Discreet CINEMA 05 ESP by gdf57j


									Discreet: CINEMA 05 ESP

                                                                             ELAC’s smallest home cinema system embodies the
                                                                             motto „less is more“! It includes the subwoofer SUB
                                                                             05 ESP, the centre speaker CINEMA 05 CENTER
                                                                             and four universally applicable mini-satellites
                                                                             CINEMA 05 SAT! This diminutive set turns every
                                                                             living-room into an exciting movie theatre - substantial
                                                                             bass and well-balanced sound!
                                                                              All drivers are magnetically shielded and equipped
                                                                             with integrated high pass filters.

                                                                     CINEMA 05 SAT with a 19
                                                                     mm     high     ring-dome
                                                                     tweeter with optimised
                                                                     waveguide, neodymium
                                                                     magnet and ferrofluid-
cooled moving coil! The satellites use an 80 mm high-power woofer. Their crossover network
is protected from mechanical strain. The satellites also feature discreet eye bolts on the rear
for mounting to the wall! Stylish stands are available in matching colours.

The powerful mini center speaker CINEMA 05 CENTER will delight the audience with its
crystal clear clarity! Great sound due to perfect large signal behaviour, two 80 mm high-
power woofers provided with paper membrane, long-lasting rubber surround and 19 mm
ring dome tweeter. The tweeter consists of an aluminium-coated membrane and a
ferrofluid-cooled high-performance moving coil. The center speaker is provided with a
self-resetting fuse. The new wall bracket is very flexible! It enables mounting on the wall
at angles of 0°, 22° or 45°!

Together with the small satellites, the compact subwoofer SUB 05 ESP produces strong bass
sound! Adjustable cross-over frequency and volume to suit all conditions. The cute cube is
provided with a powerful 175 mm woofer (downfiring) and a bass port in the front.
ESP® is a frequency and power dependent electronic stabilization programme for subwoofers -
for protection against overdrive. The electronic components exclude distortions, even at maximum power!

Specifications CINEMA 05 ESP:
                           CINEMA 05 SAT (4x)                 CINEMA 05 CENTER (1x)              SUB 05 ESP (1x)
Dimensions H x W x D       117 x 90 x 103 mm                  90 x 215 x 100 mm                  290 x 220 x 305 mm
Gross volume               0.75 l                             1.7 l                              19.5 l
Weight                     0.85 kg                            1.5 kg                             6.5 kg
Type                       2-way, closed, integr. high pass   2-way, closed, integr. high pass   1-way active, bass reflex
                           filter                             filter
Tweeter                    1 x 19 mm ringdome                 1 x 25 mm dome                     -
Woofer                     1 x 80 mm cone                     1 x 19 mm ringdome                 1 x 175 mm cone
Midrange                   -                                  1 x 80 mm cone                     -
Nom/Peak Power Handling    40/60 W                            50/70 W                            -
Max Amplifier Power        -                                  -                                  45 W (sine), 70 W (pulse)
Frequency range            100 ... 21000 Hz                   100 ... 21000 Hz                   39 ... 280 Hz
Finishes                   black, silver                      black, silver                      black, silver
                           Finishes: silver, black

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