of whom is Dead. Anna, the first         any care of himself as long as he
He is buried in the family graveyard in   died of a malignat bilyous fever.              could get out of the house. He only
a former home of Amos’s in Ryan, an       Thomas Corwin the 5th died of                  lived a few months after his disease
area southeast of Leesburg.               erysipolis, Burr William the 3rd of            became minifest. I will send you a
                                          dissentary or as formerly called               copy of the record as I presume it
    A poignant letter was written by      Bloody flux. John Henry the 2nd is a           would be acceptable to you.
Amos to his daughter, Sarah Ann           well grown young man well favoured                  I would love dearly to take a trip
Fouche Ball in 1859, shortly before his   and much beloved by all his                    to Nevada and if ever an opportunity
death. It refers to their last family     acquaintances male and female.                 affords it I shall do so. Do try and
gathering which took place at Big         Sydney the 4th is well grown and quite         come to see us. If you could pursuade
Spring, which originally was the old      hansome. George Wash-ington the                Mr. Pitzer to take a trip to Virginia it
Chapel, where Mary McDowell Jenney        6th and last is not so well grown, yet         might be highly beneficial to his
was buried “near either of my late        he balances that deficiency by being           health. I must bring this to a close as I
husbands” It now is a psychiatric         quite hansome, a pert and smart boy.           have been writing all the morning,
center on Highway 15, north of            John Henry is in his 20th year.                And it is time to go to Church. Mother
Leesburg. Shortly after the gathering     Sydney is in his 16th year, George             and George and all Join me in Love to
Sarah and John Ball moved West.           Washington is in his 12th year. All            You and Mr. Pitzer
                                          blessed with good constitutions and                 Farewell, from your Brother
Loudoun County, Va.                       good health (God be thanked) . . .                                Sidney Fouche
My dear Children. Having received                                                                           Leedsburg West Va
inteligence of you by Charles Ball and         The rest of this letter is missing. I   P.S. I forgot to say that I have no
directions how to direct a letter to      am not certain that I ever had it.           pictures now and have not had a
you, and that you wish to hear from            Below is a portion of a letter          chance to get them taken since I heard
me I gladly embrace this opportunity.     written by Sydney Hawling Fouche to          from you.       There is no Artist in
I acknowledge my former negligence        a half-sister after the death of Amos.       Leesburg, but just as soon as I can get
in writing to you and the only excuse I                                                them I will send them to you. Brother
have is that I have not had good news          Henry Ball has been dead 2 1/2          Eden never had his taken. He often
to tell to you, and bad news should not   years, his wife has been dead four           promised me he would but he neglected
be told at all. Since we parted at Big    years. He lost one son in the C.S.           it too long. We could not get an artist
Spring I have passed through many         army, he was a captain of Cavalry.           in time to have them taken after his
sorrowful scenes, all of which I have     His name was Charles. William was            death. George will send his and I will
born with Christian like fortitude and    in the same company but come out             try to get cousin Jane & ---- to have
murmur not. I could now write a very      safe. He is married now and living           theirs taken. Fare well, Sidney
lengthy      letter  rehearsing    past   somewhere in the west. The rest of the
circumstances which have little or no     children are living near me and I see              Amos acquired a great deal of
connection with the present, therefore    them often. There are four daughters          Loudoun County land. His parents
I will endeavor to say much in a few      and four sons living. Bettie is married,      gave him acreage in 1821 “in
words. I will begin with myself and       the others are still living on the            consideration of their natural affection
present family. As for myself I am a      “Temple Hall Farm”, where their               for their said son, Amos Fouch and the
little advanced in my 75th year, I        father died. William Ball (Henry’s            better to enable him to provide for the
enjoy reasonably good health (God be      brother) was in the neighborhood              support and education of his children.”
                                          about a year ago. He was looking              When his brother Temple, of Prince

                                                                                         (Continued on last page)
              Fouch et al vs Fouch et al
     About 1837 Elijah Fouch died           for. Family lore suggests that he was     selman).         Mary Jane Foutch
without a will. His sons, Elijah and        not a gentle father. His youngest son     Casselman died in Oklahoma in 1935.
William of Smith County, Tennessee,         rarely talked about him in later years,   Thomas, was born in 1853. He died
and Joel and David, of Wilson County,       and an older son left home because of     in Wilson County in 1895, having
along with their sister, Mary               conflict with his father.                 never married.
McDarman of Wilson County, brought               Joel died around 1890 and Eliza      Elijah, born August 27, 1855 On
suit to determine the distribution of his   died February 2, 1912, both in Wilson     June 8, 1882, he married (1) Myrtle
one hundred and thirty nine acres of        County. They are buried the Edwards’      M. Flowers, daughter of Harriett
land lying in Smith County. The suit        graveyard near their home. When new       Lannom and William M. Flowers.
was brought against their brother John      owners took over the graveyard, the       After her death, he married Ora
Fouch, their sisters Martha Davis,          graves reportedly were plowed under,      Bullington. He died October 27, 1941.
Sarah Welsh, and the eight children of      and the stones destroyed.        Joel’s   Myrtle M. Flowers was born June 29,
an unnamed sister, who had preceded         property remained in his name until it    1864, and died February 2, 1911, in
her father in death. Martha Fouch           was sold in 1979. All of their children   Wilson County.
Davis, wife of Martin Davis, was            appear to have been born in Wilson        John Martin, was born about 1856.
identified as a citizen of Illinois.        County.                                   He married (1) Betty Goodwin, and
Sarah was the wife of James Welsh.                                                    (2)Lulu Waldron.
The deceased daughter was married to        Children:                                 Ann Elizabeth, born about 1860. She
a Mr. Warford, and her children were        Elizabeth, who was born in 1845 or        died in infancy
Elijah, Mary, Marilda, Bartlett,            1846. She never married and was like      Joel Dyer, Jr., was born about 1862,
Samuel, Massey C. and Jane. They            a second mother to the other children.    and was married to Fanny Sullivan.
were all minors and lived in Smith          She helped her mother by spinning         For a time he lived in Oklahoma, but
County, TN. David Warford was               and weaving and making clothing for       is believed to have left.            He
appointed guardian ad litum for the         the family She was the first person in    announced, “Even if I have to peck
minor children.                             the community to become a member of       corn with the chickens I’d rather do it
     Joel, mentioned above, appears to      the Church of Christ. Ice had to be       in Tennessee.”
be the only Joel Foutch in Tennessee,       broken in the creek when she was          James Robert, born in 1865, and
and we believe he was Joel Dyer             baptized.         When she was a          married Laura Frey. He was called by
Foutch. He possibly was a grandson          young woman, she taught school for        the family, “Jim Bob”, and continued
of Joel Dyer, who was a neighbor of         several years. During the Civil War,      living on the farm after the death of
the Foutches in Smith County. He was        Northern soldiers came to the home        Joel.
born in 1816 near Alexandria, which         and were going to seize her horse.        Jesse born in 1867, died in infancy.
was then in Smith County. Joel and          She pleaded with them that she was a      William Burke, born September 9,
Eliza McHenry were married July 18,         school teacher and needed it for trans-   1869. William moved westward and
1844 in Wilson County, where Eliza          portation. A Union captain came           settled in the Indian Territory in
was born in June, 1831. Her parents         forward and told the soldiers, “Don’t     Oklahoma. During the Oklahoma
were Elizabeth Wynne and Jesse              take her horse.” She died in 1918 and     Land Run he selected 160 acres, seven
McHenry. After their marriage, her          is buried on the Foutch farm between      miles outside of Mountain View.
parents deeded property to them which       the Murfreesboro Pike and Vesta, not      There he met and married Mahalia
they were to farm all of their married      far from Joel and Eliza’s home.           Frances Cook, daughter of Nancy
lives.                                      Mary Louise, was born in 1849, and        McDowell and Joseph Cook. Mahalia
     Joel was known as a wizard with        died in Oklahoma. She married James       was born January 8, 1877. In 1927
his orchards. His farm was beautiful        Castleman. After her death, Jim is        they moved to Texas near Dalhart,
during his lifetime. He particularly        reported to have taken their children     Dallam County, where they purchased
liked wild meat, and set traps and          and returned to Tennessee. It should      twelve sections of land. With the help
hunted for sustenance.                      be noted that Mary Jane Foutch,           of seven tractors, three combines and
     During the Civil War he made           daughter of Allen and Mary Jane           five large disk plows, they grew wheat,
shoes for both sides of the conflict. He    (Fowler-Lucas) Foutch (p.--), also
felt the cause was not worth fighting       married a James Castleman (Cas-

Fouch et al vs Fouch et al
                                           maize and corn. Mahalia died Feruary        only his “X”. It is my belief that the
    William Burke Foutch 1869-             22, 1935. William Burke Foutch died         “D” was in error.
              1936                         March 25, 1936 in Dumas, Moore                   Several of Elijah’s children
                                           County, TX.                                 appear to have migrated to Illinois. In
                                           Mattie Frances was born September           our last issue on page 24, we described
                                           18, 1871. She married J. Frank Jones.       David W. Foutch, who married
                                                                                       Rebecca George in Jefferson County,
                                                Whereas we feel fairly certain that    Illinois.    They named a son Joel
                                           Joel Dyer was the son of Elijah, there      David, and another son, Elijah. Other
                                           is speculation regarding the identity of    names that are in both families (the
                                           Elijah’s son, David. The marriage           following generation) are Henry and
                                           certificate of Joel and Eliza McHenry,      Herschell. It is my belief that David
                                           was co-signed by David D. Foutch.           W., of Jefferson County, Illinois, was
                                           Whoever wrote in the names of Joel D.       the son of Elijah and brother to Joel
                                           Foutch and Eliza D. McHenry, also           Dyer Foutch. No proof, but something
                                           added David D. Foutch. David signed         to consider.

                           ALLEN FOUTCH
                      OF TENNESSEE & ILLINOIS
     Allen Foutch was born in Tennes-      birthplace as Missouri. Some of her         was four years old at the time of his
see, but I have found his name on only     descendents feel that her maiden name       father’s death.     His widow moved
one Tennessee document. On January         was Lucas; other believe it was             around a bit after his death. She
30, 1828, John Fouch purchased             Fowler.                                     moved to Draketown, Arkansas, and
Wilson County land from Isaac                   Family tradition states that when      earned a living for herself and her
Winston for himself and his two sons,      Mary Jane was fourteen years old, her       children by cooking for the workers in
Allen and Herrod. There was a John         family lived in New Orleans during a        the camps where railroad ties were cut.
Foutch who migrated from Tennessee         plague.     Her mother, sisters, and        Mary Jane and two young daughters,
to Gallatin County, Illinois, perhaps as   brothers, Lemuel and Jason, all died        along with son, Thomas Sherman,
early as the 1820’s. Allen was in the      within a few days. The husband of her       were in Eureka Springs, Arkansas
1860 census records of Bond County,        sister who lived in Tennessee went to       about 1888. Thomas worked at the
Illinois. His brother, Herrod, seems to    New Orleans to rescue Mary Jane.            Bates Hotel as a stonemason.
have spent his entire adult life in        They travelled up the Mississippi in a      Daughter, Mary Jane also worked at
Tennessee. Family tradition suggests       paddle wheeled boat to her new home.        the Bates Hotel when she joined them.
that Allen had a brother who was a              Mary Jane’s first husband,             In the 1900 census, they were in the
doctor.                                    William Burgess, died in 1844,              Madison County, Arkansas. Mary
     Census records of Wilson Co.,         leaving her with a small daughter,          Jane, 74, was listed with Thomas,
Tennessee in 1820 place a John Fouch,      Almeda. Four years later she married        Abbiegail, Lula Belle, and Riley. Rose
age 45+ living with a female 45+. In       Allen Foutch.                               was born later in the year..
1840 in Wilson County, there is still a         Allen is reported to have had two           One family legend reported that
John Fouch, age 70-80, and a female,       farms: one was near Salem, Illinois,        Allen came from Ireland as a stow-
also 70-80, one male 5-10, and a male      where they spent their summers, the         away According to syndicated colum-
20-30. If these were Allen’s parents,      other in “Middle Tennessee”, where          nist Myra Gormley, who writes Family
they were at least 51 years old when he    they spent their winters. Tobacco was       Tree, the stowaway is a constant a-
was born.                                  grown on the Tennessee farm.                mong the family legends, along with
     Allen was born January 1, 1821,            Allen’s health began to fail and he    “three brothers migrated . . .” She said
and he was married to a widow, Mary        died about 1869 leaving a widow and         that most stowaways were appre-
Jane Burgess February 29, 1848.            at least seven children. The only           hended and their names can be found
Mary Jane, was born November 1,            report available on his death is that his   in the ship’s books or local court
1825, and census records give her          son, Thomas (born in 1865), said he         records. I have never found evidence

Allen Foutch
that any of the Foutches came from         that her grandfather often spoke of         the breath-taking Napa Valley wine
Ireland.                                   going to the graves of his family. He       country. It was a day I shall always
                                           would sit under an old tree nearby and      remember and cherish
Children of Allen and Mary Jane            mourn. He and Mollie buried their
     Jason Lucas was born January          firstborn infant in a grave next to his     Fouches in America
30, 1849, and died in Ardmore, Carter      mother.                                     (continued from page 42)
Co. OK. He married Hellena Mix,                 Tom and Mollie left Brentwood in       purchased or was given most of
who was born in August 1855 in             1907 or 1908 and went to Mulberry for       Thompson’s Loudoun Co. property
Wisconsin.                                 awhile. They then moved to Lyons,           which went to his siblings. At one
     Sarah Frances was born January        Oklahoma, never to return to                time Amos lived in a house adjoining
8, 1851 and died August 1, 1852.           Arkansas.                                   that of his parents home called,
     Lougena M., born January 18,               On July 4, 1995, when the family       Holyfield. In the latter part of his life
1853. She married Tom Alison.              gathered there to visit the graves, they    he lived in a house in Ryan, which is
     Allen Lemuel, born February 27,       saw nearby a huge, ancient cedar.           outside Leesburg. Both houses still
1855 and died in 1930 in Wagoner Co.       They felt surely this was the tree that     stand, but when I saw them, neither
Oklahoma. He is buried in Sand Hill        sheltered Thomas Sherman Foutch as          was inhabited.
Cemetery.He married (1) Sarah “Ida”        he grieved.
Ramey, and (2) Dorah West. Lemuel                                                      Isaac’s Home Threatened?
and Sarah Ramey had two children.          Search for Gold                                  The New York Times of
He and Dorah West had ten.                  (Continued . from page 40)                 September 29, 1995 reported that the
     Mary Jane, born August 5, 1857,       1938 he again worked for American           first privately financed toll road built
and died February 17, 1935 in Clear        Smelting & Refining Company, but            in this century has opened. It connects
Spring, Adair Co. OK. When she was         this time in Crockett, California. The      Leesburg,       Virginia    to   Dulles
fourteen years old she married George      company furnished him with a house,         International Airport, which is just
Riley Perce. They separated shortly        and he did pipe fitting, painting, and      outside Washington, D.C. In my first
after the birth of her second child. She   welding of lead pipes. American             visit to Leesburg in 1982, I was
took her two children and went to          Smelting was a custom smelter, and          astonished to see how rural it was.
Eureka Springs, to live with her           one of their customers was Chiang           With this new freeway, that is about to
mother. She next married James             Kai-shek. When Chiang was forced to         change. It bypasses the dozen or so
Monroe Casselman (sometimes spelled        leave China for Formosa (now called         traffic signals between Washington
“Cassman”). They are buried together       Taiwan), he reportedly took gold and        and the suburbs in Loudoun County.
in Adair Co. Oklahoma.                     silver coins from China’s national               In a telephone conversation with
     Ollover Douglas, born October         treasury, and sent them to California       the owner of Isaac’s house, I asked her
23, 1859 and died in 1868.                 by shiploads to be melted down,             if developers were likely to buy up that
     Lutisha “Tissie”, born April 28,      separating out the precious metals.         property. She stoutly replied, “Not in
1862. She married John Swank in                 Always careful about lead              my lifetime!” That was reassuring
Brentwood, Arkansas, June 15, 1884.        poisoning, Charles and the other            until she added that she is now eighty-
     Thomas Sherman, born January          workers showered and changed clothes        five years old.
30, 1865 and died May 3, 1950 in           before leaving work each day. Other              There are so many beautiful 18th
Seven Shooter, Paul’s Valley, OK. He       hazards were the fumes from sulphuric       century homes in Virginia, that they
married (1) Abbiegail Casselman and        acid and sulphur dioxide from               are not all on the Historical Registry.
(2) Mary Margaret “Mollie” Wood.           insecticides. Although asbestos was         In many other parts of the country
Abbiegail was born April 11, 1873,         everywhere then, the average worker         homes built in this century may be
and died during childbirth about 1903      was unaware of its dangers.                 protected. This is clearly no so in
in Japton, Arkansas. She had three              In 1944 he married Mercedes            Virginia. Isaac’s home, well over 200
children. “Mollie” Wood married            Higuera, and this July they celebrated      years old, is not protected from
Thomas Sherman October 27, 1905,           their 51st anniversary. They live in a      destruction.
when he was forty years old. He and        lovely home in Napa, California, with            Those of us who are descendants
Mollie had eleven children.                a rushing creek bordering their back        of Isaac, may want to go to Leesburg
     Thomas Sherman Foutch buried          yard - truly an American success story.     to see his house while it still stands.
his mother, his wife, Abbiegail, and            In last winter’s flooding rains, the   That will include most of the Fouches
their newborn baby in the Brentwood,       overflow reached their back door, but       who trace their ancestry to early
Arkansas Cemetery.          His grand-     no further. When I visited with them        Georgia, as well as descendants of
daughter, Ruby Gabbard Scott said          last year, we drove the full length of      Amos and Thompson Fouche.

Another family that may have stem-        Children:                               buried in the Fairview Church of the
med from the Loudoun County, VA                John b. March 2, 1797 in           Brethren, near Masontown, PA.
branch is the family of John Fouch        Virginia and died May 23, 1877. He          Lydia b. November 12, 1819 and
(1797-1877) and Experience Freeman.       married Experience Freeman February     died November 6, 1832 in Fayette Co.
Quite a lot of research has been done     4, 1818. Experience was born either     PA.
on various branches of this family, and   in New Jersey or New York in 1801,
the jewel has been the family bible       and she was listed in the 1880 census        John and Experience stayed in
evidently started by John's mother.       of Hamer Twp., Highland Co. Ohio        Pennsylvania until the year 1840. At
She said that her husband, James               Jacob b. November 8, 1800 and      that time John travelled alone to
Fouch, was born December 18, 1769         died April 18, 1821, both in Fayette    Hamer Twp. Highland Co. OH and
and that she, Sarah Custer, was born      Co. Pennsylvania.                       purchased 130 acres of land from John
June 16, 1778. They were married               Absalom b. January 6, 1804 and     Nevin, Sr. just north of the town of
March 19, 1793. The bible states that     died July 12, 1872 in Uniontown,        Danville. He built a log cabin near a
they were both baptized and received      Fayette Co. PA. He married Hannah       spring, planted peach trees, and waited
in the visible church as regular          Custerd.                                for his family. Experience and her
members October 11, 1795, that James           Hannah b. May 9, 1806 and died     “married daughter” drove two teams of
was ordained an elder in 1806, and a      July 8, 1884. She married Joseph        horses pulling covered wagons from
minister of the Gospel in 1814. James     Moser.                                  near Allentown, PA to Highland Co.
died in Fayette Co. PA May 27, 1850.           George b. April 10, 1809 and       OH. The son-in-law and an older son
     Although very likely Hugh and        died April 3, 1873 in Clay Twp.         drove some stock and walked.
Mary Perkins Fouch were John's            Highland Co. Ohio.        He married    Experience had children ages 16, 12,
grandparents, we do not know who his      Susannah Myert. She was born Oct.       8, 6, and 3. Since Julia Ann was born
father was. It certainly was not Isaac,   15, 1805 and died 3 Jan. 1873. They     in 1840, her mother may have been
who had no son named James listed in      had at least six children, and          pregnant      during     that    drive.
the family bible. But he could have       interestingly, named one of them             Family tradition states that John
been a son or grandson of any of the      “Experience”, presumably for their      and Experience had twins in
other brothers. He may also have been     sister-in-law.                          Pennsylvania who died before they left
born to the mysterious George or               Jeremiah b. 7 April 1811 and       for Ohio. The “married daughter” has
William Fouch, who paid tithes in         died 27 Nov. 1874 in Fayette Co. PA.    not been identified.
early Loudoun County.         Although    He married Sarah Moser. She was              Absalom Fouch remained in
there were a number of sons named         born in September, 1818, and died       Fayette Co., Pennsylvania, and was a
"Jacob" among James' descendants,         October 21, 1892.                       successful farmer.        He married
there are no "Abrahams" that I know            Isaiah b. May 8, 1814 and died     Hannah Custerd (Custead) August 6,
of. James did name his oldest son,        October 13, 1896 in Uniontown,          1826. Hannah was born January 12,
"John" and a younger son, "Samuel",       Fayette Co. PA. He married Rachel N.    1806 and died April 12, 1870. The
which points to the possibility of his    Craft February 28, 1839.     She was    only child that we know about was
having been a son of John; although       born about 1815, and died April 8,      Charles A. Fouch, b. September, 1836
he named no daughter, "Susannah".         1872. They are both buried in Oak       in Fayette Co. and died May 27, 1905.
     Except for John, who was born in     Grove Cemetery, Uniontown, PA.          He married Isabella, daughter of
Virginia, the children of James and            Samuel b. May 12, 1816 and died    Albert and Margaret Sproul, who were
Sarah Custer Fouch were all born in       September 14, 1904 in Uniontown,        natives of Fayette Co. Albert was a
Fayette Co. PA. The bible places          Fayette Co. PA. He married Christina    school teacher and owned valuable
their family as follows:                  Ache. She was born May 17, 1817         farm interests in the county. Charles
                                          and died January 6, 1901. Both are      and Hannah had nine children

     On May 30, 1849 Temple5
                              A Fouche at War   It appears that she applied for a      drawing it upon her death in 1915. To
(William4, Thomas3, Isaac2 Hugh1)          pension in 1893, as the Department of       my knowledge, she is the only woman
Fouch, the oldest son of Catharine         Interior informed the Commissioner of       in our family who drew a pension as a
Dunn and William Fouch, married            Pensions that she had, indeed, been         result of her own service in the Civil
Sarah Ann Knowlton in Warren               paid for services as a nurse in 1862.       War. Sarah died August 26, 1915 in
County, Ohio. Sarah was the daughter       How her application for a pension was       Mainville, Warren County, Ohio.
of Olive Sherman and Samuel                dealt with at that time is unknown, but     Cause of death: angina pectoris and
Knowlton, who was born in Maine.           in 1907 she received a rejection on the     senility. Her death was reported by
Sarah was born July 27, 1826, also in      ground that the claimant did not serve      George Fouche, who himself, died
Maine, according to her death record.      ninety days in the military or naval        August 12, 1931. Clara Murphy was
Six months after their marriage,           service during the late Civil War. She      his executrix. Listed in his will as
William died; and Temple was his           was informed that the Act of February       cousins (all of Ohio) were: Dr. Charles
executor. Six years after his father’s     6, 1907 made no provision for the           Tufts, of Hartwell-Cincinnati, Mrs.
death, Temple also died, at the age of     pensioning of nurses. Again in 1909         Julia B. Coleman, Loveland; Mrs.
35. The widowed Sarah was left with        she received a letter from the              Mary Payne, Milford; and Mrs.
at least one child, George B. Fouch.       Commissioner of Pensions stating that       Martha E. Mulford, of Cozaddale.
     Little is known of how Sarah          the Act of Feb. 6, 1907 makes no            Receiving cash legacies were: Clara
managed until the Civil War. At that       provision for pension except to the         Murphy, $3,000; Edith Smith, $400;
time she served as a nurse at the          survivors of the Mexican and Civil          Stanley C. Feldcamp, $200; and Leslie
United States General Hospital, Camp       Wars. At some point (not spelled out        Feldcamp, $200.         All were of
Dennison, Ohio.                            in her pension application file), she       Maineville, Ohio. Their relationships
                                           did receive a pension, as she was           to George were not recorded.

                  Medical Practices at the Time of the Civil War
     The Civil War provided the sol-       Conditions in the camps and the             Confederacy, with their volunteers and
dier with an enhanced ability to kill      hospitals were such that they caused        nurses, attempted to raise standards of
and maim.        Breech-loading rifles     disease;    consequently,     dysentery,    sanitation and cleanliness in the
replaced muzzel-loaders, so that their     pneumonia,       and    typhoid     were    hospitals.
targets were hurt badly. At the same       commonplace. Not only were their                 Results, however were woefully
time good medical care was almost          causes unknown, but doctors did not         inadequate.       In browsing through
non-existent. The science of medicine      know what to do about them when             pension applications of Civil War
was      woefully     imperfect,   and     they appeared. Many soldiers knew           veterans, it is clear that the most
knowledge of the causes of disease         that they were better off in the field of   common debilitating illness was
were generally unknown. The word           battle than in the camps.                   chronic diarrhea.       This condition
“sterilization” was not even in use as          When a man was injured, it was         sometimes remained with the men
applied to medicine. At that time          expected that his wound would become        throughout their lifetimes, and left
most       physicians     had     little   infected. In fact, “laudable pus” was       them emaciated and unable to function
understanding of microbiology. Most        considered a good sign. No effort was       effectively.      Most died relatively
believed in the theory of “spontaneous     made to sterilize instruments, and few      young.      Although they may have
generation”, that is that living           were even rinsed off between                survived the war, the quality of their
organisms developed from non-living        surgeries. As a consequence, for every      lives was destroyed.
matter. Pieces of cheese wrapped in        Union soldier killed in battle, two and          In another generation, through the
rags were expected to produce mice by      one-half died of disease and care of        efforts of the experiments of Louis
spontaneous generation. This same          injury in the hospitals and camps.          Pasteur and other scientists, medical
theory explained the appearance of         Confederate statistics were three to        science      learned   that    microbes
maggots on decaying meat.                  one. Clara Barton, of the Union             generated their own kind from
                                           forces, and Sally Tompkins, of the          contamination of the air or touch.

The Search for Gold
(Continued from Page 40)

In 1938 he again worked for American
Smelting & Refining Company, but
this time in Crockett, California. The
company furnished him with a house,
and he did pipe fitting, painting, and
welding of lead pipes.         American
Smelting was a custom smelter, and
one of their customers was Chiang
Kai-shek. When Chiang was forced to
leave China for Formosa (now called
Taiwan), he reportedly took gold and
silver coins from China’s national
treasury, and sent them to California
by shiploads to be melted down,
separating out the precious metals.
     Always careful about lead
poisoning, Charles and the other
workers showered and changed clothes
before leaving work each day. Other
hazards were the fumes from sulphuric
acid and sulphur dioxide from
insecticides. Although asbestos was
everywhere then, the average worker
was unaware of its dangers.
     In 1944 he married Mercedes
Higuera, and this July they celebrated
their 51st anniversary. They live in a
lovely home in Napa, California, with
a rushing creek bordering their back
yard - truly an American success story.
     In last winter’s flooding rains, the
overflow reached their back door, but
no further. When I visited with them
last year, we drove the full length of
the breath-taking Napa Valley wine
country. It was a day I shall always
remember and cherish.

The Fourth Generation
(Continued from Page 42)
William County, Virginia died, Amos
purchased or was given most of
Thompson’s Loudoun Co. property
which went to his siblings. At one
time Amos lived in a house adjoining
that of his parents home called,
Holyfield. In the latter part of his life
he lived in a house in Ryan, which is
outside Leesburg. Both houses still
stand, but when I saw them, neither
was inhabited.

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