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                                             Q1 2007

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               Dear Thermadyne Distributor;

               We hope you enjoy this latest edition of the Thermadyne Sales & Marketing Newsletter.
               As in the past, we take this opportunity to highlight product, program information and
               other news from our company.

               We are all very excited about our product offerings in the coming year.

               As we continue to develop our brand portfolio, we are always looking for ways to
               deliver the greatest value to the end users, your customers. We completed a significant
               planning process last month that concluded with a sales and marketing meeting in
               St. Louis. At that meeting we shared a vision with our sales and marketing leaders
               around the theme for 2007. As valued customers, you will hear about our mission which
               includes innovation and creativity that will help us move forward together to provide
               even greater value and quality.

               Thermadyne joins the American Welding Society in encouraging individuals to practice
               the art, craftsmanship and professions of welding, metalworking and fabrication. Victor,
               Thermal Dynamics, Thermal Arc, C&G Systems, Arcair, Tweco and Stoody are among
               the Thermadyne family of brands that you and your customers can count on for safety,
               reliability and quality.

               We appreciate your business.


               Martin Quinn
               Executive Vice President

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PAGE 2 • Thermadyne Sales & Marketing News Update
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                                Table of Contents
800-238-0282 FAX 800-535-0557   Victor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-5

                                ProPod2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

800-569-0547 FAX 800-535-0557   Thermal Arc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7

                                Drag-Gun® Plus & Plasma Demo . . . . . . . . 8

800-426-1888 FAX 800-535-0557   Golden Anniversary Promotion . . . . . . . . . . 9

                                Marathon Men . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

800-426-1888 FAX 800-535-0557                   XT 300 Series Torch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11

                                Husker Harvest . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
800-382-8187 FAX 800-535-0557               Arcair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

                                Stoody . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
800-752-7621 FAX 800-221-4401
                                Tweco Conversion Kits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

                                Tweco MIG Guns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
800-426-1888 FAX 800-535-0557
                                Tweco Sets New Sales Record . . . . . . . . . 17

800-411-0614 FAX 630-467-0606
                                Superflex Pro Conductor Tube . . . . . . . . . 18
                                People In The Spotlight . . . . . . . . . . . . 19-20

800-426-1888 FAX 800-535-0557   Daimler-Chrysler. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21

Consumable Parts                Welders Without Borders. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Management Group
800-318-6819 FAX 800-943-9288        Print Advertising Campaign . . . . . . . . . . . 23

                                                                                   Q1 2007 • Page 3
Victor                                                                                     Safety, Performance & Durability

                       Victor® Journeyman                                                        Victor® CutSkill 450


 Victor Professional outfits are available in Journeyman, Journeyman
 II, SuperRange II and Performer models. Every piece from tips to
 regulators is built to handle the toughest, most demanding industrial
 job sites. Safety features include Victor’s patented built-in reverse flow            Victor CutSkill is a winning choice for those
 check valves and flashback arrestors, regulator with two over pressure                looking for outfits for Heavy duty, Heavy/Medium
 relief mechanisms, heavy-duty gauge guards and multi fuel T-grade                     duty or Medium duty outfits that are reliable and
 hose. Also includes the Victor exclusive tube-within-a-tube design that               competitively priced. Victor CutSkill features the
 provides exceptional performance. Every component is housed in an                     reverse flow check valves and flashback arrestors
 attractive toolbox that keeps your outfit protected and organized.                    and is packed with extras.

                                                                                       Delivers Safety,
 Absolutely the Best…Period.                                                           Performance & Durability.

   Don’t Leave Safety
   to Chance
   Built-in Flashback Arrestors and
   Reverse Flow Check Valves in
   Every New Cutting Torch

                                                                   Patented Built-In
                                                                   Flashback Arrestors               Patented Built-In
                                                                   & Check Valves                    Flashback Arrestors
                                                                   U.S. Patent #’s                   & Check Valves
                                                                   5407348 & 4286620                 U.S. Patent #’s
                                                                                                     5407348 & 4286620

PAGE 4 • Thermadyne Sales & Marketing News Update
Victor CutSkill 250 Gas Equipment Series
Perfect for Light to Medium Duty Applications

V    ictor Equipment Company, the world leader in
     gas apparatus and pressure control products,
has introduced its new Victor CutSkill 250 series
                                                        brass head heavy wall design, large capacity oxygen
                                                        and preheat orifices, and a beveled seat design
                                                        that offers improved resilience to leaks. And now,
outfit. The product has been specifically designed      every component is housed in an attractive toolbox
for light to medium duty applications. Built to         that keeps its outfits protected and organized.
Victor specifications and quality control, this
                                                        DURABILITY — In its regulator, Victor CutSkill
quality product delivers the safety and reliability
                                                        provides such heavy-duty design and construction
that this premium brand is known for, and also
                                                        features as a forged brass housing cap, a seat easily
features a comprehensive two-year warranty.
                                                        replaced at a fraction of an encapsulated seat, and a
The Victor fit-for-purpose brand strategy and product   fine threaded adjusting “T” bar for smooth operation.
line blend will include Victor Professional, Victor
                                                        In addition to the Victor CutSkill 250 for light to
CutSkill and coming early 2007 Victor FirePower.
                                                        medium duty applications, Victor has developed
Each category carries a specific apparatus and
                                                        the Victor CutSkill 350 series for medium to
set of components designed to meet the exact
                                                        heavy duty applications, and its Victor CutSkill
performance specifications, applications, warranty
                                                        450 series for heavy duty applications.
support and price range of the end user. The
Victor CutSkill 250 series has been engineered to
provide safety, performance and durability, for value
oriented users who want high quality products.
SAFETY — Victor CutSkill has the critical, patented
safety features built in to the torch handles that
come in all of Victor’s outfits. Victor torch handles
are available with VanGuard safety features such
as built-in flashback arrestors and built-in reverse
flow check valves. VanGuard torch handles also
feature Victor traditional threaded assemblies for
quick economical repair if service is necessary.
PERFORMANCE — Every CutSkill piece from
tips to regulators is built to handle the toughest,
most demanding job sites. The Victor CutSkill 250
cutting attachment, for instance, has such built-in
performance features as a stainless steel cutting
oxygen lever, a durable pull design, ease on HP
cutting oxygen seat, a spiral mixer that blends all
fuel gases with preheat oxygen, tube nuts for ease
of repair, silver brazed tubes at torch head, forged

                                                                                              Q1 2007 • Page 5

Victor Medical Ready-to-Use
Portable Oxygen Delivery System
Integrated Cylinder Valve/Regulator on ProPod2 Designed for Ease of Use

V   ictor Medical Launches New Ready-to-
    Use Portable Oxygen Delivery System
Integrated Cylinder Valve/Regulator on
                                                         Related to Victor’s Commitment to Quality:
                                                         • 100% helium
                                                           leak tested
ProPod2 Designed for Ease of Use                         • Manufactured
The Victor Equipment Company has introduced                in a clean room
ProPod2, a new portable oxygen delivery system           • FDA Class 1 registered
with an integrated cylinder valve/regulator.               device
“By combining the cylinder valve/regulator, we were      • Tested to CGA E-7
able to save the user time and money by simplifying      • Conforms to CGA V-9
the use of the system,” explained Dan Hlawati,           • Conforms to EN 738-3
Marketing Manager for Victor’s Gas Equipment
                                                         • Serialized for traceability
Product Lines. “The ProPod2 has a low profile, and
                                                         • 5 year limited warranty
is light weight for enhanced mobility which lessens
user fatigue. Suppliers find it is easy to rack, quick                Victor Equipment Company has
to fill, and easy to handle.” Hlawati explained that                       served the oxygen market since
Victor’s criteria for the system’s design were                                 its formation in 1913. Victor’s
safety, user cost reduction, and improved quality.                              extensive background and
                                                                                expertise in gas pressure controls
Related to safety:
                                                                                resulted in the creation of the
• Eliminates the need to connect regulator
                                                                             Victor Medical Products Brand to
  to high pressure cylinder valve
                                                                             specifically serve the needs of the
• All components are within the cylinder
                                                                             Medical Oxygen Therapy markets
  footprint, and are protected by rugged shroud
                                                                             worldwide. Today, Victor Equipment
• Prevents regulator damage                                                   Company’s Medical Division
• Non-magnetic construction- ideal                                            manufactures and distributes an
  for MRI application                                                         extensive array of products for the
Related to Convenience:                                                       effective administration of oxygen
• Cylinder valve with regulator is                                           therapy services. Victor Medical
  always in place ready to use                                               products include oxygen regulators
                                                                            and conserver devices, cylinders,
• Patient treated faster
                                                                            transfilling systems, cylinder
• Accurate flow (+/- 10% of selected
                                                                           carriers and racks, and accessory
  flow) in any orientation
                                                                           items. Victor Medical is committed
• Easy to see top mounted cylinder content gauge                          to serving its customers with
• Flow selector with detents to avoid                                     the most current, state-of-the-art
  inadvertent flow changes                                               products for efficient and economical
• Adaptable to all Styles of Medical Cylinders                          medical oxygen administration.

PAGE 6 • Thermadyne Sales & Marketing News Update
Thermal Arc

Thermal Arc Is…ON THE MOVE
T    hermal Arc® is ON THE MOVE. This past year we
     introduced the next generation of inverter welding
power supplies from Thermal Arc. All of the products
in the Thermal Arc line have been redesigned from a
blank slate and thoroughly tested under real
life conditions. We wanted to make sure
we could meet the needs of our end-users.
The ArcMaster®
series of portable
lightweight inverters
are a part of our new
expanded Professional
line up from Thermal
Arc and complement
an exhaustive re-
engineering and
extension of our entire
line of Thermal Arc
Professional and
Weldskill® brand
welding equipment. The ArcMaster series portable
inverters from Thermal Arc include features targeted to
the welder/fabricator and offer real value to both the
distributor and the end user. From the popular compact
Dragster® 85 through the multi-process powerhouse
400MSTP these machines have you covered.
High performance, compact and powerful inverters
are a tradition at Thermal Arc and we believe you
will immediately notice advantages in the new
ArcMaster line up. We have also taken this opportunity
to change the trade dress of the machines and
literature. We’ve updated and improved the operator
and service manuals. We have also increased the
inventory of repair parts. We’ve expanded our
network of authorized Thermal Arc independent
service stations. We now have a service network
with easier access to resources and assistance which
will improve your total Thermal Arc experience.
We are confident you will be as excited about
this new line up as we are. For more information
on Thermal Arc contact your local factory trained
Thermadyne District Manager or visit us online
at our website -

                                                          Q1 2007 • Page 7
Drag-Gun® Plus & Plasma Demo

New Drag-Gun Plus Portable                              Schedule A Demo Today
Plasma Cutting System With
Built In Air Compressor                                 T   hermal Dynamics plasma cutting demonstrations
                                                            can be scheduled through the Thermadyne
                                                        Regional Business Manager (RBM). Six plasma

T   hermal Dynamics recently announced a new            demonstration trucks are making there way around
    and improved Drag Gun Plus. The Drag Gun            the country. Call your RBM today to schedule
Plus is ready to cut, offers maximum convenience,       your demo.
portability and powerful performance. The New
Drag Gun Plus features a humidity removal kit
which traps and eliminates moisture that may            Mitch Laughlin      West            209-247-6938
be emitted from the built in air compressor.  

                                                        Dennis Hodson       Midwest         801-369-8221

• 1/2” (12mm) Genuine Cut Capacity                      Bill Mofield        South           314-406-4893
• 15-35 Amps, Continuously Variable
• Input Power – 1ph 220/230V ±10%,            
  50/60 Hz., leff: 18 Amps
• Duty Cycle – 35% @ 35A                                Bob Reed            Central         630-639-1656
• Built-In Air Compressor
• SureLok® PCH-42ER Torch
• Applications – Expanded Metal, HVAC Spiral Ducting,
  Metal Studs, General Duty Construction, Auto Body,    Jeff Dillard        Southeast       404-861-0400
  Roofing and any General Duty Portable Applications

                                                        Harry Horstmyer     Northeast       757-291-4040

                                                             West          Midwest      Central   Northeast

                                                                                South        Southeast

PAGE 8 • Thermadyne Sales & Marketing News Update

Thermal Dynamics is Testing Limited Time Offer:
Victor Products with Purchase of Cutmaster Series Plasma Machines

I n celebration of Thermal Dynamics®’ 50th
  Anniversary in 2007, the company is test-
marketing a limited time offer of Victor
                                                  Dartmouth professors who developed a high-
                                                  temperature electric-arc metallizing torch that
                                                  led to the development of a plasma torch. Today,
products at no extra cost to purchasers of        Thermal’s innovative and performance proven
Cutmaster1Series plasma systems. (Offer is only   products are the plasma cutting systems of choice
available within specially marked packages).      for hand held or automated cutting needs. Thermal
                                                  plasma arc cutting systems can be used to cut
These special offers from Thermal Dynamics, a
                                                       virtually any material, light gauge to 4” (9.6
leading producer of plasma cutting systems
                                                              cm) thick, and range from highly portable
since 1957, will feature additional
                                                                  110V units for HVAC work to the
products from Victor, the world
                                                                    most sophisticated high speed,
leader in gas apparatus and
                                                                     high definition plasma cutting
pressure control products.
                                                                      systems for precision fabrication.
The Special Anniversary
savings range in values                                                   Thermal Dynamics and
between $425 and                                                          Victor, are registered
$610 to the end user.                                                     trademarks and brands
                                                                          owned and marketed by
The Cutmaster 38 and
                                                                    Thermadyne Industries, Inc. For
Cutmaster 51 plasma systems
                                                                  more information about Thermal
will be combined with two Victor
                                                               Dynamics Cutmaster, Victor CutSkill
CutSkill Regulators, a Victor Medium
                                                            and other Thermadyne and Victor products,
Duty Torch Handle, and a Victor Heating
                                                  visit the Web site at
Nozzle, creating a value of more than $425.
The Cutmaster 81 and
101 plasma systems will
be combined with two
Victor CutSkill Regulators,
a Victor Heavy Duty Torch
Handle and a Victor Heating
Nozzle, creating a value
of more than $550.
The Cutmaster 151 plasma
systems will be combined
with two Victor CutSkill
Regulators, a Victor Heavy
Duty Torch Handle, and a
Victor Heating Nozzle, creating
a value of more than $610.
Thermal Dynamics was
founded in 1957 by two

                                                                                        Q1 2007 • Page 9
Marathon Men

Thermal Dynamics ‘Marathon Men’ Stay Ahead of the Pack
T  hermal Dynamics in New Hampshire
   has a reputation of being competitive in
more than just in a business environment.
                                                     • Mike Wolfinger, Senior Mechanical
                                                       Engineer, who has run one VCM
                                                     • Mark Allard, Inside Sales, who has run two VCMs
They are a serious group of runners.
                                                     “Running marathons are not that difficult, even
Darrin MacKenzie, Director of Engineering, is a
                                                     for those who have never even run before,” said
marathon man who says he has been running
                                                     MacKenzie. The key is in the training. The group
forever. MacKenzie has run in 19 Vermont City
                                                     trains 3-4 days a week, between three to five miles
Marathons (VCMs), 43 other marathons all
                                                     per day. Every three or four weeks, they run 18-
over North America, five Vermont (VT)-50Ks,
                                                     20 miles on a weekend. To prepare for the Ultras,
seven VT-50 Milers, 14 other 50-Milers all
                                                     MacKenzie will start earlier than the rest of the
over North America, and 10 Vermont 100 Mile
                                                     group on these weekends and run 26 to 30 miles.
Endurance Runs. He recently received his 1000
Mile Buckle for this last achievement. There are     The group welcomes newcomers. “Running is not
only five 100 mile races across North America,       only healthy, but fun,” said MacKenzie. “People
and MacKenzie is one of only five individuals        are surprised and pleased that they can finish a
who have completed it 10 times in Vermont.           marathon after just nine months of training.”

Scott MacDonald, Manager Tech Support
& Consumable Parts Management, was a
bicycling enthusiastic who began running
with MacKenzie during the winter months
when cycling was impossible.
“I was training, again, for a marathon and Scott
asked, ‘I wonder if I could do one?’ He did,
and our group has grown from that point,” said
MacKenzie. MacDonald has run in six VCMs.
Others who have joined MacKenzie
and MacDonald are:
• Blake Keller, Director of Engineering-
  China, who has run in one VCM and
  one VT 50KM UltraMarathon
• Chris Conway, Principal Engineer, who has
  run in four VCMs, and one VT-50K
• Doug Demers, Manager of Lab Services, who
  has run in two VCMs, and one VT-50K
• Karl Brewer, Electrical Engineer, who has          From Top Left : Blake Keller, Director of Engineering-China, Chris
  run in four VCMs, and two VT-50Ks                  Conway, Principal Engineer-NH, Doug Demers, Manager of Lab
                                                     Services-NH, Darrin MacKenzie, Director of Engineering-NH, Karl
                                                     Brewer, Electrical Engineer-NH, Scott “Mac Daddy!” MacDonald,
• Marty Young, Designer, who has run in 3 VCMs       Manager Tech Support & CPM-NH, Missing from photo, or ran
                                                     other years: Marty Young, Designer-NH, Mike Wolfinger, Senior
                                                     Mechanical Engineer-NH, Mark Allard, Inside Sales-NH

PAGE 10 • Thermadyne Sales & Marketing News Update
Product Innovation

XT-300 Series Torch Body and Cartridge Assembly
T   hermal Dynamics introduces a new Torch
    Body and Consumable Cartridge assembly
for the XT-300 and XT-301 Plasma Torches. The
                                                            At Thermal Dynamics, we know product changes
                                                            often create confusion. It needs to be understood
                                                            that we want to make this torch the best torch
changes include a new SpeedLokTM attachment                 in the market. To make this happen, we’ve got to
method to quickly install and precisely lock                be on top of the latest technology, use the best
the cartridge assembly onto the torch body.                 performing materials, and listen to the market.
                                                            Although we will always try to keep any change to
The new SpeedLok torch design will provide a faster
                                                            any product in the market to an absolute minimum,
and assured method for attaching the Consumables
                                                            it is imperative we provide the best product and
Cartridge to the torch body. The old threaded
                                                            performance to our customers. They bought the
torch will be obsoleted and directly replaced by
                                                            best torch and deserve the best performance!
the new SpeedLok torch.
                                                            Excellent performance, lower cost of operation
The Consumable Cartridge
                                                            and maximum flexibility make the XT-300 Series
assembly will come
                                                                plasma cutting torches the best value in
with the new SpeedLok
                                                                          the marketplace. We look forward
Retainer Ring attached. A
                                                                                  to working with you to
Threaded Retainer Ring
                                                                                   take full advantage of
is also included along
                                                                                  this product offering.
with a pair of Snap Ring
pliers if it needs to be used. This
change will be effective Dec 18, 2006

                                                                             A U T O M A T I O N

                                        • MaximumLife ® Consumables
                                        • Best Parts Life in its Class
                                        • High Speed Oxygen Cutting
                                        • XT™-301 Torch
                                        • Water Mist Secondary™ (WMS)


                                                                                             Q1 2007 • Page 11
Husker Harvest

Thermal Dynamics Blows Away The
Competition At Husker Harvest Days
T   hermal Dynamics was the talk of the 2006
    Husker Harvest Days, the farm show that is
dedicated to farmers and ranchers in the Great
                                                     “hottest” products at the Nebraska show be the
                                                     Cutmaster™ 51, 81 and 101 plasma systems.
                                                     According to Tommy Hanchette, Thermadyne’s
Plains and Western Corn Belt. There were a           District Manager, “the systems were flying from the
record number of 550 exhibitors at the annual        shelves, with more than 50 sold at the booth.”
show in Grand Island, Nebraska in September,
                                                     As always, the Thermal Dynamics Plasma
but the sales of Victor, Stoody, and especially
                                                     Demonstration Truck was a huge success. Jake
Thermal Dynamics products, caused quite a buzz
                                                     Meeker (Plasma Demonstration Specialist) was kept
among the attendees and our competition.
                                                     busy answering questions and showing customers
The Thermadyne booth was situated next to            first-hand the superiority of the products. Meeker,
Linweld, our long-time Nebraska distributor          Hanchette, Dennis Hodson (Regional Business
who has served the needs of the gas industry         Manager), Kevin Showers (District Manager), and
for 61 years. It also was next to Miller®, so        Ray Antes (Stoody Specialist) all contributed to
there was a little good natured “head to head”       making the show a great success for Thermadyne.
competition going on. It was great fun to see the

    The Plasma Cutting Revolution                                            The patented 1Torch is the
                                                                             first plasma cutting torch that
    has Begun…                                                               operates with virtually any
                                                                             plasma cutting system.
                                                                              • 1 Set of Consumable Parts
    Performance proven plasma cutting.                                          for all Systems
                                                                              • Maximum Arc Visibility
                                                                              • Drag or Standoff Cutting at
                                                                                any Power Level
                                                                              • Improved Torch Leads
                                                                              • Ergonomic Torch Handle for
                                                                                Operator Comfort and Control
                                                                              • Low Cost of Operation
                                                                              • Manual or Automated Cutting

PAGE 12 • Thermadyne Sales & Marketing News Update

Arcair Delivers Industry Standard
H    ow many manufacturers do you know whose
     name is synonymous with an entire class of
product or service? Ford? Microsoft? Coca Cola?
                                                     The Arcair “Redbox” carbon, the best everyday
                                                     premium carbon for your money. Bar none.
                                                     Match those with the Arcair K-4000 and
Bell? Big names, big products, each represent        you have the industry standard for carbon
the very beginning of an entire industry.            cutting and gouging for over a half century.
How about Arcair? Arcair is synonymous with          Whether its joints or points, “redbox” hollow
Carbon Arc Cutting (CAC), commonly know as           carbons or cutskill value carbons, Arcair has the
“airarc” gouging. A term taken directly from the     widest selection of products on the market today.
origins of the product manufactured by Arcair.
                                                     Look for new products in 2007 that will
Brand performance like this is rare in today’s
                                                     bring more value, selection and performance
world. Manufacturers come and go and some
                                                     to you from Arcair, the leader in Carbon Arc
brands have failed to keep up to today’s demanding
                                                     Cutting equipment and consumables.
standards for premium performance. Not Arcair,
we’re still going strong and have some great new
products on tap for you in 2007. More value and
more performance for your hard earned dollar.

                                                                                        Q1 2007 • Page 13

Changing The Hardfacing Paradigm:
Wear Resistance Without The Cracks
Two New Stoody Welding Alloys Eliminate Cross Checking;
Provide Superior Wear Resistance without ‘Relief Check Cracks’

S   toody recently introduced two new alloys that
    produce a crack-free weld deposit, with wear-
resistance and hardness equal to or greater than that
                                                           the wear resistance has been greatly improved. The
                                                           crack free weld deposit is achieved by controlling
                                                           the matrix grain size and balancing the titanium
of chromium carbide weld deposits. The products,           and/or niobium with the carbon content. The
termed Stoody 964 and Stoody 966 electrodes                absence of coarse chromium carbides greatly
(patent pending), are a breakthrough in combating          contributes to the absence of check-cracking.”
various types of wear and corrosion. They are being
                                                           In tests comparing their hardness and
used in applications involving high impact where
                                                           wear resistance, Stoody’s new alloys
conventional overlays are prone to spalling due to
                                                           demonstrate its ability to outperform standard
cross checking. In laboratory tests as well as tests
                                                           chromium carbide welding wire.
conducted in the field, these alloys have significantly
greater resistance to cracking and spallation when         The new alloys were recently featured in the
compared to current hardfacing materials.                  December issue of FF Journal, the magazine for
                                                           today’s fabricating and forming technology.
                                 “By optimizing the
                                 carbon content with       For a copy of this article visit
                                 the titanium and/or
                                 niobium levels in the
                                 alloy, the amount of
                                 carbon in the matrix
                                 was minimized.
                                 This reduces the
                                 possibility of cracking
                                 as well as improving
                                 the toughness of
                                 the hardfacing,”
                                 says Stoody’s
Vice President of Technology, Dr. Ravi Menon.
“This innovation changes the hardfacing
paradigm because of its significance in terms
of wear resistance and toughness. In the past,
hardfacing materials that have had good wear
resistance are significantly more brittle.”
Jack Wallin, Stoody’s Product Manager explains,
“The composition of the welding wire has been
formulated to avoid any cross-checking similar to
martensitic and tool steel welding wire deposits but

PAGE 14 • Thermadyne Sales & Marketing News Update
Tweco Conversion Kits

MIG Gun Conversion Kits
T   weco, the world leader in Gas Metal Arc
    and Manual Arc Welding products, has
introduced new MIG gun, front end conversion
                                                     performance as those using the popular line up of
                                                     Tweco Professional and Weldskill Brand MIG guns.
                                                     With these new Tweco front end conversion kits,
kits for Miller®, Bernard®, OXO®, ESAB®,
                                                     distributors are able to focus their stock on Genuine
Tregaskiss® and other popular makes.
                                                     Tweco consumables, saving on the inventory
Each kit contains an assortment of Genuine           costs of handling multiple brands and styles
Tweco consumables to complete the conversion.        of parts. Distributors may sell several different
Two diffusers, three extended life contact tips,     brands of MIG guns, but can still provide welders
a heavy duty brass nozzle, and an easy-to-           with dependable, Genuine Tweco consumables
use insert card with a tip diagram and contact       that are recognized and trusted world wide.
tip, nozzle and diffuser part numbers.
                                                              Retail display for Tweco Tip
Genuine Tweco products have a loyal customer base,            Conversion Center is available soon.
not only for MIG guns, of which millions have been
sold, but also for high performance consumable
parts. These kits will enable welders with other
guns to use Genuine Tweco consumable parts and
enjoy the same industry leading Tweco front end

                                                     Miller, Bernard and OXO are registered trademarks of Illinois Tool
                                                     Works, Inc. Tregaskiss is a registered trademark of Tregaskiss Ltd.,
                                                     Canada. ESAB is a registered trademark of ESAB AB. The afore
                                                     mentioned registered trademarks are in no way affiliated with Tweco
                                                     or Thermadyne Industries, Inc.

                                                                                                  Q1 2007 • Page 15
Tweco Mig Guns

250, 350 & 450 AMP AIR-COOLED
80% duty cycle, mixed gases
                                                         250 AMP
• Heavy-duty contact tip and diffuser for improved
  performance in high heat applications
• Rated at 80% duty cycle using Argon/CO2 gases
• Ergonomic handle design reduces welder’s fatigue       350 AMP
• Simplified direct rear plug for ease of installation
• Easy to repair and maintain – only 10 parts
• Optional locking trigger or dual schedule trigger
  (350 & 450 Amp only)                                   450 AMP
• Ideal for use with Argon mixed gas for Spray
  and Pulse welding applications

MIG-GUNS                                                 200 AMP
200, 300, 400, 500,
60% duty cycle, CO2 Gas                                  300 AMP
• Industry standard
• Metal jacket conductor tube
• Enhanced direct plug capabilities
• Additional lead wires provide
  convenience and service ease!
• Strain relief and cable support on all models
• Your choice of standard or extended                    400 AMP
  life “Eliminator” consumables

                                                         500 AMP

                                                         600 AMP

60% duty cycle - CO2 gas
                                                         250 AMP
• Metal jacketed conductor tube - 60° @ 3” Radius
• Front & rear spring strain relief

60% duty cycle - CO2 gas                                 400 AMP
• Metal jacketed conductor tube - 60° @ 3” Radius
• Front & rear spring strain relief

60% duty cycle - CO2 gas                                 500 AMP
• Metal jacketed conductor tube - 60° @ 5” Radius
• Front & rear spring strain relief

PAGE 16 • Thermadyne Sales & Marketing News Update
Tweco Sets New Sales Record

Tweco Hits $100 Million Mark
T  weco, the world leader in gas metal arc
   and manual arc welding products, has
announced that global sales to its distribution
                                                     World War II created a huge demand for arc welding
                                                     and Tweco products. The line expanded to include
                                                     new metal arc holders and carbon arc holders. Cable
network exceeded $100 million in 2006, setting       connectors with a quick disconnect in the 1940s
a new sales record. Throughout its history,          and the business boom in the 1950s led to Tweco’s
Tweco has produced more than two million             first MIG gun in 1968. With the patented coaxial
MIG guns, and is the industry leader in the          Cablehoz, Tweco emerged as an industry leader.
production of MIG guns and cable, manual arc
                                                     Tweco also markets the widely recognized Arcair
welding electrode holders and accessories.
                                                     line of air-carbon arc products. Arcair has been
The company traces its beginning to 1936, when       synonymous with carbon arc gouging since 1949.
the Townsend Welding Equipment Company was           Arcair invented the process and has been the leading
born in the basement of Ray Townsend’s Wichita,      developer of gouging torches and gouging carbons
Kansas home. It was conceived with the idea          and accessories ever since. The Arcair line includes
that improved ground connections would result in     the unique Slice exothermic cutting systems widely
improved quality welds. The name became Tweco        used by the military and fire and rescue personnel.
about a year later. The company first manufactured
ground clamps and soon added electrodes holders.

    A new generation of
    Tweco ® MIG guns that are
    ideal for Spray and Pulse
    welding applications.

    The Coolest Gun for your Hottest Applications!

                                                                                       Q1 2007 • Page 17
Tweco Flexible Conductor Tubes

Superflex PRO® Coming March 1007
Heavy Duty Performance Even On Your 80% Duty Cycle Guns

S   uperflex PRO flexible conductor tube from
    Tweco is an engineered solution for your difficult
access MIG welding challenges from the leading
                                                         Two models are offered in 3 or 4 connector designs.
                                                         Each three connector design allows a maximum
                                                         of 60º of bend and each four connector design
innovator in MIG gun technologies. The concept of        allows a maximum of 80º of bend. Extended
an adjustable conductor tube is not new but the          reach SuperFlex PRO Conductor Tubes are also
products currently on the market lack the durability     available. The welder can choose which design
and reliability of a Tweco engineered solution.          best suits their everyday needs and get heavy duty
                                                         performance - even on 80% Duty Cycle guns!
The Tweco design is a highly reliable, flexible,
durable patent pending mechanical ball and socket
joint that enables the user to achieve virtually
infinite adjustment and firm positioning of the
conductor tube.The unique design is a series of
mechanical joints instead of off-the-shelf braided
copper. It does not suffer from early fatigue
related failure after repeated re-adjustment to new
positions by the operator. Each complete Superflex
PRO conductor tube is a series of mechanical                    Professional                      Professional
connections that allow gradual bending of the                   SprayMaster                       Number Series
tube to any angle from straight out of your MIG
gun to a maximum of 80º.The Superflex PRO
has been specially engineered to allow the tube          The engineers at Tweco have designed the Superflex PRO to
                                                         work with the following Tweco professional MIG guns. More
to be bent while minimizing restriction on wire          applications are on the way including competitive MIG guns!
feeding. In addition, the Superflex PRO allows the
welder to get that same consistent angle and firm                                   Part Number       Stock Number

feel that a comparable bent rigid tube offers.                            250-350   MS62SFLX3-60      1620-1341
                                                                                    MS62SFLX4-80      1620-1342
                                                                                    MS63SFLX3-60      1630-1197

                                                          Professional              MS63SFLX4-80      1630-1198
                                                          SprayMaster     450       MS64SFLX3-60      1640-1307
                                                                                    MS64SFLX4-80      1640-1308
                                                                                    MS64SFLX3-60LR    1640-1309
                                                                                    MS64SFLX4-80LR    1640-1310
                                                                          Mini      3560SFLX4-80      1600-1141
                                                                          #1        61SFLX4-80        1610-1105
                                                                          #2        62SFLX3-60        1620-1105

                                                          Professional              62SFLX4-80        1620-1106
                                                          Number Series   #4        64SFLX3-60        1640-1112
                                                                                    64SFLX4-80        1640-1113
                                                                                    64SFLX3-60LR      1640-1121
                                                                                    64SFLX4-80LR      1640-1122

PAGE 18 • Thermadyne Sales & Marketing News Update
People In The Spotlight

Sales Administration Team
T   he primary focus of the Sales and Marketing
    Administration team is to provide support to
global Sales and Marketing by way of commission,
                                                      The group has been involved in a number of high
                                                      profile special projects this year, including the roll
                                                      out of several new cubes which greatly improved
rebate, spiff, demonstration equipment, Address       our reporting and analytical capabilities while
Book, and pricing administration. The group           improving our level of accuracy and efficiency. The
also delivers standard reporting and analysis for     cubes include: Global National Accounts, Rebate
Senior Management on a monthly basis, fulfills        Product, Latin America Sales, and two Price Group
various ad hoc reporting requests throughout          Cubes. They have also taken on the responsibility
the year, is instrumental in the development of       of global Essbase training for the Sales and
sales and SG&A budgets, and is involved in a          Marketing group, making these new cubes all the
variety of special projects. The group, including     more valuable. Reporting improvements with our
Haley Allmond, Deena Williams, Yukari Feldman,        external customers were made by posting weekly
Derek Stirewalt, Stephanie Jackson, Jeannie           rebate and SRP2 updates on My Thermadyne.
McCoy and Heidi Rath, reports to Susan Rushin,
                                                      The Sales and Marketing Administration
Director of Sales and Marketing Administration.
                                                      team seeks to deliver exceptional service
The Sales and Marketing Administration team works     to its internal and external customers daily.
closely with Finance, Brand and sales and marketing   Please feel free to contact Susan Rushin
executives in the development of annual Sales,        any time with comments or suggestions.
Margin and SG&A budgets. Adaptable templates are
created by channel so that updates are efficiently
pushed down throughout the organization.

   Yukari      Deena           Jean       Stephanie     Susan          Haley          Derek           Heidi
  Feldman      Williams       McCoy        Jackson      Rushin        Allmond        Stirewalt        Rath

  Precision. Speed. Durability.
  Best in its Class.

                                                                                            Q1 2007 • Page 19
Bob Brown Retires To Open Road
B    ob Brown, Thermal Dynamics product line
     manager, graduated from the General Electric
apprenticeship program and served as certified
                                                         distributors and end users. Bob retired from Thermal
                                                         Dynamics 32 years later in September 2006.
                                                         But retirement isn’t slowing Bob down. He
tool and die maker
                                                                                continues to be active
for six years in the GE
                                                                                in National Ski Patrol, a
aircraft engine group.
                                                                                passion of his for nearly 50
After that, he sold metal
                                                                                years. He also serves as
working lubricants in
                                                                                a mountain guide for the
New England for a
                                                                                Special Olympics and enjoys
Chicago based company.
                                                                                boating and woodworking
In 1974 Bob joined                                                              hobbies. But if you want
Thermal Dynamics                                                                to see a big smile on Bob’s
when the company                                                                face, look for Bob Brown on
only had 50 people. He got involved in training          the open road while he’s on his motorcycle.
and technical service. Eventually 25-35% of
                                                         Thanks for everything, Bob!.
his time was spent in support of international

Lynn Hughes Celebrates 45 Years
L   ynn Hughes — Tweco DM. Lynn recently
    celebrated his 45th year working for the
company. He began working for Tweco in a
                                                                                   Lynn was recently
                                                                                   honored for his many
                                                                                   years of dedication to the
manufacturing facility in Wichita, Kansas, in                                      company and his work
September of 1961, where he handled a variety of                                   in North Carolina, South
responsibilities including shipping, order entry, and                              Carolina, Virginia and
quality control. From there he moved to a Tweco                                    part of Tennessee. When
factory warehouse in Los Gatos, California and later                               asked about his hobbies,
transferred to a facility on the east side of the Bay                              Lynn says he doesn’t have
area. In 1969, Lynn headed to New Jersey, where                                    much free time but he and
he stayed for nine years, until 1978, when he                                      his wife enjoy spending
settled into his current home of Charlotte. It was at    time with his two grandkids. He also enjoys
this time that he moved into field sales, representing   assembling computers and working on classic cars.
all of Tweco MIG and manual arc welding products.

Don Domina Joins Blues Brothers
D    on Domina – Vice President Industrial Sales
     – Americas joined these Blues Brothers
performers in Orlando, Florida this past October at
a GAWDA meeting. Don looks the part in this photo
at a special dinner hosted by Thermadyne at the
House of Blues restaurant at Disney’s downtown.

PAGE 20 • Thermadyne Sales & Marketing News Update

Thermadyne Partners With Daimler-Chrysler To Provide
Welders With The Latest Technology And Training
T  hermadyne Industries has become the single
   source provider of state-of-the-art welding
equipment and welder training at the United
                                                                    tradesmen to engineering personnel. Approximately
                                                                    650 individuals annually are trained at the
                                                                    facility, where they receive everything from
Auto Workers (UAW) National Training Center for                     safety presentations to welder certification.
Daimler-Chrysler, outside of Detroit, in Warren, Mich.
                                                                    Thermal Arc inverters have become popular
Daimler-Chrysler’s decision to expand its welding                   favorites at the Daimler-Chrysler facility. The
training capabilities further demonstrates its                      ArcMaster 300 and ArcMaster 400 MST inverters
commitment to excellence. It is utilizing the highest               are especially popular because of their performance
level of technology available in the welding market                 and versatility. Instructors also praise Victor
today to advance the automotive industry. We                        torches and Thermal Dynamics plasma cutters for
are honored that Daimler-Chrysler has chosen                        reducing time and cost of operation in the facility.
Thermadyne to be its training equipment provider.
                                                                    Daimler-Chrysler has a team of knowledgeable and
The training facility features 12 welding stations                  innovative trainers who are enabling welders to
and 2 cutting stations, and equipment from                          improve their skills and performance in ways that
Thermal Arc®, Thermal Dynamics®, Victor®                            will set new standards for all engaged in this field.
and Tweco® product lines. The equipment is
being used by a wide range of Daimler-Chrysler
employees from line workers and skilled

Thermadyne Chairman and CEO Paul Melnuk (center, in blue shirt) tours the United Auto Workers
(UAW) National Training Center at the Daimler-Chrysler Headquarters, outside of Detroit. Included
in the photo (from left to right) are: Regional Business Manager Bob Reed, Daimler-Chrysler Corporate Administrator of Welding Glen
Knight, UAW TTC Lead Liaison Ted Street, Daimler-Chrysler Building Administrator John Kotes, Melnuk, UAW Coordinator Rich Martin,
Daimler Chrysler Coordinator Greg Gomolak, Thermadyne Technical Sales Manager Bryan Lee, Thermadyne District Manager Steve Ort.

                                                                                                              Q1 2007 • Page 21
Welders Without Borders

Thermadyne Teams With AWCIWT And ‘Welders
Without Borders’ To Recruit And Train Future Welders
T   he American Welding Society predicts that by
    2010, demand for skilled welders may outstrip
supply by about 200,000. Thermadyne is actively
                                                        Almost six years ago Thermadyne’s staff came to
                                                        AWC and removed all the gas apparatus from the
                                                        welding department, replacing it with industrial
engaged in a number of exciting activities to prevent   class equipment like torches and regulators
this shortfall of skilled welders in the future.        worth $50,000. Colton recalls the institute
                                                        was tremendously grateful, since they had such
One of the many efforts being undertaken by
                                                        a small equipment budget and this was the
Thermadyne is our partnership with Arizona
                                                        latest welding apparatus in the marketplace.
Western Colleges Institute of Welding Technology
and Professor Samuel Colton, Sr., founder of            Fall of 2006 saw the donation by Thermadyne of
“Welders Without Borders” program. Founded              10 different Thermal Arc machines, worth about
in 2000, “Welders Without Borders” enlists the          $25,000, to AWCIWT. Shively said Colton teaches
help of professionals from education, industry and      his students skills that demand state-of-the-art
government to create extraordinary educational          equipment. “Welding equipment is continuously
programs for students of welding. These programs        changing. By being exposed to the latest technology,
highlight the many educational and academic             students are more versatile, more likely to be hired,
opportunities available in the welding industry.        and will make better welders in the future.”
Professor Colton, of AWC’s Institute of Welding         Shively says in addition to donating the
Technology, spends nine months a year at the            equipment, throughout the years Thermadyne
school’s main campus in Yuma, Arizona, where            has been committed to dedicating manpower
welding education has been taking place for nearly      to train the welders of tomorrow. “We welcome
40 years. When off contract in the summers,             any opportunity to work with Professor Colton
Professor Colton, through “Welders Without              and others who would like us to demonstrate
Borders” (also known in Spanish as “Soldadores Sin      welding processes, equipment and procedures.”
Fronteras”), travels to other places and countries to
provide educational programs. “One of the goals of
our program is to encourage welding professionals
from around the world to share their knowledge
and experience,” says Colton. “Welding serves
mankind because it is a knowledge that improves
lives, builds nations and gives hope to millions.”
“This organization brings valuable training to
communities throughout the world,” said Jeff
Shively, district sales manager in California for
Thermadyne. “It also helps students develop
excellent welding skills and understanding of
the industry. It also promotes professionalism
and pride in the field of welding.”
                                                        Thermadyne District Sales Manager Jeff Shively (left) and
                                                        Professor Sam Colton together at an AWC welding class in 2006.

PAGE 22 • Thermadyne Sales & Marketing News Update
New Ads

                     NEW HEIGHTS.                                                                                                                        GIVE IT ALL.
                                                                                                                                                         AS A KID, JEFF PARTICIPATED IN VOCATIONAL
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              IT’S A LEGACY.
                                                                                                                                                         INDUSTRIAL CLUBS OF AMERICA. He excelled in
                     WELDING TOOK TOM’S CAREER TO NEW HEIGHTS.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                BILL’S DAD WAS AN IRONWORKER. He taught
                                                                                                                                                         welding and represented the state of Michigan in the
                     He started out as a carpenter, but took                                                                                             SkillsUSA Championships in 1981. He won 3 state                                                                                      Bill how to weld when he was 15.
                     up the torch in the early ‘60’s.                                                                                                    welding medals, 2 regional gold medals and 1 silver
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              HE ALSO TAUGHT BILL something more
                                                                                                                                                         national medal, launching his welding career.
                     Welding has been good to Tom. After years of                                                                                                                                                                                                                             important: how to succeed in life.
                     being a welder, he became an owner by purchasing                                                                                    “EVERYONE WAS LOOKING AT ME THEN, AND IT FELT GOOD.”
                     Acme Erectors in 1995 and grew it from a three-                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ‘If I can’t do a project, it probably can’t
                                                                                                                                                         He’s still involved in SkillsUSA, and now owns his own
                     person shop to a large diversified corporation.                                                                                      welding training and technical consulting business. He                                                                               be done’ is the motto Bill learned from his
                                                                                                                                                         works with the automobile manufacturing industry.                                                                                    father that now drives him to achieve.
                     He and his staff work on everything from art displays
                     to the newest high-flying rides at Six Flags.                                                                                        “LOTS OF PEOPLE GAVE UP TIME FOR ME BACK IN                                                                                          TODAY, Bill applies his craft at Weaver Steel
                                                                                                                                                         THE DAY. NOW I’M GIVING IT BACK.”                                                                                                    and has contributed to building significant
                     TOM’S ADVICE TO YOUNG WELDERS: ‘Don’t
                     be afraid to try something new. And work                                                                                            Jeff tells new welders to give it all you’ve got,                                                                                    landmarks, sports venues and public arenas.
                     hard at it until you are successful.’                                                                                               stay focused, and you’ll be successful. It’s
                                                                                                                                                         up to you where your career takes you.                                                                                               He and his wife enjoy horseback riding in the Rockies
                     AND HE ONLY WORKS WITH THE BEST. That’s why                                                                                                                                                                                                                              – the strength of the mountains inspires his work.
                                                                                                                                                         Jeff is diversified. He works in everything from
                     his crews use VICTOR gas apparatus, THERMAL
                                                                                                                                                         semi-automatic hand welding to robotized welding                                                                                     THERMAL ARC power sources helps
                     DYNAMICS plasma cutters and Tweco MIG guns.
                                                                                                                                                         machines. And his equipment? THERMAL ARC                                                                                             him continue the legacy.
                     TOM HEEGER                                                                                                                          power sources, VICTOR gas equipment, TWECO MIG
                                                                                                                                                         guns, THERMAL DYNAMICS plasma cutters, STOODY                                                                                        BILL MOORE
                     President, Acme Erectors
                                                                                                                                                         welding wire and ARCAIR gouging torches.                                                                                             Ironworkers Local 396
                     St. Louis, MO
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              O’Fallon, MO
                                                                                                                                                         JEFFREY STEWART
                                                                                                                                                         Instructor/Consultant                                                                                                                Bill carries the torch – will you?
                     Tom carries the torch – will you?
                                                                                                                                                         Technical Welding Services, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              THERMADYNE, A GLOBAL CUTTING AND WELDING LEADER,
                     THERMADYNE, A GLOBAL CUTTING AND WELDING LEADER,                                                                                    Dryden, Michigan
                     joins the American Welding Society in encouraging individuals                                                                                                                                                                                                            joins the American Welding Society
                                                                                                                                                         Jeffrey carries the torch – will you?                                                                                                in encouraging individuals
                     to practice the art, craftsmanship and professions of
                     welding, metalworking and fabrication. Victor, Thermal                                                                              THERMADYNE, A GLOBAL CUTTING AND WELDING LEADER,                                                                                     to practice the art, craftsmanship and professions of
                     Dynamics, Thermal Arc, C&G Systems, Arcair, Tweco and                                                                               joins the American Welding Society in encouraging individuals                                                                        welding, metalworking and fabrication. Victor, Thermal
                     Stoody are among the Thermadyne family of brands that                                                                               to practice the art, craftsmanship and professions of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Dynamics, Thermal Arc, C&G Systems, Arcair, Tweco and
                     you can count on for safety, reliability and quality.                                                                               welding, metalworking and fabrication. Victor, Thermal
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Stoody are among the Thermadyne family of brands that
                                                                                                                                                         Dynamics, Thermal Arc, C&G Systems, Arcair, Tweco and
                                                                                                                                                         Stoody are among the Thermadyne family of brands that                                                                                you can count on for safety, reliability and quality.
                                                                                                                                                         you can count on for safety, reliability and quality.


                                                                                       SKYLINE IS                                                                                                                          TAKING ON THE
                                                                                         OUR RESUME.                                                                                                                            CHALLENGE.
                                                                                       TIM IS AN APPRENTICE IRONWORKER.                                                                                                    KEN’S JOB IS TO MAINTAIN THE HEATING, VENTILATION
                                                                                       He chose to pursue a career as an ironworker because                                                                                AND AIR CONDITIONING FOR OVER 600 EMPLOYEES
                                                                                       he likes working on the big visible projects. He works                                                                              at the world’s largest integrated manufacturer of
                                                                                       for one of the world’s leading construction groups. They                                                                            precision bore sizing and finishing machines.
                                                                                       restore and build notable landmarks in New York.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           He started at the company part-time while in
                                                                                       He is currently working on the Manhattan Bridge.                                                                                    high school – a vocational tech school where he
                                                                                       Millions of pounds of steel will be replaced as                                                                                     learned his craft. His work ethic was so strong
                                                                                       part of the lower roadway including floor beams,                                                                                     they offered him full-time in HVAC maintenance
                                                                                       stringers, diaphragms and barriers. He feels a true                                                                                 right out of school. That was 27 years ago.
                                                                                       sense of pride every time he crosses the bridge.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           THROUGH THOSE YEARS HE HAS MASTERED HIS SKILLS
                                                                                       TIM LOVES BEING AN IRONWORKER.                                                                                                      IN SOLDERING, BRAZING, AND WELDING.
                                                                                       And he’s proud of his company and its reputation. ‘100
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ken says keeping his co-workers comfortable is an
                                                                                       years of building New York’s skyline,’ he says with pride.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           important task. It’s vital to the success of the company.
                                                                                       ARCAIR slice torches and lancing rods are                                                                                           If people aren’t comfortable, people aren’t productive.
                                                                                       used to remove old rivets in the process of
                                                                                       refurbishing the bridge and making it safer.                                                                                        So Ken takes on every job as a challenge.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Do it right the first time.
                                                                                       TIMOTHY MULLALLY
                                                                                       Ironworker Local 361                                                                                                                He uses VICTOR gas equipment, TurboTorch hand
                                                                                       New York City, NY                                                                                                                   torches, THERMAL DYNAMICS plasma cutters, and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           STOODY welding wire to meet those challenges.
                                                                                       Tim carries the torch – will you?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           KEN PENNINGTON
                                                                                       THERMADYNE, A GLOBAL CUTTING AND WELDING LEADER,                                                                                    HVAC Technician
                                                                                       joins the American Welding Society in encouraging individuals                                                                       St. Louis, MO
                                                                                       to practice the art, craftsmanship and professions of                                                                               Ken carries the torch – will you?
                                                                                       welding, metalworking and fabrication. Victor, Thermal
                                                                                       Dynamics, Thermal Arc, C&G Systems, Arcair, Tweco and                                                                               THERMADYNE, A GLOBAL CUTTING AND WELDING LEADER,
                                                                                       Stoody are among the Thermadyne family of brands that                                                                               joins the American Welding Society in encouraging individuals
                                                                                       you can count on for safety, reliability and quality.                                                                               to practice the art, craftsmanship and professions of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           welding, metalworking and fabrication. Victor, Thermal
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Dynamics, Thermal Arc, C&G Systems, Arcair, Tweco and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Stoody are among the Thermadyne family of brands that
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           you can count on for safety, reliability and quality.


Print Campaign Features End-Users Of Thermadyne Brands
A    dvertising scheduled for 2007 in industry
     publications such as Welding Journal,
Fabricator, and Manufacturing Engineering will
                                                                                                                                                            racing to HVAC and the construction industry. In
                                                                                                                                                            most cases the ads point out that the individuals
                                                                                                                                                            rely on more than one of the Thermadyne
include a year-long campaign featuring end-users                                                                                                            family of welding and cutting products.
of our brands. The campaign complements the
                                                                                                                                                            Each ad will have a consistent design profiling a
American Welding Society efforts to showcase and
                                                                                                                                                            single person and display the logos of Tweco, Victor,
attract interest in the skilled trades of metalworking,
                                                                                                                                                            Thermal Dynamics, C&G Systems, Arcair, Thermal
fabrication and welding. The full color campaign
                                                                                                                                                            Arc and Stoody. Each ad will also proudly display
will focus on a variety of individuals who apply
                                                                                                                                                            the AWS – sustaining company member seal.
their skills to contribute to everything from car

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Q1 2007 • Page 23
                                   Q1 2007 Sales & Marketing News Update

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