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The Diaper Daze


									            The Diaper Daze
               Life In The Midst of Parenthood
                                                            February 2010
                                                          The Maiden Voyage

Welcome to
The Diaper Daze

               where we read, write,
         laugh and cry about how much
we love our kids, how much they make us
crazy, how we uniquely raise them and
how we manage a life of our own
between the diaper                                       them           These are arti-
                                                 r ow         r!
changes.                              n’t o u t ge t b i g ge            cles, essays,
                                       d o ust g
This is anything and            K id s pe rs j                            poems, jokes,
                                  dia                                 quotes and more
everything to do with life
                                                             capturing observations,
while being a parent.
                                               reflections, reactions, convictions, and
                                             feelings in the midst of being a parent.

                                             They are written by parents of all ages,
                                             with kids of all ages, about their adven-
                                             tures living in the diaper daze.
              From the Editor — You are invited to Write!
               I am so grateful and            perspectives and styles to an otherwise
               honored for these articles      often isolating experience.
               written by my friends to
               help     me     launch          No matter how old you or your children
    The Diaper Daze.                           are, you are invited to write!

    My observations about parenthood that      I’m the editor, so all you have to do is
    brought me to create this newsletter       let the words flow, email them to me,
    include how much we love our kids,         and I’ll make it fit. I wish raising my
    how much they make us crazy, how we        daughters was that worry-free!
    survive the daily tests, how we raise
    them in our unique ways and how on         I hope you find this fun reading and will
    earth we manage to squeeze in a life of    forward it to your friends, friends of
    our own around them.                       friends and to their friends.

    Also, as most agree, we’re all in this     So, let’s have fun. There’s much to say,
    parenting experience together with the     much to learn and even more to laugh
    same goal of raising healthy, well ad-     about.
    justed kids, yet, it’s very easy to feel
                                               Here’s to living in the diaper daze.
                                               -KayLinda Crawford,
    I hope you will accept my invitation to    Mom to Megan, 4 and Natalie, 2
    write for this newsletter which will
    eventually be a great collection of
    articulated thoughts and observations
    bringing together many voices,                      -Inside This Issue-
                                               Just Bigger Diapers
                How To Submit An Article             -Kirsten Bond

                 •  Try for 150 to 500         Vulnerability
                 words about anything to            -Amanda Mankowski
              do with your parenting
           experiences,                        Getting the Flu May be Easier!
                                                     -KayLinda Crawford
•    You can write in the body of an email
     or attach a Word Document,                Sick Bed
                                                     -Jenna Sanders
•    You are welcome to send a picture
     that relates to your article              The Boy is 8!
                                                    -Mike Sanders
        Please email your article to:
                What Have You Done For You Lately?
                                                    -Robin Craig
       Thank very much for reading
              AND writing!                     Please Pass The Peas
                                                    -Amy El-Khashab
       Just Bigger Diapers
I met KayLinda the Fall semester of my       Remember when you had the struggle
Freshman year at Texas Tech, in              of the wiggly child with the dirty diaper
English 1301.                                and you could just lay them on the floor,
                                             throw your leg over them to pin them
I don’t remember much about the class,       down, and change them in 20-seconds
but do remember that KayLinda had a          flat? Well, there are days when I feel
great creative writing talent.               like I’ve done just that — or wish that I
So, it’s no surprise to me that she is       could!
passionate about starting a friends /        My daughter is 15, my son is 12, and
parents newsletter for all of us to be a     they are developing into wonderful peo-
part of. A sharing, encouraging point of     ple. But there are still days that shape
view; to me it sounds just like KayLinda.    mother and child that are exhausting
I often use the phrase: “It’s just bigger    and make me want to hide my head
diapers,” and can’t remember which           under my pillow.
wise mom I heard it from.                       My mom gave me some sage advice
When my mom-friends                                             years ago:
with younger children find         “...motherhood is the        “You’ve only got as
out I have kids who are               same throughout           much experience in
older than theirs, and              life still changing         motherhood as your kids
they say, “Oh! You have                                         are old. You’re doing
older kids!” (as if to say        diapers, just a different
                                                                the best you can.”
I’m lucky to have older                    size.”
kids), I say, “Yes, but it’s                                    And while sometimes it’s
just bigger diapers, that’s all.”               you who’s wearing the diaper, the hu-
                                                mility often does us good.
Meaning, of course, that motherhood is
the same throughout life; you’re still
mom, still doing your best, still changing
diapers, just a different size.                 -Kirsten Bond
                                             Mom to Allison, 15 and Logan, 12
Some days are messier than others,
their problems are bigger, and other
days are a breeze.
I always thought that the newborn advice from friends. These are intricate
period was the height of vulnerability in nuances that some adults struggle with!
childhood.                                     What large expectations we have of our
Holding each of my children when they children.
were seconds old absolutely reinforced Gone are the days when I could sooth
this belief - a fresh life completely my children through the warm embrace
dependent upon another for nourish- of nursing. Gone are the days when I
m e n t , l o v e , a n d c o m f o r t i s could tuck a child into a sling and know
awe-inspiring.                                 they were protected. Gone are the days
A small person unable to hold up his when the simple beauty of diapers on
own head, take a step, or speak a                             the clothesline reminded
word seemed so fragile.                                              me at a glance
                                                                        that one part of
This week, I realized I was             “Infancy was, really, pure       their   comfort
mistaken. My son was hurt by                and utter security.”         was assured.
another child—most likely one
of his sisters!                                                        But, these are
                                                                 lovely days, too. I love
We sat on the floor and I held him in my the conversations I have with my chil-
lap whispering in his ear that it would dren. They are complete people who
stop hurting soon when suddenly, I truly engage me. I have never been so
found myself gazing at his legs.               challenged at any job as I am as their
This year, the downy translucent hair on mother—and that is mightily rewarding.
his legs has become coarser and But, I also know these are the
darker. Maybe it was the juxtaposition vulnerable days; watching them launch
of this evidence of young boyhood next         into independence and all the pitfalls of
to those fine small ankles.                    life.
I was captured by the thought that my Infancy was, really, pure and utter
six-and-a-half-year-old boy was so security.
exposed to the world. He will have his
feelings hurt and have to learn how to -Amanda Mankowski,
adjust or respond. He will need to figure Mom to Emma 8, Ethan, 6 and Sophie 4
out how to deal with good and bad
             Sick Bed
When we married 14 years ago, we             Baby Girl’s snores and jerks seem in
agreed to purchase a queen size              rhythm to the ticking clock down the
mattress and box springs set. For two        hallway. On this little bed, I cannot get
adults raised in twin beds, we felt as if    close enough to take away her sickness
there was room to spare.                     or soothe her aches.
As our bed collects little people to share   This bed is filled with memories of my
naps, cats at night and over a hundred       past and her future, and I am grateful.
extra pounds between us, we’ve even
contemplated a king size bed. But,                                       Grateful for the
economics prevail.                                               knowledge to help her
                                                                 rest through the night,
It would be poor budgeting to buy                                 washing machines to
another bed requiring all new sheets                                 clean the linens, a
and bedding. How did our parents                                  shower to rinse away
rest comfortably in a double bed for                             the germs, and a kind
decades?                                                        pediatrician available if
                                                                          we need him.
Really, a double bed is the width of two
crib mattresses. Amazing when you            I’m now sure we won’t get a larger bed.
think about the logistics.                   I don’t ever want to be so comfortable
                                             by myself that I forget that others need
Tonight, these thoughts clang around in      me close by; and I need to be near
my head as I snuggle with my sick little     them.
girl in her twin bed. I pat her back in
rhythm with her snores. Her fevered          -Jenna Sanders, Leander ISD Attendance
skin is a stark contrast to the cool sheet   and DropOut Prevention Coordinator
metal headboard.                             Mom to Jessie, 8 and Olivia, 6
The bed frame belonged to her Great-
Great-Grandfather. My mother bought
the mattress and box springs when I
moved out of the college dorm.
Getting the Flu May be Easier!
Megan is afraid of the doctor. She            table trying to look at all the cute animal
panics just driving by the doctor’s office.   pictures on the walls, which, of course,
But, it was time for flu shots, so off we     are meant to distract kids from what’s
went.                                         happening.
I barely got Megan into the waiting room      Going as fast as I can to clean up
before she started crying and screaming       Natalie, Megan is once again holding
that she wasn’t sick, so why was she          onto the back of my shirt scared these
there??!!                                     nice ladies are going to touch her, and
Once Megan was mostly calmed, I dis-          now, the nurse is holding a pen in my
covered Natalie pooped so big it came         face needing me to sign-off on all of this!
out of her diaper sideways and is all over    Finally, Natalie is clean, Megan is sitting
the inside of her shorts. I had to borrow     down, and Natalie is first to get her shot.
a diaper from the doctor and she and let      She was a little surprised, but was fine.
us go into the exam room early so I could     Then it’s Megan’s turn. I hold Megan in
change her.                                   my lap, she knows what’s coming and
Megan, who wanted nothing to                  screams. I try to distract her by turning
do with heading to the exam                   her head to look at her favorite swimmer,
r o o m e a r l y, w a s n o w                    Nemo, but she fights back.
screaming at the top of her lungs                        So now, I hold her arms still
and pulling on the back of my                             while the office manager holds
shirt begging me to go no                                 her wild legs.       The nurse
further!                                                  gives her the shot, and Megan
We got into the room, I shut the                         screams as if she’s just been
door, put Natalie on the exam table to                    stabbed with a knife.
change her, and Megan, still terrified,       We all clap that it’s over, Megan is
starts banging on the inside of the door      insulted, and now I hurry to gather them
screaming to be let out!                      and our things and get the heck out of
I can’t take my hands off of Natalie, who     there.
wants to jump off the table, so, after lots   I open the door, Megan goes the wrong
of being patient with Megan’s fears, I        way, gets terrified at the sight of other
pretty much tell her to sit down and shut     exam rooms, I back-track suddenly to
up!                                           Natalie who picked up an ‘inner-ear’
Cleaning Natalie’s mess was taking most       demonstration, which is now in pieces on
of a full box of wipes, and Megan was         the floor, gather it up, put it back on the
growing impatient. Soon Megan was             shelf, get the girls to the waiting room to
back up by the door crying and begging        pick ‘reward’ stickers, get in the car,
to go home.                                   listen to Megan relive the emotions, then
About this time, the nurse walked in,         suddenly, Natalie freaks out because her
bringing the office manager with her for      little band-aid fell off of her shot ‘boo-
extra help because of the unusual crying,     boo.’
and the moment the door opens, Megan          Lucky for me, Mommy had a fresh one.
lets out the loudest high-pitched scream      -KayLinda Crawford
of terror you may have ever heard.
                                              Mom to Megan, 4 and Natalie, 2
I’m still trying to get Nat’s shorts less
soiled while she’s wiggling all over the
          The Boy is 8!
The Talker is now 8 years old, and he screams, yells and even keeps score.
says it has been a great birthday, maybe The Talker has several team jerseys and
even “the best ever!”                                t-shirts, but so far, his only
                                                     football helmet has been from
We are bypassing the big birthday party              a Houston Texans play set he
extravaganzas for the kids this year, in             has had for a couple of years.
favor of smaller, more family focused                Now, he can dress like a real
(meaning cheaper!) events. Besides                   winner!
that, I turn 40 this year and I want to
have the cool party!                       Today at lunchtime, I visited the kids at
                                           school with celebratory chocolate
Last night The Talker picked the dinner covered donuts in hand. Then for din-
venue and he got to take one of his best ner, I whipped up one of the kid’s favor-
buddies. The Talker chose to have his ite meals - pork chops, mashed taters
birthday dinner at our favorite steak- and green beans. (OK, the kids could
house. That’s my boy! We celebrated a do without the green beans.) The Boss
day early since the boy’s basketball Lady made an awesome birthday cake
team practices on Wednes-                  and we chowed down after basketball
day     evenings and The                   practice.
Talker could not be
dissuaded from attending                   Considering we started his party at din-
practice.                                  nertime yesterday and things are just
                                           now winding down, 28-hours later, I
This morning, before                       think The Talker’s 8th birthday will be
school, he got to open one gift. The one for the memory book!
boss Lady, Little Sister and I picked out
a Dallas Cowboys football set for his gift -Mike Sanders, At Home Daddy,
from the family. The Talker loves to play Dad to Jessie, 8 and Olivia, 6
pretend football games in the backyard.
He dresses in all of his gear, runs plays,
              What Have You Done For You Lately?
My name is Robyn Craig, and I am a         Remember the first day of
Family Nurse Practitioner. KayLinda        Kindergarten, dropping your child off at
asked me to write a health column for      school and crying the whole way home
the newsletter.                            wondering how your child grew up so
KayLinda and I have known each other       fast? It was hard for me, but nothing
a very long time and I am happy to be a    compares to the emotions this year as
part of what she is doing! I’ll write      Alex entered high school, and next year
about various health topics and if you     I’ll have TWO in high school! Bring on
want more information or have a            the red wine! It’s good for your heart,
question, just let KayLinda know and       right??
I’m happy to help.                         I’ll be happy to share some stories
Motherhood is a tough job and we all       about life with teenagers. I’m sure I’ll
need to be in the best mental, physical    have a doozy to tell after Valentine’s
and spiritual shape we can to help our     Day!
kids grow up in this crazy world.          Looking forward to meeting you all!
I have two teenagers; my son Alex, is      -Robyn Craig, Family Nurse Practitioner
15, and my daughter Haley, is 14.          Mom to Alex, 15 and Haley, 14

                       Tips for Heart Health and a Happy 2010
                      February is          6. Make breakfast count.
                      National Heart       7. Eat one extra fruit or vegetable a day.
Disease Awareness Month, and I know
I’m not alone when it comes to taking      8. Play more games and read more
better care of my husband and kids than       books.
I do myself, so I thought I’d share some   9. Live with the 3-E’s—energy, enthusi-
easy-to-do tips for better heart health       asm and empathy.
and for a better day in general!
                                           10.Dream more while you’re awake.
                                           11.Drink green tea and plenty of water.
1. Take a 10 minute walk everyday.
                                           12.Try to make 3 people smile each day.
2. Give yourself a lift—lift 2 pound
   weights a few times a day.              13.Clear the clutter and let positive en-
                                              ergy flow in your house and your
3. Have a handful of nuts. Walnuts, al-       heart.
   monds and peanuts are good for your
   heart.                                  14.Smile and laugh more cause life is
                                              too short to waste being angry.
4. Eat more seafood.
                                           15.Don’t take yourself too seriously. No
5. Sit in silence for 10 minutes each         one else does.
    Please Pass the Peas!
  Ayman's turning 36, and gettin' fixed.
    I can't believe it's come to this!

      Two down and no more to go,
           As far as we know.

    18 months of begging, "Please!"
    He's finally gonna stop the tease.

      Even though it's nothing new,
   he has my sympathy where it's due.

Since the thought brings him to his knees,
    Would you please pass the peas?

           -Amy El-Khashab
     Mom to Avrum, 4 and Asher, 1
             (and no more!)

           This is the end of
           The Diaper Daze
               Volume 1

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