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									prime mover:
a leader who
masses of
to create
a more just


Prime Mover Zainab Salbi, founder of Women for Women International, is welcomed by
women in Rwanda.
               Prime Movers: Cultivating       Prime Movers are leading
               Social Capital is a fellow-     a variety of social move-
               ship program for emerg-         ments. These individu-
               ing and established social      als act to change policies,
                                                                                       The Prime
               movement leaders working        prevailing cultural behav-          Movers in this
               at the national level. Unlike   iors or mindsets, and social
               other fellowships, our          inequities. Through par-
                                                                                 room are in the
               program emphasizes the          ticipation in our program,      process of making
               professional development        Prime Movers become part
               of individual leaders who       of a diverse peer network
                                                                                     history, and
               engage masses of peo-           that fortifies their individ-      when you move

               ple. This focus allows lead-    ual leadership roles. Prime
               ers to think beyond their       Mover fellows convene
                                                                                this country, you
               organizations and take on       several times a year to dis-      move the world.
               broader, more pivotal roles     cuss common issues and
               within their movements.         challenges and to identify
                                                                                Geoffrey Canada
About                                          pathways for change.

Prime Movers
                   Although they work on            by a select group of nomi-     toward developing indi-
The program has    a variety of social issues,      nators, including trailblaz-   vidual leadership. Each
                   every Prime Mover:               ing movement leaders,          fellow creates a two-year
helped broaden      •	 commits to realizing         philanthropists, policy-       work plan that identifies
my focus               the societal change he       makers, and other experts.     the use of grant funds that
                       or she envisions;                                           will best enhance the indi-
from a social       •	 cultivates the next gen-     All of the leaders we select   vidual’s contribution to his
entrepreneurship       eration of leaders in his    for the program have           or her movement. Prime
                       or her movement;             extensive expertise in their   Movers use their grants to
model to a          •	 represents a mass of         movements and a strong         attend leadership semi-
social movement        individuals who share        base of support both           nars, undergo media train-
                       his or her vision;           locally and nationally.        ing, develop presenta-
model—one that      •	 takes risks; and                                            tion skills, write books, or
turns recipients    •	 inspires others to action.   Individual Support             produce documentaries
                                                    Each year, we invite up to     about their work.
into activists.    Nomination Process               ten new fellows to join our
                   Prime Movers are recom-          program. Prime Movers
Sara Horowitz      mended for the program           apply their $60,000 grants
Prime Mover Christine Neumann-Ortiz leading an immigrant rights rally in Milwaukee.
                                                               Who takes
                                                                a stand?
                               to be part of

                                              does it

  City Year corps members with their students. The organization was co-founded by Prime
  Mover Alan Khazei, a leader in the movement for national service.
                Peer-to-Peer Relationships        The annual reflection retreats

                Our fellowship program pro-       at a ranch in Colorado pro-
                vides an opportunity for          mote contemplation and
                individuals at the helm of        innovative thinking.
                major social movements to
                establish relationships with      Seminars                            Prime Movers
                fellow leaders and enhance        Prime Movers participate in          are my peers
                their own abilities to lead. At   biannual seminars on issues
                the close of their two-year       related to mobilizing masses     with whom I can

                grant period, Prime Movers        of people. Past seminars         practice difficult
                remain part of this unique        featured:
                peer network.                      •	 Marshall Ganz, Harvard          conversations.
                                                      professor and social
                Reflection and Renewal                movement expert
                Prime Movers convene in            •	 Scott Heiferman, founder      Jennifer Chrisler
                various settings to openly            of
Learning        discuss common issues and
                struggles and to identify
                                                   •	 Howard Rheingold,
                                                      author of Smart Mobs
Opportunities   pathways for leading change.
 to create

Prime Mover Dune Lankard, an environmental activist, works to preserve, protect, and
restore Alaska’s ecosystem.
              Kevin Bales                    Ben Burkett
              Kevin Bales has outlined a     For the past 25 years,
              plan for governments, the      fourth-generation farmer
              UN, businesses, commu-         Ben Burkett has worked
              nities, and individuals to     throughout the South to
              end slavery and human          champion the rights of
              trafficking within 25 years.   small farmers and ensure
              A leader in the aboli-         their livelihoods through a
              tionist movement, Kevin        movement known as food
              co-founded Free the Slaves     sovereignty. By influencing
              to advocate for the world-     federal, state, and local
              wide eradication of slavery    policy, Ben is building the
Prime Mover   and to free individuals in     framework to sustain a new
Biographies   bondage now.                   generation of small farmers.
Geoffrey Canada                Majora Carter                 Jennifer Chrisler
Geoffrey Canada believes       A leader in the environ-      Jennifer Chrisler, a lesbian
the economy is stacked         mental justice movement,      parent of twins, fights
against poor people no         Majora Carter believes the    for equal recognition of
matter how hard they           United States can fight       all families, especially
work. To address this          poverty and pollution by      those with lesbian, gay,
issue—and to prove             providing job training and    bisexual, or transgender
all poor children can          entrepreneurial opportuni-    (LGBT) parents. As execu-
succeed—Geoff started          ties in the emerging green    tive director of Family
the Harlem Children’s          economy for people from       Equality Council, she works
Zone, an organization          disadvantaged communi-        to ensure LGBT families
that provides educational,     ties. She is the founder of   are equitably included in
medical, and social services   Sustainable South Bronx       government legislation
for children in Harlem from    and president of Majora       and policies.
birth to college.              Carter Group, LLC.
Cheryl Dorsey                  Jonah Edelman                   David Flink
The method of social entre-    Since Jonah Edelman             David Flink is an impor-
preneurship—applying           helped organize the             tant voice in and advocate
entrepreneurial principles     largest rally for children in   for the learning disabled
to create social change—       American history in June        community, which includes
has improved the lives         1996, he has committed          some 45 million Americans.
of millions. As president      to raising the visibility of    With his organization
of Echoing Green, Cheryl       children’s issues nationally.   Project Eye-to-Eye, David
Dorsey sees social entre-      In 1998, Jonah co-founded       recruits teachers, parents,
preneurship as an “oppor-      Stand for Children, a           and students to remove
tunity to work at a broader,   nonprofit organization that     limitations and stigmas
more holistic, community       brings together adults who      facing individuals who have
level” rather than watching    believe every child should      learning disabilities.
individuals create solutions   have a fair chance in life.
one problem at a time.
Marc Freedman                   LeeAnn Hall                    Rosanne Haggerty
At a time when the middle-      LeeAnn Hall is drawn           Rosanne Haggerty
aged population confronts       to health care reform          believes shelters won’t end
ever-increasing demands         organizing because “the        homelessness and that the
on its time, Marc Freedman      inequality in the system       only solution is to provide
believes that society can no    opens a window onto both       the chronically homeless
longer overlook an older        the challenges and the         with stable housing.
population that should          promise for achieving a        Through Common Ground,
be an enormous resource.        just society.” LeeAnn is the   the organization she started
He is the founder of Civic      executive director of the      in 1990, Rosanne is driving
Ventures, an organization       Northwest Federation of        national efforts to create
working to change the way       Community Organizations,       affordable and supportive
older Americans use their       a network of grassroots        housing that includes inten-
time, talent, and experience.   organizations.                 sive social services.
Darell Hammond               Mark Hanis                     Sara Horowitz
Darell Hammond founded       Mark Hanis, the grandson       As the American workforce
KaBOOM! to begin a           of four Holocaust survivors,   is changing, third-gener-
national campaign to         takes to heart the words       ation labor advocate
support the right of         “never again” and works        Sara Horowitz is working
every child in America       to make them a reality. He     with freelance workers—
to safe, accessible places   is the founder and presi-      everyone from cab drivers
to play. KaBOOM! shows       dent of the Genocide           to IT specialists and graphic
that community-built         Intervention Network, an       designers—to provide them
playgrounds promote          organization undertaking       with benefits. Through the
collaboration among          advocacy and education         Freelancers Union, Sara
private citizens and         efforts to empower citizens    is leading the effort to
business leaders and         and communities to help        unionize these workers so
empower the community        stop and prevent genocide.     they can receive insurance
to initiate further work.                                   and retirement benefits.
Cheryl Jacques                 Van Jones                       Daisy Khan
Cheryl Jacques is a leader     Van Jones is determined         Daisy Khan, compelled
in the gay civil rights        to engineer a “Green New        to dispel common myths
movement who frequently        Deal” for the United States     about Islam as a violent
writes, speaks, and lectures   that will result in a clean     religion, co-founded the
nationally on issues of        energy economy with less        American Society for
diversity, civil rights, and   poverty and more oppor-         Muslim Advancement in
politics. Cheryl served in     tunity. Van founded Green       2001 with her husband
the Massachusetts State        for All, a national organiza-   Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf.
Senate as the first openly     tion whose mission is to        Through initiatives with
gay senator. She currently     build an inclusive green        women and youth, Daisy
serves as an administrative    economy strong enough to        is creating an alliance of
judge in Massachusetts.        lift people out of poverty.     change makers to challenge
                                                               the violent strain of Islam
                                                               throughout the world.
Alan Khazei                  Maria Teresa Kumar             Dune Lankard
Alan Khazei envisions a      Maria Teresa Kumar             After the 1989 Exxon Valdez
world where all young        believes we must incorpo-      oil spill, Dune Lankard felt
adults will engage in a      rate Latinos into American     compelled to preserve,
year of public service. In   society to achieve equality.   protect, and restore his Eyak
2006, Alan left City Year,   She is educating millions      tribe’s culture, ecosystem,
a national youth service     of young Latinos about         and fishing economy. As
corps that he founded, to    the electoral process and      executive director of three
start Be the Change, Inc     engaging them in civic life.   organizations in Alaska,
and pursue a role in a new   Maria’s organization, Voto     Dune empowers people
progressive movement he      Latino, uses new media to      to influence their local
envisions for the national   mobilize voters and change     economy, protect endan-
service movement.            cultural stereotypes.          gered homelands, and
                                                            provide solutions to pollu-
                                                            tion and energy crises.
Malcolm Lazin                  EunSook Lee                 Rachel Lloyd
As executive director of       EunSook Lee is committed    Leading by example,
Equality Forum, a nonprofit    to ensuring Korean          Rachel Lloyd challenges
organization focused on        Americans’ perspective is   young women who have
the advancement of gay,        heard in the immigrant      been trafficked or sexually
lesbian, bisexual, and         rights movement. Through    exploited to become agents
transgender (GLBT) civil       the National Korean         of change. In 1998, she
rights through education,      American Service and        founded Girls Educational
Malcolm Lazin works to         Education Consortium,       and Mentoring Services,
generate cultural aware-       EunSook builds relation-    the nation’s largest organi-
ness of GLBT individuals       ships with labor unions,    zation offering programs
as human beings, and also      Latino groups, and faith-   and services to empower—
strives to create a greater    based groups to help        rather than rescue—survi-
understanding and respect      Korean Americans partici-   vors of commercial sexual
for GLBT issues and history.   pate in the movement.       exploitation.
Tony Massaro                    Bill McKibben                  Giovanna Negretti
Tony Massaro aspires to         A force in the movement        Giovanna Negretti sees
convince the American           to end global warming          increased Latino political
public to hold politicians      since 1989, Bill McKibben      engagement as the key to
accountable for their legis-    is a catalyst in the world’s   ensuring the group’s access
lative decisions on the         response to climate change.    to a healthy quality of life.
environment. As the senior      With his grassroots organi-    Their civic involvement will
vice president of political     zation, he unites      also contribute to a more
affairs and public educa-       people to create a sense       cohesive social fabric for
tion at the League of           of urgency around global       all Americans. Giovanna
Conservation Voters, Tony is    warming. In October 2009,      co-founded ¿Oíste?, which
working to create a nation of mobilized the          provides leadership devel-
leaders who will champion       largest day of environmental   opment, education, and
the rights of the planet.       action in history with 5200    training to equip Latinos to
                                events worldwide.              run for office.
Christine                      Billy Parish                   Eboo Patel
Neumann-Ortiz                  Billy Parish has been          The driving force behind
As the founder and director    mobilizing young people        Dr. Ebrahim “Eboo” Patel’s
of Voces de la Frontera,       to combat climate change       movement is the need for
Christine Neumann-Ortiz        since he was a student at      informed dialogue among
has linked the immigration     Yale. He founded Energy        young people about their
reform movement to an          Action Coalition, an           religious faiths. Through
overall struggle for human     alliance of 50 organizations   the Interfaith Youth Core
rights and a stand against     encouraging sustainability     (IFYC), Eboo creates venues
US policies that vilify        in schools, and coordi-        for interfaith youth interac-
immigrants as a drain on       nated Power Shift, which       tion by building on shared
economic resources. She is     brought 12,000 young           values, such as mutual
also working for increased     people to Washington in        respect and taking part in
protections and benefits for   2009 to advocate for clean     social justice initiatives.
all workers.                   energy policy.
Michael Petit                  Ai-Jen Poo                     Paul Rieckhoff
Michael Petit founded          As director of the National    Paul Rieckhoff aims to
the Every Child Matters        Domestic Worker Alliance,      permanently alter the way
Education Fund in 2002         Ai-jen Poo intends to          Americans view foreign
with the mission of making     change how we value the        policy, war, and the plight
new public investments         work of nannies, house-        of veterans. He founded
in children and families       keepers, cooks, and those      Iraq and Afghanistan
a political priority. Every    who care for the elderly.      Veterans of America, an
Child Matters provides a       She is organizing these two    organization that has
vehicle for children and       and a half million workers     amplified the voices of
families to promote their      to learn about their rights    veterans from these recent
fuller representation in the   and take political action to   and ongoing wars. IAVA is
democratic process.            protect them.                  the nation’s largest veteran
                                                              support organization.
Kristin                       Zainab Salbi                 Alexia Salvatierra             Rinku Sen
Rowe-Finkbeiner               Zainab Salbi believes the    Reverend Alexia Salvatierra    Rinku Sen is a celebrated
For the benefit of            status of women is the       is a leader in the New         author and a long-time
future generations,           bellwether for the direc-    Sanctuary Movement,            organizer for racial and
Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner       tion in which society as a   dedicated to protecting        economic justice. At the
believes parents need to      whole is headed. Through     immigrants against human       Applied Research Center,
lobby for family-friendly     her organization, Women      rights violations. As execu-   Rinku is propelling the US
policies. She co-founded      for Women International,     tive director of Clergy and    racial justice movement which,         Zainab has made it           Laity United for Economic      into the new millen-
through its members, raises   possible for American        Justice–Los Angeles and        nium, using media and
awareness of mother-          women to connect with        CLUE-CA, Alexia helps          technology to tell new
hood and family issues and    women in war torn regions    the urban poor in their        stories, build momentum,
works to create cultural      around the world.            struggles for living wages,    and shape government
and legislative change.                                    health benefits, and safe      and private institutions.
                                                           working conditions.
Eric Schwarz                     Anim Steel                     Josh Viertel                 Jim Wallis
To better prepare children       Working with US college        Josh Viertel believes that   Jim Wallis is leading the
for the expectations of          students, Anim Steel           good, clean, fair food       movement to reclaim the
society, Eric Schwarz            spearheads the Real Food       is not a privilege, but a    mantle of evangelicalism
founded Citizen Schools,         Challenge, a campaign          human right. He is the       from fundamentalists who
which recruit and train          to shift college food          president of Slow Food       vote for public policies in
volunteers for after-school,     purchases toward just and      USA, which empowers          contradiction to the teach-
summer, and Saturday             sustainable sources. Anim      everyday people to create    ings of Jesus Christ. Jim
programs serving 9-14            organizes allies in the farm   a world where everyone       has long worked for social
year olds. Students work         workers’ rights, fair trade,   can eat food that is good    justice, protesting against
with “citizen teachers” on       climate change, and health     for them, good for the       the Vietnam War, founding
hands-on learning projects,      care reform movements          farmers who grow it, and     Sojourners magazine, and
which demonstrate that           to correct inequities in the   good for the planet.         speaking internationally
lessons learned in school will   American food system.                                       on ethics and public life.
affect students’ adult lives.
                                                             When does a mission

Ask a Prime Mover.
                                                              become a movement?

   Volunteers work with Prime Mover Darell Hammond’s organization, KaBOOM!, to build a
   safe playground in their community.
               Hunt Alternatives Fund         social movements across
               advances innovative and        the country, advocating
               inclusive approaches to        for the full inclusion of all
               social change at the local,    stakeholders in peace and
               national, and global levels.   security processes around
                                              the world, combating
               Since its founding in 1981,    the demand for modern-
               the Fund has contributed       day slavery, and inspiring
               nearly $90 million to a        women to political
               wide spectrum of social        leadership.
               issues through a blend of
               grant making and operat-
               ing programs.
About          Today, the Fund is focused
Hunt           on strengthening youth
Alternatives   arts organizations in
               Eastern Massachusetts,
Fund           supporting leaders of
Hunt Alternatives Fund
Swanee Hunt
President                       Social Movements
Sarah Gauger
Executive Director
                                Charisma           625 Mt. Auburn Street
                                                   Cambridge, MA 02138

Adria Goodson, PhD                                 T 617.995.1900
Director of Domestic Programs                      F 617.995.1982

Caitlin Wagner

                                Activism Vision
Program Associate

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