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    CONTENTS                                                   January/February 2011
         BLISS                             29   Bartender’s Best:                     SUPPORTING LOCAL
                                                Lindsey Teard of Baker’s Crust
    10   Wedding Etiquette: Then vs. Now                                              BUSINESS
    14   Five Pre-Wedding Stress Busters                                         42   Ramada Plaza Richmond West
    14   Bridal Events
                                                RETAIL                                Commonwealth Hearing Center
                                           32   Shop Therapy
    15   Hot Trends in Engagement Rings                                          43   Richmond Allergy & Asthma
                                                                                 45   Good Feet
         FLAVOR                                                                       The Stitching Studio
                                           33   It Pays to Be a Senior
    20   Maitre D’ Restaurant Guide                                                   Hearth & Home
    26   In Search of...Pasta                                                    46   California Closets
                                                HEALTH                                Flat 5
    27   Richmond’s Favorite Hot Dog
                                           35   How to Talk on a Diet
    27   Wine Zone–The Flavor
         Ambassadors Stay Strong           38   Simple Noninvasive Procedures         AROUND THE HOUSE
                                           39   How to Get Healthy Hair          49   Let There Be Light
    28   Calendar of Events

6                                                                                                   JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011
              William J. Davis, Jr.

               Cheryl T. Davis

           Vicki O’Neal, ASID, CID

                Alaina Rauth
               Jennifer Russell

          Jared Davis, John Innes,
          Don Shaeffer, Ann Small

                Barry Cook

                   Ed Ip
                  Tim Hill

         Erin D. Pittman, Diana Manning,
           Bruce Moore, Joseph Green,
                Tammie Wersinger

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                                                          On pAgE 30!

                       ABOUT OUR COVER
                       Bartender Lindsey
                       Teard of Baker’s Crust
                       is interviewed on page
                       29. Photo by Ed Ip.                                                7
               Keep Them Coming Back
      Building a Web Audience
                 By Shawn Deane at Meridian Tech Group, Inc.
           For a free consultation on how to improve your company’s
        website, contact: • 804-378-2646 x80

        Web developers know that the most visually attractive websites can-
    not succeed in the long run without a returning viewing audience. Get-
    ting and keeping an audience increases your site’s page views, relevance in
    your particular market, and, most importantly, earning potential. So, how
    should you go about getting, maintaining, and building an audience that
    is continuously growing and evolving? Here are three easy suggestions to
    help propel your website to the next level.
    1. Know Your Audience
         Having a clear idea of your audience’s interests and expectations makes
    it easy to deliver the desired information. To learn about your audience:
         • Provide a forum such as a bulletin board or chat room, and read what
    is being posted. .
         • Invite visitors to complete surveys.
         • Create an environment that encourages communication. Respond to
    emails promptly, politely, and in a way that lets the user know that they
    have been heard.
         • Frequently review general surveys of on-line users to better under-
    stand current trends in your particular market.
    2. Content is King
        Once you know what your audience wants, give it to them in the form
    of compelling content that is both useful and up-to-date. Interesting con-
    tent means going a step beyond the supplying of a standard list of links for
    your readers to browse:
                                 • When selling something, provide product
                             information, consumer reviews, and product-
                             related articles.
                                 • Build a sense of community by making your
                             site as interactive as possible. Holding contests
                             and promotional events, acknowledging audi-
                             ence input, and providing an arena for users to
                             voice their opinions will increase their feelings of
                             being personally invested in your site.
                                 • Keep content current. Regularly check for
                             and replace outdated articles and broken links.
                                 • Proper grammar and correct spelling
                             throughout your site conveys professionalism.
                             3. Push Your Site Into the Spotlight
                                 Taking the time to learn about your audience
                             and providing them with compelling content will
                             mean nothing if your site is difficult to find. To in-
                             crease your site’s visibility:
                                 • Obtain a domain name that makes sense.
                                 • Submit your website to as many search
                             engines as possible. Submission services, like
                             Submit-It, can also be utilized if you don’t mind
                             paying a fee.
                                 • Use well-written meta tags to increase your
                             search engine standings.
                                 • Post to newsgroups like Google and Yahoo
                             Groups when you see topics related to your site.
                             Always include your URL in the signature line.
                                 • Seek out related mailing lists at sites like List
                             Universe and start posting.
                                 • Utilize social networking sites. n

8                                                       JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011   9
       THEN vs Now
                                                                               THEN: You wouldn’t invite someone to your shower who wasn’t
                                                                               invited to your wedding.
                                                                               Now: It’s only acceptable to have different guest lists if you’re
                                                                               throwing an office shower or having a very intimate destination
                               By Charli Penn                                  wedding. Since guests will have to bring presents to the shower,

       f you’re getting married, you may find yourself wondering what          it could look like you’re trying to collect gifts from them even
       rules have changed since your parents said, “I do.” Here’s a look       though they’re not welcome at the main event.
       at wedding etiquette then and now, with thanks to Elise Mac             THEN: After attending a wedding and purchasing a gift for the
     Adam, author of “Something New: Wedding Etiquette for Rule                couple, guests expected to receive a thank-you note as close to the
     Breakers, Traditionalists, and Everyone in Between”:                      wedding date as possible.
     THEN: There was no dress code other than “formal” for brides              Now: It’s a must that you write thank-you notes to everyone
     and grooms heading to the altar, and the same went for their              who attended your wedding. There is a little more leeway regard-
     guests.                                                                   ing how soon guests expect to receive them. It’s becoming more
     Now: Attire can be completely informal (think casual summer               commonly understood that this is something that won’t happen
     dress for the bride and linen pants for the groom). A bride can           overnight – especially with more and more couples taking longer
     wear whatever she’d like at her wedding (in whatever color) and           honeymoons or planning other family time postwedding. These
     her groom can follow suit. But the couple still decides on the dress      days, you have between one and three months to send thank-you
     code for the event – making a mention of it on the invitations with       notes before it’s considered rude or neglectful.
     the expectation that their guests will obey.                              THEN: Guests received invitations and wrote back on their own
     THEN: Wedding registries were regarded as completely greedy               stating whether or not they would attend.
     and self-involved and were used primarily to indicate to friends          Now: Save-the-dates, though still a fairly new form of wedding
     and family what china patterns the couple had selected at their lo-       stationery, have become more common because weddings now
     cal department store.                                                     tend to require more traveling and planning (especially with the
     Now: Here’s one etiquette rule that’s done a complete 180. Most           increased popularity of destination weddings and holiday wed-
     often your guests will expect you to register for gifts. Not register-    dings). Save-the-dates are to be sent out before the invitations to
     ing for anything would actually be more questionable these days,          give guests as much time to plan as possible and to help the bride
     though completely acceptable if that’s what you wish.                     and groom get an idea of what their final guest count will be. In
                                                                               addition, guests will likely expect to see a response card in the in-
     THEN: Putting registry information or requests for cash on wed-
                                                                               vitation suite and might feel inconvenienced if they have to supply
     ding stationery of any kind was unacceptable.
                                                                               their own reply stationery and postage.
     Now: It still is. Even if you want to insist that your guests don’t
     buy gifts, the invitation isn’t the proper place to do so. The same       THEN: The bride’s family paid for all wedding expenses.
     goes for cash requests. No matter how practical you think it is,          Now: There are no rules about who pays for what as long as
     you can come off looking as if you’re charging admission to your          everyone keeps in mind the central rule that no one should have to
     wedding. (This includes registry information – let it spread by           put up more money than they’re comfortable spending. You don’t
     word of mouth or through a subtle mention on your wedding Web             need to go into debt to get married, and often very close friends
     site.) If you’re interested in receiving cash or something very spe-      and other family members will offer to help pick up costs for
     cific, consider setting up a lifestyle registry or alternative registry   prewedding parties and extra unexpected expenses (tux rental late
     that will help clue in your guests.                                       fees, extra favor bags, etc.). n
                                                                                                                           McClatchy-Tribune Information Services

10                                                                                                                          JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011
     5      PRE-WEDDING STRESS BUSTERS                                            a spa pedicure complete with a foot massage or snuggle up on the
                                                                                  couch for a flick.

        t’s common to find the wedding planning process overwhelming,             EAT RIGHT
        but you shouldn’t let it affect your health. If you find yourself at         Whether you’re a junk food junkie or you’ve gotten off track by
        your limit before you’ve even walked down the aisle, it’s time to         hitting up fast food joints between choosing a dress and cake tast-
     get things under control. Take a moment for yourself and check out           ing (yes, we know, you just had to try every flavor!), eating right is
     these top five ways to manage and reduce your stress level.                  a priority. Stress-busting foods like whole grains and red, green or
                                                                                  orange vegetables can help keep you relaxed. Avoid coffee or caf-
                                                                                  finated drinks to keep the jitters away and skip fried foods, which
       Exercise releases endorphins (natural painkillers that can lift your
                                                                                  can leave you feeling drained and sleepy.
     mood and reduce the physical effects of stress), making it a great
     way to clear your mind. Don’t worry! You don’t have to be a mara-            CATCH SOME ZZZ’S
     thon runner or gym rat. Simply taking a 10-minute walk or some                  Burning the midnight oil is one of the leading causes of fatigue-
     time to stretch will help calm you down. If you want a more intense          related stress. If you’re staying up late at night assembling favor
     experience or the “runner’s high,” then head to the gym for an aero-         boxes and focusing on your growing guest list, it’s time to call it a
     bics class or go for a run in your neighborhood. For a more relaxing         night. You’ll be happier and more relaxed if you get some sleep and
     alternative, try a yoga class. The breathing techniques create unity         revisit these projects the next day – with a fresh mind and rested body.
     between the mind and body and increase oxygen levels, which aid
                                                                                  TAKE A VACATION
     in improving concentration, relieving tension and decreasing stress.
                                                                                     It’s called a “getaway” for a reason. Leave your problems at home
     TOUCH THERAPY                                                                and head off for the beach or mountains. You may not have time for
       Who knew? A hug can help you chill out. Touch therapy (in the              a lengthy escape, but taking a night to yourself at a bed-and-break-
     form of a foot rub, massage or holding hands) can lower stress by            fast or heading out of town for the weekend will help ease the pres-
     activating the body’s relaxation response. For a quick fix, grab your        sure. Can’t get away? At the very least, take a mental vacation. Take
     fiance and give him a squeeze. It’ll reinforce your connection in the        your phone off the hook and avoid wedding talk for a day. Spend
     midst of your planning frenzy. Other ways to get in touch: Schedule          some quality time relaxing in the bathtub or reading a good book. n

     Sunday, January 9, 11am-5pm                         Sunday, January 23, 11am-5pm                          Sunday, January 30, 1-5pm
     RICHMoND BRIDAL SHowCASE                            wASHINGToN BRIDAL SHowCASE                            INTERNATIoNAL BRIDAL EXPo
     Greater Richmond Convention Center                  Patriot Center At George Mason University             Holiday Inn Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, Va                      Fairfax, Va                                 
     Sunday, January 16, 12pm                                                                                  Sunday, January 30, 2-5pm
                                                         Sunday, January 23, 1-5pm
     RICHMoND wEDDING EXPo                                                                                     wINTER BLAST 2011 BRIDAL EXPo
                                                         CHARLoTTESVILLE wEDDING CLASSIC
     Richmond Marriott Downtown                                                                                Hilton Norfolk Airport, Norfolk, Va
                                                         The Boar’s Head, Charlottesville, Va                                                                        
     Sunday, January 16, Doors open at 11am              Sunday, January 23, 1-4pm                             Saturday, February 19
     UNIQUELY YoURS BRIDAL SHowCASE                      ELEGANCE IN BRIDAL SHow                               MiLA BRIDAL FASHIoN SHow
     Scope Exhibition Hall, Norfolk, Va                  omni Hotel, Charlottesville, Va                       Stony Point Fashion Park                       

14                                                                                                                              JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011
                                                                                                                            McClatchy-Tribune Information Services

                                                  Hot Trends                                 love into one picture-perfect ring. When you’re
                                                                                             ring shopping, ask to see different diamond shapes
                              ENGAGEMENT RINGS                                               and sizes; then, show the jeweler what kind of band
                                                                                             you’d like designed. Today, about a third of engage-

                              A      re you engagement-ring shopping sometime
                                     soon? As if picking out the perfect engage-
                              ment ring weren’t already nerve-racking enough,
                                                                                             ment rings are custom-designed, so you’ll be right
                                                                                             in the mix! And don’t worry, the jeweler will work
                                                                                             with you.
                              read up on the four hot ring trends that will make
                              narrowing down your pick that much harder.                     3 Gold and Rose-Gold Bands
                                                                                               White metals, like platinum, will always be pop-
                              1 Geometric Shapes
                                                                                             ular with brides, but gold bands are making a big
                                 Take a trip back to high-school math class. Re-
                                                                                             comeback this year. This is partly thanks to the re-
                              member all those fun shapes you encountered while
                                                                                             emergence of retro-inspired elements in pop culture
                              you were trying to learn your points from your in-
                                                                                             that have become a hit with brides. Rose-gold set-
                              tersections? They’re back! Many of today’s hottest
                                                                                             tings are ideal for the vintage-loving bride looking
                              rings are all about geometry. Pears, ovals, marquise
                                                                                             for a ring with a more nostalgic feel. Gold can also
                              and even heart-shaped diamonds make for an archi-
                                                                                             be a more budget-friendly option, depending on the
                              tectural engagement ring that’s both eye-catching
                                                                                             market price.
                              and unique.

                              2 Custom Ring Designs                                          4 Intricate Bands
                                                                                              An embellished band with intricate details –
                                 Brides are all about personalizing their wedding
                                                                                             whether they’re in the shape, etchings, or stones –
                              days, and in 2011, they’re customizing their engage-
                                                                                             adds that extra-special something to an engagement
                              ment rings too. In fact, nearly 70 percent of brides
                                                                                             ring. Ribbon-twist bands and split-shank bands are
                              get involved in the ring selection process. There’s
                                                                                             popular alternatives to the more traditional styles. n
                              been an increase in special orders for brides who
                              want to combine all of the design elements they
                                                                                                                                  BRIDAL EVENTS
Sunday, February 20, 1-5pm                            Sunday, March 27, 1-5pm                                Sunday, July 17, 1-4pm
THE BIG DAY BRIDAL & EVENT EXPo                       USA BRIDAL EXPo                                        ELEGANCE IN BRIDAL SHow
Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center               Crowne Plaza Hampton Marina Hotel & Resort             Holiday Inn – Kroger South, Richmond, Va                                     Hampton, Va                                  
Sunday, February 27, 1-4pm                                                                                   Sunday, August 28, 1-4pm
                                                      Sunday, April 10, 11am-5pm
ELEGANCE IN BRIDAL SHow                                                                                      ELEGANCE IN BRIDAL SHow
                                                      wASHINGToN BRIDAL SHowCASE
Holiday Inn – Koger South, Richmond, Va                                                                      omni Hotel, Charlottesville, Va                          Dulles Expo Center, Chantilly, Va            
Sunday, March 27, 2-5pm                               Sunday, May 15, 11am-3pm
MARCH MADNESS 2011 BRIDAL EXPo                                                                               For more events visit:
                                                      IMAGES BRIDAL EXPo & FASHIoN SHow
Great wolf Lodge williamsburg, williamsburg, Va       Springfield Hilton Hotel, Springfield, Va                                                                                                                                                                       15
                                      WEDDINGS ARE

               estination weddings are hot… and sometimes they are
               cold, or up in the air, or they can be anything you dream
               up! You can get married in a castle in Ireland, on a beach
     in Costa Rica, in a 32 degree Ice Chapel in Sweden or even under-
     water in Bali.
       At Covington, we know that your destination wedding or romantic
     honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration and it is crucial to get
     all the details right. Your Covington travel specialist will manage
     every detail, from helping you select the perfect wedding venue or
     honeymoon destination, to confirming travel and event details for
     two to 200.
     Resort wedding packages typically include:
     • Personal wedding consultant        • Wedding official
     • Picturesque location               • Bouquet and boutonniere
     • Reception with wedding cake and sparkling wine
     • Photo package
                              Options and upgrades are available so you
                            can customize your event. For example, you
                            might choose to add live instrumentalists or a
                            video of the event.
                              Anything is possible, but don’t trust the be-
                            ginning of your life as a couple to amateurs!
                            Our experienced advisors have first-hand
                            knowledge of hundreds of destinations and
                            resorts. We can arrange exactly the right trip
                            and attend to all the details so you have the
                            carefree and memorable experience that you
                            have dreamed about.
                              Contact Covington Travel for details re-
                            garding our Wedding Travel Registry, which
                            allows family and friends to easily make gift
                            contributions toward your destination cer-
                            emony or honeymoon. Receive a “special gift”
                            for her—if a honeymoon or destination wed-
                            ding is booked by March 15, 2010. n

                                      Innsbrook: 804-747-7077
                                    James Center: 804-344-3244,
                                    Charlottesville: 434-295-0004

16                                                JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011
                                                                                Indulge in an avocado tart–
                                                                              a lemony avocado and cream
                                                                                  cheese filling in a Nillla
                                                                                 Wafer and toasted coconut
                                                                                crust–and more Caribbean-
                                                                               inspired cuisine at Pescados,
                                                                                  located Downtown or in
                                                                              Midlothian. Read about more
                                                                                ISO Desserts in River City at

                         BUCKHEAD’S                                  EXTREME PIZZA
                         “Extra-aged” steaks, fresh seafood and      Forty-seven different toppings are fea-
                         an award-winning wine list have made        tured on the menu and can be used to
                         this Richmond’s premier destination         build your own Extreme pizza favorite.
                         dining location for 15 years. Try the       Subs, salads, wings and calzones are
                         steak tenderloin medallions with Ver-       also available. Online ordering, delivery
                         mouth Demi-Glace topped with Jumbo          and take-and-bake pizzas sold on oven
                         Lump Crabmeat and finished with             ready trays. 11653 W. Broad Street.
                         Béarnaise Sauce.         360.3123.
                         8510 Patterson Avenue. 750-2000.

                         MALABAR                                     VIETNAM GARDEN
                         Malabar Indian Cuisine offers a variety
                                                                     Step into an authentic Asian dining
                         of Indian delicacies such as Masala
                                                                     experience in the cozy Vietnam Garden.
                         Dosas, Idli, sambar, Rasam soup, Palak
                                                                     Made-from-scratch Vietnamese cuisine
                         Paneer, Baingan Bhartha, Kerala fish
                                                                     prepared with fresh ingredients. Try the
                         curry Malabar shrimp curry. Lunch buf-
                                                                     famous “Pho” noodle soup or an ap-
                         fet Tuesday-Sunday. 3456 Lauderdale
                                                                     petizer platter featuring an array of rolls
                         Drive. 364-7077.
                                                                     filled with various meats.
                                                                     9031 W. Broad Street. 262.6114.

                         THE MELTING POT                             BAKER’S CRUST
                         This memorable four-course dining           Specializing in a variety of delicious
                         experience includes a choice of four        hard-crusted breads. Enjoy belgian
                         fondue-cooking styles and a variety of      waffles, eggs benedict or omelets for
                         entrees including lobster and sirloin.      breakfast. Or stop by for lunch or dinner
                         Also included are cheese fondues, fresh     for soups, sandwiches, crepes and deli-
                         salads and chocolate fondue. This           cious entrees, such as asiago chicken.
                         romantic restaurant boasts the largest      Short Pump Town Center. 377.9060.
                         wine list in the state. 9704 Gayton Road.

        DINING |                                                 Flavor
                         NIGHTLIFE | EVENTS | TRAVEL | SPORTS | THE ARTS                                           19
                                                                                                       Joey’s Hot Dogs
                                                                                                       4028 Cox Road. 651-4108.
                                                                                                       10400 Ridgefield Parkway. 740-0860.
                                                                                                       Lunch and Dinner. Dine-in & Take out.
                                                                                                       Casual. Reservations not needed.

                                                                                                       Julep’s New Southern Cuisine
                                                                                                       1719 E Franklin Street. 377-3968.
                                                                                              Dinner. Dine-In. Upscale.
                                                                                                       Reservations strongly suggested.

                                                                                                       Le Box
                                                                                                       262.7580. Fax 262-7639.

     AMERICAN                                       Cuptertino’s NY Bagels & Deli
                                                    3621 Cox Road. 747-4005.
                                                                                                       Boxed Lunches, Platters & Catering

     Baker’s Crust                                                    Palani Drive
     Short Pump Town Center. 377.9060.              Breakfast & Lunch. Dine-In & Take out.             401 Libbie Ave. 285.3200.                            Casual. Reservations not needed.         
     Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Casual.                                                                Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-Out.
     Dine-In & Take Out. Reservations Not Needed.   Firebird’s Wood-Fired Grill                        Casual. Reservations not needed.
                                                    11800 W. Broad Street, Ste. 1068. 364-9744.
     Bistro R                                                    Padow’s Ham & Deli
     9681 W. Broad Street. 747-9484.                Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.                1601 Willow Lawn Drive. 358-4267. Lunch & Dinner.               Casual. Reservations suggested.           Lunch & Dinner.
     Dine-In & Catering. Casual.                                                                       Dine-In & Take out. Casual.
     Reservations suggested.                        The Glen Restaurant at                             Reservations not needed.
                                                    Virginia Crossings Resort
                                                    1000 Virginia Center Parkway. 727-1480.            The Patio
     Buffalo Wild Wings                                      3601-A Cox Road. 747.8333.
     7801 W. Broad Street, Ste. 10. 672-8732.       Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, & Dinner.                            Dine-In. Upscale casual. Reservations suggested.   Lunch, Dinner & Late-Night.
     Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.                                                       Dine-In and Take Out. Casual.
     Reservations not needed.                       Glory Days Grill                                   Reservations Not Needed.
                                                    10466 Ridgefield Parkway. 754-3710.
     Capital Ale House                              Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual.                   Phillip’s Continental Lounge
     4024 Cox Road, Ste. A. 780-2537.               Reservations not needed.                           5704 Grove Ave. 288-8687.                                                                
     Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.            JJ’s Grille                                        Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
     Casual. Reservations not needed.               10298 Staples Mill Road. 755-6229.                 Casual. Reservations not needed.
                                           Brunch, Lunch & Dinner.
     City Limit                                     Dine-In. Casual. Reservations not needed.          The Pour House
     7007 Three Chopt Road. 282-4232.                                                                  3438 Pump Road. 364-9083. Lunch & Dinner.                                               Lunch & Dinner.
     Dine-In. Casual. Reservations suggested.                                                          Dine-In & Take out. Casual.
                                                                                                       Reservations not needed.

                                                                                                       River City Diner
                                                                                                       803 E Parham Road. 515-7925.
                                                                                                       Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
                                                                                                       Casual. Reservations not needed.

                                                                                                       Shackleford’s Restaurant & Raw Bar
                                                                                                       10496 Ridgefield Pkwy. 741-9900.
                                                                                                       Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
                                                                                                       Casual. Reservations suggested.

                                                                                                       One West Broad Street. 225-0035.
                                                                                                       Brunch, Lunch, & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
                                                                                                       Casual. Reservations suggested.

                                                                                                       Tropical Smoothie
                                                                                              for locations.
                                                                                                       Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In or Take out.
                                                                                                       Casual. Reservations not needed.

20   Flavor                                                                                                  
Wing Zone
8310 Staples Mill Rd. 553-1515.
                                                  CHINESE                                           FONDUE                                  Chung Hing Chinese Restaurant                     The Melting Pot
Lunch, Dinner and Late Night. Casual.             3053 Lauderdale Drive. 360-2708.                  9704 Gayton Road. 741-3120.
Dine-In, Take Out, Delivery & Catering.           Lunch & Dinner. Pick-up, Take out & Delivery. Dinner. Dine-In.
Reservations Not Needed. Order online.            Casual. Reservations not needed.                  Upscale. Reservations strongly suggested.

                                                  Full Kee
ASIAN                                             6400 Horsepen Road. 673-2233.                     FRENCH
                                                  Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out & Delivery.    Can Can
Kenji                                             Casual. Reservations not needed.                  3120 W Cary Street. 358-7274.
11740 W. Broad Street. 364-1788.
                                                                                           Lunch & Dinner.          Nanking                                           Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
Dine-In. Upscale casual.                          9125 W. Broad Street, Ste. L. 270-3888.           Casual. Reservations suggested.
Reservations strongly suggested.        
                                                  Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In, Take out & Delivery.
Mama Wok
7801 W. Broad Street. 672-8989.
                                                  Casual. Reservations not needed.                  GREEk                                                                             The Crazy Greek
                                                  Rainbow Buffet
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In, Take out, & Delivery.                                                      1903 Staples Mill Rd. 355.3786.
                                                  11424 W. Broad Street. 360-8288.
Casual. Reservations suggested.                                                                     Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In, Take-Out & Delivery.
                                                  Lunch & Dinner. Casual. All-you-can-eat buffet.   Casual. Reservations not needed.
                                                  Reservations not needed.
11674 W. Broad Street. 364-8800.                                                                    Grapevine Greek & Italian Cuisine                                COFFEE & TEA                                      11055 Three Chopt Road. 440-9100.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
Upscale casual. Reservations suggested.           Umami                                             Lunch & Dinner. Casual. Reservations not
                                                  6920-C Lakeside Ave. 308-0395.                    needed.
                                                  Coffee, Tea and Lunch Shop. Dine-in, Take-out &
BARBECUE                                          Catering. Casual. Reservations not needed.
                                                                                                    Zorba’s Greek and Italian Cuisine
                                                                                                    9068 W Broad St. 270-6026.
Bill’s Barbecue                                                                           
5805 W. Broad Street. 282-8539.                                                                     Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In, Take-Out & Delivery.                                                                               Casual. Reservations not needed.
Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
Casual. Reservations not needed.

Famous Dave’s
7009 W Broad St. 755-4450.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
Casual. Reservations not needed.

Grandpa Eddie’s Alabama Ribs & BBQ
11129 Three Chopt Road. 270-7427.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
Casual. Reservations not needed.

TD’s Smokehouse BBQ
8919 Patterson Ave. 741-9804.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
Casual. Reservations not needed.

Dora’s Brazilian Grill
1331 E. Cary St. 269.3697.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual.
Reservations not needed.

Texas de Brazil
1420 North Parham Road. 750-2003. Dinner. Dine-In.
Upscale. Reservations strongly suggested.                                                                                    Flavor                                  21
              4015 Lauderdale Drive. 360.8686.
     Lunch & Dinner.
              Dine-In and Catering. Casual.
              Reservations suggested.

              Short Pump Town Center, Suite 910.
              Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In.
              Upscale Casual. Reservations not needed.

              3456 Lauderdale Drive. 364-7077.
              Lunch and Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
              Casual. Reservations suggested.

              Angela’s Ristorante
              425 N. Ridge Road. 288-7483.
              Dinner. Dine-In. Casual.
              Reservations suggested.

              6221 River Road. 282-1509.
              Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
              Upscale. Reservations suggested.

              8026 - D West Broad Street. 270-7011.
              Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
              Casual. Reservations not needed.

              1304 Gaskins Road. 740-5050.
               Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-Out.
              Casual. Reservations not needed.

              Nick’s Roman Terrace
              8051 W. Broad Street. 270-2988.
              Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
              Casual. Reservations not needed.

              Osteria La Giara
              201 Towne Center West Blvd. 269-3602.
              Lunch & Dinner. Reservations not needed.

              A Taste of Italy
              13547 Waterford Place. Midlothian. 763-2400.
              Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-Out. Casual.
              Reservations not needed.

              The Phoenician
              4401 W. Broad St. 359.5590.
              Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-Out.
              Casual. Reservations not needed.

22   Flavor        
Casa Grande
7818 W. Broad Street. 755-2388.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
Casual. Reservations not needed.

Don Papa Grande
8900 W Broad Street. 270-7767.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In.
Casual. Reservations not needed.

El Caporal
1417 E. Ridge Road. 673-1090.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
Casual. Reservations not needed.

El Paso
3417 Cox Road. 346-8889.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-in & Take out.
Casual. Reservations not needed.

Mexico Restaurant
6406 Horsepen Road. 282-7357.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
Casual. Reservations not needed.

Emilio’s Restaurant
1847 W. Broad Street. 359-1224.
Dine-In & Take out. Casual.
Reservations suggested.

Extreme Pizza
11653 W. Broad Street. 360-3123.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In, Take out, & Delivery.
Casual. Reservations not needed.

Byram’s Lobster House
3215 W. Broad Street. 355-9193. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In.
Casual. Reservations not needed.

5806 Grove Ave.288.8466.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-Out.
Casual. Reservations not needed.

Seafire Grill
3061 Lauderdale Road. 360-0900. Dinner. Dine-In & Take
out. Casual. Reservations suggested.

Skilligalee Restaurant
5416 Glenside Dr. 672.6200.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-Out.
Casual. Reservations Suggested.                        Flavor   23
              STEAk & CHOP HOUSE
              8510 Patterson Avenue. 750-2000.
     Dinner. Dine-In.
              Upscale. Reservations strongly suggested.

              4024-C Cox Road. 968-4323.
              Lunch, Dinner & Sunday Brunch. Dine-In.
              Upscale. Reservations strongly suggested.

              Ruth’s Chris
              11500 W. Huguenot Road. 378-0600.
     Dinner. Dine-In.
              Upscale. Reservations strongly suggested.

              Shula’s Steak House
              12042 W. Broad Street. 565-7000.
              Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual.
              Reservations strongly suggested.

              Siam Paragon
              10445 Midlothian Tnpk. 272-9011.
              Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In, Take Out & Catering.
              Casual. Reservations not needed.

              Tara Thai
              11800 W. Broad Street., #2516. 360-0001.
              Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
              Casual. Reservations suggested.

              Thai Diner
              8059 W. Broad Street. 270-2699.
     Lunch & Dinner. Casual.
              Dine-In & Take out. Reservations suggested.

              Mekong Restaurant
              6004 W. Broad Street. 288-8929.
              Lunch & Dinner.Dine-In & Take out. Casual.
              Reservations suggested.

              Vietnam Garden
              9031 W. Broad Street. 262-6114.
              Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
              Casual. Reservations suggested.

              The Wine Loft
              4035 Whittall Way. 368-1768.
              Dinner. Dine-In. Upscale Casual.
              Reservations not needed. n

24   Flavor           Flavor   25
                                                              IN SEARCH OF...
                                                            PHOTOS TOP TO BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT:
                                                            Chianti, Angela’s, Maggiano’s, Osteria La Giara, Grapevine. Photos by Tim Hill.

     PASTA PUTTANESCA CON POLLO                                            WHERE TO FIND IT:
     Pasta tossed with spicy marinara, chicken, artichokes, olives,        Maggiano’s • Short Pump Town Center
     garlic and capers.                                                    804-253-0900 •
     Chianti • Gayton Crossing Shopping Center
                                                                           SEAFOOD MEDLEY
                                                                           Pappardelle pasta topped with mussels, shrimp, calamari, scal-
     1304 Gaskins Road • 804-740-5050 •
                                                                           lops and baby clams in our a special seafood sauce. Experience
                                                                           traditional Italian cuisine with a new twist in cooking techniques.
     Mussels, shrimp, calamari, and baby clams sautéed in olive oil,       WHERE TO FIND IT:
     garlic, fresh herbs, Italian plum tomatoes and white wine served      Osteria La Giara • 201 Towne Center West Blvd. • 804-269-3602
     over linguini.
                                                                           PENNE ALA VODKA
                                                                           Marinated chicken cutlets sauteed in a vodka creme sauce made
     Angela’s Ristorante • 425 Ridge Road • 804-288-7483
                                                                           with a blend of marinara and alfredo sauce and placed over
                                                                           penne pasta. Served with salad and homemade bread.
     Homemade lasagna layered with whipped ricotta cheese, sweet           WHERE TO FIND IT:
     italian sausage, ground beef and marinara sauce and topped            Grapevine • 11055 Three Chopt Rd. • 440-9100
     with four cheeses and meat sauce.                            n

26   Flavor                                                                                            
 A Tidewater
  Tradition for
Decades is Now                                                                                  The Flavor Ambassadors
                                                                                                       Stay Strong

   Richmond’s                                                                                       Chicken wing cravers have called, and
                                                                                                Wing Zone, the 100-unit chicken wing

                                                                                                delivery and take-out specialists, has an-
                                                                                                swered, as the flavor sensation has opened
                                                                                                under new leadership at 8310 Staples Mill

  Hot Dog
                                                                                                    “I’m excited to get involved in the Rich-
                                                                                                mond market,” Mark Close said, noting
             By Joseph Green                                                                    that he will build this location as a com-
                                                                                                munity partner. “Customers rely on us to
                                                                                                feed their wing craving at lunch, dinner
   Joey Mirabile opened the second loca-        both of these locations and went on to
                                                                                                and for a late-night snack and, I want to
tion of Joey’s Hot Dogs at the Shoppes at       open several other locations in Hampton
                                                                                                continue this tradition in the Richmond
Innsbrook in November and has already           Roads over the next few decades. The rest       community.”
realized explosive success. He was asked        is history. The Mirabile family has been            Founders Matt Friedman and Adam
what it was like on his first day at the West   serving Tidewater’s favorite chili dog for      Scott created the chain that dares you to
Broad Street location. “Every counter seat      over 70 years now.                              not crave more of its tasty wings in 1991
full, every chair filled and a line out the        In 2007, after spending 25 years in the      at their University of Florida fraternity
door, just as we expected,” Mirabile stat-      banking industry working with an infor-         kitchen, where they cooked up wings
ed with a very confident and warm smile.        mation technology career, Joey decided          and homemade sauces and delivered the
                                                                                                award-winning Buffalo chicken wings
The good news is it is only going to grow.      to return to his roots and start a hot dog
                                                                                                all over the campus. Soon thereafter, the
   Most businesses need a little time to        business of his own right here in Rich-
                                                                                                founders began expanding their concept,
ramp up, why did this happen so quickly?        mond. Initially, Mirabile had planned to
                                                                                                later settling on Atlanta to headquarter
Simple. It is a proven success model. We        open the first Joey’s Hot Dogs near VCU,        their franchising efforts.
offer a delicious product, at a reasonable      but when those plans fell through he                “We encourage our friends to follow-
price, faster than any other lunch in town,     opened inside an Exxon station on Ridge-        us, Tweet us, friend us, and interact with
and our service is second to none.              field Parkway. This may seem to be a less-      us via MySpace, Facebook Twitter and
   Mirabile’s comes from a strong lineage       than-ideal location for an eatery special-      YouTube. We will offer real time specials
of hot dog royalty. His father Tony be-         izing in hot dogs., however, within a few       and interactive contests. Social media
came famous in the 1930’s at the age of 14      months the local blog,, was          provides us the ability to interact with our
as the Hot Dog Boy of City Hall Avenue in       reporting on how Joey’s had become fer-         customers in their personal space,” Fried-
                                                                                                man said.
Norfolk, Virginia, as he lined dogs up on       vently beloved by “Joeyheads.” Joey’s won
                                                                                                    Wing Zone’s extensive menu offers 15
his arm to serve the sailors during World       both the “Best Hot Dog in Richmond”
                                                                                                unique flavors of fresh, cooked-to-order
War II. It was not uncommon for Tony to         poll, sponsored by Lite 98’s Bill Bevins,
                                                                                                wings, including favorites such as Nuclear,
serve the stars such as Frank Sinatra and       and a “Best New Restaurant” award from          Honey BBQ, Lemon Pepper, Ragin’ Cajun,
Dean Martin when they were in town for          Style Weekly.                                   Garlic Parmesan and Spicy BBQ. In addi-
performances at the Cavalier Hotel.                After only three years, Joey has opened      tion, Wing Zone offers salads, grilled sand-
   In 1962 Joey’s Mother Geri purchased         a flagship location in The Shoppes at           wiches, burgers and a variety of appetizers
a building on Lafayette Boulevard where         Innsbrook. Take a ride by and you will see      such as chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks,
his father became known as “The Origi-          Joey standing in the window at the grill,       battered mushrooms, onion rings and
nal Tony, The Hot Dog King.” In 1969 the        with a crisp white shirt on and clean pa-       cheese fries.
family opened a Virginia Beach location         per hat, proudly serving Richmonder’s               “We are tired of copycats. Just wait to
                                                                                                see what sauces we mix up next,” Fried-
of Tony’s Hot Dogs at Newtown Road. His         their favorite hot dog just as his father did
                                                                                                man said. n
brother Tony Junior grew up working in          in Norfolk for over 70 years. n                                                                               Flavor                                  27
                   calendar of events

     Mystery Dinner Playhouse:                 Richmond Camping RV Expo        Virginia Wine Expo
     Text M for Murder                         RIR Complex                     Greater Richmond Convention Center
     Now-February 12                           February 11-13                  February 25-27
     Crowne Plaza Hotel Richmond West     
                                               Richmond Boat Show              Theatre IV: I Have a Dream
     Nunsense                                  RIR Complex                     Henrico Theatre
     Now-January 23                            February 18-20                  February 26
     Barksdale Theatre                    
                                               John Mellencamp                 On-the-Air-Radio Presents
     Inaugural Virginia Home & Garden          Landmark Theatre                The 39 Steps
     Show                                      February 24                     The Cultural Arts Center
     The Meadow Event Park                       March 1-2
     January 14-16                                                                            Twilight Carniball
                                               Children’s Museum of Richmond   The Richmond Symphony
     Broadway in Richmond Presents:            February 25                     The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen
     The Color Purple                                                          March 9
     Richmond’s Landmark Theatre
     January 28-30                             Thunder Nationals                Richmond Coliseum
                                               February 25-26
     The National Shows
     January 21: The Legwarmers
     January 31: Thirty Seconds to Mars
     February 8: Jimmy Eat World
     For more artists,

     Chili Cook Off Wine Trail Weekend
     Cooper, Grayhaven, James River and Lake
     Anna Wineries
     January 29-30

     Merce Cunningham Dance Company
     The Legacy Tour
     January 31-February 1

     22nd Maymont Flower and Garden Show
     Greater Richmond Convention Center
     February 10-13

28   Flavor                                                                       
                                                                           BARTeNdeR’s BesT
                                                                        LiNdseY TeARd
 Article by Bruce Moore.                                                Baker’s Crust short Pump
 Photo by Ed Ip.

       For the January/February issue of West End’s Best we stopped by Baker’s Crust at Short Pump
                  Town Center to speak with Lindsey Teard about her bartending experience.

    How long have you been a bartender          retail until I came to Baker’s Crust.”          drink. I am trying to experiment with a
at Bakers Crust Inn?                                Do you have a favorite type of cus-         few different things, but I do not have a
    “I have been with the company for two       tomer?                                          signature drink just yet. I am working on
and a half years, and I have been bartend-          “I have a lot of regular customers that     it though.
ing for about six months or so.”                come in, and I have a great time talking            When you go out to the local restau-
    What made you decide to work as a           with them and getting to know them.”            rants and pubs what is your drink of
bartender?                                          When you are not behind the bar do          choice?
    “Well I started off as a server and then    you have a favorite establishment that              “Unfortunately my wallet allows me
I got an itch after a few months and was        you like to frequent?                           to enjoy Miller Lite. However, if I was go-
ready to do something different. They no-           “Not really. I really enjoy sitting home,   ing to go out and splurge on something
ticed and moved me up to bartender and          honestly. When I do go out to eat though        it would probably be Pineapple Upside
a management position. I had previous           and splurge it is usually to someplace like     Down Cake Shooters.”
management experience from my posi-             Firebirds, or I like some of the bars in the        As a bartender I am sure you have
tions in retail, and things just worked out     Fan.”                                           seen many funny things. Is there per-
perfectly.”                                         Do you have a signature drink?              haps one story that stands out in your
   Do you have any formal training at all           “I have been working on some new            mind as being exceptionally funny?
or did you learn on the job?                    holiday drinks for the bar. I started mak-          “I have had lots of couples ask me if I
   “No, this was my first serving job. Like I   ing a gingerbread drink, and I make pep-        could date their son. That is probably the
said, I was a retail brat who only worked in    permint martinis and a Christmas cookie         funniest thing that I get.” n                                                                               Flavor                                29
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                                        recommended. Please present this certificate when
                                        ordering. Valid Sunday-Thursday. Tax, gratuity and
                                           alcohol not included. Offer expires 3/15/11.

  9704 Gayton Road | 804.741.3120 | | See Ad on Page 18                         11561 W. Broad St. | 804.262.7580 I | See Ad on Page 13                                                                                                                                                          31
     By Erin D. Pittman. Photos by Tim Hill.
              What are your favorite shops in and around the West End? Email your unique and fun finds to

     Left to Right: Unique serveware from Party Plus can personalize your next event or gift. Find fun toys and accessories for that furry family member at The
     Love of Pete. Design your own customized six-pack at Corks & Kegs. Browse gifts and decor such as Boyd’s Bears at Bear Pot.

     Party Plus                                                                      Corks & Kegs
     7110-E Patterson Avenue • 804-282-1430                                          7110 Patterson Avenue • 804-288-0816 •                                                            Since 1990 Corks & Kegs has been offering unparalleled service
       For more than 15 years, Richmonders have been turning to                      to wine and beer seekers in the Richmond area. Over 1000 wines
     Party Plus for all of their special occasion needs. Featuring fine              and 1000 beers can be purchased through this local shop staffed
     stationery and personal, unique gifts, Party Plus has what you                  with experts in the field. The employees’ passion for beverages
     need to make any event exceptional. The well trained staff of-                  drives them to match each customer with the perfect drink and
     fers expertise and creativity to assist with planning the perfect               to offer frequent tasting and educational opportunities to expose
     affair, small or large. As a leading Crane dealer in the area, brides           customers to as many wines and beers as possible. Join them
     and party planners alike can peruse high quality invitations in a               every Friday night for tastings, and enjoy exciting new wines and
     wide variety of themes. And if you are looking for a unique gift,               beers each week! Not only are craft beers offered, kegs are avail-
     stop in to see their selection of Momo Panache glassware, mono-                 able as an affordable and environmentally friendly option. Visit
     grammed silver by HeartStrings, Tervis Tumbler pieces and more.                 their website for more information on their products and for dis-
                                                                                     counts, as well!
     The Love of Pete
     322 Libbie Avenue • 804-288-3674 •
       Opened to “inspire and enhance the lives of pets and the peo-                 Bear Pot
     ple who love them,” The Love of Pete features all the necessities               10464 Ridgefield Parkway • 804-750-2424 •
     needed for pet owners and plenty of fun luxury items, as well.                     Bear Pot was founded in 2008 to bring quality gifts and dé-
     Owners Maureen and John Mulligan offer the best for Richmond                    cor to the Richmond area. Featuring items from such vendors
     pets. Carriers, collars, leashes, dog beds, feeding items, toys and             as Boyd Bears, Williraye Studio and Rowe Pottery Works, unique
     more are found in this distinctive boutique. The elegant atmo-                  items from across the United States are just waiting to be found
     sphere gives shoppers a fun setting in which to outfit their fur-               in this shop. Whether you are starting a room with a fresh new
     ry friends in high quality apparel or to purchase top of the line               theme or looking to continue a collection, you can find what you
     grooming products and accessories. Bring your canine with you                   need at Bear Pot. A wide selection of gift items is also available
     on your next shopping excursion, and let them peruse the store                  for the bride-to-be, mommy-to-be or any occasion. Visit Bear
     with you or romp freely in the garden! A portion of your purchase               Pot in the Gleneagles Shopping Center to put personality into
     will be donated to local animal charities and rescue groups.                    your home decor and gifts! n

32                                                                                                                                    JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011
                                                                 It PAY$ To
                                                                Be a Senior!
                                                 When it comes to senior discounts, if you are over
                                             50 years old, always ask. You’d be surprised how
                                            many businesses don’t advertise their 10 percent or
                                          better senior discounts. The next time you are shopping
at your neighborhood grocery store or dining out at your favorite restaurant, don’t be afraid to ask.
After all, it pays to be a senior.

         TRAVEL                                                   ENTERTAINMENT
    Seniors 62 or older can save up          “America The Beautiful–Senior Pass” – For a one-time fee of $10 this lifetime pass
to 50% on prevailing rates at partici-   will let you plus three other adults and any number of children traveling in your vehicle into
pating Hyatt hotels. This discount       national parks, forests, recreation areas and monument ground. It’s available to anyone age
is subject to room availability at the   62 or older. This pass can only be purchased in person at a federal recreation site. www.nps.
hotel. A maximum of one room at          gov
special senior rates may be booked
per night. Valid ID is required. www.       How about a movie? Regal Entertainment Group offers up to a 30% discount to those Most hotels offer senior      60 and older.
discounts of 10 to 30 percent. Con-
                                            Richmond Symphony offers special discounts to seniors 65 and older on selected
tact other local hotels for discounts
                                         shows and seating sections.
and age eligibility.
                                             At Maymont, a Family Senior membership can be purchased for only $50 and is good
    Amtrak travelers 62 years of age
                                         for two adults living in the same household, if at least one is age 60 or older. It includes
and over are eligible to receive a 15%
                                         up to six children age 18 or under. Grandparents may bring up to six grandchildren age 18
discount on the lowest available rail
                                         or under to the Nature Center exhibits and on the Tram. Discounts and early registration
fare on most Amtrak trains. www.
                                         for children’s programs are limited to grandchildren living in the members’ household. All
                                         membership benefits, plus two membership cards included. Another benefit—it is fully tax-
   Be sure to ask about discounts        deductible!
when flying any of the major air-
                                            River’s Bend Golf Club offers $5 off rates to anyone age 60 and over all day on week-
lines. Southwest, American, Con-
                                         days and after 1pm on weekends and holidays. All rates include greens fees and half off the
tinental and U.S. Airways all offer
                                         rental of a cart (18 holes). n
limited senior fares to passengers 65
and over to selected destinations.
                                                        Save a dollar off admission at these great
   Greyhound passengers age 62                             local spots, just for being a senior:
and older may request a 5% discount                               Canal Cruises (65+) •
on unrestricted passenger fares. Ap-                         Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens (55+) •
propriate ID may be required. www.                            Richmond Metro Zoo (60+) •
                                                                  Science Museum of Virginia (60+) •                                                                                                                 33
      Where is the
      West End’s
     Email your suggestions to

34              JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011
How To... Talk On A Diet                                                     By Alison Johnson   McClatchy-Tribune Information Services

  The way people talk about their weight-loss plans to others and to themselves can make a huge difference in their success or
failure, dietitians say:
  Avoid "should" and "have to" statements. Saying "I shouldn't eat fries" or "I have to eat some chocolate" will make you feel
deprived or out of control. If you're "choosing" not to eat the food, you have more power and less guilt.
  Don't say you're "on a diet." Look at good eating as a permanent lifestyle switch: "I've changed my diet." Or tell people, "I'm
eating more healthfully now."
  Don't trash yourself. You wouldn't tell a friend she's weak, ugly or a bad
person because she is struggling with her weight. Offer yourself the same positive encouragement you'd
give to others.
  Ditch all-or-nothing thoughts. If you eat one cookie, you haven't "blown" your diet.
Have a realistic mentality, not a catastrophic one: if you stop at one cookie, it's no big
  Don't rationalize eating. You don't "deserve" a cookie because you've had a bad day.
If you eat healthy foods most of the time, have a cookie because it tastes good.
  Focus on past successes. Think about what worked during earlier weight loss attempts
and how good you felt.
  Share your goals with others. Be proud, not embarrassed, about your drive to be
healthier. Let supportive family and friends help you.
  Look on the bright side. You haven't lost "only" two pounds this week. You've lost two
pounds - and you're on the right path to lose more.
  Talk out loud. You may feel silly, but try making a positive statement every day while look-
ing in the mirror: "I will meet my weight loss goal today." n                                                                                                                 35
36   JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011   37
     Simple Noninvasive Procedures
     By Erin Pittman

       Many of us have difficulty with the out-        Botox® Cosmetic
     ward effects of aging. No one truly loves         Wrinkle reduction and plumping up areas of the face, such as the
     their wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines, but   lips, are the most common uses of Botox®. Botox® Cosmetic
     most of us accept them as a part of life with-    is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States, ac-
     out undergoing major surgery to turn back         counting for nearly half of all cosmetic procedures, due to its ease
     time. The popularity of non-invasive proce-       and effectiveness. These treatments involve injecting a small amount
     dures, however, is on the rise, and these solu-   of botulinum toxin directly into the muscles that cause facial lines and
     tions are becoming more and more accessible       wrinkles. The muscles are temporarily paralyzed by the toxin, resulting
     with the creation of medical spas.                in a smoother appearance of the skin. Botox® procedures are very short, and
       Non-invasive procedures are cosmetic            results last around three to four months before muscles regain their strength. Most
     beauty treatments used to treat problematic       side effects, which can include headache, nausea, bruising and infection, are tempo-
     areas on the body or face without the risks,      rary, but discuss all risks with your doctor before undergoing treatment.
     recovery time and side effects associated with
                                                       Chemical Peels
     invasive plastic surgery. Sagging skin, cellu-
                                                       Chemical peels are used to improve the appearance of skin by reducing fine lines,
     lite, wrinkles, blemishes, unwanted hair and
                                                       freckles and skin irregularities. There are three types of chemical peels available to
     uneven skin tone are all issues that these pro-
                                                       consumers – superficial, medium-depth and deep chemical peels. During each pro-
     cedures can address. Though non-invasive
                                                       cedure, an acid solution is applied to the face to remove the desired level of skin cells
     options are less risky, they are not completely
                                                       ranging from only the outer layer in a superficial peel to the lower dermal level with a
     without side effects, and their results are of-
                                                       deep chemical peel. Skin peels off at its own rate and can appear red and feel burnt or
     ten temporary.    Five of the most popular
                                                       tight; swelling can occur when affecting deeper levels of skin.
     treatments are discussed below. Be sure to
     thoroughly discuss all aspects of a chosen        Microdermabrasion
     procedure with your doctor before undergo-        If you are looking for a quick fix for the reduction of pore size, sun damage, blem-
     ing treatment.                                    ishes, fine lines and wrinkles and uneven textured skin, then microdermabrasion may
                                                       be your answer. During these 20-30 minute procedures a device is used to spray
                                                       microcrystals of sand-like aluminum dioxide across the surface of the skin, blasting
                                                       away the top layer of dead skin cells. Microdermabrasion leaves behind a fresh layer
                                                       of skin and can stimulate the production of collagen. Oftentimes, multiple treatments
                                                       are recommended with healing time in between each procedure. Experiencing some
                                                       redness and wind burnt sensations afterwards is normal, but this lasts only a few
                                                       hours. Moisturizers should alleviate discomfort.

                                                       Laser Hair Removal
                                                       There are many different types of lasers available for removal of unwanted hair. Dif-
                                                       ferent types address different needs. For example, the Ruby Laser works best for
                                                       fine and light hair, smaller areas and for those with lighter colored skin, while the
                                                       Alexandrite Laser is a faster laser used to treat larger body areas on patients with light
                                                       to olive complexions. Discuss laser options with your doctor to determine which
                                                       laser is right for your skin and hair type and for the area of the body where the hair
                                                       removal is wanted.

                                                       Accent XL Treatments
                                                       Tired of your stubborn cellulite? Accent XL laser treatments claim to decrease those
                                                       unwanted fat deposits on areas such as hips, thighs and buttocks. Radiofrequency
                                                       waves from the laser penetrate deeper skin layers and act upon cellulite and fat pock-
                                                       ets. Fat particles are said to break down, while collagen particles are tightened. Un-
                                                       wanted fat is then removed by the body’s lymphatic system. Procedures are relatively
                                                       painless, though most patients do develop some redness and may experience a stinging
                                                       or warming sensation on the treatment area. n

38                                                                                                                    JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011
                              How to...                                                                   Creating A
                                 get healthy hair                                             Beautiful Smile
                                    A healthy lifestyle means taking care of you          People come in all shapes and sizes, and so do teeth
                                 from hair to toe. Damaged, dry, and brittle hair are   and faces. Sometimes, though, nature doesn’t provide
                                 all signs that your coif could use some care. Just     a perfectly matched pair; that is, the teeth that nature
                                 as many people wouldn’t dare skip their daily ses-     provides don’t show off the face as well as we’d like.
                               sions at the gym, taking care of your hair is just as      If that’s how you feel about your smile, advance-
                             important.                                                 ments in dentistry make it possible to custom design
                              Research shows that physically active people manage       a smile that is right for you. Using a combination of
                       stress better, sleep better and have a better attitude about     cosmetic bonding, porcelain veneers, orthodontics,
                  life. Exercise is just one facet to living a healthier lifestyle. A   crowns or enamel reshaping might just add up to a
          healthy head of hair can also go a long way to helping you look and           smile you’ll want to show more often.
feel good.                                                                                We’re all conscious of how others see us and how our
   Hair care is much more than a hairstyle. It means nourishing, moistur-               physical features complement each other. Your height,
izing and regularly getting it trimmed. Consider your morning routine,                  for example, can make a difference in which teeth get
which - let’s hope - consists of a shower, skincare regimen and hairstyling.            a high profile. If you’re short, your lower front teeth
How much of that is dedicated to treating your hair for damage if needed                get the spotlight, since they’re seen from above. Taller
or switching to a moisture-rich shampoo in the winter months?                           folks need to be aware of the appearance of their up-
   Here are a few simple tips from Soft & Beautiful hair care expert Roslyn             per front teeth, since they’re seen from slightly below.
Baker to help you become soft and beautiful from hair to toe:                           If front teeth are crooked, worn, chipped or discolor-

SHAPe uP                                                                                ed—even on the biting edges—these negative features
                                                                                        can be minimized and the strengths of your smile can
   Your hair and body both require some effort to keep it in top shape. De-
                                                                                        be accentuated.
veloping a consistent exercise plan will be easy to maintain if you consider
                                                                                          It’s often desirable to deemphasize a long face by
your life style and set realistic goals. The same goes for your hair. Make it
                                                                                        flattening the smile line, or to balance out a rounder,
a priority to keep your hair in good shape. Strenuous workouts can cause
                                                                                        wider face by lengthening front teeth. Every person
the hair and scalp to produce excessive secretions, leading to oily, flat and
                                                                                        is unique, and so is every smile, but it is possible to
shapeless hair. For natural body and luster, be sure to shampoo and condi-
                                                                                        achieve a satisfying harmony between your face and
tion hair regularly to remove debris and scalp sebum oil.
                                                                                        your smile.
YOu ARe wHAT YOu eAT                                                                      Redesigning your smile requires a lot of discussion,
   It’s difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle without good nutrition.               questions, suggestions and time.
   A balanced diet featuring the right mix of protein, fruits and vegetables              It’s your smile, so it is important that you are pro-
not only affects the body, but has a direct correlation to healthy hair and             vided with all the options that can improve your ap-
hair growth. The papilla and hair follicles beneath the scalp receive nour-             pearance.
ishment directly from the blood supply. If eating healthy is not always easy,             Baxter Perkinson, Jr., D.D.S. and Associates, LTD
try using a daily multi-vitamin. Experts say that Vitamins A, B-5, D and E              has a “smile-design team” that can create a beautiful
are key for a healthy, nourished hair and scalp.                                        smile especially for you! Call one of our four locations
weT HeAD                                                                                and schedule a consultation. n     PAID ADVERTISEMENT

   Don’t forget your water. Experts recommend drinking at least eight to
10 glasses of water a day. However, exercising increases the metabolism and
the release of toxins, requiring a higher intake of fluids.
   The beneficial properties of water are realized throughout the body and
the scalp. What’s good for the body is good for the hair.
   Maintaining a healthy body may mean trying something new or stepping
outside of one’s comfort zone - and that takes courage. Try encouraging a
friend or family member to take the first step, or get a workout partner.
   Celebrate milestones and talk about your accomplishments. You’ll have
fun getting dressed and leaving the workout clothes behind. n
McClatchy-Tribune Information Services                                                                                                                    39
           Commonwealth Hearing
         2228 John Rolfe Parkway • Henrico
                 • Hearing Testing
        • Hearing Aid Evaluation and Fittings
        • Hearing Aid Purchasing and Repair
                see ad on page 36

                  Graffiti’s Pink
             7122 Mechanicsville Tnpk
           2311 Hungary Rd. • Richmond
        111 W. Williamsburg Rd. • Sandston
      • Permanent Makeup • Scar Camouflage
        • Reconstructive Make-up Procedures
                see ad on page 37

                  Massage Envy
      804-612-0540 •
       4346 Pouncey Tract Road • Short Pump
      • Sports Massage • Deep Tissue Massage
           • Hot Stone Massage • Facials
                • Wellness Programs
                 see ad on page 40

              McKeown Cosmetic &
            Reconstructive Surgery
     420 N. Ridge Road, Suite 100 • Eyelid Sur-
       gery • Face Lift • Forehead Lift • Botox
         • Breast Augmentation • Breast Lift
            • Liposuction • Tummy Tuck
             • Chemical Peels and more
                see ad on page 35

                  Medi Spa West
         270-3032 •
                 3809 Gaskins Road
              • Botox • Fillers • Facials
           • Skin Tightening & Resurfacing
       • Chemical Peals • Microdermabrasion
          • Massage • Laser Hair Removal
                 see ad on page 37

          Richmond Allergy & Asthma
                   Specialists, P.C.
       285-7420 •
      9920 Independence Park Drive, Ste. 100
     • Allergic Rhinitis • Asthma • Drug Allergy
      • Bee Sting Allergy • Colic • Hay Fever
             • Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis
       • Skin Allergies • Headaches and more
                  see ad on page 42

40                    JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011
  Virginia Physicians For Women
    804-897-2100 •
4050 Innslake Drive, Ste. 307 • Glen Allen
       • Obstetrics • Gynecology
   • Imaging Center • Surgery Center
           see ad on page 37

    W. Baxter Perkinson, Jr., DDS
          Nine Area Locations
      • Orthodontics • Periodontics
   • Cosmetic Dentistry • Prosthodontics
   • General Dentistry • Dental Implants
            see ad on page 4

  Zacharias Ganey Health Institute
   804-358-1000 •
     1311 Palmyra Ave. • Richmond
   • Medically-based nutrition programs
  • Weight Management • Group Fitness
           • Preventive Health

       T R E AT M E N T S
      Damage Remedy Treatment
       Instantly repair hair and help
           protect from heat. $25
             SALON DEL SOL
      Midlothian, The Village, Parham,
         Hull Street, & Short Pump
            see ad on page 36

          Keratin Straightening
          A natural, non-damaging
           straightening treatment.
             Starting at $250.00.
          1565 North Parham Road

              see ad on page 41                 41
       S U P P O RT I N G L OCAL B USINESS ...
                                                                                          Regain Your Hearing at
                                                                                            Hearing Center
                                                                                         By Tammie Wersinger

                                                                                          Much of the time hearing
                                                                                      loss creeps up on you. Over
                                                                                      time, the sound of a tapping
                                                                                      computer keyboard grows
                                                                                      fainter, and conversations are
      The Ramada Plaza Richmond West                                                  only partially heard.
                                                                                          While the loss may be grad-
                               By Tammie Wersinger                                    ual, regaining your hearing can
                                                                                      be attained much more quickly
         The Ramada Plaza Richmond West may be known for its great location,          with the right hearing aid.
     but it’s also the perfect place for couples looking to say their wedding vows        For the past eight years,
     or executives searching for a conference center large enough to accommo-         Commonwealth Hearing Center has been helping Virginia
     date a major corporation’s annual meeting.                                       residents get the freedom that comes with being able to hear
         “What makes our hotel special is its location and its 22,000 square feet     things around them.
     of meeting space,” said General Manager Paul Medawar “It’s a really awe-             The John Rolfe Commons Shopping Center location,
     some location and a great place to create memories.”                             which opened its doors in the fall of 2009, is making it more
         The upscale, full-service hotel features more than 370 spacious rooms        convenient for West End residents to find help.
     and is centrally located to provide easy access to Historic Downtown Rich-           Like its other locations, the center at 2228 John Rolfe
     mond, Virginia Science Museum, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Lewis               Parkway offers hearing tests, sales, service and accessories,
     Ginter Botanical Gardens and the universities.                                   according to Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist
         Since changing its brand from Sheraton to Ramada in July 2010, the           Teresa Robinson (pictured above).
     non-smoking, pet-friendly hotel has continued to house some of the area’s            Robinson, who has been working in the industry for 30
     best meeting and party facilities, while catering to both leisure and busi-      years, and her staff make sure every customer is properly
     ness travelers.                                                                  tested and fitted. They also refer those who need additional
         In addition to its expansive conference/banquet center and 27 meet-          testing or treatment to an audiologist or a medical doctor.
     ing rooms, the complex features heated indoor and outdoor pools, a ful-              “We all lose hearing as a part of aging,” she said. “Hear-
     ly-equipped fitness center and a 24-hour complimentary business center           ing loss is usually a combination of experiences in our life,
     with printing, WiFi and faxing capability. Free wireless network service, free   aging, noise exposure and hereditary.”
     parking and on-site audio-visual resources also are available.                       Commonwealth specializes in Phonak and Unitron
         The complex, which is located on 13-acres just off I-64 Exit 183, also is    hearing aids, as well as an extended-wear product called
     home to two restaurants -- the University Bar & Grill and the Cypress Grille.    Wow. They also offer Sona, which is the only aide on the
         To make planning your large gathering more simplistic, the Ramada of-        market that can be updated within a two-year period to a
     fers full-service catering and features a banquet kitchen.                       higher level of technology.
         The hotel especially focuses on planning gatherings for corporate,                “What sets us apart is that we offer quality products at
     church and educational groups, as well as weddings, bar and bat mitzvah          a reasonable price with lifetime care,” Robinson said. “That
     celebrations and Quinceanera parties.                                            means we’ll give free cleaning, checking and adjusting for as
         The beautifully landscaped courtyard near the outdoor pool is perfect        long as the person owns the hearing aid.”
     for an intimate outdoor wedding ceremony, said Medawar, who took over                She added that there are hearing aids in stock that can
     management of the Richmond hotel in October.                                     be fitted the same day and products that cost as low as a few
         “No gathering is too small, but we pride ourselves in being able to ac-      hundred dollars.
     commodate the bigger groups,’’ he said. “We have everything to make that             “We try to fit the hearing aid to the person’s losses, life-
     special day or event run smoothly.”                                              style and budget,” said Robinson, who is the company’s
         For groups or wedding parties, call the Ramada Plaza Richmond West at        managing director. “We have hearing aids in all price ranges.
     804-285-2000 or 804-281-5923. n                                                  We don’t turn anyone away.” n

42                                                                                                                          JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011
                                                         AT RICHMOND ALLERGy
                                                         AND ASTHMA SPECIALISTS
                                                          By Kate Miller

    Richmond Allergy and Asthma Specialists has          be food or environmental allergens, and then we sit down with the patient
helped to diagnose and treat local patients in Rich-     again and formulate a game plan. If necessary, we can piece together infor-
mond for over fifty years, serving as a guide through    mation to find environmental triggers & [then take] avoidance measures.”
the mysterious process of diagnosing and reducing             The next step? Medication. Dr. Hark explains that one must “visit pos-
allergy issues specific to people both in the city and   sible meds that may provide benefit. If [the triggering allergen is] food-re-
surrounding counties.                                    lated, we talk about an elimination diet,” Not to worry; one need not starve
    Dr. Gelber, Managing Partner of Richmond Aller-      oneself or avoid foods forever. Allergy patients could be reacting to an al-
gy, feels that Richmond Allergy and Asthma is a pre-     lergen that entered the body up to 10 days before the reaction is physically
mier allergy office because he and his fellow doctors    present or noticed by a patient. Therefore, an elimination diet simply means
“sit down with new patients and take a thorough his-     going off specific foods that allergists suggest may be triggering reactions.
tory and pertinent physical before proceeding to the          Richmond is a tricky location for allergies - and, as a result, patients
testing stage. We listen to the patient.” As associate   travel from all over Virginia and even cross-country in some instances to
Dr. Hark explains: “most people think of [allergies as   see Drs. Gelber, Call, Massie, and Hark. Dr. Hark explains further: “peren-
causing] sneezing and itchy, watery eyes, [however]      nial allergens are those around in each and every season, and due to Rich-
allergies can also cause headaches, frequent sinus       mond’s Mid-Eastern location in the U.S., there are higher levels of humid-
infections and ear infections.”                          ity.” Higher humidity levels facilitate an increased potential for dust mite
    Dr. Hark relates diagnosing a patient’s allergy      growth. There are also several prevalent molds – both indoor and outdoor
issues to solving a medical mystery: “we pride our-      – which can affect one’s sinuses. Dr. Hark believes that “allergies, [whether
selves on spending a lot of time with the patient,       they are diagnosed or not], affect almost everyone.”
which translates into a long initial appointment. It’s        To schedule an appointment, please contact the Office Manager of Rich-
like being a detective; when a patient comes here,       mond Allergy, Florence, at (804) 285-
they’ll spend the entire day in the beginning so we      7420. Richmond Allergy and Asthma
can figure out what is going on.”                        Specialists has been at their new lo-
    Many people who believe themselves to be aller-      cation at 9920 Independence Park
gic to just a few allergens may not realize how rele-    Drive, Suite 100 since 2008 situated
vant allergies are; one could be allergic to something   off Mayland Drive and Gaskins Road,
as mild-sounding as avocado. Dr. Gelber explains the     one block south of Broad Street. Visit
physical process of elimination: “We skin test if and    Richmond Allergy online at: www.
when necessary to appropriate allergens whether it n                                                                                                                43
                                                       Supporting          Warm Up Your
  Eliminating Pain                                    Women and     Hearth and Home
  at Good Feet                                     Handmade Goods             By Tammie Wersinger
          By Tammie Wersinger
                                                   at The Stitching alternative for keeping warm duringbeautiful
                                                                        Whether you’re searching for a
                                                                                                        the cold

    Ask your average person about the first
                                                                    winter months or you want to extend your
step in relieving foot pain, and most would
                                                                    cooking options to the patio, the Hearth &
say the answer is a good pair of shoes. But
                                                            By Tammie Wersinger                      Home Shoppe can meet your needs.
the specialists at Good Feet know the key is
                                                                                                         The store, located at 8154 Mechanics-
what’s inside those sneakers or stilettos.
                                                      Kathy Balthrop dreamed of a commu-             ville Turnpike for 21 years, has everything
    The importance of foot health care
                                                  nity where stitchers could come together to        needed for quality home heating or creating
drove Mary Stavitzski to open a franchise of
                                                  hone their needlework skills and local wom-        a beautiful and functional outdoor kitchen.
the national arch support store at 11573 W.
                                                  en could find support in selling their hand-           Its recently-remodeled showroom has
Broad Street, across from Short Pump Towne
                                                  made goods.                                        more than 40 fireplaces, inserts, stoves and
Center Mall.
                                                      The Richmond woman was able to reach           gas logs on display, as well as an extensive
    Stavitzski’s journey to opening the Rich-
                                                  her goal in September when she opened The          outdoor kitchen. It features many high qual-
mond store started when she was diagnosed
                                                  Stitching Studio and Gift Boutique at 5615         ity gas, wood, pellet and electric fireplaces,
with plantar fasciitis and was told that her
                                                  Patterson Avenue.                                  stoves and inserts, as well as high end grills,
only relief would come from surgery. In-
                                                      “My mother always dreamed of owning a          fireplace accessories, mantels and sur-
stead, she educated herself and eventually
                                                  place like this,’’ said Jennifer Joss, who helps   rounds.
went to work at another Good Feet location,
                                                  run the shop. “And part of her dream was to            “Today, the selection of hearth and grill-
becoming a certified arch support fitter and
                                                  support women in business and other local          ing products is greater than ever,’’ said own-
certified shoe fitter. She later turned the key
                                                  moms.”                                             er Connie Maier. “Products today achieve
to her own store in February of 2009.
                                                      The quaint shop is stocked full of hand-       greater fuel efficiency and beauty than in
    “There is a great concept in relieving
                                                  made items from purses, jewelry, hand-             years past.”
aches and pains through personally fitted
                                                  painted silk scarves and jewelry pouches               She added that she sees replacement
arch supports, and the change it can make
                                                  to gourmet foods like applesauce, glazes,          of older, out-of-date fireplaces as a coming
in a person’s life is astounding,” Stavitzski
                                                  spices and coffees.                                trend.
said. “We can help them to virtually walk
                                                      In addition to the many gift items, the            The friendly and qualified staff can help
pain free.’’
                                                  Stitching Studio offers everything needed          you make the best selection, while trained
    Like other Good Feet locations, the Rich-
                                                  for needle point projects, including a “wall       and certified installers are ready to help with
mond shop offers arch supports, orthopedic
                                                  of thread” and a beautiful array of canvases.      installation of your new home technology.
shoes and accessories such as foot creams,
                                                      Every few months, the mother-daughter              Many of the decisions that need to be
lotions and sprays. However, its focus is on
                                                  team hosts a trunk show, featuring hundreds        made -- from proper floor protection, appli-
arch supports that can be fitted for anything
                                                  of hand-painted canvases from the coun-            ance type and sizing to clearance and vent-
from athletic shoes to pumps and sandals.
                                                  try’s top designers.                               ing requirements – should only be done by a
    The staff at Good Feet spends 30 min-
                                                      There are also classes for beginners to        trained technician and that’s just part of the
utes with each customer before matching
                                                  advanced students and “stitch ins’’ for cus-       extra service received through Hearth and
their arch supports with their foot prints.
                                                  tomers who want to bring in their projects         Home.
They ensure everyone has the three keys
                                                  and work in the shop.                                  Maier invites homeowners to visit the
to a proper fit…balance, support and com-
                                                      “It’s a great time to foster a support-        showroom to see the products and services
fort. The no cost obligation Free Test Walk
                                                  ive community of stitchers,’’ Joss said. “We       offered.
is yours for coming to the store. “We care
                                                  learn more about each other and make new               “It’s just a short drive from the West End
about helping our customers,’’ Stavitzski
                                                  friends in the process. That’s what this shop      or South Side and well worth the trip,’’ she
said. “And, we have what you need to keep
                                                  is all about.” n                                   said. “We like to say, ‘Come feel the fire.’” n
your feet healthy.” n                                                                                                                              45
       S U P P O RT I N G L OCAL B USINESS ...
            30 Years of
                 By Cheryl Davis
                                                                                           Flat 5 Makes Home
          For more than 30 years, California
     Closets has been the leader in custom                                                  Improvement Easy
     storage solutions. Local owners and op-                                                             By Tammie Wersinger
     erators, Carol and Bob Claytor, invite
     you to explore your organizational needs                                               Home improvement projects can make the calmest
     and discover how the right solutions can                                           person more than a little stressed out. That’s why The Flat
     transform and enhance your home. Don’t                                             5 Company has combined unparalleled experiences with
     let the word ‘closets’ in the name fool you.                                       the highest quality material to make your next project as
     Their storage solutions are for the whole house—the bedroom, the office,           stress free as possible.
     the pantry, the garage and more.                                                       The locally-owned company, headquartered at 5520A
          From the first meeting with one of their professional design consultants      Lakeside Avenue, provides the greater Richmond area with
     to the finishing touches of the installation team you will find that working       excellence in complete residential and commercial con-
     with California Closets is a pleasurable experience focused on your specific       tracting projects, custom home additions and remodeling
     needs and satisfaction. By transforming unused areas and maximizing po-            services.
     tential, their storage solutions will help you bring purpose and function to           Its showroom features a mock house, so customers can
     every space in your home. The products and accessories they offer, as well         see windows, trim, siding and roofing in place.
     as the entire process, is designed to create the perfect storage solution to fit        “It makes it easier for us to always be available to our
     your home, style and budget. California Closets goal is to help their client       customers,” said owner Jared Stone. “They don’t have to
     re-imagine spaces, discover hidden potential and most of all find balance.         wait for someone to call them back. They can come right
          Call today to schedule your complimentary design appointment to cre-          here to our showroom and get whatever help they need.”
     ate a space that is unique to your needs and budget.                                   With combined experience of more than 30 years, the
          Showroom located at 2117 Dabney Road, Richmond. CaliforniaClosets.            Flat 5 staff can lead clients on their journey to a new or im-
     com/Richmond • 359-1333 n                                                          proved home. Project managers are assigned to help on all
                                                                                        jobs, no matter the size. There are also architectural and
                                                                                        design services available on site.
                                                                                            No job is too large or small for The Flat Five Company’s
                                                                                        fully-licensed, insured staff, said Stone, adding that refer-
                                                                                        ences are available and quality assurance is guaranteed.
                                                                                            Stone recently shifted the focus of his business to finer,
                                                                                        complete custom additions and general contracting jobs,
                                                                                        but he continues to specialize in the sale and installation of
                                                                                        windows, roofing and siding.
                                                                                            Work is completed with an array of nationally-ac-
                                                                                        claimed product lines, including James Hardie, Crane sid-
                                                                                        ing, Datile, Shaw, Vinylmax Windows, Pella and GAF.
                                                                                             “We’re here to change the image of contracting, and we
                                                                                        have people to help you with every aspect of your project,’’
                                                                                        Stone said. “Whether you want a whole house or a portion,
                                                                                        we have everything you need. You’re done with the hard
                                                                                        part when you walk through our doors.” n
                                                                                               For more information call 592-4676.

46                                                                                                                           JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011   47
        This year Get a           Good Night’s Sleep Every Night!
                                        Custom Comfort By Winn
                                        Best non-Prorated Warranty in the Business
                                        • Made with a highly advanced foam • Proven to reduce tossing and turning
                                           • Conforms to every curve of your body • Eliminates pressure points
                                                               • Returns to its original shape
                                       30-50%                                                    in-Stock
                                         Off                                                    Selection

     Recommended by Bill Bevins
                                                         BEST DEALS EVER!
     West End • 270-4395
     Fountain Square Shopping Center    A Good Night’s Sleep Never Cost So Little!
     8032 West Broad St.              Great Wedding Gift!                                              fREE
     SERVing RiChmOnD AREA fOR 35 yEARS • lOCAlly OWnED & OpERATED                                     & Setup

48                                                                                           JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011
                                      Let There Be
                                           Light   By Vicki O’Neal, ASID, CID, VSLD
                          Thanks to Shades of Light and INArAy Outdoor Lighting for the latest in lighting and sharing photos.

                                       n the design toolbox, lighting is probably the single most versatile and
                                       powerful design element. Inside or out, good lighting has the power to
                                       enhance and complement any setting or feature. Conversely, poor light-
                                 ing can detract from or make even the best design appear dull, uninteresting
                                 or hardly noticeable. With changing technology and the advent of more en-
                                 ergy efficient fixtures and bulbs, available options present a constant source
                                 of compelling, but sometimes perplexing, choices.
                                   The light bulb, or lamp as it’s called in the lighting world, is the source of the
                                 light and much of the confusion. All types of bulbs emanate a color tint, called
                                 “temperature,” which affects the appearance of objects and materials in a
                                 space and creates a warm or cool cast, typically associated with incandescent
                                 or fluorescent respectively. Every type of light bulb has a numeric temperature
                                 rating called Kelvin which identifies it as warm or cool. A bulb rated at 4000K,
                                 for instance, is closest to mimicking natural daylight and renders objects and
                                 surfaces so they appear more true to their actual color. Color corrected light
                                 bulbs and improved technology have eliminated much of the stereotypical ob-
                                 jections to certain types of lighting.
Photo courtesy of Shades of Light, Richmond, VA.                                                                                 49
                                                                                                                           With accent lighting, the red berries of
                                                                                                                            the Winterberry, Ilex verticillata, are
     Landscape lighting produces a variety of beautiful evening effects, and is especially appreciated during the long          dazzling in the winter landscape.
                           hours of winter darkness. Photo courtesy of INARAY Outdoor Lighting,                           Photo by Vicki O’Neal.

                                  Interior Lighting                                                                  Exterior Lighting
          Natural sunlight, when present, obviously plays a key role in every interi-                      No longer limited to the typical wall fixtures and
       or and lighting design. It lifts a space in a way no artificial lighting can, and                light posts, outdoor lighting now has new possibili-
       should be a major consideration in the layout, quantity, and selection of ar-                    ties with the use of low voltage and landscape light-
       tificial fixtures. Artificial lighting consists basically of three functional types:             ing. Low voltage systems have added flexible design
                                                                                                        options for special effects and accents. Because the
           1. Ambient lighting is essentially general lighting such as that provided
                                                                                                        cabling is relatively safe to handle and does not have
           by ceiling-mounted fixtures or recessed down lights. It also could be
                                                                                                        to be installed as deep in the ground as line voltage, it
           defined as the combination of light and reflections from various sourc-
                                                                                                        is a versatile choice.
           es and surfaces to produce general illumination.
                                                                                                           Landscape lighting can be used to effectively pro-
           2. Task lighting is much as it sounds– fixtures chosen and located to
                                                                                                        duce specific design results. It is very valuable for
           light a specific area for a particular task. For instance, a desk lamp or
                                                                                                        highlighting architectural features such as trim de-
           under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen each provides illumination for
                                                                                                        tails and up lighting walls or columns. Light fixtures
           detail activities.
                                                                                                        may also be strategically installed to provide safety
           3. Accent lighting is used specifically to bring attention to an object, a
                                                                                                        for walks, level changes and stairs. Lighting creates
           design feature or an architectural element.
                                                                                                        visual movement in the landscape through tech-
          All three types of lighting, used in conjunction, typically produce the best                  niques such as down lighting a tree trunk, grazing the
       lighting effect and generate a rich, dimensional, layered lighting scheme. Vari-                 surface of shrubs, accentuating the texture of a stone
       ous types of lighting are ideally installed with separate controls. Dimmers not                  or pebble surface or bringing statuary to life. Subtle
       only improve lighting efficiency and lengthen bulb life but also give maximum                    moon lighting produces tranquil settings for evening
       flexibility for fine tuning the lighting effect. Creating special moods for various              retreats. Lights may also be installed in or near wa-
       times of day and different functions is especially effective in the dining room,                 ter features, extending hours of their enjoyment. Our
       kitchen and bathrooms.                                                                           pond has built-in lighting, and our fish seem to rec-
          Lighting can be simply an effect, with the fixture or source of the light built               ognize our nighttime presence and put on quite an
       -in or otherwise concealed. Sometimes the light fixtures themselves become                       entertaining show at feeding time.
       integral to the interior design. The fixture, while not only providing light, can
                                                                                                                                                                      see photo above

                                                                                                            Especially during long hours of darkness dur-
       also be an object of intrinsic artistic beauty in itself such as a tasteful sconce,
                                                                                                            ing the winter months, exterior lighting takes
       an art glass pendant, a bold chandelier or a handsome table or floor lamp.
                                                                                                            on a whole new meaning and is particularly
       Lighting selection offers a unique opportunity to coordinate with other ele-
                                                                                                            appreciated. Strategically placed fixtures call
       ments and finishes in a space and to convey your personal style. Many updat-                         attention to the beauty of unusual features
       ed designs blend classic elements with unexpected changes in scale, finishes                         in the winter garden such as exfoliating bark,
       and interpretations of eclectic motifs. Light fixtures created from recycled and                     bright red berries or the interesting structure
       repurposed objects can be conversation pieces and bring unexpected whimsy                            of a bare tree.
       to interiors.

50                                                                                                                                       JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011
           Living Green
  The move toward energy efficiency has driven
most of the manufacturing changes in lighting
in the recent past, with the most exciting news
being the continued development of CFL (com-
pact fluorescent) and the emergence of LED
(light emitting diode) for home use. Both offer
distinct advantages over conventional choices,
including dramatically lower energy consump-
tion, longer bulb life and sometimes greater
durability and reliability. LED technology has
historically been used in the
electronic, automotive and avia-
tion industries but has made its
way into commercial and resi-
dential lighting. Expect design
options, availability and afford-
ability of these new fixtures to
continually expand.
  In the movement toward liv-
ing green, changing a light bulb
is an easy way to cut energy
                                                                                             Recycled and repurposed objects make interesting light fixtures and great
consumption and make a differ-                                                                 conversation pieces. Photos courtesy of Shades of Light, Richmond, VA.
ence. The simple incandescent bulb or linear fluores-
cent tube has moved over on the store shelf to make
room for a plethora of energy saving choices. Many
                                                                                                   Light Your World
                                                                                   The dramatic effects achieved with lighting speak to one of the most
new fixtures now offer an “Energy Star” rating, signify-
                                                                                 important principles in lighting design: the eye is always drawn to the
ing improved efficiency. Some landscape fixtures may
                                                                                 light. Light will guide the eye where you want it to go, to an area or an
be re-lamped with LED bulbs, reducing energy use and
                                                                                 object. The placement and type of light fixtures can be used to add a
allowing expansion of the low voltage system. In some
                                                                                 sense of depth and create pattern through repetition, visual movement
cases these choices may have higher initial costs, but
                                                                                 and spatial rhythm. Use these principles to think creatively and make the
the reduced energy use and longer life may actually
                                                                                 most of your lighting opportunities. n
make them less expensive in the long run. Experiment
with different choices for color rendition and effects.


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