Happenings             VOLUME 2        ISSUE 1   WINTER 2004

                    AND A NEW BEGINNING
                                             As many of you have already heard, I
                                             am leaving the Park to pursue a career
                                             in the private sector. Without a doubt,
                                             my time here at the Park as President
                                             has been one of the most exciting and
                                             fulfilling experiences I've ever had!
                                             And while it has been said that "all
                                             good things must come to an end", I
                                             am happy to say that with the Board
                                             of Director's appointment of Connie
                                             Fishman to serve as my replacement,
                                             the best days are yet to come! Connie
   Hudson River Park Trust's President and
                                             has both the energy and the passion
   CEO Robert Balachandran rides a horse     necessary to see the Park through to
   at the reopening of HRP's Historic        the next milestone of its development.
   Float Bridge.
                                             I wish her good luck in this endeavor.

   During my tenure as President I have had the honor of participating
   in the Park's evolution. For the first time all 6 segments are
   either designed or are under design, with construction of
   Segment 7 currently underway and Segment 6 to begin in the
   next few months. This past summer we opened Segment 4 in
   Greenwich Village, which has already gained national recognition
   and praise from design and construction experts as well as from                 Hudson River Park Happenings
   the thousands of people who have discovered and enjoyed its
   expansive piers, grasslands, gardens, and playgrounds. We have
   also opened new playing fields in both the Chelsea and
   Greenwich Village sections of the Park, and with the creation of
   the a 3.2 acre, multi-sport field on Pier 40, even more recreational
   spaces will be afforded to a City where playing fields are a rare
   commodity! Lastly, we watched as the growth of our successful
   Public Programs were able to provide thousands of people the
   opportunity to fish, dance under the stars, watch a free movie, or
   listen to some of the top musical performers including Grammy
   Award winners Natalie Cole, Robert Cray, and George Benson.

                                     president's letter continued on page 2             1
                               did you know?                               The Hudson River Park was almost landfill.
                               Prior to the newly constructed Route 9A that borders the Park, there was an elevated road know as the Westside
                               Highway. When portions of the highway collapsed in 1973 a plan dubbed Westway was put forward. Westway
                               called for the highway to be placed underground and for fill to be put in the space occupied by the piers and the
                               water between them. The plan would have increased the size of Manhattan by expanding the island 4 blocks into
                               the Hudson. Westway also would have destroyed a portion of the Hudson River estuary including habitat used
                               by the Park's many fish -- Striped Bass in particular -- which was the reason for its ultimate demise.

                               PRESIDENT'S LETTER:
                               A NEW BEGINNING AND A
                                                                      EMPLOYEE PROFILE: aysha cox
                               FOND FAREWELL                                                                  involves not only physically storing
                               (continued from page 1)                                                        them, but also utilizing scanning
                                                                                                              technology to electronically store
                               Another area of which I am
                                                                                                              them," says Cox.
                               extremely proud is the work that
                               the Park has done to fulfill our
                                                                                                              "I had to work very closely with our
                               educational mission. Just as the
                                                                                                              Information Technology Department
                               Park has grown, so too has our
                                                                                                              to make sure that we would be able
                               education program. In fact, the
                                                                                                              to store and retrieve such a large
                               Park hosted over 185,000 students
                                                                      Aysha Cox, Hudson River Park            amount of data," explains Cox,h
                               from schools, colleges and summer
                                                                      Trust Records Coordinator, heads        "Once I knew that was possible, I
                               camps this past year. Our educa-
                                                                      up the archiving efforts for the        had to devise a stack system to
                               tional program will continue to
                                                                      Park, which involve the organization    physically store the records."
                               grow and is highlighted in this
                               issue of the newsletter.               and characterization of hundreds of
                                                                      thousands of photos and documents.      The system to which Cox refers
                                                                                                              was paid for with a grant for
                               As I depart, I know that I will
                                                                      To date, one of Aysha's most            $40,600 from the New York State
                               miss the Park immensely, but I
                                                                      challenging endeavors on behalf of      Education Department. It consists
                               take heart in the fact that so
                                                                      the Trust has been to sift through      of a group of mobile shelving units
                               many wonderful things have
                                                                      the Park's thousands and thousands      allowing each individual unit to be
                               happened to make the Hudson
                                                                      of records, some of which date          moved on a track. This system
                               River Park a reality, and that
                                                                      back to the mid-19th century.           permits many more stacks to be
                               those wonderful things will con-
                                                                      "There was no real organization to      placed in a particular space than if
                               tinue to happen, making this
                                                                      the earlier documents and photos        they had to be positioned the way
                               Park your Hudson River Park                                                    you would find in a library.
                                                                      and many were very fragile requiring
                               an incredible place for people
                                                                      extra special care," explains Cox.
                               from all over the world to visit for
Hudson River Park Happenings

                                                                      "The large room at Pier 40 where
                               generations to come.
                                                                      many of the archives were kept was
                                                                      so dusty that the surgical mask
                                                                      became one of my best friends."
                               Robert P. Balachandran,
                                                                      Other than physically looking
                               President and CEO
                                                                      through records, Cox is also
                               Hudson River Park Trust
                                                                      responsible for devising an organiza-
                                                                      tional and storage scheme making
                                                                      the records easy to track and           The Trust's Archive Room contains an innovative
                                                                                                              system of mobile stacking units allowing storage
                                                                      retrieve. "The organization of these    of multiple records in a confined space.
                                                                      records is twofold, as the project

Education Programs in Hudson River Park
                                                         Learning from the Past, Present and Future
                                      With 40 neighborhood     instructed in the basics of fishing and are taught to
                                      schools and many         identify marine species from live specimens caught
                                      summer camps only a      the same day in our touch tanks. The Fishing
                                      10 minute walk from      Program is catch-and-release so at the end of the
                                      our waterfront, teach-   program all fish are returned to the River.
                                      ers, administrators
                                      and counselors alike     The Hudson River Park Trust partners with many
                                      rely on the Hudson       organizations to co-produce and supplement its
                                      River Park as their      educational offerings. As a result of these partner-
                                      best access to nature.   ships, the Park is able to expand its many activities.
                                      Schools, colleges and    The Park has small boating available via the
                                      summer camps com-        Downtown Boathouse, Manhattan Kayak, and
                                      bined sent 185,000       New York Kayak. In addition, Floating the Apple
                                      students to the          provides a kid-oriented boat building program.
                                      Hudson River Park in     Cruises and excursions on bigger vessels are
                                      2003. Some of the        available at Chelsea Piers, Circle Line and NY
                                      most popular HRP         Waterway. The Park also has tours available of
Students discover, on a microscopic
level, the complexities of the Hudson educational programs     Historic vessels moored in the Park: these include
River's estuary.                      included subjects        the John J. Harvey, Lightship Frying Pan, and the
such as history, water quality, the food web, and              Historic Ferry Yankee. The Intrepid Sea-Air-Space
catch and release fishing.                                     Museum at Pier 86 manages numerous field trips,
                                                               independent explorations, and distance learning
History has come alive most recently with the                  opportunities through video conferencing.
opening of the restored Baltimore and Ohio Float               Finally, the River Project, located at Pier 26, is an
Bridge at 26th Street in the Park which offers a               organization devoted to the Hudson River as a
glimpse back to the working waterfront. Classes                Estuarine Sanctuary and has continuing field trips
conduct sampling for turbidity, dissolved oxygen               and marine biology internships.
levels and plankton activity in the Hudson from the
Float Bridge. They also have a new refuge during               For further information about all the educational
inclement weather and the winter months in the                 offerings the Park has visit
newly opened Aquamarine Environmental
Education Facility located right next door.
"Aquamarine is a wonderful new addition to the
Park," said Kerry Dawson, Vice President of
Education and Environmental Planning for the
Hudson River Park Trust. "The facility would not
have been possible without the Department of
Environmental Conservation's Harbor Estuary
                                                                                                                                                 Hudson River Park Happenings
Program from which I was able to secure a
$50,000 grant."

Fishing has grown in popularity with the ever
improving health of the River with some local
schools even designing their own poles. The Park
provides all of the necessary fishing supplies,
including rod, reel and bait, as well as formal
instruction for all participants. The program begins
with a brief introduction followed by an overview of
the many marine species that live in the Hudson                The Hudson River Park's Catch and Release Fishing Program offers a fun and exciting
River Park Estuarine Sanctuary. Children are                   way to learn about the ecology of the Hudson.

                                                                                                                                               Daniel Doctoroff
                                                                                                                                        Charles E. Dorkey, III
                                                                                                                                          Manhattan Borough
                                                                                                                                          C. Virginia Fields
                                                                                                                                                R B
                                                                                                                                        Michael R. Bloomberg
                                                                                                                                              George E. Pataki

                                                                                                                         General Info: 212.533.PARK
                                                                                                                         Phone 212.791.2530 Fax 212.791.2292
                                                                                                                         New York, NY 10014
                                                                                                                         West Houston and West Street
                                                                                                                         Pier 40

                                NEW YORK, NY
                               PERMIT NO. 00086
                                 U.S. POSTAGE
                               NON PROFIT ORG.

                                   SEGMENT 3 DESIGN - Harrison               SEGMENT 6 DESIGN AND                         SEGMENT 7 CONSTRUCTION -
                                   Street to Clarkson Street                 CONSTRUCTION - W. 25th                       W. 44th Street to W. 59th Street
                                                                             Street to W. 44th Street
                                   The Segment 3 design team is                                                           The Segment 7 marine contractor has
                                   wrapping up the Design Development        The Segment 6 design team is 60%             completed the construction of Piers
                                   Phase contract documents. The 60%         into the Construction Documents              95 & 96 and the repairs to the Bow
                                   Construction Document Phase will be       Phase for work in Segment 6 with a           Notch. The marine bridge structure
                                   starting this winter.                     targeted completion date of late             at Pier 96 will be installed in early
                                                                             spring of 2004. The site preparation s       2004. The construction of the Pier 96
Hudson River Park Happenings

                                   SEGMENT 5 DESIGN - Horatio                at Pier 84 has been completed, and           Boat House is underway with work
                                   Street to W. 25th Street                  the removal of the existing under-           expected to continue throughout
                                                                             ground storage tank and contaminated         2004.The construction of the Clinton
                                   The Segment 5 design team continues       soil is on-going. The marine construction    Cove upland area has begun; weather
                                   to advance the Design Development         / pier deck removal contract at Pier         permitting, it will continue through
                                   Phase contract documents.                 84 is scheduled to begin in the Spring.      the winter and is scheduled for
                                   Demolition plans for the head house                                                    completion in Spring of 2005.
                                   of Pier 64 are being finalized with the
                                   goal of bidding out this work in 2004,
                                   cost permitting


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