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THE SCRATCH SHEET Vol by xiuliliaofz


									                THE SCRATCH SHEET Vol.7,
                             JANUARY 4, 2008

A. News and Notes:
     1.   Myron “Toby “Caplan Award of Merit Presentation Ceremony.
     2.   Reunion Committee Info.
     3.   Class Gift Info.
     4.   PA Governor Ed Rendell Wins Corinthian Award.
     5.   Dennis Bevans’ Legislative Work on the Treatment of the Criminally Insane

B. “Till Ours Hearts Be Still”:
     1. Jim Stidham

C. Communications from Classmates:
     1. Alex Markauskas. 2. Pete Shoemaker. 3. Chuck Zellers. 4. John Houghton

D. Other Business
E. Photo Gallery
A. News and Notes
     1. Myron “Toby” Caplan Award of Merit Presentation Weekend

                                   On October 13, 2007 Toby Caplan received the Alumni
                                   Award of Merit at a ceremony at Founder’s Hall. Toby was
                                   especially recognized for his many years leading the
                                   Pittsburgh Chapter of the Alumni Association. That
                                   chapter is one of the most active in the Alumni Association.
                                   Annually the chapter hosts and pays for a visit to the
                                   Pittsburgh area by the Hum’s two basketball teams to
                                   compete in tournaments in the Pittsburgh area.

                                   Classmates, significant others, and Caplan family attending
                                   the dinner included Toby and son, Brian , sister Pauline,
                                   and brother-in-law Chuck Miller, Rocco D’Amico, Ed
                                   DiRomaldo, Joe Frigiola and Linda O’Hara, John Kane,
                                   John and Georgina Myers, Max and Emily Page, Ron and
                                   Lorraine Saracini, Bruce and Shirley Seaman.
On Sunday the 14th we continued the celebration down at the Jersey shore with a brunch at the
Smithville Inn, and then a casual afternoon at Joe Frigiola and Linda O’Hara’s place in
Brigantine. Dan Ferro, Ed Hill and his wife, Helaine, and John Houghton also joined us for the
day. Photos of the two day events close this section.


I have been at the right place at the right time on many occasions in my life. Tonight is just
another example.

First, I want to thank Bob (Fark,’59, current president of the Pittsburg Chapter) for his kind

I would also like to thank Jim McKendrick and the Board of Managers for considering me for
the Alumni Award of Merit. I am humbled but very pleased to receive this prestigious honor. It
is a wonderful feeling to even be included in the group with Nick, Garry, Ken and all the
Girardians who have received this award in prior years.

My sister, Pauline, her husband Chuck, and my son, Brian, are here tonight to celebrate with us.
It is nice to have my family here.

It is also great to see so many classmates from the Nifty Class of Sixty and members of the
Western Pennsylvania Chapter here enjoying the evening. Our chapter has had success pulling
together to help Girardians attending college in our area and hosting the boys and girls
basketball teams as they compete in local tournaments.

Being elected president, I was in the right place at the right time. I get too much credit for the
hard work and financial support that Rich O’Brien, Bob Fark, Charlie Weiss, Joe Sadowski,
Wayne McNeal, Herm Woods, the Kopecs, Jack Marthens (now deceased) and others have put
in to make these team visits a successful tradition. I thank these men for their dedication to
Girard and its students.

It is sad, that all of us lost our fathers very early in life but if you think about it, after the sorrow,
we were in the right place at the right time. We became brothers. My mother with the help of
my Uncle Bert saw the value of the education and life style that Girard College could provide. I
thank my Mum and Uncle for making this very difficult decision…sending a 9 year old son off to
school 300 miles away…even though she hinted there were ponies there!!!!

Stephen Girard was quoted as saying, “My deeds must be my life and when I am gone my
actions must speak for me.” This profound but simple statement has guided me throughout my
entire life. I, like Nick, Garry, and Ken continue to press on in a way that our founder would
have been proud.

Stephen Girard…Stephen Girard…He gave each of us an opportunity to succeed. Thank you
Stephen Girard, our governesses, housemasters, and teachers for molding us and sending us off
into the world in the right direction.

Kiddingly (I think) I was advised to keep my speech short but I want to share this very
meaningful story that brings home the true meaning of being a Girardian. After graduation
during the summer my friends and I spent a lot of time at an ice cream store in Pittsburgh. One
day the owner hollered out, “Do any of you guys need a job?” My friend Don and I hollered
back, “ We do!” The ice cream store owner also with an employment agency called Don that
evening to get more information on himself and that other guy! Among other things Don told
the owner that I had graduated from Girard College in Philadelphia. This information was
passed on to Harry Blum, one of the partners with Blumcraft of Pittsburgh. Mr. Blum called me.
Mr. Blum being a lawyer studied Stephen Girard’s will and was familiar with the school. He
also had previously hired another Girardian, Vernon Drawbaugh (Class of 1954). He was doing
well in our drafting room so Mr. Blum figured…Hum…Myron Caplan…I’ll hire this Jewish
Girardian (The 3 Blum brothers being Jewish). So during my last interview, Mr. Blum asked me
to start work the day after Yom Kippur. I responded…Mr. Blum, When is Yom Kippur?
Sooooo Mr. Blum got only a Girardian. I say this only because being a Girardian must have
been enough as I continue to work for Blumcraft, now 46 years, and am the managing partner. I
truly was in the right place at the right time…innocently buying that ice cream cone!

Thank you all for listening to a grateful and proud Girardian.

Brian Caplan, Myron Caplan, Pauline and Chuck Miller

Frigiola, DI, Page, Myers, Caplan, Kane, D’Amico, Saracini, Seaman

Ferro, Houghton, Frigiola, D’Amico, Caplan, Hill
Saracini, Kane

       2. Reunion Committee Information

During the “Caplan Weekend’s” three events, classmates discussed what we should be doing about
getting together in the approximately 2 ½ years leading up to our 50th reunion, and also what that
reunion should look like. Many ideas were thrown out, and discussed. Clearly the 50th was the focus,
but many other ideas were discussed. Among them:

       -An annual get together in Florida in February of each year. Approximately 12 classmates reside
in Florida and the Southeast US, full or part time, and others take trips down there in the winter.
        -Planning small get togethers on Founders Day of 2008, and 2009. In recent years five to 8
classmates have gone to Founders Day each year, but nothing has been planned for any get togethers
after the festivities at the Hum
       -Thinking about an annual get together in Atlantic City in the fall of each year.
Joe Frigiola and John Kane were drafted to head a reunion committee, and they have now been joined
by Dan Ferro. Ben Bertino, John Houghton, and Chet Snyder have also volunteered to serve as
advisors to the committee. Joe Frigiola provided a dinner at his home in November as the kick-off of
this group’s work. Below is their first report.

                                Planning for our 50th Reunion

John Kane and Joe Frigiola are chairing the 50th Reunion Planning Committee for Founder’s Day
2010. They need your 2 cents.

Preliminary thinking includes the following events:
    1. The annual Alumni Golf Outing on Friday (for those so inclined)
    2. An informal get together Friday evening
    3. Chapel Service and Alumni Lunch on Saturday (We march down the aisle again, and sing
       Hail Girard and the Farewell Song)
    4. Hotel-based, festive Evening Buffet (Saturday pm) with reminiscing, updating, and story-
    5. Brunch on Sunday, followed by closing activities and farewell
There are several areas in which your input and/or assistance are needed, i.e.

       Are you planning to attend? Will you bring a guest(s)? (At some point, we will absolutely need
       a reliable head count to ground our planning)
       Will you need accommodations? If yes, for how many nights? What are you willing to spend
       per night per person? Do you have a preference for location? i.e. King of Prussia, Center City,
       New Jersey, South Philly, Other?
       What are your reactions to the proposed events noted above? What specific activities would
       you suggest for the reunion? i.e. Stuff to do in the group? Also, any interest in a Philly tour?
       Shopping? Other excursions? etc.
       What can you do to help? What skills, information, old pictures, equipment, contacts,
       resources, etc will you contribute? Do you want a role on this, or any other committee?
       What are your other thoughts, preferences, ideas, reservations, prohibitions, phobias,
       restrictions, fetishes, etc that the planning committee should know about? (We need to know
       now, and we need to be reminded often!)

NOTE: This is not your only, nor your last chance to participate, but for reasons that should be
obvious, the committee would appreciate your input sooner rather than later! You should start as
soon as you finish reading this piece!

Please feel free (if not compelled) to contact John, Joe, or Dan Ferro (first volunteer/conscript) with
any/all your information/suggestions at any time.

       John Kane       (215) 343-5769

       Joe Frigiola    (609) 702-0503

       Dan Ferro       (215) 757-7276

Watch this space for details and arrangements as they unfold. This train has left the station! (Now let’s
see who’s on board.)

                                        Florida Mini-Reunion

Coordinating with Pete Shoemaker we have scheduled a Florida mini-reunion at his house in Tampa,
FL on February 16. Golf will be arranged at Pete’s Club on Saturday afternoon and cocktails and
dinner will be provided by Roz and Pete, starting at 500pm. Bring your bathing suit, as the pool and
hot tub will be available. So far, Matt Mills, Joe Frigiola, Toby Caplan, Dave Phillips, Ron Saracini,
John Myers, Dennis Gries, and John Kane have already signed up. Don Ratajczak, Rich Popella and
Rocco D’Amico are probables. Wives and significant others are welcome. If you would like to come
and need overnight accommodations, Pete has two bedrooms available and we will coordinate for
rooms with other classmates in the area, once those rooms are taken. For those who would prefer hotel
accommodation, Pete recommends the Quality Inn on Bearss Ave in Tampa, 813-961-1000. Rooms
are available there in February at $90 per night. We are also working on activities for the non-golfers
in the group from 12-5PM that Saturday. Pete, Joe and John will be coordinating this event. As a
reminder, Pete can be reached at 16624 Sedona de Avila, Tampa, FL, 33613, 813-908-8773, Please give Pete, John, or Joe a call if you plan to attend.

                                             Founders Day 2008
   If you plan to attend Founders Day next year please give one of us a call. If sufficient numbers are
   interested we will try to set up a gathering away from the Hum late in the afternoon, and/or in the

                                   Fall, 2008 Gathering in Atlantic City
    If you would like to attend a mini-reunion on a fall weekend next year in Atlantic City please let us


       3. 50th Aniversary Gift Committee Information

       Class Gift Info by Myron Caplan and Pete Shoemaker

Over the years many classmates have provided substantial donations to the Hum to support the on-
going programs of the school, and as a way to support the legacy and intent of Stephan Girard’s
bequest. Such support has largely been done in three main ways. First, classmates have donated to the
Girard College Development Fund. The fund is controlled by the school and supplements the annual
operating budget. It does provide for some restricted contributions to specific goals or activities. In
the 2006-2007 fund raising cycle the following classmates donated to the Development Fund, almost
all of whom donated to multiple aspects of the Fund: Rich Adams, Ben Bertino, Myron Caplan, John
Kane, John Kostelnick, Matt Mills, Byron Orrs, Max Page, Don Ratajczak, Pete Shoemaker, and John
Tait. There were also two contributions in memory of Joe Diorio. Many other classmates have also
contributed substantial amounts in prior years. The various portions of the Development fund
contribute approximately $500,000 per year to the school’s programs. The second donation method is
to the Alumni Association. The Alumni’s donations are controlled by the Girard Alumni, with
collaboration, and advice from the school, and tend to be concentrated in special project areas like the
scouting program, and college scholarships for recent graduates. The Alumni also contribute around
$500,000 per year. We do not have a comprehensive listing of classmates who have contributed to the
Alumni, but we know there have been many over the years.

The third, and most recently developed way to contribute to the Hum, is the 50th class gift. This
“tradition” has only been in existence in the last decade, and has been associated with the “tradition” of
honoring on Founder’s Day the class of Hummers who had graduated 50 years previously. Those
classes so honored by marching down the chapel aisle, and providing the featured speaker at the
Founder’s Day Chapel Services have independently decided to donate a gift to Girard from the entire
class. That objective is the goal of the committee we head. The disposition of the gift is clearly at the
direction of the donating class. In recent years, according to Alumni records the following classes
have donated the following amounts, and designated the following usages.

1930:   New sign for the entrance to GC.      $8,900
1947    Refurbish Stephen Girard’s gig        Unknown
1949    Fountain at Merchant/Mariner          Unknown
1952    Window at Founder’s Hall              $10,000
1954    Landscaping of circle                 $20,000
1955    Mural on Elem School                  $25,000
1956    Repair of chapel Steinway             $30,000
1957    Computer Room in Merchant             $38,000
        Scholarships                          $70,000
1958    Not designated for Alumni Holding
1959    Current account amount                $33,000
1960    Current account amount                $23,000

As you can see the most recent 50th class, under the leadership of Bruce Perazelli, has upped the ante
substantially with a total class gift of approximately $108,000. We know that the Class of ’59 has set a
goal of over $100,000. During the events of the “Toby Weekend” both the size of the class gift, and
possible uses of the gift were discussed extensively. The conclusion is that we should set a high, but
realistic goal: $200,000. Many suggestions as to the disposition of the funds were also put forward
ranging from various physical improvements to the Hum, to donations which would useful to the
graduating classes of the future, to mechanisms to build the long-term capacity of the Alumni

Since 2003, Toby has been managing the collection of our 50th gift. Pete has agreed to join him as a
co-coordinator of the Class Gift effort. We clearly need other classmates to volunteer to serve on this
committee, and aid in our efforts. We see two main priorities. First to get all classmates to contribute
as much as possible to reach the cash goal. Second to develop ideas, and present them to all the
contributors as to the nature of the gift we would like to make. This notice is the start of the effort.

At this moment we have in the bank at the GCAA approximately $22,300.00 This total was
contributed by Adams, Caplan, D’Amico, DiRomaldo, Evans, Ferro, Frigiola, Garfein, Hill, Houghton,
Kane, Mishkin, Myers, Page, Saracini, Sehl, and Shoemaker. There was a balance of $2,596.39 in our
account from 2003, when Toby took over the account. We have no idea who contributed this money
and when but it is included in the $22,300.

There are 7 classmates who have given and pledged to give more specifically $32,450. So if these 7
pledges are fulfilled our total will grow to $$54,750.00. Most of the 7 pledgers (Caplan, D’Amico,
Evans, Frigiola, Garfein, Mishkin, and Shoemaker) indicated that their total was a minimum.

It has been generally agreed that the committee could use some of the funds to reimburse costs of
classmates for out-of-pocket expenses in activities like these, and putting out the Scratch Sheet, and
managing the website. As of this date, no such expenditures have been put forward for reimbursement,
i.e. a number of classmates are contributing to our efforts by absorbing such costs.

So we are 25% of the way to our goal. How do we proceed? If we take the $200,000 and divide it by
the number of classmates with whom we have contact, approximately 80, that comes to a contribution
of $2500 per classmate to reach that goal. We understand that that is unrealistic. That many of us are
on fixed incomes already, and others have not been as financially blessed as others. Both of us have
done substantial charitable fund raising in the past, and we know that such programs work best when
the well-off do more than their share. Our guess is that to reach this goal, we are going to need at least
five classmates to donate in the five figure range, one or two of whom run into the $25-50,000 area.
We already have one classmates’ pledge of $25,000. Hopefully others will stretch out what they think
they can contribute.

So in this holiday season we are asking each of you to think through what you may be able to
contribute in the next 2 ½ years to allow us to reach our goal.

To help us plan we would appreciate it if those who feel able to make a pledge now to fill out the
pledge form at the end of this Scratch Sheet, and let us know what you feel you may be able to
contribute. Obviously the form is not legally binding upon you in any way, but it will allow us to plan
for the type of gift we may be able to provide. We hope to reach that decision by May of 2009.

You can reach us to discuss these matters at:

       Caplan:; or 412-821-4256
       Shoemaker: or 813-908-8773

       4. PA Governor Ed Rendell Receives Corinthian Award

On December 1, 2007 at a ceremony and dinner at Founder’s Hall current Pennsylvania Governor was
presented the third Corinthian Award by Girard College. The Award is presented to individuals who
contribute substantially to the goals of the College. The first award went to Myer Feldman a 30s
Girardian, who was a close advisor to Presidents John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. Mr. Feldman
gave close to half a million dollars to finish the renovation of the Founders Hall roof. The second
award went to the devil Comcast Corp. who
apparently also donated substantial funds. We are
not yet aware of the Governor’s contribution.
Pete Shoemaker as a member of the Hum’s Board
of Directors annually purchases a table for the
ceremony. This year he invited Dan Ferro, Joe
Frigiola, his brother, Paul, class of ’59, and a
business associate along with their wives to attend
the ceremony. Photos of the event follow.
                        Pete + Gov. Ed Rendell

                                                               Ferro, Shoemaker, Frigiola

5. Dennis Bevan’s Work on the Treatment of the Criminally Insane.

        In May of 1977 Dennis Bevans’ older brother, Jim, a 44 year married father of three, was
brutally murdered on the Pennsylvania Turnpike while on a business trip. The murderer was a
chronically severely mentally disturbed man who had been in and out of mental hospitals. Dennis’
response to this family tragedy was to invest him time in becoming an expert in our society’s treatment
and control of such individuals. In 1979, he used that expertise to testify on the issues and remedies in
dealing with such offenders before the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Hearings on the Reform of the
Federal Criminal Laws. Those hearings eventually led to the passage of the Criminal Code Reform
Act of 1981. In the Judiciary Committee’s Report which accompanied the Act it was noted: “The
provisions in this section and section 3616 to permit a court to release a person on condition that he
conform to a prescribed regimen of medical care or treatment was persuasively recommended by R.
Dennis Bevans whose family experienced a tragedy that this provision, if available in the jurisdiction
in which the incident occurred, might have been prevented.” Dennis has continued to advocate on this
issue with state legislatures, and many of the provisions in the Federal legislation have been
incorporated into state law. Dennis’ testimony before the committee will be in the Discussions section
of our Website in a few weeks.

B. Till Our Hearts Be Still
       1. Jim Stidham. In SS#6 we announced the death of Jim Stidham, but at that time had only
the newspaper obituaries available, along with comments from classmates. Below you will find an
obituary developed by his wife, Lorraine, and DanFerro. Dan has kept contact with him for all
these years, and in the years since his illness has often ferried him to Girard events..

                        Jim Stidham, Vice President, (1960) August 9, 2007

Jim Stidham, age 64, our class Vice President and beloved friend to many, passed away August
9th, 2007 after a lengthy illness.

Perhaps the single best way to describe Jim’s years after Girard is to recognize his devotion to
his family, friends and associates. He is survived by his wife of 31 years, Lorraine, and his three
children Jimmy, Todd, Donna and four grandchildren. (His brother Richard '58 recently passed
away.) Jim and Lorraine lived on Meadowbrook Lane in Feasterville, PA for many years.

Immediately after graduating from Girard, Jim passed up a scholarship to attend college and
elected to devote his time and energy to caring for his mother. After his mother passed away he
parented his two sisters (Madelon & Gail) while his brother Richard served in the military.

Jim was twice a Vice President. After his Senior Year at the Hum as class vice-president, he
served as VP of Local Union 252, the Philadelphia area Glaziers union. Jim is fondly
remembered by his glazier friends for building their union hall and serving as an instructor for
their Journeyman update programs. During his career, it is interesting to note that Jim helped
glaze Philadelphia’s Liberty One office building at it’s very top 42nd floor! He also glazed the
Sands casino, Golden Nugget casino (both in Atlantic City), as well as the Polar Bear and Ape
living quarters at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Beyond his commitment to family and friends, Jim was an avid fishing, hunting and boating
enthusiast, assisted Lorraine in raising her Parrots, remodeled their home, enjoyed Disney
Cruises and rarely missed a date with his Breakfast Club friends. He was also a devoted member
of the Calvary Chapel Church, attending weekly Worship and Sunday Bible services.

Jim’s health declined after a major stroke he suffered
in 1989, followed by a long series of illnesses,
including Open heart surgery in 2002. He finally
succumbed to a rare form of cancer (Thymic) and

Lorraine Stidham and Dan Ferro

                      Jim and Lorraine Stidham

C. Messages from Classmates
     1. Alex Markauskas

Alex found us. He was on Dennis Gries‟ list of people to find, and as of SS#6 Dennis had him located
in Methuan, MA. Alex was mentioned in SS#6 as one of the artistic types from our class. As a result of
that mention Alex found us before Dennis found him. Below is the correspondence.

Gentlemen: I sent this from a web page to Toby Caplan but have no idea if it worked. After I hit the
send I didn't get any status, so I'm trying again.
I am eager to identify my new "best friend".
Please send me a reply to let me know this went through.
 Thanks Alex
From: Alex Markauskas
Ok, I have been found. I stumbled across “The Scratch Sheet” Vol 6
Your information is accurate about my having to exit Girard due to my birthday.
BTW, when someone remembers my fencing in the 8th grade, they are automatically bumped to my
“best friend list”.
I will provide a Quick life sketch…. For my new best friend.
I must admit after 49 years some names are familiar but faces have vanished,
Probably you have new faces anyway. I do remember events.
Anyway, let me summarize 49 years.
I graduated from Friend’s Central in 1960. The Clothier Family provided a home for my mother and
me, We are still close.
Studied art at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. That did not work well when I realized I needed to die
to make any money.
I worked for Raytheon Co. in MA. and retired after 37 years in 2002.
I am married, happily: have 1 girl, & 3 boys (the youngest is 26 oldest 44…not exactly kids). My
wife Grace and I (and 4 cats) live in a condo.
At:Alexander G. Markauskas
1 Riverview Blvd. Unit 1004
Methuen, Ma 01844

I drive a 1998 Corvette “love it”
I teach Iaido (Japanese Swordsmanship) at Methuen Aikido

Phone: 978.685.3744
My best to you...”best friend”
Alex -- Rocco is the Editor of the current Scratch Sheet, and we have been kicking around
the process of finding those who left before graduation.
 We had you in Metuchen, etc, etc.
 You seem to be quite a renowned expert in Martial Arts, even refereeing bouts.
 thanks for getting in touch, and back in the loop
 dennis gries- in Sarasota Florida

2. Peter Shoemaker:        NEWS FROM THE HUM.

The new school year is underway. We now have 752 students, by far the largest number in many,
many years. For your information, the current capacity of the school is 756 (more on that later). To
give you an idea of how popular the school has become, this past year there were 3,613 enrollment
inquiries and 1,129 applicants. There are 125 new students this year. We have Newbies (yes, they’re
still called Newbies) from as far away as California and Nevada. The wait list to get in is now longer
than the number of new students accepted. An amazing turnaround in the last five years. The current
student body gender ratio is 45% boys and 55% girls and 85% African American. We are working on
expanding the capacity of the school. A Long Range Planning Committee has been formed to look at
the physical plant needs for the next 10 years. For example the High School, Junior School and
remaining upper Halls are all in need of major renovation and upgrading. I was asked to chair this
Committee, but declined because of other commitments. However, I agreed to be on the Committee.
The Christmas Concert (now called Winter Concert) is scheduled for 130pm, Friday, December 21st,
Founder’s Day 2008 is May 17th and Commencement (yes, it is still called Commencement) is at
200pm, Thursday, June 5th. Please feel free to stop by your school and relive the memories. Regards,

3. Chuck Zellers:

        As you noticed, my email address has changed and it looks like I never updated you folks! Yes,
I agree sending The Scratch Sheet via email is the way to go in place of the US mail. Anyhow, I
thought I'd give you a snapshot of my journey through life.

When I graduated from Girard, I planned to enter the tool & die field but instead enlisted in the US
Army and received my electronics and radar maintenance training there. After completing 5 years in
the army on Nike missile sites, I joined Burroughs Corp. as a field engineer. The electronics training
the army gave me allowed me to pursue mainframe computer maintenance which I did for 35 years
before retiring. During my time with Burroughs which later became Unisys, I was trained on several
types of systems and spent the last 20 years as a field engineering manager. Shortly before I began
working with Burroughs, I married my wife Alice. We have 2 sons. I retired in late 2000 after Unisys
made me an offer I could not refuse. We bought an acre of land in Arizona and spend a couple of
months each winter there. Mainframe computer support is a demanding job. A bank wants to get their
files updated "yesterday" so I welcomed retirement.

I'm surprised at the number of classmates that have passed on! I've seen a list of those who are no
longer with us some time ago and I know others have been added to this list. Yes, life is short but
while we were in Girard, that was not even on our "radar scope". It's great to read about those who
excelled in their chosen field of work.

Unfortunately and since we live in Nebraska, my trips to Girard have been few and far between. I've
been back two times in all these years, the last time was about 10 years ago. I don't recognize some of
the names of those who were in our class but left before graduating but it's great to see they are doing
well! I can go on and on but don't want to bore you!

       Regards, Chuck

       4. John Houghton

At the Brigantine Festivities, in a discussion of class communications, John Houghton brought up the
idea of some sharing of experience among those classmates who served in the military in the Vietnam
era. We said, “great idea, you start it John.” He took us up on our challenge, and the results are
below. We will place this is the Discussion section of the Website, and will add any other classmates‟
reflections on this stormy period of our nation‟s history, and their involvement in it.

I joined the Marine Corps in February, 1965. After boot camp and radio school I was stationed at
                      Kanoe, Hawaii. I did about 10 months there, hating it, and finally in October
                      ’66, our company was sent to Vietnam.

                      Like all of us, who grew up in the 40’s and 50’s, I saw a lot of movies, a lot of
                      war movies, and when the opportunity for going to war came, I went. I didn’t go
                      to stop communism, or the Reds from storming the beaches of California, I went
                      to experience the greatest event of our generation. I wanted to be a part of it and
                      I got just what I wanted.

About three months into it things began to change for me. I took my eye off the big picture, “the
domino theory” and began to see the tremendous damage we were doing. We were destroying the
Vietnamese way of life for the gift of democracy. Soon they would be our ally against the red menace,
but on the ground where I was standing all I could see was nothing but chaos and death, dead bodies,
dead animals, and burned villages.

Only two things mattered from that point on: staying alive and trying not to kill anything else.

I got Medevaced out of country in Oct. ’67. I went to Phila. Naval Hospital to have my right kidney
removed. I was discharged in Feb. ’68. The VA awarded me 30% disability for my kidney (about $70
a month), but treated me rather shabbily throughout the process. So I was finished with them, and the
Marine Corps.

30 years later, I was working for the postal service and being treated rather shabbily again, but so was
everyone else. Now I was in my middle 50s, smoking 2 packs a day, drinking at least a nine pack, and
passing my evenings watching bad television. My life had not gone as planned, with two failed
marriages, two children being raised by their mothers and men who weren’t their fathers. I was barely
meeting minimal standards for existence.

A friend from the P.O. got me involved with a smoking cessation program at the VA. I went, lasted
about three months, then started again. This went on for awhile and finally in August, 2001, I quit for
good, which also helped with the drinking. I was no longer crawling to bed at night. But there was an
adverse effect to this better living, I was becoming very irritable and even angry at times.

In the spring of 2003, when we began bombing Iraq, we were in a war I found terribly familiar to
Vietnam. It was at that time I found myself on the verge of exploding. I followed the war obsessively.
It was like a drug. What was adding to the problem was work. I was @ maximum pay and vacation
time at the P.O., so they were steering me out the door. I wasn’t ready to go so things got unpleasant.
They put me on a night shift and began writing me up for late attendance. I had great trouble sleeping.
I was afraid of being fired, and losing my pension and benefits.

Throughout all of this, a friend of mine, who had worked at the PO, and was now a counselor at the
VA told me I was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He literally nagged me for 6
months, until I agreed to get some help from the VA. I went to a Vet Center at 8th and Arch in Phila. I
walked into a woman’s office, a psychologist for the VA. As I was sitting there her first question was
“how was I feeling today.” I never got one word out, instead I burst into tears, and cried about 20
minutes. Finally, I managed to say “not bad.”

That was 2004. Today, December 16, 2007, I’m still in counseling.

If you would like to share with John, you can contact him at:
        or 3035 Porter Rd., Camden NJ 08104
        or through his daughter‟s email
Additionally we can assure you that the rest of us „non-combatants” would also like to hear your
thoughts in response to John‟s.

D. Other Business
     1. Communications Committee

         The communications committee is responsible for the Scratch Sheet and the Website,
         and maintaining the class list. Members include:

         Rocco D’Amico, Scratch Sheet Editor
         Adam, and his son, Scott Deveney, Website Managers
         Ed DiRomaldo, Scratch Sheet Publisher
         Dennis Gries, Finder of Lost Persons, Class List Manager, and general consultant on all
         of the above.

         You should be looking for the following enhancements from our committee in the next
         few months.
               a. The class list will be placed on the web-site pass-word protected. If you
                   would not like your info on the site, let’s us know, and will blank out all or
                   any part of it. The list includes name, wife’s name, DOB, addresses, phone
                   numbers, and email contacts.
               b. Many more photos of the Hum will be available on the Website. These
                   excellent photos were provided to us by John Heaney.
               c. A new section will be added which has a page or more on each classmate
                   including your biography from the Corinthian, all communications we have
                   had from you, comments about you from other classmates etc.
               d. We will start to use the Discussions section of the site for special topics, and
                   true discussions. Shortly we will have in that section the beginnings of the
                   “Military Experience” section suggested by John Houghton’s reflections
                   above, a piece on the Stephen Girard – Toussaint affair discussed below.
                   We will add Dennis Bevans’ testimony to the Senate shortly. We hope to
                   add other discussion topics, e.g. “My Experiences in Shop.”
               e. Check the website periodically for new developments:
               f. In the next few months Dennis Gries will get the 1960s Scratch Sheets
                   edited by Leo Michaluk on the Website. He will also place on the Website
                   the editions of the Girard News from our Senior Year.
               g. In the future we will place new Scratch Sheets on the site, and just let the
                   wired know by email that it is available. We will continue to send hard
                   copies to the unwired.

     2. The Stephen Girard – Touissant L’Ouverture Affair.

         One of the other honorees at Toby’s award of merit presentation was Ken Carpenter of
         ’53 the long-term Research Librarian at Harvard. At the celebration of the 40th
         anniversary of the College’s integration, J.W. Montesire, the head of Philadelphia’s
         NAACP, single-handedly ruined the celebration by telling the students that they were
         receiving the benefits of Girard’s bequest, which he claimed was stolen from the leader
         of the first slave rebellion in the Americas, Touissaint L’Ouverture. Both Jon Newton,
         who edits some editions of the Steel and Garnet, and who introduced Ken, and Ken
         spoke about Ken’s voluntary quest to debunk this old canard which dates from the
         1890s. In a few weeks, these speeches will be placed in the Discussion section of the
         website, for those who may be interested in this aspect of Girard’s life and reputation.

     3. Joining the Alumni Association

    Most class members also belong to the Alumni Association. For those who can’t afford
    it, the Association has a fund which allows those individuals who don’t have the means
    to pay the annual dues to receive the various mailings from the Association. The annual
    dues are $50. We would encourage all classmates to join the Association. The Alumni
    has been extremely supportive of our efforts to bring the class together, and to the
    extent you can afford it, we would recommend you join. The next to last page of this
    Scratch Sheet is the Alumni membership form.

       i. Volunteer to serve on one of our three committees.
      ii. Think through how much you may be able to contribute
          to the Class of 60 gift, and communicate with Toby or
    iii. Provide feedback to Frigiola, or Kane on the series of
          questions they asked in section A. 2 above about your
          interests in reunions.
     iv. Give Shoemaker or Frigiola a call if you plan to make it to
          Florida mini-reunion in February.
      v. Give Frigiola or Kane a call if you might be interested in
          attending Founder’s Day in 2008.
     vi. You Vietnam-era vets, think about writing a piece on
          your military experience, and communicate with
          Houghton, or if you have something to share with all of us
          send it to D’Amico. Did “Batty” help?
    vii. For everyone, think about those 8-10 hours a week in
          Junior and Senior Year when you spent time in “shop”.
          Write it up for us and send to D’Amico. Was it fun or
          drudgery? Did it impact your life after the Hum? Did
          Creel Hatcher, Joe Sugenis, Jerry March, Shuster, Ting
          Morrow, Pereira, Arnie Daffin etc. etc. give you skills that
          paid off, or at least some life experiences that helped or
          hindered you.
   viii. We would like to hear from anyone who has recollections
          of the great June, 1960 revolt caused by the Carlson-
          Sosinski “hop the wall for beer trip”. We suspect that
          Victor and John never heard about our demands, and the
          administration’s folding to those demands. For all of you:
          what do you remember of that week, and we especially
          would like to hear from Victor, and John as to what
                happened to them that night, and in the following days,
                weeks, and months.

So here is your contact information on the material in this Scratch

Alumni, 215-232-883 Charles Kalata
Bevans 703-354-4234
Caplan, 412-821-4256
D’Amico, 301-229-0834
Deveney, 610-783-7165
DiRomaldo, 215-365-5965
Frigiola, 609-702-0503
Gries, 941-927-3757
Houghton, 856-963-6458
Shoemaker, 813-908-8773

 E.   Photo Gallery.

                                     Over One Hundred Years
                      Service to Alumni, Students and Friends of Girard College
                Girard College Alumni Association
                                             2101 South College Avenue #605
                                               Philadelphia, PA 19121-4865

                                                     Membership Application
                                                                 Year 2007-2008
                                    Join the 1900 Girardians in the Association

Lifetime:                    1946 and earlier-$160                               Senior:               12 months-                     $50
                             1947 to 1956- $200                                                        24 months-                     $95
                             1957 to 2006- $400                                                        36 months-                     $135

                                                             Associate:             $30
                                     For friends of the Alumni or of Girard College but who never attended Girard.
                                    Associate members do not have voting privileges or access to Scholarship grants.

                                     Please remit payment along with the completed coupon below. Cut along line.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------
Please Print                                           Make checks payable to: GCAA
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SPOUSE OR PARTNER NAME: _______________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________________________________

CITY: ______________________________________________STATE: __________ZIP CODE: ___________________

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