Dancing At Its Best; Here’s To Your Health_

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					Dancing At Its Best; Here’s To Your Health!
We all are aware that dancing is enjoyable, fun etc. We dance when we are celebrating an occasion or relaxing in a pub or disco. But not many of us are actually aware that dancing does wonders for our health! Some of the many benefits to our health from dancing are that it reduces stress, improves digestion, enhances energy, helps in weight loss, helps in pumping the heart and lungs, improves muscle tone, increases bone density and helps in developing an overall healthy lifestyle. It also decreases chances to develop ailments like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia that are usually present in the elderly. Recent studies have also proved that dancing decreases chances for developing disorders like high blood pressure, ailments related to heart, diabetes, cancer etc. Besides, dancing also help you maintain your weight and look a lot younger.

Heath benefits are received from various dance forms. Each dance form has its own characteristics hence benefits also depend on the type of form you practice, duration of practice and also the level of dance form. Belly dance for example prevents problems in the lower back, reduces stress and helps maintaining the right and erect posture. Also it makes the abdomen firmer. Similarly Ball room dancing immensely benefits circulatory system, increases stamina and enhances flexibility. The beautiful gown just adds to the grace of the dance. Salsa, with it’s

fast paced rhythm get’s the blood flowing and is great for dropping a few extra pounds. Swing dancing, which was very popular in between 20’ and 40’ is a very fast pace dance which requires lots of energy and helps in building stamina. Other forms of dance are Jazz, Flamenco, Chinese dance which combines both modern and classical steps and ballet which helps in building balance and stamina. Any form of dance is a tried and true tested method of keeping your health in check, weight in control, diabetes and blood pressure well maintained and cholesterol at the desired levels. The amount of calories burnt in a dance session depends on the type of dance and duration. For example about 265 calories are lost while doing Ballroom dance, 235 doing swing dance. Belly and Salsa dance burn more than 400 calories each hour. Dancing also adds a new excitement to your life making you happy and relieving stress. Whatever age group you belong to there are easy steps meant for beginners and amateurs, who are trying to learn dance for the very first time. The trainers shall guide you through. Within a couple of classes you will get used to the new experience of learning to dance. Do not shy away from this exciting experience. Apart from attending classes in a dance academy or in the gym, you can also buy CD’s of your favorite dance and practice it in the comfort home in your spare time. There are lots of CD’s and DVD’s available in the market or on the internet which help you dance your way to good health. Encourage your friends and partners to join you in your endeavor to dance more and it will make it a more enjoyable experience overall.

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