Veteran Undergrad Student Application and Enrollment Checklist

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					                                    Veteran Undergraduate Student Application and
                                                Enrollment Checklist

   This checklist was designed to provide a quick source of information as
   you submit your application and enrollment at Northern Kentucky                     When         To Be
   University. Not every contingency that a veteran student may face is               Available   Completed
   discussed and specific deadlines will vary depending upon your desired
   term of admission.

Start with Your Military Service Education Center

      Please visit your military service Education Center for basic information
       about your military education benefits and future enrollment in college.
      The Education Center can assist you enrolling in some general education
                                                                                        Now         ASAP
       coursework from a regionally accredited community college or university
       that is teaching on your military installation or nearby. The advantage to
       enrolling now would be that you could take some general education classes
       or preparatory classes before you exit from service and apply to NKU. Using
       the military tuition assistance program while on active duty will not affect
       your VA GI Bill benefits.

Information You Will Want to Know About NKU!

      Enrollment: More than 15,000 students from 42 states and 91 countries;
       1800 students live on campus.
      Location: Highland Heights, Kentucky. NKU is located 5 minutes from the
       vibrant city of Cincinnati.
      Average Incoming GPA: 3.10; Average class size: 24;
                                                                                        Now         ASAP
      Profs with terminal degrees: 82% ; Largest class size: 120
      Degrees –
      Associate: 6; Bachelor: 70; Graduate: 20; Juris Doctor: 1; Ed Doctor: 1
      NKU is a “Veteran Friendly” university. Approximately 3% of our students
       are veterans. Through our nationally recognized student organization,
       veterans can establish a connection early and help each other through the
       transition to a successful college student.
Let Us Know if You Want to Learn More About NKU!
      All veterans should visit NKU on the web at for more              (859)572-
                                                                                     Now     5220 or
       detailed information about NKU.
      A website for the NKU veteran has been established to provide further                  9548

Schedule a Campus Visit
      We can schedule a campus visit for you conducted by a fellow student                 Reverman,
       veteran.                                                                      Now    (859)-572-
      We can also coordinate with the academic department of your major to                   7609 or
       schedule an advising visit if you have applied to NKU.                              rieblingm @
      Please allow one week notice to schedule and confirm.

Understand NKU Freshman Admissions Process

      The Office of Admissions evaluates a student’s admission status for every
       degree-seeking freshman and for students who are transferring to NKU with
       fewer than 24 semester hours.                                                         Before
      For freshman, the purpose of this evaluation is to determine the student’s
       preparation for college-level coursework.
      The evaluation focuses on meeting the Pre-College Curriculum (PCC) high
       school coursework in English, Mathematics, Reading, Science, Social Studies
       and Foreign Language and ACT/SAT/Compass testing requirements.
ACT/SAT/Compass Testing Requirements

      For freshman, also evaluated are the highest ACT, SAT or Compass exam
       scores, college transcripts and high school grade point average (GPA)
       and/or class rank. These areas are evaluated to determine if the student
       meets the minimum requirements set forth by Northern Kentucky                                Before
       University and the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education.                             Applying
      For those applicants who took either the ACT or SAT test before graduating
       from high school (or obtaining a GED) the results of these tests will be            Now
       required to be furnished to NKU.
      If you cannot locate your test score you may have the SAT or ACT score                      Contact:
       sent directly from the testing agency. ACT (NKU code is 1566) SAT (NKU                    Testing and
       code is 1574)
                                   (859)572-
      If you have testing needs please visit for                  5751
       complete information for scheduling any testing services that include ACT
       test or Compass test on campus.

Transfer Student Admission Process

      If you are a transfer applicant (over 24 hours of college credit from a
       regionally accredited college or university) and have never taken the SAT/
       ACT or Compass, then you are not expected to take either of these tests.
      Remember that some university coursework has prerequisite requirements
       and it may be necessary to take the ACT/SAT or Compass test.                        Now

      If you have previous coursework from another university, you must submit
       all college transcripts. It is your responsibility to contact the institution and
       coordinate their mailing to NKU.
      Credit received from your military transcript does not count toward 24
       hours and entrance as a transfer student.

Request All Official High School Records                                                             Before
                                                                                                  applying –
      If you are a freshman, you will need the official transcripts from your high              be prepared
                                                                                           Now   to request at
       school (or GED certificate) for graduation verification.
                                                                                                 the time you
      Often ACT/SAT test scores are printed on your high school transcript.                       apply for
       Please check with your high school and this may save you a step.                           admission
Apply for VA Educational Benefits

      To begin the process, you must complete an application for benefits. Apply
       for benefits online using VONAPP (Veterans On-Line Application) link:                                              Contact:
      or you may complete a paper application with the NKU Veterans
       Coordinator located in Lucas Administration Center – Office of the Registrar.
      Chapter 35 will file VA form 22-5490, Application for Survivors’ and              Now      7609 or
       Dependants Educational Assistance. Chapters 30, 33, 1606 and 1607 will file             rieblingm@
       VA form 22-1990, Application for Educational Benefits. The signature page       
       must be mailed to the St Louis, MO Regional Office (PO Box 830, St. Louis,
       MO 63166-6830).
      You should mail a copy of your DD 214 or DD Form 2384 (Notice of Basic
       Eligibility) and a copy of your contract.
      Go to:

Obtain Transcripts From All Military Training

      Courses approved and recommended by the American Council of
       Education’s publication, Guide to Evaluation of Educational Experiences in                Before
       the Armed Forces will be considered for credit. A maximum of 32 semester                 Applying
       hours may be earned upon submission of an official military transcript.
       There is no fee for transcripts. Credit will be awarded upon class registration
       and enrollment.

Army AARTS              Request may be mailed, faxed or submitted online
Transcript              Phone: 1-866-297-4427                                                  Mail to the
                        Fax: 1-913-684-2011                                                    Office of the

Navy/Marine Corps       Request may be mailed or faxed
SMART Transcript        Phone: 1-877-253-8122                                                  Mail to the
                        Fax: 1-850-452-1281                                                    Office of the

Coast Guard USCG        Requests accepted by mail only
Transcript              Phone: 1-405-954-0072                                                  Mail to the
                                                                  Office of the
Air Force CCAF          Requests accepted by mail only
Transcript              Phone: 1-334-953-2794                                                     Mail to the
                                                            Office of

Please note that NKU is conservative in awarding credits from military transcripts that will apply toward your
     major. It is the discretion of the school or college within the university to what credits will transfer.


       Apply through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at
       Our application is online at                                            Visit
       A non-refundable $25 online application fee is required. Official high school           http://admiss
        transcripts. Official ACT/SAT scores. Pre-College Curriculum Form.            
       Be sure the mailing and email address you provide is current and you have a     Now
                                                                                                      for a
        responsible point of contact who will forward all correspondence received                 complete
        from NKU to you in a timely manner.                                                        listing of
       Once you have applied, you may follow your admissions acceptance status
        by logging into your account.
       Follow all instructions and guidelines from the Office of Admissions
        mailings, emails or phone calls.

        Because we know you are a veteran, we understand that you have
        the maturity, leadership and life skills to be successful in college.
        NKU will work closely with you during the entire admission and
        enrollment process.
Pay Enrollment Confirmation Fee

      First- time degree-seeking students who are offered admission to Northern
       Kentucky University and enroll in six or more credit hours must confirm
       their intention to enroll by submitting this form with a non-refundable $75
       confirmation fee.
       The deadline to submit your confirmation form and fee is May 1 for the
       Summer and Fall semesters or December 1 for the Spring semester. By
                                                                                       After you
       completing this form and submitting your confirmation fee you are holding        receive
       your spot at NKU.                                                              admission
      First-year veteran students will be invited to NKU's orientation program       acceptance
       once you have paid your confirmation fee. You may pay with a check,               letter     Deadline is
                                                                                                     May 1st
       money order, or a credit/debit card (VISA, Master Card, or Discover)
       through the online system.

                                                                                                   Merit Based
Scholarships                                                                                        Deadline is
                                                                                                   January 15th
      NKU awards over 600 merit based and veteran dependent scholarships                          ___________
       each year to the freshman class. You need to submit your scholarship
       application – including essay(s) and letter(s) of recommendation and a
       complete application for admissions.                                          You must be
      NKU also participates in KY Veteran Dependant Scholarship programs (505,                    Contact: Raye
       507 and 515). Each scholarship has specific eligibility requirements,                          Wright
       amounts, and duration and usage requirements.
                                                                                                      6433 or
      Look online to view a complete scholarship list at                                           wrightra@                                                          

      All student veterans are required to attend the 4 hour non-traditional
       student orientation. The orientation program will highlight the important                            2010
       services to you as an NKU student as well as prepare you for what is ahead                         Veteran
       as you begin classes.                                                                              Student
                                                                                        After you have
      During the orientation you will have the opportunity to pick up your student                      Orientation
                                                                                        been admitted
       ID, talk to financial aid representatives, learn about online course             and paid
       registration and campus email accounts, and talk to faculty and staff about      enrollment
                                                                                                          June 23
       the variety of student services.                                                 confirmation
      Upon receipt of your intent to enroll, students will be invited to NKU's                            July 14
       orientation program for veterans. You will receive detailed information
                                                                                                          August 4
       about orientation dates, time and location. Please fill out the registration
       form you received with your Northern Exposure information. Then mail it
       back to the Office of New Student Orientation and Parent Programs.

Advising and Registration

      Your orientation will not include academic advising. Enclosed in your
       acceptance materials will be an academic advising contact list.
      Please identify the academic program you have been admitted to and
       contact your academic advisor to schedule the advising appointment. The
       list (can) also be found at:                                                       After your      Before or                 admission         after
      You must do so prior to registering for classes. Registration dates can be
       found at:
      If you are currently taking classes at another institution and have not yet
       sent a final transcript, you will need to provide a copy of your current class
       schedule to your academic advisor during your appointment.
      You must also send a final, official transcript to NKU once you have received
       your grades.
       Other important on campus and off campus programs, reminders,
       and resources that veterans should consider are listed below.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid

      In addition to your VA Educational benefits, you may be eligible for a variety
       of need and merit based financial aid, as well as subsidized student loans.
      To be considered for federal or state financial aid, you must complete the             After January
       FAFSA. IMPORTANT: When completing the FAFSA, VA educational benefits                         1st
       do not count toward your claimed income. The NKU school code is
      To apply, please go to:
      On a rolling basis, students are notified by email when they have been
       awarded financial aid.

Veterans and Residency

      If you are a member of the Armed Forces, or a new veteran who maintained                 After you
       Kentucky residency during military duty, a photocopy of your DD214 is                    arrive on
       sufficient to submit for residency review.                                                campus

      If you are a veteran, spouse or dependent of a veteran stationed in                     __________
       Kentucky for a period of a year or longer, official military orders are
       required to establish residency for tuition. The residency packet should be
       completed.                                                                             For additional
      Membership in the Kentucky National Guard does not establish residency                   contact the
       for tuition purposes, unless the guard unit is called to active duty for a              Office of the
       period of at least one year.                                                               Registrar
      To obtain a Residency packet please visit :                                               (859) 572-

      University Housing provides housing services for single students who live
       on-campus during the school year. The facilities contain traditional
       residence hall rooms as well as apartment-style living, lobby areas,
       information desks, computer labs, televisions, vending areas, loft/study
       areas and space for student recreation.
      To be eligible for student housing, you must be a regularly enrolled student
                                                                                      After your
       with a minimum of 12 credit hours at Northern Kentucky University or                           May 1st
       KCTCS Gateway Community and Technical College. Special approval may be
       granted by the Director of Housing for students who are enrolled in 6 or
       more credit hours at NKU or Gateway. Consideration will be based on GPA,
       ACT and academic progress.
      Visit NKU Housing website for more information about housing. Link:

Veteran Students with Disabilities
                                                                                                     After you
      Northern Kentucky University takes great pride in the academic and             After your
                                                                                                     arrive on
       personal achievements of its many students with disabilities. The University   enrollment
       is committed to providing equal and integrated access for students with
      Please go to link: or call phone
       # 859-572-6373 for more information.

                                                                                                     KY Residents
VA Health Services & VA Vocational Counselor                                                        Contact: Chris
      You may be entitled to access to VA health care services and information on                         or
       service connected disabilities. There are VA Medical Centers in Lexington,                  chris.hegwood
       Kentucky, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Louisville, Kentucky. There are 5 local                         @va.cov
       healthcare clinics within the greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.                _____________
                                                                                                    Ohio residents
      Please click on the links below for additional information: Link:                             Contact: Amy                                                                    Carver,
      Your local VA Vocational Rehabilitation (Chapter 31) Coordinators contacts                      (Ext 2) or
       are Chris Hegwood and Amy Carver.                                                              amy.carver
Veterans Upward Bound Program (VUP)                                                                Contact:
      I f you are unable to be admitted to NKU because you do not have the                      Community
       academic skills needed to be successful at this time, NKU will assist your               and Technical
                                                                                      Anytime     College at
       application to the local Veterans Upward Bound Program (VUP).
      The VUP is a free Department of Education program designed to help you                   1614 or email
       refresh your academic skills and give you the confidence you need to                         gw-
       successfully complete your college degree at NKU.                                        vaupwardboun

Student Veteran Organization

      NKU Veterans for Education and Transition Services was established to                    Contact: Dave
       assist veterans at NKU throughout their entire college experience.                          Merriss
                                                                                      Anytime    (859)-572-
      NKU V.E.T.S. is the only student veteran organization in the greater
                                                                                                   7801 or
       Cincinnati nationally recognized by the Student Veterans of America.                       merrissd
      Membership is not limited to veterans. Any NKU student with an interest         
       and concern for the plight of veterans transitioning to college life can
       support the organization, and become a member.

      NKU and Xavier University have partnered to offer Army ROTC on NKU                            Major
       campus and Xavier campus.                                                                   Jonathon
      Army ROTC is a challenging set of electives which will help you develop                    (859)-814-
       leadership and management skills.                                                            4958 or
      The program prepares men and women for responsibilities as a Second                      jonathon.kov
       Lieutenant in the active Army, Army Reserve, or National Guard upon
      2-3-4 Year Scholarships are available

Air Force ROTC
                                                                                                Contact: LTC
      NKU and University of Cincinnati partner to offer Air Force ROTC on                      Shaun House
       University of Cincinnati campus                                                            (513-556-
                                                                                      Anytime      2237 or
      Air Force ROTC is a challenging curriculum of study in aerospace studies and             Shaun.House
       leadership labs that will lead to a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the     
       active Air Force.
      1-2-3-4 Year scholarships are available
Kentucky National Guard Tuition Award
                                                                                                Contact: Raye
      Most branches of the military offer some type of tuition assistance program                (859-572-
       that enables active duty members to take courses at civilian colleges during   Anytime      6433 or
       their off-duty hours.                                                                    wrightra@nk
      Detailed information for KY National Guard programs can be found

USAR/AF Tuition Assistance/KY NG Federal Tuition Assistance

      Many members of the Selected Reserve are eligible for up to 100% Tuition                    Contact:
                                                                                                Jenny Sullivan
       Assistance for college courses taken during off-duty hours.
      Go to                                   5603or
       school/reserve-tuition-assistance.html for detailed general information                  Sullivanj2@nk
       about tuition benefits for each service.