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Great Rates on Hotels in   Stay in the Vegas hotels and try your luck in the casinos on the strip: guests at hotels in
Hotels in London           Vegas often get great incentives and free drinks. For the vacationer with a family, the city is
Hotels in New York         famous for its shows, events and five-star meals.
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Great Rates on Hotels in   It's impossible to be bored while staying in hotels in Vegas. The Luxor Hotel, an
Hotels in France           Egyptian-themed resort in the form of a giant pyramid, is one of the most visible Vegas
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Hotels-in Sitemap          The Bellagio is unique amongst Vegas hotels in that it boasts fountains synchronized to
                           music, a nature conservatory and botanical gardens. Mandalay Bay, a 72-story tower with
                           gold flake inlays in all the windows, may be one of the most audacious hotels in Vegas. by           Also along the strip are Caesars Palace, the Venetian, Paris and New York-New York, all
110PRO ltd. USA            themed hotels in Vegas.
1133 Broadway, Suite 706
New York, NY, 10010, US    Hotels in Vegas are attractions in themselves, but a ride in the monorail along the strip
                           reveals a world of attractions and temptations. The observation deck and rotating
Phone: +1.2126311072       restaurant of the Stratosphere is part of one of the many Vegas hotels and offers a view of
Fax +1.212.631.1073        the entire city and the desert beyond.          The more than 140 shops in the Moroccan-themed Miracle Mile include high-end boutiques         and designer outlets. The Venetian-themed Grand Canal Shoppes is one of the busiest
                           malls in the United States and is open to those staying at Vegas hotels.

                           Given the city's rich, 24-hour nightlife in Las Vegas nightclubs and the lavish entertainment
                           scene, hotels in Vegas are the perfect places to set up a base for a vacation full of parties
                           with friends and intense experiences.

                           All Vegas hotels are easily accessible from the McCarran International Airport, where
                           cheap flights to Las Vegas bring thousands of tourists and residents to Las Vegas every

                           Las Vegas is where everybody goes to try their luck. Not only do they roll the dice and hope
                           for riches, they also stay in hotels in Vegas to tie the knot with someone special. Vegas
                           hotels cater to wedding parties and welcome them into their splendid worlds where a night
                           and a promise can be immortalized forever.

                           Guests at Vegas hotels also have access to Nevada's breathtaking nature and landscapes
                           outside the city itself like Lake Tahoe, Red Rock Canyon and the Indian Territory.

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