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									                                           Back to Basics: Boot Camp Training
Courses Divided by Topic
                                           Balletone®: Ballet My Way
                                           Balletone® Basics
Aqua / Water Fitness                       Balletone®: FLoW
Advanced Aqua Intervals                    Balletone®: Interval Intelligence
Aqua Anthology                             Beyond Balletone®
Categorize to Get Organized                BOSU® Complete Workout System
Class Design: Water                        Build a Better Body: Total Body Conditioning
Gentle Aqua                                Cardio Comeback
Gentle Aqua for Rheumatoid Conditions      Cardio Cut Circuit
High Density: Formatted for Strength       ELEVATE: Mindful Movement
Kicks, Jacks, Skis: Revisit and Revive     Expose Your Sole
Moving Water                               Fit2Cheer™: Cheer Camp Complete
Pointe, Plie and Power Ballet              Fit2Cheer™: Cheer Camp Cutz
Strength and Power H20                     Graceful Grand Finales
Successful “Cue”munication                 Have a Ball, or Two!
Sports Performance Training                Heat it Up, Cool it Down
Submerge, Balance, Integrate               Hit the Dance Floor
Take 5, Pilates for Your Abs               INTENSuality
Take Another Look at Aquatic Fitness       Music Matters!
Tribalicious Aqua Fitness                  No Equipment Necessary
The Water Pump                             Balletone® : Sole Synthesis™
Water 4-1-1                                The Step-a-Knee Method
Water 411: Class Variety and Programming   Step Skills-UPdated and DOWNright Fun!
Water 411: The Water Difference            Step to Success
Webbed-n-Wild                              The Power of Intention
Why Use 2 When 1 Will Do                   Tri Balletone®
                                           World Grooves
Balletone®: Ballet My Way                  Group Strength
Balletone® Basics                          30 Minutes by Design
Balletone®: FLoW                           Back to Basics: Boot Camp Training
Balletone®: Interval Intelligence          Balance Training for the Unbalanced
Beyond Balletone®                          Balletone® : Ballet My Way
Balletone® : ExposeYour Sole               Balletone® Basics
Balletone® : Sole Synthesis™               Balletone®: FLoW
Tri Balletone®                             Balletone®: Interval Intelligence
                                           Beyond Balletone®
BOSU®                                      BOSU® Complete Workout System
BOSU® Ballast Ball Core Challenge          Build a Better Body: Total Body Conditioning
BOSU® Cardio Express                       Cardio Cut Circuit
BOSU® Complete Workout System              Core off the Floor
BOSU® Core Flow                            ELEVATE: Mindful Movement
BOSU® Mind/Body Training                   Expose Your Sole
BOSU® Total Stretch                        Fit2Cheer™: Cheer Camp Complete
                                           Fit2Cheer™: Cheer Camp Cutz
Core                                       Graceful Grand Finales
21st Century Core                          Have a Ball, or Two!
BOSU® Ballast Ball Core Challenge          L.O.A.D.E.D.
BOSU® Core Flow                            Music Matters!
Core off the Floor                         No Equipment Necessary
Get to the Core in Four                    Power of Intention
Dance                                      R.I.S.E. Up
Hit the Dance Floor                        Balletone® : Sole Synthesis™
INTENSuality                               Strength Training Program Design
World Grooves                              The Super Series
                                           Total Exhaust
Gliding™                                   Tri Balletone®
G3 Gliding                                 Tubular Creations
Gliding™ Graceful
Ground Floor Gliding™                      Kickboxing
                                           3 Rounds to a TKO
Group Cardio
3 Rounds to a TKO                          Kid Fitness
30 Minutes by Design                       FUNctional Fitness for Kids
Lectures                                                       Build a Better Body: Total Body Conditioning
The 3 S‟s: Secrets of Successful Staffing                      Core off the Floor
A Fitness Professional‟s Guide to Getting Published            Food Label Savvy/Fit Fueling
The Business of Group Exercise: Beyond the Numbers             Get to the Core in Four
“But I Want It” - Make the Most of a Limited Group Ex          BOSU® Complete Workout System
Budget                                                         No Equipment Necessary
Categorize to Get Organized                                    Personal Training 101
Evolved Evaluations to Maximize Group Ex Programming           The Super Series
Fit2Cheer™: Cheer Camp Timeout!                                Tools, Toys and Techniques
G.O.A.L.S.                                                     Tubular Creations
GroupEXPro™: Streamlining GX Management                        What‟s Wrong and How to Fix It
I Can Do That!                                                 Yoga for the Personal Trainer
Igniting the Fire Within
Integrate to Elevate                                           Pilates
It‟s What You Don‟t Say That Counts                            Fusion Fitness Training™: on a Foam Roller
Navigating the Fitness Industry and Finding Your Place in it   Fusion Fitness Training™: for Strength
Positive Steps Toward Teamwork                                 Fusion Fitness Training™: with the Stability Ball
Successful “Cue”munication                                     Fusion Fitness Training™: Toolbox
Technology 101                                                 Pilates Circle of Power
You‟re Not a Smoker… Why Sound Like One?                       Pilates for Rotational Sports
                                                               Pilates Mat Toybox
Mind/Body Fusion                                               Pilates Mind/Body Fundamentals
The Athlete‟s Yoga                                             Pilates Precision Meets Power Yoga Flow
Balletone® : Ballet My Way                                     Pilates Progressions: Novice to Advanced Movements
Balletone® Basics                                              Foot C‟s
Balletone®: FLoW                                               Recruit, Challenge, Conquer: Pilates BOSU Challenge
Balletone®: Interval Intelligence                              TransformREFORMation: Reformer on the Mat
Beyond Balletone®                                              Yoga and Pilates Rhythmic Flow
BOSU® Mind/Body Training
BOSU® Total Stretch                                            Pre/Post Natal
Ebb & Flow: Chakra Powered Yoga                                Moms in Motion: Aqua
ELEVATE: Mindful Movement                                      Moms in Motion: Introduction to Pregnancy During Exercise
Expose Your Sole                                               Moms in Motion: Strength
Foot C‟s                                                       Senior/Older Adult Fitness
Fusion Fitness Training™: on a Foam Roller                     Gentle Aqua for Rheumatoid Conditions
Fusion Fitness Training™: for Strength                         Never Too Old to Exercise
Fusion Fitness Training™: with the Stability Ball              The Sweat Less Workout
Fusion Fitness Training™: Toolbox
Graceful Grand Finales                                         Special Populations
Balletone® : Sole Synthesis™                                   FUNctional Fitness for Kids
Pilates Circle of Power                                        Gentle Aqua for Rheumatoid Conditions
Pilates for Rotational Sports                                  Moms in Motion: Aqua
Pilates Mat Toybox                                             Moms in Motion: Introduction to Pregnancy During Exercise
Pilates Mind/Body Fundamentals                                 Moms in Motion: Strength
Pilates Precision Meets Power Yoga Flow                        Never Too Old to Exercise
Pilates Progressions: Novice to Advanced Movements             The Sweat Less Workout
Power of Intention
Recruit, Challenge, Conquer: Pilates BOSU Challenge            Step
TransformREFORMation: Reformer on the Mat                      The Step-a-Knee Method
Tri Balletone®                                                 Step by Step
Yoga and Pilates Rhythmic Flow                                 Step Layer Cake
                                                               Step Skills-UPdated and DOWNright Fun!
Nutrition                                                      Step to Success
Body of Evidence
Food Label Savvy/Fit Fueling                                   Yoga
                                                               The Athlete‟s Yoga
Outdoor Fitness                                                Ebb & Flow: Chakra Powered Yoga
Back to Basics: Boot Camp Training                             Fusion Fitness Training™: on a Foam Roller
Personal Training                                              Fusion Fitness Training™: for Strength
21st Century Core                                              Fusion Fitness Training™: with the Stability Ball
30 Minutes by Design                                           Fusion Fitness Training™: Toolbox
Back to Basics: Boot Camp Training                             Pilates Precision Meets Power Yoga Flow
Balance Training for the Unbalanced                            Yoga and Pilates Rhythmic Flow
Body of Evidence                                               Yoga for the Personal Trainer
BOSU® Core Flow
                                                                   water for a mind body workout that truly is a moving
Alphabetical Course Listing                                        experience.

3 Rounds to a TKO                                                  Aqua: Sports Performance Training
Fundamentals, class design, and exciting combinations will         Take your athletes out of gravity and into a 3 dimensional
help you get back in the ring to bring your kickboxing class       training zone: the pool. Train for explosive movement,
back to life. Aggressive 8-count blocks of choreography            quickness, agility and speed. Use the water to give your
and smooth transitions can help you teach a knockout of a          athletes a new level of overload and confidence in their
class and find your inner fighter!                                 ability to compete!

21st Century Core                                                  Aqua: Submerge, Balance and Integrate
Crunch OUT of the 20th century and move INTO the 21st              The dynamic of water makes balance poses both easier to
century with this core-training refresher course. Explore all of   accomplish and harder to sustain. Learn how to use this
the unique toys and exercises you have at your disposal to         method of incorporating balancing Yoga poses into a
fill up 5, 15 or 30 minutes of CORE WORKOUTS!                      Water Fitness Class. This unique method of utilizing the
                                                                   properties of water for balance and resistance will
30 Minutes by Design                                               challenge you, invigorate you. Mind and Body integration is
Express 30 minute classes are one of the top choices for           essential in this workout.
group fitness formatting in 2009. Not a minute to be
wasted, add variety to your group fitness schedule by              Aquatic Flow H20
designing specific goal orientated classes that will give your     Take Another Look at Aquatic Fitness This workshop
students “more bang for their buck”. Minimize time while           prepares participants for the “new wave” in fitness by
maximizing results through logical class designs, and              offering an introduction to water fitness. We will explore the
exercise selection. Strategies for cardio, group strength,         benefits of water exercise; examine basic terminology used
and mind/body classes will be addressed.                           in most classes including safety cues and technique
                                                                   reminders. We will look at the basic format for shallow water
Advanced Aqua Intervals                                            classes, including movement selection for individuals with
Take your interval training to the next level with alternating     special needs and high-intensity water training. Participants
segments of moderate intensity cardio moves and high               will depart with a sample class format appropriate for
intensity power moves. This advanced program takes the             elderly frail as well as healthy populations. Participants will
intensity to the max with more complex moves, variations,          also break down simple choreography and practice
and options.                                                       teaching from the pool deck

Aqua Anthology                                                     Gentle Aqua This low impact, non-rebounding water
This is the ultimate collection of water fitness moves. From       workout is an excellent choice for persons who cannot
jogging to jacks and everything in between, experience             withstand the constant repetition of rebounding in water
over 60 exercises to jump start your aquatic classes and           classes, such as people with Arthritis or Fibromyalgia and
your aquatic career. Exercises are organized into 6                CFS. The hopping, jumping and running movements so
categories, making it easy to find, select and create              prevalent in most aqua classes are replaced by muscle
patterns without leaving any exercise out. This “pool” of          specific, precise movements performed through a full
water exercises is a must for any aqua instructor new to           range of motion using yoga and Pilates-based exercise
teaching.                                                          techniques. This workshop includes an abundance of ideas
                                                                   for flexibility and non-impact, shallow water toning. Improve
Aqua Class Design                                                  your strength and flexibility, posture and cardiovascular
Finally, a tool to assist you in developing your water fitness     fitness without the splash or the rebound.
classes! Take this class design sheet back to your club and
re-format your water fitness classes. Add variety and              The Athlete‟s Yoga
purpose to the classes you teach with this easy to use             Traditionally, athletes don‟t do yoga because of fear of
programming tool.                                                  painful stretching or because they think it‟s too “far out”.
                                                                   Athletes want to move, they want power. But they also
Aqua: High Density-Formatted for Strength                          need focus, endurance, and strength within their flexibility.
Reps., Sets, Load? How does water strength training in the         Ahstanga Yoga brings all this and more to the practice. By
water work? Find resistance, use resistance and discover           linking postures through flowing movements called
how to increase resistance in the water. Understand the            vinyasas, and by supporting each posture with breath and
challenges inherent in working with a client to enhance            pelvic locks, athletes will experience yoga in ways they can
strength and endurance in the water. Leave with an action          understand and see the value in. Even iron will bend if you
plan for training your clients‟ strength and conditioning in       heat it up!
the water
                                                                   Back to the Basics: Boot Camp Training
Aqua: Moving Water                                                 Simple yet solid workouts are the key to a successful boot
This class is a combination of walking, yoga postures and          camp class. Whether you choose to put this kind of
mobile meditation; a mind body work out that challenges            workout on your regular group fitness schedule, or market
both mind and body. The workout is as hard as you wish to          this as a group training class, learn what makes boot camp
make it. Learn how to teach a class that incorporates the          different from the rest. Experience an intense, yet fun
                                                                   workout that includes functional exercises, agility,
plyometrics, and partner work, all in a challenging and            Balletone®: Interval Intelligence
competition friendly environment.                                  Explore intelligence in motion with a fusion-style, cardio-
                                                                   interval workout created with Balletone movements that
Balance Training for the Unbalanced                                anyone can do. This power-packed session alternates
All fitness professionals are aware…balance training is the        flowing fitness moves that get your heart-rate up with long-
buzzword of the decade and a must have training protocol           lever, strength and balance exercises that challenge
for ALL populations. What can you do when your client is           muscular endurance, active flexibility and core strength.
overweight, sedentary or just not that excited about the           Whether you decide to use the class design from start to
challenge? Sometimes the very people that need balance             finish or mix and match pieces with current workouts, you
training are the ones we cannot accommodate! Explore               are sure to find innovative ideas for your harshest front row
ideas for base balance training on a surface we all have -         frowner!
the floor. Explore a variety of balance training tools such as
the BOSU® Ballast™ Ball, BOSU Balance Trainer, Gliding             Beyond Balletone®
Discs, CorePole, Foam Rollers and much more. Explore               You‟ve thought about trying Balletone but said…my clients
balance training progression that can encompass ALL of             would never do that! Come experience a non-intimidating
your clients. This workshop will give you many ideas for           version of the popular Balletone® strength and cardio
incorporating balance into every workout you deliver.              combination where you will learn 5 Balletone inspired
                                                                   patterns suitable for ANY class or workout you deliver. More
Ballet My Way: By Balletone®                                       importantly, we will focus on the key principles behind the
Never thought a ballet conditioning class was for you? The         Balletone teaching method designed to elevate your
idea of black leotards and pink tights bring back bad              teaching and training skills no matter the audience. Benefits
childhood memories? Never thought tutus were your thing?           of the approach include: removing the equipment for
If you answered yes to any of these questions, this class is for   portable workouts, shaking up the movements with new
you. No one can deny that the muscles of a dancer                  patterns for creased muscular and neuromuscular benefit,
appear long, lean and extremely well toned. Discover a             continuous movement for vertical core conditioning and
class that can give you the conditioning, without making           learning to include mindfulness in each and every step you
you feel like an elephant on roller skates. Balletone®             take. It‟s a workshop you won‟t want to miss.
demystifies traditional ballet movements and creates
dance phrases that anyone can do. The secret is in the             BOSU®: Ballast Ball Core Challenge
creative process and teaching methodology. Everyone, no            Take core training to the next level using new stability ball
matter your background, will move quickly and easily               training techniques on the BOSU® Ballast Ball. Add fresh
through barrework while enhancing strength, flexibility and        elements to abdominal and back training, and learn many
balance. No muscle is left untouched, and many muscles             new core exercises that effectively challenge every muscle
you forgot you had will be targeted. Balletone® is a perfect       in your “power center” while simultaneously improving
workout for anyone that understands the need for                   overall movement capabilities. Do you think you‟ve seen it
mind/body conditioning but looks for unique methods to             all with regard to stability ball core training? Lift it, shift it,
sneak it in their routine. Come try a workout that is as           shake it… and think again!
individual as you are, Balletone® truly is a workout for
everybody.                                                         BOSU® Cardio Express
                                                                   This action packed workshop will deliver an explosion of
Balletone® Basics                                                  cardio drills guaranteed to raise your heart rate and
Balletone® is a fusion-style conditioning program, designed        workout fun factor. Innovative movement patterns can be
specifically for the non-dancer, blending training                 linked for group fitness or used independently for personal
techniques drawn from dance, Pilates and fitness.                  training or circuit workouts. Using the BOSU® Balance
Balletone offers a fun, invigorating workout to develop core       Trainer, learn unique drills that will challenge your cardio
strength, muscular endurance, dynamic balance and                  fitness as will as improving your balance, agility,
flexibility without the use of equipment or props. Referred        coordination and athletic power.
to as “…fitness for the millennium” Balletone keeps you
moving, motivated and mentally focused with a body                 BOSU® Complete Workout System
blasting workout that leaves no muscle untouched!                  BOSU® has launched a brand-new workout system, and
                                                                   here is your chance to learn all about it! This workshop will
Balletone®: FLoW                                                   take you through the system, step by step, and provide you
F.L.o.W is the formula for success in Balletone, a fusion style    with the formula to make the BOSU® Balance Trainer more
conditioning program, designed specifically for the non-           effective in your club, your classes and with your clients. In
dancer. Enjoy a non-stop cardio and strength fusion class          addition, you will get to experience two sample workouts
that effortlessly blends training techniques drawn from            that bring the entire system to life. Whether you purchase
dance, Pilates, and fitness. First, align the body standing up     the system or not, you will still walk away with new tools and
in Functional posture with Pilates techniques, then blend          ideas for designing BOSU™ workouts and accommodating
Balletone and traditional fitness exercises to create              all levels of fitness.
dynamic sequences that are Linked effortlessly from one to
the next Without stopping. Discover F.L.o.W as a recipe for        BOSU® Core Flow
success and uncover a body-blasting, fat-burning workout           Add fresh elements to your core raining by using innovative
that develops muscular endurance, core strength, stamina           exercise sequences and drills to challenge your core
and agility without the use of equipment or props.                 musculature like never before. As you explore the unique
                                                                   properties of the BOSU® Balance Trainer and BOSU® Ballast
Ball, you will discover new ways to challenge every muscle        of new equipment and training with business talk that your
in your „power center‟ while simultaneously improving your        GM is sure to understand. Last, we will discuss the smartest
overall movement capability. Enhance both variety and             way to timetable the launch of a new product or program
effectiveness as you learn to link „chains‟ of core               for maximum effectiveness. Whether you are a group ex
movement patterns hat will give you creative new ways to          instructor wanting to find ways to convince YOUR Manager
deliver serious results.                                          to give a new program a shot, or you are the GFM looking
                                                                  critically at the latest and greatest … this workshop is sure to
BOSU® Mind/Body Training                                          provide you with the tools to make the best decisions
Yoga and Pilates are two of the hottest workout programs          possible!
on the planet. This workshop shows you how to take these
two modalities and make them more effective by                    Cardio Comeback
incorporating the new BOSU® Ballast Ball™ and BOSU®               Long gone are the days of cassette tapes, leotards, and
Balance Trainer. Whether you teach full-length classes or         leg warmers. With the evolution of fitness and so many
are simply looking for innovative stretch and core                formats to choose from, one thing continues to stay tried
strengthening moves, you will get more ideas than you can         and true; a good ole heart pumpin‟ and jumpin‟ cardio
carry home. Learn how to make tough exercises more                class. We‟ll THROWBACK with classic cardio moves, but
accessible and easy exercises more challenging while              COMEBACK with a present day twist, for an updated yet
adding balance, proprioceptive and agility elements to            retro feel.
your yoga and Pilates workouts.
                                                                  Cardio Cut Circuit
BOSU® Total Stretch                                               A 1-2 punch to get your cardio and strength training needs
Get stretched, strong and centered in this one of a kind          met in under an hour! Combine strength training with a
workshop that uses the BOSU® Balance Trainer and the              BodyBar and simple, yet progressive cardio drills on the step
BOSU® Ballast Ball to add new elements of balance, agility        for a heart pumping, muscle burning good time. Utilizing
and coordination to your flexibility routines. Learn stretching   integrative upper and lower body combinations with
techniques to help prevent injuries, improve posture and          creative and challenging step drills, participants will learn to
reduce stress levels, as well as proprioceptive and sensory       ask a little more from their bodies and raise the bar on their
challenges that will produce results for both the body and        cardio & strength training workouts.
mind. You will leave this workshop with a variety of routines
for optimal stretching, with modifications for beginning          Categorize to Get Organized
through advanced levels. Stretch your body and your mind!         This surefire method of categorizing your pool patterns will
                                                                  ease your efforts when it‟s time to create choreography.
Build a Better Body: Total Body Conditioning                      Index your pool patterns according to exercise type, class
Combine full-body resistance training and continuous              section, and intensity changes for an organized system that
cardio training and you get nothing but the best of Total         will help you logically plan appropriate choreography for
Body Conditioning. Cycles of cardio, strength, and core           your aquatic class.
with a no-nonsense approach to choreography, this class is
simple, athletic, intense, and your ticket to building cardio     Core off the Floor
and resistance strength and endurance.                            Tired of endless crunches??? Ready to learn how to take
                                                                  your “core off the floor”??? Remove the crunches, get off
The Business of Group Exercise: Beyond the Numbers                the mat and put kettlebells, medicine balls & BOSU Ballast
The health club market has changed tremendously in the            Balls in your hand to find out how! Learn to swing & clean,
last 10 years – expectations are high and times are hard.         lift, shift & shake, or throw & catch while engaging muscles
The group fitness consumer is savvy and more demanding,           so deep you‟ll wonder what you‟ve been doing all these
instructors are well educated but pulled in a million             years with your core training. Not only are the exercises
directions, and your big boss (the General Manager)               effective, but they are functional training where you learn
expects a lot more than what he tells you or thinks you‟re        to „use momentum to your advantage‟ and operate in a
capable of. Whether you are a full time instructor wanting        vertical manner which you encounter every day. Learn
respect, an aspiring group fitness director, or someone that      exercises that are multi-planar, multi-directional and multi-
landed the head job and you‟re not sure what to do … this         effective. Not only will you experience a great core
session is for you. Learn the foundations of business in the      workout, you will also experience strength and endurance
health club and how YOU directly relate to the bottom line.       gains with a side of sweat.
Walk away with a laundry list of helpful resources and
straightforward strategies that will help you communicate         Ebb & Flow: Chakra Powered Yoga
with management more effectively and lead your team               The Yoga Bija defines the practice of Yoga as the
with ease.                                                        unification of the web of dualities. Explore the duality of
                                                                  energy flow within postures and learn to gather or unify this
“But I Want it” - How to Make the Most Out of a Limited           energy flow mentally at a center point of energy, or
Group Fitness Budget                                              chakra, to create greater power and stability without
So many toys, so little money! How do you decide if it‟s a        increasing physical effort. We will focus on mindful
fad or a fake? First, we will investigate with a fail proof       movement as a meditation tool recreating the constant
evaluation process that will make you think twice before          state of motion we are in throughout every day life. This
you end up with buyer‟s remorse. Then, if you find a gem …        session is not just a physical workout, it is not just a lesson in
you will need to be able to convince the big boss to loosen       mindfulness; it is a true integration of the two.
the purse strings. Discover easy ways to justify the expense
ELEVATE: Mindful Movement                                         Have you got that spirit? You are gonna need it when
ELEVATE your instruction techniques and bridge the gap            Fit2Cheer™ introduces PoundPoms™ to your body sculpting
between traditional group fitness and mind/body classes.          class. Cheer Camp Cutz is a body-blasting workout focused
Learn teaching principles used when leading mind/body             on strength training upper body, lower body and all the
classes. Create successful strategies for creating mindful        little bits in between. Using a combination of cheer
movement that can be layered in any class you teach               movements while holding weighted pompoms, you will
or with any participant you train. Explore mini-classes           experience a workout like never before. Fun and effective,
ranging from core, strength, sports conditioning, cardio and      bringing back memories of cheer camp every step of the
flexibility that demonstrate these ELEVATED teaching              way. Now, the movements cheerleaders have used for
techniques and discover the difference connecting the             ages to developed toned arms and legs are within your
mind and the body can make in ALL fitness programs!               reach. The addition of the brand new PoundPoms™ will
                                                                  leave your clients begging for more after you say, “last
Evolved Evaluations to Maximize Group Ex Programming              time!” Get off the sidelines and join us for Cheer Camp Cutz
Find it hard to make the time to consistently evaluate your       and come „get your before back‟.
staff even one time a year? Do your instructors quickly
clean up their act when you walk in the door or tend to fall      Fit2Cheer™: Timeout!
to pieces when they see you there with your clipboard? If         As fitness professionals our job is to educate, stimulate &
any of these scenarios rings true, it‟s time to evolve your       motivate clients to better health. The responsibility of your
evaluating procedures. Evaluating your staff is key to            own health is difficult enough, but carrying the responsibility
continued improvements in individuals as well as your             of others to be healthy can get overwhelming. Recognizing
program, as a whole. However, the evaluation and                  the complexity in this, it‟s important to remember that we
feedback must be timely and pointed. Learn to implement           need to take a TiMEOUT!
several new strategies for gathering the information you
need about your staff, what to do with the information            Fit2Cheer‟s founder, Sherry Leetham, a Licensed Certified
once you‟ve got it and how to use evaluations to your             Social Worker (LCSW) brings to you a forum for fitness
advantage without tripling the time you already spend at          professionals precisely for this purpose. We will discuss many
the club.                                                         topics beyond the “hard” science that plague us as
                                                                  professionals including the co-dependent client, how to
Expose your „SOLE‟: By Balletone®
                                                                  manage your physical/mental health while juggling the
Uncover the secrets to barefoot training with Sole Synthesis,
                                                                  health of your clients. To truly inspire others we must first
an effortless blend of fitness, ballet and yoga inspired
                                                                  take time for ourselves to avoid the risk of burnout.
movements designed to move you in ways you never
thought possible. The secret to Sole Synthesis begins with
                                                                  Come find out how to stimulate the Superego within to
exposing your „sole‟ by removing the shoes and retraining
                                                                  Recognize, Rationalize, Utilize and Contain our peace of
your feet to do what they were meant to do…MOVE.
                                                                  mind. After all, the industry needs us!
Exercises throughout the workout will focus on re-
strengthening your base of support and teaching you to
                                                                  A Fitness Professional‟s Guide to Getting Published
move mindfully throughout the entire kinetic chain, with
                                                                  This workshop examines the process of getting your writing
one eye always focused on the floor (not literally!) Enjoy this
                                                                  noticed. We will explore the options available for getting
low impact, variable intensity workout that will leave you
                                                                  published in the fitness industry; how to query an editor,
strong, stretched and centered whether you are decide to
                                                                  appropriate topics to explore, how to hone your writing
recreate the format as shown or anxious to adapt the ideas
                                                                  skills, work with co-authors, interviewing subject matter
to meet the needs of your mind/body, strength or flexibility
                                                                  experts, understanding the fee-scale, working with
classes. Walk away with information about vertical barefoot
                                                                  publication time lines and finally, getting published. This
work that can transform your classes and your clients.
                                                                  workshop may open doors to yet another avenue of fitness
Fit2Cheer™: Cheer Camp Complete                                   income as well as increased visibility and enhanced
Calling all instructors anxious to motivate, stimulate,           professional credibility.
encourage and rally support towards better health for your
clients, you have a new option…send‟em to CHEER CAMP!             Food Label Savvy
Fit2Cheer‟s Cheer Camp Complete is an innovative fitness          Research has shown that eating a balanced and nutritious
program designed by a fitness professional and former             diet reduces the risk of diseases and cancers, not to
collegiate cheerleader. The secret is PoundPoms™, a               mention assists in weight control. The grocery store shelves
revolutionary weighted pompom that is used throughout             are full of foods with packaging promising to help do that,
the class to increase the effectiveness of every exercise.        but it's important to take a close look - beyond the promises
Cheer Camp is the perfect workout for women (and some             - at the nutritional values, ingredients, and calorie counts in
men!) of all ages that want to „get their before bodies           the food you're buying. Do you know how to read food
back!‟ Cheer Camp will help you strengthen your arms              labels properly? Understand how they DO factor into your
utilizing standard cheer movements; tighten the areas the         healthy eating. Food labels provide information and allow
dreaded crop top exposes with core and balance training,          for informed healthy food choices to help meet your
while increasing your endurance with cheer dance routines         client‟s nutritional needs.
that anyone can do! It‟s time to BRING IT ON! Grab two
PoundPoms™ and join us as we focus on looking                     Foot-C‟s:
Cheerific™ with Cheer Camp™!                                      The Three C‟s of Foot Fitness, Comfort, Care & Change
                                                                  We spend lots of time devising new ideas to help clients
Fit2Cheer™: Cheer Camp Cutz                                       develop stronger backs, ripped abs, and bigger biceps. We
can continue to row, crunch and curl into oblivion and we         Fusion Fitness Training™ on a Foam Roller
will never be as strong as we COULD be. It‟s time to literally    Fusion Fitness Training with the foam roller combines the
take off our shoes and get to work. Learn the 3 C‟s of Foot       disciplines of yoga, Pilates and fitness conditioning with
Fitness: Comfort, Care & Change. Starting from the bottom,        additional challenge of the foam roller. The instability of
we can help our participants form a solid foundation to fast      the foam roller adds greater neuromuscular challenge to
forward their training by working on the one part of our          tradition postures and exercises. In this workshop you will
body that has long been forgotten … our feet. Discover all        learn a series of exercises and postures for strength,
you‟ve forgotten you can do with your feet and how they           balance and flexibility with a focus on form, execution and
directly influence every other part of your body, as well as      purpose. This workshop is formatted to give personal
your overall function. We will discuss what has happened to       trainers and group exercise instructor‟s specific techniques
our feet over time and then develop a library of “mini-           blending yoga, pilates and fitness based movements with
exercise plans” to stand alone as 10-15 minute sessions or        the foam roller to bring back to your clients
add to the beginning or end of current classes. Learn to
develop fabulous feet for a fit foundation on which the rest      G3 Gliding™- Gluts, Guns & Guts (or) Gliding™ Triple Threat
of your training can flourish. Perfect for personal trainers,     So you thought Gliding was just for your legs… think again!
group exercise and mind/body instructors.                         Try this TRIPLE THREAT approach. Learn to design full body
                                                                  “express” workouts cycling through leg, arms & core
FUNctional Fitness for Kids                                       sequences for three times the fun in 30 minutes or less. All
Physical development in children is an ongoing process.           exercises will focus on optimal range of motion, increased
The development of gross and fine motor skills, muscle            muscle activation & the use of stabilizers you didn‟t know
strength, balance, agility, listening and following directions,   you had for a 3-dimensional effect. Leave this session with
and even the capabilities of their own senses, are all skills     3 – 30 minute workouts that require 3 pieces of equipment:
that can be honed in early childhood. How does a fitness          you, a towel & a pair of discs!
professional address these needs? What are the current
                                                                  Gentle Aqua for Rheumatoid Conditions
guidelines for fitness professionals when working with
                                                                  Pilates and yoga-inspired movement is easy to teach and
children? How can a fitness professional help prepare kids
                                                                  extremely effective for individuals with arthritis and
for sports, fitness long-term health and success? This lecture
                                                                  fibromyalgia in water fitness classes. Replace the rebound
will uncover the facts and offer inspiring ideas to apply
                                                                  and the splash with gentle range of motion, neutral and
when creating and implementing meaningful fitness
                                                                  grounded movement.
programs for children.
                                                                  Get to the Core in Four
Fusion Fitness Training™ with Stability Ball
                                                                  We all know that the foundation of all movement begins
Fusion Fitness Training with Stability Ball combines the
                                                                  with the core. Target your mid section from all directions for
disciplines of Fitness training, Yoga and Pilates with the
                                                                  a complete middle management workout in 4 moves.
dynamic nature of the Stability Ball. In this workshop you will
                                                                  Flexion, extension, rotation and stabilization-your core won‟t
learn a series of exercises and/or postures on the stability
                                                                  know what hit them!
ball that will strengthen, lengthen and re-energize your
body. Slow controlled movements will be emphasized to             Gliding™ Graceful
increase strength, balance and flexibility and to bring more      Discover an elegant combination of power and strength
attention to form, execution and purpose.                         utilizing the new Gliding™ discs and the fundamental
                                                                  concepts of the Balletone® program. Both programs are
Fusion Fitness Training™ for Strength                             based on smooth, fluid, graceful movements and manage
Create a challenging Fusion Fitness Training workout for          to target muscles you never knew you had, focusing on the
Strength. Combine traditional and functional Fitness and          best tool you‟ve got --- YOUR BODY! Learn to take your
pilates exercises with yoga postures that focus especially on     sculpting workouts to the next level by shifting focus to
strength. Learn a series of innovative exercise and/or            body awareness enhancing mobility while increasing
posture sequences that work on balance, stability and             muscular endurance in a functional fashion. Walk away
strength. Add variety to your Fusion Fitness Training classes…    with several new movement patterns and twists on
                                                                  conventional exercises you‟ve used for years, linked
Fusion Fitness Training™ Toolbox                                  together for an innovative sculpting experience.
Fusion Fitness Toolbox combines Fitness conditioning, yoga
and Pilates with the use of small equipment such as               G.O.A.L.S.
weighted plyo-balls, yoga blocks, pilates rings, pilates          Get Organized And Leave 'em Speechless! Rely on your
bands, yoga straps and fit discs. In this session you will        music and appearance, continuously change your
experience a combination of yoga, Pilates and traditional         choreography, try to outdo your own performance week in
Fitness exercises that can be blended together to create a        and week out and...Get nowhere! Devote a little extra time
dynamic challenge for your personal training clients and          giving your class focus each week that supports a bigger
group exercise students. The integration of small                 goal and give your participants something else to focus
equipment is used as a tool to help participants achieve          their efforts. A "no brainer" lesson in periodization for any
better alignment in postures and/or exercises, to increase        class you teach that is sure to ease your load and give you
resistance and challenge strength, balance and flexibility        fabulous feedback.
to a higher degree. Learn how to incorporate small
equipment and yoga/pilates blended classes into your              Graceful Grand Finales
classes and programs.                                             Leave a lasting impression … how your participants feel
                                                                  when they walk out the door has a strong connection to
their eventual return. Help increase their chances by              Hit the Dance Floor
creating a final cool-down that is sure to leave them feeling      Based on Stephanie‟s years as a collegiate cheerleader,
relaxed, fulfilled, and successful. Uncover the top 10             dancer, and choreographer, this workshop not only brings
ingredients to an inspirational finale including movement          hot moves, but the attitude with it. Bring out the performer
and motivation. You will learn 5 three to five minute finales      in your participants, as they learn to have fun, express
choreographed to inspirational tunes perfect for any class         themselves, and dance to latin, jazz and urban inspired
you teach. Use them as you experience, or mix and match            movements.
movements to create breathtaking finales of your own.
Take home a list of additional tunes you can choose from           I Can Do That!
to create additional finales throughout the year. No matter        What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve … if
what has happened from minute 1-55, the last five minutes          you just believe. Of course you can, but it sure helps a TON
of your class has the power to inspire; learn how.                 if you have a clear picture of what your goal entails before
                                                                   you get started. If you‟ve ever thought, “I could be a
Ground Floor Gliding™                                              presenter!”, or a Master Trainer, DVD star … this workshop is
Focus on YOUR ground floor with the latest - Gliding™ discs.       for you. In the fitness industry, moving beyond the club level
Build a strong class from the ground up with the Ground            is a natural thought for the superstar instructor or trainer. But
Floor Guidelines to forming a solid foundation! Begin by           do you have what it takes? In this workshop we will explore
introducing participants to lower body focused movement            the „Essentials‟ for moving to a larger stage, steps to
patterns using the unique sliding properties of the Gliding        building your „Education Portfolio‟ with your own workshops
discs. Move the elevator up adding dumbbells and/or                or master trainer opportunities, as well as insider tips on
medicine balls to the exercise for external resistance and         applying for fitness conferences. Why spend hours trying to
an upper body addition. Get to the penthouse by                    track down all of this information from a variety of sources
incorporating rotation and balance to facilitate core              when you can begin your resource list in two hours or less?
stabilization in its most functional form! Take home a             Take home your starter package for navigating the fitness
success strategy for formulating sculpting classes whether         industry, compliments of Sunshine Fitness Resources.
you have the same equipment or not.
                                                                   Igniting the Fire Within
GroupEXPro™: Streamlining GX Management
                                                                   Each week, you are expected to motivate and elevate
Managing your group fitness department just got easier!
                                                                   dozens of people who need all of your energy. Where does
Learn secrets to making your job as portable as you are
                                                                   YOUR inspiration come from? What is the key to becoming
and how to keep all of the pieces in one place for easy
                                                                   consistently motivating, uplifting, and inspiring? Together,
access by all members of your staff. A fail-proof system for
                                                                   we will uncover the key ingredients for making you a top
communication: storing notices to your instructors, „real
                                                                   notch motivator who is always at the top of your game. Let
time‟ updating of phone lists and event calendars, a sub
                                                                   us help you prep your own personal recipe for professional
board that puts instructors in charge of their destiny, and
much more. Beyond the collective storing of important
information, discover ways to include your instructors in the      Integrate to Elevate
direction of the program by establishing reward systems            A must for those in charge of group fitness programs where
that you can easily manage online. Once you are able to            the instructors are certified through several organizations
easily monitor every instructor‟s involvement, it becomes a        with diverse backgrounds. You will explore how to bring
cinch to steer your team in the right direction with less stress   consistency and integrity to your programs by bringing out
than you ever thought possible.                                    the best in each instructor's individual style, while
                                                                   mainstreaming for the sake of the participant. Using diverse
Have a Ball, or Two!
                                                                   class formats, help your instructors "strategize" their classes
Whether you have enough weighted balls & stability balls
                                                                   by giving appropriate titles and descriptions of what each
for each person in class, or just a few, this workshop is sure
                                                                   entails and what one can hope to achieve. Finish with a
to get your creative juices flowing! Explore unique ideas for
                                                                   round-table discussion about bringing "team -work" to your
using the BOSU® Soft Fitness Balls and the BOSU Ballast Ball
                                                                   staff…longevity of a top-notch program and member
for sports specific training, strength/resistance training, core
                                                                   retention relies on class dependent vs. instructor dependent
conditioning and flexibility independent of one another,
together, and beyond! You will walk away with tons of
ideas for ball use traditionally and in groups, and more
importantly, a grasp on how to create your own exercise
sequences, class designs and new exercises that will               Come and experience the “sensual” side of dance. Grab a
produce the results you want for your participants.                sexy rhythm, add sultry arm work, extra hips, and dance for
                                                                   a freestyle cardio workout that is “extra hot”! INTENSUality is
Heat it Up, Cool it Down                                           inspired by burlesque and erotic dance movement but no
In this workshop, you will learn to create "hot" warm-ups and      experience is required. Experience a synergistic blend of
"cool" post-cardio segments for a variety of group fitness         choreography cardio segments, seamlessly woven
formats. Discussing how the body responds to movement,             together between blocks of body weight muscle
the 3 key warm up components, and choreography                     conditioning work with a little something extra. Elements of
sequencing, you will re-think the way you begin and end            aerobics, dance, Pilates, yoga and functional movement
your classes. Walk away with six complete warm-up and              patterns are combined to teach you the fundamentals of a
cool-down patterns, and how to create appropriate                  slow, stylized and very sexy striptease performance.
choreography to meet the physical demands of each                  Empower your students to improved confidence, body
class.                                                             awareness, and self esteem. Leave your ego at the door,
turn down the lights and step inside for an INTENSuality        Moms in Motion Strength
delight.                                                        Research tells us pregnant women enjoy and benefit
                                                                tremendously from exercise during all three trimesters of
It‟s What You Don‟t Say That Counts                             pregnancy as well as after delivery. However, her
Some instructors have it…you can't put your finger on the       changing body can create some unique postural and
quality that elevates their class from a workout to an          muscular imbalances. Addressing common postural
experience! Allow yourself to be introduced to NLP,             imbalances, the potential causes and the solutions can
neurolinguistic programming, and how you can integrate          assist the fitness professional in customizing a program that
these communication techniques to improve your client           can go a long way in achieving better results from her
and member retention. Learn to create rapport, influence        exercise program during pregnancy and beyond.
your members, use body language to your advantage,
visualize achieving results you want and practice effective     Music Matters!
negotiation and selling skills. Excellent communication can     Have you ever been to a class that just JAMMED?! Not only
create excellent results, even in a Step class                  was the choreography good, but everything just FELT
                                                                amazing. What makes the difference between a good
Kick, Jacks, Skis: Revisit and Revive                           class, and one that ROCKS? Chances are, it‟s the
Although we cannot reinvent the aquatic wheel, we can           instructor‟s musicality. Great instructors have an incredible
rejuvenate these classic aquatic cardio moves with a new        ability to really USE their music to infuse the class with
way of thinking. Sequencing, body position, arm patterns,       energy, and ultimately success. That‟s right… if you can
and rhythmic changes can help you put energy back into          properly utilize the music, your students will feel much more
these timeless exercises for a refreshing new look and feel.    successful. . They won‟t know why, but they will tell you it
With 6 new and interchangeable movement patterns, this is       just FELT right. This workshop will teach you to hear and feel
a revival that can‟t be missed.                                 your music a little differently. You‟ll learn what makes some
                                                                music selections better than others for your class. You‟ll also
L.O.A.D.E.D.                                                    learn to utilize the phrasing of the music to do much of the
Load, Order, Action, & Determination Equal                      work for you. Incorporate these principles into your next
DEFINITION...discover the secrets to creating 30 minute         class, and your students will be begging for more…
express workouts with true strength training principles in      because music matters!
mind. Lead your students to their fullest potential by
breaking through the normal Group Ex „sculpting‟ routine.       Navigating the Fitness Industry & Finding Your Place in It
Use full range of motion movements while experimenting          You feel blessed to have landed in an industry that is so
with sequencing, repetitions and integration. If you've         incredibly rewarding! You get to stay fit and healthy while
reached a plateau in your strength training regime here's       encouraging others to do the same. As the fitness industry
your answer. Leave with 3 different 30 minute routines using    expands at exponential speed, so do your possibilities and
a limited amount of equipment.                                  career opportunities. Discover the real deal behind the
                                                                crazy world of Fitness; where we are now, where we are
Moms in Motion Introduction to Pregnancy During Exercise        going as a whole, and what your options could be. Let us
Research tells us pregnant women enjoy and benefit              help you set your goals and develop a game plan for a
tremendously from exercise during all three trimesters of       successful and lucrative career. Topics explored will include
pregnancy as well as after delivery. However, her               the Management Tracks available for Group Fitness and
changing body can create some unique physiological and          Personal Training, becoming a Master Trainer or Presenter,
biomechanical changes. Personal trainers need to                Video Production, Educational Consulting, and more.
understand these dynamic systemic changes in
biomechanics, physiology and stability in order to              Never Too Old to Exercise
customize a safe and effective fitness program. Trainers will   Loss of balance and mobility in the elderly population is a
understand the FIVE most frequently neglected areas of          devastating problem, affecting the lives of both the older
training pregnant/post natal clients. This informative          adult and those around him/her. It is now known that adults
workshop can prepare the trainer to take the client a long      in their 80s and 90s respond to appropriate exercise training
way in achieving better results from her exercise program       by becoming healthier and stronger. Strength training
during pregnancy and beyond.                                    improves quality of life and helps get older people,
                                                                especially those new to exercise, ready for endurance
Moms in Motion Aqua                                             training. Learn about why creating a program for your older
Exercise during pregnancy can be safe, effective and fun!       participants can help them to be fall-resistant, improve
Research has shown us that there are numerous benefits          strength, balance and flexibility. This workshop will consider
associated with water exercise during pregnancy that offer      illnesses, medical concerns, assessment techniques and
both short and long term benefits to both the fetus and the     appropriate exercise prescriptions. A water component
mother. Buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, resistance and          may also be included.
water temperature all play an important role in the ideal
water fitness environment for prenatal exercisers.              No Equipment Necessary
Understanding the information necessary to develop an           Based on the popular “Zone Workout Series”, available On
individualized program can assist the fitness professional in   Command in hotel rooms worldwide…maximize your
customizing a program that can go a long way in                 workouts and minimize the equipment! If you desire full
achieving better results from exercise during pregnancy         body workouts that are unique and effective without any
and beyond.                                                     clean up--- this workshop is for you. Dig a little deeper and
                                                                think outside the “toy box”. Analyze movement patterns,
the way your muscles interact and how you can effectively            Learn proper execution and progressions of Pilate
use movement sequences, repetitions, and plyometric work             movements on the mat that are suitable for novice to
to target even muscles you forgot you had! It's a direct             advanced students. By understanding the how and why of
way to increase and strengthen your major muscle groups              each exercise, you will be able to rethink your teaching
simply by using a shift in focus with your own body weight …         method by offering regressive and progressive exercises
and things you just happen to find around the gym as                 within the same class or over a period of time. Focus your
resistance. Use what you‟ve got and take your workouts               skill on how to correct form and how to offer a multi level
beyond what you ever dreamed possible…no clean up                    class that is both safe and dynamic.
                                                                     Pointe, Plie and Power Ballet
Personal Training 101                                                Not a ballerina? You will be after you experience this fusion
If you are someone interested in entering the personal               class of graceful ballet exercises and traditional aqua
training arena for the first time…this workshop is for you.          movements. Easy to follow ballet sequences are turned
Discuss and apply critical, fundamental practices you will           into power aquatic movements for balance, strength and
need to understand and prepare for prior to working with             intensity challenges that will be new to you and your
your first client.                                                   students.

Pilates Circle of Power                                              Positive Steps Towards Teamwork
The Magic Circle is a versatile small apparatus that is often        Group Fitness Managers are faced with the toughest job in
overlooked as a powerful training tool. A metaphor for the           the world …motivate a group of part time instructors that
Powerhouse, it can be used in so many ways in a mat class            may work as few as one hour a week to meet the goals
to both simplify and challenge an exercise. As a stretching          and objectives of the fitness club. Creating a well
tool, it can push clients to greater flexibility gains. The Circle   functioning TEAM from this group of Individuals (and yes,
isn‟t just for armwork, learn why it‟s now being called The          that‟s spelled with a CAPITAL I) is extremely challenging.
Circle of Power!                                                     Our time together will be spent exploring strategies for
                                                                     creating and providing incentives for your group that will
Pilates for Rotational Sports                                        lead to improved performance both inside and outside of
Rotational sports put a special strain on the human body.            the classroom. Discover the difference between feedback
We will take a close look at the effects of sports like golf         and failure, evaluations with meaning, how to create
and tennis on the structure of the human body and                    performance action plans, programs for rewarding good
explore how specific classical Pilates mat and Pilates-              behavior and much more! Leave with ideas sure to make
inspired exercises can help restore balance and healthy              your jobs easier.
movement patterns. Exercises to challenge the core
                                                                     The Power of Intention
strength and flexibility in rotation, so necessary in sports, will
                                                                     In a strength training workout, there are so many things you
be introduced and experienced.
                                                                     want to say! We are notorious for constantly cueing to keep
                                                                     our participants safe and ensure they receive the most from
Pilates Mat Toybox
                                                                     each exercise. What if we did the exact opposite … yes,
Tired of teaching the same old mat class? Experience the
                                                                     stop talking so much! The weighted bar workout will focus
classical mat sequence using all the toys in the toybox! We
                                                                     on integrating upper and lower body for an easy to follow,
will truly mix it up using the small ball, magic circle, and
                                                                     easy to teach full body workout. The best part – you will
dynabands, to bring fun and freshness back to your mat
                                                                     receive the tools to modify the workout by simply using the
class. Toys can modify, adapt, or increase difficulty. Learn
                                                                     INTENTION Principles. Walk away with two additional
how to layer on the fun!
                                                                     workouts using the exact same exercise sequences with a
                                                                     completely unique feel to the participant. Learn to
Pilates Mind/Body Fundamentals
                                                                     maximize your choreography by reusing without notice,
Fundamentals are subtle, yet powerful, teaching tools that
                                                                     and providing quality cues that lead your participants to
encapsulate the essential building blocks of movement -
                                                                     the best workout possible. Discover the POWER OF
alignment, efficient breathing and core control.
                                                                     INTENTION – adaptable for ALL classes you teach.
Understand the biomechanics behind proper movement
and develop strategies to teach your students to cultivate           Recruit, Challenge, Conquer: Pilates Bosu Challenge
a deeper access to the mind body connection in order to              Recruit the core, challenge the extremities, conquer
stabilize the body for peak performance, elevate energy              balance and control! The Bosu Dome is a great tool to
levels, improve focus, and control stress or discomfort.             teach both proper recruitment of muscle groups, and to
Experience exercises that will increase strength and                 challenge them to the max while in motion. This course
efficiency, while decreasing injury potentials.                      covers the use of fundamental Pilates movements as well
                                                                     as the more challenging mat and reformer work using the
Pilates Precision Meets Power Yoga Flow                              Bosu to both support and destabilize, to stretch and to
Combine the disciplines of Yoga and Pilates and get the              strengthen.
benefits of two workouts in one! Stretch from strength,
flowing movement out of static, isometric postures; link the         R.I.S.E. Up
two philosophies of movement to create a focused,                    Repetitions + Intensity + Sequencing + Energy … combine
challenging, mindful workout that will be sure to leave your         these elements to lift every muscle in your body UP! Treat
students strong, centered, and stretched to their limit              your participants in your group strength classes as a
                                                                     personal trainer would treat his or her one-on-one client.
Pilates Progressions: Novice to Advanced Movements                   Our participants expect the same type of results…deliver
utilizing the BodyBar with a smart periodization plan cycling   Step Layer Cake
through various numbers of repetitions, intensity levels, and   Your class is listed on the schedule as “advanced”, but let‟s
sequencing strategies to keep the muscles guessing. Leave       face it: if the time slot works for a beginner, she‟s coming to
this session with a monthly plan that can be adapted            your class. Don‟t leave her in the dust; make her your
based on the number of classes offered each week with           biggest fan! Learn easy layering techniques to challenge
similar participants and the amount of time you have with       your most advanced students, while allowing your
them.                                                           beginners to still be successful and have fun. With proper
                                                                layering and preview techniques, you can have your
Sit and Get Fit                                                 cake… and eat it too!
Physical movement in the aging population is is critical to
preserve and develop the skills and abilities of muscle         Step Skills --- UPdated and DOWNright Fun! is designed to
strength, balance, agility and even the capabilities of their   help Step instructors, of all experience levels, bring new
own senses. How does a fitness professional address these       ideas into their Step classes. This course will review all the
needs? What are the current guidelines for fitness              essentials needed for a successful Step class as well as
professionals when working with older adults who may not        explore different ways to create choreography that is easy
have the mobility to stand and exercise? How can a fitness      to follow, challenging and creative. Participants will learn
professional help prepare adults for graceful aging and         new moves, how to break them down and how to
long-term health? This lecture will uncover the facts and       effectively choreograph them into 32 count phrases and
offer inspiring ideas to apply when creating and                cross phrases. Come join the Fun!!!!
implementing meaningful chair fitness programs.
                                                                Step to Success
Sole Synthesis™: By Balletone®                                  Step to Success provides proven strategies for delivering
When barefoot training meets strength, cardio and flexibility   step choreography that your front row AND back row are
in one workout, fitness takes on a whole new meaning.           sure to love! With multi-level classes and a variety of
Sole Synthesis is “simplicity through triplicity” … no fancy    personalities present each and every time you teach, it‟s no
moves are used, just unique twists on foundational fitness      wonder instructors are intimidated by the thought of
moves to get you started. Then, the easy to follow fitness      teaching step. Ease your fears -- learn ways to cue and
sequences are turned into dance inspired, ballet sculpting      breakdown your step choreography that will incorporate all
sequences for balance and strength challenges that will be      learning styles, at the same time making all levels feel
new to you and your students. Finally, yoga inspired            successful. No one will feel left behind and everyone will
sequences will be sprinkled throughout to provide moving        feel successful when you teach your next step
meditation in order to prepare for more. The idea is to         class…guaranteed!
simply use movements you‟ve done for ages, without extra
equipment, and redefine your expectations. You will             Strength & Power H2O This water-fitness program is designed
experience a proactive workout rooted in functional             for individuals demanding a high intensity water workout
training that will leave you strong, centered, and actively     with training benefits for agility, speed, strength, and
flexible. This session is an elevated functional training       flexibility with body awareness. Also including blends of
program that is deceptively challenging; take your shoes        yoga and Pilate‟s for increased core strength and flexibility.
off and see what your SOLE can do!                              This unique programming appeals to a spectrum of
The Step-a-Knee Method
Choreography construction comes from understanding              Strength Training Program Design
what makes a pattern doable and appropriate for a               Spend less time designing your strength training classes and
beginner, intermediate or advanced stepper. The layering        deliver quality workouts that will reach all ability levels in
technique, by far, is the most used method to change up         one class with the “Elevated E3 Program Design” Protocol.
choreography, but it‟s not always the easiest to create the     The protocol is an easy to follow formula for not only
layer. By the end of this workshop, you will learn to create    designing, but also delivering effective strength training
combos that challenge all skill levels through rhythm,          programs in the group fitness setting. Start thinking like a
direction, power, and various phrasing techniques, and          personal trainer in the group exercise room and put
walk away with at least 6 combos and all their layers,          together workouts that are well thought out and well
allowing you to meet the demands of your multi-level            delivered even with constraints such as limited weight,
steppers and classes.                                           limited equipment and multiple ability levels all in one room.
                                                                Using an easy to follow sheet, brainstorm first, structure
Step by Step                                                    second and deliver only after you‟ve committed to paper
You have your Primary Group Exercise certification, but you     what your objectives are for the session. As you design your
really want to teach step! This workshop will teach you all     classes, you will find just how easy it is to recycle your
of the skills necessary to lead amazing step classes, to all    workouts by simple changing order, equipment, or cueing.
levels of participants. You will learn proper technique and     No need to work harder, just smarter…discover how.
safety concerns specific to step, proper cueing and how to
understand and effectively utilize music phrasing. Next         Successful “Cue”munication
you‟ll learn how to build blocks of choreography to make        Fine tune your communication skills in this workshop that
challenging but easy to follow routines, and several proven     focuses on learning to delivery your choreography through
methods for breaking your combinations down, leaving you        precise, concise and timely verbal cues. With over 50% of
with limitless options! Can be made 4, 6 or 8 hours.            our communication being non-verbal, we will also practice
on-deck teaching skills, and expressive confident body               progressions in utilizing fitness equipment in the group fitness
language techniques.                                                 or small-group personal training setting.

The Super Series                                                     Total Exhaust
Learn to make better use of your student‟s time by                   Looking for a way to utilize fewer BodyBars within your
programming your group strength training classes or                  strength training classes to accommodate more people
personal training sessions the Super Series way for maximum          with varying strengths, target all major muscle groups with
results. Learn 5 training methods that link exercises                the same weight bar, or a way to „up the ante‟ with your
together, in a sequenced order, for better muscle                    participants‟ strength training routines? Think
definition, total body strength, and overall body                    creatively…learn to use pre-fatigue training techniques,
conditioning.                                                        super setting & giant setting, along with smart exercise
                                                                     sequencing to exhaust the entire body with ONE BodyBar-
The Sweat Less Workout                                               and it doesn‟t have to be the 24lb one. Leave this session
Older adult communities and worksite wellness programs               armed with 3 full body workout sequences suitable for all
are the ideal place for making use of the powerful benefits          levels.
of foam rollers. Rollers assist with flexibility, reduced recovery
time between workouts and releasing muscle tension by                TransformREFORMATion: Reformer on the Mat
identifying muscle restrictions. Learn to perform self-              The combination of the Pilates Matwork and the Reformer
massage, spinal lengthening and Pilates-based                        work is what sculpts a well-rounded workout, as well as a
movements, improve core strength, reduce stress and                  great body! Using tools available in your group-ex room,
increase flexibility.                                                we will simulate the action and reaction of a reformer
                                                                     workout, combine them with Matwork variations and spice
Take 5 – Pilates for Your Abs Get the abs you want from              it all up with “Pilates in Movement” exercises to design an
Pilates in the water! These 5 exercises are easily blended           interval circuit class that will transform you Mat, reform your
into any water fitness format. They are quick and easy to            body, and blow your mind all without leaving the Mat.
teach, cue, and extremely effective for a strong core and
a beautifully toned mid-section. This workshop focuses on            Tri Balletone®
the following 5 mat-based exercises; single leg stretch,             You‟ve seen Balletone® on the schedule before, but
double leg stretch, scissors, double leg lower lift, and criss       always shied away from trying it thinking „dance inspired‟
cross.                                                               workouts are not for you, and certainly not for your clients.
                                                                     Come find out a little more… Balletone is more than ONE
Technology 101
                                                                     workout rooted in Ballet, it‟s a family of programs utilizing
T-minus 00:30 until the start of your class...your mp3 player is
                                                                     fitness, ballet, pilates and yoga inspiration to form a user
working but you can't hear the music...the microphone
                                                                     friendly workout everyone can enjoy. Learn the three
works but there's a hissing sound in the background...and
                                                                     principles of Balletone that inspire the creation and delivery
there's a room full of people staring at you with their arms
                                                                     of the workout as well as three different combinations from
crossed! We've ALL been there, but how can we avoid
                                                                     three different Balletone programs. Whether you are a
these situations in the future? The answer is always right in
                                                                     Balletone instructor looking for new choreography, a fitness
front of you and 90% of the time you have the power to fix
                                                                     instructor searching for innovative movement sequences
the problem. Learn the basics behind all stereo systems and
                                                                     for your next strength class or a mind/body instructor
wireless microphones. Understand the difference between
                                                                     looking to be inspired … it‟s time to Tri Balletone.
distortion, interference and feedback and how to eliminate
these common problems. Once you understand signal flow
                                                                     Tribalicious Aqua Fitness (Available July 15)
you'll have a greater understanding of how every sound
                                                                     Stephanie‟s signature land class goes hydro! Experience
system operates. Take the fear out of the gear!
                                                                     this creative world dance inspired class, with a focus on
                                                                     freedom of expression and giving in to your unique way of
The Three S‟s: Secrets for Successful Staffing
                                                                     moving. Strong, vibrant movement patterns combined with
As a Group Fitness Manager, one of the most time
                                                                     the rhythmic beats will lift your spirits, and invigorate your
consuming tasks is hiring, training and maintaining a staff.
                                                                     mind, body, and soul.
This workshop was designed to help you make this process
easier and less time consuming. Begin by taking the time to
                                                                     Tubular Creations
develop a strategic interviewing process that puts emphasis
                                                                     This is a must workshop for any group fitness instructor or
on the efficient screening of new hires BEFORE you waste
                                                                     personal trainer who is looking to incorporate resistance
your time! Receive tips on what to look for when hiring new
                                                                     tubing into their workouts.. Whether in a group fitness class,
instructors, methods for integrating new hires into your
                                                                     one-on-one, or small group training, resistance tubing is one
current staff, and setting baseline credentials that all new
                                                                     of the most versatile equipment to use for strength,
hires should have in order to keep your program on the
                                                                     endurance, coordination, and fun. Using only the xertube,
cutting edge. If finding instructors is your issue, learn ways to
                                                                     learn creative, yet effective exercises for the upper body,
begin an internship program turning great members into
                                                                     lower body, core, and explore creative options utilizing
awesome instructors.
                                                                     different body positions, multiple tubes, and partner work.
Tools, Toys & Techniques                                             WATER 411: Class Variety and Programming 8 hours
The fitness industry is exploding with portable, functional          Water allows us to program a variety of classes to fit the
and performance-based tools suitable for group fitness               needs of our participants. We can train the fittest athlete
classes. The key is knowing how and when to use them. This           and the couch potato all in the same environment. This
workshop will focus on learning the purpose, precision and
program applies water‟s principals to 3 popular class             moves, and intensity options, the balance of strength,
formats: Aerobic Conditioning or Sports Conditioning,             flexibility and awareness come together as one. (Basic
Strength Conditioning and Mind / Body. We will also learn         knowledge of one or both disciplines is suggested)
how to plan a class design in order to best achieve the
goals of your clients.                                            Yoga for the Personal Trainer
                                                                  Ever wonder what Yoga poses would benefit your personal
WATER 411: The Water Difference!
                                                                  training clients the most? Which poses stretch or strengthen
Information! News flash: Water is different than land. We
                                                                  which muscles? How to assist your client in a pose to attain
have to understand these differences in order to best serve
                                                                  maximum results? How to use props and other tools to help
our clients in our water fitness programming. Spend in
                                                                  achieve poses? Learn how to bring the ancient practice
depth class time learning or reviewing these differences.
                                                                  and benefits of Yoga to your personal training clients in a
Water labs will put the information into practical know how.
                                                                  non-intimidating, productive, fun and challenging way!
You will understand the water environment and how to
utilize it to train your clients to achieve their own unique      You‟re not a smoker...why sound like one?
goals. Knowledge is power!                                        So you‟re hooked. First on fitness, now on teaching others
                                                                  how to be fit…you‟re a lifer! You know that you want to
The Water Pump                                                    teach as long as you physically can, so you live the healthy
Explore in depth, the true capabilities of resistance training    lifestyle. You lead by example. You walk the walk…but can
in the water. Focus is on defining multiple exercises for all     you talk the talk…literally? Your first and foremost teaching
major muscle groups, building muscle combinations that            asset is your voice. Discover ways to protect that
work in the water, and implementing proper use of water           investment and sound great for years to come!
properties. Take home two complete workouts that will
help you rethink the way you plan your strength training
class segments.

Webbed gloves are all you need to unleash your aquatic
energy. Gloves increase the surface area of your hands,
giving you the ability to push and pull more water, which
means a higher caloric burning and efficient workout.
Experience how gloves can create an energetic class
when utilized during upper body combos, cardio and
suspended patterns.

What‟s Wrong & How to Fix It
Compensations and muscle imbalances may contribute to
client injuries and failure to achieve results. However,
teaching personal trainers screening techniques,
modifications and progressions for strength training
empowers them to create exercise prescriptions that can
become safer and more effective. This workshop looks at
screening techniques, exercise recommendations and the
“Top Ten Common Mistakes” personal trainers make in
exercise implementation and programming.

Why Use 2 When 1 Will Do Discover how unilateral training
enhances performance and improves function in this
innovative cardio-endurance workout. This course places
special emphasis on the effectiveness of hand-held
buoyancy and drag by examining biomechanical and
musculoskeletal considerations when using hand-held
buoyant equipment in shallow water.

World Grooves
This is Stephanie‟s signature class-go around the world in this
eclectic mix of Latin, Tribal, and Belly dancing inspired
moves. With easy to teach and easy to learn patterns, turn
your traditional cardio class not just into a party, but into a
destination. By simply adding stylized moves to your existing
patterns, everyone can be a world traveler and explore the
energy, passion, and freedom of these world beats.

Yoga and Pilates Rhythmic Flow
Flowing from yoga to pilates and pilates to yoga, this
workshop explores the fusion of these two disciplines for an
exciting workout. With rhythmic changes, base transitional

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