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									City and County of San Francisco                                                         Department of Public Health
             Gavin Newsom                                                                               Mitchell H. Katz, MD
                 Mayor                                                                                   Director of Health

                  Director’s Report for Health Commission Meeting of
                                                  December 2, 2008
              A current overview of issues affecting the state of public health in San Francisco

      DPH Items at the Board of Supervisors
      During the week of December 1, Budget & Finance meets on Wednesday. Rules, Joint City & School
      District Select, and City Operations & Neighborhood Services meet on Thursday. The Land Use &
      Economic Development Committee and the Full Board are cancelled.

         Date      Author(s)                                Item                                             Status
       11/18/08      Daly,      De-Appropriating $998,145 of General Fund and                     Budget & Finance -- Regular
                   McGoldrick   $761,021 of Federal Direct Grant Revenue for the                  Agenda, December 3
                                Community Justice Center for FY 2008-2009 - Ordinance
                                de-appropriating $998,145 of General Fund in the Mayor's
                                Office of Community Justice and $761,021 of Federal Direct
                                Grant Revenue in the Department of Public Health for the
                                Community Justice Center in Fiscal Year 2008-2009.
       11/18/08    McGoldrick   Mayor's Current Budget Instructions, Mid-Year Cuts                Budget & Finance -- Regular
                                and next year's Budget process -- Hearing on the                  Agenda, December 3
                                Mayor's Current Budget Instructions, Mid-Year Cuts and
                                next year's Budget process.
       11/04/08     Ammiano,    Urging the Municipal Transportation Agency and the                Land Use & Economic
                     Maxwell    Department of Public Health to collaborate and create             Development – Approved,
                                health protective truck route planning in Southeast               November 25
                                Neighborhoods - Resolution urging the Municipal
                                Transportation Agency and the Department of Public Health
                                to collaborate and create health protective truck route
                                planning in Southeast Neighborhoods. Encouraging
                                cooperation between DPH and SFMTA and the local
                                community in identifying and correcting health and safety
                                related issues associated with truck traffic. Urging DPH to
                                create a truck related exposure map identifying areas of
                                significant exposure to air quality, noise and traffic hazards.
                                Urging SFMTA to create a mitigation plan to address the
                                impacts of local truck traffic on residential communities of
                                southeast San Francisco that protects community health
                                and provides efficient routes for commercial vehicle traffic.
       10/28/08     Ammiano     Suspending Sections 468.3 through 468.8 of the Menu               Full Board – Approved,
                                Labeling Ordinance - Ordinance amending the San                   November 18
                                Francisco Health Code by adding Section 468.9, to suspend
                                Sections 468.3 through 468.8 of the Menu Labeling
       10/21/08    McGoldrick   Monthly Overtime Report - Hearing on Monthly Overtime             Budget & Finance -- Regular
                                Report (Administrative Code Section 18.13-1), discussing          Agenda, December 3
                                the five City departments using the most overtime in the
                                preceding month.


(415) 554-2600                                     101 Grove Street                         San Francisco, CA 94102-4593
December 1, 2008
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 10/21/08    Alioto-Pier   Commending the Blue Ribbon Panel and prioritizing                 Full Board – Amended,
                           California Pacific Medical Center's Long Range                    November 18 and separated
                           Development Plan - Resolution commending the work of
                           the Blue Ribbon Panel and urging all City Departments to
                           prioritize the California Pacific Medical Center Long Range
                           Development Plan ("LRDP").
 09/29/08                  Settlement of Lawsuit - Estate of Nicholas Torrico, et al.        Full Board – Approved,
                           - $150,000.00 - Ordinance authorizing settlement of the           November 18
                           lawsuit filed by the Estate of Nicholas Torrico, et al. against
                           the City and County of San Francisco for $150,000.00; the
                           lawsuit was filed on July 13, 2007 in United States District
                           Court, Case No. C07-3624 JCS; entitled Estate of Nicholas
                           Torrico, et al., v. City and County of San Francisco, et al.
 09/23/08                  Settlement of Lawsuit - Karen Douma - $1,695,100.00 -             Full Board – Approved,
                           Ordinance authorizing settlement of the lawsuit filed by          November 18
                           Karen Douma, individually, Karen Douma, as Personal
                           Representative of the Estate Of David Douma, deceased,
                           Jason Douma, individually, Pamela Fay, individually, and
                           David Douma, Jr., individually against SF American
                           Taxicab, Inc., Autos For Hire Rpg, Inc., Alem Belai, City And
                           County Of San Francisco, Regents of The University of
                           California, DOES 1 to 100, jointly and severally for
                           $1,695,100.00; the lawsuit was filed on August 10, 2007 in
                           San Francisco Superior Court, Case No. CGC-07-466068;
                           entitled Karen Douma, et al., v. SF American Taxicab, Inc.,
                           et al.
 9/16/08           Daly    Medical Cannabis Dispensary Permits - Ordinance                   Rules – To be heard December
                           amending Section 3308 of the San Francisco Health Code            4
                           to include the installation of platform lifts under the minimum
                           disability access standards for Medical Cannabis

 9/09/08       Mayor       Medical Cannabis Act Revisions - Ordinance approving              Rules –To be heard December 4
                           amendments to the Medical Cannabis Act to clarify that a
                           medical cannabis dispensary shall be a cooperative or
                           collective and shall operate as a non-profit.

 09/09/08                  Settlement of Lawsuit, Gladys DeWitt - $50,000 -                  Full Board – Approved
                           Ordinance authorizing settlement of the lawsuit filed by          November 18
                           Gladys DeWitt against the City and County of San
                           Francisco for $50,000; the lawsuit was filed on January 19,
                           2007 in San Francisco Superior Court, Case No. 459735,
                           and removed, on July 27, 2007, to United States District
                           Court for the Northern District of California, Case No. C-07-
                           03791 PJH, entitled DeWitt v. City and County of San
                           Francisco, et al.
 08/12/08     Mirkarimi    Prohibiting advertisements for alcoholic beverages on             City Operations &
                           City property - Ordinance amending the San Francisco              Neighborhood Services – To
                           Administrative Code by amending Section 4.20, to prohibit         be heard December 4
                           advertisements for alcoholic beverages on City property.
 08/12/08     Ammiano      Noise Control Ordinance - Ordinance amending the San              Full Board –Approved
                           Francisco Police Code by amending Sections 2901, 2902,            November 18
                           2904, 2907, 2908, 2909, 2910, 2916, and 2917, repealing
                           Sections 2903, 2906, 2911, 2912, 2913, 2914, 2915, and
                           2918, and adding new Sections 2912, 2918, 2920, 2922,
                           2924, and 2926, to revise the City's noise control
                           regulations, add administrative penalties, and create a noise
                           task force.
December 1, 2008
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 07/08/08     Ammiano     Requiring Air Quality Assessment and Ventilation for             Full Board – Approved first
                          Certain Urban Infill Residential Developments -                  reading, November 18
                          Ordinance amending the San Francisco Health Code by
                          adding new Article 38 to require air quality assessment and
                          ventilation for certain urban infill residential developments;
                          amending the San Francisco Building Code by adding a
                          third paragraph to Section 1203.5 and amending the San
                          Francisco Mechanical Code by adding new Section 419 to
                          require special ventilation systems for certain urban infill
                          residential developments; making environmental findings;
                          adopting findings of local conditions pursuant to California
                          Health and Safety Code Section 17958.7, and directing the
                          Clerk of the Board of Supervisors to forward this Ordinance
                          to the California Building Standards Commission.
 03/21/06     Mirkarimi   Shelter Monitoring Committee - Hearing to consider the           Rules -- To be heard December
                          quarterly reports of the Shelter Monitoring Committee.           4

Tangerine Brigham Named MFAC Recipient
It gives me great pleasure to announce that Tangerine Brigham, Director of Healthy San
Francisco, has been named as a recipient of this year’s Municipal Fiscal Advisory Committee,
(MFAC) 2008 Public Managerial Excellence Award. The MFAC Public Managerial Excellence
Awards, sponsored by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, are dedicated to recognizing
outstanding leadership, creativity, and managerial excellence in San Francisco government.
Over the last 25 years, more than 100 City employees have been commended for their
innovation, imagination and dedication to public service.

Ms. Brigham has an extraordinary history of commitment, dedication and achievement in her tenure
with the Department and to the residents of San Francisco and the Healthy San Francisco initiative.
She will be honored at an Awards Ceremony in February, 2009. I know the Health Commission
joins me in congratulating Ms. Brigham for this meritorious recognition.

The Green Business Program, a collaboration between DPH and the Department of the
Environment, was among the teams nominated. Virginia St. Jean, Hazardous Materials
Inspector, is the Department’s representative to the Green Business Program.

Previous MFAC winners who are currently working for the Department have included Steven
Koneffklatt, Gene O’Connell, Cheryl Austin, Nancy Wong, Sharon Kotabe, Sue Currin, Barbara
Garcia, Diana Guevara, Sai-Ling Chan-Sew, Nelly Lee, Rajiv Bhatia, MD, Judith Klain and Marc

Sue Currin Appointed as COO for SFGH
It gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of Sue Currin, RN, MSN, to the SFGH
Chief Operating Officer position effective immediately. Sue has been the Chief Nursing Officer
for the last eight years, providing leadership and management of all aspects of patient care
services at SFGH. She began her career at SFGH as a nurse and has since served in a variety of
capacities, including Director of Quality Management at SFGH and Director of Quality
Management for the entire Community Health Network. She left DPH for two years to work as
the Quality and Service Leader for the East Bay Service Area of Kaiser Permanente Hospital and
December 1, 2008
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Health Plan, overseeing quality, risk and medical staff affairs programs across four medical
centers, multiple ambulatory sites, home health, hospice, and contracted services.

Ms. Currin received her graduate degree from the University of California, San Francisco. She
participated in the National Association of Public Hospitals Patient Safety and Healthcare Policy
Fellowship Programs in 2005 and 2006. Currently, she is participating in the California
HealthCare Foundation Health Care Leadership Fellowship Program 2007 - 2009.

Ms. Currin received special recognition for hospital fiscal management from the Municipal
Fiscal Advisory Committee to the Mayor in 2007 and the Association of California Nurse
Leaders Excellence in Nursing award in 2008. Over the past four years, Ms. Currin has received
$6.2 million in grants to fund a Nursing Internship Program for new graduates, the Medication
Error Reduction Project, Patient Safety Initiatives, and a Transitional Care Program.

Ms. Currin will continue to work collaboratively with staff at all levels of SFGH on the many
opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Please join me in congratulating Sue Currin on her
promotion and extending your support for her new role as Chief Operating Officer.

San Francisco Immunization Registry Project on Board with UCSF Pediatrics
The San Francisco Immunization Coalition has announced that as of November 3, UCSF Pediatrics
is using the California Immunization Registry (CAIR). The Coalition’s Immunization Registry
Consultant, Cecilia Sandoval, worked with UCSF staff for over two years to make this possible. The
years of hard work and perseverance paid off on the first day when a nurse from UCSF Urgent Care
was able to locate a child's immunization record in CAIR. The child had been seen at one of
SFDPH's clinics and all of her immunizations were recorded in the registry.

To date the registry has 47% of San Francisco's children under six years of age and over twenty
medical providers, with the most recent being Treasure Island Job Corps, Chinese Hospital Excelsior
Clinic, and UCSF Pediatrics.

Medical Directors to Attend Institute for Physician Leadership
Congratulations to Mark Ghaly, MD, Medical Director at Southeast Health Center, Catherine
James, MD, Medical Director at Maxine Hall Health Center and Barbara Wismer, MD, Medical
Director at Tom Waddell Health Center who have been accepted into the Center for the Health
Professions’ new Institute for Physician Leadership program. The nine-month program is designed
to develop leadership skills, focusing on innovative and practical experience to help physicians
emerge into leadership positions. Acceptance in this prestigious program comes from nominations
by senior leaders within the physicians’ organization.

Environmental Health Promotion Office Relocates
DPH Children's Environmental Health Promotion, which includes the Childhood Lead Prevention
Program, has just completed their move to Suite 410 in Fox Plaza, 1390 Market St., SF 94102.
Their new general suite telephone number is 415/252-3888 and each employee has an individual
phone number, available through their directory. The new fax number is 415/252-3889.

For the Commissioners who are still learning about the many divisions within the Department of
Public Health and what they do, the Children’s Environmental Health Promotion (CEHP) staff
provide support to community groups looking at systematic environmental health problems that
affect residents and neighborhoods, particularly vulnerable residents in distressed neighborhoods.
December 1, 2008
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Experienced staff is routinely involved in and supporting community led efforts through research
and technical assistance to advocate for city actions for healthier homes and neighborhoods,
including their work in supporting the SF Asthma Task Force and the Bay Area Environmental
Health Collaborative. CEHP staff also provide comprehensive healthy housing assessment and
education to WIC Food Supplement Program clients with children up to 3 years old, San Francisco’s
most vulnerable families with young children for San Francisco. Karen Cohn, 252-3898,, is director of CEHP.

The Lead Hazard Code Enforcement and Case Management aspect of their work includes state-
certified lead inspection professionals who enforce San Francisco lead hazard laws, facilitate access
to the Mayor’s Office of Housing (MOH) lead hazard remediation grants, and provide case
management support to families of children with lead exposure. For questions relating to childhood
lead prevention, contact Joe Walseth, 252-3956,

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