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Murrieta Mission Council No. 11393, District 97, Div. 5
           February 2008      Vol. 15, No.1
Grand Knights Message – GK Jeff Rhodes

Page 1                         


Happy Valentine’s Day, I hope you take the time to tell those near to you that you love them.

On Friday, 25 January, we held Family Movie Night in the Old Worship Center. The audio / visual
setup on the Old Worship Center made it perfect for 25 adults and children to enjoy Toy Story the
movie, pizza, and soda. Many thanks to Mike Torretti for bringing his family and several children from
the neighborhood, otherwise it would have been the Garcia family movie night at St. Martha’s.

The 2008 Knights of Columbus Free
Throw Championship was held on
Saturday, 26 January. We had 19
participants, with 12 being the most
free throws shot by anyone. Many
thanks to Steve Aquilino, Jim Beavers,
Jeff Gehl, Joe Henn, Steve Lindsley,
Jerome Mostero, Rich Parzonko, and
Steve Tennant, for helping make this a
successful event.

If your thinking what I’m thinking, then
your thinking about pancakes. And
nobody makes them better than the
Murrieta Mission Knights of Columbus.
We will have a pancake breakfast on
Sunday, 17 February after the 7:15 and
9:00 AM masses. Please contact me at
951-232-0965 or if you can find time to help.

Need something to do? Want free doughnuts and coffee? See page 9.

Next month we begin our Fish Fry, however this year we are also going to offer grilled fish tacos and
clam chowder as an alternative. We will need about a dozen brothers each Friday evening between
3:30 PM and 8:00 PM. Fish Fry’s begin on 15 February, and continue through 14 March. Again,
please contact me at 951-232-0965 or if you can find time to help.

Lastly brothers, please make sure to pay attention to the calendar found in this issue. It contains all
of the event dates, including any Business or Officer meetings that have been rescheduled. This
month our Business Meeting is being held on Wednesday, 20 February, in Strailing Hall. The
Officer’s meeting will be Wednesday, February 27, in Worship Center Classroom 4.

Remember that this council is what we make of it. We need your help.

Fraternally, Briz

Page 2                                                                  
SICK AND DISTRESSED – Chancellor Rich Parzonko
Jonathon Asencio           S.F.C Larry Baker          Vince Baughman & Family
Bill Becker                Harvey Benson              Rice Berkshire
Nona Bertelli              Dennis Bricker             Dr. Robert Buckley
Shawnee Burce              Lesly Carlson              Norma Carr
Josephine Cascio-Mariana   Frank Cascio-Mariana       Joshua David Clarke
Louise De Contreras        Robert De Contreras        Matt De La Rosa
Rev. Steve Duffin          Rev. Tom Edwards           Dick Fewell
Art Flood                  Msgr. John Foley           Rosemary Foy & Family
Anna Galbraith             Jeff Gehl's sister Janet   Msgr. Jim Gehl
Pedro Gomez                Nicholas Gonzales          Ken Harpham
Jack Hawthorne &Family     John Hayes                 Mike & Kate Herman Family
Lloyd Hurley               Dea. Jose Ibarra           John Jones
Art Kaniasty               Kathy Kerfoot              Milton Kerfoot
Ronald Killion             Teresa Kozlowski           John Lenehan
Chip Maloney               Tom Marcil                 Peter Martinez
Rose Matarrase             Patsy Matarese             Howard McDonald
Jean Melton and Family     Aurthur Meza               Peter and Suzanne Murray
Catalina Nierva            Rachel Pacheco             Peter Palencia
Brad Palmer                Brian Parker               Wauneta Phifer
Paul Rickens               Robert Rodriguez - PSD     Roberto Ruiz
Gil Salvador               Clarice Schreiner          Hugo Schreiner
Rod Schultz                Steven Seiks               George Shipp
Dale Thompson              Janie Tijerina             Jose Torres
Michael Torretti           Rudy Valdez Sr.            Richard Von Voight
Frances Von Voight         Dea. Fred Von Voight       Violet Wall
Kevin Walsh                Don Wantz

Please call Rich Parzonko at 951-294-7177, or email to to update this list. Continue to remember the
Sick and Distressed among our brother knights, their families and
friends. Make an effort to call and say hello.

Page 3                                              
 Bill Frohoff, 10/3/1925 – 9/2/1996
 Frank Orlaski, 4/3/1932 – 7/20/1996
 Robert Marsolais, 4/18/1921 – 8/6/1997
 Stan Phillips, 2/13/1907 – 11/13/1997
 Russ Pirrelli, 10/18/1920 – 5/26/1998
 Joe Normendeau, 8/21/1929 – 4/3/1999
 George Morcombe, 1/3/1931 – 5/7/1999
 Charles Fisher, 8/18/1933 – 9/20/1999
 Nicholas Bartolomeo, 7/19/1921 – 7/7/2000
 Richard Arnold, 6/23/1932 – 5/15/2001
 Albert Brady, 2/2/1935 – 7/17/2001
 George Fulton, 8/18/1916 – 7/29/2001
 James Cabeen, 10/12/1926 – 10/26/2001
 Orville Ontkean, 4/25/1918 – 11/10/2001
 Doc Wall, 6/20/1924 – 6/13/2003
 Norm Elethorp, 7/26/1927 – 8/15/2003
 Mike Zubia, 9/28/1931 – 9/12/2003
 Lupe Santiago, 12/12/1933 – 1/25/2004
 Manuel Tiu, 5/3/1948 – 4/15/2003            Kieran J. Doyle, 5/4/1960 – 9/14/2005
 Jim Interrante, 4/6/1925 – 7/3/2004         Donald Carlson, 12/22/1947 – 9/27/2005
 Glenn M. Erickson, 1/9/1922 – 8/1/2004      Daniel Morrison, 6/4/1917 – 11/26/2005
 Frank Silvas, 4/29/1927 – 10/15/2004        Harris Gehl, 5/25/1920 – 3/6/2006
 Brian J. Hale, 4/19/1938 – 10/29/2004       Stephen Janicek, 8/21/1916 - 12/9/2006
 Abe Lozano, 9/23/1936 – 11/1/2004           Timoteo Pastor, 1/24/1934 – 1/10/2007
 Ron Eldridge, 6/11/1921 – 12/25/2004        Normand Nadeau, 5/7/1929 – 3/11/2007
 Richard Sullivan, 2/14/1921 – 4/14/2005     James Foy, 6/13/1932 – 3/19/2007
 Scott Hellinger, 2/4/1959 – 4/21/2005       William Voss, 10/30/1923 – 4/15/2007
 Eugene Mordacq, 6/25/1931 – 5/28/2005       Herbert Coralde, 2/28/1940 – 5/9/2007
 Raymond Mosher, 10/8/1920 – 6/7/2005        Marvin Melton, 10/15/1932 - 11/1/2007

"For none of us lives in himself, and none dies to himself; for if we live, we live
to the Lord, or if we die, we die to the Lord.

Therefore, whether we live or die, we are the Lord's. For to this end Christ died
and rose again, that he might be Lord both of the dead and of the living."

(Romans 14: 7-9)

Page 4                                                          

                                 YOUR HEART
                                    By Al Mozingo

People say, ―Let your heart lead you.‖ If it leads you to what is good and right, then
let your heart lead you. Your heart should be guided by the Holy Spirit. Do away
with what is bad and replace it with what is good. Do away with fear, anger,
anything evil and replace it with what is good and loving. Do what is right and
good. Let your heart lead you to God. Let your heart accept Jesus Christ as your
Savior. Let your heart choose the Holy Spirit‘s prompting. Within the deep
recesses of your heart you know what right from wrong. You have a choice! We
chose the direction we want to go with our heart.

What is important to you? That is where your heart is. What are your priorities?
That is where your heart is. Do you speak with positive remarks? Do you say kind
things, with love, and compassion? Or not? That is an indication of where your
heart is. Do you show understanding, consideration, respect, and patience with
your actions? Or not? That is an indication where your heart is.

We need to seek God. We need to seek God and love God with all our heart. We
need to love our brothers and sisters. We need to love one another with all our
heart. Our example was Christ and his love for us. With the prompting of the Holy
Spirit within, we can show Christ‘s love through our words and actions. Our heart
can show our love. Our heart can show kindness, forgiveness, and compassion. Be
sincere with a loving, caring, understanding heart!

                        Knights of Columbus Insurance
                        James W. McKenna, FICF, CSA
                        Insurance Field Agent, CA St. Lic. #0B6797
                     9193 Wooded Hill Drive • Glen Ivy, CA 92883-9346
                        Phone: (951) 277-9016 • Fax: (951) 277-9017

                       Day after day, your
                      Knights of Columbus
                      Agent Is there for you!

Page 5                                                        
The Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Knights of Columbus Round Table was formally established on
January 15, 2007! Sponsored by the Murrieta Mission Council #11393, and comprised of brother
knights in the French Valley area, this new Round Table is challenged to assist Fr. Thomas Burdick
with the needs of this new and growing parish.

Current members dedicated to the development of Blessed Teresa through the new Round Table

       Fr. Thomas Burdick          Bob Neff
       John Agbayani               Art Obregon
       Rice Berkshire              David Pearce
       Gilbert Bruno               Tony Revier
       John Callon                 Benny Rincon
       Ruben Cruz                  Deacon Manny Robles
       Tom Flynn, PGK              Rod Schultz
       John Gullett                Adam Soliz
       Mike Herman                 Mike Stefanyshyn
       Thad Luyben                 Steve Tennant, PGK
       Gerry Magbanua              Tony Tessier
       Bob McDonald                Albert Trudel
       Al Mozingo                  Gary Tucker


Please join me in welcoming Gil Bruno to the Blessed Teresa Round Table!

The KofC Round Table will coordinate the next BTOC fund-raising event which is a golf tournament at
Temeku Hills on Friday, April 4th. We will need 144 golfers and a lot of help, so please offer your
assistance. This will be 3 in 1 best ball format with winners in each of the Men’s, Women’s and Mixed
Couples divisions. Cost is $130 per person, which includes lunch and dinner. Everyone is welcome!

If you or any brother knight would like to join Blessed Teresa and the new Knights of Columbus
Round Table, please contact Steve Tennant at (951) 600-8009 or by email at

                     “Sometimes it is harder for us to smile at
                those who live with us, the immediate members
                of our families, than it is to smile at those who
                are not so close to us.
                      Let us never forget: love begins at home.”

                                                            † Mother Teresa

Page 6                                                                  

Your Business Belongs Here

Do you know that the Knights of Columbus can offer you IRA’s and Keogh and SEP Plans? Do you
know enough about them to decide whether or not they fit into your financial picture?

I would like you to answer three questions:

   1. Are you, like most people, interested in saving money?
   2. Do you find it difficult to save under common saving methods?
   3. Take the number of years you’ve been working times your average salary. What percentage of
      that income have you saved so far? How much will you save in the future?

If your answers bother you, I would like the chance to sit and talk with you and your wife, of course,
about our alternatives – annuities and tax-sheltered savings at highly competitive interest rates. You
need not look anywhere else but your own Order for your financial needs. Other institutions bombard
you with ads for business at this time of year. We just keep doing what we have been doing since Fr.
McGivney founded the Order 125 years ago – taking care of our members and their families.

           Why not call me at 951 277-9016 (E-Mail:
           or so we can discuss your long lasting
           ‗present‘ for Your Family – Your Most Treasured Possession!

           Jim McKenna, FICF, CSA
           PGK, FDD, PCP

Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year again! A time to tell your valentine just how much you really do love her.

What are you going to get her this year? Flowers? Some candy and a card?

Why don’t you get her something that truly shows what she means to you? We are talking about life

Give her the greatest gift of all. The financial security that she will need when you aren’t here any
more. Sure, flowers are pretty and smell nice but there is nothing left when they die. Candy is great
but once Valentines Day is over it, too, is gone. What is left when you’re gone?

Page 7                                                                   
Three Month Rolling Calendar
             Date                          Date                Start      End            Location
   Monday, February 4, 2008          Feast of St. Blaze
  Wednesday, February 6, 2008        Ash Wednesday
   Friday, February 15, 2008       Fish Taco / Fish Fry       3:30 PM   8:00 PM        Strailing Hall
  Saturday, February 16, 2008    Jefferson Ave. Clean-Up      7:30 AM   10:00 AM    Wal-Mart Parking Lot
   Sunday, February 17, 2008        Pancake Breakfast         8:00 AM   11:00 AM       Strailing Hall
   Monday, February 18, 2008  Knight Letter Submissions Due
   Monday, February 18, 2008          President's Day
 Wednesday, February 20, 2008      Business Meeting           6:30 PM   9:00 PM       Strailing Hall
   Friday, February 22, 2008       Fish Taco / Fish Fry       3:30 PM   8:00 PM        Strailing Hall
 Wednesday, February 27, 2008        Officer's Meeting        6:30 PM   9:00 PM Worship Center Classroom 4

              Date                         Event                Start   End              Location
    Sunday, March 2, 2008             Doughnut Sale           7:00 AM 11:00 AM         Church Patio
     Friday, March 7, 2008         Fish Taco / Fish Fry       3:30 PM 8:00 PM          Strailing Hall
  Wednesday, March 12, 2008         Business Meeting          6:30 PM 9:00 PM          Strailing Hall
    Friday, Marcy 14, 2008         Fish Taco / Fish Fry       3:30 PM 8:00 PM          Strailing Hall
   Sunday, March 16, 2008             Palm Sunday
    Friday, March 21, 2008             Good Friday
    Friday, March 28, 2008            Easter Sunday
  Wednesday, March 26, 2008          Officer's Meeting        6:30 PM   9:00 PM Worship Center Classroom 4
    Sunday, March 30 2008         Anunciation Int't Rosary                               Church

             Date                          Event                Start     End            Location
   Wednesday, April 9, 2008         Business Meeting          6:30 PM   9:00 PM       Strailing Hall
   Wednesday, April 23, 2008         Officer's Meeting        6:30 PM   9:00 PM Worship Center Classroom 4
    Saturday, April 26, 2008    Texasn Hold'em Tournament       TBD       TBD              TBD

Page 8                                                                    

Another exciting day to contribute to the beautification of the community! We will attack the trash
during the quarterly Jefferson Avenue Clean-Up on Saturday, February 16. We assemble in front of
Wal-Mart at 0730 hours for coffee, donuts, and the operations order. We'll be on the objective NLT
0800 hours and will complete the mission NLT 1000 hours. Upon completion, you are to return home
and take care of personal assignments (or are they "honey do's"?). Be there with your brothers - men
unafraid to humble themselves to pick up trash! As of this writing I have five slots available for this
highly desirable work. Call and leave message at (951) 461-2116 or e-mail
Fraternally, Joe Henn, PGK, Dir., Community Service Area"

                    Business Meetings are on the second Wednesday
                  of each month at St. Martha (unless noted otherwise)
                       in Straling Hall or the old Worship Center
                   Dinner at 6:30 PM and Meeting Begins at 7:30 PM

                    Officers meet on the fourth Wednesday at 7:30PM

                           The Knight Letter is published monthly by
                         Murrieta Mission Council #11393, District 97
                            and was edited this month by Briz Garcia
                    Phone: (951) 232-0965       Email:
                         View the Knight Letter on-line at our website:
              Murrieta Mission Council 11393 is based at St. Martha Catholic Parish
                 37200 Whitewood Road, Murrieta, CA 92563 (951) 698-3070
                               Very Reverend Jack Barker, Pastor

                                  St. Martha Mass Schedule
                      Monday—Saturday: 7:30 AMaturday Vigil: 5:00 PM
                   Sunday: 7:15 AM, 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM (Spanish),
                5:00 PM Youth Mass (Oct-May). Holy Days: 7:30 AM & 7:00 PM

Page 9                                                                 
OFFICERS 2007 - 2008
          Grand Knight                         Jeff Rhodes                   909-841-8159
          Deputy Grand Knight                  Briz Garcia                   951-232-0965
          Chancellor                           Richard Parzonko              951-294-7177
          Chaplain                             Fr. Mark Bertelli             951-698-8180
          Financial Secretary                  David Clarke                  951-672-9402
          Warden                               Keith Greene                  951-634-5727
          Honorary Warden                      John Asencio                  951-698-2227
          Recorder                                Vacant
          Advocate                             Nick Vultaggio                951-677-2423
          Treasurer                            Jeff Gehl                     951-677-1339
          Inside Guard                         Armando Torres                951-837-3566
          Outside Guard                        Robert Allgaier               951-696-1456
          3 Year Trustee                       Steve Lindsley                951-212-4349
          2 Year Trustee                       John Treis                    951-672-1019
          1 Year Trustee                       Marvin Melton                 951-677-7722
          Lecturer                                Vacant
          District Deputy                      Mike Gonzales                 951-677-0755
          Insurance General Agent              Jerald Pitzer                 760-930-4304


          Youth Activities                     Rice Berkshire                949-533-7267
          Community Activities                 Joe Henn                      951-461-2116
          Council Activities                   Paul Padilla                  951-677-3711
          Church Activities                    John Pica                     951-212-5174
          Family Activities                    Steve Lindsley                951-212-4349
          Pro-Life Activities (temp)           Marvin Hayes                  951-677-4837
          Membership Director                  Ken Hatke                     951-677-3644
          Retention Chairman                   John Treis                    951-672-1019
          Newsletter Editor                    Steve Tennant                 951-600-8009
          Publicity Chairman                   Sean McCarthy                 951-894-7094
          Parish Liaison                       Bill Franklin                 951-440-8291
          Beverage Chairman                    Charles Salazar               951-600-1163

               The Italian Catholic Federation is having its annual St. Joseph Table on March 15th, 08.

               This annual event is a Roman Catholic feast day commemorating the life of St. Joseph,
               the foster father of Jesus and husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary. St. Joseph's Day
               traditions stem from the middle ages. St. Joseph is the patron of workers and those in
               need of work. Prayers for the unemployed are often included in the celebrations. March
               19 is said to be St. Joseph's birthday and is celebrated as St. Joseph's Day. St. Martha‘s
               Italian Catholic Federation is hosting a St. Joseph Table on March 15, 2008 at 6:00 PM;
               Come and join us for this celebration, tickets will be available starting February 23rd,
               08. For more information call 677-2423.

Page 10                                                                  
Knights of Columbus              Non-Profit Org
Murrieta Mission Council 11393    U.S. Postage
28423 Long Meadow Drive               Paid
                                 Temecula, CA
Menifee, CA 92584-7751           Permit No. 635


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