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									                                                                                        Job description/person specification

                                                  Customer Services Officer
 Job title                                                                                             Department/office                   Mauritius

 Job holder                                                                                            Job code

 Job type                                         Full-time                                            Pay band                            H

                                                  Senior Registrar & Customer                          Post-related
 Line manager
                                                  Service Manager                                      allowances

The job description/person specification should be reviewed on a regular basis. Guidance on completing job descriptions using
competencies can be found on the Competency Dictionary section of the HR homepage at If you propose to make significant changes to it, you should seek advice
from your HR Services team. If it is for a new post or you propose a change in the grading of the post, you must refer it to your HR
Services team (UK) or your HR geographical consultant (overseas staff). If you have line management responsibility, you must
include an explicit duty relating to this.
All information must be in line with the British Council’s equal opportunity policy.

                                                  To deliver effective, quality-driven front-line services to customers, clients and stakeholders,
 Job aim                                          enabling them to make full use of relevant BC resources and services and to maximise their
                                                  impact in order to promote BC objectives
 Number of staff managed                          None                As line manager                                 As countersignatory

 Finances managed                                 None

 State what percentage of the job is represented by each duty.

 Duty and standards – measurable in terms of time, cost, quality or quantity.
                                                    Customer Service – To deliver high levels of service to all British Council customers
 Duty 1                    (15%)
                                                    and ensure an efficient high quality reponse to enquiries.
                                Front desk is always staffed during operational hours. All first-level enquiries dealt with effectively.
                                Visitors are attended to immediately and appropriately.
                                E-Africa website used as the single authoritative source of information for all enquiry handling and
                                 customers encouraged to use our website for information. Where there are gaps in the information the
                                 regional team are informed. Web content checked regularly to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date.
                                Customer enquiries are answered correctly or referred appropriately. All e-mails responded to within 2
                                 working days of receipt as per British Council customer service standards.
                                Phone enquiries answered within 3 rings. Mystery Shopping targets met.
                                Customer Management Framework used as reference guide.
                                EO&D standards met when dealing with the diverse needs of customers.
                                Complaints, comments and feedback dealt with in accordance with corporate policy.
 Standards                      Duty officer and Fire Officer roles are fulfilled according to the rota.

The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity.       Revised August 2003
                                     Teaching Centre & Examination Registration –
Duty 2      ( 25%)
                                   To register students and candidates for the Teaching Centre and Exams.
               Registration process runs smoothly both on and off site. Positive feedback from customers.
               Stakeholders informed of registration procedures and processes.
               Registration customer journey mapped out & displayed for customers including appropriate signage
               Teaching Quality Standards (TQS) & Exam Quality Standards (EQS) met.
               Application forms from exams candidates are processed within 3 working days of receipt, ensuring
Standards       application is complete and the correct fee has been paid.
               Students records updated on Campus within one week after registration.
               Fees collected and receipts issued according to standards in Essential Finance.
               New initiatives implemented, for example online registration.

                                     Market Research & Evaluation – To collect, analyse and report on feedback from
            (10 %)

               Effective support provided to the Teaching Centre and Exams in organising customer focus groups.
               Data on customers collected for marketing purposes and follow-up calls made.
               Data on non-returning students for the Teaching Centre collected and analysed at the end of re-
                registration periods / registration
               SMS is used as an effective tool to message customers as requested in liaison with TC & Exams Teams
               Active Request for feedback from exams candidates upon registration (on designated form) and data
                analysed at end of Quarter
               Contact data for all enquirers collected.

                                   Financial Management & Control – To provide support on finances to colleagues
Duty 3      ( 15 %)                across the office by raising POs and sale orders. To implement cash handling
               All Purchase Orders (POs) raised before activity takes place. Goods receipted when service/product is
                delivered. Invoices sent to finance for payment in a reasonable time-frame.
               Sales Orders are raised when activity has taken place.
               Aged-debtors are followed up in timely manner.
Standards      Correct WBS and GL accounts used when parking cash journals on FABS.
               Cash rota effectively implemented. No discrepancy in term of cash receipt and daily income reconciliation.
               Accurate day-end closing effected on Campus.
               Sales of stock managed effectively.

Duty 7      ( 20%)                   Projects - To support the project team in the delivery of agreed programmes of activity.
               Management of guest lists for events and distribution of invitations. Non replies followed up.
               Attendance at events as required.
               Support on event management and logistics.

                                     Professional Development - To undertake professional development activity with a
Duty 8      (5%)
                                     view to ensuring a good understanding of products and services.
                     Shadowing of classroom and exam sessions are carried out at least once per term.
                     Own professional development plan agreed with line manager and regularly reviewed.
                     All interactions with staff are in line with British Council brand and values.

Person specification
Use the Behavioural competency dictionary (which you will find within the Competency Dictionary Section of the HR homepage at to help you list here the relevant behavioural competencies needed for
the job – aim for no more than six. Assign the appropriate level to each competency.
Use the Role profile dictionary to help you list the relevant skills, knowledge and experience needed for the job. Include any
specialist qualifications.
You should not state requirements which could potentially disadvantage particular groups or individuals, e.g. previous experience in
a British Council office overseas.
Indicate whether each criterion (behavioural competency, skill, knowledge and experience) is essential (E) or desirable (D) for
selection and recruitment purposes.
For recruitment and selection purposes state also how evidence of each criterion will be assessed. You may state one or more of:
application form; performance evaluation; interview and, where appropriate, presentation exercise or specialist test. (You should
aim for no more than six criteria to be assessed by interview.)

                                                                                  Indicate which
      Criteria: behavioural                                                                               State how each criterion
                                              Essential (E)   Which duties does   criteria will be used
      competencies (assign levels),                                                                       will be assessed for
                                              or desirable    this criterion      for recruitment and
      skills, knowledge experience, and                                                                   recruitment and selection
                                              (D).            support?            selection (aim for
      specialist qualifications.                                                                          purposes.
                                                                                  no more than six).

      Customer Service Orientation
      Level 2
      Thinks about the customer when
      undertaking day-to-day work.
      Questions "how is this adding                                                                       application, assessments,
 1    value for the customer?" Makes          E               All                 √
      decisions with the customer in
      mind. Takes pride in delivering a
      high quality product or service.
      Investigates service delivery and
      provides solutions to problems
      Level 1
      Willingly coperates. Is not afraid
      to seek advice from others. Puts
 2    in extra effort when needed to          E               All                 √                       ditto
      help others. Recognises that the
      ways of getting things done in
      different departments,
      organisations and communities
      are not the same.
      Level 2
      Applies procedures flexibly
      Applies rules or procedures
      flexibly, depending on the
      individual situation, to accomplish
 3    tasks or activities more effectively.   E               All                 √                       ditto
      Responds effectively to changing
      circumstances. Remains focused
      when faced with competing
      demands. Makes reasonable
      adjustments to ensure maximum
      effectiveness and motivation of
      self and others.

       Level 2
       Works to goals and manages

 4     Understands and works towards         E               All                   √                      ditto
       goals set by others. Measures
       progress against targets. Seeks to
       understand reasons for obstacles
       and to find ways to overcome.
       Acknowledges the work and
       contribution of others
       Excellent written and spoken
       English comparable to IELTS
 5                                           E               All                   √                      Ditto
       level 6.5 (or the ability to reach
       this level within 6 months)
       Generic skills
       Marketing and Customer
       Service Level 1
       Responding to customer needs
 6     Controls the interaction with the     E               All                   √                      ditto
       customer. Listens effectively and
       uses questioning skills to clarify
       customer needs. Delivers exellent
       service at all points of contact.

List here any special requirements of the job, e.g. occasional unsocial hours, flexible working. It is assumed that all jobs can be job-
shared unless valid reasons are given below. Disability is not normally a disqualifying factor for a job.
 The rota covers a 6 day period – Monday to Saturday. Fexible working will therefore be required.
 Line manager’s name
                                     Senior Registrar & Customer Service
 Post title                                                                       Department/country      Mauritius

 Signature                                                                        Date


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