The Newborn

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					The Newborn

     Chapter 6
     Pages 172-201
Apgar Test

   Apgar Test-pg175      This test checks the
                           baby’s chance of
                           survival-score of1-10
                          Heart rate
                          Respiration
                          Muscle tone
                          Reflexes
                          Color
Brazelton Scale

   Tests 4 areas      Interaction with
                        sound; light
                       Motor processes
                       Excitement and
                       Stress(startlereaction)
Breastfeeding vs Bottlefeeding

   Easier to digest                       Fomula is made from cow’s
   Passes mother’s immunities              milk-may be hard to digest; also
   Always sterile & ready                  soy formula
   Vigorous sucking need is               Formulas come ready to
    satisfied                               use,liquid concentrate, or
   Saves time & money
                                           Mom must prepare formula and
   Health benefits for mom                 sanitize bottles
     –     uterus contracts
                                           Others may feed the baby; both
     –     reduces bleeding                 parents may bond w baby
     –     reduces risk of breast and
         uterine cancer                    Mother may be on medication
                                            and unable to breastfeed
   Warm relationship w baby
                                           Hold baby when feeding to
                                            have warm relationship
Clothing Needs

   What clothes do baby’s      Dress newborns in clothes
    find comfortable?            suitable for the weather
                                Easy to launder (washable-
                                 not dry clean)
                                Flame retardant
                                Newborns can’t push their
                                 arms; place arms and legs
                                 through openings
                                Support baby’s head
                                Talk to baby as you dress
Diapering-Cloth or disposable diapers are available

   Cloth Diapers available         Disposable Diapers
   Diaper service-costly           More Convenient
   Wash and sanitize-may be
    inconvenient                    Good for day
   Must wear plastic pants          care/travel
                                    Expensive
Diaper rash is caused by bacteria growing on the skin;
Change babies diaper, expose the area to air; use a
  rash ointment.

   Sponge baths until the           Wash and dry as you
    navel has healed.                 go keeping baby
   Leave cord alone, until           covered
    it falls off; then dab with      Pat dry and place lotion
    alcohol                           or oil
   Collect all supplies first       Never leave baby alone
   Wash and rinse from               in the tub-not even for a
    the head down with a              second
   Shampoo the scalp

   Newborns average around 17 hours of sleep
    per day
   Newborns adjust to normal household
    sounds so you do not need to whisper.
   Until age one, babies should be placed on
    their backs to sleep